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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 7, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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michelle griego. >> good morning everyone i'm kenny choi. we are starting off the day with the clouds and the fog and as we head through the afternoon another day of that sunshine and clearing. so that weather pattern continues for us. could see a bit of a stronger on shore push and with that temperatures a little bit cooler. but right now a live look with our ocean beach clip house camera. you can see that foggy start. temperatures are running in the 50s to the low 60s at this hour. highs are seasonal if not a little bit below average for this time of year. mid 70s in san jose. upper 60s in oakland and mid 60s for san francisco. we'll talk about what you can expect as the sky is clear. i'll show you future cast coming up. let's take a look at your
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main travel times. you are not in the green. i just checked in with chp. for whatever reason there's no accidents. the construction is in the eastbound direction. i don't know why this is so slow already but it is. just a heads up for those of you out of the altamonte pass. your drive times are normal for this time in the morning. highway 4 as well as 101 this morning. taking a live look out to oakland where you can see the nimmets is moving along with no problem. as a note 92 in the eastbound direction through red wood city there are two lanes closed due to an accident. more on that a little bit later. we have some breaking news out of tennessee where this woman santoya brown was just released from prison after spending more than 15 years behind bars. she was granted clemency by the
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governor. kim kardashian and rihanna and other high profile a man bought her for sex when she was 16. she has now spent half of her life in prison and now going to be on parole supervision. the fbi is launching a full domestic terrorism investigation into the gilroy garlic festival shooting. agents searched his computer and online accounts. the fbi will subpoena facebook now to try and find out more about his online profile. the evidence suggests that he was experimenting with different hate groups. >> they'll start to try to put together and connect the dots of any kind might have with the individual. >> and yesterday the suspected
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gunman's family cussed how horrified they were by the tragedy saying they have never and would never condone the hateful thoughts. it is impossible to reconcile this with a son that we thought we knew. only on 5 we retraced the final steps the gunman took before he opened fire killing three people. orange arrows and flags were left behind by police where investigators found a bag the suspect left behind that included two 40 round magazines, a rifle scope, a flashlight, and shovel. police said yesterday he had an arsenal with him. >> he had a 75 round drum magazine. two, 40-round magazines. and the suspect fired prokszly 39 rounds during the c
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this eve the suspect cro the cre get to the fence. the trek in total is about a half mile long. gilroy police say they need a few weeks. it will remain closed to the public. for information on how you can help the victims of the gilroy garden festival shooting wisdom two mass shootings in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio. >> president trump is flying to dayton, ohio, and then el paso, texas two communities grieving from this weekend's mass shootings that killed more than 30 people. >> what he wants to do is go to these communities and grieve with them, pray with t tri is
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pe hentrumsbe devive. should fill his role in comforter in chief. >> toledo instead of dayton. >> dayton mayor says the president's recent remarks have fallen short. >> his rhetoric has been painful for many in our community and i think the people should stand up and say they're not happy. >> in el paso, raul melendez's father-in-law died shielding other people. >> i hope he has better news to tell us about how all this is going to be changed. >> president trump attacked former el paso congressman beto.
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o'rourke wrote back. natalie brand cbs news dayton. the owner of the online message board is being called to testify before members of congress. the house homeland security committee wants to hear from owner jim watkins an american living in the philippines right now. patrick cruces posted z an anti-immigrant manifesto. it's the third act of violence this year linked to hm. in the bay area this evening they plan to hold a vigil. set to begin at 7:00 in san francisco at the bart station at mission and 24th streets. >> meanwhile, there are protests in parts of the country demanding congress take action
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on gun control. >> protesters gathered outside the white house yesterday calling on the senate to pass stricter gun laws. in particular hr8. it would require background checks on just about all gun sales. democratic leadership at a rally in new york are also asking for the measure to be advanced. >> enough is enough. we are calling on leader mcconnell to bring the bill that passed the house to the floor of the senate asap. >> in kentucky... >> dozens of protesters gathered outside mitch mcconnell's home. >> isheuns. it's easy acc to senate republicans are prepared
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to do their part. only serious bipartisan efforts will allow us to continue this important work and produce legislation and earn the polli shows thatture. since 2014 more than half of americans have consistently backed stricter gun laws. a poll last year found 75% of americans and 66% of republicans favor stronger background checks. this morning a search is on for a man stabbing two people at a berkley bart station. this happened at the downtown station just before 1:00 yesterday morning. a man and woman were riding the escalator up. that's when the man attacked them. both victims were taken to a hospital. and are expected to be okay. we don't know the motive for the attack. happening today the notorious criminal dubbed the
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ski mask rapist is set to appear in court. today a parol board will determine whether he should be released. it's all part of a new law that allows certain inmates to spend decades behind bars. we looked back at our archives and found video from 1987 when investigators were working the case. san chez was convicted of 25 rapes in the bay area in the mid 1980s. he is currently housed at the correctional training facility in soledad. we'll bring you the verdict live as soon as it's announced. the police department is adding drones to its crime fighting tools. on display yesterday evening at a national night out event.
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the large sleep drones have batteries that can keep them air born for a little over an hour. any time there's gunshots potentially active shooter or if someone needs rescuing in an area that officers can't access easily that's when we would deploy the u.s. 1 drone to respond. some people have expressed privacy concerns. san pablo police will officially start using the drones tomorrow. thousands of bay area workers without a job. >> plus wall street. the roller coaster there. how the trade war is impacting stocks now. >> and before we head to break let's take a look outside. this is the eastern span of the bay bridge from treasure island. 4:40 we'll be right back. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible.
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a major beer buy-out is putting more than 1000 jobs in the the bay area and beyond on
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the chopping block. raised beverages is buying dbi beverages. this move will close dbi locations across northern california. 190 workers will have their jobs cut. in san jose 174 workers will lose their jobs and 66 workers will be affected in fairfield. dbi distributed several beers across northern california includes asahi, blue moon, coors, sam adams and tecate. those cuts take effect in mid september. stock futures are up right now. and why young americans are skipping college after high school. wendy gillette is at mos stockorr.
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1 and the s&p 500 added 37. china backing off from further es cloeting the trade war with the u.s. white house economic advisor larry cudlow says the u.s. is still planning to host a round of trade wars in the u.s. expects to keep the majority of its employees by moving them to other locations. wall greens is not releasing a list of closing stores. young americans are drifting away. tv ameristraight ahead. a rising number of young adults are looking for the ways to
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reduce rising costs of college. and that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to 4:45 right now. let's get a check of weather. slight dip in temperatures. >> we are looking at temperatures seasonal but below average but as we go through the rest of the week that on shore flow will. here's a live look with our roof cam and you can see the clouds and the fog kind of secure rooeing the top of the transamerica building today. for parts of the bay this morning. it's also a gray start with the
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clouds for inland locations as well as we start out the dayds n oakland. looking at 19 miles per hour winds in san ramon. 17 in concord and looking at 13 in antioche. so we are looking at that on shore flow and that's why temperatures will be a little bit cooler for today breezy this morning. seasonal to below average for today and actually through saturday. it's going to be a long stretch. there are showers possible in far northern california. as it moves inland, could see a few showers for the pacific northwest as well as down through northern california at least far northern california.
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so that on shore breeze will increase because of that low not just today but over the next several days. on future cast taking you hour by hour and you can see that clearing even for inland locations and for parts of the bay. as we go through the rest of the afternoon we'll continue to see that clearing with the clouds hanging around along the coast and then for tomorrow morning that same story. so as we look ahead to the end of the workweek into the weekend, that ocean breeze remains in place because that low is just hanging around for us. for today looking at 80 for a high in concord. 76 in san jose. 68 in oakland and 66 for san francisco. here's the 7-day forecast and there we go with that cooldown as we head for the workweek and the start of the weekend now let's check in with emily for a look at traffic. so far so good there are
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only a couple trouble spots. let's get a look at the overall map. you can see the big picture looks pretty good. there is plenty of green in play. the real one spot where we're not seeing that is just a surprise here. if you head out you are slow and go. up to 32 miles an hour out of the altamonte pass. no problems to report all the way to the dublin interchange. nothing special at this hour. that drive time is 35 minutes at this hour. on the east shore freeway you are still looking good. less than half an hour to get there. 35 minutes easy breezy out of the south bay. you can see it is starting to get a little bit more crowded. we have no problems slowing you down. you can see the construction there. they will be clearing that here in the next hour or so just as a
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heads up. might be slowing you down until then. the smoit bridge is fine. no problems to report. when you get past this live camera and closer towards the east bay you have an issue to report we have a crew on the way to get live pictures there to you as soon as possible. but in the meantime just a heads up that might take some extra time those metering lights should be on here in the next 15 to 20 minutes or so. looks good. guys. >> all right. the peanut butter falcon hits theaters this week. >> here's your eye on entertainment report. >> you likely heard there's a reboot of beverly hills 90210 with the original cast members
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andtory spelling who played donna are taking their own show on the road. the jenny garth and tori spelling living. feature stories, cocktails and a question and answer session. in the up coming film the peanut butter falcon we meet a young man with down syndrome. he eventually teams up with a small time outlaw and an in nursing home employee played by dakota johnson. the peanut butter falcon arrives in theaters on friday. the chaos of war has brought refugees to these shores. >> and we're getting a first look at amazon prime videos. starring in the fantasy series about a human detective and a fairy who find themselves in a
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refuge crisis. cbs news los angeles. giants say good-bye to a member of the last world series team. the a.'s use their feet to get a run last night. they use their bats to get the rest. >> and you are looking live at downtown san jose. mostly clear conditions there. but foggy in san francisco 4:51.
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good wednesday morning to you. we will have that clearing as we head through the afternoon. temperatures a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. for the south bay we go 77 in
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santa clara. 81 in campbell. mid 70s in sunnivale. so pleasant conditions across the bay area. mid 60s as well for berkley and 90 in cloverdale. so far so good as far as your bridges are concerned this morning. 101 still in the green as is the richmond san rafael bridge that only gages the westbound commute. eastbound there is a traffic alert slowing you down as you're trying to get off of the bridge you're in the yellow now on the bay bridge. that's going to be a 9-minute he city. from the 2014 world series team after one of the members was let go.
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the 2014 world series. panic was hitting a career low and wrieding on the wall last week. >> it's one of my more difficult conversations i've had in my career talking to joe last night. he's really to look for a new opportunity and restart his career and so be playing somewhere and i'll always be pulling for joe. to make his second career start. not impressed. in the 5th trea turner went
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yart. now 1-5 in august. john lester they got hit by the age 3 run shot part of an 8 run second inning for the a's. that made it 11-0. the a's have a franchise record 10 players with 10 plus home runs this season. heart knocks premiered last night on hbo. feelings were mixed at reader camp on whether players and coaches will watch. >> are you going to watch hardknocks? >> for sure this time around. >> you can record it, watch it whenever you can but we're not going to be eating cracker jacks
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and peanuts and watching. >> you can't miss the 49ers in dallas saturday night right here on the big 5. time check 4:57. coming up in our next half hour panic and chaos. of the false alarm in time square that send lines running he faced 406 years in prison. we'll explain how this is possible next. wimpy trash bags? c'mon. hefty! hefty! hefty! hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra strong™ at a low price. dada! i wish... get hefty® ultra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where sold head to head.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00 a serial rapist noentife priso n hashance of fre fbi launches a l
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terrorist investigation into the garlic festivalhootin >> and we are live in dayton where some are telling president trump to stay home. >> good morning it is wednesday august 7th. i'm ken nooe choi. >> and eye michelle griego. >> it is summer in august and across the bay area we have those gray skies as well as fog. we are going to see temps just a little bit cooler because of on shore flows. you can see that cloudy, foggy start, temperatures are running in the 50s to slow 60s. so as we go through the day. very similar conditions so what we've been seeing over the last several days for the coast looking at cool, cloudy, and breezy conditions for the 60s to the bay. we will have that clearing as well as for inland


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