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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 19, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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when roads will reopen. trash classrooms less than a day before kids go to school. a quick cleanup. the first day of school in alameda with a historic classroom transformation welcoming students back. it's monday, august 19. good morning. i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego and let's go to mary for the weather. back to where we should be this time of year. refreshing out there and we continue with temperatures at or below average through the afternoon and here is a live look with the south bay san jose camera. good morning in san jose, looking at 62 in concord and oakland at 60 and 59 in livermore. santa rosa, 56 and four san francisco, the school district starts today. happy first day of school to
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you with breezy conditions and west winds at 10-20. that onshore flow and mild daytime highs in the upper 60s in san francisco and in other locations, concord has a high of 85. 80 in san jose and 74 in oakland. i will have your full forecast with a warm up on the way, coming up. we are seeing delays on the roadways. the usual suspects, unfortunately. for travel times, where we are seeing delays are through the altamont pass, already in the yellow with a 44 minute ride and in the red not before long. still in the green on the eastshore freeway, highway 4 and 101 with no issues to report on these main routes and that is the good news. taking a live look at the nimitz, not bad in either direction and further north, it's backed up due to construction road closures southbound off the bay bridge.
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now, to the be here shortly because look at the backup at the toll plaza. it starting to get busy at the san mateo bridge, as well. i'm katie nielsen at the live desk and in fremont, police are investigating an early morning accident and you are taking a live look at paseo padre parkway where a pedestrian was hit and killed by a vehicle around 12:30 this morning and right now, northbound paseo padre is closed between walnut and capital avenues as police continue the investigation and they think they will have that northbound lane closed for paseo padre until about 8:00 this morning. drivers can take fremont boulevard as a detour. at the live news desk, i'm katie nielsen. the man seen on video attacking a woman outside her home in san francisco is due in court for a compliance hearing.
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the office of the public defender said so far, austin vincent has kept the conditions of his release order since his last arraignment. on friday, when the judge who oversaw the case saw the surveillance video, she ordered him to wear an ankle monitor and he was placed in temporary housing. a video of the attack has stepped up scrutiny over a proposed navigation center at the embarcadero. the fight is politically charged and neighbors hope the video of the attack will make politicians change their minds. >> it's simply that we don't feel safe and we have really good reason. the city can no longer deny our concerns about safety. i hate this. >> everybody hates it but the path is not to shut down social services. the path is to have more social services. >> the navigation center is part of mayor breed's plan to build 1000 shelter beds in san
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francisco by 2020. the public can weigh-in on a navigation center for the bayview area with caltrans working to secure a parking lot off evans avenue and the shelter would have up to 200 beds with laundry facilities and medical and social services and the meeting starts at 6:00 at the southeast community center on oakdale avenue. a new plan on the table seeks to ban panhandling on bart. deborah allen says she gets consistent negative feedback about panhandling on a weekly basis and plans to introduce the topic at a board meeting that would prohibit people from asking for money including train performers. some have kleenex packs with notes they hand out or have infants with them. >> i've lived in cities my whole life and it doesn't bother us that much but i guess it would be nice if they didn't. i
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feel bad that they are homeless. >> right now, only aggressive panhandling and loud music are violations of the penal code and critics of the anti- panhandling ordinance said it would step on civil liberties because it is a form of speech protected under the first amendment. students in vallejo are going back to school and police are looking for three suspects and vandalized a middle school yesterday morning on the campus of solano middle school, in the process of merging with a nearby elementary school. police said the suspects were either teens or young adult men and they broke a window to get inside the school. ransacked classrooms had books and supplies in a jumble on the floor. >> it's really disappointing to do that at a school the night before school starts. it's really disheartening. >> some laptops were beyond dad d some of them were crushed. >> police said a burglar alarm sounded at3:t ne and a couple hours
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later, custodians came face-to- face with the suspects and they stepped photos of them as they were bandannas over their faces. alameda high school will have students again after a $60 million transportation to become earthquake safe and modern. jackie ward is there with all the work ahead of the first day of school. >> reporter: it's quite stunning. check this out behind me and you can see these beautiful pillars lit with gorgeous lights, really stunning and quite the undertaking, this project. two years to remove more than 2 million pounds of concrete, more than 1 million pounds of steel to create the new and improved alameda high school. [ cheers and applause ] welcoming the new well honoring
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history, the district said alameda high school has grand s again with all three buildings getting major upgrades. there are 11 new science labs and 37 modernized classrooms, all earthquake safe. finally, a much-needed renovation thanks to the people of alameda. >> california has a long way to go to fully fund public education and while we've worked on statewide reform, the collection of this work is critical to better the lives of our students. with the opening of the historic alameda high school building, it's a testament to this community's love of our young people. >> reporter: 1978 was the last time students used to the campus. city leaders and activists font years to save the school and to fight for the money to retrofit the old buildings.
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a lot of this was paid for with money used for measure i, a bond voters passed in 2014 and there was some state grant money involved and money from prop 39 with almost 1800 students to attend alameda high school. jackie ward, kpix5. tomorrow, are back to school week coverage continues with a junior high conversion to middle school and why a bay area district is making that move tomorrow, starting at 4:30. a plan to change downtown pleasanton is getting heat from the community with a task force working on this plan since 2017 and if approved, it would allows high-rise buildings along main street by proponents say they need more affordable high density housing whenever there is space available in those against it say downtown pleasanton should not be changed. >> we need affordable housing but i'm not sure a high-rise is the answer to it. i'm not sure i want to make it like dublin. [ laughter ] >> the city council will
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discuss the issue at the meeting on tuesday night and they encourage anyone who wants to comment on the changes to attend that meeting. the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial will enter the third full week of deliberations. jurors struggle to decide if derrick alemena and max harris are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. they face one count for each of the 36 who died in the 2016 warehouse fire. jurors review testimony from a woman that lived in the warehouse, including details on the conditions inside and the lack of a sprinkler system. juliette goodrich will be in the courtroom and when we hear of a verdict we will bring it to you live. president donald trump and his team believe the u.s. economy is going to continue to grow. last week, a big selloff on tao street and a warning in the bond market have investors concerned that a recession is on the horizon. stalled negotiations should be blamed, according to trump. >> if i wanted to make a bad
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deal and settle on china, in the market would go up but i'm just not ready to make a deal. china would like to make a deal but i'm not ready. >> i suspect china has a longer attention span than donald trump has. >> candidates took aim at the presidents trade war while campaigning in new hampshire and the white house said of deputy level meetings go well this week, chinese negotiators may come back to the u.s. for another round of talks. senator bernie sanders will bring his 2020 campaign back to the bay area this week and this is video from his rally from indiana in march and this time, he will host a town hall in san francisco on college costs and student debt, friday afternoon at the event center at market and van ness. it's 5:10. straight ahead, a new weekend, you will like today
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with a ridge of high pressure building and and a warm up in the focal forecast and details coming up. you can tell it is a monday, unfortunately, on the roadways. you are all right with the exception of the bay bridge. the metering lights are on and you are backed up to the maze with a 13 minute ride westbound. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. icken striombo todt jackn the bo
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the rolling stones were out late last night rocking levi's stadium and the city of santa clara normally has a 10:00 p.m. curfew on sunday nights but according to the newsgroup, the stones got an extension and played until 11:00. the curfew has been a long battle between the city and the 49ers. a warning for smart home device users. the better business bureau said a new auto dial scam puts millions at risk. they said scammers create fake customer service numbers and even pay for ads to bump into the top of search results and this could impact smart devices like alexa, siri and google home. a heads up for bart riders. starting today, you can get a ticket at the embarcadero station is part of a pilot program to encourage writers to use clipper cards instead.
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powell street and berkeley will follow next month and customers can use and reload tickets there for now. bart staff will hand out free clipper cards today at embarcadero through wednesday and they normally are $3. students in san francisco go back to class today and city leaders have a message for drivers to slow down. mayor london breed makes a push for pedestrian safety, citing a series of fatal crashes on city streets caused by reckless driving, mostly. it's a big issue that the san francisco police chief said the community can fix. >> we need community support and your support to get out the message to slow down and be careful. our kids mean so much to us. it will save lives. >> nearly 200 city crossing guards will be out in full force and there will be assistance on muni to make sure students get to school safely. as children go back to
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school, a good reminder about school's own laws. >> i will break it down for you. in san francisco, going back to school, kids will be walking. take your time for the overall big picture for the rules. this is not just when school zone lights are flashing, this is when children are present. within 500-100000 feet of the school, you need to slow down to at least 25 miles-per-hour and in some situations, some school zones may have a speed limit of 15 miles-per-hour so make sure you pay attention because you will have at least a $99 ticket if not more, depending how fast you are going. if you see a bus and the yellow stop signs are out and the lights are yellow, slow down because when they are red, you have to come to a full stop in both directions and you cannot drive forward until the stop signs and lights are gone.
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for the crossing guards, you have to a will pay obey all the rules. you cannot drive forward. this is serious and lives are at stake. just go ahead and slow down. san francisco is in session today. as far as traffic, no problems but there are a couple of issues zooming into the east bay. going east bound at university, there is an accident with two lanes are blocked and it's opposite of the commute direction and not causing issues. there are lane closures due to construction southbound on the nimitz and out of the maze, eight miles-an-hour and then you get back to a regular running speed southbound. slow and go out over the toat s- hour and then back to 60 and as you come out of the altamont pass making her way to the
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dublin interchange with travel times in the red at 44 minutes. in the green on 4 and 101 and the nimitz past where the slow down is, you see added volume at this hour at the bay bridge with metering lights on and slow and go through the toll plaza. much more comfortable with our weather because of the onshore flow. here is a live look with the treasure island camera and you can see a cloudy and gray start for many of us across the bay area because of that marine influence working its way down inland. our temps are in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s and your microclimate forecast takes you through the day with westerly wind at 10-20 and low to mid- 60s and breezy and mild and in the upper 60s to low to mid-70s with clearing through the day for the bay in london plenty of
5:19 am
sunshine, upper 70s to low to d-s. good morning in alameda. your microclimate forecast, upper 60s by noon and then with that sunshine, the air quality forecast looking great. because of that ocean breeze kicking in, we have really nice air quality and for the satellite and radar view, high pressure with a trough of low pressure to the west and because of that, the onshore flow keeps us on the cool side through the day and the coolest day before a warm up. on futurecast, hour-by-hour, you can see sunshine and clearing back to the coast for tomorrow morning with another cloudy start and patchy light fog and clearing. daytime highs, 85 in concord, 83 in fairfield jose, 80. 78 near mountain view and 63
5:20 am
for pacifica. the seven-day forecast, what you can expect as temperatures warm or tuesday and check out the jump and temperatures starting wednesday with mid-90s inland and then we heat up even more on thursday and we will stay hot inland and into the weekend with plenty of sunshine. the time is 5:20. cooking for a cause. meet child chefs who stirred up support for gilroy shooting victims. a good look at the traffic camera at the golden gate bridge with hardly any cars on the roads. 5:20 and we will be right back.
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a live look at the san mateo bridge westbound and you can see things are getting busy out there as you head to the peninsula. not too many brake lights or th resh-hour traffic. eastbound, good to go and the an rafael bridge, it's getting busier but there are no lane closures and thanks to emergency construction, everything is done, clear and open. pleasant hills city leaders
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vote on the controversial cannabis band code that would only allow two delivery businesses for medical marijuana and it would ban co- other retailers. if approved, delivery services would not be allowed near schools, day care's or use centers. unvaccinated children could lead to doctors losing vaccinated patients. the university of michigan poll finds more than 40% of parents would likely to be switching their doctor rather than expose them to unvaccinated children. study published in the canadian medical journal suggested a link between gastric reflux disease and chronic jaw pain with researchers saying anxiety and poor sleep often seen in patients suffering from both disorders. more studies to address medical needs of young people who identify as lgbtq, according to a new article in the journal of pediatrics that identifies only nine studies in
5:25 am
the past 20 years that examine healthcare for nonheterosexual teens and children. the authors note that sexually active minority youth are far more likely to develop substance abuse and mental health issues and more likely to be targets of abuse. three weeks after the deadly mass shooting of the garlic festival, a group of chefs show what it means to be gilroy strong and they cooked for the because this weekend. the young chefs participated in a cooking competition at the garlic festival. they came together to prepare food at a fundraiser for the victims with an array of appetizers from bacon-wrapped shrimp to pork buns to shrimp tacos. >> sometimes your mom said you can't make a mess but that's all the fun of it. >> the organizers put the event together in about a week and a half. it's 5:25. pg&e has plans for the fire
5:26 am
season. the utility is trying to keep preemptive blackouts isolated. i'm katie nielsen and we are following breaking news out of fremont where parts of paseo padre parkway are still closed after an overnight fatal accident. the latest, coming up. weust wi.
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now, at 5:30, after weeks of dangerous and destructive chaos, demonstrations in hong kong are peaceful. three separate cases and three states with three potential mass shootings and how all were averted. president donald trump plays down fears of a recession. the experts weigh-in. it's monday, august 19 and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi and it's 5:30 and let's get a check of the forecast. i think you will like the
5:30 am
forecast, starting out pretty cool? that's right. a cool start with onshore flow bringing a refreshing feeling and we are looking at areas of low clouds with fog and even patchy drizzle because of that marine influence. you can see in the ocean beach cama that we have drizzle to start off the day with a wet start on the live camera and ocean beach with temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s. that san francisco unified district, good morning and the first day of school in san francisco with westerly winds at 10-20 and mild temperatures in the mid-to upper 60s in san francisco. other locations, looking at or just below average and five for the high in concord, livermore, ad and then 78 in redwood city and mountain view. i will have the full forecast for the rest of the week and
5:31 am
through the day, temperatures warming up. we are in the red for the altamont pass with the drive times slowing down at 5:31. dragging westbound out of the tracy triangle. a 42 minute ride and interestingly, you are good to go on the eastshore freeway and highway 4 in 101, only one minute or two for the drive times. southbound, no problems off the nimitz or northbound but north of this live camera, there are delays off the bay bridge and headed south on the nimitz because of lane closures until 6:00 due to construction. the bay bridge metering lights, busy and backed up for the maze and the 880 flyover. busy at the san mateo bridge and no problems to repanthe bouo good to go. i'm katie nielsen at the live news desk and right now in salem, oregon, firefighters are battling a massive fire at a
5:32 am
pallet business in an industrial park with live pictures and you can see the glow of the area with firefighters walking around the perimeter. the fire started around 3:00 the glow can be seen up to 20 miles away and this is in salem, oregon, south of portland with no reports of any injuries. in fremont, paseo padre parkway just reopened with the northbound lane between walnut and capital having been closed overnight as police investigated a fatal pedestrian accident. just moments ago, police and investigators cleared the scene with paseo padre now open in both directions. at the live news desk, i'm katie nielsen. protesters to five pet -- defy monsoonal rain with
5:33 am
organizers estimating as 191.7 million people join the rally in victoria park with one quarter of the population and protesters are determined to show the chinese government they won't give up on their demands but yesterday's march was a chance to step back from the violence. >> is it better to use violence or peace? >> piece is the best. >> it is peace. >> peaceful protest is not doing any good. >> rising violence comes with rising fear that china could deploy the military to squash the protesters and according to a chinese state run media agency, businesses in beijing stopped selling masks and laser pointers, widely used by demonstrators the last few
5:34 am
weeks. cnn hong kong tried to purchase items from a website but the attempt was unsuccessful. three men in three separate incidents are under arrest on suspicion of plotting mass shootings. florida authorities arrested 25- year-old, tristan scott wix after his ex-girlfriend told police he sent her a text message threatening to carry out a shooting. >> he had a rifle and 400 rounds of ammunition. a lot of carnage could have been caused. >> more than 1000 miles away in ohio, police arrested james patrick reardon, a self- described white nationalist after he threatened to carry out a shooting at a jewish community center and in connecticut, police said 22- year-old brandon wagshol expressed interest in committing a mass shooting on facebook. and sonoma county, bicyclist involved in a hit-and- run has succumbed to his injuries and the chp is looking for the driver. the hit-and-run was thursday
5:35 am
night on westside road near healdsburg and officers in chp roseburg urge anyone with information to come forward. a fire in los gatos is under investigation with firefighters battling the blaze yesterday afternoon and it happened northbound on 17th south of lark avenue and threatened two structures. the fire closed one lane while the flames were put out. and other victim has been identified in the deadly camp fire. xt 8-year-old judith seifer of paradise and the total number of named dead is now 81. the butte county sheriff's office reports that three people have been identified but med two of the 86 victims remain unknown. the fire in november of last year destroyed 15,000 homes in paradise and surrounding towns and in some cases, it has taken months to positively identify the victims and notify next of kin. pg&e is planning to leave
5:36 am
cities in the dark and its parking new concerns for a bay area lawmaker with state senator jerry hill saying people and businesses in the bay area need to be ready to survive without power for several days and even fire conditions elsewhere could cause a blackout in the bay area. pg&e might shut down large transmission lines that supply electricity to huge areas. >> the challenge is that they now will serve transmission lines in san francisco and san jose and if a wire comes across the state, the wire is turned off, that extension cord pulled, there is a problem. >> there are growing concerns about how quickly the power can be turned on and they said an expert recently testified to say first you have to wait until the weather is safe. >> complete a full assessment of the infrastructure and during daylight hours, then, re-
5:37 am
energize the line. this could lead to multi-our outages as potentially multi- day outages. >> pg&e's vice president in charge of wildfires safety said they are working to section off and on threatened areas but did not provide a timeline for how long it would take. in the wake of the accidental outage that cut power to thousands in marin last week, pg&e reminds about the medical baseline program with people relying on equipment like breathing devices and dialysis machines and motorized wheelchairs being eligible for lower rates and notifications in advance of planned outages. sacramento filed a lawsuit banning seven people from an area downtown accused of causing a public nuisance multiple times, forcing the city to use police resources to deal with them. most of the business owners are glad the city is doing something but they are doubtful the move will fix the problem. >> if you ban them from one
5:38 am
location they will just go to another and can cause another nuisance. th they are rarfi drug offenders of ast, and shoplifting. we have more from the stock exchange on the money report. >> reporter: wall street rallied friday after a wild week for the stocks with the dow jones soaring and the nasdaq gaining and the s&p rising 41. reuters and the wall street journal report the commerce department is planning to extend a reprieve to allow huawei to do business with u.s. companies. the current agreement expires today and yesterday president donald trump said he didn't want to do busiss with huawei for security reasons but he said he will make a decision
5:39 am
today. more are sounding the alarm about recession. 38% of economists believe the u.s. will tip into a recession next year and another 34% believe it will be 2021 and experts are concerned about the impact of the trump administration tariffs on u.s. trading partners. a new box office winner this past weekend and which film was on top? >> reporter: the comedy good boy topped the box office. the first letter are rated comedy to top since the office. good boy took in the highest box office receipts this weekend. the lion king was third with almost $12 million. the time is 5:39. straight ahead, there is an app for everything now but some
5:40 am
say this goes too far. the weight watcher program for 8-year-olds. i'm tracking clouds and fog and even drizzle this morning and through the afternoon we will have clearing and it will be a relatively cool day today i'm keeping an eye on your main travel times. slow through the altamont pass with issues at the maze and the eastshore freeway and i will tell you what those delays will cost you, as far as time on the roadways, in just a moment.
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live news desk and we are taking a live look at a pallet fire in salem, oregon. it's actually the oregon pellet factory with firefighters battling this blaze since 3:00 this morning and you can see the flames lighting up the night sky with people actually reporting they can see this glow from up to 20 miles away. this is at a pallet factory in salem, oregon, just south of portland with no reports of injuries and firefighters hope to have it contained later this morning. i'm katie nielsen at the live news desk. caught on camera, a close call for kayakers who witnessed a glacier collapsing next to them and chunks of ice fell off near the spencer glacier in alaska and then the whole thing crashed down, sending a huge
5:44 am
wave exploding toward the paddlers. they came away unhurt but with a great story to tell and video. the car company for tesla will rent out solar panels to homeowners, available in six states including california and the price starts at $65 a month. elon musk said consumers can cancel at any time but there is a $1500 charge to remove the panels and restore the roof. a new app aimed at kids leaves a bad taste in expert's malls. weight watchers announced a program with users as young as eight and they call it a way to control portions. they have green, yellow and red and they said it's proven to be a safe way for effective weight loss. >> feeling good about yourself is something teenagers struggle with. anything to diminish that in any way, i think it's a good
5:45 am
thing. >> it feels scary for a child to think about that kind of complexity. oh my gosh. you have to think about how you eat and exercise but at the same time, it's necessary. >> critics say it could lead to lifelong problems with food and there are mixed messages on the website but kurbo said that it focuses on behavior changes for healthier eating and more activity, not dieting or calorie counting. a live look at falling from the transamerica camera. did you know that san francisco is home to the world's oldest live webcam called the san francisco fog cam campus? the webcam updates images every few seconds and was created for a student project in 1994 with creators saying that after 25 years they decided to shut it down at the end of this month.
5:46 am
>> don't shut it down! >> we have our amazing salesforce tower cam. >> these are beautiful pictures. >> spectacular hd. traffic is moving along in most places but there are troubled spots and we will show you what those are starting with the one that is already starting to cause some delays both before you get there and going through on the westbound portion of the eastshore freeway. as you are about to cross the carquinez bridge, slow and go approaching vallejo due to an accident on the left-hand shoulder. 35 if not slower as you approach the bridge and then you are just fine, slow and per usual, it is slow and go on 37 and then over to marin and
5:47 am
through this commute southbound, we have an accident at the sir francis drake exit. a heads up out of marin. northbound 101, one lane is blocked and this map doesn't show the slowing but on another map, we have residual delays because there is a lane blocked and it looks like they are popping up a new accident on 101 and i will check on that. the altamont pass is slow and go westbound, six miles-an-hour out of the tracy triangle and through the past, up to 53 and good to go to the dublin interchange and then some slowing southbound at 680 and the commute is out of the red with a 40 minute drive and still in the green on highway 80, highway 4 and 101. the new mix looks good, starting to get busy and the is the foot o if you liked the weekend,
5:48 am
you will like today. viewers tweeted me saying they loved the cooler air and you can feel that difference after the record heat last week with temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s with a live look at the south bay san jose camera and you can see it's 60 with cloudy skies. oakland, 60 and livermore, 59 and downtown san francisco, 57 and 56 for santa rosa. the back-to-school forecast for alameda, happy first day of school in alameda and by lunchtime, upper 60s and by 3:00, mid-70s in alameda with plenty of sunshine. warming up through the day but ant expecting hot ns, low to mid-60s with clouds hanging around and clearing for the bay, upper 60s and for inland locations, upper 70s and low to mid-80s with that
5:49 am
sunshine inland. great air quality because of the onshore flow and the westerly to southwesterly winds mixing the air. the satellite view, a trough of low pressure to our west and the ridge to our east with onshore flow and we will stay on the cool side with temps at or below average for this time of year. hour-by-hour and futurecast, cloud cover pulls back to the coast and clear for most of us except the coast and along the coast, waking up to patchy drizzle this morning and tomorrow morning, the same story with a gray start and patchy drizzle with areas of fog and then clearing. the sun rise at 6:28 in the sunset at 7:57 with daytime highs in concord, 85. 83 in fairfield and livermore and 77 in fremont. 74 in oakland and 68 in san
5:50 am
francisco. temps warming up for tuesday and wednesday as high pressure builds in. hot inland and not just wednesday, but thursday and friday and into the weekend. the surprise of a lifetime for a mother in pain rushed to the hospital. >> she thought she had kidney stones but she was going into labor with surprise triplets. yes, triplets. danette started getting pains that she believed was from kidney stones but she was actually going into labor and the doctors told her to expect twins. and four minutes, their lives were changed forever. >> we were rocking about this and then we needed another blanket. excuse me? twins, not triplets? and she said there are three babies. >> in all the commotion, they named them blaze, gypsy and
5:51 am
nikki. two girls and one boy. >> congratulations to them. i thought changing diapers for one baby was hard enough. good luck. the time is 5:51. hot wheels rolling into monterey with some of the rarest, fastest and most exotic cars. here is a live look at an rafael bridge with traffic moving nicely across the span and emily will have traffic when we come back.
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at 5:54, i'm tracking your travel times and the bridges. the san mateo bridge westbound has slowed down a lot in the last 15 minutes or so and it's not because of issues. i checked with chp and there are no stalls or crashes, just bad news. as an update, serious lanes are blocked because of the accident 101 northbound at the bd. heroes and villains took over the south bay with a silicon valley comic-con bringing all kinds of characters from star war replicas to the original incredible hulk, lou ferrigno. it wasn't just science fiction getting all the attention. we live nasa scientists were there. >> i work on making science fiction to be fact.
5:55 am
>> it made sense to talk about this and how pop culture influences this. >> everyone has a little bit of the incredible hulk inside of them. >> roughly 70,000 attended over the three days. some of the world's rare cars zipped around the monterey peninsula this weekend. >> some of the hot wheels at the car show, you've probably seen them on the silver screen. it's a mecca for motor heads including the auction block with a $400 million worth of prime automotive hardware changing hands at the auction houses including the 1965 austin martin db5, looking cool and made famous in the early james bond films. sotheby's auction sold it for $6.4 million. >> the multimillion cars are parked on the street all over
5:56 am
the place. >> this 1994 maclaren f 1, consider the first supercar was sold by sotheby's for a record $19.8 million. >> that's a lot of money for a car. would you drive it? >> i think you store it and you wax it and rarely take it on the roads. you could get into a fender- bender. 5:56 with bart police launching an investigation into the death of a woman hit by a train overnight. >> reporter: we continue this special back-to-school coverage. we are live in alameda with the newly refurbished alameda high school.
5:57 am
5:58 am
someone here at circus burger has been talking to the press. telling them that chicken is better than burgers. and i wanna know who it is. is it you bill? no sir! diane? wasn't me. i know it wasn't steve, he just started. you are doing a great job here steve. yup. mmmm. i'm not big on pointing fingers but it was definately bill. whoa! could literally be any one of us. somebody did it and i'm gonna find out who.
5:59 am
uhh.... what is going on here? live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a live look at from fremont and rhodes have just reopened after a deadly accident and the
6:00 am
latest on this. students in san francisco go back and how the city makes sure they get to class safely in the rake of recent high profile crashes. fears of a recession after a wild week on wall street and what we could see when the markets open and one half hour. good morning. it's monday, august 19 and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi pay last week, a scorcher and now, just a bit cooler. that's right. pleasant weather temperatures and right around where we should be, if not below average and all the onshore flow is kicking in once again. a cool weekend and we continue with that weather as we start the work week and the school week. here is a live look with our treasure island camera and a gray start for many because of


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