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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 4, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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victims of the gilroy shooting is being remembered in a public ceremony. she would return 14 years old today. today her friends and family gathered to celebrate her life. they join us from the park for more. >> reporter: this is a celebration of her life. they're not going to mourn her, they will celebrate her remarkable life, a noteworthy artist who just finished eighth grade and was on her way to high school, you can see there's a big crowd at the park. a lot of family and friends but some strangers. people did not know her but were touched by her story. she was at the gilroy garlic festival just last week. a week ago today with family, she stayed behind help a family member making her way the came. she got stuck behind it was shot and killed by the mass
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shooting gunmen. just a week ago today. we spoke with her aunts earlier, not just about last week's shooting the fact they had to wake up today to hear that was not one but two more mass shootings. >> i would not wish this to anybody. we just woke up and did not want to eat, we were not able to sleep well, this has been hard for all of us. so it is really difficult to think that there are other families going through the same thing. >> not only going through the same thing, but crushed it could even happen again. in a few minutes, any moment now in fact, they're planning to do something kind of unusual, very interesting, a butterfly release. they have butterflies they will release into the sky, kayla was a fan of other flies and animals. she spent a lot of time drying
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them free hand. some of her artwork is actually on display here at the park today. we will keep our eye out for the butterfly release and talk to the folks here who are crushed but determined to celebrate today on an awful day, one week after the shooting. we also want to talk about two others who lost their lives at a festival shooting stephen romero of san jose, the 25-year- old a recent college graduate from upstate new york. for more information how you can help the victims of the gilroy shooting, go to the events in the last 24 hours have not made recovery efforts and easier for victims of the gilroy shooting. we spoke to survivors who are trying to get back to normal. >> our family is safe, that is the most important thing. >> brian and his family traveled from festival to
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festival selling t-shirts, they almost did not make it to the fremont festival of the arts. >> we borrowed tents and put together pieces we had lying around in storage. we made new stuff. >> reporter: it was less than 10 yards from where the gunmen opened fire. >> they are shooting. >> he was right there. we could hear the gunshots. >> reporter: the booth, still sitting there exactly as it was. merchandise and i'll. >> absolutely everything is still there. my van, luggage, clothing >> reporter: brian says it was important for him to make it to fremont this weekend. >> we are okay, we are safe and we are strong. >> he also was at the gilroy garlic festival selling silver jewelry he makes in the mountains to do. >> it's nice to be here. >> he's lucky he was able to get into a parking gilroy thursday to get all of the merchandise that was stuck inside of the crime scene. >> important i was able to get
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here to do it. >> before events of gilroy ever never far from my defenders even with fema please. >> it's nerve-racking. >> i mas always listening for the crackle, you know? of gunfire. >> in other news tonight, a fire near a bart station cause delays on the transit system this afternoon. fire broke out shortly after 1:00 near a transform at the fremont station. trains were held in the area as a precaution while firefighters can clear the scene, the fire was put out, nobody was hurt. >> taking a live look outside san francisco from our exclusive sales for scammers, cooler temperatures today, what we can expect the rest of the work week. >> it was the usual suspect, people who needed more of a cooldown. inland locations, you are like a degree or two cooler today. other spots further inland, we
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say goodbye that shot out again, let me show you the bay area's a whole, picking a representative numbers, 84 san jose, 87 santa rosa. 93 in concord. that was a 5 degree drop. livermore 91 today, there was also a 5 degree drop, look at the temperature spread once again, walnut creek, 90 for you, just over the hill in oakland, 74. follow that to the coast where it was a 60, speaking of the coast, low clouds out there right now, that is a sign that tomorrow we get even cooler, not drastic we continue to cool into tomorrow, the real payoff? it gets here in the middle of the week. i will show you those numbers, coming up and the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. back to you. a group of wildfires and east contra costa county are 95% contained, and evacuation and shelter in place orders left in place, at least nine separate blazes broke out
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yesterday turning into three main fires, they are being called the marsh complex fire, 655 acres have burned on hillsides near marsh creek road between brentwood and clayton, the causes under investigation. residents of berkeley took part in an evacuation drill but as devon healy reports, not everybody got dealer. >> there were glitches part of today's evacuation though several people who say they signed up for alert never got them and it left them questioning how the system that struggled with a schedule might respond in an actual emergency. >> we did not get a call, we kept waiting, we set alarms to get up early on a sunday morning. >> without the alert, she was left in the dark, outdated information she and her husband tried to plan and evacuation. >> communication is very important. >> the fire chief says the city will learn important lessons in today's evacuation.
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>> anybody who said they did not get a message, we will get their account and see if it was how they signed up or if there was a flaw in the system of us reaching them. >> this is a drill. >> reporter: it this is the first of three evacuation drills plans on the city, the goal is straightforward but potentially life-saving to make sure people have a plan if a fire ever slipped through hillsides. >> we live through the 1983 fire when we barely get out of her house in time. and we live in constant recollection and vigilance because of that, i was very glad to hear they're trying to prepare for. >> reporter: having the plan and a face of a true emergency might make the difference between living and dying. >> an important message for the public is even if you haven't heard from an official it is time to evacuate, if you are not sure, if you see smoke, if you are worried about the weather, go before you are told to go. >> another evacuation drill scheduled for next sunday, august 11.
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coming up, close call at the oakland airport that ended with firefighters rescuing three passages. a box truck slammed into a fire truck, the deadly crash unfolded. before too long, your adventure to alcatraz will begin before you even get on the ship. we have that story coming up.
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the oakland airport scary moments were passengers on the
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small plane, take a look, authorities say the system made a hard landing before 10:30 this morning at the end of the runway at the oakland airport. firefighters released pictures of the aircraft you can see the nose of the plane touching the ground. three people aboard, there all all right, no other injuries reported, no word on what went wrong. a deadly crash forced a freeway to shut down in palo alto, a box truck heading south slammed into a stopped firetruck in the right lane of 101, it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: firefighters are trained to angle wheels whenever they're parked in a lane with oncoming traffic, that is exactly what they did early this morning and likely prevented further tragedy. >> engine 64 was fully loaded when it was hit with the weight of 30,000 pounds, the fact the truck spun around a good distance gives you some idea the force of the impact. >> a fire engine was on perpendicular to the road after he got hit and went towards the
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center. >> investigators say the truck driver was caring a load of goods at 4:30 a.m. we plowed straight into the fire truck. firefighters were actually there are a crash that happened about an hour before. the front was badly officers cannot even read the name of the company on the door of the truck. it took 30 minutes to cut him out. paramedics took him to the hospital where he died. >> what exactly i did, a worst case scenario. >> reporter: the fire chief says the firefighters were following proper protocol parking the truck away that forms a protective roadblock. pointed the tires way main the truck get pushed away from first responders. >> i do not think it is conceivable to think that if the engine was not parked the way it was where it was, being hit by a major vehicle the outcome could have been terrifying and tragic >> reporter: the damage, a $600,000 fire engine outside of station 4, replace it, station 4 will have to pull an older
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truck out of the reserve impeccably. a word of caution for distracted drivers passing by a scene. >> can citizens be aware of the role, the first line of defense which means really paying attention and slowing down whatever there is an emergency on the freeway. 101 southbound close more than seven hours as hazmat crews worked to clean up about 100 gallons of diesel fuel, the road reopened shortly after noon. the first look at a suspect arrested after 29 hours and is end up in palo alto, the suspect identified as 29-year- old alan m smith, police were called to a home on tennessee lane friday after receiving reports that smith tried to strangle his girlfriend. dispatchers help the woman escaped through a window but the suspect remains defiant and threatened to shoot anybody who came in, at one point police sent a robot into the house to medicate with them, but smith shot the robot. the situation continued until saturday afternoon when he
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squats he brought chemical agents into the house, smith was finally taken into custody. california hospitals asking lawmakers to scale back earthquake safety standards, most hospitals have already met the 2020 deadline to keep buildings from collapsing in a major quake. they say another deadline and 2030 is too expensive, and requires the buildings to stay open after an earthquake. the california hospital association says it could cost as much as $143 billion to comply. lots of people lining up every day at pier 31 and to catch the ferry to alcatraz. but officials are now working to get an even better visitor experience. >> the sign may be a little premature but the national park serve says t are s ming catr ndin e popular tourist is the nation in the bay area. visited by one .8 million
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people each year which came as a surprise to the man who drove here to see a. >> you get here and you have to pay for june and july and august. what you mean? what you talking about? >> reporter: people line up, often an hour or more. >> there is a cool model of the island to look at and a couple exhibits but, most visitors just hang out and wait for the ship to. >> there's not much to do here, very little in the way of anything educational at all. >> reporter: park officials will soon begin renovating alcatraz landing to make it more interesting and educational. >> there waiting for final approval from the conservation and development commission and the executive director says the plaza will be remodeled with new exhibits added in separate areas where boats depart and arrive back home. >> 10-15 different learning spots at the new venue that
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will be interactive. that you will learn both about what you're going to see and what you have just seen. they want to make the area a destination itself and it will be open to anyone walking by. that way guys can enjoy it even if you do not have a ticket to be on the boat. it is part of the park mission to be as inclusive as possible. >> as you go around the united states you see the national park system has very much improved all of the visitor facilities. so, this is next. >> the project to take a while, even though construction could begin as early as the end of the year, is not excited to be complete until 2023. >> we know the permit to start construction will probably be issued in the next few minutes. darren is here to tell us about the next few days and how things are looking. >> to do that i do one of my favorite tools, the camera treasure island, we took that
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and pointed it at the front line of the marine layer. the golden gate bridge. three hours ago, and had fog on it, it melts it out to see, you can kind of see in the distance, there is the marine layer. slowly working its way back i'm sure, that is good news tomorrow if you want to continue the cooldown. we do not have to just look at the golden gate bridge, from the top of the salesforce tire, back past the sutro tower, clouds coming out over the peninsula, the very beginning onshore flow, a high resolution visible satellite. we will ring that from live input into the futurecast which picks up on it perfectly, the time we wake up tomorrow morning, everything will be great, nothing new here. in the north bay valley, santa rosa, petaluma, you are great, the south bay will have it and clearly the entire bay will habit. it will burn back like it had for the time getting into late morning, the impacts will last and it will keep the
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temperatures on the downward trend, these numbers are going to be a couple degrees below where we were to day, maybe one or two, not a big drop but a move in the right direction. we are waiting for the much more meaningful cooldown which gets here in the middle of the week. if you just look out here at the satellite you would not see anything. i can show you where the changes come from if you switch and look at the clouds to looking at the circulation in the atmosphere, we need counterclockwise as swirls, the areas of low pressure to help cool us down, there is one right now. watch what happens if i play this forward, in advance, keep dry there, watch how much more impressive, the big area of low pressure is about to become the time he gets to the middle of the we, that is what a cooldown it looks like, we slap a big l on that, a big area of low pressure starts to pull in cooler air, stronger onshore flow than what we have seen the past days, the past few days were pretty okay, by the middle of the week, it will be far more impressive, so, the 7 day
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forecast starts to really show that. 85, it was 90 yesterday in concorde, wednesday will be 85. everybody else, couple degrees cooler but not like it is necessarily a dramatic shift, if you are near the bay or coast, you are not going to notice a hold of change here, snow it will be somewhat cooler, this is really going to be a change as it usually is this time of year for those who are far enough away from the bay to really need the influence, you will start getting it again by the middle of next week. i will see you in the forecast coming up in the next half hour. back over to you. great fishing weather. >> if you got to oakland and did not recognize the players today, we will help you. the power our for at least one giant in colorado, with anybody else join the party? up next. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? ladies and gentlemen, i
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love this time of year. do you know why? baseball wild-card races really getting underway and you have to love football coming up on the big five. >> not a law firm but the two newest the a's, what a pitcher, the other a catcher. figuring prominently in green and gold abuse. acquired in trade wednesday, the claimed off waivers from the angels yesterday. top of the third, loaded basis, marcell ozuna to end the inning punched out six cardinals in five innings, the only one allowed by rourke and his oakland debut. the catcher picked them up at the bottom of the inning, two out, no doubles to centerfield, they score to give the a's the lead, darnell 2-3 and the green and gold debut.
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a connection for the 15th homer of the year. that gives the a's a two run cushion. st. louis cut the deficit to 3- 2, throwing one of the dirt allowing darnell to score for a huge insurance run, they win 42, a two-game sense, oakland remains a half-game back in the wild-card race. >> of the giants are going to build on a red-hot july they could push for the wild-card. young guns are going to have to step up, sheyenne anderson struggling big time, today's starter, and 8.1 era over the past three starts. torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool for older demographics. you know what i am talking about. nothing foolish about this. leaving the game with a home run catch, 1-0 giants. the lead did not last very long on the hill. run fothe fifth straight game aithe giants, just walk the guy
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already. later in the evening, a deposit of another in the bleachers, 3- 1 rockies, the first of two homeruns, 28 in a career against the giants. back to solano trying to keep the giants in the game by himself. put the brakes on that would. two homeruns were the only two for the day for san francisco, offense went missing on the day, rob, look at the tag by daniel murphy at first bay, the rockies win 6-2, the giants lose the second straight series, there 2 1/2 back in the wild-card. one of al davis is best draft picks ever was clip ranch, the riders have heavy heart after the passing of the former radar receiver. derek carr and tyrell williams two of a number of current players to wear number 21a practice.
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he passed away yesterday, at the age of 71 found in his hotel room in arizona, 14 seasons in the league, all with the riders, his third in franchise history, a touchdown and players were shown it's last night. >> crazy catches he was making, some catches like, tough. that most people cannot do. >> we never expected to lose and when we did. that was the message honestly. to try to go out there and represent what he wants to do. >> some tenor for you, a final of the silicon valley classic in san jose, taking the first at 6:36, chase drops down, whip so they return, the sense goes to a tiebreaker matchpoint, a fallen the serve win 6-3 and 7- 64 her first single title, she
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is loving it. paul casey with sunscreen at the beach, north carolina or perhaps maybe using a different club, it helps to be on the fairway. like jt posting who spent all day on the short grass to tie on a 21 under. a one-shot lead in the clubhouse. the former bear needed the 45 a footer to drop the fourth and playoff, off by fractions of an inch, he wins his first pga tour without making a bogey, the first to do that since richard nixon was in the oval office. the women's british open. a tie for the lead coming up 18, 18 to it determined, that is incredible. incredible because before this week, she had never played outside of japan and this was her first win at a major tournament. how do you like that?
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>> that is remarkable in itself just to be out of your surroundings and a hold of country. >> a quick story on cliff branch, the forefront pick by al davis. davis drafted him because he was so fast, his speed. people believed as a result of that's draft, changed the mind of davis to only go after faster players. it paid off cliff branch. not so much on others. >> this was in 1960? >> what year was he drafted? >> the time is won, so 50 years ago? something like that? but late 60s. >> i will have an answer game day tonight at 11:30. including my one-on-one. >> all right, thank you. coming up, in the next half hour a deadly weekend in america, at least 29 killed in just 13 hours.
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two mass shootings in one weekend, i'm hillary lane with the latest on the investigation. >> it is tragic and you know, at some point, we have to ask can our country tolerate any more of this? >> democratic presidential candidates way and after the deadly attacks. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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shots fired, shots fired. we have shots fired, we have multiple people done. two mass shooting 1300 miles apart in less than 24 hours leaving a total of 29 people dead. the latest shooting in dayton ohio where a gunman fatally
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shot nine people within 30 seconds before being taken down by police. we are learning new details about the latest trends to. >> ohio police say if they have not taken down the government so quickly the loss of life could have been catastrophic. with new surveillance to show you from the scene showing people frantically running through popular district, some falling to the ground trying to find cover. the shooter has been identified as 24-year-old connor betts, police say he gunned down his own sister during the attack. the 22-year-old megan pets. he was also wearing body armor during the attack and had a magazine that can hold 100 rounds. reporter harry laid live in el paso texas the scene of yesterday's deletion. >> here in el paso, texas the school year is just about to begin, there were parents and kids shopping in this walmart for school supplies when gunshots ring out. just about 12 hours later, that
6:32 pm
is when the second mass shooting happened in dayton ohio >> a heartbreaking tragedy. >> reporter: officials in dayton, ohio say at least nine people were killed in second u.s. mass shooting of the weekend. the violence erupted at a popular downtown nightlife area. less than 24 hours after 20 were gunned down at a shopping center in el paso, texas. authorities in dayton say 24- year-old connor betts killed five men and four women ranging in age from 25 to 57 and injured dozens. >> complete chaos. >> gunshots. that people screaming and tripping. >> please killed the shooter said to be a balmy order during the attack likely saving more lives. authorities say the gunman sister was the youngest fatality. >> it in el paso bodies were removed from the scene sunday. >> reporter: a gunman identified as patrick crusius allegedly opened fire yesterday
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morning with the rifle, killing 20. >> we saw the officers approaching and basically his writer. >> reporter: authorities say the case will be handled as domestic terrorism. >> we will seek the death of the. >> reporter: prosecutors are waiting hate crime charges against the gunman before the shooting they say he posted a racist anti-immigrant manifesto online. >> this will not define us and we will move ahead. >> is two more cities grieve the american flag was lowered to half staff at the white house. other buildings in honor of the victims. >> the walmart behind me where the shooting took place remains closed but a sign that the city is trying to move forward, mall across the street reopen today, some stores chose to keep their doors shut to allow employees to grieve. >> we are hearing when the date
6:34 pm
of the suspect was in high school a few years ago he was suspended for allegedly writing a hit list on a bathroom wall? is that right? >> reporter: that is, we also heard he was arrested after he wrote the headless, he was kicked in the school a short period of time, we were doing reporting to try to figure out to he was targeting, we spoke to a woman who was on the hit list. she said he had romantic feelings for her but she did not reciprocate, she said she was one of many in a similar situation on the list. in el paso, texas, thank you. that is video out of el paso today, actually from yesterday. showing the chaos inside of the mall after shots fired this was filmed by a shopper being evacuated from the jcpenney store with her hands up.
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we are also hearing about heroic efforts to save others, one texas soldier sharing his story. >> i grabbed as many as possible and try to get a couple other people to grab the kids but they were so worried about their sons they were gone. i would think if i had a child, when i would somebody else to do. so, i just grabbed as many kids as possible and got out of the store. >> he says it was a child to want to about the shooter in the first place. a series of tragedies spurring calls for changes to the nations gun laws but what was could have prevented these shootings. what lawmakers were saying. truck it is irresponsible. it is irresponsible we do not take action. >> axon gun laws might be coming, the president says he will be making a statement on the subject tomorrow. speculative things in the works and a lot of good things. we have done more than most
6:36 pm
administrations. it's really not talked about very much but we have done actually a lot. perhaps more has to be done. >> reporter: according to a recent poll, 94% of registered voters require background checks for all gun purchasers, a bill to require ids and gun shows in private transactions has already passed the house, sharon brown says the senate cannot wait. >> the house of representatives is passed, a bill to do background checks. overwhelmingly bipartisan lee, i have called on senator mcconnell to bring the sense back into session. we can pass that in one afternoon, background checks. >> reporter: the most recent shooting in gilroy, el paso and dayton whereby men who did not have criminal backgrounds and authorities say they are just there guns legally through dealers, not at gun shows, some lawmakers are talking about an additional proposal, bring back the assault weapon ban >> i support the second amendment and is universal
6:37 pm
background checks. >> ban assault weapons i've supported that 30 years. >> there was a ban in place in 1994 until 2004 with the likes. it did prohibit the sale of many semiautomatic rifles. although it is not clear if these pacific guns used in recent shootings one would have been bad, the supporting nationwide ban on assault weapons including 87% of democrats, 63% of independent and 35% of republicans. melissa cain, kpix5. pope francis offer prayers to the victims of the mass shooting and dayton, he spoke to a crowd gathered in st. peter's square this morning. stay with us for the latest developments on the shootings and dayton an el paso, you can always visit our website to at the father of one of the
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bay area teens accused of killing a police officer in rome has met with the media, even elder released a statement outside of his home, he just returned from italy where you saw his son finnegan in jail, the 19-year-old stabbed an unarmed plainclothes officer nearly a dozen times, his father says the full story has not been told. >> it is understandable but unfortunate people have jumped to conclusions of this matter the public has an incomplete account of the true events. >> he claims he acted in self- defense. if convicted he and his 18-year- old friend can face life in prison. albany police are looking for home security video help to identify a busy burger, they think the same suspect hit two homes friday, the first on 10th avenue before 3:00 a.m. the seconds later that day before midnight on kings avenue, the resident in the second house woke up and got a
6:39 pm
look at the suspect, police are asking people in the neighborhoods to check surveillance video to help catch the guy. in san francisco a narrow with a long controversial history is about to be painted, john blackson reports the public is not getting a last chance to look at the piece of art. >> reporter: passion crowd gathered for what may be the last public viewing of an 83- year-old mural at the george washington high school. the mural consumed depend over due to responsive complaints is meeting any depiction of slaves as native americans. >> they say this is no different than taking down civil war statues in the south. >> they're out to lunch. trump the mayor willie brown has known the mural since his daughter was a student at washington. >> one complaint about from african-americans is that it shows sleeves and simply being
6:40 pm
subservient, simply sitting there anyway metro. >> that is the way america was. it clearly was put on display so we went all before sure disgusted. with america and sleep practices. >> they painted the mural as part of a federally funded works progress administration in the 1930s. he was a communist and a social critic, this is his grandson. >> he was subversive. he was trying to go against the grain of the common narrative of history being probably portrayed in schools as the time. >> reporter: for those that want to mural gone however part of it does not fit with today's rally. >> it is a new day people no longer wants to tolerate all of these a vestiges. trumpet complaints in the 1960s have the school board adding another hero celebrating
6:41 pm
america's multiethnic heritage, it was painted by a different artist who opposes the school board decision this time. >> the board should be able to understand that they are there for education. not destruction. of education. but the making of education. part is education. >> that is exactly what art is supposed to be about, period. the school board apparently did not get the class. >> reporter: they will decide how to hide the mural either by covering it with solid panels or painting over and. there are lawsuits in the works and signatures being gathered to give people from san francisco the opportunity to vote in november whether or not to save the mural. coming up, united cracking down on customers taking advantage of a growing trend, the ticketing ploy giving travelers cheaper fares.
6:42 pm
the top stolen car in the country and the one type of vehicle crooks do not want to touch.
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united airlines cracking down on a common trick used by travelers called hidden city ticketing, the practice of booking a flight with a stopover in getting off at the stopover. some passengers find they can save money that way but it does cost airline revenue and agents are being told to watch out for, people can't could be charged for the extra leg or lose their mileage account. apple says siri is no longer spying on you after a bombshell report losing apples image as a champion for data privacy, last week the guardian reported third-party workers regularly listen to private conversations collected by siri, a whistleblower claim with slurs here everything like drug deals and confidential information, apple is suspending the program sing data was used to help improve the capability of siri.
6:45 pm
in june apple says it's building more safeguards including a secure sign in feature for apps. this year's list of the most stolen cars, people stolen cars is out, crystal crews with the surprising result that could include in your car. >> what you think the most stolen car is? >> i had my car so it was a toyota camry. >> reporter: once upon a time the toyota camry did make the list of most stolen cars. not anymore. according to the highway loss data institute, the dodge charger and challenger top the list. along with luxury suv rides like the infinity qx 80. >> definitely luxury, my second one. >> reporter: the cadillac escalade is a top the list of most stolen cars but the automaker upped their security
6:46 pm
game making it harder to how about the least stolen? think electric. >> press because it was stolen from my house. >> cars that only work for thousand dollars or less. truck what if i tell you tesla? but maybe tassels are hard to break into. i do not know. >> reporter: model x and model s on the list stolen. many are parked in the garage, close to my house or near a power supply. >> you could pay more for insurance if you purchase one of the more stolen cars. still ahead, one man's mission to return lost items. >> if it has a name or something i will get the name. >> how one man is turning peoples luck around by diving into the american river. did you notice it cool down take x inland you did.
6:47 pm
it was just the start, i show you a much better dropping temperatures for the middle of the week coming up in the forecast.
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you want to watch this, a frenchman venture has flown across the english channel today on that's. the other board. it took franky zapata 20 minutes to make the trip from france to england, a former jet ski racing champion tried to
6:50 pm
cross on the hover board in july. that attempt he missed a refueling platform atlanta in the drink. oscar meyer making unusual ice cream sandwiches, the ice dog features a cooking bun with hotdog sweet cream and candy hotdog bits. no mustard needed for the street, it includes a spicy dijon gelato. the company says it will be in the summers hottest ice cream. according to who? >> according to oscar meyer. >> me go back to the hover board think for a second? >> not possible. >> when can i skip the bridge and gets open? but man that looks cool. let me giving a view from the top of the salesforce tower, looking south, do the bay, if you got really good home, they streamed over the
6:51 pm
hills of the peninsula and are getting over the bay, starting things over, we will all get a chance at clouds we start to become more widespread, it has not gotten to the tri-valley, even if the clouds are not here, look at the breeze through the trees right here. this is a good sign, we are already starting the onshore flow, the cooler air is coming. in fact, he already felt the cooler air in the valley, inland the cool down, part two, yesterday, santa rosa, concorde, what we did for daytime highs, 87, pretty much that gets us back to average, concorde 93 or still above average, same thing at livermore, you should be upper 80s, san jose 84 pretty much on the mark you should be, if it was a dramatic holdout inland it was not so dramatic the rest of the day. san francisco and fremont did not change at all, oakland 3 degrees cooler, a subtle drop,
6:52 pm
here is where we are all going tomorrow, these numbers may be another degree or two lower, the bigger cool down, the one that gets us below average in the middle of the weekend we can already see this developing in the pacific, even if you don't see anything in the clouds, the circulation the atmosphere, take a look at the wind, see the current twice been asked that is the very beginning of a large area of low pressure by thursday, we start this sunday in the evening, keep your eye on that as it just continues to snowball. by the time we get to thursday, not only is it much larger, it is also far enough south and just the right position, really driving in the onshore flow, that is wednesday and thursday and that is how we cool down, look at the 7 day forecast, we go back down to the mid-80s, 85 wednesday 86 thursday, member those numbers, upper 90s yesterday, good news there, and
6:53 pm
their locations, most everybody else, already a nice spread of weather and it will get cooler from here. we will be right back.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
if you drop something in the river you probably do not expect to get it back. >> one man is turning peoples luck around by driving into the american river himself to retrieve items dropped months even years ago. anna giles shows how returning items is a real adventure. truck at the bottom of the american river, finding more than sand and rocks. >> a bit of, points i guess, you feel good about a. >> reporter: wallets ids and more of the original owners never expecting to see again. >> no need for any of this stuff. for keeping it. has name to the power of digital shares to find people.
6:56 pm
occasionally, he comes across a before so. >> always good to find here the river. >> for the most part he's bringing unexpected joy like sherry martinez. >> i will not risk my life for my phone and my id. >> reporter: she dropped those and more in the american river less,. the time she had no clue how important her phone would become. >> my favorite cousin passed away and it was really too soon, only three one. >> reporter: he passed away last week and she dropped the only copy of videos and photos taken a vacation with the. >> at the time i didn't realize how precious i would be. one of the memories even though i know the tail, i was feeling a. trouble thanks to the kindness of a stranger she might be able to get it all back, he says he doesn't to make people smile. >> finding the person who lost a. >> reporter: it became trash in the river after bad luck to,
6:57 pm
often still a treasure for the person who lost. >> i found a wallet and had a private note from i assume a lover. the person, that is what they wanted back the most >> he was diving and discovering since being a child, now at 52 he has no plans to slow down. >> a big heart. not charge people. >> it looking for a message in a bottle. >> 52 at the end, not slowing down. >>. 60 minutes is next, we will see you at 11 lots.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> what happens to survivors and victims' families after a mass shooting? >> it's an introduction. ( sighs ) you know, mass shooting grief 101. >> meet sandy and lonnie phillips. their daughter was murdered seven years ago. they've shown up at most of the major mass shootings, offering those in need a kind of survival guide to a grief few can imagine. i lost a brother to suicide, and a lot of people say, you're now part of a group which you never wish you would be part of. >> right. we do care about these people. we want to help them find their purpose, and find their strength, so that they can live their new normal. ( ticking )


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