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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the teen's hotel room which elder allegedly brought from the u.s. gabriel natale- hjorth's father said his son did not know that elder was armed. >> he is devastated by the carabinieri 's death and i as a father feel the family's grief. >> reporter: we are going to a live look now at rome and the family of finnigan lee elder who also spoke with italian media today. they say that they grieve for the family of the officer and are awaiting further news, further evidence, according to court documents elder told prosecutors that he thought he was being strangled by the undercover police officer, maybe did not know it was a police officer. the prosecutors say there were no signs of any strangulation on either of these young men. back to you. family members who lost loved ones in the ghost ship trial say they are now putting e at the st edover t.
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wi for. juliet? >> reporter: that is right here we go, day one of deliberations, the jury has been dismissed believe this afternoon they had a question to ask the judge, the question pertaining to our certain words interchangeable? those words being leaseholder, property manager, occupant, and tenant, which leads to believe they were reviewing a lease and seeing who's name was on that lease. in the meantime, the clock is ticking and family members are wondering the outcome. the trial is over, but for these families it doesn't end the pain. >> this is extreme pain brought on to families, extreme. we are condemned for life with the loss of wonderful people. >> reporter: and now they wait, wait for a verdict. >> it is nerve-racking. for you to have to wait and hope for the best. >> i have to have blind faith in the jury. >> reporter: they are a new extended family brought together by the loss of family members.
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>> it just tears us apart. i kn is 36 families have been so close under the circumstances. it is just too hard. but we have had to deal with this for so long. >> reporter: with photos and hands of their loved ones, many have been to court every day. like colleen dolan, whose daughter faith, died in the ghost ship warehouse fire. >> i'm in all of the jury members, those who have shown up on time every day. they have paid attention, they have taken notes. it is in their hands now. but, those jury members have really restored in the process of justice. >> reporter: they are calling for accountability and say even creative people have to follow the law. and, if both defendants >> they
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436 lives. 36 people, that is one year per person. it is nothing. >> reporter: and now, jurors must decide whether the defendants, derick almena and max harris, are responsible for a voluntary manslaughter in the deaths of 36 people. coming up at 6:00 i will have more on possible outcomes. keep in mind that they could have very different verdicts. for dinner, and max harris at at 6. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. a rough end to the trading day on wall street. the key interest rate was cut for the first time in a decade and that/the cost by a quarter point putting in now at a range of 2.25%. the fed said it is to guard against uncertainties in the economy. >> it is intended to ensure against downside risks from weak global growth. help offset the factors only on the economy. and, to promote a fast return
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of inflation. >> the rate cut makes a borrowing less costly and in turn encourages businesses to invest and consumers to keep spending. but, today's announcement sparked a selloff on wall street the dow dropping 133 points, the nasdaq down nearly 100, the s&p down 32. the market turned in for the worst when drew powell told the press conference at this cut is different from a lengthy rate cutting cycle. they interpreted that as meaning there will not be a lot more rate cuts on the way. that sent stocks lower. >> the feds move of all is 11 years of economic expansion with record low and employment numbers. and records continuing to climb. what is the rate cut really mean for your everyday debt? express a $5000 of credit card debt ,to the minimum payment would drop by a dollar a month if recent homebuyers refinance and shave have a set point off their rate, they can save $125 a month. and a monthly payment on a new
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$25,000 car would drop by three dollars a month. the cut also lowers financing costs for carmakers and dealers that can give you an advantage when negotiating a price. we are following the latest involvement in the gilroy garlic festival shooting investigation. getting our closest look at the defense line were investigators say the shooter cut his way through and snuck in. that was located behind the stage ready shots rang out. this created a crime scene is planning a several acres. some people who scattered when the shots rang out facing a new challenge. the vendors who escaped with their lives are now worried about their livelihoods. len ramirez reports that some are temporarily out of business. >> reporter: that is right. that is because the gilroy garlic festival for the last three or four days has been on lockdown as a crime scene. although late word coming in this aft changing. the vendors have not been allowed to get back in to get their stuff.
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that means potentially tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise is still sitting out there on the tables and in the booths, potentially getting ruined. julie vendor john shipp joined the stampede to get out the garlic festival shooting scene sunday night. >> this is maybe one 50th of what i have out on the table. >> reporter: meeting tens of thousands of dollars of his precious stone and silver jewelry behind. >> active shooter was being yelled, it was run for your lives. >> reporter: vendors loves money, merchandise, and even food according to a funnel cake vendors spoke to a saturday night. >> we left everything behind, i don't have my wallet or id, nothing. my son didn't have his shoes on. >> reporter: they never dreamed they would still be without their belongings >> we thought it might be all, in a couple of minutes and we can all go back, we never anticipated three or four days. >> reporter: the ground is still a crime scene on lockdown by the fbi as the investigation continues. officials have been tightlipped about when the festival grounds will be reopened, but vendors
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already the delays could knock them out of next weekend's shows and cost them thousands more. >> my flight is nothing compared to those who were killed, or injured. but, you know, it is another day. for me, this is my kid's college education. this is my retirement. it is when i can sell things. and, i need to have my art back so that i can sell it. >> reporter: one of the worst things, he says, is that vendors don't know what they will come back to. >> a lot of people's stuff is getting covered with dew and dust and thousands of thousand dollars worth of people's art and hard work is being destroyed out there. >> reporter: we, just within the last hour we did receive a text from where the vendors who said that a limited number of folks will be allowed back into christmas hill park this afternoon. and other vendors will be allowed in tomorrow, but it will be for a
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while agents continue to process the crime scene they are also coming to evidence collected from the suspect's home including books and other literature. the fbi has called them profilers on the behavioral analysis unit to get a better idea of what the suspect was thinking an agent told us they haven't determined if he was aligned with white nationalist groups. >> right now the search warrants we are collecting our conflicting literature we are finding on there and it's everything from left to right. there is no ideology that we feel. we cannot put this person in the box. >> the fbi says it is still investigating a accomplice, but the chances are low that everyone else was more than $140,000 has been raised for the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting. if you like to help you can find more information online at also coming up at 6 with a good extra security measures being taken a big bay area
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events for this week and and beyond. also this evening we're getting word that san francisco police have shot a dog near the busy powell street station. this taken just moments ago the incident happening near fifth and market street witnesses say the dog was riding in a homeless man's shopping cart. unclear why exactly the police shot the dog but according to witnesses an officer said it was acting aggressive towards police. the dog's owner was taken away in handcuffs. animal control says the dog was still alive as it was taken to an animal hospital. plumes of dark smoke could be seen earlier today at sfo and from a nearby freeway. the cause? a fire at the united airlines maintenance building just northn 7:30 ft reghrs coube sn on the roof examining an hvac system. employees had to be evacuated while the crews battled flames. in this video shot from a car
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on highway 101, you can see the thick smoke coming from the direction of sfo. multiple people shared social media pictures and videos of the smoke that was visible for miles. one worker, who was evacuated, got some help from his brother today who happens to be san francisco's fire battalion chief. fortunately, no injuries reported. those evacuated have since been allowed to return. the son of osama bin laden has been killed. new details on the operation that appears to have taken down heir to al qaeda. home reduced to rubble the incredible pictures just in from a gas explosion that rocked a cal pennsylvania neighborhood. the giants make a trade but it may not be what you saw coming. we braked on the roster shakeups in bay area baseball. there was no shakeup in the weather right now it is still beautiful outside. lots of sunshine and subject close to average but there will be some changes as we head towards the weekend. how much we warm uprom no until then. that is coming up. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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and ken bastida at the live news desk. i want to take you to pennsylvania as we are following the story, a natural gas explosion, that is what is left of a home. completely obliterated, scattered debris, and what is left of this house. this explosion happened earlier this morning and was franklin township near a high school. neighbors in the area reported smelling gas. they cannot figure out where it was coming from. then that thing lit off. the neighbors in the area reported that it shook the ground, firefighters responded, turned it off, that is when the blast went off. people in the area city force was so strong, it took a while for the debris to come back down to earth. officials say that five people have been injured. some of those are firefighters. their condition tonight is
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unknown. gas has been turned off for about 60 customers in that area as crews try to secure what is left. at the live news desk i am ken bastida. >> meanwhile, a shelter in place has been lifted after a fire broke out at an exxon refinery in texas. take a lot look not just the black plumes of smoke, the flames shooting into the air from the refinery towers and smokestacks. firefighters battled it from several angles, you see the water coming in on the sides. a large explosion went off inside that place near houston. we are told at least 37 workers were hurt, the cause was still unclear at this point. this evening u.s. officials are indicating the son of former al qaeda leader osama bin laden is likely dead. government officials are not releasing much information but they do say that the u.s. government played a role in the operation. they said honda bin laden was likely killed in the first two years of the trump administration. officials recently received evidence that corroborates his death.
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intelligence officials say that bin laden's son repeatedly threatened to attack the usa. it is believed that he or it was believed he was being groomed to become the new heir to al qaeda. a lodi man speaking out after his conviction was overturned 14 years later. back in 2006 prosecutors charged this man with trading in jihadist camps in pakistan. he was being accused of being a part of a terrorist cell discovered apparently and lodi. he has served 14 years of the 24 year sentence, but this week the judge oversaw his case and overturned his terror conviction. it came on the grounds of deficient representation. >> in the past 14 years what we have lost is already gone. we just want my brother back home. he has been innocent, and he will be innocent for the rest of his life until death. hen i lled, i. t believe that the law has shown its
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mercy. >> the family claims that he could be out as early as tomorrow. the u.s. attorney's office is reviewing the court decision. it is unclear if they will appear. appeal. search crews searched a desert after a navy crew crashed during training exercises this morning. the aircraft went down to the naval weapons station and death valley national park. officials say seven park visitors suffered minor injuries. no word yet on the condition of the pilot though. authorities investigating the cause of that crash. meanwhile, another pilot under arrest after reportedly showing up to work drunk. gabriel schroeder was taken off a fully boarded delta airlines flight in minnesota yesterday. they say that he first tried to avoid an extra tsa screening for crewmembers. he did manage to board the plane but tsa officers smelled alcohol. they called police. he got found an alcohol container in his possession. delta says it has no tolerance for alcohol violations and it is cooperating with
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investigators. jeffrey epstein face trial on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. the defense team argues that more time is needed they want until next fall to examine more than 1 million pages of evidence in the case. today's court appearance is the first since epstein was passed or found passed out in his jail cell with marks on his next he's pleaded not guilty and has abused hundreds of double young underage girls in new york and florida. divers found a 24-year-old man just before 10 a.m. this morning in the river. his body was located near the monza real bridge. the man was first reported missing yesterday after going swimming for his identity has not yet been released. >> hold on. don't let go. this a body cam video showing a hearing rescue in iowa. an inable rap raft
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capsizing moving water, the officer quickly jumped into the turbulent water joined by a good samaritan and together they pull a couple from the river when they were trapped by that they dam.are both doing okay. california is getting hundreds of seasonal firefighters, plus disaster recovery funds ahead of this next year's fire season. >> we are adding 393 new individuals on one third of all cal fire engines. we are going to get a fourth member on these cal fire crews. that is 26 and half million dollar commitment. but, it is necessary as we are getting closer to peak fire season. >> in addition to the added seasonal firefighters the governor announced the funding for 13 new fire engines through the fiscal year> i was st sayin not as hoit could benot as wdy, >>r but we have not had extreme so many
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weather. and, we can really neither, we've been pretty fortunate thus far. now it's only almost august 1st. long way to go, to believe that the offshore wind events in october. so far though, it is not been a crazy fire season. we should be thankful for that, we are wrapping up july. let us take a look outside and see the temperatures which are very close to average. san jose 78, livermore flipped those numbers around, 87, pair of eighth and concord. san francisco 65 degrees. it did not rain this month, at all in san francisco, it has not rained one drop in the city of san francisco in the past three july's. this july, july 2018, july 2017, not a single drop of rain because with the average rain is in san francisco in july? zero. the driest place in north america. oakland 57 for a low tonight, fearful 57, mountain view 57.
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kind of an interesting scenario, this counterclockwise swirl. while the coastal eddies. it actually helped to draw the cloud cover away from us at a time today. and it allowed places the 680 corridor to not get as strong of a push inland of that marine air so you are running about three or four degrees warmer than we thought. we thought you would be in the mid-80s, so a subtle little change that can make about a five degrees difference, if not more in the bay area. we saw that day. that said, widespread picture "pattern hold. is near and below average. ridge of high pressure much further away from us sitting at the four corners. and, pretty strong area of low pressure heading towards the pacific northwest. that is the push from the ocean, the ocean running right now and the water running into the mid to upper 50s. expect lots of cloud cover, centered in the afternoon with the coast being the exception and a repeat performance coming
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up on friday. what changes over the weekend? less of an onshore flow. anywhere from 3-7 degrees. enjoy the mild weather while we have it. sunshine 76 degrees, gorgeous like a little bit warmer. you're likely in the 80s menlo park. both saturday and sunday. for cloudy tomorrow and tomorrow night. temperatures close to average and then we do warm-up, not the hot stuff like last weekend we are talking 3-7 degrees warmer saturday and sunday. the 80s again in our east bay and north bay valleys including santa rosa 84, livermore 80, fairfield 85. lots of 70s today, vallejo 76, redwood city 75 and for cisco tomorrow 64 degrees, which sounds are super cold, it is exactly average for the first day of august. upper 80s to mid 90s we will warm up a bit near the day, low to mid 70s e adli is han update. >> you and everybody else wants to know, is madison bumgarner
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still san francisco giant? wheeling and dealing, coming up next. there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. ese thes y with you, long after the moments have passed.
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the new kpix5 news at 7 is a big names switching teams. kpix 5 mlb trade deadline , and gone. dennis o'donnell is in the studio. who is safe, who is out? >> we had a hard wire act,
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keeping the fans happy for this season while building for the future. given two thumbs up, the giants made four separate trades before today's 1 p.m. tried trade deadline. none of them involving madison bumgarner. he will remain with san francisco and at least for the rest of the season. he is premature a bust after signing a $62 million contract to be the closer. the braves have got to pay the remaining 18 million on his contract. that is a good deal. he is or is it really the only reliever on the move, he said leue prospts. and, drew was adult to the brewers for minor-league, remember that name, he was ranked the third best prospect in milwaukee system. another good deal. now, that didn't stop there, they also acquired infielder scooter jeanette from the reds
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for cash consideration. they have limited jeanette to only 20 games of the season but he was an all-star in 2018, and had a career-high 27 home run in 2017. now, meanwhile the a's added another starting pitcher. tanner o'rourke from the cincinnati reds. he told reporters that he was in an abby's parking lot eating a beef and cheddar when he found out that he was being traded. >> it is not an awful place to be. but, yeah, we have some michelin star places around here whether it is in the east bay or across the bridge we can probably find him a good spot to get a quick meal. >> keep them happy, keep them healthy, and the a's also a ay. so they, the starting rotation, a plethora. so they are interested in the wild card, they are making a round for the playoffs. the giants keeping this optimism going and building for
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the future. good day. >> good defense. i am john ramos in antioch where bart is asking people for feedback about the idea of creating a pedestrian bridge across the freeway to get to it station here. we will have that story, coming up. cars are getting more high- tech but a new report finds that that is making them vulnerable to hackers. the major risks to national security. and northern california little league team gets its stolen scoreboard back. the sting operation that busted a serial thief who's dog is this?
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you are watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. now at 5:30 one of bart's newer station parking spots. now word of a possible solution. good evening i am veronica de la cruz. >> i am allen martin. the issue for bart's


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