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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 9, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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roof collapsed in. >> this shows us some pictures when it looked like and oakland building engineer tells me anytime you divide up a warehouse into smaller spaces you need building permits and inspections to track progress. this shows no progress was pulled. >> the property owners didn't make the proper improvements. that is a challenge we still have. >> reporter: we heard from a person familiar with the warehouse that a few artists lived in the studio at some point. we don't have any information if that was the case today. they said they didn't find anyone living inside this morning and no injuries were ordered in this fire. they say the building that was destroyed housed 7 to 10 studio spaces.
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they are looking into what caused this fire. the fire department and city officials are looking into possible previous code violations and so far they have not gone back. here is a look at the top stories, fire investigators say so far there is no evidence of arson from an overnight fire at a synagogue. it happened-the rabbi raced to the scene and credits rabbis for rescuing the sacred scrolls. a film crew is working on re-creating a short story by john steinbeck. it was a personal account of his meeting with a struggling migrant family during the great depression which was the basis for the grapes of wrath. president trump says he is talking about new gun control measures with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. claims senate majority leader
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mitch mcconnell is on board. mcconnell says he has begun talks about which laws can pass in the senate will not come back early from recess. there is a manhunt underway in tennessee after police say an inmate killed a corrections administrator and then escape. investigators say he escaped on a tractor after killing deborah johnson in her home on the prison grounds. police have set up checkpoints on roads in and out of the prison. they have tips that he may already be in another state. there is a $50,000 reward out for information about his whereabouts. five years after a white police officer in is shot an unarmed black teenager the father announced a new investigation. >> my son was murdered in cold blood with no remorse. no medical treatment. he laid in the street for 4 and half hours.
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as he laid there he was dehumanized. >> reporter: officer darren wilson shot and killed the unarmed black teenager claiming brown had attacked him, but the grand jury decided not to indict wilson. >> i am here in front of you all and the world to demand someone to look at the case.>> reporter: the request goes to the first black prosecuting attorney. he returned responded with a statement saying our office is doing everything we can to understand the underlying issues that contributed to the tragic death of michael brown. we are working every day with the community and law enforcement to implement policies and reforms that meaningfully address those issues and help this community and this region feel. wilson was also not charged by the u.s. department of justice under then-president barack obama. he resigned from the police force. that force looks very different now. in 2014 there were only
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three black officers and now it is evenly split along racial lines. brown's family says out in the streets not much has changed. >> there are still black and brown bodies being found on the ground. >> this weekend they will host an event for mothers who have lost their children. this couple said they found a framed klu klux klan application in one house. they posted it on social media and the home is owned by a michigan police officer. >> his intentions are good he doesn't need to be a police officer because all minorities are in harms way. >> the officer has been placed on administrative leave while they determine if he violated any city employee policies. this next one might make you rethink your next cruise. fantasy cruise liner has failed the cdc health inspection.
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any ship with a score lower than 85 fails the inspection. fantasy got a 77. inspectors found food storage and preparation violations, dirty swimming pool, brown water coming from showerheads. portable says it has fixed those issues and would like a new and action. the feds are clashing with california again and this time it is over warning labels on the roundup. it is marketed by monsanto and california requires a warning labels. monsanto has sued to block that requirement and the epa says it will no longer approve those types of labels. says there research shows roundup poses no risk to public health. a new report says the has exceeded goals for cutting regulations. in 2017 president trump asked
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them to cut regulations to control costs. now they say they have cut 26 regulations saving nearly $100 million. those rollbacks include changing what is protected under the clean water act allowing fewer restrictions on hazardous air pollutants and scrapping an obama era plan to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants. scientists your climate changes threatening the famed joshua tree. millions of people visit the national park to see the iconic trees many of which are hundred years old. researchers found the trees face extinction if climate change issues aren't addressed. >> we already see that they are not reproducing anymore that there are no seedlings, there are just these big joshua trees that are standing there without any young ones to replace them over time. >> scientists say as temperatures rise it is harder
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for the treasonable water they need to survive. dome-shaped houses could soon be torn down in los angeles. >> how those unique buildings almost ended up right here in the bay area. with the key to keeping your food- the state attorney general says a bay area school district intentionally kept school segregated. a settlement is reached after he says the school district violated antidiscrimination laws.
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we want to update you on that rescue situation. san francisco fire this is just below the trail as chopper five zooms in. hopefully we will get you a tighter shot than that. this is the situation we are told a child may may have been riding his bike on that roadway and somehow toppled over and landed on that cliff almost down into the water. the child was assisted at one point by an adult. we don't know if that is his father or an adult that was coming by. they are both still down there. coast guard has moved a boat in
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san francisco fire lord some robes and a dartboard presumably. you can see the adult down there with them. they sat there for a while until help arrived. we are told that the child has been put on a backboard and they are deciding now whether to take him out by boat which would be a short ride to aquatic park or pull him up that hillside. firefighters scaled down they are maneuvering that small vessel. that is the latest from the live news desk. new surveillance video shows when a man drove a golf cart through a walmart in florida.
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he ran it through the glass doors customers dodging. they say the chaos began with walking an entrance demanding to talk to the manager. >> he put himself in danger and the people around him and it could've been my three-year-old. stuck at the suspect was arrested after crashing into a cash register. to help solve california affordable housing crisis could soon be shutdown. the rapper has been building domes shaped structures on his 300 acre plot. he says he is creating homes to break class barriers. and inspector determined it did not have the proper permits. he either present plans for approval or tear down those domes. the structures were almost built right here in the bay area. reports say he was shopping his
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idea around to san francisco investors. a high school has made a series of said security upgrades. stuck the reporter shows us the modern technology that is more than a half-century old. parents, teachers and the students here have seen a lot of this. construction on campus and a three-phase project that takes a 1950s style building to a fully loaded technically involved involved like this. a new school year means a new approach. the district superintendent says this year marks a fresh start for security. the district is in the middle of a construction overall taking security from the 1950s when these buildings were built until now. >> it is so much more advanced. it locks down the perimeter. spoke of securing the facility from the outside.
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in an emergency he will have the ability to go on lockdown after a from his. >> i can lockdown the district from my district office. >> for teachers would have to lock the door like a key on the outside and they had to go out there is something going on and now they walk over and put a key in the door and lock it. >> reporter: they wanted the students to have an outdoor indoor learning environment. >> we are working on what level of tinting we will put in so people can see in. drug these technologies make it easier for teachers to communicate directly with the district office simply by picking up the phone or by pushing a button. >> the blue button and lockdown they say we are safe and secure.>> reporter: this is being rolled out in three
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sorry cat lovers a new study says they know when cats are calling their name.
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they are choosing to ignore them. the study was tested. researchers played audio recordings of the owner and strangers saying nouns similar to the name and finally name. they said most moved to their heads or perked up their ears and their names were called, but they chose to ignore those calls.>> so are louvre? if you want to save your food from being first just stare them down. that is according to a new study. scientists observed dozens of seagulls found they behave differently when humans are staring at them. most of the birds took longer to up the food on the ground while being watched
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>> there will be plenty of food outside this weekend. >> lots of seagulls. >> paul can't hear us but he has a forecast. drove the forecast is perfect. no ocean breeze despite the fact we are thousand yards from the ocean and look at the sea of humanity enjoying the sunshine and 70degree temperatures. if the estimates are correct you are looking at the population of and, martinez or park out here washed third. we have 182 on the main stage and 21 pilots will take the stage at 8:25. they are expecting 210,000 people at outside lands this weekend. let's take a look at the radar and we see if thunderstorms are developing. these are up in humboldt county.
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there is a small chance the far northern sonoma county may deal with some isolated showers or an isolated thunderstorm. let's talk about your high temperature. he wants tremont and 76. san francisco didn't warm-up today. tonight is a mild night, loose axes. not that common in the bay area but we do it tonight. this is partly and 67 the. one virtual will sunday, 85 and beautiful here not that bad today or tomorrow. this is back up to 5.1 next week. low pressure finally exits the
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same thing that has been giving us the chilly onshore breeze long will get us the mild afternoon. as it exited there is that isolated chance for the are northbay or a rumble of thunder. the weather headline postal drizzle overnight tonight and you see that showers early morning saturday. we will clearing by saturday afternoon and sunny and warmer coming up on sunday. high temperatures tomorrow if you for degrees and san jose 79, 82 in livermore and 81 for oakland tomorrow 72. we are still below average and that will change on sunday as we get that low that will jump up to the low 80s.
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he will level off monday, tuesday, and cool off a little bit on thursday your back out here live it is loud as it should be and sunny should be and the weather the estimates are correct, 10,000 people here and this is roughly the population of the city of fremont. last time i checked that is a lot of people. a man turned over to i.c.e. i daly city police speaks out for the first time since his release. what he is demanding now from the city. that could ride really have what they wanted you to address the wild elk that can farm livestock. they call it the best meteor shower of the year. spots where you can go to catch
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most of us grew up playing with legos and now the iconic toy is being used to help blind children read. the lego foundation will produce these special new bricks in american schools and we get a look how it is working in london.>> reporter: here in her class students are learning to read by touch. all of the students are blind or sight impaired and today 17- year-old and 18-year-old are helping their younger classmates learn braille. >> when i was shot i did not think i would ever be able to write or read. >> reporter: rail isn't as easy, it takes time and a dedicated teacher. that is not common. these are not your childhood
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favorite. the studs are rearranged to represent letters and symbols. the building blocks of language. >> it is a good way of bringing sight to them and playing with legos.>> reporter: bringing both together is crucial since most teachers can't read braille. they hope it bridges the gap. >> making learning fun. i like finding ways of teaching it. >> reporter: having fun in the classroom can lead to success as an adult. >> there is a direct link between literacy and likelihood of getting a job. there is a crisis in america when it comes to braille literacy. more than 1 million people in the united states are legally blind. it is almost time for kids
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to get back to school. in san francisco classes start the following week. we would like to see your photos and videos of those students gearing up for the new school year with big smiles on their faces. that is in for the news at five. a school district accused of segregating students by race. tonight we have the shocking findings of a state investigation. speaking out since his release from ice custody. what this bay area man is demanding now. potential relief for north bay ranchers. what the feds want to do about the wild elk roaming around. kpix 5 news at 6 pm starts
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right now. we start with that dramatic scene on a san francisco cliff. fire crews had to rescue have rescued an injured boy who fell down from his bicycle down the steep cliff near aquatic park. the father climbed down to comfort him. until rescue crews could arrive. fire crews used a pulley system to get down and load the injured boy onto a boat. video posted to social media so shows up close view of the moment fire crews began their rescue. onlookers crowded around as the stranded father and son waited far below near the water's edge. the father is being rescued but there is no word on the boy's condition. a bay area school district under fire. the state attorney general said it kept its schools segregated on purpose. kristin's live in marin city. with what the district now must do. >> reporter: back in 2016 we
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reported on allegations of segregation at this mostly black school. it is about a mile from tony mostly white sausalito. today the state attorney general dropped a bombshell after a two-year investigation. he said there was segregation and it was intentional. the district was segregating is students. by race. after a thorough investigation sure enough that is what we found.>> reporter: attorney general javier becerra set the segregation within the sausalito marin city school district was no accident. his investigation revealed the district had knowingly established and intentionally segregated school. that school bayside martin luther king jr. a small mostly black k-8 school in marin city. the investigation found it was built based largely on one board of trusmb


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