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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 1, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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it grazed my lung and went to my ever. >> forever changed, following the deadly illinois garlic festival shooting. why one survivor is taking a mysterious good samaritan. >> i want to thank john, hopefully that is his name. new state restrictions, forcing major changes tonight, to youth football, we are live with the big changes at practice. cal fire's newest weapons to fight fires that they never have before.'s blitz they condemn fire returned at night.t ch business being exposed to toxic substance is? tonight, we get some answers. >> what do you have to say to the people who may have not xil cannot tell u that.
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thnew kpix5 news at seven starts right now the vigil getting underway for the victims of the garlic festival shooting. good evening, let's take a life look at where that vigil is being held come is at the chamber of commerce at monterey road and fifth street and get away. you can you hear dozens of people are already there, pepper five is overhead, giving you a better idea just how big this crowd is. we have seen people still trickling in, in the meantime kate is in san jose after speaking to to victims who were just released from the hospital today. >> reporter: valley medical center d grof pahing t , eynde erlcha bu walkunwer. ey wanteto aman by the name of john. on the left, and gabriella cows were halfway up the inflatable
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yellow slide. when they spotted him and realized what he was about to do. >> i saw him with a gun and i kind of was like, i just kind of stared community center rapid firing and i was like okay, let's go. >> they climbed on the rope ladder, right around the blue porter parties and her three shots when they got to the parking lot. >> i felt like i got pinched or burnt, a bee sting type thing, and i knew, i was like yeah, member being like i'm hit but i did not look back, i did not stop running. >> a bullet passed through her shoulder in fragments hit her back. brent took a direct hit in the back. >> it grazed my lung and whether my liver in a punctured my diaphragm but deliver is a best organ, i guess is what the doctor has been telling me, feels really fast, so i will have a bullet in my liver for my whole life. i'm not going to be able to seee t alwabethe. a certain point >>h no way out ambulance still in route a man by the name of john showed up and drove them to the hospital.
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>> i want to thank john hopefully that is his name, wherever he is at, that act of kindness, i mean, we are so lucky because i did not feel safe until i was fully in a car. >> they work the same restaurant in santa cruz, they both had gofundme page is that have raised thousand dollars. and it will need every bit of it because they both do not have health insurance. in san jose, kit doe, kpix5. authorities have released the name of the officers who engage the gunmen, officers eric cryar, hugo del moral and robert basuino. veteran officers returned fire about a minute after the gunmen started shooting. they are currently on paid leave. >> all three of these officers arguably humble, i think they are heroes. i don't think they be themselves that way, i think maybe the elves as if they were just doing their job. >> if you want to help the victims of the getaway festival shooting, we post more
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information on our website, we are following a developing story out of massachusetts , where police are investigating a death at the kennedy compound. first responders were called to the compound in hannah sport this afternoon. according to our sister station in boston, a young woman has died there. the new york times is reporting it appears it was an overdose. the compound is the home of 91- year-old ethel kennedy. high school football season is about to get underway, and as of today, there are some new rules of the game to try to reduce brain injuries and cates. ondrea porpoise is in liverpool with the details. >> these rules are targeted specifically at those youth football players, the pop warner, the pb players, who might be more vulnerable to brain injury as the brain develops.
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with youth football season getting ready for shoulder pads and helmets, california coaches now have to dole out, in addition to teaching slant patterns. a law signed by gov. new similes out new guidelines come to try and prevent cates from getting injured by multiples of concussive hits. into a disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or cte. the new rules and full contact practices during the off-season , limits full contact during the season to 30 minutes, twice a week. requires medical professionals to be present for all game, requires an independent to remove placed signs of injury. paul family, the president of the junior football league says it is not a significant change from the safety rules his leak >>e tohavestandards in place a limited us to 30 minutes of contact per day, so we were already following that guideline come the only
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differences i believe this law says you can do two days a week were previously it was three. >> what he does worry about is the possibility of more in game injuries. >> i didn't are increasing the risk for cancer potentially get injuries and games. >> another bill in the state legislature inside, that would have been any child under the age of 12 for participating in tackle football. five in livermore, ondrea moore, how fire is boosting its fleet of firefighting aircraft, thanks to 120 boosting its fleet of firefighting aircraft, thanks to $121 million in the state budget. gov. gavin newsom and former gov. arnold schwarzenegger teamed up, they tore at a c-130 aircraft today, at a base in sacramento. or nuisance size it is one of seven new c-130s that can hold 4000 gallons of fire retardant, compared to just 1000 gallons in the older grumman tankers. the state is also getting a new, several new blackhawk helicopters they can hold thousand gallons of fire retardant versus 340 gallons in
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the old helicopters. >> we are now getting the helicopters, which is really fantastic because they can fly at night and they condemn fire retardant at night. >> of the news and also talked about the state, a few here in the bay area. nuisance as a firebreak and north your answer is 22% complete but a project has hit a lot of red tape. >> there is one project up there in highway 17, before we can get it started. >> the goal is to get all emergency projects. >> we are just getting word, this happened in the area of
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night and morgan street. police in the have a suspect in custody, there is no threat to the public, the police and sheriffs department are on the scene at this point, the latest coming up at 11. coming up next, hour five original report. >> the computer company that moved into a toxic mess. the greatest fear is that one of us gets sick. >> we discover why it may be a sensitive subject for berkeley. >> what you have to say to people who may have been exposed to toxic substances while working at site? a new report tens of thousands of bay area homes underwater due to climate change. how to tell if your property is and. dozens of people injured when a wave pool goes out of control. cloud layer almost exactly as tall as the top of the field
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. you probably seen the sprawling still foundry as a drive past burke on interstate 80. & has been polluting their environment from more than a century.'s though when it finally shut down last december, there was a collective i of relief.
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but as kristin ayers discovered, the saga is not over yet. >> really scared, for my employees, for myself, for my employees families. >> reporter: dictionary did not know what he was getting into when he released a yard in berkeley, for his computer recycling business. it used to be part of the pacific still casting, and 83- year-old foundry, that shut down last year after going bankrupt. the boundary had a history of pollution violations, but jake says when he released his section -- >> we were told it would be safe to move on to. >> reporter: -- a permission found high levels of heavy metals inside a metal structure called a packed house on the premises with a foundry used to dump its hazmat waste. according to the report, the materials in these back house areas are contained, and pose no substance threat to
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occupants at the site. but after he moved in, jake noticed suspicious dirt collecting under the metal structure. so he paid for his own testing. >> we tested directly under each of these opening set up and cut away, that is the stuff you see here, it essentially showed that the same levels of toxins that were inside of the back house are now on the ground surface. >> reporter: arsenic, chromium, lead and other heavy metals way above safe limits, right on the ground where employees for jake's company, universal waste management, had been working for a year. >> our greatest fear is that one of us gets sick as a result of the toxins on-site. >> reporter: when he turned to the city of berkeley for help, the answer came back, our department is not responsible for this. please talk to the next apartment. >> reporter: we discovered
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white may be a sensitive subject for berkeley, it turns out one pacific still went out of business, it signed a closure plan with the city to clean up any toxins left behind but that was never completed, in fact, here in jake's yard, it never even started. >> it is kind of on hold right now because of bankruptcy. >> reporter: called the shay is in charge of overseeing the closure plan, as head of the cities toxic management department. he says he trusts the report the landlord commission that shows the site is safe. >> it made it clear that there was no worker safety health hazard. and so that is what we are going with right now. >> reporter: the county disagrees, after visiting the site a publicly posted a warning letter to pacific steel, and jake's landlord, that says existing analytical data confirmed that the site appears to pose a risk to human health, and the environment. >> that is concerning when you hear back from especially considering that you had a recycler and its employees on- site there working on the site for more than a year.
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>> which report are you talking about? >> we talk about the county letter that just went out and was posted last week. >> reporter: a letter that he was cced on. >> have you seen this letter? >> i'm not sure now. >> reporter: how in the world the city of berkeley allow this business to get a permit at this location? considering all of the pollution there? how did that happen? >> what business are you talking about? what specific area? >> we are talking about the recycling company. >> which permit are you talking about? >> reporter: the spokesperson watching from the side, started to interrupt. >> the city does not have discretion to not issue that business license pick of the city has to come is required to, there is no choice there. >> i'm not asking how it relates, i'm asking how a business was permitted to work on a site that it is very clear, as a toxic pollution problem. >> when talk about the site you are talking but in very fast
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portion. not which part of which location or what. >> reporter: i gave the address that i'm talking about. someone who is over this department, what do you have to say to the people who may have been exposed to toxic substances while working on that site? >> that is a biased question. >> there are people who work on that site who may have been exposed to toxic substance is. was a mistake for people to be working on that site? >> i'm not toxicologist, i cannot tell you that. >> reporter: back of the recycling yard, jake cherry is taking matters into his own hands. he says county officials have told him in no uncertain terms he needs to leave. we caught up with him as he and his employees were packing up, and closing shop. >> we are feeling angry, disappointed, overlooked. let down. and at risk.
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>> reporter: there wasn't pacific still casting and jake's landlord responsible for cleanup of the site, and has requested to meet with them, and the bankruptcy trustees involved in person. meanwhile, jake's landlord is now suing him, for nonpayment of rent. jake tells us he has countersuing for exposure to toxic materials. kristin ayers, kpix5. a new study shows what rising sea levels could do to the bay area over the next 30 years. interactive mapper dix where the flooding could be the most of year as polar ice is melting because of climate change. the real estate site, the low, and climate they the city of alameda could use some of the worst flooding. >> over 30,000 homes are at risk in this flood zone areas of a major flood event, and the total value of those homes is nearly $50 billion.
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>> that is a big number. >> host: right, right. >> we have a link on our website to the interactive map which predicts the impact over several decades, just had to our website, a lot of low cloud cover spreading not only over san francisco tonight, this is a pretty gorgeous view from oakland looking back toward san francisco, can't see the skyline, gobbled that up it is crossing over the bay. it is in livermore now, it is likely going to be a very cloudy start to the day tomorrow, temperatures will climb tomorrow afternoon with less of an entrepreneur. napa today, send it or is 79, 170 in oakland, san francisco to concord, 81 degrees. tonight, the cloud cover, dropping to 59, tried out 58, santa rosa 54 in vallejo 57 degrees. recheck in the tropics, active, usually august, september and october are the most active months. only 285 miles south, southeast of the big island of hawaii. is likely will pass by the
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center, weakening tonight, based on tropical storm, but a breezy day on the big island with an additional 48 inches of rainfall on the windward side. the southeastern side of the island tomorrow. speaking of rain, july the average nothing, we got nothing, so typically very dry month, august, still is but now we are beginning to turn the corner. by september we average one quarter of an inch of rainfall in my october only two months from now can we average an inch of rain,'s though the rain is not that far away, figuratively and that graphic, also literally, it will pour for a time, tomorrow morning come in the pacific northwest. that is the reason the underflow got stronger today and try temperatures fell and the amount of cloud cover increased. tomorrow we see a decrease in the onshore flow which means amateurs will rise once again. for frid afternooafte pltoybe ue with the fa or fr whether will be just fine, warmer today. saturday morning, some clouds but saturday will be even
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warmer, watch the temperatures spread. my onshore flow keeps you cool in san francisco and the coastline on saturday and sunday, highs in the 60s, 90s inland, in the central valley likely have triple digit temperatures but not here, we will not get that hot ecosystem but is coming tomorrow, will be warm inland, we watch out for a foggy night tonight. san jose tomorrow, warmer, warming back to average, 82 degrees for you, 82 in cupertino, 81 in bed with eddie, 74 for union city. ready in danville, 85 for sunshine, pittsburgh 87, fairfield and vacaville in the low 90s come mid-80s for canfield, and 85 in napa, oakland tomorrow, 73, cloverdale, 93 degrees tomorrow. the weekend will be warmer, upper 80s, mid-90s inland, we stick will near the water, 60 to low 70s, that is it and everybody does cool down by the middle of next week so pleasant weather, and the two warmest days saturday and sunday. that is your forecast. coming up next, the threat of more chinese tariffs and president trump. stormed by the media, what the father did today in italy
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for his teenaged son, facing murder charges. dozens of swimmers never saw it coming, the injuries after a wave pool goes out of control. the massive new security presence you will see this weekend at the santa clara county fair. a quick reminder for now, if you missed your favorite cbs shows last sunday do to our breaking news will we will let you know that you can catch up on the latest episodes on so this is how it's gonna go down.
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in prison for the murder of an italian police officer. finnigan elders father visited him in prison today in rome. he confessed to the stabbing the claims he felt the officer was strangling him. police say elders stabbed the officer with this military style knife, 11 times. the officer was responding to a botched drug deal, and extortion report when it happened. elder and fellow high school graduate gabriel natale-hjorth both admitted to being involved in the drug deal and are both behind bars for the killing. he says he did not know elders had a nice. president trump announced a new tariff on him words from china, it is 10% on the remaining $300 billion worth of products from china. it takes effectseember 1. the mo in also tonight dozens of people are recovering after a
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wave will malfunctioned on monday. 44 people were hurt, the waterpark close the pool it is investigating. the woman is investigating after enough the pipeline explosion in central kentucky, flames shot hundreds of feet into the sky the fire destroyed several homes, five of the people were taken to the hospital with injuries, this is for emergency officials say the pipeline that ruptured stretches from the mexican border in texas to new york city. back in the bay area, santa clara county fair has been bringing the committee together were 75 years but has never looked like this. just days after the getaway got the shooting, new safety concerns prompted a massive security overhaul. heavily armed officers were seen patrolling on foot, motorcycles, and even golf carts. >> we won't be going through the details but i can say that we have done everything we could possibly do to make sure that everyone at the fair is safe.
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>> that there is open today through sunday night, at 10 pm. coming up next, a popular bay area parks gets a multimillion dollar facelift. we will show you the new amenities for visitors.
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the crowds also put a strain on the area. avenue parking lot brings more comfort, and the best part, taxpayers don't have to pay a dime. the $8.7 million renovation were funded by private donations. thank you for watching. we will be back here at 11 with more news and weather. in the meantime you can had to . have a good night.
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