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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 2, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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urgency of doing whatever we can to reduce the risk of fire danger. that is where the governor was expressing some frustration with the red tape that is bogging down this project.>> the paperwork is the hardest part. here is one project up there on highway 17 require 719 permits and preparing to get these things started is the most difficult part. >> reporter: while provocative, the government's comments failed to provide a full picture of the challenges they face as it tries to reduce the risk of wildfires along highway 17. >> a lot of areas on private property so we have to get permission from the private landowners to go do this work on their property. so the folks that are managing the property throughout her getting permits and permission from the landowners to do the work. took they want to cut trees and clear brush along the highway creating defensible space.
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the challenge is it is a patchwork of public and private land in each individual landowner has to give the okay before work begins on their property. >> highway 17 is an important court or in a large evacuation route for the residents of the santa cruz mountains. so our goal there is to move the vegetation from the roadway and thin it out really.>> reporter: they said the work is expected to start in 10 days but is fire season nears its peak, some wonder if moore could and would speeded up. >> there is definitely more that can be done based on what happened in the past. now, i don't see anything being done differently. i think we definitely can and there is plenty of room for growth in that area. >> reporter: thankfully, they say that all of the property owners that they contacted understood the and portions of the work and are on board and the problem is there is a lot of them and that is what is made this project a logistical nightmare but we want to emphasize that that work will start a week from monday in
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august 12. in the santa cruz mountains, devin feely. a live look outside at downtown san jose. we are closing in on the weekend. the question is will it be a beach weekend we give you a live look as well and let's get a preview . >> it will be one of those split weekends. a beach weekend if you like cloudy and 62 degrees, go for it. if you want to warm up, you have to head inland this weekend and it is all ready warmer today compared to yesterday which was brisk away from the water. we were in the 60s and 70s and lend yesterday. this is a 24-hour temperature change now so concorde, that 12 you see means it is 12 degrees warmer today than it was 24 hours ago in livermore it is 11 degrees warmer in fairfield 10 degrees. what does this mean? san francisco stays chilly and not moving anywhere at 67 degrees in oakland a little bit
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warmer and you will get up to 75 and beautiful afternoon there. san jose is 2 degrees above average and up to 84 and concorde 93 which is 5 degrees above average. coming up, how long the warmer weather sticks around in the forecast. late this afternoon, we received some new details in the gilroy garlic festival shooting.>> the corner confirms the gunmen in the shooting killed himself as police closed in. we are live in gilroy and we have the details on the final moments.>> reporter: this is really a major shift in the way this story is now being told for the last few days or so the police chief here in the city of gilroy has told the public that it was his officers who killed the suspect in the gilroy garlic festival shootings. now it comes late word today from the santa clara county coroner's office at the gunmen died from a gunshot wound to the head, a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. so that would obviously be a suicide in this case. now, the police chief held a news conference a few minutes ago basically saying that even though this new information is out, it doesn't change anything in his mind about the heroism of his officers.>> the three
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officers shot at the suspect striking him multiple times. the suspect went down to the ground. but he still had the rifle with him, and apparently at some point in time, during that process, he was able to get one more round often was able to shoot himself in the head, which is why it results in a manner of suicide. i don't think it contradicts anything. it is the same series of events that occurred. either whether he was able to get a shot off into his head at some point after we shot him doesn't change any of the series of events that occurred at the scene. >> reporter: the chief continues to have high praise for the three officers who did return fire at that suspect. the officers eric krier, 23 year veteran. hugo del morrow a 17-year-old veteran and robert a 13-year-
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old veteran, 13 year veteran in the city of gilroy. there is much more to learn about this shooting. the chief said he doesn't know how many shots his officers were able to land on the suspect. that type of information will be in the full corners report which we should be getting later on. reporting live in gilroy, tran05 >> a center for the relatives of the victims will stay open through sunday. it includes emotional support in grief counseling and help filing claims for medical bills. fundraisers for survivors happening this weekend. on saturday, the san jose earthquakes will hold a silent auction at the stadium. items up for bid include team assigned to jerseys and also 2012, 2020 season tickets. on sunday there is a benefit concert in san jose and all proceeds from these events will go to the gilroy foundation
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victim relief on. >> for more information on how to help and a link to the fund and you can go to our website at in the wake of that deadly shooting, the san jose police union is responding to criticism for advertising a raffle with a semi automatic rifle as the prize. and add appeared in vanguard magazine. the raffle was open to anyone who bought a $20 ticket. today, the union called it off. that was after the city's auditor said it was in poor test especially in light of the events last week and in gilroy. >> i have a problem with using weapons as a way to raise money, especially for wonderful organization like this and that is in general. >> completely understand. the optics of it. the horrible timing of this,
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and it wasn't our intention. that is exactly why we decided to cancel the raffle. >> the police officers association has held fundraisers before with a gun a surprise, but it was only available to officers. now it says it will not hold any raffles involving weapons. president trump took aim at california at a campaign rally last night saying half of all homeless people are in california. melissa canas in san francisco with a little fact checked.>> reporter: president trump dropping that jarring statistic during his campaign last night saying that half of all on sheltered americans live in the state of california. so we checked, and he is right. but we wanted to know why. why are so many living on the streets in california.>> reporter: at a campaign rally in ohio, president trump said democrats can't be trusted to run the government. he cited san francisco as an example. >> the conditions in nancy pelosi's once great city of san
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francisco are deplorable. they are deplorable. >> reporter: he also said california is not housing it's homeless. >> nearly half of all the homeless people living in the streets in america, happen to live in the state of california. what they are doing to our beautiful california is a disgrace to our country. it is a shame. the world is looking at it. >> reporter: according to the 2018 homeless assessment report by the department of housing and urban development, 47% of all on sheltered people in california. the on sheltered are homeless people who aren't in shelters or housing.'s when the president says nearly half of all homeless people living on the streets in california, he is right. according to the report, the total number of people is about 90,000. governor newsom says he welcomes the federal government's ideas and resources.>> you have to offer some advice and counsel and solutions. if you have the, let's apply
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resources. >> reporter: he also said hud is slashing funding for housing and that is an issue also brought up by jeff kaczynski. the director of san francisco department of homelessness and supportive housing. >> it is 1978. the federal government has cut the budget authority for low income housing by well over 50% in current dollars. i think that cut has affects the lives of homelessness. too said the funding cuts hit california hard because it is also very difficult to build here. >> i think we need to figure out ways to streamline housing construction and look at her zoning laws. we need to look at our investments in affordable housing.>> reporter: so as we said, california's 47% of the nations on sheltered homeless. to put that in perspective, the state with the next highest amount is florida with 7% of
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the nations on sheltered homeless. so california is not just at the top of the list but far and away the state with the most people will living on the streets. live in san francisco, melissa kane, tran05 >> president trump also accused them pay advertising undocumented immigrants over citizens. there was a rash of graffiti and vandalism. a 63-year-old man named alvin brown lives in the same neighborhood as the victims in this is just some of the damage. is accusedoftargeting three african-american families in the graffiti included racial slurs but police said today they are not investigating the case as a hate crime. instead, they say the suspect had a personal connection with one of the homeowners.>> the community is a very diverse community and if whether it was a hate crime or it indicated it
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may have been a hate crime, it is just not acceptable. >> brown is facing three counts of felony vandalism. as for his neighbors, many of them are not happy this won't be a hate crime case. there stories coming up on the news at 7:00. a standoff shutting down a palo alto street for over five hours. chopper five flew over tennessee lane while a swat team responded. police have been negotiating with a domestic violence suspect barricaded inside a home there. officers believe he could be armed with a handgun. he is alone. officers say the situation has been contain. they are still on the scene. the family of one bay area teenager accused of killing an italian police officer is breaking their silence providing an update on their son's condition. in a statement, sin against father ethan said quote it was good to see finnegan who is struggling but holding up. the family remains heartbroken
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over the loss of life. he also said we are hoping the prosecution produces the video footage of the incident to show what actually happened. swarmed by the e, media, he arrived in rome yesterday. and released his first statement today after seeing his son for the second time. police say his son was accused of stabbing at italian officer 11 times with a military style knife brought from the united states. investigators say elder has confessed to the crime stemming from a botched drug deal and extortion attempt carried out by elder in his former high school schoolmate. the teens could face life in prison if convicted. bart once you to dig paper for plastic. >> reporter: they said the plan could help people save money but some are not convinced. is siri spying on you? apple is suspending a controversial program after whistleblower reports. a world war ii veteran getting a major honor decades later.
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bart is pushing for a major change. it wants all passengers to trade those paper tickets for cards. we are in oakland were quite a few people are using those paper tickets.>> reporter: a spokeswoman says 14% of the passengers still use paper tickets and that is about 57,000 people a day. starting on monday, the 19th street station in oakland will stop selling them, but visitors say it doesn't make sense for them to buy clipper cards.>> reporter: writers have use paper tickets for decades. the agency in recent years has encourage people to ditch paper to go with plastic.
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they said 86% of its writers now use clipper cards. >> by eliminating paper tickets, we will illuminate that waste of paper tickets can jam the fare gates because they have to be inserted and be processed through.>> reporter: aside from efficiency and convenience, they say it is cheaper to use clipper cards. seniors and youth also get discounts. >> there is a $.50 per trip surcharge if you use a paper ticket so if you're doing a round-trip that is an extra dollar your pain. >> reporter: all four of the stations will stop selling paper tickets by september 24. the pilot program starts at the 19th street station on monday. >> whoever invented this, you did a good job. >> reporter: many writers say they love the fact that most transit agencies in the bay area already use these cards. >> i still have my paper ticket. it has about four dollars on itself i think i will go ahead and use it before it is over with.>> reporter: people can still use paper tickets at stations that won't sell them anymore. the biggest problem is for visitors like these two from
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wisconsin. >> having to buy a three dollar plastic ticket that you will end up throwing away. i don't know. it seems wasteful to me. >> it seems less convenient and probably more wasteful from an environmental perspective. >> reporter: it is not perfect. they say the three dollar one time fee is still cheaper than renting a car and paying for gas. apple said siri is no longer spying on you. this comes after a bombshell report using apples image as a champion for privacy. last week the guardian reported that third-party workers regularly listen to right
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, private conversations collected by siri. a whistleblower claim that workers hear everything from confidential medical information to drug deals. in response, apple said it is suspending that program saying the data was used to help improve the capabilities of siri. the ceo has been pretty outspoken about tightening privacy protections. in june he told cbs news that apple is building more safeguards for users including a secure sign and feature for apps. the water district said the area's water supply is higher than usual for this time of year. seven reservoirs in the county are nearly at 93% capacity. officials say it is because of the heavy winter rain. nearly 3 inches of rain reported in may and still residents are urged to conserve in the face of unpredictable weather this winter. >> it is always unpredictable until he predicts it. >> by definition of the word. i guess that is the case. lest we forget how much it rained this winter. not a drop of rain in the summer but it didn't stop them. we asked for it. remember it got smoke in november and we thought it could clear out the air of rain and then we had for straight months of rain falling now we get to enjoy the lack of rainfall and warmer weather for the weekend. the surface water supply is good. peek outdoors showing temperatures right now and the
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80s in santa rosa and livermore and concorde warmer than yesterday we lost the strong ocean breeze which pushed inland in oakland 73 right now in san jose 76 in san francisco 64. tonight and tomorrow morning the upper 50s for napa and vallejo. 60 at fairfield, concorde and san jose. a lot going on this weekend. the festival of the arts in fremont saturday and sunday and 80 degrees the sunshine and that sounds nice. santa clara county fair in san jose and sunny and warm and 83 and i'm not talking record are hot temperatures but just a little warmer than we have been. a few degrees warmer than average. we include santa clara as well. sunshine for you as well it 84 degrees and 82 coming up on sunday with more sunshine. yesterday was breezy and cooler and today was an and tomorrow is not in what changed? this changed. simply the location on this ridge of high pressure. it doesn't take much because it is all about the ocean breeze. tomorrow it won't be there
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because the ocean breeze is getting closer excuse me, the ridge is getting closer and low- pressure to the north is moving out. those combined to minimize the onshore flow and it turns it down a little bit by about five or 10 or 15 degrees this weekend. tomorrow morning will be cloud cover and the water and sunshine in afternoon and the coast you will be the exception and cloudy all weekend long and more morning cloud cover but more afternoon sunshine on sunday. we will warm up tomorrow by three or 5 degrees. most of that will be away from the bay and coast because the coast you will stay in the 60s and the chilly ocean breeze that we had yesterday, it is coming back next week and temperatures fall as a result. your saturday tomorrow is 85 degrees in san jose 84 in fairfield and livermore will be 92. concorde, 93, oakland, 75 in san francisco 67. a few degrees cooler on sunday and a few degrees more monday and tuesday. we do keep falling wednesday and thursday and by the second
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half of next week, temperatures will be below-average but pleasant weather for the upcoming weekend and that is your forecast. coming up, the star receiver for the raiders is mia once again the napa and he turned his fastball into a dream come true. how one young man is fulfilling his major-league dreams by signing with the a's and hopes to be an inspiration to others. coming up next. ♪
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the raiders will play their first preseason game a week from tomorrow against the rams but the biggest acquisition in the off-season was missing from training camp again. so far the most notable thing antonio brown has done has shown up in a hot air balloon. before time all-pro has missed
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most of the practices the past week because of an undisclosed injury. today, he was not even a nap. the coach hopes he will soon be making his full camp debut.>> i think we are all disappointed. we think he is disappointed. we would like to get the party started. would like to get them out here. he is a big part of this team, for the time being we will work hard and we have seen the development of other receivers that we are excited about.>> we want them out there but if he is not those other guys will -- >> i want them to get out there as soon as possible. i would like him to never leave and stay in the huddle and every play.>> according to reports, the worriers first regular-season game at the chase center will be against
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leonard. paul george in the los angeles clippers on october 24. it was also reported a that golden state will host the rival houston rockets on christmas day. the rockets added russell westbrook this off-season to team up with former mvp james harden. moran baseball, the giants continue to make changes to the roster. today the designated tyler austin for assignment and he was hitting 185 this season and the move clears a roster spot for scooter jeanette who was acquired in a trade with cincinnati on wednesday before the deadline engine that is starting at second base in tonight's game at colorado. the a's have a rare friday off but they were able to be part of the most interesting story in baseball today.>> 96. there it is. two weeks ago nathan patterson tried the speed pitch at the colorado rockies game and hit as high as 96 mph. he did the same thing at a aaa game last year. that video viral, and it caught the attention of the a's who had been talking to the 23- year-old since january. yesterday, the green and gold signed him to a minor-league contract. he will start his professional career with oaklands rookie league team in arizona. he has a few levels ago.
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>> yes. field of dreams. don't go out and try to throw that hard just to get on the a's. >> work up to it. exactly. you don't want to throw your arm out.>> you can do it, make sure it gets on social media. the cbs evening news is coming up next.>> nora o'donnell is here with the preview. >> tonight on the cbs evening news. new details on the latest kennedy tragedy and what we learned about the sudden death of his granddaughter, saoirse . that is tonight on the cbs evening news. wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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that is a pretty awesome city out there. spectacular. a heyward man among the first african americans to serve in the marines received special recognition today.>> joseph alexander was presented with the congressional gold medal in the ceremony at the
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memorial building. he was in a different number of the point marines from 1943 to 1946. that is a group of more than 19,000 marines who broke the color barrier during world war ii. in 2011, then president obama signed a law to award all of those men with the congressional gold medal. >> awesome. long-overdue. i wish it didn't take so long to give them the recognition they deserve. >> absolutely. >> finally getting it. it is better than none.>> thank you for watching. the cbs evening news is next. >> we will be back here at 7:00 p.m. we will see you then.
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captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, te o'donnell: tonight, why the president's choice for the top otelligence job is pulling out. the president and critics of john ratcliffe are giving rfferent reasons. edve years after eric garner died in this confrontation with new york police, the cop at the center of it is suspended. but will he be fired? the decision is now up to one man. the death of robert and ethel kennedy's 22-year-old teanddaughter on cape cod. what we've learned about the latest tragedy for the kennedy family. >> oh, no! >> o'donnell: why shark sightings and bitings are up along the atlantic coast. plus, steve hartman has a salute to a pint-sized patriot.


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