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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 14, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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wednesday august 14th i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. >> we have heat advisories in effect for all inland locations. let's show you that heat advisory that kicks off at 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. so afternoon highs again 90s to triple digits. overnight lows. definitely on the mild to low side in the 60s. and stay hydrated. so your heat headlines. the hottest weather inland for today and tomorrow highs will approach the warmest temps we've seen this summer. not as hot near the water but still above average. san jose under that heat advisory. good morning to you first day of school forhe jose unified school district. other locations as we go through
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our afternoon 106 in concord. 107 in fremont and oakland. we will talk about what you can expect when temperatures will finally cool down coming up. let's check in on your main travel times here this morning so we can get you out the door off to work or school at this hour. it is a clear picture as you are driving into work or school this morning. still in the green there and still in the green on the east shore freeway highway 4 and 101 no problems to report. the san mateo bridge is busy for this hour. but we don't have any problems or delays as far as crashes or delays or concerned. the bay bridge this morning isn't quite so busy.
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fastrak customers are making their way just fine into san francisco. and the san arafael and richmond bridge. there are no lane closures in effect due to emergency construction. so you're moving right along without a problem there. now your drive time into the altamonte pass is still a 30-minute drive. we have new video coming in from rodeo this morning from what appears to be a shooting. contra costa deputies there on the scene. and you can see a bunch of evidence markers there on the ground and what appears to be shot out glass, broken glass around the scene. so deputies continue to investigate this morning we're hoping for more information from authorities and we'll bring it to you. the hot weather made for a close call in vallejo.
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video captured by neighbors shows an aggressive fire fight. cal fire flames dropped repeatedly to try and stop the flames. up to 30 homes were in the fire's past. fire crews say there was one thing on their side. >> thankfully the wind wasn't as bad as it could have been. crews contain the flames to just four acres. firefighters stayed on the scene overnight to mop up the hot spots. it's not clear what caused the fire. a boat caught fire in the san francisco bay yesterday. chopper 5 over the scene as two fire boats hosed down the smoking vessel. five people were evacuated from the boat and met by san rafael firefighters on shore. san rafael fires shared these dramatic fires in the bay.
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injuries to report. mountain view could join a list of bay area cities that use drones for fires. city leaders want to use the drones for much more than that. public works employees want to use them for roof, gutter, and tree inspections. the fire department wants to use them during mass casualties and mountain view says it could help them search for victims. >> using drones we can easily see someone's back yard, right, and the laws in the bay they've been written in the past we didn't have drones or aerial imagery. >> police say they plan to adopt the rules that the aclu suggested including prohibiting the use of drones for random
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surveillance. an update this morning on a heavily elm battled mural at one san francisco school. the life of washington is in the georgia washington high school and shows the first president as a slave owner. some say it shows the ugly history of american racism. but late last night the board decided not to paint it over instead they made a compromise. >> this is an opportunity for us to say we're not going to paint over the art. >> we don't need a reminder of the genocide of the slavery that we went through. >> the board has decided instead to cover it up. an alumni group says the board reversed its decision after massive backlash from the public. a june estimate for covering the murals came in at $875,000. new this morning the fbi is investigating a shooting at a
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pair of i.c.e. offices in texas and authorities believe this was not a random act. the shootings happened yesterday in san antonio. fortunately no one was hurt. the fbi specifically knew which floors that the i.c.e. offices were on. and one day after the trump administration unveiled a regulation that makes it tougher for illegal immigrants. police are revealing new details about this week's mass shooting in ohio. laura podesta has the latest. >> dayton officials are still trying to determine what prompted the massive shooting that left 9 dead on august 4th. police laid out the timelines of the movements of alleged gunman connor bets. a primary focus of the investigation is the gunman's
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sister. megan bets was among the first victims that night. the 22-year-old was shot dead as she and a friend were standing at a taco stand. police can't say if he knowingly targeted her as he fired shots down an alley. >> there's a real question could he even see who was on the other side. i would say it's inconclusive. >> the 24-year-old gunman had long been preoccupied with dark thoughts. >> there's this history of obsession withen violence and violent i'veuations and interest in mass shootings and the expression and desire to carry out a mass shooting. >> his friend is due in court today. cally is not accused of taking part in the shating. laura podesta cbs news. >> dayton also updated the
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number of people hurt. 17 were injured by the gunfire. three more than originally reported. that's in addition to the 9 people killed. new this morning san francisco police are asking for the public's help in cracking a cold case. 13 years ago today 17-year-old aubrey av acaso was gunned down. he was take ton the hospital where he later died. there's now a $250,000 reward leading to his arrest. police say a man waited in line at a cvs then handed the pharmacist a note. the pharmacist complied and the man took off. and palo alto police are looking for a man. a man and a woman approached a woman offering to repair her car
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when she refused. another man came up pulled off her glasses and pushed her to the ground. police say both suspects fled the scene. amid the up roar a womanrvik near the proposed site right at her front door. she described as a mentally disturbed person escalated quickly on sunday. she says she told her the front desk guard was a robot and demanded she open the door to save her life. surveillance cameras caught him throwing her to the ground as she tried to escape. the 25-year-old suspect is now in custody. the white house is delaying some china tariffs until stores stock up for the holidays. plus cbs is getting back together with maya conb with
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this morning's money watch report. >> new tariffs on chinese imports and dropping some tariffs entirely. the announcement was made by the office of the u.s. trade representative. officials say they're responding to retailers who believe the tariffs would harm their end of year holiday sales. the dow soaring 372 points tuesday. the nasdaq climbing 153. and cvs is getting back together with viacom. yesterday the two companies announced they are merging. viacom began as cbs and spun off in 1971. the two companies united in 1991 but split up again years later. and that's your cbs money watch
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report. for more head to i'm diane king hall. time now is 4:41. >> amazon's facial recognition software put to test. the major error. >> and taking a live look outside. we are going to look at city hall in san francisco where it is 60 degrees right now. the bay area is heating up. mary lee is going to have a check on your forecast when we come back. this is cbs health watch. >> there's some fertility dos and don'ts. and do consider your age. try to conceive for 12 months. and if you're over 35 try for
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6 months. >> sponsored by stanford medicine fertility and reproductive services. frshz
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welcome back. a recent test of a facial recognition technology ends with a major fail. >> this after state lawmakers turned up as suspected criminals. wrongly identified using amazon's facial recognition program. the a clvmdlu used 120 images
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against a database. it says the findings show the need to block law enforcement from using this technology and officers' body camera. supporters say an alert could used to alert criminals. phil ting was among those falsely identified. >> while we can laugh about it as legislators it's no laughing matter if you're an individual trying to get a job, if you're an individual trying to get a home. if you get falsely accused of an arrest. what happens it could impact your ability of employment. >> it passed the assembly and is now in the state senate. amazon said in a statement to kpix 5 facial recognition technology can be used for a long list of identification purposes to helping find missing children to inhibiting human
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trafficking. amazon also says it continues to advocate for federal legislation of facial recognition technology and accused the aclu of misusing and misrepresenting its technology to make headlines. let's take a live look outside from our dublin area. triple digit temperatures in the east bay and for residents looking to keep cool in contra acosta counties. in concord the senior citizens center, spray park and in brentwood the community center and senior activity center will have their doors open as well. do not leave your kids or pets in the car. the heat advisory is in effect through tomorrow night. >> oh, my goodness, yeah, temperatures are going to soar
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especially inland. please do what you can to stay safe in this heat and that is going to continue into tomorrow. those heat advisories are in effect for all of our inland locations. here is a beautiful live look. you can see the ferry building under a clear mild sky. temperatures are in the 60s right now and we're only going to watch those temperatures climb. looking east of the bay bridge under clear skies. 67 right now in concord. 64 in oakland. as well as for livermore. 60 in san francisco. 67 right now in san jose and santa rosa coming in at 57. so your weather headlines, the two hottest days this wook today and tomorrow. 15 degrees above average. all throughout the bay area. the cooler temperatures will prove by friday as we head into
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saturday and for sunday. it's a lot more comfortable by the end of the week. for the coast today mostly sunny. in the low 70s for the bay. upper 70s to low to mid 80s and our inland locations topping o t heat. so dangerously hot temperatures for our inland locations. san jose good morning to you. of course the san jose unified school district kicking off the first day of school today. happy first day and it is going to be a hot one in san jose. by lunchtime upper 80s with sunshine and by 3:00 p.m. mid 90s in san jose. also a spare the air alert in effect. air quality unhealthy. as well as for the santa clara valley. good air quality along the central bay. keeping the coast a little bit more comfortable for today. aimal ocean influence though for the rest of the bay area. we have a ridge of high pressure in control for us and that is
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why we're going to heat up. a little bit of that offshore wind component. so if you go through future cast taking you hour by hour at 4:00 p.m. and you can see all of that sunshine for the bay area. we are looking at some low clouds but otherwise mainly clear skies. temperatures are going to be just as hot for tomorrow. but that ocean breeze does increase for the weekend. a low pressure system for the pacific northwest is going to drop down and that will usher in that stronger ocean breeze for us as we go through the weekend. daytime highs hot. 105 fairfield, livermore . 86 oakland and 84 san francisco. there's that 7-day forecast. another hot day tomorrow. slowly cooling back down friday but especially by the weekend. things are not even starting to heat up on the roadways. let's take a look at the overall big picture. that map mostly green.
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there are a couple of issues that we do want to report. that is the altamonte pass this morning. you are slow going out of the tracy triangle. once you get through the altamonte pass and then you're smooth sailing all the way to the dublin interchange. then you'll note on 84 fortunately you can't see the slow back up behind it because that 84 sign is in front of it. westbound 84 you have a slow back up in the usual spot and also behind an accident that's happening right there as you're pulling in this morning and then continuing on as you move westward this morning. that drive time is 31 minutes at this hour. still not terrible for how early it is. east shore freeway. highway 101 in the greenway. however, this is your problem spot for most of the east bay. you commute on the nimmets northbound. they have construction in place. you can see it creates this
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bottleneck that makes it miserable to get it through right here. and it's really slowing you down as you get past here for this early hour. in the meantime the san mateo bridge is moving right along. the prequel series is set to be released. >> chris martinez has your eye on entertainment. >> rapper missy elliott is the recipient of the 2019 video vanguard award. at this year's video music awards show. elliott is also set to perform at the show for the first time since 2006. catch the vmas live august 26th. spencer is being recognized for devoting her career to
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diverse story telling. the gala will take place in beverly hills in october. and the characters from jim henson's 1982 film the dark crystal are coming back to life. taern edgerton lead the cast in the net fliksz series the dark crystal age of resistance. that's your eye on entertainment. chris martinez cbs news las angeles. a baseball player hit three home runnings last night but it's the third that has people scratching their heads. and before we go to break you're looking live downtown san jose. 60 degrees there already this morning and it's going to get a lot hotter on this wednesday morning. in the human brain, billions of neurons play in harmony.
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for people with parkinson's, some neurons change their tune, causing uncontrollable tremors. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. restoring control and harmony, once thought to belost forever. now, abbott technology can target those exact neurons. the most personal technology is technology with the power to change your life.
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good wednesday morning to you. we are expecting some hot temperatures as we head through the afternoon with heat advisories in effect for all of our inland locations. 103 for morgan hill. 99 for los gatos in the afternoon. as well as for livermore. pleasanton. 81 in berkley. 80 for san francisco. 86 for a high in oakland. 100 degrees in santa rosa for a high and 99 in windsor. the giants today are fighting for their post season lives. you know what that means for
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madison bomb garner. and then on a 1-2 blow it past s a mistake. giants had three straight two out doubles. the third by kevin polar and the giants take a 2-1 lead. 7 innings. 9 strikeouts he allowed just one run and his last two starts he is on fire. could will smith close it out. he loaded the bases and finally got the tying runs just 90 feet away. the second wild in the american league. seattle's kyle seager already with two home runs.
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the ball hit off neego goodrum's glove. mariners won the game 11-6. and now the latest installment of the antonio brown soap opera. >> as the world turns. >> the drama is killing me. in this morning's installment, the all-pro receiver did not practice because of his frost-bitten feet and is now on the look out for a new helmet he's comfortable wearing and is league approved. hey, at the end of the day at least brown is watching channel 5. >> i see my face all over the news, all the talk, but these guys are doing a good job with supporting me, it's grateful to hear them come out about it and i'm expected. >> we've had a pretty good understanding despite of what people think. we've had a pretty good understanding of what's going to happen and now we're getting
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ready to get rolling. >> when the regular season kicks off in september you won't even think about a helmet. that's the latest in sports. see you tonight. time right now is 4:57. >> a new warning from forecasters as rising temperatures fuel fires across the bay area. >> and our back to school coverage continues this morning. we're live in san jose where it's their first day. we'll let you know which vaccinations are required for your student to come back to school. alright, so this is how it's gonna go down.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. now at 5:00, the bay area is heating up. mary lee is keeping an eye on rising temperatures adding fuel to fires. >> today the chp is remembering one of their own after an officer dies in the line of duty. this morning the apology from the killer's family. >> and investigators release a timeline of events leading up to
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the dayton mass shooting. the gunman's last movements before the rampage. >> good morning it's wednesday august 14th i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. let's get right over to mary lee to talk about these hot temperatures. michelle and kenny expecting some of the hottest temps we have seen so far this summer. heat advisories in effect for all of our inland locations today and tomorrow. temperatures soaring into the 90s and triple digit heats. 105 to 10 singz for some of our hottest inlan -- 106 for some of our hottest inland locations. stay hydrated for today and for tomorrow. so your heat headlines. hottest weather inland today and tomorrow. highs will approach. the warmest temps we've seen so far this summer. not as hot near the water but still above average. u


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