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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 20, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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jury deliberations are scheduled to continue in the ghost ship trial but it appears prosecutors may have to start all over again. a california law aimed at keeping the hands free for guns may have a new study. it's tuesday, august 20 and i'm michelle griego. i'm kenny choi and off to a cool start on this tuesday. let's check the forecast with mary lee. if you like it cool, you will like today. the onshore flow keeping us below average once again with clouds and temps in the 50s to low 60s. unseasonably cool for this time of year with the highs and san francisco, 67 and oakland, 71 and san jose, 78 with highs about 1-5 degrees below average for this time of year.
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we will heat up and i let you know when the temps will be rising, coming up. travel times are rising. at 6:00, you are no longer in the green with the exception of the south bay. in the yellow elsewhere and good news, you are not in the red. 40 minutes in the altamont pass. on the eastshore freeway, an updated 47 minutes on highway 4 to get to the eastshore freeway and for those going to the bay bridge, there is a stall with a big rig on the shoulder, not causing delays and everybody is moving right along with no problems to report. metering lights are and you are backed up to the foot of the maze and the 880 flyover. the san mateo bridge, brake lights getting heavy toward the peninsula and a heads up for those going southbound on the nimitz to the san mateo bridge,
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there is an accident at his. black king one lane. you will see slow and go conditions southbound on the nimitz as you approach the cut off to the san mateo bridge. an rafael bridge, not so clear for the roadways. slow and go to the toll plaza and then you are in a much better situation and good to go northbound or southbound on 101. deliberations have to start over in the ghost ship trial after three jurors were dismissed for apparent misconduct. three alternates, two men and one woman were named to replace the three dismissed jurors. judge trina thompson gave instructions to those remaining that suggested it may have been improper use of the internet, cell phones or exposure to media coverage of the case. she ordered the jury to disregard previous deliberations and start again. >> jurors dismissed for
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misconduct is very unusual. >> the judge issued a gag order and we can't talk to you. sorry. >> attorneys for derick almena and max harris, the men accused of 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter were ordered to stay silent. jurors dismissed and there is a high probability that the final alternate juror will be pressed into service. the entire process is threatened and could be going toward a mistrial. i'm katie nielsen at the live news desk with a hostage situation in brazil now over. it started four hours ago when a hostage taker identified himself as a police officer and took a public bus hostage outside rio de janeiro. he ordered the bus driver to pull over in the middle of a bridge and some of the freed hostages said he poured gasoline all over himself and inside the bus and threatened
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to light it on fire 30 minutes ago and then stepped outside the bus. apparently, he was shot by a police sniper, ending this hostage situation. 37 people were taken hostage and were freed and no word on the condition of the hostage taker but no reports of any inner juries to the hostages. i'm katie nielsen. if you are looking for a plastic water bottle at san francisco international, good luck. sales of single use plastic water bottles are over today in an effort to protect the environment. they are being eliminated from restaurants, shops, cafis and vending machines. instead, water will be resold an recyclable aluminum, glass or compostable bottles. it won't affect flavored beverages, soda, tea or juices. students are going back to class and our special coverage
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continues in fremont. >> the school district is moving away from the junior high school model and creating middle schools in making room for sixth graders. >> it was once called walters junior high school and we have jackie ward live there this morning. >> reporter: technically, if you check out the sign behind me, it says walter junior high school but in eight short days that will change. it has been under construction for 3 years, the first of five middle schools that will be changed in the unified school district. every possible minute, construction crews will be putting on the finishing touches until students walk through the door. fremont superintendent kim wallace can't wait until the first day. >> it's one thing when you do the infrastructure and another when you see the big beautiful buildings and happy kids going to school. >> reporter: in 2014, measure e gave the unified school
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district $650 million to upgrade the schools and deal with population growth and modernization. this project that walters converted old buildings and added new ones. the cost was $50 million. >> it's nice to see us in the 21st century. >> reporter: fremont's increasing enrollment well surrounding by declining districts. >> we find classrooms to put the students in but we'd much rather be in a place where kids are coming to fremont and wanting to be and our schools. >> reporter: they created a middle school model and moved away from the junior high model and fremont will finally match the rest of the state. >> there's more space so we don't have to overload students and other schools. that is a great thing. >> reporter: after a decade at walters, brian williams said there will be new challenges. >> two thirds of the student body will be new. grade six and seven will be brand new and eighth grade will be the old guard.
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they will be social and academic leaders for the new students. >> reporter: next, monitoring trends to make sure they project the right amount of space for students and that they aren't overbuilding or under building. >> it depends on who moves in. are they people with kid that is the big question for us. >> reporter: fremont is adding 8000 new housing units over the next few years and they are creating four more middle schools. next up, horner junior high where they will completely demolish the buildings because they found out it was cheaper to rebuild than to modernize the existing buildings. at walters, there will be a 3:30 ribbon-cutting ceremony. jackie ward, kpix5. we have a special back-to- school special tomorrow. students go back to class and face a new normal these days with school shooting drills.
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how local police prepares students for the worst, tomorrow on kpix5 starting at 4:30. pg&e and vesters hope for a major bounce back when the markets open. the utility company had the stock value plunging 25% yesterday. it followed a decision to allow a jury to decide if pg&e is responsible for the 2017th tubbs fire. cal fire said pg&e equipment did not cause the fire. the ruling opens the door for fire victims to pursue claims against pg&e and they could face up to $18 billion in damages. the red flag laws in california may have prevented mass shootings. uc davis shows that red flag laws allow people to have guns temporarily taken from them if they are considered a danger to themselves or others. they looked at 21 red flag cases
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since 2016 involving someone who declared intent to commit a mass shooting or exhibited behavior suggesting that intent. according to the study, none of them were later involved in gun violence and scientists said it's impossible to know whether shooting would have happened in an individual case and they suggested more research is needed. police are looking for a suspect in a deadly stabbing at cal state fullerton. a man's body was found inside a car in a parking lot and he has not been identified by police believe he is a cal state consultant. the bomb squad was brought in to investigate a backpack found under the car. >> inside the backpack there was an incendiary device located and obviously, it was not set off. inside the backpack were items that one would use to potentially kidnap somebody, as well is a weapon that was similar to the weapon we believed was used in the actual homicide.
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>> police are looking for the man seen running from the area and they do not believe it was a random attack. 6:09 and a decision is expected in a fierce battle for a subway station. why some feel so passionately about the fight. warriors star steph curry is shelling out big bucks to fund a college golf team. how he hopes his gift will inspire others. we are tracking westerly to southwesterly winds bringing clouds and fog and here is a quality view with our san jose camera. i will let you know when the clouds and the skies will be clearing and when temperatures will warm up in my fall forecast. the roads aren't particularly clear at 6:10 and on 101, plenty of company both directions. it's not the only commute i'm tracking. the rest are just ahead. this is cbs health watch.
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good tuesday morning and if
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you suffer from allergies, i will show you the pollen forecast and what you can expect. medium levels today and tomorrow. they increase by thursday, medium-high because we see temperatures rising, as high pressure builds in. unfortunately, by thursday and friday, medium-high pollen counts. 6:14 and let's check those bridges, in the red over the east bay and across the bay bridge, a 15 minute ride and slowing down significantly on the san mateo bridge, 17 minutes and 10 minutes on the an rafael bridge not including delays to get there. good to go out of the north bay on the golden gate bridge. drivers allegedly involved in a series of sideshows in
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contra costa county may face criminal charges. the d.a. is reviewing eight criminal cases. there were three separate sideshows on august 11. the first in martinez, another in rodeo and the fixed wing aircraft caught a bird's-eye view as one vehicle did donuts in the middle of an intersection. chp captured a third incident between crockett and interstate 80. three drivers and spectators were arrested and cited and the vehicles were impounded. a news conference and rally outside the san francisco city hall to protest the naming of the central subway chinatown station after rose pak. members of the merchants association marched from grand avenue through stockton street to urge them to name the station by the geographical location. opponents say rose pak had a reputation as a powerbroker with a negative side where she coerced merchants into making political donations and
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pressured non-english speakers to vote a certain way in elections. >> chinatown represents us, the community. we have a soul and identity. it does not mean it's represented by one person. that takes away from the rest of us and that's why we feel so strongly. in regards to rose pak, very controversy ill and has caused division. >> the merchants and residents are encouraged to participate in the rally and to make public comments at the board of directors meeting in the afternoon. warriors star steph curry teams up with howard university in washington, d.c. to bring back the golf program. >> he said the idea started when he visited the prominent historically black university this year. he spoke with a student who had turned down an offer to play college golf to attend howard. the conversation apparently left a lasting impression. he then returned to officially announce the golf program was returning to the school after nearly 50 years.
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>> i hope it encourages people to be authentic about what they do and create opportunities to give back. opportunities can come up. follow your passions on what you can get behind with your time and money, as well. >> curry committed to funding the first six years of the program and is not expecting that dollar amount but is expected to be in the seven figures. >> that makes me love steph curry even more. >> golf is a lifetime sport. you can play in college but if you don't go pro, you can use it professionally or for fun. >> one day he might be able to coach there. he's a really good golfer. >> i'm envious. for your traffic, it's 6:17 and we have some trouble spots that will slow you down. on the nimitz, there is a triple threat. the one in the middle is in the process of clearing but coming
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in, going south on the nimitz, there is one lane blocked as you hit winton and at hesperian, another blocking accident on the shoulder. when you get through them, you are okay. toward the san mateo bridge, slow going. for the altamont pass, seven miles-per-hour out of the tracy triangle and then good to go, regular running speed to the dublin interchange. we are seeing slowing southbound on 680 and westbound on 84. the travel time is now 37 minutes and in the link yellow on the eastshore freeway, a 22 minute ride. highway four supercell with an earlier accident. it's causing residual delays westbound, 52 minutes and 101 still looking good with no
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problems out of the south bay. bay bridge metering lights are on, as well as the 880 flyover and slow going with the eastshore freeway and like i told you, it's super slow westbound and will slow down with plenty of brake lights and eastbound, no problems to report. an rafael bridge, the approach is slow going but then a much better area. the ocean breeze is keeping us nice and cool with below average temperatures through the day and a live look at the treasure island camera of low clouds. apache light fog and breezy westerly hyphen southwesterly and 62 in concord and oakland with livermore 61 and 64 downtown san francisco.
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your weather headlines, we attract clouds and areas of fog with breezy conditions and another cool day with below average temperatures. we warm up tomorrow into the weekend with high pressure building in. because of that marine incint, nice to see with that ocean marine influence for us because of this low pressure system ushering in the onshore flow and we have a ridge of high pressure across the desert southwest. as that moves in, temps on the rise. hour-by-hour on futurecast, you can see the skies are clearing with plenty of sunshine inland and clearing for the bay but clouds hanging around and tomorrow morning, low clouds and areas of fog but not as widespread with plenty of sunshine wednesday and through the week. the second half of the week will be warmer as the ridge of high pressure continues to
6:21 am
build. sunrise is 6:29 and sunset at 7:56. daytime highs, 82 in concord and livermore and 78 in san jose and 71 in oakland. 67 in san francisco. heating up through the weekend but thankfully, nothing like the heat wave we just saw with plenty of sunshine and above average temps starting tomorrow. 6:21 in the ongoing battle between planned parenthood and the trump administration could have a big impact in california. who may end up suffering the most?
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welcome back.
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in about two hours, a judge will decide whether to allow bail for a north bay doctor charged with overdosing patients. dr. thomas keller faces four counts of second-degree murder for allegedly prescribing dangerously high levels of addictive opioids. he is also charged with elder abuse and issuing prescriptions without legitimate purpose. california clinics will lose funding due to the decision of planned parenthood to give up millions of federal dollars to avoid trump administration rules. they pulled out of the title x program which now forbids clinics from referring women for abortions. the program subsidizes birth control and family planning for about 4 million women nationwide and experts say smaller clinics could opt out and leave low income women without access to healthcare. >> there are some clinics that may be completely dependent on title x and their doors will close print >> it's less about women's health and advocating for women in need and about advocating
6:26 am
for more abortions. >> they were already barred from using title x funds for abortions and they are challenging the rules in court. summer did not bring an end to the measles outbreak was 21 new cases confirmed in the past week, bringing the total to more than 1200 in 30 states in most cases are among people not vaccinated. 6:26 and days before a public debut, a pair of elephant sculptures were stolen from a well-known bay area artist. things went from bad to worse after he confronted the thief. california officers have new standards for use of force and some that initially supported the bill said it won't have the intended effect. you are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza was slow going and another check of weather and traffic when we come back. you know when you're at ross
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. another battle has erupted over a proposed navigation center for the homeless in san francisco. the plan is drawing heated reaction from the community. a will was signed by jeffrey epstein days before his death and reveals more about the vast empire of the accused sex trafficker. it's tuesday, august 20 and on kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego and it's 6:30. lets say good morning to
6:31 am
mary lee, tracking our weather. happy tuesday and we start off cool with the ocean breeze kicking in for us with widespread clouds, breezy wind. here is alive look at the ocean beach clip house karma with temps in the upper 50s to low 60s and through the afternoon, cool, cloudy and breezy along the coast and mid-60s for the bay. breezy and mild with eventually some clearing and plenty of sun inland and topping out in the upper 70s to low to mid-80s with below average temperatures today and temps rising through the week with details coming up. we are keeping an eye on your main travel times. no longer in the green, yellow or red. the only one in the green is south bay 101. in the red on the highway 4 with no areas of traffic accidents or stalls, just residual
6:32 am
delays. there was an earlier crash just east of 242 that they haven't recovered and its 51 to the eastshore freeway. 25 to the maze and out of the altamont pass, 36 minutes. looking slow at the bay bridge at this hour. i'm katie nielsen at the live news desk and we've confirmed the man who took a bus hostage in brazil has died, according to the associated press. he was shot by police about one hour ago. the four hour long standoff ended when the hostage taker walked out of the bus and was killed by a police sniper. according to some of the hostages that were released, the man had poured gasoline all over himself and the bus and threatened to light it on fire.
6:33 am
according to negotiators, he made no specific demands but identified himself as a former police officer and so far, authorities have not confirmed if that was true and fortunately, none of the hostages were seriously injured. i'm katie nielsen. san francisco is eyeing a new location for a homeless navigation center and people on both sides of the issue are weighing in. they are considering an industrial part of the waterfront beneath interstate 280 in the bay view. it has houses and businesses they are. at a community meeting last night neighbors had doubts because there is already a navigation center in bayview. >> you will notice that orbiting the navigation centers are encampments. why have they not taken care of that? >> mental health support and substance abuse services -- we are fighting to make sure we have this so that the un-house population in bayview has somewhere to go. >> they said they will take the comments and concerns into
6:34 am
consideration and it's now up to the mayor if the proposed center will move forward. a memorial will be held for the chp officer killed in the line of duty last week in riverside. members of law enforcement are expected to attend. 34-year-old andre moye jr. was impounding a car during a traffic stop when the driver pulled out a rifle and shot him. he later died from his wounds and two other officers were injured by gunfire, one critically on the gunman was killed in the shootout. governor gavin newsom has changed the use of force standards but some believe it won't change a thing. until now, officers could you deadly force if actions were considered reasonable and the new language said they can use deadly force only when necessary if the officer reasonably believes there was an immediate threat to themselves or others. agencies got on board with the bill after working with the legislative leaders to make
6:35 am
amendments. >> it's very important that a reasonable standard remains for us and that is what is in the bill. it supports what already is in >>ome o originally supported the bill said it is now watered down and the definition of necessary was remo d from the final version on that would have forced officers to exhaust all other measures before using deadly force. >> the bill they have signed today would have prevented our loved ones from being killed. >> was named after stephon clark, killed in march of last year. nervous moments when a large fire tore through a nearby salvage yard south of santa rosa. you can see the huge black clouds of hazardous smoke. the fire broke out in a bus on scenic avenue and spread to several other vehicles, prompting people to stay inside. an artist from the bay
6:36 am
area's holding out hope that someone spots a pair of stolen sculptures. these are photos of the work that jack champion said took him 10 months. the elephants are made of fiberglass and a tribute to salvador dali. he's going to burning man and was going to put them on display when someone stole the trailer they were in. >> it's a replaceable and devastating. i'm beside myself and don't know where to go from here. i would like to ask the community that if they see this -- and it will be noticeable -- >> he wants the public to help him look out for the two very tall elephants that would probably be in pieces. when put together, they are 32 feet tall and his tools were also in the trailer which was stolen in west oakland sunday morning. he said someone broke into his pick up and started the engine
6:37 am
with a screwdriver. champion tried to stop him by hanging on to the car. >> it was foolish because i'm damaged and beat up and i can't walk right now. >> champion hung onto the car for 2 glocks and is now too injured to make it to burning man. facebook and twitter have suspended 900 accounts that were part of a chinese influence campaign around the protest in hong kong with 200,000 spam accounts also banned. it was before they could amplify original messages and they said itas an attempt to sow political discord and undermine the protest. it's the first time they have taken down accounts linked to disinformation in china. court records show that jeffrey epstein signed his will just two days before hanging himself.
6:38 am
he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges and the documents show his estate is worth more than $577 million. the attorneys for his alleged victim's plan to go after the estate for damages. >> our clients primarily said we want to hold the epstein organization to account, first. it's not primarily about money. >> the art collection for epstein included collectibles and fine art that still needs to be appraised. pg&e crews have been trimming trees for fire prevention efforts and why one bay area resident said the plan puts his neighborhood in danger. a bay area high school is trying a new approach to get students to pay attention in class this year. the market opened 10 minutes ago and the dow is down about 41 points. coming up, an update from kcbs financial reporter, jason brooks. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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start off gray with widespread clouds and fog and here is a live look at the san jose camera. 62 degrees in san jose and we will talk about the skies clearing for most of us and we will show the futurecast hour- by-hour coming up. i'm keeping an eye on the san rafael bridge with an accident at the approach to the toll plaza. slow going and backed up and pretty much a parking lot as you approach the toll plaza and up to the bridge. the backup goes all the way to the eastshore freeway and slow going all the way along 580 as you approach that bridge. governor gavin newsom joins other lawmakers in south lake tahoe for the annual lake tahoe summit. the governor will deliver the keynote remarks with the key focus being combating the effect of climate change in the lake tahoe basin with the event starting at 10:00 this morning. welcomed news because the
6:43 am
bad fire season predicted for 2019 has been pretty quiet so far. the burned acreage is down 90% over last year's fire season. cal fire said just over 24,500 acres have burned in 2019, compared to nearly 622,000 this time last year. forecasters warned the most dangerous part of the season is yet to come. one north bay resident fights pg&e's effort to trim trees in his neighborhood. >> he said removing a type of tree may hurt the cause to prevent wildfires. pg&e is removing branches near power lines included on the chopping block includes the giant redwood trees in unincorporated sonoma county and one resident and camp meeker said pg&e doesn't take into account the unique science of redwoods. >> you won't have the shade anymore and the sunshine comes into dry up that fuel and it's
6:44 am
more combustible. it is a one-size-fits-all solution, good for most of the state, but doesn't work in the redwood forest. >> the resident has secured a grant for a proposal to remove lower-level vegetation and allow the redwoods to get back to a healthier state. pg&e said it is simply addressing branches near power lines to meet state standards for clearance. 6:44 and the apple subscription service is getting better to launch. >> we have kcbs financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. the streaming world will get more intense with bloomberg reporting that apple tv plus will launch in november at $9.99 a month and the timing and pricing is critical. disney plans its own streaming service launch in the middle of november but $3 cheaper, $6.99 and it has entry-level services starting at $8.99 with amazon
6:45 am
and prime. warner and prime cast will also launch. bloomberg said apple will take a midway approach as far as how it launches the episodes. compared to netflix with the all-in-one launch binge episode take, and hbo has a weekly schedule. apple reportedly will launch three episodes to gather initially and then a weekly episode release for the rest, after that. the stock market is coming off strong sessions with global stimulus plans and hopes of a trade truce between the u.s. and china. the dow is losing just over 50 points with nasdaq down 30 and s&p down 14. as the school year starts on one peninsula campus, there is a new classroom technique. >> you touch the magnet to the base and it opens.
6:46 am
>> students at san mateo high school will lock up cell phones before class begins to eliminate distractions and the constant urge to text or check social media. they admit it will take getting used two. >> it will be pretty weird. uncomfortable. i'm pretty used to having my phone. >> it makes the students more present and teachers would tell you that you can get more done within 1.5 hours. >> teachers have the ability to open the pouches any time, in case of emergency. pretty high tech, other than just a ban at the start of class, saying to put your cell phones in the bin. it makes sense. >> they should have one for the car, too. that way you aren't tempted to text and drive. >> it would make a huge difference on the roadways. taking a look at 6:46 at
6:47 am
our live camera on mobile 5 heading northbound on 101 just past candlestick. i missed that sign but he's going northbound at a pretty good clip in south bonn traffic is picking up. it looks like he is about to pass to ad. the overall big picture, we see triangles popping up with problem spots and let's start an rafael bridge, backed up and slow going with an accident. emergency crews are clearing and in the meantime, the delays are in place. you are slowing down at 11 miles-an-hour and 10, creeping along to the toll plaza and five just past it, back to a regular speed over the water, good news for those going into marin county. it's been trouble spots all morning on the nimitz and one of them is slowing things that a street and another at his.
6:48 am
and onto the nimitz and beyond that, approaching it, slow and go westbound on the san mateo bridge. in the meantime, looking good out of the altamont pass at seven miles-an-hour but the delays don't last long and regular running speed halfway past livermore and the slope on 680 out of the dublin interchanges creeping up and the overall travel time is in the yellow at 38 and on the red at the eastshore freeway, 57 on 101 and it looks good out of the south bay with a stalled big rig in play at the bay bridge and slow going at the toll plaza. happy tuesday and thanks for starting your day with us. if you like it cool, you will like today. here is a live look with the salesforce camera with a gray start and low clouds and nice to see the bay bridge compared to about one hour ago.
6:49 am
areas of fog and breezy with westerly wind and the marine influence has that onshore flow for us. a cool day through the afternoon with below average temperatures for this time of year and the warm-up starts tomorrow and into the weekend as high pressure builds in. the satellite and radar view has a low pressure system ushering in that marine influence and ocean breeze. there is a ridge of high pressure building closer to us and with it, temperatures will rise. hour-by-hour, we have a clearing inland with sunshine and for the bay, eventually some clearing with clouds along the coast. tomorrow morning, low clouds
6:50 am
and areas of fall but not as widespread as this morning with plenty of sunshine and temperatures warming up even more tomorrow. the second half of the week will be warmer as a strong ridge of high pressure strengthens for us. if you suffer from allergies, this is not the best thing. increasing wednesday and sky high thursday and medium-high for friday. the predominant pollen grasses is part of it. daytime high will be below average with a pleasant day and sunshine in santa clara and san jose and morgan hill in the mid- 80s. 80 in pittsburg, san francisco and berkeley, topping out at 67 . 71 in oakland and 68 in alameda and 67 in san leandro and 79 for petaluma and nevada. the warm-up begins tomorrow with temperatures inland in the
6:51 am
low to mid-90s and we heat up thursday, friday and into the weekend with plenty of sunshine but nothing like the heat wave we had last week. 6:50 and rough weather could be on the way for americans with over 75 million under the threat of severe storms from wyoming through delaware and new jersey, live wires sparked yesterday due to the storm with large trees crashing down on cars and firefighters are investigating whether lightning struck a townhome. thankfully, no injuries to report. in seattle, a dump truck careened down the streets in pioneer square and crashed into vehicles and people before plowing into a subway restaurant. police said it had a catastrophic mechanical failure. the building was evacuated and two employees that were in the restaurant escaped uninjured. >> i heard a big sound and looked across the way and the
6:52 am
expressions were like, oh my god. i saw a big puff of smoke. >> police said five people were involved and some had serious injuries and the driver sustained minor injuries. it's 6:51 with a live look at sfo and a major change and how the airport should be more environmentally friendly. we are live in fremont continuing back-to-school coverage and up next, inside the new walters middle school. ahead on cbs this morning, new lawsuits filed by three of jeffrey epstein's accusers take aim at his fortune. we learn about the will he file two days before he apparently hanged himself in jail. secretary state, mike pompeo joins us in studio 57 and we will ask about rising tensions with iran and how president donald trump is responding to north korea's repeated missile testing. see you at 7:00. you are looking live from
6:53 am
our mount vaca camera. a cool start and 50 degrees with our top stories when we come back. here's one you guys will like.
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jackie ward live in fremont where in eight short days, walters jr. high will officially be walters middle school. people are already showing up and there has been construction for 3 years. it's the first of five middle schools created and in 2014, measure e was passed. they will upgrade the schools and deal with population growth and modernization in the project at walters converts old buildings while adding new ones and will cost about $50 million. fremont is in a unique position to increase enrollment wels up around and by declining districts. >> we have to find the classrooms to put the students
6:57 am
in but we'd much rather be where they want to be in our schools. >> reporter: over the next few years, fremont will create four more middle schools and about 8000 housing units. next, horner jr. high school will be rebuilt entirely because it would save money to start from scratch rather than to modernize old buildings. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at the walters middle school at 3:30 this afternoon. live in fremont, jackie ward, kpix5. time for look at the top stories. deliberations in the ghost ship fire trial will start over after three jurors were dismissed for apparent misconduct. the three alternates replaced the dismissed female jurors. there was no me of immediate explanation and the attorneys for derick almena and max harris, have been ordered to stay silent about the juror dismissals. a memorial will be held for
6:58 am
34-year-old andre moye jr. he was a chp officer killed last week in riverside after impounding a car during a traffic stop. the driver pulled out a rifle and shot him. members of law enforcement from across the state are expected. pg&e investors hope for a major bounce back. the stock value plunged more than 25% yesterday when a judge ruled to allow a jury to decide if pg&e is responsible for the 2017 tubbs fire. they could face $18 billion in damages. sales of single use plastic water bottles are ending at san francisco international airport today. you can still get it in recyclable aluminum, glass or compost bottles. flavored beverages will not be affected. firefighters are mopping up the scene of a structure fire in san francisco where flames broke out on gerard street.
6:59 am
the fire is under control and we are told three residents were displaced. fortunately, no one was hurt. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza with a stalled big rig they are all morning long on the right hand shoulder and not causing major delays at this hour. the san mateo bridge is super slow and not recovering from some kind of a stalled vehicle in the western direction but it seems like it could be picking up a little bit. eastbound looking good and on the nimitz, we see slow downs where it looks pretty good. a cloudy start to the day. north, the camera is shaking and there is a westerly breeze through the afternoon with clearing inland at 82 and below average in concord. 76 in san francisco and beginning wednesday and through
7:00 am
the week. thank you for watching kpix5 news this morning. your next local update is at 7:26. cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day, everyone. good morning to you our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." inside the alleged abuse. three new lawsuits filed against jeffrey epstein overnight spell out how the accused sex trafficker allegedly lured his victims. and we're learning epstein updated his will just two days before he died. >> mike pompeo in studio 57. the secretary of state talks with gayle about tensions with iran, the protests in hong kong, and his own relationship with the president. >> only on "cbs this morning" the american charged with manslaughter for beating a hotel worker to death in the caribbean says he was defending his family. >> i would do it again andha


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