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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 5, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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regarding the mass shootings in a few moments. >> you want to stay tuned for cbs special report, have a great day. this is a cbs news special report. president trump is about to address the nation in the wake of two deadly mass shootings just 13 hours apart including one here in el paso and another in dayton, ohio. 29 people were killed in the attacks and more than 50 people were hurt. this morning on twitter the president called for change. he tweeted quote, we cannot let those killed in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio die in vain. republicans and democrats must come together and get strong
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background checks. this legislation with desperately needed immigration reform. still not clear what all of that means. that's why we're waiting to hear more from the president. what's your sense? what are you hearing from white house officials about what does the president mean when he says strong background checks are needed? >> reporter: they are not going to answer that right now because the president will have to answer that for himself. aids aren aides aren't clear what he means by that. he has mentioned this in the past. democrats have treed to strengthen the checks before. lengthening the time of review from tree to ten days and requiring the checks for every firearm that is sold. the president seems to present a new idea of marrying legislation on gun reform with immigration
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refo reform. two extremely difficult issues. we should mention this isn't the first time he's made a call for stronger controls like this. after the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school, he said the same thing. he said that to the parents of the victims inside the white house that he would be strong and consider raising, for example, the legal age limit to purchase semiautomatic weapons from 18 to 21. he specifically mentioned having to do more reviews of people who buy guns and then that went away. that faded after strong push back from his party and the nra. he really has to answer what he means. you mentioned the tweet and that's all that has to happen. there are other things we'll be
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looking for as the president makes remarks here. number one, how will he respond to those claims that he is to blame for what happened in el paso. given what he know about the shooters motive, given almost identical language that the gunman used in talking about the crisis at the border with regard to illegal immigration. number two, how will he characterize the shooting because words matter here. like racism, white supremacy, heroism so describe this attack. we know federal authorities are investigating this as an act of domestic terrorism. we know that lawmakers on both sides have used the words white racism to describe what happened here. we know his own daughter, ivanka trump, even said that white s supremacy must be stopped.
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it mattered how the president classifies this shooting. he said this is the result of mental illness. he's not used those very words in describing what happened in el paso. he will also have to talk about the other shooting in columbus and again, back to our original point, is what happens now. he will have to tell the country what he plans to do to prevent more attacks in the future. norah. >> all right. noting the president has reneged on previous responses to get tougher on background checks. it's not yet clear whether any type of stronger background checks would have stopped either of the shooters in dayton, ohio or here in el paso. one important thing to note as well, the fbi has issued an extraordinary statement from its director late last night in which fbi director said he's concerned about a continued
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threat posed by domestic violence extremists and perpetrators of hate crime saying people may be spired by some of these high profile attacks that have happened. this has drawn a concern of those on capitol hill. republicans and democrats. nancy is there on capitol hill. i know democrats in the house have tried to pass tougher gun laws just this year but nothing came of it, right? >> reporter: that's right. those bills have stalled here in the senate back in february. democrats now control the house passed a universal background check bill. it picks up from eight house republicans. while the president says he supports more background check, the white house is still officially opposed to that legislation. the president has threatened to veto that legislation. the nra opposes that legislation arguing that background checks don't work. arguing that the legislation would be too onerous for gun
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owners. while you have democrats in the senate calli ining on the senat republican leaders to bring every one back in the midst of this five-week recess to hold an emergency session to deal with unviolence, it's highly unlikely that will happen because the reality is that many republicans here on capitol hill even though they know that a vast majority of the american public support beefing up background checks, they worry this could be a slippery slope that if you pass a bill addressing background checks then democrats will want more and more legislation addressing the gun violence problem. addressing gun control. something that many republicans oppose. >> nancy, we're just looking at live pictures from inside the diplomatic room where we're expecting the president to speak shortly. the president mentioning he would try and marry background checks with immigration reform legislation. two things they can't get down
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on their own. how will they get done together. >> that was a really interesting approach because typically what you try to do kwlowhen you need pass something controversial is marry it with something uncontroversial. that's how you get something very difficult over the finish line. the idea you would take something controversial and marry it to something that is just as controversial, if not more so, that's typically a strategy we don't see here on capitol hill. i suppose the thinking is if you take something that democrats really want, gun control legislation and you marry it with something that republicans really want, immigration controls and perhaps you've got a winning approach here, but if you talk to democratic and republican leaders, they really think that getting something like that off over the finish line would be almost impossible. you don't see much on the effort of the part of the republicans
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to try to push comprehensive immigration reform because the politics is so entransit. >> let's listen to the president joined by the vice president. >> my fellow americans, this morning our nation is overcome with shock, horror and sorrow. this weekend more than 80 people were killed wounded in two evil attacks. on saturday morning in el paso, a wicked man went to a walmart store where families were shopping with their loved ones. he shot and murdered 20 people and injured 26 others, include g i ing precious little children. then in the early hours of sunday morning, dayton, ohio, another twisted monster opened fire on a crowded downtown street. he murdered nine people,
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including his own sister and injured 27 others. the first lady and i join all americans in praying and grieving for the victims, their families and the survivors. we will stand by their side for ever. we will never forget. these barbaric slaughters are an insult upon our communities and attack upon our nation and a crime against all of humanity. we are outraged and sickened by this monstrous evil. the cruelty, the hatred, the malice, the bloodshed and the terror. our hearts are shattered for every family whose parents, children, husbands and wives were ripped from their arms and their lives. america weeps for the fallen.
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we're a loving nation and our children are entitled to grow up in a just, peaceful and loving society. together we lock arms to shoulder the grief. we ask god in heaven to ease the anguish of those who suffer and we vow to act with urgent resolve. i want to thank the many law enforcement personnelho responded to these atrocities with the extraordinary grace and courage of american heroes. i have spoken with texas governor greg abbott and ohio governor mike dewine as well as the mayor of el paso and mayor of dayton, ohio to basexpress o profound sadness and unfailing support. today we send the condolences of our nation to the president of
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mexico and all the people of k mexico for the loss of their citizens in the el paso shooting. terrible, terrible thing. i've also been in close contact with attorney general barr and fbi director wrey. federal authorities are on the ground and i have directed them to provide any and all assistance required, whatever is needed. shooter in el paso in posted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate. in one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart and devours the soul. we have asked the fbi to
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identify all further resources they need to investigate and disrupt hate crimes and domestic terrorists, whatever they need. we must recognize that the internet has provided a dangerous avenue to radicalized disturbed minds and perform demented acts. we must shine light on the dark recesses of the internet and stop mass murders before they start. the internet, like wise, is used for human trafficking, illegal drug distribution and so many other heinous crimes. the perils of the internet and social media cannot be ignored and they will not be ignored. in the two decades since columbine our nation has watched with rising horror as one mass
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shooting has followed another, over and over again, decade after decade. we cannot allow ourselves to feel powerless. we can and will stop this evil c contagion. we must honor the sacred memory of those we have lost by acting as one people. open wounds cannot heal if we are divided. we must seek real bipartisan solutions. we have to do that in a bipartisan manner. that will truly make america safer and better for all. first we must do a better job if identifying and acting on early warning signs. i am directing the department of justice to work in partnership with local, state and federal agencies as well as social media companies to develop tools that can detect mass shooters before they strike. as an example, the monster in the parkland high school in
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florida had many red flags against him and yet nobody took decisive action. nobody did anything. why not? second, we must stop the glorification of violence in our society. this includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now common place. it's too easy today for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. we must stop or substantially reduce this and it has to begin immediately. cultural change is hard. each of us can choose to build a culture that celebrates the inherent worth and dignity of every human life. that's what we have to do. third, we must reform our mental health laws to better identify mental mental mentally disturbed individuals
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who may commit acts of violence and make sure those people not only get treatment but when necessary, involuntary confi confineme confinement. mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun. fourth, we must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms and that if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process. that is why i have called for red flag laws also known as extreme risk protection orders. today i'm also directing the department of justice to propose legislation ensuring that those who commit hate crimes and mass murders face the death penalty and that this capital punishment be delivered quickly, decisively and without years of needless delay. these are just a few of the areas of cooperation that we can
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pursue. i'm open and ready to listen and discuss all ideas that will actually work and make a very big difference. republicans and democrats have proven that we can join together in a bipartisan fashion to address this play. last year, we enacted the stop school violence and fix nix act into law providing grants to improve school safety and strengthening critical background checks for firearm purchases. at my direction, the department of justice banned bump stops. last year we prosecuted a record number of firearms offenses. there is so much more that we have to do. now is the time to set destructive partisanship aside.
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so destructive and find the courage to answer hatred with devotion and love. our future is in our control. america will rise to the challenge. we will always have and we always will win. the choice is ours and ours alone. it is not up to mentally ill men st -- monsters. it's up to us. if we're able to pass great legislation after all of these years, we will ensure that those who are attacked will not have died in vain. may god bless the memory of those who perished in toledo. may got protect them. may god protect all of those from texas to ohio. may got bless the victims and their families. may god bless america. thank you very much. thank you.
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>> inside the white house reporters trying to get in a couple of questions to the president. a strong statement condemning what he called crimes against all humanity. the cruelty, the hatred, the malice and saying that america weeps for the fallen. let's bring in nancy from capitol hill. nancy, the president had in a tweet earlier said he would call for stronger background checks, what did you hear in terms of substance? >> reporter: he really didn't get into what kind of background check legislation he would actually support. that's something the democrats were listening for after he kind of opened the door in his tweets this morning. would he actually reverse his position and support the universal background check bill that passed the house back in february. he didn't appear to do that. i'm sure that if reporters have chance to follow up with him and his aides later today they'll try to get some answers about
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that. he did express support for so called red flag laws. these are laws that certain states like indiana have already enacted which allow authorities to detain, sometimes up to two weeks individuals who appear to pose an imminent threat to themselves or to others and to detain their firearms. he appeared to be pushing for law like that on a national level. that's something that some republicans have expressed support for this weekend. one thing that a lot of lawmakers were looking for in this speech is whether he would do something that he has declined to do in the past. that's denounce white supremacy. he did. at the very top of his speech he denounced racism and white supreissu supremacy. something many lawmakers feel is important but they feel it's too late. they believe the president oos own rhetoric over the past couple of years has normalized
7:20 am
the notion of white supremacy in this motion. they think he needs to do a lot more. not only speak out genagainst i but also to curtail his own rhetoric. >> all right. important points about legislation. that phrase in particular when the president said in one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. that was a step further than the president has taken in the past. >> reporter: it really is. in fact, we had to wait for some time in the past after similar instances. remember in charlottesville after a white supremacist rally and the president initially said there are very fine people on both sides of the conflict. after adviser, lawmakers, americans were in his ear urging him, he did that ultimately. this is different. he immediately came out and said this country would not stand for
7:21 am
it. he said they are outrage and sickened by this monstrous evil. he directly mentioned the shooter in el paso who denounced hispanic invasion at the border. some of that language mirrors how president trump talked about the immigration crisis at the border. that's why critics were so quick to draw the link between what happened in el paso and how the president has been talking about these migrants before. in this case he brought up that shooter. he said these sinister ideologies must be defeated and he really did set a different tone than he did in the past when it comes to condemning this hate. >> all right. i want to bring in david. today what is happening here in terms of the suspect? >> we're waiting to see if he appears in court.
7:22 am
we're waiting to see if they file federal hiate crimes. we're waiting to see how it will be handle. here at the scene more people continue to show up. it's quiet here. they stand to look. they stand to pray and they stand to reflect. >> a community still in mourning. thank you so much. our coverage will continue on our 24 hour streaming service. you can watch it at or our news app. there will be more on your local news on this cbs station and tonight on the cbs evening news be. some of you will return now to cbs this morning. this has been a cbs news special report. cbs news, el paso. this summer at panera, we're going all in on strawberries. at their reddest, ripest, they make everything better. like our strawberry poppyseed salad
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this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning it is 7:26. the family of a teenage girl killed at the gilroy garlic festival shooting celebrated her 14th birthday. keyla salazar died at 13, shot and killed last sunday when she stayed to help a relative who used a cane. bart is doing away with the paper tickets and starting the transition to clipper only sales at the 19 street bart station. paper tickets will be gone by next year . the marsh complex fire burning is now 85% contained this morning.
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suffering in his community. welcome back to "cbs this morning." gayle and tony are off, so dana jacobson and jericka duncan are with us. the alleged gunman in el paso, texas, posted his anti-immigrant manifesto online on 8chan before the shooting. cloudflare announced it's dropping the site. other shooting suspects have done the same. jeff pegues is here. what's being done to prevent shootings like this? >> the fbi created a special
7:32 am
task force to study active shooting incidents. their goal to prevent them bying looking at similar links. many attackers are inspired online in message boards and social media are giving the attackers the platform they seek. >> two victims. >> many recent shootings share a troubling connection. the accused killers have left a blueprint for their actions on social media like an attack at a pittsburgh synagogue last year in which 11 people were kill and the massacre in christchurch, new zealand, in which 51 were killed. na
7:33 am
nate snyder has more. >> inside a conference room the fbi has been working to prevent future attacks. they've combed recent shooting cases. andre simons says they've been looking for patterns. >> we find that all of the shooters in our study certainly planned and prepared. some spent almost two years planning their attack. >> reporter: fbi studies found only 25% have been diagnosed with mental illness and shooter typically aren't loaners. the fbi tells us they receive three to four referrals a week that have landed on law enfor enforceme enforcement's radar. but in the majority of cases, people who see the signs of
7:34 am
trouble often before mass shootings often don't call police. >> are the motivating factors the same, different? do they vary? >> usual itly it's a desire for omnipotent control. >> they say it underscores the continued stretch posed by domestic violent extremists and perpetrators of hate crimes. >> all right, jeff. so much information the investigators have, but yet they stop a lot of things we don't hear about. but you can't necessarily prevent some of these things we continue to report on. >> that's right. it's a tough task. they're trying with that unit there to boil down system of the symptoms of the impending attack so they can reach out and say, hey, here's what you can look for, but it's hard to find those one or to thinks. >> or getting somebody to say something. it's the idea of if you see
7:35 am
something, say something. >> that's what i think is so troubling, that you have people who see the signs and people buying weapons and things like that, and yet they don't report it. >> right. exactly. two massacres show how hard it is to keep americans safe from a gunman when they're gathering information in so-called soft targets. what more can be done to protect people from mass violence? john miller, deputy director for police and counterterrorism is in studio 57. you're watching "cbs this morning." 1.5% cash back on everything i buy. earning on my favorite soup... got it. earning on that eclair. don't touch it. don't touch it yet. let me get the big one. nope. this one? nope. this one? no. let me get them all. i'm gonna get them all. it's just the basics. can you double bag this right here? earn 1.5% cash back on everything you buy with freedom unlimited. can you also tell me what it is?
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the mass shootings in texas and ohio add to the grim record on gun violence. there have been at least 255 mass shootings this year. they've killed 273 people and injured more than a thousand others. new york police deputy commissioner john miller testified before congress in 2016 about law enforcement's
7:40 am
support for new gun laws. he made reference to the 2012 sandy hook school shooting. >> some have said when they kill our kindergartners in our schools that would be the straw that broke the camel's back. we talked about that for a while and nothing happened there either. you have to ask yourself have we figured out who we are and do we want to change. >> so is there new momentum for change after the attacks in el paso and dayton? john miller who's also our former senior correspondent is back. welcome back. have you been invited back to capitol hill since that? >> i have been, and by the chairman of that committee for the unveiling of his poits port it. ooh is a very brittle and bipartisan issue, and the fact that we're still talking about it like we can't fix it is strange. >> i want to ask you about this memo that the fbi put out this
7:41 am
weekend, that they were concerned that the domestic violence extremists could be inspired by high-profile attacks. there are professors studying mass killings who said these kinds of things are socially contagious. >> yesterday bill sweeney, the assistant director of the fbi in new york invited us onto a call with the fbi's deputy director. one thing he talked about it is doing a fresh look at this phenomenon and contagion. it's not because you had two horrific incidents in 24 situations in the united states, and this is now ahigh-capacity
7:42 am
magazines. the new york posthas the headline. >> this is a paper for president trump. >> when you look at this, you have to look at these offenders. there's a question here. you had andre simons on with jeff pegues from one of the best profiling units in the world. what they will tell you is one doesn't make the next shooter think, i'll do that too. one makes the next person who's already thinking about it accelerate their plans. and when you have a mix of workplace violence, political agendas, an underpinning of mental health but as andre pointed out -- >> it's not primarily mental health problems. >> it's only medically diagnosed in a quarter of the cases. what you see here though is a
7:43 am
phenomenon of we and on television, there's a distinctive role on that, has given people a chance to rewrite their histories. the stressors are i got thrown out of school, fired by my job. >> dumped by a girlfriend. >> then they say, well, i'm not going to be defined this way. i'm going out literally with a bang, i'm going to take a lot of people out with me. they go through degree advance identification, decide who all their problems are and then target them, sometimes a specific individual. sometimes they name a target and then everybody else who's there. >> sorry to interrupt, but with all these factors out there, for the fbi to investigate that, is it different or do you have the same materials and resources?
7:44 am
>> what we're seeing is a growing crossover, both right winged and extremism. if somebody says i'm going to do something in the name of al qaeda, you're going to do something. there are no domestic terrorist organizations. >> john, as people watch, there time after time we do these stories, we hear the grief if families, from friends, what can people do if anything. we hear from the friend in dayton who said he seemed like a regular guy to me. >> that's a great question. if you look at the offender characteristics, 83% -- let's think about that percentage -- 83% of these offenders have what they call leakage. that means in the days and typically the weeks before they start to say these things to
7:45 am
people around them, educators, peers, fell low employees, tipping and queueing of what's coming up, you're not going to see me around soon, everybody is going to learn what this is a all, you'll be sorry. only a small percentage of people contact authories about that. some will say, what are you talking about. they have to do something. >> that's something that has to change. john, thank you for the insight. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me again. in some of the other stories we're watching, anti-government protests in hong kong. how they're wreaking good monday morning, a gray start with clouds and fog and patchy drizzle thanks to the strong seabreeze kicking in for us.
7:46 am
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(crunching) i'm an ice cruncher. so i was excited about colgate total. it has sensitivity relief, so i don't have to give up doing what i love. aren't we lucky. colgate total. do more for your whole mouth. terrorism. some other news we need to look
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at, and here's vladier duthiers from our streaming network cbsn with other stories we're watching. >> good to see you after this tragic weekend where we're all united. a few stories to talk about including this. new violence rocked hong kong overnight. the new leader warned the british colony is now on the verge of a very dangerous situation. a disruption caused chaos. they blocked trains. more than 200 flights were canceled. this follows a ninth consecutive weekend of demonstrations have have grown increaseningly viole. they're demanding an investigation into the police's force. moving on to this. a florida man who mailed 16 pipe bombs to politicians and cnn before the 2016 election will be
7:51 am
sentenced today. he sent them to president obama, hillary clinton, and actor robert de niro. they're calling for a life sentence. the bombs laden with explosives and shards of glass caused widespread fear. he says he's sorry for the, quote, fear he caused across the country. a third shark attack happened yesterday at smyrna beach. that community is known as the shark bite community of the community. a man was standing in knee-deep water. on saturday two subers were bitten within minutes of each other at the same beat. there have now been five shark bites. >> that's not a title you want
7:52 am
your beach to have. >> i have to say i was swimming in the seas all by myself. i started hearing "jaws" music. >> of el paso about the walmart attack and his community. this is "cbs this morning." (dad) i think it's here. (mom vo) especially at this age. (big sister) where are we going? (mom vo) it's a big, beautiful world out there. (little sister) woah... (big sister) wow. see that? (mom vo) sometimes you just need a little help seeing it. (avo) the three-row subaru ascent. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent during the subaru a lot to love event.
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7:56 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. an investigation is underway in santa clara county after driver slammed into a fire truck, the truck driver was killed. palo alto spire chooses the firefighters were following proper protocol when they're hit . many vendors were forced to leave everything behind and the garlic festival shootings started in gilroy. that didn't stop them from shooting or the moon over the weekend. there asking my two men climbed a crane at a
7:57 am
construction site. eventually both men climbed back down to one person was taken into custody. news of states through the day and that includes our website, ck to schoo and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
7:58 am
let's look at the travel, the traffic is no longer red but just kidding, spoke too soon. a 20 minute ride. in the yellow on 580 and 101 taking a look out to the toll plaza look at that, it does not look like a case of the mondays. however, it does of the san mateo bridge committed to the peninsula. that looks really good, or not that much traffic. here's a look with the cliff house ocean beach camera and you can see the drizzle on the camera because of an onshore flow kicking in mid to high level clouds through the afternoon, seasonal daytime highs 90 concord 84 san jose, 72 oakland and we will cool
7:59 am
down as we head through the work week but warming right back up into the weekend with high-pressure building in. ♪
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. monday, august 5, 2019. welcome back to "cbs this morning." president trump promised an urgent response in his first extensive comments about the back-to-back mass shooting. we will abogo to the white houso look at what he is proposing and get a reality check from capitol hill. how a father who lost his son in the parkland shooting is in el paso making a connection by painting murals. first, here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. two deadly mass shootings 13 hours apart, including one in el paso and another in dayton,
8:01 am
ohio. >> these barbaric slaughters are an assault upon our communities, an attack upon our nation, and a crime against all of humanity. we are outraged and sickened. >> we didn't get into what kind of background check legislation he would actually support, and that's something that democrats were listening for after he kind of opened the door in his tweet. >> he really did set a different tone than he did in the past when it comes to condemning this hate. >> we are waiting to see whether or not the suspect appears in court. people continue to show up. it's quiet here. they stand to look. they stand to pray. they stand to reflect. >> we are telling the rest of the world that if you come into our communities and try to scare us, we will not cower. if you try to come in to our communities and spread hate, we will respond with love.
8:02 am
>> i'm anthony mason. gayle king and tony dokoupil are off. gain a jacobson and jericka duncanen are with us. this morning president trump don semd white supremacy and called for urgent action to protect americans from gun violence in the wake of two deadly mass shootings. he said people who pose an imminent threat to the public should not have access to guns. he just spoke from the white house where he condemned racism in all forms. >> in one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart, and devours the soul. >> the president's words come after back-to-back mass shootings over the weekend that killed at least 29 people.
8:03 am
the victims ranged in age from 15 to 86. in both attacks the shooters used assault-style rifles. chip reid joins us from the white house. chip, what did the president say about his plan to deal with gun violence? >> reporter: well, one interesting thing it is that in his tweets earlier this morning he said, quote, republicans and democrats must come together and get strong background checks. but in his on-camera statement a shrt time ago, he did not mention that. the question now is he already backing off that proposal, which would be highly unpopular among republicans and especially the nra. the president did make some other proposal suggestions. let's listen to some of those. >> we must reform our mental health laws to better identify mentally disturbed individuals who may commit acts of violence and make sure those people not only get treatment, but when necessary involuntary
8:04 am
confinement. mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger. not the gun. >> reporter: nad in addition, t president is directing the department of justice to propose legislation for the death penalty in cases in which there is a mass murder that is motivated by hate. he made very clear that he wants that death penalty in those cases to be delivered quickly and decisively. he also said that law enforcement needs to do a better job identifying people who might do something like this. identifying red flags. he specifically mentioned the parkland shooting and said that people knew that this person might do something like this, but nobody did anything. he also said we need to stop the glorification of violence. he particularly pointed at video games. he said children are surrounded by violence, video game violence in particular, all the time. back to you. >> chip, thank you very much. president trump did not blame
8:05 am
guns for the attacks in el paso and dayton. democrats are calling on senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to reconvene t. it's been nearly 15 years since a ban on assault weapons expired. it became law in 1994 and prohibited certain models of weapons. one study estimates there are 400 million civilian-owned firearms in this country. more than any other country in the world. nancy cordes joins us now from capitol hill. nancy, what are lawmakers proposing at this point? >> well, the house passed a universal background check bill back in february. the house controlled by democrats. eight republicans did join them in passing that bill, and it's been stalled in the republican-controlled senate ever since. the president did express some support earlier this morning for background check legislation,
8:06 am
but the white house is officially on record as threatening to veto that bill. it says that it would be too restrictive for gun owners, would make it too onerous to pass guns on to family members. the question is where would the senate go from here if democrats were to get their way? and get the republican leader to bring all of the senate back for an emergency session. that's something that would be highly unlikely in the best of times. the republican leader, mitch mcconnell, is firmly on recordazzo posing new gun control legislation. but beyond that he fractured his shoulder in a fall at his home over the weekend. so he is probably not that interested in rushing back here to capitol hill. and the question now is, where is the middle ground? earlier this morning the president appeared to be straying into democratic territory when he talked about expanding background checks. in his speech he was back to
8:07 am
saying that mental illness, not guns, is the real culprit here, to which democrats have already responded. mental illness is a problem around the world. video games are used throughout the world. tlt only one wealthy country that has this rate of gun violence, and it's the united states. they say it's about because there are so many more guns here. >> thank you. in his address, president trump made reference to what he called the dark recesses of the internet as a breeding ground for violent behavior. >> we must recognize that the internet has provided a dangerous avenue to radicalize disturbed minds and perform demented acts. we must shine light on the dark recesses of the internet and stop mass murders before they start. >> cbs news chief justice and homeland security correspondent jeff pegues joins us. are investigators monitoring the internet for any additional possible attacks? >> well, they pay attention to what's going on on the internet,
8:08 am
especially if they get tips. you know, they are not going to be monitoring 24 hours a day. that's not what they do. then you have first amendment concerns. but if they see someone making statements online and then taking steps to purchase a weapon or body armor or something like that, then they can open a case. >> we know that the suspected shooter posted this manifesto on 8chan. we heard the president mention that in his remarks. the site has been linked to two other mass shootings. for people at home, what is 8chan? >> to be frank, some people call it a cesspool of hate. it is a lawless message board. that's something else people say. people feel free to just say whatever, and there is really no limit to what they can say and post. and that's why you see in many of these recent incidents, you see that link there. you have the social media and you have something posted on 8chan or 4chan, for that matter.
8:09 am
other sites try to monitor that information that's coming out more closely, but clearly there are people being inspired online. >> jeff, we were talking about this earlier. is there something we can learn from the way we have approached international terrorism when it comes to domestic terrorism like this? >> i think so. you see how the fbi is evolving. they stood up this new cell which combines domestic terrorism and hate crimes. it's a way to share information with the most skilled investors that they have on these on these domestic terrorism cases and hate crime cases. in a lot of ways, yeah, that harkens back to fighting al qaeda and isis. other similarities include isis inspiring people online. you do see the similarities. >> thank you. and we turn now to the investigation into the el paso shooter. overnight the fbi issued a new warning that people inspired by the attacks in texas and ohio could launch new violence.
8:10 am
ctm national correspondent david begnaud is in el paso. david, what do we know right now? >> reporter: i just got a copy of a court document from the district attorney here in el paso saying that charges have been formally filed. i am actually reading them. capital murder is the charge. multiple counts. the accused is requesting a court-appointed attorney and the bond is set at zero. there is a no bond. the 21-year-old gunman who has been cooperating with officials is sitting in the county jail right now. the feds say they may end up filing their own charges and some of those charges could be firearms charges as well as hate crimes charges. right now we are trying to figure out whether the suspected gunman is expected to go in front of a judge today. we have a law enforcement source telling cbs news the gunman has been speaking to authorities in detail. not just with yes or no answers. he apparently, according to our law enforcement source, has told police he was motivated to do what he did because of his objection to hispanic immigrants in this country.
8:11 am
>> david, thank you. we are watching another big story on wall street this morning. trade tensions with china led to a sharp drop in stocks this morning. the dow jones industrial average has plummeted more than 600 points at one ypoint as new concerns over the u.s./china trade conflict rattled investors. other major indices fell sharply. investors are concerned the worsening trade war could lead to a global economic slowdown. the catalyst for today's plunge was beijing's willingness to let the currency drop below a key level against the dollar for the first time in a decade making its exports cheaper. this follows president trump's threat last week to impose good monday morning we have onshore flow kicking in and that's why it is a cloudy, foggy and drizzly start to the
8:12 am
day. the mid and high-level clouds and the daytime highs seasonal for this time of your 90 concord, 84 san jose, 72 oakland 66 san francisco. we will cool down for the work week but warming up for the weekend. have a great day.
8:13 am
the father of a parkland, florida, shooting victim has a powerful message of support for el paso. ahead, how he was in the city by coincidence to demand change on gun violence when the violence broke out. he is planning to paint a mural in honor of his son. it's a very powerful story coming up here on "cbs this morning." good morning to you and welcome to "cbs this morning." >> we begin with breaking news. >> begins with the right questions. >> police discovered a motive. >> does the president have a red line here?
8:14 am
>> awjoin gayle king, anthony mason, and tony dokoupil on "cbs this morning." >> we know a little more this morning. >> this is a major development. >> this is a very serious situation. >> more news every morning on the show everyone is talking about. >> much more news ahead. >> "cbs this morning." this summer at panera, we're going all in on strawberries. at their reddest, ripest, they make everything better. like our strawberry poppyseed salad and new strawberry summer caprese salad. order online for delivery. panera. food as it should be woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine...
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8:18 am
a father who is no stranger to gun violence is providing comfort to the people of el paso following the mass shooing there. manual oliver travels the world painting murals of his son. oliver happened to be in el paso over the weekend and jonathan vigliotti spoke with him. jonathan, what an incredible journey for this man. >> it has been. what a tragic one it has been
8:19 am
too. manuel tells me his goal is to give his son a voice. this is joaquin's face. over the past 18 months manuel has been going town to town to introduce americans to him, one street corner at a time. >> my number one role here is to let even know who joaquin oliver is. not was, is. >> reporter: joaquin oliver would have turned 19 yesterday. he was one of the students gunned down at parkland. his fathere is giving his son a voice one mural at a time. el paso happened to be his next spot. >> reporter: then i got a tweet on my phone. >> the shooter was allegedly targeting mexicans? >> latinos.
8:20 am
>> you're an immigrant as well. >> yes. >> do you feel safe walking around the streets putting up a mural? >> i don't think any of us feel safe. we're all targets. as long as we don't do anything about it. >> reprter: in february oliver interrupted a capitol hill hearing on international background checks when one congressman suggested instead building a wall. >> this is not a blue or red thing. this is both efforts. i need to get out there and send the right message. >> reporter: part of that message, to stop spreading hate. >> when you hear some politicians telling them go home -- >> when you say go home, this is home for me. i wasn't lucky enough to be born here like many of you. i decided to move my family and kids to another nation.
8:21 am
the price i paid for that is losing my son. >> a father fighting for change by keeping the faces of the lives lost in our minds. >> what do you see. >> what do i see in him? >> yes. >> i see an activist, not a victim. >> this mural was to be a birthday celebration, but in light of this weekend's attacs,s he wroeld el paso, no esta solo. el paso, you are not alone. >> he's not alone. >> i have a 19-year-old son. i so admire what he's doing in his son's name here. it's really powerful to me. >> waiting for him to find some peace. that's got to be tough. coming up, we'll cover the shootings in el paso and dayton. for a while we'll shift our
8:22 am
focus. ahead, what he's urging white americans to do. plus w a raw talent and huge smile, 11-year-old skye brown is already a skateboarding phenom. sea how she's training for the ol olympics. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ the last of the 2019s won't last long. ♪ what makes an amazing deal even better? how 'bout that every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a two-year or 25,000-mile no-cost maintenance plan, with roadside assistance. ♪ save on the last of the 2019s! ♪ toyota. let's go places. some big news from mr. clean. stop struggling to clean tough messes with sprays. try new clean freak! it has three times the cleaning power of the leading spray to dissolve kitchen grease on contact. and it's great for bathrooms! just keep pumping the power nozzle to release a continuous burst of mist
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8:25 am
this is a kpix 5 news morning update. good morning, scary moments for passengers on this small plane, the cessna overshot the runway yesterday, three people were on board and are okay. no word on what went wrong. alcatraz visitors will notice big changes on their way to the island, the peer is getting a new makeover. work on the improvements could begin by the end of the year. the city of san francisco is cracking down on pedestrian and and by six oh safety. lease will perform traffic safety operations throughout the month, news updates throughout the day in your favorite platforms including our
8:26 am
8:27 am
we are following a traffic alert on 580, let's take a look at the map and an overall big picture of the traffic alert, lots of bread. eastbound 580 at edwards and 13, right there basically causing delays eastbound and westbound direction. all but one lane excuse me, all lanes closed with the exception of once a one lane is open. that was hard for me to say.
8:28 am
there is an accident with one lane blocked on highway 4 at san marco boulevard, slowing things down as your tried to get to 680 southbound. 680 northbound at scott creek rotor you are in the slow thomas slow speeds, 13 miles per hour leaving the south bay. not a great situation. things have eased up a little bit. this drivetime is now in the yellow as it is every where else. a lot of great for the skies. a drizzle start to the day because of this onshore flow and the seabreeze kicking in come here's a look with the ocean beach cliff house camera. through the day mid to high level clouds and land and for parts of the day but for the bay it is looking at partly sunny skies and cloudy on the coast. daytime high is seasonal and 90 concord, san jose 72 oakland, 66 san francisco. the seabreeze kicks in through the week and that means the
8:29 am
temperatures will be dropping down to below average for this time of year but by the end of the work week we will be back up for the weekend.
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." it's time to bring you some of the stories that are the tuck of the table this mog. this is where we each pick a story we like to share with each other and each of you. jericka, start us off. >> this is about former quarterback chant bailey. he was inducted into the pro football hall of fame over the weekend. it was about a 30-minute speech but it was at the end he delivered a very powerful message on race relations. take a listen. >> the first thing people see when they look at me, is not a pro football hall of famer or a husband or a father.
8:31 am
they view me first as a black man, so on behalf of all the black men that i mention tonight and many more out there who's had the most of the same experiences i've had in my lifetime, we say this to all of our white friends. when we tell you about our fears, please listen. when we tell you we're afraid for our kids, please listen. when we tell you there are many casualties we face because of the color of our skin, please listen. >> so as you heard, just a cry for people to listen, take those ncns seriously, and to have someone like him say that, it's great. >> on that platform at that moment. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> we've heard it from other athletes before, too, but this idea of sticking to sports, there is no reason. they have a voice, they have a platform, and as you said, that
8:32 am
gives people very reason. >> he even said at one point the things that made him so good on t field are things that would have but him in danger. fast food giant mcdonald's may have figured out the trick to have people eat healthier food. coke zero went to the upper left and coca-cola went down lower. look what happened in a three-month study. coke zero up 30%, coc coca coy down 7th. in the first week it went down 7% for coca-cola. it's where it's located. people tend to look at eye level versus looking down. take a look at that if you're forced to make that choice. >> you could change people's diet. >> completely.
8:33 am
all that sugar taken out. my story is a french inventor, frankie za papa has made history by being the first to fly acr my story is frankie saparto will have her board over the english channel. he had to switch to a backpack and ended up in the ocean the first time but this time he made it pick you may have noticed he also appeared on but still day. that is incredible. >> that is incredible . >> the future is right there. we could all get around like that. it could be a mass. >> it could be. >> we might want to regulated a little up in the air. this morning, we are focusing on the question, is there anything wrong with being average? we are looking for answered and
8:34 am
this is our continuing series with ted, ideas that matter. as students prepare to go back to school. educator, daniel maas says average and students deserve more attention and recognitions . >> the kids we think we can ignore because their needs for support don't seem particularly urgent, there is a coworker who actually keep the engines of our organizations running but who are not seen as the innovators that drive excellence. in many ways, we overlook the folks in the middle because they don't keep us up awake at night wondering what crazy thing they are going to come up with next. >> danielle maas is the ceo of oliver scholars which helps black students in underserved immunities prepare for college. you call this the forgotten middle. explain what that means . >> i think, in my career as an educator, i saw lots of focus
8:35 am
on the highest performing students and a level of high accountability on how well the lowest performance students did or did not do and most students are kind of in the middle, right? so there aren't a lot of resources or attention paid to the vast majority of our kids. >> and we are missing out on something? >> we are evidently missing out on something. >> your tech talk, you said there are unclaimed lottery tickets in the middle? >> absolutely, there's a lot of potential. sometimes kids just need to be exposed and ignited. you can't aspire to do something you've never heard of and so we have to kind of figure out, how can we expose kids and give them opportunities and get them excited about learning again. excited about learning again. >> and how bus was it in terms of having someone in your life
8:36 am
who say, you're. but your mom steps in and said i skpenl more of you. how did you perceive that? >> it was pretty transformational. in my middle school years, i was pretty average, 65%, 75ch grades. my mother knew i was capable of a lot more. one summer much to my dismay she had me go to summer school. i said, i'm not failing. she said, you're also not reaching your potential. and it was in that space that i really reconnected with my aspirations amount had the opportunity to connect with teachers that in a way we don't get to do during the skoors yool. >> some of those peanuter people don't necessarily excel in
8:37 am
school among other things. >> it doesn't mean college only. so we have an obligation to give all of our kids the respect of saying, i think something more is possible for you. and we don't always get to write the end of their story. >> no. >>. we're not looking at whether we're setting expectations. sometimes we resign ourselves to the circumstances kids find themselves in. >> you ha a basic question shift that could help childre achieve or at least reach higher goals when it comes to college. >> right. i took the question do you want to go to college to what college would you like to attend. nobody in my family ever asked me if i wanted to go to college. it was kind of an assumed expectation, so i always had that at the back of my mind that
8:38 am
was something that was expected of me in my household. >> that certainly shoots the expectation. what about those in the middle? is there anything wrong with being average. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with being average. most have average moments in their lives. >> mostly average that not you anthony. >> no one at this table. i think there are times when my role as a mother or commitment to my family took first place, and so maybe your career takes a back seat. we have to get comfortable with that. we're really tuned in to sound bites and glitz and glamour and excellence, but it's hard to kind of maintain yourself at that level, 24/7. >> in everything you do. >> this is a significant point. if keds are perceived to be
8:39 am
average and you push for more -- i guess you can push a kid too hard is what i'm saying. >> i don't think you can push a kid too hard. i think we owe the kids the opportunity and rae expect of saying i think something more is possible, even if they don't react in the moment. you know, e've had the opportunity of staying in touch with students that i taught in the early '90s. they don't get it always when you want them to get it. it's so rewarding to have them come back 15, 20 years later and say, you know what, you were on to something and i eventually got a degree. i just wasn't. >> i'm going to use a casey kay sum line, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. thank you very much. we meet a skateboarder who's just 11 years old with big hopes of competing in the 2020
8:40 am
olympics. >> even if i fall or get hurt, that won't stop me to do what i love. i don't care what happens to me. i just want to skate. some people think it's kind of a boy's sport, but i think girls good monday morning to you. is a great start. we have the clouds, the fog, even patching drizzle this morning. all thanks to the strong sea breeze kicking in for us. as we head to the afternoon, we will see mid-and high-level clouds, 90 for concord, 84% is a, 72 oakland, 66, san francisco, cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast. temperatures cool down to the work week, below average by the middle part of the week. moving back up by the weekend. here's one you guys will like.
8:41 am
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skateboarding will make its debut in the tokyo olympic games next year. already one 11-year-old is setting her sights on taking part. sky brown became the first to land a front dive, 540. that's a big deal. that extremely difficult trick is 1 1/2 turns and rotation of her board. jamie yuccas introduces us to the feiercest little girl with giant personality. >> reporter: skye brown is a force of nature. >> i love skateboarding. it's my happy place. >> happy and competent as she fiercely tested the bowl. >> i'm love makeup, dresses,
8:45 am
jewel jewelry. i want girls to know they can be a girlie girl and do sports. >> reporter: skye comes to southern california to ride and compete, half british, half japanese, her home is across the pasting in japan, and while her raw talent is makeling waves in the sport, skye is also a natural in the surf. >> i usually wake up at 4:00 and wake up my parents. i'll have to be in the water by at least 6:00. >> are they ever like, kid, go back to bed? >> yeah. >> reporter: skye's been riding since she was a tiny tot. she entered her first contest at the able of 7, and by 8 skye became the youngest girl to compete as a pro. now at 11:00, she's been added to great britain's national team with the hopes of competing in the 2020 olympics in tokyo. >> i heard you don't have a coach. >> no, i don't have a coach. >> how do you practice and learn
8:46 am
how do tricks? >> if i see somebody do a trick, i'll be like i want to do it. i keep doing it and doing it and doing it until i make it. >> reporter: ocean is 9-year-old brother to skye. he seems to mimic his sister in all things. >> what is your sister like? is she funny? >> yeah, she's really funny. >> reporter: skye finds fun in everything even when she falls. after a trip to the e.r., she got a pink cast and was back on her board. >> even if i fall or get hurt, that won't stop me to do what i love. i don't care what happens to me. i just want to skate. >> reporter: close to 400,000 follow her adventures on instagram where skye is often seen sailing through the air without a pell met. in competition skaters under 18 are required to wear one. >> do you think kids should wear
8:47 am
a helmet? >> yeah, i think they should wear a helmet. it protects you and keeps you safe. >> reporter: skye is not guaranteed a spot in the olympics. she has to accumulate points over the next year proving she's among the best. >> what is sky doing for the sport. >> well, i think she's opening up a lot of eyeballs. >> reporter: one who's got his eye on her -- >> her drive also comes with a lot of heart. boyle help team her up with skateesdan that helped the underprivileged in the world. >> i feel that when you skate, you forget. you think about happiness. you don't i about what you're struggling through. >> when you're only 11 and thinking that big, the sky really is the limit.
8:48 am
for "cbs this morning," jamie yucc yuccas, huntington beach, california. >> that's awesome. skye brown is chasing another dream. she'd also like to compete in surfing. that's another sport. don't count her out. we've seen skateboarding go to snowboarding, so why not surfing. >> her parents were onto something when they named her skye. >> she loves skating. that's her happy place. before we go, how a 6-year-old is teaching everyone an important lesson on the first day of school. we'll be right back. you know when you're at ross and you score the perfect outfit? ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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before we go, a 6-year-old from georgia is teaching us all an important lesson on kindness. blake asked his mother to make this orange shirt for him that says, i will be your friend. he plans to wear it on his first day of school again. after being bullied, he wants people to know they're not alone. his mother posted it on facebook. a powerful reminder, we should never underestimate the power of in a young one's mind. >> just be nice to each other. just be nice. >> we need a lot more kindness in the world right now. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell tonight.
8:53 am
she'll continue our coverage with the mass shooting from el paso, texas. we'll see you tomorrow right here on "cbs this morning." bye-bye.
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this is a kpix 5 news at morning update . >> good morning, it's a:55. i michelle griego. victims who left everything behind can get their cars and belongings today at antonio double nickel elementary school between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm. you must bring a driver's license, proof of registration and insurance. the marsh complex fire burning in custer county is 85% contained this morning. marsh creek road is expected to stay closed through the rest of the morning but evacuation and shelter-in-place orders have been lifted. today, bart is doing away
8:56 am
with paper tickets and starting the transition to clipper only sales starting at the 19th street oakland bart station. paper tickets are expected we got by next year. news updates throughout the day on your favorite platforms including our website, we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour.
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8:58 am
still in place. eastbound 580 right there ed edwards, all except for one mind are blocked. you are backed up significantly as you try to get past that. also, in the westbound direction, as you are driving by it, it is slow going as well. now want the highway 4 where this accident has been cleared but the delays are in place. and this one right there at 680 in the south bay, you are in the green now on highway 4 now that the accident has been cleared but in the yellow still on 101, 80 and a five eddie. mary? >> emily, we have the clouds, the fog and patchy drizzle. that is all because of the onshore flow kicking in for us. a live look with our ocean beach camera. you can see the drizzle on the live camera. as we go through the day, slightly cooler temperatures, seasonal for this time of year. 90 in concord, 88, livermore, 84, the high in san jose, 72 in
8:59 am
oakland and 66 for san francisco. we are looking at partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies with those mid to high-level clouds in the sky. also, those clouds are hanging around along the coast with cool and breezy conditions omit upper 80s and low 90s inland today. low to mid 60s for the coast, cooling down as we head to the week.
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