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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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reports and beach toys scattered on the sand. the results of a violent collapse. >> the slab, sandstone formation, the sandstone bluff, about 30 feet long and when it collapsed it stretch out about 25 feet out towards the ocean. >> authorities say one woman was killed instantly at the scene. hours later, the city of
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encinitas is reporting that two of the three people taken to the hospital also died. an additional person refused medical treatment at the scene. marine safety captain says it is amazing anyone survive. given how heavy the bluff was. >> according to the engineer, a heavy amount of weight, tens of thousands of pounds, and some of these 5 to 10 foot sections. >> reporter: lifeguards say this happens naturally in the frequency of 40 times per year, along the eroding san diego coastline. while a soul engineer says none of the nearby homes were in danger, there was a fear of a secondary collapse. to make sure no one was trapped underneath the rubble, rescue was searched into the night as long as the tide allow them. >> the fire rescue crews for multiple agencies came in, dog teams, and they welcomed that area will become that area and they cannot, indicate anything
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underneath the debris. >> reporter: as a safety precaution encinitas has closed a big portion of the beach. as for the victims, no information has been leased about them yet. we do know that no children were injured. >> back here in the bay area a similar incident killed a woman in february. a huge section of coastal bluff collapsed, as she and another woman were walking a dog. crews works tirelessly to take her out but were forced to call off the search. switching gears, you want to get ready for some inland heat. temperatures are going to climb, mainly inland, the local cover and fog keeping things a chilly. but if you had east you will likely find some 90s. especially tomorrow. everybody in the 60s, san francisco foggy, breezy, 60, what happens tomorrow? a ridge of high pressure
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getting closer. they will shoot five degrees above average, normal is 88. san jose in the mid-80s, 84 for oakland. how long the weather sticks around coming up in my forecast. activist for police accountability or sounding an alarm over some new findings in oakland. we are at police headquarters with how the department plans to respond. >> reporter: the audit found oakland police failed to report use of force on a number of occasions. tonight activists are taking a closer look at the numbers and saying, they are finding even more disturbing information. the audit from the office of the inspector general confirms what oakland's independent monitor already suspected. uses a force are not always being reported. in accordance with department policy and procedures.
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according to an audit of 47 cases, officers failed to report that they had pointed a gun at or physically tackled a person. on 17 different occasions. oftentimes, the subjects were people of color. >> this audit specifically calls out the fact that when oakland police department officers use force against african-americans, they did not reported. >> reporter: the oakland coalition for police accountability says another disturbing highlight of the report, a misuse of body cameras. in 18 different incidents, officers either turned their body cameras on late or turn them off too early. in a written response, police chief ann kirkpatrick said officers were undergoing additional training on the use of force reports and body cameras. and the department is now exploring using technology that tracks on officers on holster their firearms. >> she took steps to remedy it. she took steps to ensure they were trained properly. to resolve ambiguities. but that is not enough. some of the issues with respect to supervision in the body
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camera activation and deactivation, those are more reflective of what seems to be a deep-seated problem within this department. on the plus side, the audit found no instances of officers using unreasonable force. opens police commission now plans to take up a top to bottom update of its use of force policy. in oakland. >> critics say the audit undercuts claims by oakland police about a sharp decline in use of force incidents in recent years. please stand up on the peninsula has entered its 12 hour. earlier chopper five flew over tennessee lane in palo alto where police have been negotiating with a domestic violence suspect barricaded inside a home, they believe he is armed but alone. the plan to keep the scene secure throughout the night. in the north bay police are on the lookout for a man accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl along the copeland creek path. the victim said she was walking around 10 p.m. tuesday night when a man followed and then attacked her.
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the suspect is described as a latino man, it is 20s, with a > new details tonight, the corner now confirms government killed himself as police closed in. 19-year-old santino suspected of killing three people and injuring north than a dozen others, gilroy police did not shoot him but he fired the fatal shot. garay's chief says today's findings do not change much. >> i don't think that changes anything about the heroics of our officers in engaging him. it is not change anything in my mind. >> as now the motive for the shooting is still unknown. in the meantime, i saw a pizza restaurant holding a fundraiser for shooting survivors. they are changing the name of its gilroy pizza to a restaurant. throughout the month of august, all proceeds from sales of that
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menu item will go to a victims relief fund. the restaurant is also welcoming extra donations. some other fundraisers to tell you about, tomorrow, the san jose earthquakes will hold a silent auction at the stadium, items up for bid include jerseys and season tickets. sunday there is a five hour benefit concert, at the brittania arms pub in san jose. for more information on how you can help the victims of the can were shooting, had to our website at you tonight, we are monitoring a power outage at a southern california airport. it is having a ripple effect here in the bay area. the outage is at john wayne airport in orange county. that has prompted the cancellation of five flights from san jose international, four flights out of oakland, and one out of sfo. power is slowly coming back online at john wayne. but it will remain closed until 7 pm tomorrow. san francisco international airport is making history. the first major u.s. airport to
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ban the sale of plastic water bottles in an effort to protect the environment. we are at the international terminal with when this man is set to take effect. >> reporter: sfo is no stranger to sustainability. it is installed solar panels and their escape. now the airport is taking it one step further. if you fly through sfo starting august 20, you may want to bring your own reusable water bottle. that is because businesses will be banned from selling plastic water bottles. sfo is sending an sos for the environment by creating a rule on >> i think it's a fantastic idea. >> reporter: ending all sales of simple single use plastic bottles, restaurants shops and cafis and vending machines. and said water will be sold in recyclable aluminum, glass or compostable bottles. >> we can't go on like this. we have to put a stop to the plastic. >> reporter: it's in line with
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the airport effort to reduce landfill waste and energy use. and also in part for the 2014 fan of the sale of plastic water bottles on san francisco city owned property. >> i live in new zealand and we have just recently introduced a law to out lot single-use plastic bags. the first recently, that will be so hard. can't do it. but you know what, it's easy. some people get used to it. >> plastic is not environmentally safe. on the other hand, what are we going to do? >> reporter: travelers can still bring their own plastic or reusable water bottles. on the other side of tsa, they installed dozens of hydration stations that dispense water for free. >> i guess that's a sign of the times. no plastic bags. no plastic bottles. >> reporter: some would say the sign of better times. as sfo does its part to help the environment. >> is a simple thing to do. to help the earth. i absolutely support it. >> reporter: according to the chronicle, airport staff told bidders to provide only compostable food where including containers and
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condiment packets. sfo has become the first zero waste airport by 2021. new information from yosemite, three hikers hurt, one of them killed. the area officials are warning people about. plus, the bay area housing market is known for its exorbitant prices. but we will show you one city where you can buy a home for less than a half-million dollars. a woman gets back at her neighbors in a big bold way.
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it is one of the few cities
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where you can still buy a home for less than a half-million dollars. the real estate in vallejo. >> reporter: we have a nice galley style kitchen. >> this three bedroom two bath home that is just under 2000 square feet on valley vista, is on the market for $475,000. that's about $10,000 more than the median sales price in vallejo. according to coldwell banker, expect the bidding wars have pretty much gone away. houses are staying in the market longer. so it is great for buyers right now. the interest rates are still good. she says priced out of most bay area cities, her client say the affordable prices are the main reason they are now looking in vallejo. >> we are hitting a number of people, starting families paper
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getting those families, middle- aged getting ready to retire. >> reporter: across the bay area real estate market has softened compared to this time last year. coldwell banker says homes in vallejo are staying on the market for an average of 35 days right now. a year ago, it was 14 days. >> i paid in the low 200s. and i got a two bedroom condo. >> reporter: this native just became a first-time homeowner. he works as an hvac technician and uses the very occasionally. realtors say the terminal has become a big draw for those who work in san francisco. which is about 30 miles away. vallejo has had a reputation for crime, but residents say things have gotten better since the city filed for bankruptcy in 2008. >> i've seen it improved. it has its faults like anytown. some more than others. there's a stigma.
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>> i think it's improved a lot especially with having, when they started filling 13 reasons why. i feel like downtown was more known. and i think the shops are still here. >> reporter: in vallejo. kpix five. >> they have the eighth most favorable cost of living. a man accused of spray painting racial slurs on three e. bay homes is under arrest. but not for a hate crime. the vandalism happened in bay point early wednesday, including the spray painting and a rock thrown through a window. and african-american family lives in each house. sheriff's deputies arrested 63- year-old alvin earlier today in oakland, investigators believe he painted the racial slurs to try and hide his true mother. >> mr. brown has a personal relationship with one of the victims of the vandalism. all evidence indicates this was not a hate crime, but rather, an attempt by mr. brown to make
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the vandalism appeared to be racially motivated, and we are confident this is not the case. >> sheriff's officials are investigating the nature of that relationship. neighbors cleaning up the graffiti still think it was a hate crime. >> i would think yes, it's a hate crime. could be a black person or a white person. whoever did it. what you did, is still hateful. >> reporter: he was bold enough to say that word and put that on houses he should be a take the weight of the repercussions. >> he is now in jail in martinez, detectives plan to resent the case to the das office on monday. and napa county, two mountain lion sightings were reported within the last 18 hours. they were seen near fagan creek on the railroad tracks to the airport. officials advised residents to be careful in the napa county airport area. and new tonight, we are learning that have been three incidents including a fatality this week, at the base of the waterfalls in yosemite.
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the 21-year-old who slipped on wet rocks and fell at the base of bridal veil falls has died. officials there say another hiker also left the established trail and had to be rescued. the third hiker slipped off of a boulder and fell at the base of lower yosemite falls, at one point they were trapped underwater between rocks. bystanders jumped into action to help before rescuers actually arrived. a southern california homeowner says her bright paint job with huge veggies is a work of art. some neighbors see a darker motive. for this house has neighbors, they say this is an emoji for revenge. visit the lip is very clearly language, we all know what that means. neighbors say the pink in the and the trent force went up
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after she was fined $4000. her neighbors including one known for her eyelash extensions, had complained to the city. that she was illegally running a short-term rental. i roles. >> is a message to me to be positive and happy and love life. >> reporter: i have eyelash extensions. special have eyelash extensions. the eyes are the moly size. they follow you. for it might not be an emoji but hashtag , her true intentions. the now edited post, the artist wrote, are your neighbors constantly ratting you out? have they cost you thousands in fines? >> i think it violates every sense of common decency. >> i thought it was a cheerful thing. something positive. she calls art. people are even looking back was to photograph it. the tenant gives it a thumbs up. >> i thought it was hysterical. i did not know any story behind it. i just knew it was easy for my
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friends to find my place. >> okay i guess it's funny if you don't have to live around it or in it. i guess so. before that new paint job it was a pale sandy color. what did you think? >> you can't find that color restoration hardware. it's a little bright. >> as long as you're living there, as long as you don't live in the house, it's okay. >> it's cute as you're driving by as you're heading toward your house very far away. it's august and we have a wide temperature spread. san francisco, not your warmest month. 68 is your average high for august. livermore, it's hot, the average high is 89. we will be that by a few degrees as we can. san jose 84, santa rosa 82, lots of fog. over san francisco. all this talk of a warm-up for the weekend, closure ears. not for you.
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60 p.a.t. 70 this weekend in san francisco, and let you will. concord 69, santa rosa 63, overnight lows in the upper 50s to round 60. good sleeping weather. remote festival of the arts as we can, tomorrow and sunday, sunny and warm, beautiful, 80 degrees, blue skies, one of our cooler choices, early and figuratively. sunday afternoon in san francisco, and clouds, 63. microclimate forecasts, santa clara, sunny tomorrow, 84. first preseason game for the 49ers next weekend, not as warm. sunday 82, close to seasonal. chilly and breezy yesterday, not this weekend. ridge of high pressure, a bit closer. storm passing by to our north, moving away. those two combined less of an ocean influence and that makes temperatures climb. only away from the water. look at the clouds to the bay and the coastline tomorrow. anybody else basking in sunshine. with temperatures a couple degrees above average. more morning clouds and afternoon sun on sunday.
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next week, everybody cools down, that ridge is gone. another storm losing, pretty close. we will get rainfall. but we will cool down next week with a stronger onshore flow. if you like it warm tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. low 90s fairfield and livermore, 90 santa rosa, 84 san jose, 75 oakland, 82 redwood city, 67 in san francisco. extended forecast calling for a couple degrees cooler, coming up sunday. as we head toward next week, we will cool down even more with temperatures in the 60s. and we will have highs only in the low 60s for the next seven days at the coast. darren peck with an update on the forecast tomorrow morning, starting at 6 am. not hot like last weekend but temperatures will climb pretty comfortably outside on saturday and sunday. a good-looking weekend forecast. shocking video coming up, literally shocking. how one town is working to eradicate and raise a species. and a programming know, if you missed your cbs shows due to
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officials use what they call electro-fishing equipment to shock the fish, just long enough to stun them and then they scooped them up and count them, they test them, and then they safely, safely relocate them. >> that's a lot of car. >> they are safe. nothing to be worried about. that's all that matters. they are being reloaded. >> good news. >> fantastic. coming up in sports, never got a second look from a major league team until now. a bomb out to right, can he powere
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the month of august is getting off to a rough start for the giants. they were back to their earlier season form after a sizzling july. this is likely the managers final in we go to the fifth, game tied at 2, mike bless this one to write, 172 feet. it is for-2 giants. in the bottom of the six, colorado answers, ryan takes it deep, and then in the seventh inning, he comes in, he has
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trouble throwing strikes and the stubble scores charlie blackmon and the trail 5-4. top of the ninth, with two on, and it is your stransky up to bat again. this time he grounds into a double play to in the game. in san francisco is back to as they lose by five-4. the a's have a rare friday off but they were still able to be part of the most interesting story in baseball today. two weeks ago nathan patterson tried to speak pitch at the colorado rockies game. and hit as high as 96 miles per hour. he did the same thing at a aaa game last year, yesterday, the a's signed the 23-year-old to a minor the contract with oaklands rookie league team in arizona. the raiders will play their first preseason game a week from tomorrow. against but their biggest acquisition, antonio brown, has not fully participated in practices due to an undisclosed injury. the coach is hopeful brown will soon be making his full camp
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debut. >> i think we are all disappointed. we think he is disappointed. we would like to get the party started and get him out here. he is a big part of the team. for the time being we will continue to work hard and see development of other receivers. >> we want and tony out there. >> i'm not going to get a tall that. i want the guy out here as soon as possible. i'd like him to never leave and stay in the huddle every play. specs he's got the hot air balloon thing down, there is that. he is a veteran enough guy, were missing a couple of preseason games what hurt him. we will just see when he is going to actually start practicing with this team. because he kind of needs to build up that chemistry. and they need him. >> i can't believe it's football season already. crazy. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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the late show with stephen colbert is up next, thank you so much for joining us. have a terrific weekend. we will see you back here on monday. captioning sponsored by cbs >> dean, in his testimony, doubled down on his signature trump/nixon comparisons that have really become a staple in the press. >> in many ways, the mueller report is to president trump what the so-called watergate road map was to president richard nixon. ♪ ♪ >> president nixon never got there. he left. i don't leave. there'


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