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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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hundreds of people gather at a vigil in the city to remember and honor the victims of sunday's mass shooting. the granddaughter of the new york senator found dead. the latest on the investigation. an overturned bigwig shuts down several lanes of interstate 80. good morning everyone it is friday, august 2. let's start off with emily turner who was watching the roadways around that grass.>> it is in the eastbound direction. that means is the opposite of the commute direction. we are not seeing any major backups. the problem would be in that westbound direction. the good news is we are not seeing any adesso file.
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started to stack up in the cash lanes. there was no problem there. the should be on in the next 15 minutes or so. the san mateo bridge is a little bit fuzzy. you can see pretty easily defective in this love going in the westbound direction. no problems to report at all. the emergency construction in place with lane closures as a result of that. that should be clearing up within the next hour or so. not causing any delays. overall your main traffic is in the green with the exception of the past. that is a 34 minute ride. there was an accident right there. seventh street. one lane blocked on that one. this is the traffic alert we have been talking about. our very reporter is there. good news for drivers. the tell us this will actually be back open within about 30
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minutes. right now only one lane is open. three other lanes remain closed. that is one of the cars that were involved. that is the one that the big rig driver tried to avoid hitting. it turns out there is a drunk driver reporting at the steering wheel the car he was trying to miss hitting. the scene is being cleared up pretty quickly. you can see the big rig is up right now. the tow truck is on the scene to remove that car. the driver was arrested. chp is working right now to make sure traffic keeps moving. it is moving slowly. only one lane remains open right now. they say within less than 30 minutes this will all be back open. we're going to send over to mary who is tracking this morning's weather.>> we are starting up today with low clouds and areas of fog across
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the bay. a patchy drizzle as well this morning. it is kind of extensive as we start off your friday. as we head through the afternoon, we are going to warm up. it is a live link with the treasure island camera. temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s to lower 60s. as we head to the afternoon, we had temperatures in the upper 80s. 94 high in fairfield. 73 in oakland. 60s in san francisco. they come high temperatures about 10 degrees warmer compared to yesterday. we will continue with that warm up as we head into the weekend. new details this morning about the police shooting. official said officer shot a suspect at least three times after the suspect plotted to a patrol car with a knife.
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have been the suspect allegedly took tomatoes from a store in santa rosa plaza. a deputy caught up with him and got out of his car and used a taser. official said the network. that is when the suspect jumped into the patrol car. the suspect pulled out a knife. he was treated at the scene and is expected to survive. people are coming together less than one week after a gunman opened fire at the festival. hundreds of people packed the streets. the pain can be read on signs that they help. they talked about the tragedy that unfolded on sunday. he shot at the crowded festivalgoers. the young people died in the gunfire. last night vigil was not about the government rather than moving forward. >> has been a rough week for my
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staff. a look at the we must after with this. i am pretty proud of them. >> he did not destroy us.>> the police chief told the crowd that he is postponing national night out until october. is doing this we get as many of its officers out to meet with the community. >> we know the names of the three officers who engaged the gunmen. all three are veteran officers returned fire about one minute after he started shooting. are currently on paid administrative leave. >> author these officers are incredibly humble. i think their heroes. i do not think they view themselves that way. >> if you want to help the victims of the festival shooting, we put information on our website. we are at the
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news desk. a deadly attack. this time being claimed by al qaeda. the violence this morning comes just days after to make separate attacks. 19 soldiers were killed in a military camp. yesterday, 47 people were killed in two separate attacks. the country was thrown into chaos when the rebels took control of the capitol. the coalition has been fighting those rebel forces. we will keep you up-to-date on this developing story throughout the morning. police are investigating the death of the late robert f kennedy's granddaughter. the 22-year-old died from an apparent drug overdose. emergency responders rushed to the family's compound yesterday in massachusetts.
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it is where the family has summered for generations. they say they are shattered by the loss of her. she was did you graduate from boston college next year. because of her death has not been released. in puerto rico, the governor said to resign. it is still not clear who will replace them. investors resignation last month after a protest of raw meat chat between him. they contain remarks about political opponents and victims of hurricane marina. this prompted the resignation. it would have been next in line. the third line said she does not want the job. the nominee for secretary of state who can succeed him may not have enough votes among the territory lawmakers to be confined. >> president trump back in washington this morning.>> the rage filled democrat party is trying to tear america apart. the democratic party is now
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being led by far left wing extremist reject everything that we hold dear. the greatest betrayal committed by the democrats is there support for open borders. >> that was a reoccurring theme at the event in cincinnati. he also criticized him over urban poverty. >> expect to pay more of a long list of products now that the president has announced the tariffs on chinese imports. is imposing a 10 percent levy of $300 million in products. this will hit consumers hard. it takes effect september 1. coming up, a potentially toxic workplace. the closed the doors living a robust behind. before that is cleaned up, another company moves in.
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ready for a warm-up. high pressure will be building in for us. i will have your important we can forecast coming up. we are keeping an eye on traffic alert. the goodness, it is in the opposite direction. we are seeing delays as a result. i would see how far they are backed up just ahead. y3gd7y yi0y
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publishing this as you drive past interstate 80. when i finally shut down last december there was a collective sigh of relief. is our reporter discovered, the saga is not over. >> really scared for my employees.>> he did not know what he was getting into when he leased a yard for his computer recycling business. it used to be part of the business. an 83-year-old foundry the shut down last year after going bankrupt. foundry had a history of pollution violations.
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he says he was told the property would be safe to move on to. >> report commissioned by the landlord on high levels of heavy metals. according to the report, the materials in these areas are contain. the pose no substantive threat to occupants of the side. after he moved in, he noticed suspicious dirt collecting on the metal structure. we pay for his own testing. >> which is directly under each one of these openings. that is the stuff you see here. it essentially showed the same levels of toxins that were inside the house are now on the ground surface. >> arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals. way above safe limits. >> our greatest fear is that
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one of us gets sick as a result of the toxins. when he turned to the city for help, the answer came back, saying our department is not responsible for this. >> we discover what may be a sensitive subject. it turns out when it went out of business, sunday) with the city clean up any toxins left behind. that was never completed. in fact, and never even started. >> it is kind of on hold right now because of bankruptcy. >> is in charge of overseeing that plane. despite their reputation as one of the worst polluters in berkeley, and never happened. >> the publicly posted a
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warning letter that says, existing analytical data confirmed that the site appears to pose a risk to human health and the environment. >> that is concerning when you hear that. especially when he had a recycler and employees there.>> what are you talking about? >> we talked about the calculated that just went out.>> related that he was cced on. >> i'm not sure. >> how did the city allow this business to get a permit at this location? considering all of the pollution? >> what business are you talking about? what specifically are you referring to. >> we talked about the recycling company. >> the city spokesperson
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watching from the side started to interrupt. >> the city does not have discretion to not issue the license. the city is required to. >> i'm not asking how the business got a license. addressing how we business were permitted to work on a site that is very clear has a toxic pollution problem. >> you're asking this question in bias way. you talking very fast portion. you are not talking about which part of which location. >> i gave the address of the location i am talking about. >> what he have to say to the people who may have been exposed to toxic substance. >> there are people who work on the site may have been exposed to toxic substances. wasn't a mistake for people to be working on the site?
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>> i am not a toxicologist. >> back at the yard, he is taking matters into his own hands. he says officials have told him in no uncertain terms that he needs to leave. we caught up with him as he and his employees were packing up and closing shop. >> we are feeling angry and disappointed. overnight. let down. and at risk. >> the county is holding the casting and the landlord responsible for cleanup of the site. we have requested to meet with them and the bankruptcy trustees involved in person. meanwhile, the landlord is now suing him for nonpayment of rent. he tells us he is countersuing for exposure to toxic materials. let's get it on traffic. a lot going on on the road.>>
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it is like for the most part but there are a couple of issues that we are keeping an eye on. it's a big rig accident that happened overnight. will start out with a look at your bridges. here we are not seeing any major issues. nothing to report. started to start up. the lights are not on for those fast track customers. that is pretty much what happens on a friday. the camera has not been clear. was like the westbound direction is anything but clear. plenty of brake lights. no problems to report at all. the bridge was like they have cleared up that traffic lane closure early as a result of emergency construction. there is no problems to report at the toll plaza. looking at your main trouble time. still in the green. everybody is looking good. a little bit slower coming out of the past 34 minutes.
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we have this accident right there on seventh street. the latest blocked due to an accident as you're trying to get off on seventh street. you see there is a bit of a backup. it is low and go in the westbound direction. pretty much all way past that accident. let's head over to the past what was like there was a new accident. we will check on that in just a moment. down to 90 miles per hour in that westbound direction. and last but not least is this traffic alert. all but one lane is block. it is finally friday. temperatures will be on the rise. we will warm up after recorded yesterday. here is a look with our camera. is a foggy start to the day. the running in the 50s to lower 60s. the weather headlines will be relaxing for today. ahmad afternoon as we head through the day. the running about 10 degrees
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warmer than yesterday. the warmest 2 days this week is tomorrow and sunday. they will still be called at the coast. average rainfall reports are taking off in the month. on average, picking up 607 inch of rain. for september about a quarter of an. in october we on average seeing more than one inch of rain fall. of course no rainfall to report for today. over the next several days, we have a ridge of high pressure that will be building in for us. that is what we will be warming up at lower pressure system that did bring the stronger onshore flow yesterday. future cast as we go through our afternoon. at 11 am, we will begin to see that clearing. as we head to the rest of our day, the casino coverage just pulling back to the coast.
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some low clouds and areas of fog a little bit more sunshine for you saturday. looking ahead to sunday, temperatures along the coast in the 60s. sacramento doing with triple digit heat. for today, looking at high temperatures right around where we should be for this, the year. the start of a warming trend for us. 89 in morgan hill. 89 in antioch. 90 in fairfield. 89 for pleasant hill. that's a high temperatures topping out at the upper 60s. ms. 60s in san francisco. had temperatures right around 90. we warm up even more. the temperatures csrdoba early next week. coming up, the best exercise for family inherited obesity. a promising new blood test for
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detecting timers disease. i'm 52.
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but in my mind i'm still 25. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. find our coupon in sunday's paper.
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a chance to identify diseases two decades before patients develop memory loss could become available in a few years. researchers say it measures the
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presence of a specific protein in the blood. it has been 90 for percent accurate. a new study shows talking is the st exercise. researchers also found that walking, mountain climbing and certain type of dance and yoga helps keep weight off. yellow lens glasses for nighttime driving. and the study finds that did not improve visibility. researchers found the lenses did not make it easier to spot pedestrians and did not request him again. the government has something to go and reducing football injuries among california's. is a ban on full contact practices during the off-season. limits to full contact during the season to 30 minutes twice per week. requirements for medical
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professionals to be on hand. independent monitors remove players with signs of injuries. reactions my parents is next.>> it doesn't even give the coaches enough time to get them warmed up. i think it is uncertain. >> we did two things. and will keep them safer from injury and it will make him hungry as well. it will get them ready to play.>> having the medical personnel the field is a good thing. there was a lot of little things that could happen. overall, i think it's a good thing. >> the new regulations are set to take effect in 2020 one. we are continuing to follow a traffic alert in the east bay. overturned big rig. why police have just made an arrest. here's one you guys will like.
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overturned big rig instigated. the latest in a live report. these may soon get rocky. they just ended its long- standing missile treaty. >> sporting some new dates to help those who can see but not here. good morning everyone. it is friday, august 2. that's a senate right over to emily turner who is checking that traffic alert. is actually i eastshore freeway. we are keeping a close eye on that. is slowing things down in both directions. the commute is affected at this hour. will start out in legitimate overall troubled times. starting with the eastshore freeway commute. still in the green. it is an 18 minute run. that is because the accident is not affecting this.
5:31 am
my suggestion is to just keep on going. the only travel time is the past. is a 36 minute ride out of the triangle. highway four and one-on-one are still looking good. elijah not yet on the papers. they are starting to stack up in those lands. there is nothing for you to worry about is you heading into san francisco this morning. the san mateo bridge not quite the same story. it has been busy since the early hours. no stalls to report. and is simply just slowing things down. the bridge is also slow at this hour. i'm going to fast-forward if i can do this accident that is happening on the eastshore freeway. it is right there in the eastbound direction. down to four miles per hour. our very reporter is on the scene and tracking the progress of the clearing stages.
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>> i actually have some very good news for drivers were thinking about going eastbound. checking out. that is one clear and open freeware. fortunate that tow truck was cleared away very quickly. at one point only only he was open. a big rate of return as it was trying to avoid hitting a car that had just stopped in the middle of the freeware. the car had a drunk driver in it who was asleep behind the wheel. the sergeant says amazingly, no one was hurt. >> the driver took evasive action and turned to the left. in the process, the weight shifted. allowing the big rig to overturn. >> this was cleared up in about 2.5 hours. they say that is amazing.
5:33 am
the credits all of first towing forgetting all this cleared up. by the time we got to the scene this morning, the big rig resided back a print and the car involved was on its way of getting out of here as well. let's send over to mary who is tracking our weather for the weekend.>> good morning to you. so thankful it is friday. we will be warming up as we head through the day today. if you wanted warmer weather, you have it. there is a live link. a beautiful start to the day. the casinos daughter beautiful colors in the sky. we are starting out today with cloudy skies. also will develop to drizzle. all things to that also slow. that is what was summer school yesterday. we going to see the ocean breeze relax for today.
5:34 am
with that temperatures will be on the rise. low to mid 60s for the better. mid to upper 60s and lower 70s. a mild day. westerly winds about 20 miles per hour. mid to upper 80s to about 90 degrees. it gets even warmer for the weekend. details about coming up. this morning, survivors of the garlic festival shooting or putting their faith in the community. hundreds of people gathered to remember the lives lost after a gunman opened fire. authorities have begun processing and returning personal items to festivalgoers. those who left items can recover them at the elementary school. counseling services are also being offered. the fbi caught in more than 100 officers to sift through the case. they are working to put down emotive and ideology. it does not appear the shooter was targeting one particular group. have also received more than 100 pictures and videos of the
5:35 am
incident. if you want to help the victims, we have put more information on our website. the county fair is continuing to beef up security throughout the weekend just days after the garlic festival shooting. safety concerns have prompted a massive security overhaul. last night officers were seen patrolling on foot.>> we will not be going into details. i can say we have done everything we can possibly do to make sure everyone at the pharisee. >> the fair is open through sunday night until 10 pm. i am katie nielsen. we are to live at the white house with this morning, discussions continue over and around the tariffs on chinese goods. president trump said he wanted to impose the tariffs on goods that had not been previously
5:36 am
subject to american levies. this morning, the chinese foreign ministry department says that united states is committed to the new tariffs, johnny will be forced to take countermeasures. all that can lead to a this is density is also caused instability in the stock market. the dow jones was down 280 points yesterday after the series of his tweets. a new audit finds the use of force incidents often go unreported. the office of inspector general analyzed nearly 50 encounters last year. found in at least 17 cases, officers failed to fill out the forms. that includes 12 times when they pointed a gun at someone is documented on body confront us. there is also a 10 instances of noncompliance. the police chief says in a statement, the department is willing to accept and correct our shortcomings.
5:37 am
the services 49ers return to training camp this morning. they had a special guest list. the family of the late sacramento police officer. yesterday the field was packed with the faithful. in the stands, the family. they also thought the family to greet them and decide souvenirs. he was shot and killed while helping a woman during a domestic dispute. >> very humbling. to see them out here. my dads house is around the corner from where it happened. i saw the caution tape and stuff over the summer when it happened. just once again it is inspiring. >> and memorial vigil plan for tomorrow for the fallen officer. community members are invited to bring a card or a letter that they could read at a later time. the u.s. just ended and
5:38 am
nuclear arms agreement with russia raising fears of a new arms race. there preparing to test a new nonnuclear mobile launch missile. is a weapon specifically designed to challenge rosa. they signed the nuclear force treaty in 1987. washington is accusing russia of violating your. >> they have cheated or is cheating on the trees. i give the obama administration high marks for calling them out. >> the threat is not american withdrawal. the threat is the rush of mrs. >> and nuclear arms pact has placed a limit. the first of its kind uniform for delta employees. do you expect to see some crewmembers sporting the tanks indicating they can speak some language.
5:39 am
delta is the first u.s. airline to do this. they have been named best place to work for disability inclusion for 4 consecutive years. another retailers making changes. a lot of employees out of work. the new jobs report is out. our reporter joins us live. >> good morning. the stocks top for the second straight day. the dow jones dropped 280 points. the s&p 500 fell by 26 points. according to the labor department, the economy grew by 164,000 job. the unemployment rate held steady at 3.7 percent. moses laying off thousands of employees nationwide. workers will be able to play for other roles in the company's. it will allow more workers to
5:40 am
spend more time with the cells for servicing customers. what is this about a new survey? it sure beats beef when it comes to america's favorite fast food. in a recent poll, and feel it is down the birth for the highest customer loyalty. it held the top spot last year and came in second for overall customer satisfaction. the remains america's favorite burger joint. mcdonald's came in last.>> we love it on the west coast. is too bad you do not get it over there. i have heard so much about in and out. and really have to try it when i get out that way. have a great weekend. >> i think it is overrated.
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a controversial muriel is not destined for destruction.>> why the grandson of the artist who created decades ago the critics a misunderstanding the message.>> i have to love in the now. i really want a burger. we started out today with low clouds. patchy drizzle this morning. high pressure builds in for us. that ms. today is the start of a warming trend. >> i don't know why nobody mentioned taco bell. that is one of my favorites. in the meantime, if you are headed to a drive-through, no problems to report. this traffic alert has not been clear. is to slow it go in the east and westbound directions. what you get past the trouble spot, you're good to go. choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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the hearing is set for today. it has been growing for many years. is in the east neighborhood. lately they're not allowed to clean up the cameras. procedures are unconstitutional. >> the city and the plaintiff's
5:45 am
are due back in federal court today. >> what the hundred people showed up at a high school for its befuddlement a controversial muriel six we painted our. it was printed in 1936. then used as vent,
5:46 am
>> this is our original home. they will take over the bay area beach is for the fourth annual surfing competition.
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donations are encouraged. witnesses said their better surfers the value. if we zoom in, it is exactly what i'm talking about. this is a new accident.
5:48 am
that is started to clear as well.
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it is busy on the bridge. oppose slowing you down. and company in that was direction. we made it to the end of the work week. is a great start to the day. and cloudy and foggy spot. parts of the bay. as we head to the fbi, enjoy the warm up in store for us. temperatures will be about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. you see the fog outside above that. really pretty sunrise. temperatures running in the mid to upper 50s. their headlines. the ocean breeze will be relaxing for today. them into modern. tomorrow and sunday. the warmest temperatures you will see as we head through today, we still call at the coast. here is the satellite and v. that low pressure system that brought them a reminder yesterday continue to push to
5:50 am
the east. we are doing with the rainfall for the pacific northwest. this range of high pressure will be voting in. with that, our temperatures will be on the se but just today was saturday and sunday. hour by hour, we are at 11 am. will start to see that clearing for most of us. by 4 pm you to that club coverage just for the coast. everywhere else will see the sunshine. some low clouds tomorrow morning. we will see plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday. temperatures will be in the 60s. and we topping out into the mid to lower 90s. sacramento will be doing with triple digit heat of the weekend. our because the strong ridge of high pressure. sunset at 8:17 pm. daytime high-temperature. 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 90 in fairfield. 73 in oakland. 66 for san francisco.
5:51 am
speaking of the dog surfing championships. pool in the lower 60s. who was the seven-day forecast. another perfect day to celebrate summer. it is national ice cream sandwich day. it was reported so for a pending back in the early 1900s. did not like this that which we all know now it's about 1045. it is also international bearded. dates back to 2000 and. it happens every year on the first friday in august. >> they're both pretty good. coming up, a new way to
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friday morning to you. is a cloudy start for you. restricted visibility. about a half a mile for the visibility. you can see the fog and those clouds along the coast. and parts of our human
5:55 am
limitations. we will have that clearing. i will show you future cast coming up. we have me that the father. mystical life look out to the plaza where there is no emergency construction in place. no linkages to report a the. you have no issues to report. once you get to 101, both directions are clear. most people know when you're confronted by a mountain lion to stay calm. one woman said she was forced to test that tactic. >> she says she tried verbal threats but the big cats in pretty fixated on her and her little dog. she decided to start playing.
5:56 am
that is metallic is do not tread on me. apparently the cougar is not a heavy metal fan. the big cat tipped off. >> you may want to add them to your payments. >> as we mentioned, they will be performing at the chase center next month. no mountain lions invited to that. was an emotional night is a big crowd gathered to show their support for those affected last week against shooting. people are coming together to heal. a massive earthquake shakes indonesia's capitol. the latest on the tsunami warning that was just issued. a big red driver. amazingly avoids hitting a truck driver who had fallen asleep behind the wheel. we will explained next.
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alive along interstate 80. a man is in custody after a big rig crash. we are taking you life to the scene. the new study paints a picture of california's efforts to address the housing crisis. no why major retailers are voicing their opposition to the latest tariff. good morning everyone. friday, august 2. kenny is off this morning. we began with that big rig crash on interstate 80. our report is live along the freeway this morning with the very latest. >> it is actually really good news.


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