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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 6, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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morning. it's tuesday, august 6. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. let's go to mary lee for the forecast. we have clouds, fog and drizzle and you can see that on the ocean beach click post camera with the drizzle on the live cam and once again, all because of the onshore flow with temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s and going through the day, we see more sunshine for most of us in the daytime highs are slightly cooler, as well. 86 in concord, 83 for the high in san jose and looking at 70 in oakland and mid-60s in san francisco, cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast and in the low 60s. we will continue with that cool down and i will have the forkful forecast coming up. i'm oubleds and let's trel time loong atalt in the yellow and it is
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creeping into the 30s, 31 minutes. at the altamont pass, still in the green on 80, highway 4 and fyi, the travel alert on 101 has been canceled. all lanes on 380 fully open and functional. great news for those going up the peninsula and those going into or out of marin county, it's foggy and you will need extra time. for traffic, it's clear. the metering lights are not yet on at the bay bridge this morning but they will be soon. looking at that traffic stacked up, getting close to the 880 flyover this morning and the san mateo bridge is also busy westbound commute. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk and north korea has fired up another series of ballistic missiles. it's causing international concern. this is the fourth launch in two weeks and the pentagon is calling them short range ballistic missiles and the
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north apparently is upset over prescheduled military exercises by the u.s. and south korea and we are hearing from some of those countries with the defense minister of japan saying this is a serious threat. south korea's defense minister is tempered in her response saying it is against the spirit of prior agreements with the u.s. defense secretary, mark esper, saying the u.s. is not going to overreact to the tests. this morning, one person is dead following a pursuit and crash. let's go to kpix5 with jackie ward and she's live with napa pd with the latest. >> reporter: michelle, we are live in napa where investigators are working right now to try to determine the circumstances that led up to this fatal crash. take a look how it ended with a white car flipping over onto its back and that's how this whole thing ended last night. it's a long big ranch road just
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north of the intersection with el centro avenue and it started just after 7:30 last night. napa police learned of a suspicious parked car behind the raley's and the driver was reportedly passed out when medics got there and police ivs police tried iver er but the car kept going. they deployed a spike strip on big ranch road and that caused the driver to lose control. the car tried to swerve around the spikes in the car crashed just before 8:00 and flipped over with two people taken to queen of the valley medical center where the passenger died and the driver is unknown with his condition. the roads around the crash scene have since reopened. live in napa, jackie ward, kpix5. also, a pedestrian was hit and killed by a car around 9:00 with the lanes on 29 closed
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between rutherford and zinfandel lane for about three hours. it's since reopened and it's not clear what caused the crash. firefighters and napa county knocked down a 2-acre fire that started near downed power lines overnight and pg&e said an oak tree knocked down power lines that wouldn't valley and wooden valley crossroads, leaving 200 customers in the dark. the fire started there but officials have not said if the power lines started the fire. developing this morning, the u.s. stock index futures are rebounding with the central bank stabilizing currency and at one point, key indices in china, hong kong and japan fell between 1% and 3% but have bounced back and australia is seeing major selloffs by
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sink to the lowest level against the dollar in more than a decade. it makes chinese products cheaper on the worldwide marker which can hurt u.s. manufacturers. overnight, china reversed course. in a series of tweets, president donald trump accused china of, quote, currency manipulation and at follows threats of more tariffs on $300 billion worth of chinese goods. the new tax levies would extend tariffs to nearly all chinese goods. china has not ruled out the possibility of slapping tariffs on american products. gilroy police and the fbi in san francisco will hold a joint press conference with new information on the deadly garlic festival shooting. a funeral is planned in san jose for one of the youngest victims of that mass shooting, keyla salazar and it comes three days after what should have been her 14th birthday and services begin at 11:00 at our lady of guadalupe church on san antonio street. the family gathered to remember her life at a san jose park on sunday. she was one of three killed and 13 injured in the shooting nine days ago. 5:05 and let's look at the white house with president donald trump expected to travel
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both to paso and dayton, ohio, tomorrow, in the wake of the deadly mass shootings. both cities are grieving as they try to come to grips with the horrific events that shook their communities. in dayton, investigators are trying to figure out why a gunman opened fire early sunday morning killing nine including his sister. police said they moved in and killed the shooter, 24-year-old connor betts in less than one minute and people who knew him said there were red flags. >> he was somebody who made me feel afraid when i knew him as a teenager. >> i would like to know that everyone that did pass away is at peace and in a better place. >> 1300 miles away, people in el paso, texas, are going through the same grieving process after a gunman killed more than 20 at a walmart store. >> when he got here, he was lost in a neighborhood and then he found his way to the walmart and we understand he was
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hungry. >> 21 euros suspected gunman, patrick crusius, posted an anti- immigrant manifesto just before the shooting and has been charged with capital murder. prosecutors intend to seek the death penalty. taking a live look in el paso, a massive memorial. there are candles, cards and american and mexican flags. a bay area company has been thrust into the el paso shooting investigation. cloudflare has taken down a controversial message board called 8chan where the suspect in el paso allegedly had posted a racist manifesto and it marks a major stanaiinarat. they protect websites like 8chan from cyberattacks but critics say it allowed extremists to spread hate without opposition. >> whether you condone it or
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provide a platform for this kind of rhetoric, you will be associated with it. >> the cloudflare ceo said 8chan's lack of laws inspired the shootings in el paso. president donald trump condemns white nationalism after these shootings. >> in one voice, or nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. >> the president pledged more federal resources to combat domestic terrorism and recommended curbing, quote, the glorification of violence found in video games and restricting access to firearms for the mentally ill to pose a threat with many democrats blaming the, past time you addressed it for what it is, hatred, pure and simple and it's fueled by rhetoric that is so divisive that it is causing people to die. >> he's incited racism, invited
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consequences for his actions. >> i'm furious that this continues to happen and that congress does nothing about it and the president does nothing about it. >> according to a gun violence research group come the u.s. averages more than one mass shooting a day so far this year. jury deliberations resume in the ghost ship trial and the jury is trying to decide whether the defendants, derrick alemena and max harris, are responsible for the deaths of 36 people. the two each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 warehouse fire and the jury could not reach a verdict in the first two days of deliberations last week and we will bring you the verdict alive when it's announced. police say a man is under arrest, accused of trying to break intoa cal fraternity wi z su on fity row and they say this is a loaded
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gun he was brandishing and pointing at passing cars before trying to break into that frat house with several students not feeling safe after a recent murder, sexual assault and other violent crimes in the nearby people's park. >> people have been shot, robbed and it's really scary. i don't feel like the school will watch to keep us safe. >> authorities said perez did not respond to commands and they had to tackle him before arresting him. they found ammunition in his car parked nearby. straight ahead, not a forecast we want to hear and what is fueling a potentially explosive california fire season. we will talk about the fire season outlook and also, a great start with clouds and fog and also patchy drizzle this morning. we'll talk about that cool down through the week with details coming up. there are already some hotspots on the roads. in your approach to the toll plaza, there are two issues
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on the fire watch this morning, another forecast predicts a busy wildfire season
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this year and the national interagency fire center in boise, idaho, said northern california could be going into a very active fire season and it predicts heavy fuel loads left by heavy winter rains that will dry out this month producing increased fire risk into october, when warm conditions and possibly strong wind could make that fuel particularly dangerous. >> all three of those topics should be aligned and it creates something hard for us to control with the wind speeds of 50 miles-an-hour, really hard to get ahead of these fires and stop them. the forecast calls for warmer and drier than normal conditions in northern california this fall. a possible solution in sonoma county to solve the ongoing housing crisis in the bay area. police are helping to have a parkside project to build affordable homes with 200 units, making it the largest development of its kind for the
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construction manager said it is beyond needed after the deadly wine country fires in 2017. >> i live in sonoma county. i'm relieved for something like this coming to the area. r the res, there was so many people displaced and we needed something like this. >> the parkside project as part of a much larger 1200 homes subdivision being built next door and phase 1 of the project is said to be completed by next spring. housing project that had been shelved in san bruno may have a chance. state regulators said san bruno may have violated california law when the city rejected the mixed-use development last month. the mills park project met all of the general plans, zoning and designed review standards which means it could only be denied if it would hurt public health. the city council is expected to meet privately in the coming weeks. heads up, about to be a
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late night train shutdown was service stopping between the embarcadero and west portal stations at 9:30 every night starting august 12 for 2 weeks. from 9:30 until 1:30, shuttle buses will replace light rail service and after 1:00, the muni owl network will return to its normal schedule. it's part of a maintenance project where the crews will work on the tracks and on the equipment underground. let's see how mass transit and the roads are looking. so far, on time for mass transit but i feel like it will be busy with things popping up all morning, even starting at 4:30, and it might be the day to take mass transit as everything is running on time. the overall big picture for your maps, the roadways are looking good with a few exceptions that will slow you down. this cleared within the last few minutes with a car fire westbound on 24 and it looks like they've gotten that out of
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the way. this accident is still in play westbound and right as you come across the carquinez bridge, it doesn't seem to be slowing anybody down and it might be early for those commuters. tothe altamont pass, 14 miles out of the tracy triangle and then back to a good speed of 60 toward the dublin interchange. westbound 84 seeing slowing but nothing on 680 with that commute time 36 minutes out of the altamont pass and creeping up to 40. in the green on the eastshore freeway, and 101, where the early traffic alert is now fully cleared and good to go. the golden gate bridge is foggy and it's actually foggy all the way from wolf ridge prince southbound 101, go slow because it's low visibility. in the meantime, the bay bridge is stacking up. the metering lights are on and it's slow going approaching the toll plaza. when you are pass there, good
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to go. >> you are a poet and didn't even know it. a great start once again with the clouds in the fog and even patchy drizzle along the coast this morning and here is a live look with low clouds and temperatures in the mid-50s. 60 in livermore and 61 in san jose. for parts of the bay and even inland locations, a gray start with 2 miles visibility at half moon bay and that is because of the onshore flow and that will be the case through the day. through the week, cooler for us down to below average through the week. the microclimate forecast for
5:19 am
the coast, cool, cloudy and breezy and low 60s in the bay, mid-to upper 60s and 70s and mostly sunny to partly sunny, with inland spots upper 80s to low 90s with plenty of sunshine. a little more sun compared to yesterday and fire season, the outlook is with so much rain, record rainfall this past winter and spring and that has increase the fuel that could burn with a slow spot to fire season and not a lot of wind or heat but one offshore wind could change things dramatically and quickly so we are watching that closely for you. going through the day, we have a ridge of high pressure continuing to move away from us with a low pressure system the dominant weather feature for us today and through the week. it will help usher increase the through the day today, the cloud cover pushes back to the coast. clearing for most of us tomorrow morning with some fog
5:20 am
and patchy drizzle tomorrow morning and cooler temperatures for tomorrow. daytime highs seasonable for this time of year and south bay and santa clara, 83 an 88 for morgan hill and los gatos, 86 and low 90s in antioch and brentwood. mid-60s in berkeley and san francisco, upper 60s in alameda and 70 in oakland with daytime highs at 90 in cloverdale with a cool down heading through the work week and just in time for the weekend, we warm right back up with plenty of sunshine. you hear of people rescuing pets all the time. >> and a special case, a human and dog rescued each other. michael and abby stumbled into an activity right here that they would learn together to form an unbreakable bond, surfing. >> they said she looked ready to go, why don't we see if she will ride it and we gently
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tipped her in the wave and she rolled the whole thing. she has given me a purpose that has completely changed my life. >> the canine surfing champ is now known around the world and their story tonight on the new kpix5 news at 7:00. even the dogs like it. >> that's cool. stoned posts? the hazards of posting on social media while under the influence. let's go outside as we look at the golden gate bridge with some traffic and we are coming right back.
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better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. good morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are clearly on and it is clearly stacking up westbound into san francisco. it's not a bad delay. we were just past the 880 flyover and on the down offramp, that's what it's called, onto the toll plaza into san francisco. then, you move at a better rate of speed with no issues once you get to the city. in health watch, a british study shows conflicts may be linked to behavior problems in a
5:25 am
toddler. moms that were stressed ou during pregnancy were more likely to see their 2-year-olds display temper tantrums, restlessness and spiteful nest. it highlights the need for support for expectant fathers as well as mothers. a large stanford study indicates pivotal response treatment may best motivate children with autism to speak. it encourages communication by zeroing in on specific objects that interest the children and it may increase communication skills and broaden social abilities. and new york university study tracking young adults found more than one third posted on social media while high with most regretting it with researchers saying marijuana users were at high risk for that. some cancer survivors in southern toa day of pamperineirl
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during the salon. heidi cohen has stage iv cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and she brought her mother to the salon, also a survivor, to relax and learn the basics of beauty. >> my life is different now. >> i'm aging and going through chemo and i don't know a lot. such a beautiful community and the opportunity to help with cancer patients not only to survive but thrive. tower cancer research sponsored the makeovers and every stylist donated time and products. breaking news in the case of two american teenagers accused of killing an italian police officer. the hotel room search overnight. police in napa are investigating a fatal police pursuit that ended with a crash and we tell you what happened next. can my side be firm?
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now at 5:30, a driver leads bay area police on a chaise. this morning, how it came to a deadly and. a teenager with almost a million followers on youtube is banned for hate speech. a video that went too far. the cooldown continues and where we will see the biggest drop in temperatures. good morning. it's tuesday, august 6 and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi. let's keep that streak going but it looks foggy? we will see sunshine through the day but that cooldown will continue and you will feel the difference inland with temperatures cooler compared to yesterday. here is a live look to san jose and 61 in san jose and also concord, 59 in oakland and livermore.
5:31 am
we are looking at temperatures that are seasonable for this time of year and mid-60s for daytime highs in san francisco and 70 in oakland and exactly where we should be this time of year. 83 in san jose an 86 in concord, 2 degrees cooler in concord through the day and we will talk about the cooldown through the work week with details coming up. at 5:31, we track your main travel times from our realtime traffic center. in the yellow from the onto month pass and in the green for those of you on highway 4, the eastshore freeway or 101. 37 minutes and creeping up by one minute from the altamont pass. the golden gate bridge is foggy and you might need extra time not just on the golden gate, but more foggy over wolf ridge with visibility not great and take your time heading in this morning. the bay bridge metering lights are on westbound as you come
5:32 am
into the city and when you get past the toll plaza, not much of a problem and you are backed up closer to the maze but at the 880 flyover, and play at the san mateo bridge, still an injury accident in the approach to the toll plaza and you can't see it from this picture but there is a delay off the nimitz as you try to approach the toll plaza but you are moving along just fine past the toll plaza westbound at the san mateo bridge. i'm anne makovec and we have new video just in of the search of the hotel room where the two teenagers, the bay area teenagers accused of killing an italian police officer were staying. the lawyers for the two teenagers were at the property this morning. the teenagers are named finnegan elder and gabriel natale-hjorth. the lawyers have petitioned to get their clients released from
5:33 am
jail but no court date has been set and they are accused of stabbing an officer as he was talking to them about allegations of a drug deal and a stolen backpack. we are waiting to find out when the next court appearance might be. i'm jackie ward live at napa headquarters where they are investigating a fatal crash and there was a pursuit involved and it happened last night. it's intense with this car completely flipping over on its back off the side of the road. this is a long big ranch road north of the el centro avenue and it started just after 7:30 and this was behind a raley's where the driver was reportedly passed out and when medics got there, they said the driver de ranch road and the car tried ar
5:34 am
the car crash just before 8:00 and two people were taken to queen of the valley medical center where the passenger died. we don't know the condition this morning and at one point both nampa police and chp were on the scene on the roads were blocked off but this morning, everything is now back open. 5:34 and a popular youtube user with more than 800,000 followers is booted from the site for hate speech and she goes by soph on youtube. the 14-year-old is popular with the far right and the less video she posted before her account was taken down included a rant against the lgbtq community and other videos include anti-muheutube id they the channel for violating community guidelines on hate speech and the account had accrued three streaks in the same 90 day period. >> we are seeing pressure on
5:35 am
facebook and twitter and youtube to start moderating those services and going in and not just taking down the obvious stuff about terrorism and child pornography, but all that stuff. go the next step and say this is hate speech. >> the videos still appear on an alternative site called ute and she is still on twitter. after her youtube channel went down, soph reportedly threatened youtube headquarters and then later deleted that and said it was not meant to be taken seriously. president donald trump is expected to visit el paso and dayton tomorrow after 31 people died in two separate mass shootings. investigators in ohio are trying to determine the motive for the shooting that claimed nine lives including the gunman's sister. this is a live look in e memorial with candles, cards and american and mexican flags lining the barrier around the
5:36 am
walmart store where the shooting happened. police said the 21-year-old gunman posted an anti-immigrant manifesto just before the rampage. president donald trump condemns hate-filled violence and stress is combating mental illness but stopped short of calling for stricter gun laws. governor gavin newsom wants a national law by california that requires ammunition buyers to submit background checks before every purchase. >> i'd like to see all background checks for purchases. guns are a dangerous component. >> newsom said the topic of ammunition sales is often overlooked and is a major contributor to gun related deaths. an east bay congressman wants congress to go back in session to regulate gun >>it's goto stop and it will stop if the u.s. congress, the republicans and democrats decide that we will listen to evidence-based research and institute policies that the
5:37 am
rest of the world does. it still protects second amendment's right and will help to reduce these events. >> he has co-authored a bill that would mandate universal background checks and it passed the house but the senate has yet to take it up. back to school is near and the san jose unified district found a way to get qualified teachers in their classrooms to help with a shortage of special ed teachers. the district said it will pay tuition at san jose state for the two years, the time it takes to get certified and the amount comes out to roughly $20,000 per participant and covers not only tuition, but testing fees, a borrowed mac laptop and a provided mentor. >> without highly qualified people in those roles, we were struggling as a district and special education is a high
5:38 am
needs ofis complex. we see more turnover in that area than other parts. >> the 30,000 districts in th student area have 10% that are special needs and they struggle to fill those positions each year. lots of school districts are reopening. oakland unified begins classes on august 12th and san francisco is on the 19th. san jose is suing walgreens and other drugstores over the sale of opioids. they say drugstores and big pharma companies have fueled the opioid epidemic and the civil lawsuit claims they aggressively pushed addictive drugs onto the patients. cvs and walgreens have yet to respond. many if you have fewer options to redeem recyclables. the largest chain of recycling centers has closed its doors and the move shutters more than 280 locations and leaves 750
5:39 am
employees without jobs. trouble started brewing when nearly 200 recycling centers were closed. wall street's stocks had the worst day of the year yesterday and marc liverman is live at the new york stock exchange with the money watch report. >> reporter: trade tensions with china sank the markets as the trading week open, making monday the worst single week of trading with the dow dropping 767 points and the nasdaq dropped 278 points and the nasdaq lost 87. beijing allowed its currency to reach an 11-year low hoping to reduce damage from tariffs. the u.s. responded by labeling china a currency manipulator and it could lead to more sanctions on chinese goods. a former executive at the dating site, tender, is suing the company. it alleges the former ceo, greg blatt, sexually sad a woman in 2016.
5:40 am
the former executive said she was then fired in retaliation for the complaint and seeks an unspecified amount of damages, including wrongful termination and sexual battery among other charges. mcdonald's said the paper straws that are meant to protect the environment can't actually be recycled and should be thrown away with other trash. what else can you tell us? >> reporter: yes. according to the fast food giant, the materials are recyclable but the thickness of the straw makes it difficult for them to be processed by waste solution providers and the reason they are so thick comes after negative feedback on the original paper straws were customers complained they were too's sake and made the milkshakes hard to drink. >> a tough situation. the debate about plastic straws versus paper straws will continue for a long time. >> reporter: people are worked up about it, too. >> marc liverman, always good
5:41 am
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try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. areas of low clouds and fog looking east and above that, little bit of sunrise and mount diablo kicking up out of the fog. what you can expect through the day, i will show you the futurecast and most of us will see clearing coming up. new video from l.a. as two drivers exchange blows in the freeway. joe climate was driving when he noticed a crowd gathered around cars. a cell phone was pulled out. >> it was busy and hot. the traffic got to these guys.
5:45 am
>> bystanders got involved and tried to break them up and they eventually stop fighting and drove off and no word if a police report has been filed. a better idea of rideshares and transportation consultancies. in 2018, uber and lyft accounted for 13% of all miles driven in that city with double of a year earlier. in santa clara county, the fate of a delayed housing project in cupertino could leave a lawsuit over a massive development at the site of the old vallco shopping mall. developers faced roadblocks and now the mercury news reports that housing officials are threatening to sue the city of the project fails to materialize with the report saying it is
5:46 am
because the city could fail to meet state housing goals. cupertino is responsible for zoning over 1000 new housing units by 2023. in kpix5, the city will need to take action to ensure sufficient sites are zoned for the housing in the event that the project is overturned. now that meghan markle is the duchess of sussex, she no longer needs her home in l.a. her home is located in the wilshire area and the 2000 square-foot pad has a modern design with lots of space. to live in meghan markle's l.a. home, all you need is $1.8 million. new way to plan a trip to yosemite. the yosemite conservancy has an app to provide information about services and programs and even offers of the interactive maps where you can check out the park on your smartphone before you leave. pretty cool. want your kids to help
5:47 am
around the house? >> there is an app for that. all parents say yes, right? christine robicheaux and her husband assigned chores app and they can customize the chores and then after they prove they've done them, parents pay up with the push of a button. you get a prepaid mastercard and you can link the cards to your bank account. >> you can send money back and forth through then more or paypal within your family. >> the premium version is $59.99 and there's a free version of the app with basic features. if my kids do chores, it's for free. i give them room and board. [ laughter ]i thouit sounded li great deal. >> that's part of living at the house. >> tell your kids, just do it! if you have to hit the road
5:48 am
race, just do it now because there are troubled spots that might slow you down. taking a look at the overall big picture, there are plenty of spots and on 680, down to 10 miles-an-hour due to a lane being blocked from an accident and it's blocked up pretty much out of pleasanton all the way through and beyond southbound on 680 and it will slow you down. to the carquinez bridge, there is an accident finally clear at cummings and that's great news for those from solano county. the slow lane approaching the san mateo bridge this morning, it is blocked, as well as the right hand shoulder, due to an accident at hesperian. slow and go at 880 trying to get on the bridge and some delays on the san mateo bridge with brake lights westbound.
5:49 am
plenty of company and slow going toward the peninsula this morning and the overall travel times are in the green with the exception of the altamont pass that popped up into the 40 minute ride from the tracy triangle. in the red and on 580, there is an accident. 14 where they meet to the westbound direction and then green all the way to the dublin interchange. this is a beautiful view looking east and you can see golden colors with a sliver of sunrise at mount diablo. starting off, low clouds and even patchy drizzle along the coast because of the onshore flow. temperatures, mid-50s to lower 60s with a qualityg
5:50 am
the golden gate gap and some inland locations have a gray start with one mile and three quarters for the visibility. a little bit more sunshine and cool and breezy in the low 60s and the bay, mostly sunny to partly sunny with breezy conditions in the mid-to upper 60s and inland locations topping out in the mid-to upper 80s to low 90s with plenty of sunshine and the satellite view, a ridge of high pressure brought in hot weather over the weekend that is continuing to push east and away from us with a low pressure system being the dominant weather feature through the weekend that is helping to usher in the onshore flow and marine influence. hour-by-hour and futurecast, the sky is clearing for most of us inland and through the bay at 4:00 p.m. with cloud cover hanging around and low clouds and patchy drizzle starting off with cooler tomorrow and on the
5:51 am
cool side, we have a low pressure system digging deeper in and further south with the heat staying away from us. the sunrise is 6:17 and sunset at 8:13. cooler compared to yesterday. 82 in santa clara, 83 in san jose an 88 in morgan hill. topping out in the low 90s in antioch and brentwood in mid- 80s for concord and 60s in berkeley and san francisco and upper 60s in alameda and looking at 88 in windsor. temps cool down tomorrow and especially by thursday and friday. right back into the weekend, especially on sunday. 5:51. straight ahead, the raiders stadium and las vegas officially has a new name. the big reveal, next. a live look outside at the an rafael bridge.
5:52 am
it's 5:51 and we will be right back.
5:53 am
mia is crushing her sales conference. and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham.
5:54 am
jeff is flying to... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you thin visit it's a great start with clouds, fog and even patchy drizzle. i live look at the ocean beach camera has drizzle on the live cam or with temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s. very similar with our weather compared to yesterday morning with a 24 hour temperature
5:55 am
change. cooler at sfo, mountain view and san jose and we will talk about what to expect taking you through the day and when we will see the skies clear and i will show you futurecast in a few minutes. on the nimitz freeway northbound, it is a slow start at 5:55 with all these oracle. there is an accident northbound blocking the center lane, the number two lane with chp trying to get that cleared at 23rd and you can see how slow this is. it will continue heating up. a steel beam has been raised on the roof, but not before it was signed by construction workers, marking the completion of the highest point of the 65,000 seat indoor raiders stadium and then came
5:56 am
the big reveal. >> i'd like to announce it will now be known as allegiant stadium and we are really excited they are on board. >> the parent company to allegiant airlines scored the naming rights for the state him and right now, work on the $2 billion facility is about % com in less than a year, still very hard to say las vegas. >> it doesn't have a good ring to it. a major crackdown could be coming in hong kong after mass demonstrations paralyzed the city. the new threat ahead. one person is dead following a police chase and crash and we tell you about the investigation in napa this morning. >> [ dogs barking ]
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what about him? let's do it. [ sniffing ] come on. this summer, add a new member to the family.
5:59 am
hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. one person is dead and another faces charges after a chase in the north bay and what
6:00 am
sparked this police pursuit. the nation mourns those killed in a pair of mass shootings over the weekend in california lawmakers have harsh words for fellow members of con debate. u.s. markets are poised to open after huge losses yesterday and why investors should not be the only ones escalating the trade war with china. tuesday, august 6th and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi and its 6:00. let's check the forecast per looking good with a slight change? that's right. temperatures cooler today and the cooling trend goes through the week, thanks to the onshore flow kicking in. we have a sliver of a sunrise on this camera with the fog obscuring the sunrise view and temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to


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