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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 17, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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ache alert on the east bay. repair works causing delays right now. innkeeper joining us. the work is impacting traffic on east way between lafayette. caltrans crews have two lanes shut down this weekend. katie nelson is at the lafayette bart station to show you how commuters are dealing with the delays.>> reporter: normally you would see a ton of people moving through the station. but this weekend this station there is a bus bridge in place
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between orinda and walnut creek in both directions. that is all because of construction on the tracks. this is anything but business as usual. at the walnut creek bart station. i heard the same if you're going an extra 45 minutes. >> reporter: construction crews are working all weekend at the lafayette station. so instead of taking a train from walnut creek. they have to take a bus. >> the only nightmare was the traffic on the way here. but we got here. there is never a great time for a track shutdown. we are trying to find the least worst option available to do this work.>> reporter: they are replacing a mile of track near the lafayette station. the only way to do that is to set up a massive 265 ton crane
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in the eastbound lanes of highway 24 which is backing up traffic for almost 3 miles. the track shutdown and impacting the eastbound lanes was the only way to do this work in a safe manner and to finish expediently. >> reporter: the game at the coliseum started at 1 pm this afternoon. some fans didn't know they would be delayed coming back. >> this is the first we are hearing about. expect delays of more than 40 minutes. it is worth it for the game. >> reporter: right now caltrans actually only has one lane closed. for that bart construction. that is because of an agreement they made with bart that if the backup extended to 30 minutes bart would reduce the number of lane closures from two down to one to allow some of the
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traffic to go through. they are hoping to be able to expand that back to two lanes within the next hour. so they stay on track with their work through the weekend so they can get the tracks back open in time foe mmes on monday morning. the next time they are planning the same work with the same lane closures is over labor day weekend. we've got more in the trance department. video out of censuses go. service was disrupted this afternoon for a bit when a car drove into the tunnel. video from citizen app the scene. the car made it out okay. nobody was hurt. no word on what caused the accident. taking a live look now outside. san francisco from our salesforce camera. we saw a cooler temperature across the bay area. the numbers for us right now.>> reporter: some of the numbers are really impressive. for some locations.
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up in the north bay look at the difference. 24 hour change from where we were yesterday to today. we dropped 22 degrees from napa. 21 santa rosa today. you can see a pattern. further north you were the more the temperatures dropped. we all cooled down. there was a big difference between the 21 degree improvement in santa rosa and 11 degree improvement in san jose. what the actual numbers have been so far. these are not the official daytime highs. this is where they span unofficially. i will have the officials coming up at 6 pm. 82 concorde today. 86 livermore. these were numbers that were in the low hundreds yesterday. huge improvement. if we check out more locations and come in for more detail. look from 82 and walnut creek. it was 75 and open today. 66 at the coast. those numbers are closer to normal. that is nice considering what we have had to look at the low clouds over the golden gate bridge. it is sunny down here over san
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jose. sunny and the tri-valley. that is dublin. we take a look from the top of the salesforce tower clouds help to cool us down today. why tomorrow is even cooler. there is a big up warm-up coming in the seven-day. we are heating up in portland with 13 people have been arrested and processed between and far right groups in portland oregon. hundreds of people taking to the street ng traffic. protesters banged on buckets enchanted as police kept a watch. at some point the two groups did confront each other and it did get physical. protesters banging on a shuttle bus. emergency crews treated a woman who was bleeding. and appeared injured. police dressed in riot gear arrested this man at today's protest. not clear which group he was affiliated with. a few of the weapons that were seized today. please collected metal poles hairspray and other items.
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officers try to keep the crowds under control by setting up concrete barriers enclosing streets. it is that because a lot of people to come here to protest don't live here or share a lot of the values that i believe portland stands for. people that are part of the movement they really think a lot of things about this side. that are not true. they think we are weiss's premises. president trump road major consideration is giving to naming an organization of terror. portland is being watched closely. hopefully the mayor will be able to properly do his job. portland's mayor responded to the president's comments. i focus on what is going on on the ground in my community. i'm not concerning myself with tweets from washington dc. and frankly it is not helpful.>> reporter: portland has become a magnet for protest. some of them turning ugly. and led to 25 arrest. llies wee
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bay area nd new gun- control legislation in the wake of recent mass shootings. hundreds of protesters gathered outside san francisco city hall. this was just one of at least dozens of others held across the country. the rally was organized by mom's demand action for gun since and america. the group was founded in the wake of the school shooting at sandy hook. u.s. department of housing and urban development is investigating whether san francisco's housing policies violate federal nondiscrimination law. according to the chronicle the investigation focuses on policies around affordable housing development whether the policies discriminate. the mayor responded to the investigation today. we are definitely taking it seriously. because we know that we need to do better with housing in our city. we are going to look at it. and try to figure out how to comply. spokesman said the agency is not commenting on the investigation.
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it has requested copies of city laws permit applications and any housing related studies. from the last 10 years. santa clara city is thinking small to help solve a big crisis in the bay area. devon on the creative solution to the housing crunch. about this is more or less what these tiny homes are going to look like. the mayor said this is a tool in his toolbox as the city tries to address the issue of homelessness. not much bigger than a tool shed these tiny homes will provide shelter and hopefully a ladder out of homelessness. these are folks who are typically work ready or have jobs. alternatively have housing voucher and are waiting to get into an apartment. we know that delay can be as long as 3 to 6 months.>> reporter: he joined members of the city council and community helping to build these eight rights and shelters. it will be part of the city's first ever tiny home community. it is a crisis none of us can ignore. it is all over the city. we have over 6000 and house
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neighbors in the city of san jose. >> reporter: they conducted a search for possible locations for its tiny home community. the first is next door to the new bart station. the second is on land provided by caltrans near the intersection of 101 and 280. volunteers say there is something uniquely satisfying about helping people get back on their feet. it is so important when they are going through that time and that transitional time to have a clean safe warm place to sleep at night. >> reporter: neighbors initially opposed every location the city considered for is tiny homes. the mayor said he wants to prove this can be done without creating problems with noise trash drugs drinking or crying. we need to show our community and show the rest of the city that we can do this successfully. and hopefully as we are standing these up we will be able to expand them throughout the city. >> reporter: the goal is to have dispersed tiny home community running by november 1. as we enter into the hearts of the winter. coming up
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another bart station is phasing out paper tickets. what writers need to know starting on monday. the major effort underway right now in the bay area to find animals a loving home. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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only for a limited time. the final victim in the el paso mass shooting was laid to rest today. strangers and loved ones came from all across the country to help a grieving husband say goodbye.>> reporter: amazing
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grace played as hundreds gathered to lay the final el paso shooting victim 63-year- old margie recker to rest. her husband antonio invited the public to help him mourn two weeks after the mass shooting the left 22 dead at a walmart. he recalled their bond shortly after the attack. the couple had few relatives and he expressed concern he was a farewell to his wife alone. i was supposed to be the strong one. i found out on the week one.>> reporter: after word got out a pasoans and people around the country came to join him in morning. several thousands attended visitation on friday. he received hugs and condolences. we had planned. we were going to live together and died together.>> reporter: at the close of the service more than a dozen white doves
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were released. as el paso and the nation seeks to heal. hundreds of students in sepsis go get free backpacks and school supplies today as part of the city's magic program. the cofounder of the annual event is late san francisco public defender jeff it started in 2004 in collaboration with bayview hunters organizations. the event began with city and state officials holding a ceremony to honor the life and legacy. he worked hard every single day to not only defend people in the public defender's office. he worked hard to take care of the community. to make sure they never ended up in his office in the first place. over 2000 backpacks were given out including school uniforms. free health and financial services were available for families. heads up for bart riders on
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monday the embarcadero station is going to switch to clipper cards only. the station will phase out those paper tickets on september 3. the downtown berkeley station on september 24. writers will not be able to buy paper tickets. you can still use them to enter or exit the fare gates. agencies goal is to transition to clipper card only. by 2020. some cats and dogs living in shelters will now have a new place to call home. today animal lovers gathered together for the cleared the shelters drive. the nationwide event encourages people to adopt animals from their local shelter. in berkeley over 100 animals were available for adoption. rescue organizations reduced or even waived adoption fees today. some good news and some bad
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news. by the middle late part of the next coming week it is going to be get hot again. it is not going to for the rest of this weekend. tomorrow is going to be cooler than today. let me show you the vastly different view from our cameras on top of the salesforce tower. if you look east at most of the bay area this is what we are looking at right now. clear skies. but if we use cara on the other side of the salesforce tower look to the west you will see why we were all able to cool down so much today. the marine layer is back. building and along the coastline. i will show you more in a second. as far as the numbers is 70 in oakland. 75 livermore. concorde got you down to 75. san jose 79. 76 santa rosa. this is such a turnaround. you could not have asked for better timing to have this come in on saturday and sunday. there is a little more to go. we will cool down moore for sunday. we take a look at the clouds streaming in. e p of the tower.
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if you don't have clouds over you yet watch what happens. we take those clouds from now into the overnight hours. by the time we get to 7 am on sunday there is a wide expanse of low-grade clouds. around concorde and even toward fairfield and vallejo. we will wake up to the low clouds that have come in linn. if they can go that far inland that is a good sign. we got some rain showing up here. there could be just a little bit of missed out of this along the peninsula. may be in the marin headlands. that is another good sign. it is a healthy marine layer. that is how we cool down. daytime highs tomorrow these are lower than the ones i was showing you for now. as far as the daytime highs go. it will be 83 for the daytime highs tomorrow in concorde. it was in the middle 80s today. about two hours ago. for livermore 82. we will hit 75 in mountain view. fremont 75 tomorrow. it will be 83 santa rosa. we will keep the numbers in the low to middle 60s at the coast. no big change there.
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the pattern changed on us in such a dramatic fashion in a way if you look at the regular satellite you would not be able to see exactly what happened other than the fact the marine layer came back. what drove that? if we switch from the regular satellite let's get rid of looking at the clouds themselves. i'm going to put on a little more detail here. that is the water vapor which gives you a wonderful view of how the atmosphere is working in motion. look at that counterclockwise spent. here we are in san francisco. there is an area of low pressure right there. you would have not have seen it otherwise. that is helping to deepen the marine layer and drive it onshore. that is how we got a cooldown. across the next seven days we are staying here. we stay cooler tomorrow. there is the warm-up by the time we get into wednesday and thursday. those will be the two warmest days. 95 wednesday. 96 thursday. you know what the temperature is worth this past wednesday and thursday? in the low hundreds. we do have to warm back up.
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we are not going back to the kind of heat that we just had. that. back over to me. sports settling in at five. son of oakland comes back home. back to work for bay area big leaguers. amazing golf shot in the mini looks of john gruden. and the raiders. showcase well. from the small screen.
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after 13 innings last night the a's are ready been back to work. today another double you. is in the books. western division front running astros. picking up third inning. that is when houston's alex bergman struck. rights of the ricky henderson side.
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open the a's tied it up at the bottom of the inning and got more. matt olson with the bases loaded. so now it is 3-2. they kept the line moving. next batter found a whole. scored two more.hitters of the inning reached basis scored. five runs. in the fifth again. scored another oakland. the first three games of this series. 8-4. 6 1/2 back of the astros now and the al west. currently tied with tampa for the second wild-card spot. giants and diamondbacks and business moving pictures. on the late show. they knocked heads and practice in denver. the raiders behind me now. talking salty language today.
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a feature staple of hbo show hard knocks. coach gruden address that. i don't like hearing all the profanity. every time i swear it makes the show. i have a lot of passion for this. i get carried away sometimes. i apologize. i'm not as foulmouthed as people think. if you think i am i'm sorry. from napa to pga outside of chicago. a couple solid third round bmw championship shots. tiger woods is 16. how about a fresca 567. still 14 shots behind. this fellow. justin thomas. watched a shot from the fairway at 16. look at it all in. leads by goininto sunday's final round. they
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had the weekend off. since 2000 more than 25,000 have gone to the warriors basketball camps. some go on to greatness. like one of the very first campers. who recently came back home. let's clap it up for will. warriors basketball camp brought back will cherry. who was still living the basketball dream. in 2014 the oakland native played a game with lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. before that season another five preseason games with the toronto raptors. toronto raptors in cleveland i think my mom has one toronto raptors. friend has one toronto raptors. my mom kept the cleveland. last season he was a force
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for the warriors santa cruz cheely team. he just signed a contract to play in greece. but before he left is one of the first ever warrior campers he stopped by the team facility. we have to pay it forward. that is why i am here. it is straight up love. i don't want any money. it is love. i see myself in you kids. years ago when i was here.>> reporter: what is the big message you like to pass on to some of these campers? have fun. that is number one. have fun at this camp and enjoy it. have fun and number two don't take it for granted.>> reporter: state title for high school. then at montana a four-year starter. first-team all-conference guard. the 2013 he has been a pro.
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and some campers still wanted to take him on. the campers they cheered their fellow camper. they are kids. it is great when they come back. they cranked out a lot of talent. bill russell. frank robinson just to name a couple. we will be right back.
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that is it for us at 5 pm. we will see you back here at 6 pm. >> yuccas: tonight on the cbs weekend news, on edge-- right- wing and left-wing groups take to the streets in oregon. the massive police presence aimed at preventing an outbreak of violence. extreme weather-- flooding in the south and sweltering heat across more than a half dozen states. where the biggest threat is right now. the autopsy: jeffrey epstein's lawyers disputing their client committed suicide. what they believe will paint a clearer picture of what happened. saying goodbye. he asked, and they came, hundreds of strangers help an el paso man bury his wife. >> he has family here. he is not alone. >> remembering the easy rider. a look back at the legendary
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career of actor peter fonda. and straight shooter: a police officer challenges ks


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