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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 7, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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at ross. yes for less. after a tumultuous school year for oakland which included a weeklong teacher strike the first day of the school next monday might be off to a rough start. good evening. reports from woodland elementary in oakland. and tells us the district is under pressure to replace about a quarter of its principles.>> reporter: i'm here at acorn woodland elementary in oakland. one of 20 schools and the districts whose principals have quit and gone elsewhere. the former principal here said he saw the writing on the wall. it was time to go. any regrets? no regrets. >> reporter: leroy gaines used to be the principal at acorn elementary.
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he helped to train his peers and sat on the union's board. what he saw troubled him. just being in those spaces gave me a clear understanding of the turmoil and only oakland but the state is in. in terms of finding and our finances and our ability to keep those in mind and stay in the black.>> reporter: it was a tumultuous year for the oakland unified school district. the strike shut down the district for seven days. the school board agreed to a $20 million budget cut. a civil grand jury report found the district thrives on distance dysfunction. gaines who now runs the local branch of new leaders a professional development training program for new principles that principles were squeezed in the conflict between the teachers union and the district. all while trying to keep the school running. it was very taxing. having to bear that weight. and be able to sit in the position of leading the people. leading your teachers and parents and families.
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that was tough.>> reporter: a spokesperson said 20 out of their 84 principles have left. typically about 10 to 12 leave every year. are there some that could've been impacted and decided to do something else because of the stress of the past school year? possibly. but i have not heard that. the president of the oakland educators association said the strike is not to blame. the strike is a step in a direction to improve our schools. it is not to blame for principles leaving. it highlights some of the symptoms the problems that have existed in the oakland unified school district that we seriously need to change right now. join michelle and kenny choi in our morning team as students head back to school.
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we have two weeks of special coverage starting on monday. a look at our top stories at 5:30 pm. a grass fire in contra costa county. if forest homes evacuate near the town of oakley. burned 58 acres and destroyed 2 outbuildings. they have stopped the fire is forward progress. evacuations have been listed lifted. the suspect in the fatal shooting in livermore has been arrested by police in elk grove. 30-year-old jonathan now faces charges of murder. both the suspect and victim were said to be living in a creek. near the walmart parking lot. gilroy police are trying to track down a man accused of stealing life-saving cancer medications. they say this man with glasses took a black michael cores backpack from a panda express. inside was the victims id and other valuables. including those medications. if you recognize the suspect gilroy police asked that you
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give them a call. a safeway in the east bay will not be selling any alcoholic beverages for a while. this is how the shelves look now completely empty. state officials suspended the store's liquor license for selling alcohol to minors. eyit happened three times at the safeway on college avenue in oakland. after the 60 day suspension and the store's liquor license will be on probation for three years. so far no comment from safeway. a man is recovering after falling through the roof of an abandoned business. he was trapped for four days. reporter ryan hill with the unbelievable rescue. >> reporter: most people would make their way into a building through a door. but sacramento police said a man recently made his way into the vacant lumberjack building on arden way through the roof. it is news to me. i heard nothing about it. sacramento police were called out to the building just before 11:30 am yesterday. after someone heard the man yelling for help. firefighters lending a hand in
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officers managed to rip off the plywood from the boarded-up building. once they got to the man he told them he had fallen 20 feet and was trapped inside for four days.>> how he could get up there it would be surprising. >> it doesn't surprise me someone would try something like that. >> reporter: she manages a business next door. people have gotten into their warehouse to do something not as bizarre is falling through a roof. they stole a whole electrical panel which was 60 volt. they cut the wires. while it was live. sacraments a police say they are not sure why the man was on the roof to begin with. a judge denied bail for a southern california millionaire accused of killing his wife and then becoming a fugitive. peter chadwick was in court for a pretrial hearing in santa ana this morning. he was caught in mexico on sunday after more than four years on the run. he vanish in 2015 after being charged with murdering his wife
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and their newport beach home. chadwick first left that he was headed to canada but instead was hiding out in mexico. high-end resorts and then motels and hostels. investigators say he used fake ids and aliases worked odd jobs to make money. even though he fled with nearly $1 million in cash. chadwick faces 25 years to life in prison. you can see more on the fugitive millionaire on 48 hours saturday night at 10 pm right here kpix 5. puerto rico has a new governor after weeks of turmoil. the battle in the streets might go on. the islands justice secretary basque as was sworn in just hours ago. puerto rico third governor in less than a week. a previous governor resigned friday after widespread protests. then appointed his secretary of state to take the role. but that was overturned by the island supreme court. many puerto ricans disapprove of
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her and she previously said she did not want the job. ivanka trump took fire from the mayor of chicago after tweeting the city suffered its deadliest weekend of the year. the presidents daughter also tweeted with seven dead 52 wounded near a playground in the windy city we mustn't become numb to the violence faced by inner-city communities every day. but it turns out neither of those claims is true. this was not the deadliest weekend in chicago. no shootings took place on a playground. chicago mayor lori lightfoot set the city was not contacted by the trump administration to get the facts straight. or discuss ways to help. she got the numbers wrong. she got the location wrong. that is the danger of trying to govern via a tweet. her comments came after lightfoot connected the presidents rhetoric with recent mass shootings. lightfoot said her city would welcome federal cooperation to help stem the tide of violence
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in chicago. in montana a 13-year-old boy is recovering after he was brutally assaulted during a national anthem at a rodeo. police say this man slammed the boy to the ground. according to witnesses the suspect said that he did it. because the boy disrespected the american flag by not removing his hat during the national anthem. the boy's mother had just dropped him off at the county fair. moments later she got a call her son was being taken to the hospital. all of the witnesses i have talked to said this was just completely random. there was no exchange. nothing. it was just he targeted wally and grabbed him and took him down. the boy suffered a fractured skull. he has been released from the hospital. the suspect was arrested. he is due in court next week. a new danger associated with e-cigarettes. the fda looking into new reports of people having seizures after vaping.
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the things people do for a selfie. a woman's painful lesson after posing with an octopus. coming up at 6 pm a species on the brink of extinction is about to make a comeback. the extensive program that will help them thrive at a popular bay area trail.
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all across the country you were hearing this.
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you can hear the crowd chanting do something about stricter gun laws. a group called the minnesota moms demand action. they gathered with state representatives and other supporters. they join thousands of others nationwide who are demanding action after the recent surge in mass shootings. the governor. i will tell you what. i am not waiting on mitch mcconnell. i trust minnesotans to fix this. let's have the votes on red flags and background checks. with this pen we will sign it into law. we can do it this week and finish this. hearing the same thing across the country from governors and other legislators. he went on to say he is counting on minnesota congressman dean phillips to help the state achieve stiffer gun laws. this evening can vaping lead to seizures? the fda announced it has received more than 100 reports of people
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suffering from neurological problems after vaping. some reported painting and tremors. they spend from 2010 to 2019. the fda has launched an investigation into whether there could be a direct link. the feds a demanding tesla stop claiming it's model three is the safest car ever tested. tesla's website said model three occupants have a lowest probability of injury. but last fall the national highway traffic safety administration sent a cease and desist letter to tesla ceo over misleading statements. the letter said it is impossible to say whether tesla's are safer than other five star rated vehicles. unclear whether the feds are pursuing action against tesla. if you have an old car you want to get rid of the state wants to give you cash. get it off the streets and get you into an energy efficient car instead. part of the sacramento area program called clean cars for all. designed for lower income families to get off california
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roads. there are 2 options. trade in your old car in the scrap and replace which gives you up to 9500 dollars to buy a near or nearly new car. or you can scrap and forget. you turn in your car. you get a preloaded cash card worth $7500. if you have one of these cars. that we want to retire because of the high emissions. and you want to participate. we will make it happen. to be eligible you have to live in sacramento county. and meet the federal low income criteria for a family of four. your car also has to be from 2004 or older and still running. first it was the oscars and now the emmy awards are going host lists as well. entertainment ceos said going without a host allows more time to salute the parting shows like game of thrones. he said the producers would have considered possible hosts. but did not say whether anyone
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had declined. the oscars went without a host last year after plant host kevin hart step down over a controversy. the emmy awards are september 22. taking this photo with an octopus turned into a painful experience for a washington woman. when she placed the animal on her chin it grabbed her face with it suckers and bit her. marine experts say the water creatures have a powerful beak to break and eat crabs. their bites also contain the been on. the bite left the woman bleeding and swollen and with a lesson learned. don't mess with a live octopus. do your research. do a little homework. who knew? common sense would say don't put it on your face. there is one in every crowd. i did not know how painful it would be. i think the smart money is on probably someone painful. i'm steering clear.
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you learn something today. selfies with an octopus on your face. not on the bucket list. not a good idea. this summer has not been that hot. i'm defining a hot date because office lease san francisco and livermore have 2 different climates. a day where it is 10 degrees warmer than average or more. that is a hot day regardless of where you are. we have had three of those. that is it. in santa rosa san francisco and san jose we have only has six and livermore. that is one quarter as many hot days as we had a couple summers ago. so far it has really not been a hot summer. today we were below average. san francisco half moon bay 65 despite the sunshine at the beach. the breeze mixed out the marine layer. the cloud part of it. san jose 78 today. fremont 79. concorde 87. tonight 50 degrees santa rosa. up to mendocino county may be upper 40s. redwood city 57. pacifica 54. san jose 56.
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2 football forecast tonight. cowboys at our 49ers. you can watch it right here kpix 5 6 pm saturday. mostly clear skies and pleasant my for preseason football. 76 degrees. we are not finished. the rams at your oakland raiders. let's enjoy saying that as long as we can. mainly clear skies. the game starts at 5 pm. 70 degrees in oakland on saturday. pleasant weather by saturday afternoon. temperatures running below average because of the ocean breeze. pretty strong area of low pressure sitting out the oregon coast line. feeding and the ocean breeze. with a closer to the bridge over the four corners. the marine layer is thicker. it has expanded which gives it a better opportunity to get into inland valleys. which doesn't happen every day. the fog stops at the tunnel. it is up and over today and will be the next couple days. because of the marine layer. when in cloud cover for the next couple days. afternoon sunshine. temperatures below average. tomorrow afternoon we get the sunshine.
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temperatures cool. friday morning we get the clouds. friday afternoon we get sunshine. saturday may be dealing with drizzle or a light shower especially in the north bay along the coastline. if you are traveling maybe to reading or shasta lake are beautiful ashland oregon up to about roseburg or eugene it will rain. it will be a soggy saturday is the low-pressure passes by to the north. no widespread rain around here. southern oregon a quarter to a half an inch of rainfall. fog tonight. cool to mild tomorrow. we stay locally breezy. below average by 5 degrees in san jose. only 77. 74 mountain view. 73 san mateo. 60 pacifica. dublin 76. pittsburgh 81. fairfield 83. fillet hill tomorrow 77. only the 60s oakland alameda berkeley el cerrito 70s for most of marin county including 78 for can fill. 84 one. extended forecast via cloutier friday and saturday.
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below average. lose the onshore breeze or a lot of it. that will allow us to warm back up sunday. which would be the warmer over the weekend. next week warm back up to the 70s. to the 90s. new rules for one of the most popular sites in italy. the action that could get tourist slapped with a steep fine.
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behind the walls of san quentin inmates a finding hope and help through a running club that has been around for 14
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years. introduces us to the head coach and this week's jefferson award winner. doesn't just coach inside the prison. when inmates are paroled he is there to help them stay on track. frank coaches dozens of inmates several times a month is san quentin prison's 1000 mile running club. i admire the fact they come out here and they work at their running. they work at trying to improve their lives.>> reporter: on this day frank introduces his athletes the visitors he brought in for encouragement. southern california's skid row running club. many members formerly incarcerated. franks trained runners since 2005. when a prison educator requested volunteer coaches. nobody responded. so i said i will give it a try. >> reporter: there was no track in the yard. frank measured out a quarter-
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mile around the baseball field. 105 laps is a marathon. is san quentin franks brought the same techniques he has. workouts races and even marathons building self-esteem and teamwork. assistant coach kevin said frank treats the inmates with respect. he is reliable. he is solid.>> reporter: frank is a role model. it reinforces everything i'm hoping to do and hoping to be. >> reporter: frank service extends to parolees. when taylor was freed in march rank help them to get a job in construction and trained him for races at the boston marathon. he has been there all the way. like a father. he said he is proud of dozens of parolees he has advised over the years. it makes me feel good that number one they got out. and number two they are doing well on the outside.>> reporter:
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for coaching inmates through san quentin's 1000 mile running club and beyond this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to frank rona. what has he learned from his experience? he said i am my brother's keeper. i tried to help people who want the opportunity to redeem their lives. in fact he helped the washington corrections center for its own prison running club 2 years ago. spreading the good. not running from the law anymore. nominate your local hero for jefferson award online. one city with the controversial idea. impose curfew during pg&e auto just. why the police chief said it is for the good of the community. a major operation to crackdown on crime and drugs in san francisco tenderloin. and it involves the feds and making swift moves. the lion king of oakland has passed away. we look back on his interesting
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when in rome and be careful not to sit on the famous spanish steps. one of the city's biggest drawls now police in those yellow vests are telling tourist get up. sitting eating drinking on the unesco heritage site could cost you up to $450. the new rules went into effect a month ago. and apply to other protective landmarks like the trevi fountain. that is it for the news at 5 pm. the news at 6 pm begins right now. the big guns have been brought in to clean up san francisco streets. the sweep the feds are doing. in the tenderloin district. growing fear in the bay area's latino community. first ice raids and now mass shootings. how they are coping with
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today's political climate. a species on the brink of extinction. now gets a second chance it is making a comeback at a popular bay area trail. news at 6 pm starts right now. we begin with the feds cracking down on drugs and crime in san francisco. andrea is live in the tenderloin with the operation. >> reporter: this is all about cracking down on drug trafficking sex trafficking and weapons crimes in the tenderloin. it is a year-long project sponsored by 15 federal agencies. in san francisco's tenderloin were open air drug dealing and using has become the norm the federal government is saying enough is enough. with the u.s. attorney's office assigning 15 full-time prosecutors to dealing with cases in the tenderloin. for a year. needles are everywhere. i'm


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