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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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overnight. breaking news from kentucky. a ruptured gas line causes a deadly exmroeks. and the fair opens in a few hours. how the county is ramping up security in the wake of the garlic festival shooting. it is thursday, august 1st. i'm chelsey mcneil. . >> i'm mckayla maroney. and we have a check on the thursday weather forecast. a couple of things about this morning that's different, the marine layer is deeper. there's an influence from the on shore flow and the clouds are inland. a little bit of mist on the windshield. there's the east bay coming in on the bay bridge. and let's put the numbers on here. on the view in oakland, it's 62. 58 if you kept going west to the city. and we'll go to 65 today. notice the clouds sticking around a little bit longer. we'll get rid of them and it will take longer today. give it to the late morning and then the blue sky near the bay.
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inland, late morning. about 9:00, 10:00 for those locations. and then 87 for the high today. everybody cools down about two or three degrees from yesterday. this is the bottom. we'll start putting it back on again tomorrow. and by the weekend, in the mid 90s for inland locations. back with more on that in a bit. and how does the drive look? >> so far, so good. the marine layer over the golden gate bridge. a fog advisory over the bridge. not as bad as the past. you don't need extra time at this hour. and the main travel times, you are still in the green on all of these. and now, one of these travel times that's not on here that's important to talk about is a traffic alert in the city. it is right there. it's due to an accident on eastbound 80 right at northbound
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101. the left lanes are blocked. they're saying expect delays according to chp. that's not on the main travel times. i'll keep an eye on that. and the dublin interchange, the commuters are coming there. and everything is moving along with no issues to report. no problems at all. just the regular volume that is keeping things busy. i'm katie nielson at the live news desk. detectives in antioch investigating an overnight shooting that left one man dead. it happened around 10:30 last night at east 18th street. the victim is a long-time resident of antioch in his late 20s. he passed away at suter delta hospital. so far, no arrests have been made and police do not have any suspects. and moving on to some breaking news overnight. one person is dead, five others
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missing after a natural gas pipeline explosion in kentucky. this happened around 1:00 a.m. central time when a 30 inch natural gas pipeline outside of lexington ruptured. the video posted to social media shows a massive fire ball shooting in the night sky. multiple homes caught fire and railroad tracks destroyed. firefighters say there could be more victims. multiple people are still missing. the explosion shook homes and one person said it felt like an atomic bomb going off. no word on what led to the pipeline failure. those of us who remember the issues in san bruno know that could be similar. the fbi is bringing more investigators to gilroy to help look into the deadly garlic festival shooting. the fbi is expecting profilers now to look at what might have
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gone through the minds of gunman santino william legan. they hope to find answers as to why he opened fire. investigators continue to comb through the crime scene at christmas hill park and sift through evidence at the nevada home. the anti-semitic book he mentioned on instagram does not necessarily give a motive. >> we are not in a position at this stage of the investigation to make a call on ideology. this continueses to be a slow, methodical process. we have evidence response teams from all over the country. >> and a gilroy church yesterday, three survivors of the shooting told the congregation how they helped carry a friend out of the festival. today, the 75th annual santa clara fair gets underway. >> and they are focusing on security in wake of the garlic festival tragedy. jackie ward is live from the
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fairgrounds in san jose. . >> reporter: good morning. and we're a few hours away from the fair opening for the weekend. and we're here at the front gate of the santa clara county fair and they are doing everything they can to make people feel safe and adding on to the security plan. officers from the sheriff's office are in charge of security and they're beefing it up. with garlic festival had ramped up security and what what was considered strong security. county supervisors briefed on the plan for the fair. >> i think what we will be able to tell you is that enough due diligence has gone into it that there's a plan we fee good about. a lot of that is confidential. we don't people to work around some kind of a public statement. . >> reporter: this morning, the county has this to say. we have reviewed security plans
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for the fair and we are working to increase the vigilance and the security measures. the fair opens at 1:00 p.m. and runs through sunday mornging at 11:00. the people the music and arts festival the happening at golden gate park in two weeks. the police department released a statement saying there will be a san francisco police presence at the venue. we plan for public safety, including perimeter security. and in san francisco, police investigating a shooting that injured at least two people. it happened just after 10:00 on mission street. two people were brought to a hospital with injuries considered life threatening. and so far, no word on any arrests. san francisco police are urging anybody who saw or heard anything to contact them. the next debate is next month. >> last night, ten hopefuls took
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the stage in detroit. all eyes on joe biden. on night two of the debates, he and harris clashed over health care plans with harris arguing biden's plan does not cover all americans. other candidates also went off the former vice president and things really got heated whether the democrats sparred over criminal justice records. >> it looks one of us learned theless ps of the past and one of us hasn't. >> and they need to remember to focus on the bigger picture. >> aside tr the attacks on the people polling really high, who stood out and had the bigger messages? that's really the goal. not just to attack the front runner, but to make a name for yourself and identify yourself with big ideas to resonate with the voters to pick up speed and stay in the race. >> this morning, we have learned
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more than half the candidates are at risk of not meeting the thresholds to appear in september's debate. and investigators try to go determine the cause of an explosion at a texas chemical facility. it injured 66 people. it started in a unit at the exxon oil refinery. after the explosion, the fire sent large plumes of black smoke in the sky. witnesses heard and felt an explosion before the fire started. >> and there was an incredible boom and i said exxon just blew up. >> the fire is contained. this is the second fire this year at the facility. a shelter in place advisory is now lifted. the parents of two men accused of killing an italian police officer are speaking publicly for the first time. the father of fin began elder arrived in rome yesterday.
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elder's parents spoke with a media outlet. his mom said we grieve for the family of the officer, adding the family was awaiting further news. meanwhile, the father of the other suspect, says his son is innocent. >> gabe yell is distraught by what happened and cannot come to terms with it. we are updebt by the predicament and fully convinced of his innocence. >> the suspects attended high school in mill valley together graduating if 2018. according to police, two officers responded to a report of a drug deal friday. police say elder stabbed and killed an officer with a military-style knife. and the other assaulted the other officer. he claimed he did not know about the stabs until after ty returned to the hotel. and ten minutes after 5:00. the ghost ship trial is in
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the hands of the jury. we are hearing from the families. of and a marine layer deepening and impacting the daytime highs. today the coolest day. at least through the next three days. i'll show you coming up. and here i'm continues to track the traffic alert at 101 and 80 in the city with the left lanes blocked. the bridges, the bay bridge is in the red. coming off the bay bridge, that's where the traffic alert is. elsewhere, though, in the green.
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. we could have a verdict this morning in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. the case is in the hands of the jury. the victims' families gathered outside the courthouse yesterday with photos of loved ones in hand. inside the jury began deliberations after two and a half days of closing arguments. while the trial is over, the families say it does not end the pain. >> 36 people, that's one year per person. it's nothing. >> it just tears us apart. i know that us 36 families have been so close under these circumstances. . defendants each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. and an investigation is underway this morning in sonoma
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county after a man died while handcuffed. it happened outside of the sonoma mountain and adobe road. the man appeared homeless and refused to leave the house. they found drugs in his car. the police are taking over the investigation. and in contra costa county, sheriffs looking into a rash of graffiti and vandalism if a bay point neighborhood. three homes vandalized on the block. all owned by black families. it included a racial slur. at this point, authorities are not investigating this as a hate crime. the vandalism includes windows shattered by rocks and bricks. >> we're uncomfortable in our own homes. we should be secure. >> the sheriff's department is treating the case seriously as felony vandalism and authorities did not specify why this is not considered a hate crime.
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they said that could change.. and ride share company lyft is disabling hundreds of e-bikes in san francisco after two caught fire in the city in the past week. smoke is coming off of one of the bikes. it may be an issue with the batteries and no injuries reported. in a statement, they said, out of caution, we are temporarily making the fleet unavailable to riders while we investigate and update the battery technology. and for years, the toyota camera was considered the most stolen model of car. >> no more. the highway loss data institute says that the dodge charger hemi and dodge challenger srt held cat top the list. the suvs like the infinity qx80 ranks high. >> it's definitely luxury. it's my second one. >> as for the make and model
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least stolen, cars worth $1,000 or less. >> what about when i tell you tesla? >> maybe teslas are hard to break into. i don't know. . >> the newer vehicles are more difficult to steal because of the advancements in theft prevention. >> drive a hoopty and be fine. >> the faster cars are the ones people will steal. you got to get away quickly. >> true. and all right. we have the issue on the roads this morning. >> yeah. you're not getting anywhere quickly. one of the spots in the south bay. a traffic alert. a little early at 5:16. and the overall big picture, everything seems to be okay. take i a look. i just got the information. this actually is not just the number one and number three lane. all lanes are blocked at 280
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southbound at meridian avenue. not good news. the saving grace the is fact the commute doesn't heat up until later in the morning. hopefully, we can get that cleared up. and a traffic alert due to an accident northbound 101 at 80. it's slowing things down all the way to the bay bridge as you are approaching the interchange. and not a great situation. the lane closures on the richmond bridge due to that emergency construction in the westbound direction. those are in place until 6:00 this morning. and a little bit later, one hour later than normal. not causing anything as far as delays. and the altamont pass, down to 17 miles per hour. and slow and go through the altamont and back up to speed at the dublin interchange. the drive time is in if yellow. 35 minutes. no problems on the rest of the
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main travel times. the dublin interchange after you hop on the altamont pass, plenty of company. tsz a busy morning on the roadways. not many brake lights, but plenty of people on the roadways. the bay bridge meetering lights should be on soon. and a grayer morning out there. although, when it's dark presunrise, you can't really tell. the clouds are widespread and deeper and getting further inland. and misted on around the city. don't be surprised if that happens to you especially near the boundary of the bay and closer to the coast. look at the view from the bay bridge. you can see the light reflecting off the bottom of the marine layer there. what you can't tell is just how widespread it is. and that actually means today is going to be cooler for the highs later this afternoon. thest the influence from the stronger on shore flow that
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brings the cooler air in and helps to bring the temperatures down a bit. interesting enough in the morning, it levels the playing field and is temperatures are pretty close to one another. santa rosa is 53. upper 50s and low 60s for everybody else. oak land, 62. san francisco, 58. and the widespread nature of this off the coast and right through bay, you can see all the way to the valleys and san jose. and the gray areas clear up over the next few hours. and the early afternoon, daytime highs like the ones on the screen behind many. these are two to three degrees below yesterday. this is real subtle. just a little bit cooler today than you remember wednesday. and this is the bottom of the seven-day forecast. watch what happens over the next few days. tomorrow, we start warming up a little bit.
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so we're back in the low 90s by the time we have gotten to friday. and then back in the mid 90s by saturday. that's a 94-degree day for inland locations. back above average for the daytime highs. the key is this weekend is warm. not hot like last weekend. if i have a 94 for saturday, it was 102 inland last weekend. that was heat advisory hot. maybe you remember all that nonsense. we are not going to do that this weekend. it will be a bit warmer. everybody else gets a subtle inkroes. mid 70s for much of the bay. back to you. and an old steel foundry in berkeley declares bankruptcy and shuts down. >> it leaves a toxic mess behind. then the city issues a permit for a computer recycling company to move in. >> our greatest fear is that one of us gets sick as a result of
5:21 am
the toxins on site. >> did the city have a duty to warn about a toxic work place? that's tonight on the new kpix5 news at 7:00. time is 5:20. coming up in health watch, how stress can be deadly for cancer patients and the link between blood and dementia. and a live look outside this time at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving along nicely in to san francisco. emily is going to track the trouble spots on the bay area. she has a traffic alert. 5:21. we'll be right back. here's one you guys will like.
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. good morning. here at 5:24, tracking an incident in if traffic center on highway 4. take a look. there is a truck on fire on the side of the westbound part of highway 4. this is really starting to heat up as far as the westbound commuters are concerned. i'll keep an eye on the drive time and the traffic alert just ahead. in our health watch this morning, too much or too little hemoglobin in blood can lead to a risk of dementia. and a new guideline from the
5:25 am
endocrine sodium society claims measuring the waistline and cholesterol and blood sugar can detect heart disease earlier. and stress can make cervical cancer more dangerous. woman who experienced a stressful event like a divorce or death in the family were 20% more likely to die from the disease. and one family turned tragedy to a blessing. >> a mother got to her son's heart beat in the chest of a little girl. he drowned in a swimming pool accident and she donated the organs that saved the lives of four children. his heart went to a little girl. for the first time since the transplant, the boy's mother could hear the heart beat of her
5:26 am
son. >> she's precious. i heard his heart beat and that really just -- it's beautiful. >> the two families have been brought together and share an unbreakable bondment and coming up, more than a dozen protesters arrested overnight in san francisco. we'll explain why. . and we're live on the santa clara fairgrounds. they're ramping up security in light of the gilroy shooting. . this steel factory finally shut down. what was left behind? >> we were told the property was safe to move on to. . >> tonight at 7:00, were new tenants exposed to toxic waste for months? how in the world did the city of berkeley allow the business to
5:27 am
get a permit at this location? >> watch the 7:00 a.m. news tonight.
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. the santa clara county fair kicking off today. the extra security measures in place. and more than a dozen i.c.e. protesters cited in san francisco overnight. we have the late breaking
5:30 am
developments. what does the rate cut mean for you? business analyst is here with us this morning. good morning. thursday, august 1st. i'm chelsey mcneil. >> i'm mckayla maroney. 5:30 on the first day of august. how is it looking? >> cooler than the last day of july by two or three degreesment the main difference is the marine layer. yoreetting ready to step outside and you can see the roadway just fine. it's not fog. just a thicker cloud bank that's covered the bay area. that's responsible for the cool down. and it is 62 in oakland. 58 in san franciscoment and go to 65 today officially for san francisco. we'll keep the clouds probably on much of the western half of the peninsula for the afternoon. most of the locations in the
5:31 am
sunshine by the time we get to the late morning. and however, the leftover results of the on shore flow is a cooler day. 87nland. that's two or three degrees cooler than yesterday. 68, upper 60s and low 70s for the bay. while temperatures staying near average now, it is slightly warmer this weekend. we start that subtle warm-up tomorrow. what that looks like coming up. and hot spots out there. i am tracking the delays. let's start with a look at the main travel times for the big commutes. starting with the altamont pass. you are in the yellow now. that is a 35 minute drive time. elsewhere, good to go on the east shore freeway highway getting to the freeway, you're good to go. there is a car fire that you might have to pass. not blocking lanes, but might be slowing things down.
5:32 am
keep on going. and south bay, 39 minutes. lanes blocked at 280 and meridian. and heading to the dublin interchange, it's busy. no problems as far as break downs or crashes. but plenty of company there. the bay bridge, the light are on and slow and go. i'm katie nielson at the live news desk. this is the scene at washington street right next to the immigration and customs enforcement office in san francisco. hours ago, police broke up a protest and cited more than a dozen people. right here, the police cars are on the scene and barricades along battery street keeping people off of washington. now, a few minutes ago, activists with abolish i.c.e. started the protest yesterday
5:33 am
afternoon around 1:30 this morning, the police cited 18 people. the group posted on facebook they blocked that section of the street and specifically the driveway where vehicles carrying undocumented immigrants enter the facility. they're protesting the current policies. there is the same group that took over washington street on the 4th of july last year. i'm katie nielson, back to you. the fbi says it is bringing more investigators to gilroy to help look into the deadly garlic festival shooting. three people killed on sunday. they're expecting profilers to look at what may have gone through the mind of the gunman, santino william legan, and why he opened fire. investigators continue to comb through the crime scene and sift through the evidence at the home in nevada.
5:34 am
an anti-semitic book he mentioned on instagram does not necessarily give a motive. and vendors who left everything behind can return today. they were allowed on the grounds for the first time since the shooting. some had thousands of dollars worth of goods sitting out in the sun. >> we left all or stuff behind. i don't have my wallet or my id or nothing. my son didn't have shoes on. >> we thought it might be all calm in a couple of minutes and we could go back. we never anticipated three or four days. >> the grounds are till a crime scene under the control of fbi investigators. if you want to help the victims of the shooting, we have information on our website, and happening today, the 75th an value santa clara fair is this afternoon. >> and more from jackie ward
5:35 am
live now from san jose. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and the good news is admission for the 75th anniversary of the fair is 75 cents today. the gates behind me open at 1:00 th afternoon and organizers assuring people there are strong security plans in place. officers from the sheriff's office are the ones in charge of security and they are beefing it up. but the garlic festival had what was considered strong security with armed guards patrolling the fencing. even with the significant security, acting quickly, there will always be risks. >> we're not going to lock down the country in a manner with armed guards at every entrance and perimeter set up. >> reporter: this morning, the county said we have reviewed the plans for the county fair and we are working with the sheriff's
5:36 am
office to increase the vigilance and security measures this year. the fair opens this afternoon and runs until 11:00 a.m. sunday morning. jackie ward, kpix5. and search teams scouring an area of death valley where a navy fighter jet crashed. it went down yesterday morning. it was undergoing a training exercise. officials say seven park visitors suffered minor injuries. >> we are in an active state of looking for the pilot. we have folks out there from our installation and the park service and the authorities involved in the process. >> the jet crashed in star wars an canyon. pilots like to speed through there. and campaign 2020. last night, ten candidates squared off on health care and criminal justice. on night two of the debates,
5:37 am
kamala manslaughter in the first degree and others went after the front runner joe biden. we asked the political analyst paul henderson if they thinks they damaged the lead. >> i think the people that released it out to me, harris came for him strong. and then booker made good points. i think castro said a lot of really good things. adecide from the attacks on the people polling high, who stood out and had the bigger messages? >> one thing they could agree on, criticism of president trump. many said the impeachment proceedings should begin immediately. and a new u.s. ambassador to the united nation. kelly craft is voted to the position yesterday. craft has been serving as the u.s. ambassador to canada and will replace the former
5:38 am
ambassador nikki haley. and the son of osama bin laden reportedly killed. cbs news cites an unnamed source. he was believed to be about 30 years old and in line to head al-qaeda. he was not the target of the military operation and was not known to be there. it's unclear when or where the operation took place. although, he was believed to be in either pakistan or afghanistan. >> i don't want to comment on it. i don't want to comment on that. >> earlier this year, the state department offered a $1 million reward for information leading to his capture or death. and the interest you'll pay on everything from home loans to credit cards is lower than it's been in a decade. that comes after the federal reserve lowered the interest rate. the decrease was the first since its last in 2008. the move was seen as a
5:39 am
precautionary effort to protect the u.s. from slowing growth in china and europe over the trade war. and how does the move affect you? cbs news business analyst joins us now from new york. always good to see you. and sooems like the news is not great for savers, but good borrowers. >> yes. the dee decrease is a relief. 44.4% of credit card holders don't pay off the balances each month. an auto loan on a home ecty product, you'll see lower pricings. i should note long-term mortgage rates don't react to the federal reserve. they key auch the ten-year treasury bond. as a result, the action is not a direct impact. the good news is that longer term mortgage rates are near three-year lows according to
5:40 am
freddie mack. >> and what about student loans? . >> reporter: i think there's a big misconception. i got a lot of questions about this yesterday. federal student loans are already locked in for the upcoming academic year. that was in the beginning of july. undergrads pay 4 and a half%. graduate, just over 6%. parent plus loans up to over 7%. and the only place you might see relief, private education loans. some of them are variable and key off shorter term rates. those may change on a monthly or quarterly basis, for more, go to >> always good information. thank you. and time now is 5:40. and a child is abducted or so a family thought. coming up, a scam the fbi wants you to be on the lookout for. and cooler today. happy first day of august.
5:41 am
a few degrees below yesterday. not for long. we warm up for the weekend. immaterial to show you what that looks like coming up. and a live look to the freeway at 5:40. so far, it's busy. but no trouble spots in this part of the commute. where the trouble spots are just ahead. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico.
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it's a win-win.
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. across the bay from the roof
5:44 am
here toward the bay bridge, low clouds for just about all of us. that means a slightly cooler thursday. i'll show you what that looks like coming up in a bit. back to you. and a tragic possible break in the disappearance of two wisconsin farmers. human remains found. it's been nearly two years since the brothers were last seen. the search for the 35-year-old and 24-year-old became a death investigation last week. but yesterday, human remains were found on a plot of land. one suspect is under arrest and another farmer who worked with them in a cattle deal. >> the cause of death has not been determined. this is an active investigation and we're working the doctors to determine what took place. >> the suspect garland nelson is held without bond. this morning, there is a new
5:45 am
warning about a familiar virtual kidnapping scare. a mother and father in new orleans got a call that their daughter was kidnapped. when the kidnappers asked for money, he hung up and called the police. >> they said they were going to hurt me unless they wired money in their account. >> virtual kidnapping has been happening for years. only now the scammers are getting smarter. they research people to get information and spoof a number. >> that is so scary. >> be careful. >> and can you tell you the e-mails i've gotten where it looks like it's coming from a friend of mine. >> sure. >> to the point i've contacted them and said somebody got ahold of your e-mail. no, no. they got your list and e-mail. you got to be on top of this.
5:46 am
>> it's scary. and we're going to get a check of the roads. and problems on the roads. >> yeah. scary out there too. the good news is that some of our trouble spots have now at least gotten to a better point. they've been cleared or moved off to a position where it doesn't seem to be causing major delays. the overall picture of the map, mostly green. a few trouble spots. one of them is the richmond bridge. and there are no delayings. this is because of emergency construction in the westbound direction. and we are seeing lane closures until 6:00 this morning. through the pass, you're down to 15 miles per hour in the westbound direction. back up to a regular running speed through the pass. a the dublin interchange, no problems to report. northbound on 680, we are seeing a little bit of a delay as a result of an accident. the right lane the blocked and that is in the clearing stages. that is one of the main travel
5:47 am
times and it is a 39 minute ride. that's a drive time in the red. els where, in the green. and coming out of the south bay on 101. toward the dublin interchange, plenty of cars in either direction. no too many brake lights. it is a busy morning on the roadways. same thing at the bay bridge. busy there. and the lights are on. and stacked up on the off ramp at 880. and underneath it, no delays or stalls. the san mateo bridge is picking up. a few brake lights here and there. nothing terrible to report. the eastbound direction looks good to go. and the camera at sfo to show you how deep the clouds are. this is a thicker layer of the
5:48 am
marine layer on shore. most of us wake up to gray skies and did clouds brooding above. maybe even deep enough to places to let a light mist. and on the peninsula, that's more likely. for the rest of us, a great start to the day. and the sunrise, 6:13. and we've got a little ways to go before that. and it sets at 8:18. ip adjusted each one of these a minute from yesterday. happy august 1st. we are working our way through summer. as far as the marine layer, we were looking at the view from sfo. and you can see how much more widespread this is. it's going up in the north bay. and that at that valley, you're waking up to it. and santa rosa, some of the low grade clouds and a little bit of an opening in silicone valley. not for most of us.
5:49 am
it's this way until late morning and you can see it melts baks again. later today than yesterday. as a result of all of this, we'll be a little bit cooler for the highs not a lot. two to three degrees below. san jose, 80. oakland, 71. and it will be 78 redwood city. there's fremont, 75. and inland, upper 80s. that's a good thing. this is the bottom for the next three or four days. starting tomorrow, a warm-up. low 90s for friday. mid 90s for the weekend. and that is similar timing to last week. but it is not similar intensity. in other words, if you're thinking back to the heat last weekend for your comparison, instead of 94, that number was 102. big differences. that was a heat vise ri.
5:50 am
this is just you'll notice the weekend is warmer. and that's it. and it doesn't last long. by the middle of next week, back down to the mid 80s inland. and we'll stay in the upper 60s and low 70s across the bay. ten minutes before 6:00. and new video of a scary b.a.r.t. con fron taths showing a man and a knife on board a train. >> what's up? what's up? >> a rider posted the video on facebook. a man pulls a large knife in front of a bunch of people. he unwraps it and gets in a struggle with a man. that suspect was then arrested by the b.a.r.t. police. and ride share company lyft is disabling hundreds of bikes in san francisco after two caught fire in the city in the past week. you can see smoke coming off on one of the bikes there.
5:51 am
and they indicated it may be an issue with the batteries and no injuries were reported. in a statement, they said, out of caution, we are temporarily making the e-bike fleet unavailable to riders while we investigate and update the battery technology. and big mess on miami beach. construction workers accidentally spilled con krooet on cars. take a look. you can see the concrete covering the mercedes. this happened yesterday about a block from the ocean. several cars affected and one person was inside of the vehicle when this happened. it's not clear what led up to the spill. nine minutes before 6:00. alameda county firefighters jump into action to save kittens in a hairy situation. and taking a live look outside this morning at the richmond san rafael bridge on a thursday morning. things moving along smoothly once to get to this point. but slowly. we'll be right back. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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. pretty view with the lights on the bridge. it's the clouds telling you the story as far as the weather is concerned. we're all waking up to grayer skies today. a stronger on shore flow and that means cooler highs for today. i will show you what the first day of august looks like and why it won't last that long. and headed into the 6:00 hour. let's take a live look. we are going to be seeing the
5:55 am
lane closures opening back up here hopefully in the next six minutes. you can see the construction crews and the cones are out and they should be clearing by by the top of the hour. and the toll plaza heating up. 101 northbound and southbound, the commute is good to go. . a scary situation for firefighters. >> several kittens trapped in the car it happened in livermore yesterday afternoon. the fire tweeted out the photos and the kittens are so young, they can't open their eyes yet. fire crews have the perfect response and safely brought them out and held them close until animal control arrived. >> so cute. and five minutes before 6:00. a deadly pipeline explosion rattling a small community overnight. the blast so big it showed up on radar. . and investigators in and i
5:56 am
don't care trying to figure out what led up to a deadly shooting. . and in light of what happened at the gilroy garlic festival on sunday, the organizers here at the santa clara county fair are ramping up security. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
5:57 am
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. now at 6:00, a deadly shooting overnight. investigator combed the crime scene for clues. like an atomic bomb went off. >> a massive gas explosion in kentucky shoots flames 300 feet in the air. what sparked the blast. and festival fears in the wake of a deadly mass shooting. the beefed up security at the santa clar county fair. and a little misty out
6:00 am
there. a quick check to have forecast. >> we're waking up to the low, gray clouds hovering around. a lot more than yesterday. and the cloud banks thick enough if some place, it is misting. closer to the peninsula, the more likely to notice that. the view at sfo, the big bank of gray is floating up there. and it does tell us about the weather. we'll be cooler, even after this burns off and it will take a while. but by the late morning and the early afternoon for parts of the city today. right now, it's 58 degrees. the high is 65 in san francisco. and 87 inland. that means about two to three degrees cooler inland than yesterday. sunny and warm. by the time we get to the afternoon, it heats up. and once


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