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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 13, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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orinda and walnut creek. >> we are live outside of the lafayette station. >> reporter: there is no way around it. this is going to cause delays and inconvenience. but if you have ever felt inconvenience by part, this is what improvements are going to look like. just minor tinkering with the track and systems, but a wholesale reconstruction work. it is a major rebuild. we're talking about 5000 feet of real. 10,000 feet of train control cabling. this is the busiest bart line. this weekend there will be no trains between orinda an. crews begin to 50s is is a job o bi that it will require the use of highway. >> it is a very limited workspace.
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because of that we have close to beverly two of the eastbound lanes during traffic shutdowns. >> reporter: this speaks to one of bart's notorious flaws. the track here lafayette is really no different. two parallel tracks do not allow much wiggle room if something goes wrong. the reroute will include a pocket track for a disabled truck train that could be talked out of the way. >> what we are trying to do is create that flexibility for the system. that is going to make us more robust and more reliable and work through problems in the future much more quickly. remember bart has suffered from a lack of upkeep. this is what making up that underinvestment in the basics looks like. major work that comes with significant inconvenience, but it should provide other long- term services. >> absolutely. your going to re thanks to the voters for voting the send, we have millions of dollars to fund this critical infrastructure work.
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>> reporter: let's talk about the impact of this this weekend. between walnut creek and orinda, that delay should cost you at least 40 minutes if you are a part passenger. for drivers who were out there on highway 24. caltrans is going to be watching the delays caused by this two lane closure. if the delays get to 30 minutes or longer caltrans is going to tell bart to move over little bit and give that lane back to traffic so they can get the delay cleared. so it is sort of a variable. maybe they can let traffic through. they are going to try this in a dynamic fashion. as you heard, this is what this is going to look like. is significant project. it should come with much improved service once we get through the hassle of it all. coming up this weekend, you
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have been warned. we are live in lafayette, kpix 5. here's a look at the top stories at 5:30 pm. san francisco unified unveiling a compromise plan on the battle over what to do with the historic mural at washington high school. the president is proposing to cover instead of destroy the mural. what some have called offensive because of his depictions of slaves and native americans. some have called for the artwork to remain visible. meanwhile, in these bay one man is hospitalized after being shot by the police witnesses report seeing the man waving a gun on mission boulevard. police responded and at one point opened fire. the weapon was determined to be a replica firearm. an october concert with placido domingo has been canceled. as he faces allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. although the alleged incidences did not take with the company ,
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they are quote committed to the strong anti-sexual harassment policy and requires all company members to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct. we are learning more about the claims against placido domingo. they said that he says that they are in accurate. placido domingo is one of the most powerful and celebrated men in opera. but now eight singers and a dancer tell the associated press that he harassed them over three decades, beginning in the late 1980s. >> he would be in the wings waiting for me. he would come up to me, this close. he would say do you have to go home tonight? as soon as you walk away, do you think that i just ruined my career? are only one of the accusers is revealing her identity. the other say that while they feel him bold and by the me too
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movement they fear retribution. one accuser said that he stuck his hand down her skirt. three others that he forcibly kissed them. seven told the associated press that their crews were hurt after it rejecting his advances. the associated press also spoke todozen other people in opera community said that they witnessed inappropriate sexual tends to behavior by placido domingo. he issued a statement saying in part the allegations from these unnamed individuals dating back as many as 30 years are deeply troubling and as presented in accurate. i believe that all of my interactions and relationships were always welcomed and consensual. >> he did not put his hands on me. but i was extremely uncomfortable.
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>> reporter: he is currently the director of the los angeles opera. the committee said they will investigate the allegations against the singer. >> the philadelphia orchestra has also canceled an invitation to have him appear at their opening-night concert. san francisco ticketholders can exchange their tickets, donate the funds or request a refund. california is again firing back at a new trump administration policy. this is the fight over clean power. they are trying to prevent the administration from rolling back obama era pollution limits on power plants. especially those that use coal. >> here we go, president trump was again attempting to get the nations clean power plan. this effort is fuel is foolish. it is more of a fossil fuel protection plan and it is ill advised.
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and it is against the law. >> california enjoys a coalition of 22 other states and the district of columbia in the lawsuit. santa clara and san francisco had filed suit against the gibbet ministries and over its new rule denying green cards to immigrants that use public assistance. the san francisco mayor said that it is bad policy that will lead to more homelessness and children going hungry. it is specifically designed to harm immigrants who paid billions of dollars in taxes to push and agenda of -- this includes medicaid, food stamps and subsidized housing. >> i'm tired of seeing our taxpayers paying for this. >> the government estimates
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that about 382,000 immigrants will be impacted by this role each year. it is set to take effect on october 15. the video is emerging in the investigation to a mass shooting in dayton, ohio that killed nine people in the city's entertainment district. detectives revealed new surveillance video that shows a 24-year-old gunman arriving on saturday, august 3 where he spent two hours before opening fire on the crowd in the early hours of the morning. investigators are divided on whether he deliberately targeted his 22-year-old sister who died in the shooting. but so far they believe that he acted alone. >> clearly that day during that timeframe, we don't see anyone assisting him in committing this horrendous crime. his companion had no idea what he was going to do. or any knowledge of the weapons in the vehicle. >> police say the gunman was able to shoot 26 people in just over 30 seconds before officers
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killed him. a bizarre incident in sydney, australia. bystanders used chairs to stop a man on a stabbing rage. it shows a 21-year-old man yelling "god is great," in arabic. investigators said the violence could have been worse if people had not stepped in. >> we just continue to chase the guy. people were just like saying, he is obviously wielding a knife. >> the suspect was carrying a usb drive containing information about white supremacy attacks in the u.s. and new zealand. she is suing for discrimination after she was fired after her job. she says what causes insult to injury. a new social justice
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campaign. new at 6:00, a woman was violently attacked in front of her apartment. why the incident is feeling more criticism for a controversial project.
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i am at the live news desk. congresswoman barbara lee has a special event. a night of healing. the first speakers are setting up right now.
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they are addressing the crowd. this is a community event set to rally against gun violence and white supremacy. this event comes on the heels of recent mass shootings that left several people dead in both dayton, ohio, gilroy and el paso. let's listen in for just a moment. >> so please put your hands together. [ applause ] >> again, a number of guest speakers will be speaking against gun violence and white supremacy. this rally is expected to last until about 7 pm. we will have highlights coming up on kpix 5 at 6:00 and 7:00. united airlines is tightening its preflight alcohol policy for pilots. pilots will not be able to drink for 12 hours before flights which is four hours longer than what the faa requires. this decision comes after two
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pilots were arrested in,, expected to be under the influence. meanwhile, if the wheel pilot said that she has been grounded by sexual discrimination, she was fired for being too short. well mail pilots have special accommodations to keep flying. more information on her lawsuit. >> reporter: they claim to be the superior choice and luxury private jet trout. that one former pilot, this was not her experience. >> it is difficult you know when you get terminated from a position that has really been a dream job. >> reporter: she is speaking out and her lawyer is filing a lawsuit after she says that she was discriminated against after being hired. >> from the moment that they decided that i was too short, they should have helped me. >> reporter: sitting next to attorney gloria allred, she
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told the story of how she was hired in 2016 with more than 4000 flight hours. during training she and her instructor realized that her legs were too short to operate the aircraft safely. >> i went to a meeting with them after they told me to get a booster seat and i was expressed that i was concerned with a safety issue if i am too were to fly the airplane. are she was have to be trained on the other 11 type of aircraft that they fly, but instead she was fired. the lawsuit stems from the fact that three other in the training class also could not fly the plane, but they were not fired. >> they were two too tall to fly, but they were reassigned to fly other aircraft. she was not afforded that opportunity. >> reporter: she says that her termination has affected her ability to get other work.
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>> i felt that i was not going to cry today. to be treated like you don't matter and tossed to the curb. >> reporter: she is asking for unspecified damages. what matters most to her is getting up in the sky once again. >> i love to fly. >> the pilot is asking for back pay from the airline and damages of more than $75,000. the nfl is teaming up with daisy in a social justice campaign. in a partnership between the nfl and the entertainers company, jay-z is to help the league to smooth out tensions with players. jay-z will also help expand the nfl's entertainment offerings, including the halftime show and production of football related content on streaming services.
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two major media companies are joining forces again. the cbs corporation and viacom have agreed to a $30 billion merger. they had joined forces once again in 1999. the new company will be called viacom cbs in. they own several including bet, comedy central, and mtv. including kpix 5, and showtime. the billionaire is donating a fraction of his fortune to discover why bacteria so vital to human health. he is donating $25 million to ucsf and $10 million to stanford. to better understand the human micro biome. this can be affect
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everything from digestion, allergies and emotional state. he said that he wants to have researchers from both universities to come together. skateboarding, is apparently gaining popularity. >> it will be recognized as a sport at the tokyo olympic games and women want a piece of that action. >> it helps me find courage to do stuff that you boys would do. >> tonight on the new kpix 5 news at 7 pm, we will meet the girl who is showing the world how to skate like a girl. what is it like to have a plane to yourself? oh! oh! oh!
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a dramatic scene in mexico as a volcano erupted early this morning. in a show of water vapor and gas . a new plume of gas emerging from that volcano reaching 32 feet in the sky. >> that is beautiful. i'm very glad. >> it is a beautiful from a minimum safe distance. we are pretty hot out there
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today. we're talking about the heat coming up tomorrow and thursday. which will be hotter than today. concord, you did a triple digit today. you hit 100 degrees. mainly airport locations across the bay area, including gilroy, 98 degrees. napa, 95. hayward, 85. oakland, 83. san francisco, 76. the exception is san francisco which is measured downtown, rather than at the airport. vallejo, 60 degrees. san jose, 61. i want to show you the heat advisory was again. between 95 and 105 degrees in the next couple of days. it is a heat advisory for the
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bay area. the air quality is not so great. the east bay and the south bay with unhealthy air quality. if anyone of those five zones goes unhealthy, it is spare a the air day. what can you do? you could do all of your driving in one trip. a big ridge of high pressure over is that a, this is exerting its influence inland. we still have the arrows. the wind is still coming from the ocean. it is really limiting the onshore breeze. so we get minimum relief from the coast. we are going to be running well above average. so close to fog tomorrow morning for hour or two, that is it. minimal coastal fog. everybody else, sunny from start to finish. you may be wondering when is this going to end? the answer is friday, the beginning of the end of the heat. by the we can come we have a low pressure system sitting offshore. this means a much stronger breeze and thicker marine layer. temperatures will go to five
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degrees below average by this weekend. fog only at the coast. it will be hot tomorrow. the cooler weather moves in this weekend. concord degrees, about 70 degrees above average. phoenicia, 92 degrees. sonoma, 95. lakeport, 102. the extended forecast, equally as hot on thursday. the ocean breeze moves in. down to the 70s and 80s inland. much cooler for the weekend. hot weather for the next 48 hours. that is your forecast. new at 6:00, new facebook privacy concerns after a bombshell report shines lights on what the company does the with audio recordings.
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what facebook has to say about it. plus, toxic algae causing alarm. why this violent attack caught on camera is causing concern in the embargo area in san francisco.
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a passenger could hardly believe his luck on a delta flight from aspen to salt lake city. he was all alone. he made a mini documentary of that trip. >> a flight to salt lake city, you are the only passenger on this flight. >> yes, yes, i am coming. >> has anybody wrote alone on a plane before? so we are just adding weight to the plane because there are no people. thank you so much for flying me. >> no problem.
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>> thank you. >> we look forward to taking care of you today. >> oh, my gosh. delta, delta, delta can help you, help you, help you. he is so relaxed after a solo ride, a drink in hand. this is not the first, another passenger had the same experience earlier this year. that is it for the news at 5:00. kpix 5 news at 6:00 against right now. i know that we are all at risk. >> now at 6:00, the san francisco woman caught in this violent attack, speaking out. her terrifying struggle right outside her front door. the bay area is gearing up for a summer scorcher. where the temperatures could shatter the one degree 100 degree mark. they have a bold and ambitious plan to build
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hundreds of homes for the needy on public land. kpix 5 news at 6:00, starts right now. a woman attacked at her own front door. good evening i am ken bastida. >> i am elizabeth cook. her terrifying ordeal was caught on camera. she was violently attacked on the embarcadero. this incident is feeling criticism of the homeless navigation center that will be built nearby. kpix 5 is live on the embarcadero where some say that crime is only getting worst. >> reporter: ken, elizabeth, this attack happened right behind me right here on beale street. neighbors say that they think that this is the harbinger of what is to come. from the security camera you can see her struck to get into her building, violently polled and thrown to the ground, even with the security guard trying to help rescue her. >> he was saying very crazy stuff. he kept saying that the person inside of my lobby was a


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