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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> two more mass shootings over the weekend left the nation stunted bay area protesters demanding action. >> police are spending part of the morning trying to coax two people down from a construction crane, we will have all the details. >> good morning, it is monday, august 5. >> good morning, we're off to a bit of a foggy start. it's okay, it'll get a lot better. >> that is right, temperatures will be seasonal this time of year as we had to the afternoon. there are some filtered sunshine. it's a gray set across the bay area. take a look at the micro forecast. cool, cloudy, breezy. westerly wind 10-20 miles an hour. in the low to mid 60s for the
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bay. we eventually turn partly sunny for parts of the bay. i'm continuing to track the traffic alert this morning. this is slowing things down eastbound 580. it is right there at 580 eastbound. this is where it meets 13, just south of 13. all lanes are blocked, it's a full stop, you can see zero miles an hour. the good news is, this is opposite of the commute direction. however, we will see some very slow and go conditions as you approach this. like i said, most people are not traveling in this direction at this hour. the overturned big rake now has cleared. your backup to a regular running speed, no problems to report. a little bit slow on southbound
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880. that is pretty normal. also, a new accident on mountain house parkway. the nation is reeling from two deadly mass shootings this weekend. the first is inside a texas walmart saturday. 13 hours later, a man in ohio opened fire in the city of dayton's district, killing nine people and leaving authorities searching for answers. >> reporter: good morning. community members have been turning out to the scene to comfort each other, they are heartbroken by the shooting massacre that killed nine victims and injured more than two dozen others in this very popular entertainment district. fifth street was packed. it had crowded bars when the terror of the shooting spree started around 1:00 sunday morning. police say the suspect used an assault style rifle with high- capacity, police say nearby
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officers responded immediately and killed him within 30 seconds of him opening fire. >> we went to the front of the car. he ran to the back of the car. an officer came and started shooting. the officer saved all of us. >> among the victims, he -- the 22-year-old victim's age -- the suspected gunman did not have a criminal background with police. they also said that the guns were obtained illegally. >> we know the investigation is ongoing. any word on a possible motive? >> reporter: yesterday, the police chief would not comment on the possible motive and said it still in the very early stages of the investigation.
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multiple law enforcement sources have told cbs news that at this point, there is not a hate crime. that is as of yet. we do know that police are no doubt looking into the suspects background. the former high school classmates of the suspected gunman told cbs that he had a hit list of individuals he wanted to kill back in high school. the associated press also reported he was suspended for some time in high school. there is no question that his background will be a big part of the investigation going forward. >> thank you, natalie. authorities are treating saturday shooting rampage in el paso, texas as an act of domestic terrorism.
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21-year-old patrick crusius allegedly started shooting at people in the walmart parking 20eople were killed and 26 others were injured. the gunman was then taken into custody. police say he posted a racist and anti-immigrant manifesto online shortly wa of t shootings. he is scheduled to speak around 7:00. we will have that in a special report. >> enough is enough. >> the shooting in el paso has drawn attention to walmart's position is one of the nation's biggest gun sellers. yesterday, protesters gathered in front of the store to demand walmart stop selling firearms and ammunition. in recent years, the company stop selling assault rifles and raise the minimum age to bike to 21. according to a recent poll, 94% of registered voters support requiring background checks for all gun buyers. and a bill to require gun cash checks at gun shows has already passed the house. back to back mass
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shootings, little over a week since the icva among the victims, keyla salazar. now, her family is celebrating her life. [music] >> there were bands, many tears. she would've turned 14 yesterday. instead, she was shot and killed when she stayed to help her relative he used a cane. she was honored with the celebration of life at the farm park. >> it is devastating, why do we need to lose someone so adorable? someone so caring, so important to the community. you are harming innocent people, they have nothing to do with your pain, why you would do that. >> her family released butterflies into the air to remember the young lady who is just about to enter high school. two others lost their lives, a six-year-old and a 25- year-old. a major scared of --
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fairground north of sacramento after reports of gunfire. shots were reported last night at the fair in yuba city. that prompted the event to close but reports are unfounded and no one was hurt. right now, police in san jose are questioning a couple people who climbed up into the construction crane overnight. they ended up shutting down part of downtown san jose. this is right across the street of city hall. police have not seen yet how they have gotten up there. they are just sort of walking and climbing around. you can see it's by the control tower on the construction crane. we understand it's about 20 stories high. this happened at about 1:30 am. police are breaking and -- they
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broke into the construction zone. they closed down three blocks of santa clara street. eventually, those guys climb down on their end, they gave themselves up right into police custody, back to. happening today, bart is doing away with paper tickets and starting the transition to clipper only sales. it is starting at the 19th street oakland station. that is where patrick crusius is this morning. good morning. remit good morning, this is part of a pilot program they want to do at four bart stations. they are starting here but they want to take it systemwide by the end of 2020. we are at 19th street station in oakland. we will move on to the [indiscernible] station on august 19. powell street september 3. downtown berkeley september 24. paper tickets will note for -- no longer be for sale, writers can still use paper tickets to enter or exit through fair gates. they just have to make sure
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that they can have enough money on the ticket. they can do that by adding that -- using the advair machines. this is all part of the effort to make the card the all-in-one transit card in the bay area. >> by eliminating paper tickets we eliminate the waste. they can also jam fair gates because they need to be inserted and processed through the fair . >> that will make it easier, it will create shorter lines and less maintenance for bart. they also said this is cheaper and the cards are reasonable. they last longer. adult paper tickets have a $.50 surcharge. there's a one-time acquisition fee of three dollars for a card and it pays for itself and three roundtrips. to clear up any possible confusion, they will have staff members at the 19th street station to make sure everyone is on the same page and know where they are going and how to
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get there. >> thank you. road closures remain in effect in east bay as cruise want to make sure brushfire does not spread. we will have more on the progress, straightahead. and northern california man made it his mission to recover lost items from a river popular with boaters and swimmers. what he has found so far. a gray morning across the bay area. i found a golden sunrise. isn't that a spectacular view? the cooldown as we had to the work week. your pool forecast, coming up. if you're planning to use the bay bridge, let's take a life book. chp is doing hov lanes until 10: sears year. obey the law.
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good monday morning, a great start with low clouds, areas of thought, and patchy drizzle.
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it is all because of the onshore flow. the visibility is 2.5 miles for happened bay. you can see the clouds for parts of the bay. even in mind as well looking at five miles for the visibility in santa rosa. we will talk about what you can expect as we take you through the day. we will see some skies clearing. details come coming up. gray skies taking alive look at the san mateo bridge. plenty of gray and plenty of bread. there is no stall or accident in the westbound direction. that is regular rush-hour traffic. that will be slowing you down as you head toward the peninsula. eastbound looks just fine. the westbound direction is clogged. >> thank you. a group of wildfires burning between brentwood and clayton is now 85% contained. at least nine separate places broke out before dawn saturday between brentwood and clayton. it then merged into three main fires. it is being called the marsh complex fire. this is expected to stay closed for the rest of the morning. evacuation and shelter in place orders have now been lifted. within 650 acres have burned so far and the cause of the fire
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is still under investigation. >> one suspect is expected to enter a plea. the 18-year-old is facing attempted murder and conspiracy charges in connection to the july 2 shooting at the mall. police say it started as a dispute between two groups and four people were injured, including two teenagers. police arrested him two weeks later after a chase.. if you drop something in the river, you probably do not expect to get it back. one man is turning people's look around. carl has been diving into the american river to retrieve items that were dropped months two years ago. he spots wallets, thins, ideas, and much more. they use the power of digital shares to find the people. the re the es >> the ventures finding lostit
6:16 am
private note from a lover, i >> he has been diving and discovering since he was a child. at 52 years old, he says he still has no plans to slow down. >> pretty cool. he is getting those items out of the water and reuniting them with the people that want them. >> the son will not do a lot for you. >> is damaged. >> the photos, that is school. >> or the drivers license considering the wait times at the dmv. >> good morning. >> if you are hitting the roadways, we have several issues to talk about. one is a traffic alert. we will give you a life picture here. this is what we are dealing with on 580 eastbound. this is just past eds. just int
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rolled all the way over.arthrist of this. zeeastbound. the lanes are blocked. it used to be all lanes were blocked. one lane is blocked at this point. it is slowing you down. the map is still showing zero miles an hour eastbound. we will continue to monitor that for the morning. there's a new accident into the real-time traffic center on the freeway. the good news, it is eastbound. the bad news, it is slowing things down to 30 miles an hour. one of those lanes are blocked, it is slowing things down westbound as people stop and look. just don't, keep going. i'm also path, it looks like there's a new accident. i wanted to check on that. this is not house parkway making your way out of the tracy triangle. this accident will slow you down.
6:18 am
the drive times are in the red, 42 minutes to get out. things to this accident on the eastbound direction, everybody is slowing down. highway four and 101 are still on the green, taking alive look at the bay bridge, make sure you obey the law there. chp will crackdown until 10: sears year. you are slow going at the san mateo bridge westbound. plenty of brake lights is you are headed toward the peninsula. eastbound, things look good. let's check in at the san rafael bridge. you are backed up and approach to the toll plaza. once you get through there, you are looking good. >> if you are looking at your window and you see it's cloudy and foggy, you don't see the sun, we have you covered. this is a golden view with her camera of the sunrise this morning. a lot of locations are not
6:19 am
seeing the sun this morning because of the onshore flow kicking in. cloudy, foggy, and a drizzly start to the day and many spots. temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s. san jose coming in at 62. santa rosa at 56. your weather headlines, low clouds, patchy drizzle. eventually, turning partly sunny. the filtered sunshine for the inland locations, partly sunny to mostly cloudy for the bay. and then cloudy along the coast with seasonal daytime highs this afternoon. the cooldown to the work week is stronger with onshore flow and the seabreeze kicks in, especially by the middle part ofand radar, this is across the southwest. this is a low-pressure system to the north, ushering in the marine influence. it gets even stronger as we go to the next few days. that is why temperatures will cooldown. as a go to the day, this is
6:20 am
hour by hour, you can see filtered sunshine. this is for parts of the bay. it is cloudy and breezy along the coast with westerly wind at 10-15 miles an hour. a cloudy and foggy start to the day tomorrow morning. looking at temperatures a little cooler for tuesday. for today, the sunrise is 6:16 and sunset is 8:14. daytime highs will be right around where we should be. this is a degree or two warmer. 87 degrees for morgan hill. campbell, 85 degrees. low 90s for pittsburgh and walnut creek as well as danville, upper 60s for berkeley. low 70s for alameda as well as
6:21 am
oakland. mid 60s for daytime highs in san francisco and looking at 90 for st. helena. here's a seven day forecast. temperatures cooldown and by wednesday, the coolest day out of the extended forecast, temperatures below average by the mid to end of the workweek and warming up for the weekend. a driver is dead after a crash involving a bay area firetruck. why the chief says the wreck could have been worse. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches. the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo?
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kpix5 is sponsored by. iran is announcing that it seized another foreign oil tanker in the latest move to shore and further inflame tensions with the trump administration. the iranian media said it was intercepted last week as it was smuggling fuel to arab states. the nationalities of the ships and the crew have not been revealed. two u.s. teens accused of murdering at teen -- a police officer. the family is fighting for his
6:25 am
freedom, releasing a statement outside their home. just last week, the 19-year- old's father visited his son in prison. finnegan elder and gabriel natale-hjorth were taken into custody last month. italian authorities said they killed an undercover police officer during a botched drug deal. he has claimed he acted in self- defense. if convicted, they could both face life in prison. neither finnegan elder and gabriel natale-hjorth have been indicted. santa clara county -- a fire -- a car slammed into a firetruck. a truck driver was carrying a load of baked goods and pot into the back of the firetruck. firefighters were there for a crash that happened an hour before. the truck driver was killed. the fire chief says the firefighters were following proper protocol, parking the truck and a way to form a protective roadblock for wayward drivers. >> i don't think it's
6:26 am
inconceivable. if that engine was not parked where it was, being hit by major vehicle. the outcome could have been terrifying. no word on what led up to the crash. the slow recovery process is underway after the shooting rampage at the annual garlic festival in gilroy. how some vendors caught up in the chaos are now trying to move forward. part is getting a little more green starting today at 19th street. they are getting rid of paper tickets. we will tell you where the next station this is happening, next. you are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will get another check on traffic with emily later in the broadcast. it is 6:26 on monday morning. can my side be firm?
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. new details are emerging about the man charged in a mass shooting at an el paso walmart as we hear from the family of one of the victims. >> a popular beach for california surfers is closed after deadly cliffside collapse. what experts believe may have contributed to the danger. good morning, it is monday, august 5. >> it is 6:30. let's check in with mary.
6:31 am
we are seeing a lot of great skies -- gray skies. >> we are starting off the day with clouds, fog, even patchy drizzle. all thanks to the strong onshore flow kicking in. >> here is a live look at the golden gate bridge camera. this is foggy, it is obscuring the golden gate bridge. mostly cloudy skies, it is seasonable highs this time of year. 88 degrees for heidi livermore. 72 degrees in oakland. 66 in san francisco and 63 along the coast. let's check in with emily. you were saying you saw the drizzle driving across the golden gate. >> i had windshield wipers on all the way from the golden gate into the studio here. however, we do have issues to report on other parts of the drive. this is a look at real-time
6:32 am
traffic. her travel time is up to 47 minutes thanks to an accident westbound. one lane is blocked. an accident will take some time to clear. it will be in the red for quite some time. the freeway is in the yellow as well. this is regular rush-hour traffic but slowing conditions because of an accident eastbound. folks are slowing down to look at that. keep on going. this is one of one still on the green. this is a live look at the bay bridge and the westbound direction. no problems to report. just regular backup there. this is onto 880. authorities are releasing new details into the two mass shootings over the weekend that killed 30 people. in dayton, ohio, the man accused of killing nine people, including his ancestor is identified as connor betts. the 24-year-old used an assault style rifle with high- capacity magazines in his shooting spree in dayton's
6:33 am
entertainment -- entertainment district. the shooting started early yesterday morning. nearby officers responded immediately and killed him within 30 seconds. in el paso, the man accused in saturday's shooting rampage at walmart faces capital murder charges. these are live pictures from el paso this morning. you can see that police still have the crime scene blocked off. this is a growing memorial on the street. police say patrick crusius posted an anti-emigrant manifesto online minutes before the shooting. among those killed, jordan and andre. she shielded her two-month-old son from the gunfire. >> i would give my life to trade for hers. she had three babies. >> police say the walmart was at capacity saturday packed full of back-to-school shoppers.
6:34 am
>> the mass shootings renewed calls for changes to the nation's gun laws with congress out on august recess, lawmakers want to turn immediately to take up gun legislation. a bill to require background checks. -- it has passed the u.s. house. mitch mcconnell has blocked debate in the u.s. senate. the guns were used in gilroy, el paso, and dayton were popular dealers that did not have criminal background checks. that has lawmakers calling to bring back the assault weapons ban. >> i support the second amendment and the need for universal background checks. >> it is irresponsible, it is irresponsible that we do not take action. >> some contenders for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination also pointed the finger at the president saying he stoked the racial animosity seen in some of the recent shooters. president trump will address that mass shootings in half an hour. you can see that live right here on kpix5.
6:35 am
one family who lost their daughter in the gilroy garlic festival shooting is choosing to honor her with a birthday celebration. >> it is devastating. why do we have to lose someone so adorable? someone so caring and so important. >> keyla salazar was 13 years old, she would have turned 14 yesterday. the san jose team was honored with the celebration of life at the farm park yesterday. she was shot and killed last sunday when she stayed to help a relative who used a cane. many vendors were forced to leave everything behind when the shooting started but that did not stop some of them from showing up at the fremont festival. the harmony tie-dye booth was less than 10 yards from where the gunmen opened fire in gilroy. it was left sitting there, merchandise and all. the vendor says it was important for him to make it to fremont this weekend so he found a way. >> everything is still there, my van, my luggage. to be here meant that we are okay, we're safe, we are strong.
6:36 am
>> they have a tightknit community with everyone seeing each other weekend after weekend. for people who left cars or belongings at the festival, today is the last day to pick those up at the antonio elementary school. you can head to the school on brin avenue between 9-6. everyone must bring a valid drivers license, proof of registration, and insurance. everything will be moved to the family assistance center in gilroy. if you want to help the victims , you can find more information on a website. developing this morning out of hong kong, fighting has broken out between protesters and mobs of men armed with wooden poles.
6:37 am
it's the latest crash in the city gripped by political unrest. the pro-democracy strike has taken hold at the airport where more than 100 flights have been canceled. protesters are blocking morning trains and demanding the dissolution of a now suspended extradition bill and calling for an investigation into police using force at the protest. we're live in oakland. i am with the familiar face, anna duckworth, the spokesperson. you are getting rid of paper tickets, why was it so important for them to start doing this? >> we've been working in this direction for several years. we are launching a pilot program starting today. over the next two months, we will do the same thing. we are phasing out the sales of paper tickets starting today. really, we are doing this because the region has prioritized clipper card as the all-in-one transit card and payment center for the bay area. this is moving us forward technologically, it's where the industry is been moving. we saw similar moves taken in
6:38 am
london. they have phased out paper tickets. it moves us forward environmentally because we will eliminate paper waste. really, from an efficiency standpoint, it will be much better. paper tickets can jam the gates, that means maintenance tad longer lines.e out system. >> the majority system already use this. >> that is the hope. since january of last year, when we implemented this for paper tickets, which is what they are paying now, that is a dollar round trip you are paying. since we implemented the surcharge, we saw clipper usage jump from 60% to 86%. we have the vast majority using clipper. >> just in case there are people that may be intimidated, you have people on hand today. >> we do. we have booths staffed with bart and metropolitan transportation staff.
6:39 am
they will be answering people's questions, helping them transfer from paper tickets to clipper card and we are handing out first -- free cards each day the launches. >> thank you for being with us. this is just the start, they hope to make this a systemwide change by 2020. we're live at the news desk, monitoring is so -- a situation that broke earlier in san jose. police are questioning these two guys who climbed up on a construction crane right across the street from city hall. this is downtown san jose. you can see this video taken at two this morning. apparently they climbed up there at 1:30. we do not know why yet. luckily, no one was injured. police came to the scene after they were caught. you can see them breaking the door down to get into the construction site. eventually, they gave themselves up to police. they are now in custody, back
6:40 am
to you. two people are displaced after fire broke out in vallejo, just before 11:00. fortunately, no one was hurt. crews were able to knock down the fire in 30 minutes. no word yet on what started the fire. an update on the deadly cliff claps in san diego county. experts are investigating whether human activity played a role. friends and family remembered 65 girl julie davis. her 30-year-old daughter and a third victim whose name the medical examiner is not yet releasing. they died near san diego friday when a 30 foot section of bluff came crashing down onto the beach below. >> nothing dramatic happened to cause it or trigger. the event was dramatic but nothing dramatic happened to trigger it. >> grandview beach does not have a lot of sand. during high tide, taken crash
6:41 am
against the cliffs. over time, it can erode away into one day falls. officials warn they are unstable all along the california coastline. the trip to alcatraz island will soon look a little different. the changes coming at the world- famous attraction. jewel plans to start tracking the location of customers. the market just opened up 10 minutes ago, not looking good. look at this. this is a look at the big board, the dow is down 475%. coming up, and update from the financial reporter.
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6:44 am
good morning, we're starting off the day with clouds, fog, and patchy drizzle. here is a live look at the treasure island camera. you can see the low clouds out there as we start up today. we have onshore flow kicking in. hat is the bay area air
6:45 am
we can talk about what you can expect as we had to the day and if we will see some clearing. details, coming up. for those in the north bay, we have a severe traffic alert. in the north bay, let's take a look at this. there's a crash blocking all lanes. this is southbound want to win, right there at highway 12. just south of that, you can see the speed sensors showing zero miles an hour. so far, no backups or delays in the wake of that. my suggestion is to try to take the service road around it. investors will be keeping a close eye on wall street this morning and the u.s. china trade war is taking a turn. joining us is our financial reporter jason brooks. good point. >> it is an ugly start for the stock market. investors are tired of the escalating trade war thch ere is other move, this time beijing is making a move along the central bank to weaken its currency to a psychologically important level and below seven per dollar, the
6:46 am
lowest level in a decade. the move was meant to allow china's goods to become cheaper for u.s. buyers and try to skirt the tariffs that have been placed on the goods. the president is now threatening to place 10% and tariffs on the remaining $300 billion on september 1. that led to last week's selloff. the big companies like apple are really affected. apple stock is plunging 4% this morning. apple's market under a week ago was at $1 trillion and is now at 885 billion, it lost $100 billion in a few days. let's go to the big board, it's pointst ck200 points and s&p siding lower by 55 points. back to you. >> not looking good. thank you. jewel is launching a new e- cigarette that will track when
6:47 am
and where users bay. it is already being rolled out in canada and the uk. the new penn also reportedly uses facial recognition software. it can verify the user's age and is set to include features which will prevent sleeping in public areas and schools. they say this is an effort to deter teenagers from taping. alcatraz visitors will notice big changes on the way to the island, more than 1 million tourists depart for alcatraz every year on the pier on the waterfront. it is getting a makeover, including new exhibits and food. right now, there is only a scale model of the island to look at while waiting for your ship to come in. >> there is really not much to do here. it is very little in the way of anything educational at all. >> there 10-15 different learning spots at the new venue that will be interactive. you will learn about what you're going to see, and what you have just seen.
6:48 am
>> alcatraz is considered the fourth most popular tourist destination in the bay area. work on improvements could begin by the end of this year. >> new and improved, we like that. let's look at the traffic. >> not new and improved, the same old story with delays monday. also, a severe traffic alert. let's get right down to the overall big picture, you can see there are some serious delays. this is the severe traffic alert. at least now, i just checked in. as of 6:44, one lane is now open eastbound 580 right there at edwards. they keep changing the location. the point is, it is right there were 13 meats 580. that is just past that. it is down to zero miles an hour and very slow. we are seeing some delays westbound of 580 as a result of that. keep driving, we don't want to compound the problem. that is what we are seeing on the east shore freeway.
6:49 am
this is the opposite direction. they are in the process of clearing this. again, eastbound we are seeing some delays, also, some delays backed up on the westbound direction. it starts with this is backed up. this slows down to take a peek. don't do it. coming out of the past, we have two accidents. this is still in play westbound at mountain house parkway. this drivetime is slow. this is 48 minutes longer than normal. the east shore freeway, 22 minutes as you head toward the maze. to get to the freeway, 43 minutes. when one is still in the green. this is a live look where you are backed up to the maze and onto the 880 fire. you are really slow. new problems to report. this is regular rush-hour. let's head over to the san rafael bridge.
6:50 am
this is slow going on the perch of the toll plaza. >> after hot we can, we will cool things down as we had to the week. i had some friends in the south bay that tried to get to the coast to cooldown over the weekend. it took them two hours stuck in traffic. everyone wanted to head to the coast to cool off. here is a live look with the ocean beach camera. it is cool, it is cloudy. you can also see drizzle on the live camera. temperatures are running in the mid to upper 50s to low 60s as we kick off the week. low, patchy drizzle along the coast. you can see the cloud cover extending the golden gate and inland. 2.5 miles for half moon bay. the visibility is five miles in santa rosa. it is a great start, low clouds, areas of fog and patchy drizzle. we are going to see the filtered sunshine. mid to high-level clouds turning partly sunny to mostly cloudy today.
6:51 am
there are seasonal daytime highs. the clouds will hang around on the coast once again as we had that afternoon. the cooldown for the work week with the stronger seabreeze. this ridge of high pressure has a high-pressure system to the north ushering in the rain implants. we are looking at partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies for inland locations. cloudy and breezy along the coast. tomorrow morning, it'll be a cloudy and foggy start with temperature is cooler for tuesday. as we had to the afternoon. daytime highs will be seasonable, if not a degree or two above average this time of year. 84 in santa clara.
6:52 am
84 for high in sunnyvale, 85 in campbell, low 90s from concorde as well as pittsburgh. looking at daytime highs in the upper 60s in berkeley. low 70s in alameda as well as oakland. mid 60s in san francisco. this is 90 for st. helena. here's a seven day forecast. you can see the cooldown for tomorrow, especially by wednesday. it's the coolest day of the week. this is warming way back up for the weekend, back to you. police spent part of the morning trying to coax two people down from a construction crane. we have all the details. we're live in downtown oakland outside the 19th street station where they are getting rid of paper tickets. conditions. the this is the beauty camera. the sun is up, it is 6:52. >> kpix5 is sponsored by.
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i am live in oakland in front of the 19th street bart station, they are getting rid of paper tickets this morning. this is one of four stations that will do it at this summer. they hope to make the system wide by 2020. up next, they will do this the broken arrow station. this is powell street in san francisco. this is downtown berkeley. paper tickets will no longer be for sale. writers will still be able to use paper tickets to get in or out for the fair gates. they will be able to add an affair to exit the stations using the machines located inside each station. this is part of the effort to make the card the all-in-one transit card in the bay area. it is cheaper, the cards are reusable, they last longer. paper tickets can cause jam. a. until paper tickets have a
6:57 am
$.50 surcharge. that equals one dollar -- it's a one dollar round-trip. >> this pays for itself in three roundtrips. this is in case there is any confusion. already, 86% use this card. still, they will have people to answer any questions. and oakland. >> time for a look at the morning's top stories. >> 29 people are dead after two separate mass shootings. in dayton, ohio, a gunman opened fire outside a popular bar killing nine and injuring 27. policing is started after 1:00. police killed the gunman in less than 30 seconds.
6:58 am
in el paso, texas, a gunman opened fire in a walmart killing 20 people. authorities are investigating the attack as an act of domestic terrorism the possible hate crime. the 21 year old shooter posted a racist anti-immigrant manifesto online. >> this is a live look at the board, the dow is now down 460 points. this is as the trade war with china escalates. >> they are investigating why to commend climbed to crane. they climbed back down one person was taken into custody. >> they are now 85% contai this is expected to stay close that the rest of the morning. evacuation and shelter in place have all been lifted. >> taking a look, one lane is open and eastbound direction. it says edwards right there, it
6:59 am
is actually at seminary. it is slow going at three miles an hour. so going and westbound as well. similar story happening and eastbound direction of 80. things are slow and go. as a result of people watching, it is backed up on east richmond as you approach the maze. this is still in play. the drivetime is in the red. >> check out the beach camera. let's start off with the clouds, the fog, patchy drizzle. we will have mid to high-level clouds. we are looking at 90 degrees in oakland. we want something cooler compared to yesterday. seasonal daytime highs and weak will things down by the middle to end part of the work week. we warm right back up into the weekend. we look at below average temperatures. >> we are keeping a close eye on the white house this morning. the white house -- the president will make some remarks regarding the mass shootings in a few moments.
7:00 am
>> you want to stay tuned for cbs special report, have a great day. this is a cbs news special report. president trump is about to address the nation in the wake of two deadly mass shootings just 13 hours apart including one here in el paso and another in dayton, ohio. 29 people were killed in the attacks and more than 50 people were hurt. this morning on twitter the president called for change. he tweeted quote, we cannot let those killed in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio die in vain. republicans and democrats must come together and get strong


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