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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  August 20, 2019 7:00pm-7:29pm PDT

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breaking news right now off of the coast of half moon bay. a small plane went down in the ocean about one hour ago. this is not far from the airport. two people were inside of the plane, they have been rescued. we will bring you the very latest as that happens. right now at 7:00. >> we're live with the cal berk right when thousands of new students move in. >> do a look like a mom? >> reporter: of course. >> i'm terrified. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ he jumped on me and he had ♪ me and a headlock. >> strangled outside of his own ♪ bay area business. the owner's 13-year-old son grabs the bat and becomes a hero. if the power is out during so just start small...small ep a wildfire, would you be able to open your garage door to start saving. escape? easily set, track and control your goals >> it is not just a little bit
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right from the chase mobile® app. of panic in these types of situations we will see extreme ♪ panic.'s b a live report on the ♪ new law that can save lives. what is going on with chase. make more of what's yours®. antonio brown and did he get announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! his new helmet? what his coach says tonight give it up for steve harvey! about distractions. >> this is no laughing matter. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] this is something that is very [cheering and applause] important to him. steve: [indistinct] the new caveats five news at 7:00 begins right now. vicious crime near the campus as the campus welcomes new i appreciate that. [indistinct] students. thank y'all. >> we are live at uc berkeley. thank y'all very much. i appreciate that. thank y'all. >> reporter: those students and i appreciate it, everybody. yeah, i do. thank y'all very other dorm assignments today much. well, welcome to "family and began moving in. feud," everybody. i'm your man police want them to be aware about what life is like here in steve harvey. the city of berkeley and to bee [cheering and applause] scear, the 23 i've got another good one today. returning for their fourth day, has arrived. among the schedule and remains with a total of $40,000, from chicago, illinois, it's the to discover, berkeley pd wants to make sure that they think champs, it's the gant family. about safety.
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[cheering and applause] >> look at our statistics. we show overall, this is a very overall safe town. obviously, dangerous things happen in any town. crime levels are in any town. this is why we have a police department. >> reporter: just hours before the freshman and their parents arrive, berkeley police were investigating a violent attack just blocks away that left one man in critical condition. it happened at the corner of channing and telegraph. just before 2 am. >> there is a parking garage there. they found a man suffering from injuries. >> s atberkel is safe, but ther >> jt cautious when you are around. >> reporter: should you have your cell phone out like that? >> no. >> reporter: and laptop crimes, as evidenced by a plethora of crimes caught on camera.
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>> you should not be looking down, and were, that put you in a very vulnerable situation. maybe if your word headphones, only have one in. just kind of check it often, but not be fully consumed by it. >> reporter: among the items that the freshmen are being handed here as they are checking into their dorm rooms besides their keys is a pocketful of information about where the emergency phones are on campus. where the cso is. live at cal, kpix 5. this is xo x truffles on columbus avenue, behind the bars you could see him and his in san francisco. yesterday it was a different story as the owner got attacked. >> reporter: surveillance video shows the moments before the attack. the mott man walks in with a
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large bag. he tells him he has to leave. after a few words are exchanged, they walk out the door. the shop owner trips and falls. >> he jumped on me and he got me in a headlock. i was suffocating. >> reporter: he says that he recognize the attacker because he had been sleeping on the sidewalk earlier in the day. he was in a chokehold struggling to breathe he says that only a few people stopped to watch. but nobody stepped in right away. >> i was screaming for help. because he had me really good. >> his hero is his own 13-year- old son. he made who were sitting down, the customers were telling me not to do anything. they were telling me to put down the bat and stuff. i decided to kind of hold it up. i was trying to aim for his head or for his ribs and stuff. and i think when he saw that i was getting ready to hit him, he kind of let go and that was
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the point when a kind of stopped the fight. >> reporter: the police arrested the 51-year-old. he is on jail on three felony charges. at assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, and threats. according to court documents, a man with the same name and date of birth was convicted for possessing methamphetamines in 2017. police say that they are confident that this is the suspect. right now city hall in san ady to her to cked as they t rename the central subway. >> people have been waiting in line since noon to speak. they are upset thmay be named after rose pack. she was a strong advocate for the subway project. processor say that she does not represent their community.
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she died in 2016, she was a force in san francisco politics. critics say that her name has a negative connotation. they want the station to be named chinatown station. >> the issue has divided the chinese-american community. it has created more harm than good. >> these voices are from the san francisco community. many chinatown are afraid of speaking out due to the fear of retribution by her supporters. >> will keep my eye on tonight's meeting. will bring you the very latest tonight at 11:00. also tonight, california firestorms in last two years, exposing a deadly problem. >> elderly and disabled residents could be trapped when the power went out and there electric garage doors became useless. some lost their lives waiting to get out. we are live in the north bay with the new law designed to save lives. alan? >> reporter: yeah, undoubtedly this law will save lives. but it does come at a cost.
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now, this come to our attention a couple of months ago because the garage door broke and it could not be repaired. the company came out and said wait, you cannot just replace that garage door now. because of the new state law you also have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the opener. >> reporter: october 2017, the oakmont fire came racing into santa rosa. >> i was never going to run the fire. are she was trapped. needing the cane to walk prior to knee surgery, the flames were moving in, the power was out and she could not get her car out of the garage. >> i did everything that is supposed to do. i try to lifted up, it would not lift up, only 12 inches above the ground. >> reporter: she was lucky, good samaritan lifted the door for her and she got out. but what she experienced turned out to be deadly for others. who because of age or physical disability could not open the garage and there was no good
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samaritan. >> it is not just a little panic in the sub situations we see extreme panic. >> reporter: he says not since the 1990s has there been a law passed dealing with garage door safety. back then it was a requirement to have sensors that could prevent the garage door from closing and crushing anything in its way. he thinks that the new law that took effect on july 1, requiring that there be a battery backup for power does make sense. >> the speed and intensity of these fires that we've seen in last couple of years, as they move through communities, they don't give the people time to think or really try to understand what to do in that emergency situation. >> reporter: scott o'neill says that some customers who look to replace her garage door are shocked to learn that the new law requires them to also spend hundreds more to replace their
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opener. even if the old one works just fine. >> something happened where they have to replace their garage door. their opener wasn't that old and they are forced to buy one with the battery backup. that hurts. >> reporter: the new electric opener would cost less than $200. a new battery powered one is about $500. but o'neill says that pg&e's plan to cut power to areas threatened by wildfire is actually inspiring some homeowners to voluntary upgrade to a battery backup opener. >> people want to have a backup operator in case the power goes out. are and if the homeowner wants to keep their old electric opener, installers face a 1000 fine. for people like cheryl dean, the cost of her battery backup opener includes piece of mine. >> my life is worth $500, at least. >> reporter: more safety changes are coming. beginning in january, the building code is going to require a gasket on
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the outside of the garage door to seal it up. this is going to prevent burning embers from blowing into the garage and starting a fire inside of the home. >> i wonder how many people know about these laws? it is great that we are able to highlight that tonight. still ahead, while dismissed jurors at the go ship trial may have to face a large a judge. they bay area snake wrangler who is having his phone ring off the hook. >> this is what i can get in a day. >> reporter: you got all of these this week? >> in a day. plus, is antonio brown ready to play, or not? what the coach is now saying. we have the low cloud cover building in. it is always beautiful to see.
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you might not see that much of this in your extended forecast. there are some changes coming your way. that as
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ask one very busy snake catcher. >> reporter: summertime here in sonoma is really nice, it turns out that rattlesnakes keit too. the recent hot weather has rattlesnakes popping up all over sonoma county. they are looking for food, and warmth. she says that summer coming to her house. >> we have found snakes as close as underneath that bench near the front door. >> reporter: she doesn't believe in killing the snakes, so this morning she used, she is delivering another rattler from her home. he runs the radler rescue. he says that his phone is ringing all day long. >> this is just an example of what i can get in a day. are you got all of these this week? >> yesterday. just yesterday.
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>> reporter: this is the beginning of meeting season too. >> it is still scary, is to get heart palpitations. >> reporter: the radler's are driven to a remote private property high in the sonoma hills and released. in sonoma county, kpix 5. we are still on helmet watch tonight. >> still on helmet watch. >> what will antonio brown do next? he is drawing attention to himself, which is what guys like that do. >> this gives him material, some people think that is what this is all about. that it is contrived. on sunday the general manager said that antonio brown needed to decide if he was all in or all out. it appears that oakland has their answer for now. >> he is all in him are ready to go. that is my understanding. >> brown stayed off to the side by himself while the rest of
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the team stretched during the portion of the practice were cameras were actually allowed in. he was spotted leaving the field and look at that, he has a helmet. jon gruden did his best to convince everybody that all of the drama surrounding brown and the helmet have not been a distraction. >> it has not been a distraction to be at all. we have known what the status is, regarding his feet. to show up with frostbite. i have never had a guy show up with frost right. unfortunately, -- fortunately, we got that under control. this grievance is no laughing matter. this is something that is very important to him. >> i think he has a proper perspective. they leave tomorrow for winnipeg to take ckweilsee antio br flig you cannot in the story now. >> that is true.
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tune in for the further saga. >> let's talk about some weather. i am intrigued that we're talking about frostbite in august in alameda. antonio brown, keeping things fresh. the weather has been fantastic. if you like it cool, you have enjoyed the last couple of days. if you like it warmer, i think that you will like next week. highs today, 80s. sent is a, 76. fremont, 73. half moon bay, 66 degrees. san francisco,ovnightonight, no cloud cover. recity, we have been warm this month. in san francisco we are currently tied for the fifth warmest august on record. were not just talking about that last 10 or 20 years. the weather data goes back to
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1849. yes, the gould rush. the last 170 years, we are in on number five for the list for the warmest august. will see how that transpires over the next 10 to the 12 days. we will be trending above average in san francisco tomorrow. here's why. this was the catalyst for the stronger onshore flow. it is now leaving. two things in the possible process of leaving, it is bringing a beautiful cloud cover. a beautiful sunrise tomorrow too. when it leaves we lose that push from the ocean. it will not be as strong. lots of sunshine in the afternoon. and th e havi air conditioning ie, hean quicker. will get warmer. this is exactly what mother nature is doing.
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it will be 5 to 8 degrees warmer tomorrow. as we get towards the weekend, a weak area of high pressure wolf form over the northern california coastline. this will give us a northeast wind in a few spots. this will keep us warmer than average everywhere throughout the bay area. once we get warmer, we are going to stay warmer for at least 5 to 7 days. so clouds tonight, not as widespread as it was today. it will be warmer for most of the bay area. pretty close to average temperature wise. yes, we are above average tomorrow. seven for cisco, 72. concord, 91. santa clara, n mate80. half moon bay, 70 degrees. san ramon, safest city in california, 85 degrees. pittsburgh, 89. fairfield, 92. pull ahead, 87. kentfield, 90.
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winds are 90. we will be on the warm side of things for the next several days. we will stay in their homes low to mid 70s at the bay. mid 60s at the coast every day for the next seven. i don't think there are any chances for additional frostbite in the bay area. coming up next. what president trump said today that had many people in the jewish community outraged. plus. >> i have to fight off people that are pushing their way into my shop. >> a salon owner calling out the governor on social media tonight. >> a look at the consequences for jurors that got booted off the go ship warehouse trout. the renewed fight tonight for the future development of some bay area salt ponds. ♪
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♪ i am veronica de la cruz. here's what you missed if you are just getting home. outraged tonight in the jewish community after what president trump said. >> i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or egregious loyalty. >> he was talking about his ongoing feud with rashida
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tlaib. tonight at sacramento salon owner is throwing in the towel. she said that she is fed up with the homeless tries is at her door. she says that there are too many break-ins and too human ways. in a video that has wed 2 mills, moher tthe suburbs. she called on the governor to change the laws that she says let perpetrators go free. >> i have to fight off people that push their way to my shop that are homeless and on drugs because you will not arrest them. new details now why a judge in the go ship warehouse trial has dismissed three tours. twch outsideof the deliberations. all three were missed excused for misconduct. >> there is a possibility that a prosecutor might decide that
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this is criminal intent because an order that i made order. and i am going to hold you into contempt. the trumpet ministers and cleared the way for developers. when they are once again trying to build 12,000 homes on the salt ponds. the plan was defeated by widespread public opposition in 2012. but the epa has now reversed the obama era ruling and says that the clean water act no longer applies. coming up next, the damage left behind after a bayer area intruder breaks in. ♪
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♪ people have their wetsuits on. the ocean temperature is 50 degrees. the servers know that, they are prepared for it. a beautiful evening at the beach. no cloud cover. temperatures running in the mid 60s. let's take a look at your breakfast forecast. notice that the cloud cover, partly cloudy to mostly sunny away from the water. marylee will be up tomorrow morning. the starts at 4:30 am tomorrow morning. a hard landing in san mateo
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county, rich hill hawk flew right through a window. >> take a look at this. you can see the smashed window there. the little guy trying to escape. the humane society and the spca were able to eventually get into that apartment and get the hockey out. and to release it back into the wild. unbelievably, the animal was not hurt. the window was. thank you so much you're watching the news at 7:00. >> we will be here at 11:00. for more than between go to
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