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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 12, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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effect all the way to the bay. >> as long as the i in we'll have a closer look. effect this school not teachers and a live look in senol on the puckett lines however where a fire is burning dangerously close. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. they say oakland unified needs a lot of change because they face it's 6:00. that fire is burning along a $56 million deficit and have i-680. let's get to emily. to find some way to the money >> it is definitely backings they agreed upon and are closing a lot of schools. things up on 680, especially in they plan to those southbound lanes. all of the backup slow going. it doesn't look luke at this hour potentially because of the low any of those lanes are closed, simply the right hand shoulder enrollment. kpix 5. but things are moving along >> san jose unified starts through senoh and is approaching wednesday and we'd like to see photos and students as they gear senol through the area. it goes up for the school year. all the way up to plesanton. use the you're down to 13-miles-an-hour #kpix and we'll show some of as you are passing the 84 enter them on air and a lasted pitch change. we're also seeing some delays westbound on 84.
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my question could be to take 84 effort will get underway to because it's not going to be as avoid a teacher's strike. they will sit down with the school district at 6:30. long of a delay at this point. unless there is a last minute deal they plank stoppage and want a 5% raise and you are slow going out of the tracy triangle in that direction. and no problems to better health for their pamlies. -- their families. report all the way to the dublin classes are scheduled to start interchange. you can see the top part due to the delay at 680 on thursday. and democrats are pushing backed up to the dublin president trump and majority interchange. lead are mitch mcconnell in the again take 84 westbound at livermore as an alternate route this morning. senate to bring lawmakers back the drive times is 39 minutes. from their august recess. they elsewhere you're still in the want the senate to pass a green. emily, as you head back to background check approved by the school, something to brighten your day. a beautiful look at the live trash island with that house this year. gorgeous glow over the bay presidential president kamala harris bridge. clear skies ts expressed skepticism it would make it through congress. >> i'm prepared to give the morning, temperatures running
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mainly in the 60s. united states congress 100 days to put a bill on my desk for livermore, san jose, mid-50s in santa rosa. signature and if they do not i the first day of school for will take executive action. oakland, the oakland unified school district. temperatures >> president trump has been will be warming up to the upper 70s in oakland. talking to republicans, other locations as we head through the day. downtowns and the newspaper and hements to come up with things 95 in concord, 92 for livermore. no one else can. upper 80s in san jose. mid-80s for redwood city. low 70s in san the veranda is the first francisco. your full forecast and when we'll see those project made through the measure a affordable housing bond, the temperatures that will be the hottest this week. $950 million bond is expected to coming up back to you. 6:02. at the transbay transit center in san francisco fund new housing where for the first time in nearly a year ac transit is up developments the next seven and running for the morning years, including 48 households commute. at the terminal we are for low income and helps those approaching the morning rush hour. things will get ready. bemoderate incomes. our and umgrant raids have drawn cameras were rolling as some of the first passengers started coming off the bus this morning. a assist backlash from the community and when one law maker
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this is the first time buses will see his haw maker again. have rolled through there. two cracked support beams were dplnchts and the issue that discovered and unmi and golden y could spark a fierce fight. we are going to be warming up as we head through the week. your full forecast coming up in been, toing at the center. >> i'm anne makovec and we are a pit. and we are taking a live going to the airport in hong kong where some people are being look to this fire causing a back led out right now. in the past half an hour we've seen claps up from senol to the dublin interchange. let me show you the map and the back up as a result of the fire ahead. between protestors and passenger. all night flights of canceled and we have some video of an arrest that was made a few hours ago and some of these protestors who are demonstrating for democracy in hong kong, they say the police have been brutal. there have been reports of injuries ask teargas being
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released. back to the art operations because this is effecting flights globally. at sfo there are two flights that are leaving from hong kong and scheduled to go to sfo that are canceled. everything coming out of sfo is still on but certainly and lurkly no direct flights between oakland and san jose. back to you. and students isn't oakland unified school district is headed back to school and is short teachers following a tumultuous year following a strike. they are trying to encourage people to teach in oakland and joins us live from oakland technical high school. jackie? >> reporter: good morning, michelle. we are on the sidewalk in front of oakland tech because this is where a lot of the strike happened when 2,000 teachers went on strike earlier this year, rather. we caught up with an elementary school principal and told me why she
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feels rejuvenated into the new school year following the strike. >> i that, whatminto, >> reporr: lorain mann starts her 22nd school year. she teaches transitional kind kind at prescott elementary in west oakland. it see the peoplen that room? >> reporter: the other half, her students she advocates for and hear needs was one of several hundred strucking in february. >> it was clear to us there were things that needed to change in oakland and in order to force those changes we were going to have to continue with busy as usual. >> over more than 18 months in contract negotiationuations, the district agreed to $38 million
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in raises and a 3% bonus, 11% raise over four years. despite the increase, it's still not enough for many to live in the bay area. >> i've known a number of teachers, including a afford to the teachers in oakland. >> i think really probably the biggest concern is the expensive housing in oakland and the bay area. >> reporter: according to zemper, the median for a one bedroom is the fifth highest at >>od monday morning to you. your back to school forecast $2,300 a month. with cute little jackie ward an ou spokesperson said the jobs are with her back to school if. not directly correlated to last we are looking at plenty of year's strike. sunshine. >> especially because we're not temps will be warming any best in the past than we are. up, upper 60s for the coast. i don't think there is any indication this has anything to heating up inland into the do with this. low-to-mid-90s. >> and we're keeping an eye on >> the starting salary is this brush fire backing things $46,570, a number that the
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up on southbound 680, in sunol. teacher's union says still needs it does look like the fire to come up. in a statement of department is able to put out the oakland president association he says we can't those hot spots and making sure feed the minds of our students when we starve their schools of resources, including experienced they keep an eye on the area. teachers who can afford to stay the backup lasts all the way through plesanton, back up to in oakland. despite that number, lorain is sunol where those temps are in hopeful. somewhere else.ill be tt the single digits. you're going to need to give yourself some extra time either route you take. members of a mississippi community are expressing their out range over immigration raids on seven poultry plants. children were among those taking part in a protest in the town of canton yesterday. many of their parents were arrested during last week's raids. john garcia just finished his shift when i.c.e. agents came in and took his father, who was an undocumented immigrant.
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>> i cried plenty many times. my dad doesn't want to see me smiling. without us, the minute ain't going to run. >> yesterday, the head of homeland security said the raids were planned for more than a year and called the timing unfortunate days after a gunman killed two people he was targeting mexicans. 6:15. happening today california lawmakers are headed back to the capital to face bulls before the end of the session and are can considering bills that would protect workers and rent prices. senate bill 276 would limit when parents could obtain exemptions for their schoolchildren and require the school to review some exemptions and has already passed out of the state senate. in the meantime, the gig economy, limit bill 5 would limit our hower and lift can
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label workers as innocent contractors. more treatment would be treated like employees or entitled to wages and protections. and san francisco is opening locations including father alfred e.bodecker park, in a renewed effort by to provide access for the homeless. it is 6:16. we've got a major traffic situation out at sunol. >> we're continuing to see a delay. south 680 from the dublin interchange, you can see the fire department is on the scene. there is plenty of area, too. and on the southbound side of 680, one lawn is blocked.
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the crews are working on putting out any hot spots. on southbound 680 but westbound 84, as well, taking a hoop. you are in the single digits drive drive speeds are concerned from plesanton to sunnol. delays aren't as significant as they are on southbound 680. either way, it's going to be slow this morning as a result of that grass fire so you're going to need to give yourself about ten minutes extra if you are hitting the road at this hour. coming through the altamonte pass at grant line, it was on the right hand shoulder has been cleared. you're down to 60-miles-an-hour but through there all the way to the dublin interchange, if you are headed southbound out of that area, you're going to start to see delays at this hour. you're now out of the red through the altamonte paddle down to 39-minute travel time. and on the east shore freeway, as well
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as 101 this morning. earlier there was an accident, not five minutes ago, looks like they've been able to clear that without a problem. we are seeing a little bit of an issue through concord. on southbound 680, 242, it is causing little bit of a delay. we are back to the bay bridge all the way to the foot of the maze and on to the 880 fly over at this hour and the san mateo bridge looks a little bit better than it did as you are headed in the westbound commute direction. however at the nimitz freeway northbound and southbound you are busy, busy, busy. mary? >> happy monday to you. we are starting off with clear skies in many locations and here's a gorgeous view at the sales force camera. golden colors in the sky. looking at the bay bridge, autisms running mainly in the 60s. 63 in concord and oakland, 60 in livermore and for downtown san francisco. san jose, 62. mid-50s in santa rosa. we've been talking. the back to school
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forecast and we have little michelle helping us out. so cute. this is our kindergarten back to school pic. love that. we're looking at plenty of sunshine, temperatures warming up as we head through the afternoon, so upper 80s for the coast. 70s for the bay and 90s for the inland. really heating up and continuing to warm up through the next couple days as high pressure builds in. pinpointing oakland. oakland unified school district, good morning to you, the first day of school today and noon, mid-70 s for the lunchtime hour. sunshine, warm temperatures, 3:00 p.m. 79 degrees for a high in oakland. sunny and warm. satellite and radar, there is that ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest that will be building in for us and we are looking for that warming trend as we go through the next couple days. mid-week, we'll see the temperatures the hottest and then cooling back down by the end of the week. futurecast as we talk you hour-by-hour, you can see that clearing and sunshine as we head through tomorrow we're looking at less
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of that cloud cover, even along the coast. so we are going to warm up, temps will be warming up tuesday and especially wednesday. tonight into early tomorrow, the persied meteor shower looks great to watch it. you should get a great view of that. sunrise at 6:22 and sunset at 8:26. daytime highs, much warmer compared to yesterday. to the south bay. campbell, and 93 for morgan hill. 88 for san jose. mid-90s from concord, pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood, upper 60s for sausalito, and 80 for alameda and daytime highs topping out around 92 for windsor and st. helena. inland upper 90s to triple digits, slow cooling back down by the end of the workweek into the weekend. back to you. >> my mom used to cut my bangs,
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that's why they were crooked. 6:21. one neighborhood in contra costa county is dealing with an unusual invasion, where those are believed to becoming from. and a major back up. emily will have another update if this is part of your morning commute. 6:21. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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6:25. i'm continuing to keep a look up to the southbound side, 680. you can take a look in the southbound direction. it is the single digits. will-miles-an-hour through sunol from plesanton. you aren't really -- once you're past it you're back up to a regular
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running speed but from the dublin enter change, through sunol. the fire department is on scene and have the right lane shut down as they are continuing to monitor those hot spots to make sure nothing pops up. westbound 84 is a better option. in the mean time, either way, 84 or 680 southbound you're going to need to give yourself ten to 15 minutes extra time on those roadways. happening today, the entire tunnel between embarcadero and westportal stations will end at 9:30 and open up around 1:00 a.m. for the next two weeks while crews do some main fence in work. crews will have to use shuttles. and people livingo wilson court in antioch say bunnies have taken over their
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neighborhood back in december with a fewth rabbits but by march they multiplied and neighbored say antioch animal control hadn't done much to help. >> any time you have to go outside it would be rabbit pellets. you'll clean them all up and sweep your driveway and they're back. >> they'res say they're coming from a home and may have a pet hoarding problem. animal control has spoken with the owner of the rabbits. and what's changed this time a roundabout bringing a costco to the area. and the justice department of launch an investigation into the death of jeffrey epstein. what happens to his case after his apparent house suicide. a brush fire on 680. emily has an update on your morning
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. protests are spiraling out of control in hong kong this morning and the results travel disruptions have spread all the way here to the bay area. we'll have the very latest on this explosive situation. and a live look in oakland where the school district will be short more than a dozen administrators when classes
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resume this morning. and we are continuing to follow breaking news in the east bay. chopper 5 over sunol where morning commuters are experiencing some problems. emily is tracking the backups. >> good morning, it's monday august 12th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. we want to head over to emily with a look at those traffic delays. and if you are on westbound 680 at this hour taking a live look at chopper five. the fire department is on scene and are working to put out some of those hot spots. several firefighters on the scene of the road, not sure what caused that fire but i can tell you that fire did cause quite a back up this morning. looking at our live travel maps you are in the single digits pretty much all the way from the dublin
6:25 am
interchange through plesanton, down through sunol. you are fine. not a problem to report but in the mean time, you'reof some extra time if 680 is your commute. and yeah, it's slow, but not nearly as slow as southbound as 660. the overall picture surbeter so you're going to pick up some time there. 14-miles-an-hour and once you get through the altamonte pass, at least on 580, you are good to go to the dublin interchange. happy monday to you. if you are waking up and you're thinking it's back to work and school, this gorgeous view with the sales force tower camera looking east and here comes the sunshine. we'll see plenty of it
6:26 am
as we head through the day. mid-to-upper 0 s to low 60s at this hour. good morning to you in oakland unified school district. warming up to the upper 70s and some of our inland locations will be heating up to mid-90s. 92 in livermore. 88 for st. johns. 72 in stran and 83 for freemonth. and it is back to school as minutes of students are getting ready to head back to class, the district is short 20 principals, and account for about one quarter of oakland's public schools. back in february, a teacher strike shut down schools for seven days. the school board also agreed to a 20 million
6:27 am
about budget cut. a brand-new high school, open for the first time in contra costa county and school officials will be hosting a ceremony replacing the campus that first opened in 1967 and will serve nearly 3,000 students from pinol and h fire crews had to hike half a mile down a steep embankment to get to the fire near husband and park. crews contained the fine to about five firefighters suffered injuries. and they want a partial accident that that'll raise $20 million. under this proposal a joint will see that tomorrow. all departing flights have
6:28 am
been canceled as protests continue to flood the airport by the thousands. you can see demonstrators chanting and it is the fourth day anti-governor protestors have taken on hong kong ioirostn more violent on the see demonste appearing to be seerow clear hurt, and some are calling for an investigation into what they see as police brow at. i'm an mark rick andne makovec and crowds are crowded into the airport as
6:29 am
they as well been four days all departing flights from hong kong international airport are canceled and 70 throughouts are confused and fraud rated. tacking a live look where two flights have been impacted. there aren't any flights into or out of san jose. right now we're keeping an impact at sfo and two flights that were supposed to arrive from 71 canceled. back to you. 6:36. taking a live look from washington where there is growing pressure to act in the wake of recent mass shootings. mitch mcconnell said background checks and red flag laws may be on the senate's agenda in the fall. red flag laws allows the court or relatives to take away their firearm if at risk for other it is. this went into
6:30 am
effect in california in 2016 but law enforcement has been using it sparingly. and the dayton ohio is coming together to try and heal. ♪. >> grammy-winning singer and songwriter john legend holding a surprise performance for survivors and victim's families yesterday. he's a native of ohio and says he wanted to help comfort the victims and raise awareness about gun-related violence. we don't have to live like this. there are meaningful actions we can take to stop gun violence in this country. we've heard politicians send out their thoughts and prayers while failing to act and we are done with that. >> the gunman killed nine people and injured 37 more in dayton's oregon district last sunday before police shot and killed him. back in the bay area, a fight over a proposed costco
6:31 am
could heat up in plesanton and the city is pressing forward with a plan that has opposition off johnson drive near the 5 ability 580/86 interchange. opponents who sued before are still worried about added pollution and traffic. >> there is a costco five miles down this way and five miles down this freeway. you can't drive five miles. >> if approved, costco could break ground next year. and the fbi has launched its own investigation into the death of jeffrey epstein. attorney general william barr was appalled the multimillionaire died while in custody and on friday, new allegations were
6:32 am
revealed of sexual abuse claims against epstein and several associates. he was found dead in his cell and was taken off suicide watch the next day. he was probably the highest priority. second of all he reported they had a recent suicide attempt. >> epstein is dead and cases for his alleged crimes are still ongoing. legal analysts say prosecutors are going after the coconspi tors and the borough of a pinches have not said why he was left alone and not checked on. 6:40. a bay area ride-hailing driver is facing years in prison after allegedly assaulting a passed-out passenger. the disturbing details. and amazon is looking into expand into the liquor business, the new facility planned for the bay area. and we are still following breaking news. chopper five is live over sunol where there is a major traffic backup because of an earlier brush fire.
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crews are still trying to douse hot spots but you can see the claims are gone and the delays linger. emily will have an update on that in just a bit. ♪
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6:43. i'm continuing to track southbound 680 out of the dublin interchange at what was a brush fire. you can see the flames were out, however firefighters are on the scene monitoring hot spots and the slow lane is blocked in the southbound direction. you're down to single digits in the drive speeds as you are approaching the area pretty much 0 minutes extrar time due to the slow and go spot. the markets are hoping for a better week after escalating trade tensions sent stocks plunging last week.
6:37 am
earlier this month president trump announced a 10% tariff on $300 billion worth of chinese imports beginning on september 1st. investment banking giant goldman sachs says it no longer expects a deal between the two largest economies before the 2020 election. goldman sachs sos a greater impact on the u.s. academy than expected. the markets just opened up about 15 minutes ago as we take a look at the board and the dow is off to a bad start down 205 points. and ac transit is up and running for the first time in discovered two cracked support beams. commuters will have more food options at the ses force transit center, an italian restaurant and chocolate shop to satisfy your sweet tooth. >> amazon is known as an on line
6:38 am
retailer but the company is trying to open up a liquor store in san francisco. in the dog patch neighborhood, currently an amazon warehouse, drivers go to pick up packages for deliver delivery, but future drivers could deliver alcohol to prime now customers. the storefront would be 200 square feet in which customers could buy wine, beer and spirits. >> unfortunately i use amazon prime a lot. i would rather support local stores and feel that's going to dominate what amazon has already done. >> currently they make alcohol deliveries through a number of cities including has, and washington dc. and ex-evacuation to remove toxic soil from a former paint factory to make room for a new residential project. we're talking. the former sherwin
6:39 am
williams facility horton street where the city approved a project for 500 units and to be. you can expect the your to be built if you love nearby. work goes from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. work delays. and don't worry, every year and the result is the perseid meteor shower will reach its peak into midnight. you can see as many as 30 shooting stars an hour. the meteor shouter is visible each august when the earth crossings over a trail of debris from a clocket across the night sky. good viewing spots will include mount diablo road in contra costa county. skyline boulevard and various peaks in the north bay but the light from the nearly full moon will make the meteors harder to see.
6:40 am
>> and we'll be asleep, right? maybe. >> some of you record some video and send it our way. we don't like seeing these traffic delays this morning and we're seeing them. >> bug time. it's really only one trouble spot. this is ou problem that has slowed things down, southbound 680. look at that back up. that is all the way from the dub hundred interchange south through plesanton, all the way down through sunol and beyond. the fire department is still on the scene. they still have one lane blocked in the low lawn, these these delays are super, super slow and they go quite a bit of ways. there is noer is have you road you can take to get around this, unfortunately. let me show you the over all delay. you are pretty much
6:41 am
ten-miles-an-hour or less before you hit plesanton, so hop off 580, head southbound on 680 and you're a slow crawl all the way through sunon l. my suggestion, though not a whole lot better is to take 84. it's not as bad as 680. give yourself at least 20 minutes extra time if you are headed to this part of the bay area. coming out of the altamonte pass once you get through the tracy triangle and on the way, you're smooth sailing where you can see from this angle just how delayed you are to get into sunol. coming out of the altamonte pass, and 1 101 out of the south bay still
6:42 am
looks good. sun's up and so is the photo of the maze and off to a slow jog as you are head head towards the pension la.s may not be. welcome to monday. we have clear skies for many locations. here's a live look from the sales force tower camera. that compressed marine layer looking at the golden gate, that is how we can tell it's going to be warming up through the day as we are looking at high pressure building in for us. 63 in concord. oakland, cou be have been as well as san jose. mid-70s for santa rot a. we've been showing our back to school photos. here's my photo that first day of kindergarten. if you look closely my mom put my address and phone number and pin
6:43 am
today to my shirt and i wore that all district attorney long plenty of sunshine, into the upper 60s and low-to-mid-90s inland. so we're going to pinpoint oakland. good morning to you and the oakland unified school district and we're looking at mid-70 s for that lunch time hour at 12:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 79 for a high. sunny and warm in oakland. there is the ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest that will be building in and we are expecting a warmup as we head through the next few days, especially by the middle part of the week we'll see the hottest temperatures for our week. you can see the sunshine across the bay area for tonight into tomorrow morning less cloud cover. clear skies to start off the day. great viewing weather for the perseid meteor shower
6:44 am
late tonight into tomorrow morning. you should be able to catch a cool view of that meteor shower. highs of 5 to 10 degrees above average looking at the south bay, 87 in santa clara. 88 for san jose. 93 for morgan hill. concord and weren't wood in the low 70s in san francisco. upper 70s for oakland and low 80s for alameda and san leandro. and the warmup, especially by the end of the week, and into the weekend. jury deliberations resume in the ghost ship creator director and owner. both facing involuntary counts for the december 2016 fire. their attorney say it was an act of arson and the defendants
6:45 am
couldn't have prevented it. no verdict was reached after four days of deliberations and we'll bring it to you it is announced. a bay area lyft driver has been arrested, accused of raping a passenger in his car after he passed out. the driver picked the woman up at a bar in san mateo and drove her about 60 miles to his tracy home where he sex with her without her consent. >> i know as a woman i would never travel alone. usually when i go out with two or three friends, it's really unfortunate. i feel sorry for her. poor thing. >> he has been charged with false imprisonment and rape. lyft says the driver has been personal fortunately removed from the company's platform. 6:53. with days until students return back do class, teachers are poised to launch a strike this morning.
6:46 am
and we are continuing to follow the breaking news in sunol, a brush fire started burning during this morning's commute. we'll have here coming up. good morning to you. new questionsar the multimillionaire gentlemenery epstein was found dead in his jail cell. what this minutes for a number of chargesn outbreak of legionary's disease. we'll see you 7:00 on the dot.
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welcome back. all diverting flights have been canceled in hong kong in the tenth week of overall protests. demonstrators are demanding the dissolution of
6:50 am
a now stranded dissolution bill and calling for an investigation as to what they see as police brutality. and sfo we've learned two flights from hong kong to san francisco has been to hire about a quarter of the principles needed for public schools. and forestville teachers are giving contract talks another shop and want a 5% raise and better health benefits. and ac transit, transbay and early bird express bus lines are rolling into the sales force transit center in san francisco. it was shut down after crews discovered two cracked support beams. crews put out a fire north
6:51 am
of andrat erode. firefighters shut down the flames and is believed to have started when a dump truck hit a power pole. >> anybody traveling out of the dublin interchange is 84 and 680. the overall big picture is a total mess. give yourself at least 20 extra minutes. the delays back up all the way to the 580 interchange. you are in the single digits through sunol. that is a 68-minute drive time from 580 to 280. it is better through the altamonte pass option. either way give yourself some extra time because it is a mess on the roadways. a lovely morning weather wise as we kick off the first day of school and the start of the new workweek. treasure island with flew skies. temperatures will be 5 to
6:52 am
10 degrees and will it be on the warming trend through the next few days. 95 for a high in concord. 79? oakland. 72 for san francisco and there bee go with the warm up. temperatures says in the upper 90s to triple digits slowly cooling down by the end of the week. >> thank you. we're going to keep a close eye on the traffic situation on i-480. we'll have updates throughout the morning. >> and cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day, everyone. good morning to you our viewersmorning." epstein death investigation. why the alleged sex buser's apparent suicide in custody leaves huge questions for police, his accusers, the financeer's powerful friends named in the case. >> inmate captured. escaped convict accused of
6:53 am
killing a tennessee prison official is back in custody. how a surveillance camera led police to the extremely dangerous suspect. >> legionnaires lawsuit the sheraton atlanta hotel targeted after an outbreak of the disease left one person dead and possibly dozens ill. >> and flipping out for simone. olympic all-around champion simone biles lands an
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