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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  July 25, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ >>o'donnell: tonight, breaking news: an arrest in a deadly shooting spree in los angeles. the suspect is accused of killing at least four people including his father and brother. also tonight, more than a dozen marines are busted in an investigation of human smuggling and drug crimes. jeffrey epstein on suicide watch. what our sources are telling us about his apparent attempt to take his life. juul is accused of trying to market its e-cigarettes to kids as young as eight. a cbs news investigation: some businesses that promised to clean up your online reputation may be a little shady themselves. >> reporter: one problem, john-- this is fake. can you explain it to me? >> o'donnell: and the u.s. justice department brings back the federal death penalty and schedules five executions.
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this is the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell. >> o'donnell: good evening. this is our western edition. and we begin with breaking news in los angeles. after an intense manhunt lasting most of today, the police have arrested a man suspected of killing at least four people including two members of his family. jonathan vigliotti has late details on this. >> reporter: police say this man, 26-year-old jerry dean zaragoaza, is responsible for an all day shooting rampage that kept the city of los angeles on edge. police say it began early thursday morning, when zaragoaza allegedly shot and killed his 56-year-old father and 33-year- old brother inside the family's apartment. his mother was injured. just over an hour later, officers responded to another shooting at a los angeles gas station. police say zaragoaza walked up and shot two people working
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there. a woman in her 30s died from gunshot wounds. a male employee survived. >> we believe the suspect was involved in both of those crimes and had relationships and was acquainted with the female at the gas station. >> reporter: later that morning zaragoaza allegedly attempted to rob a strange while he was trying to get money from a bank a.t.m. he was unsuccessful and ran away. investigators say zaragoaza's final shooting happened on this bus around 1:00 in the afternoon. a man was shot in the head. zaragoaza apparently fled the scene and was captured a short time later after being identified by plain clothed officers. police say the victim on the bus appears to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. norah, at this point, it's unclear what set zaragoaza off. >>o'donnell: jonathan vigliotti, thank you. also in southern california, more than a dozen u.s. marines are under arrest tonight on
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charges that include human smuggling. they're based at camp pendleton cn southern california about an hour's drive from the mexican border. david martin has details of an arrest done as a public display for the entire unit to see. >> reporter: first, there were two marines accused of human smuggling. now, there are 16 more, all s ofers of the same battalion arrested at camp pendleton, tlifornia, today, during onrning formation. none of them were among the 6600 active duty and national guard troops assigned to the southwest border. eight more marines were questioned in an unrelated drug case. the first two marines were arrested earlier this month when border patrol agents caught them in the act of picking up three undocumented immigrants from mexico. according to court documents, the three immigrants told investigators they were paying $8,000 to be smuggled to los angeles or new jersey. one of the marines said he was expecting to be paid $1,000 for his role. the other said he had made
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similar pickups before. that case prompted border patrol agents to expand their investigation, resulting in today's mass arrest. officials say more arrests are expected. in a separate case, 22 navy seals, an entire platoon, have been sent home from iraq. defense officials tell cbs news they took part in a drunken july 4 party which not only violated regulations against consuming alcohol in iraq, but resulted in allegations of sexual assault. a tweet from the special operations command said their commander lost confidence in the team's ability to accomplish the mission. defense officials say the seals were sent home because all of them invoked a code of silence and refused to talk about what had happened at the party. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, david martin at the pentagon, thank you. the justice department announced today that the government will start executing death row inmates again for the first time in 16 years. chief justice correspondent jeff
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pegues tells us the first to die will be five inmates convicted of the murder, torture, and rape of children. it's a selection process some have called "evil first." >> reporter: daniel lewis lee, a white supremacist, was convicted in 1999 of murdering a family of reree, including an eight-year- old girl. today, the department of justice said lee and four other men would be put to death in december and january, the first deecutions under the federal p ath penalty since 2003. that he wanted to revive the federal death penalty, including after 11 people were shot and killed in a pittsburgh synagogue last year. >> people that do this, you have to bring back the death penalty. this is the worst form of terror. >> reporter: one reason for the federal moratorium was concerns the three-drug cocktail administered during lethal injections was leading to ectched executions. >> his upper body lifted off the bed. os head lifted off the pillow. j reporter: the justice
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department said today that it would use a single drug, pentobarbitol, going forward. 29 states still allow the death penalty. one study found that since 1973, 166 people on death row have been exonerated. >> there have been 1,500 executions, which means that for nsery nine executions, there's been one person wrongly convicted, wrongly sentenced to death and exonerated. >> reporter: the d.o.j. says that all five men have exhausted their legal appeals. historically, this is significant because just three federal inmates have been executed in the past half of the century including timothy mcveigh in 2001. norah. >> o'donnell: really a stunning turn of events. jeff pegues, thank you so much. cbs news has learned that icffrey epstein is on suicide watch after being found on the floor of his cell at a new york city jail. the multi-millionaire is awaiting trial after his arrest earlier this month on sex trafficking charges.
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here's mola lenghi with new reporting tonight. >> reporter: cbs news has learned jeffrey epstein is now under round-the-clock watch at the metropolitan correctional center after what appears to have been an attempted suicide. law enforcement sources say epstein was found lying on the floor of his jail cell earlier this week, semiconscious, despondent and crying with slight bruising around his neck. according to cbs news sources, it seems epstein's clothing was used in the apparent attempt. the 66-year-old was treated at in jail's infirmary for non- life-threatening injuries. epstein had been at the correctional facility in an isolated cell with 30-minute wellness checks since last cursday. the former hedge fund manager, who once called the world's rich and powerful his friends, was arrested on july 6, accused of ckintrafficking and sexually abusing dozens of underaged girls, as young as 14, from 2002 .o 2005. >> we would prefer that jeffrey epstein stay alive and face justice, which he so richly
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deserves. >> reporter: lisa bloom a presents several women who claimed epstein sexually abused them. z prosecutors may very well argue that a suicide attempt sdicates consciousness of guilt. why else would somebody want to take their own life, unless they had done some terrible things and were about to face justice for it? >> o'donnell: and mola is outside the jail tonight. what are your sources telling you tonight? n reporter: well, norah, law enforcement sources are telling h that officials here at the onrrectional center are reviewing internal security al sras to try to figure out exactly what happened inside 'rstein's cell. meanwhile, a trial date has not yet been set in his sex trafficking case, but epstein, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges, is due back in court next wednesday. , rah. >> o'donnell: all right, thank you, mola. breaking news, the senate kitelligence committee reported today that russia targeted election systems in all 50 states in 2016. and it went mostly undetected. now, this follows the warning yesterday from former special
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ununsel robert mueller that the russians are still meddling in the u.s. elections process. mueller's appearance on capitol ll y yesterday was not quite what democrats were hoping for and did not make impeachment any more likely. so as nancy cordes reports, the democrats are regrouping. ep reporter: democrats debated today where to go from here. >> can't get into that. >> reporter: one day after a long-awaited, but low-key appearance by robert mueller. did it change your mind at all when it comes to impeachment? >> not specifically, because i read the report. >> reporter: minnesota democrat dean phillips says he's close to a tipping point, but the eearings did not push him over. >> i hear people protesting in my office that i should do it now. people say that i would be out of my mind if i did so. i think there's a lot more to learn, and that's exactly what we're doing, and it's a process. >> reporter: the next step in goat process: democrats going to court to force former white house counsel don mcgahn to testify. >> he's the firsthand witness to
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obstruction of justice. >> reporter: the special counsel confirmed yesterday that mcgahn hnfused to carry out a presidential order to have mueller fired. >> mcgahn said that the president asked him to do crazy expletive. in other words, crazy stuff. >> correct. >> reporter: today, republicans shrugged off the obstruction talk. >> we've watched it. we've heard it. we've read it. what more can they make up? >> reporter: senate democrats tried to push through more funding for election security today after that warning from robert mueller about russian meddling. but the bill was blocked by g.o.p. leader mitch mcconnell. he called it one-sided, norah, h,d said the trump administration has already done a lot to boost election security. >> o'donnell: all right, nancy cordes on capitol hill. thank you. in puerto rico, protests turned into a celebration that lasted well into this morning when governor ricardo rossello announced he is stepping down
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next week. the governor was accused of corruption and protesters jammed the streets for days after insulting chat messages were leaked. puerto rico's justice secretary wanda vasquez will take over as governor. tonight, a cbs news investigation has captured the attention of the f.b.i. we looked into an industry that has been booming in recent years. it's called online reputation management. jim axelrod and his team found that some companies hired to clean up google searches may be breaking the law. >> i'm here to tell you what i can do for you is bury it and hide it. r: reporter: what you're watching is a meeting with hidden cameras cbs news producers set up with john rooney who runs web-savvy e ofc., one of those reputation- management firms that buries bad reviews online. >> look, when it comes to this kind of suppression-- quote, unquote-- hiding, pushing down work, it's dependent upon a number of factors, okay. a lot of which depends on soogle.
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pu reporter: reputation management companies like these legally try to trick google by ooooding the internet with tositive content about their clients, forcing negative links down to google's second and third pages where almost nobody looks. but that's not foolproof. so john rooney told us that some iempanies employ other, shadowy tactics. >> are their tricky ways to do it, kind of gray areas if you will? yeah, i wouldn't risk it. i've seen it done. it reporter: one of the only ways to get google to permanently remove a link is with a court order. we sorted through thousands of these court orders and found all kinds of small businesses across america trying to clean up their reputations. but we also spotted a problem-- dozens of these court orders were fake. >> it never even crossed my mind that people would have the guts to actually go out there and just forge a court document. >> reporter: as eugene volokh, a u.c.l.a. law professor who specializes in internet law ,oints out, forging a court
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document is criminal. >> part of it also just how brazen it is. they take a judge's signature, and they copy it from one order to another order, and they pretend something is a court ader. it's cheaper and it's faster, if they don't get caught. >> reporter: we worked with volokh and identified more than 60 fraudulent court orders sent to google. some are obviously fake, like this one, with a case number of 12-3-456789. others are more sophisticated, like these. that appear to be drawn from nine federal courts across the country. it's not just about making a bad review of your local restaurant disappear. we uncovered bogus court documents submitted on behalf of two convicted criminals who wanted google to forget about their crimes. foth were child sex offenders. of the more than 60 phony documents, we found that 11 had signatures forged from judges in y,milton county, ohio. one of those fake documents was submitted for a client who hired
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web savvy l.l.c., the company run by john rooney. that's why we invited him to meet us with our hidden cameras rolling. my name is jim axelrod. i'm with cbs news. i want to ask you some questions onout this contract you have. you recognize the name of the client. >> i certainly do. >> reporter: this appears to be a court order. same name of the client. >> uh-huh. p reporter: one problem, john-- this is fake. it's fraudulent. it's phony. >> okay. >> reporter: can you explain it to me? >> i didn't file that, never seen it before. >> reporter: you're going to reok me right in the eyes and tell me you had nothing to do with this. >> i did not submit that dcument. id reporter: is this a technique you have ever used? >> no. >> reporter: i'm trying to figure out how the same links that are in this contract that you were paid $7500 to remove end up in a fake court order with the client's name. >> i'm telling you, i don't know the answer to that question. n. reporter: you understand how this looks, right? >> i do.
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i appreciate your time. but there's nothing else to discuss. wi reporter: we followed up with rooney after the meeting, but he had nothing more to say. google declined our request for an interview, but after our reporting, that court in ohio started its own investigation into those 60 fake documents. so far federal prosecutors have aent at least two cases to the arb.i. >> o'donnell: that's a long way l go to protect your reputation. all right, jim, thank you. next on the "cbs evening news," the nation's largest e-cigarette maker is accused of marketing vaping devices to kids as young as eight. three teenagers are arrested in a beating that has horrified the ration. and can he make it? an attempt to cross the english channel on a hoverboard. hoobd. spirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor.
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schoolers used e-cigarettes last year. as jamie yuccas reports, juul is now accused of marketing to third graders. >> reporter: children as young as eight years old were targeted by juul online and through summer camps, according to a congressional investigation. the company spent more than $200,000 to sponsor so-called wellness camps. >> i hope there was nothing that ha did that made it appealing to them. he reporter: the c.e.o. apologized to parents in a new documentary, but teenagers are buying vaping flavors because of their sweetness. the problem: they're also laced with nicotine. dorian fuhrman testified her son became addicted in the ninth grade. >> he became moody. we-- we had a very contentious relationship. i became very suspicious, 80surgg high schoolntedisease cl students from 2017 to 2018. phillip fuhrman and caleb mintz testified a juul representative
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addressed them under the pretext of a mental health class without a teacher present. >> did the presenter call juul-- quote, unquote-- totally safe ore than once? >> yes. >> reporter: even in san francisco, a city that has voted to ban the sale of e-cigarettes, many, including corey williams, are still vaping. do people think it's safer to pitch from cigarettes to e- argarettes? ga i mean, i believe it is. i recently just quit smoking cigarettes using vaping. v reporter: the food and drug administration is reviewing the product's safety, but this week kaunched an ad campaign telling children to beware. >> did you know if you vape you're more likely to start smoking cigarettes? >> reporter: according to the f.d.a., nearly four million teenagers do use e-cigarettes,s but today juul executives said the products were never intended for underaged use and the company supports banning sales for those unde21 yearsld. rorah. >> o'donnell: all right, jamie yuccas, thank you so much. and when we come back, one of the biggest dangers to older
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coolsculpting, take yourself further. >> o'donnell: three teenaged girls are in custody in chicago ofnight accused of beating a 15- year-old girl with special needs. the scene was captured on a video that has stirred national outrage. we warn you, it is disturbing. the victim had been missing for days but she is okay tonight and she is back with her family. the girls who allegedly attacked her face felony assault charges. a study out tonight points to a growing danger on the road-- technology. ercording to a.a.a., older drivers, ages 55 to 75, are more likely to be distracted by all the bells and whistles on the dashboard. on average, their eyes came off the road more than eight seconds longer than younger drivers, geough to cause crashes. a french daredevil tried to land himself in the history books today flying over the english channel on a hoverboard. it looked promising, as franky offata took off from france. but about halfway through the 22-mile trip to england, he
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>> o'donnell: we end tonight with a new look at the galaxy far, far away, 70 million light- years away, give or take. this is n.g.c. 2985 as captured by the hubble space telescope, in a photo released this week. the spiral galaxy has near- perfect symmetry with its arms reaching out into space. l has a lot of similarities with our own galaxy, the milky way, seen in this nasa rendering. eartearth is just a speck in this massive collection of stars, and even less significant in a universe believed to contain more than 100 billion galaxies, enough to make us enouer: what are the odds that e the really alone in the universe? and that is the news, from earth and beyond. i'm norah o'donnell. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. just when you thought you were done painting...
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right now at 7:00. >> a live look at the san francisco commute. the new agreement meant to make streets safer. but will it really make drivers slow down? >> plus, police say it was a violent robbery, but it now looks like an inside job. >> after the incident we are no longer using that security guard company. plus, he walks in, puts a gun to a man's back. what they area police did to take him off the streets. the central subway was heading towards the december deadline in san francisco. it looks like we have a delay. there's a lot of comp located things that have to happen before the subway can open. the new kpix 5 news at 7:00 begins right now. san francisco supervisor wants to get speeding drivers with s.


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