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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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exact same type of plane a cessna citation twin engine that crash last week in east tennessee carrying racecar driver dale earnhardt junior and his family. same kind of plane. everybody in that incident survived as well. they are investigating to see if there is any connection. meanwhile the pilot of a small plane crash this morning near the livermore airport. the plane came down in a field witnesses say the single engine plane had trouble during takeoff. it swerved side to side and then crash. officials say the pilot suffered moderate injuries. and was taken to the hospital. investigation is underway to determine exactly what caused the crash. two people were rescued when a small plane went down near half moon bay tuesday evening. the plane lost power before crashing into the ocean. e ole stunt. we interviewed the pilot who apparently wants to clear things up.>> reporter: we
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talked to the pilot david he is resting at a friends house in the bay area. he said he is very happy to be on dry land. he wanted to take a moment to address his critics. i have heard rumors. just that i did it as a publicity stunt. >> reporter: is that true?>> no>> reporter:the coast guard released this video of the rescue. look closely and you can see him getting ready to capture images on his cell phone. once his friend and fellow passenger was safely on the helicopter he shot the photo. david captured these images while he was in the water. just as the plane was about to sink in a selfie while the rescue chopper was approaching. the 34-year-old shot video shortly after the plane touched down in the water. but we declined to pay david the $2000 fee he was asking for rights to air the footage. who has the presence of mind to shoot a selfie when you're standing on the wing of
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a plane? i do. i have the presence of mind to not kill myself. and putting it in the most ocean. to grab everything out of the airplane that can help us in that situation including my cell phone. and i have the presence of mine to record that and every other aspect of my life. >> reporter: he said as the founder of he can understand how his daredevil image on social media can make people rush to judgment. 34-year-old said he was just outshooting footage of his newly purchased plane the engine lost power and he glided it down to the water near half moon bay. i try to live my life without regrets. this isn't one of them. i wasn't doing anything wrong or dumb or bad. it was just it happened to happen. i dealt with what was given to me.>> reporter: the faa said he has a clean record. no record of accidents or enforcement against him.
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they are going to investigate should have findings in about a year or so. let's take a live look all around the bay area. after a few days of the cooldown. the heat is returning. some inland areas reaching the 90s today. let's go to our chief meteorologist with how hot it is going to get. we are not going to get anywhere close to last week. we will level off with the heating we gain today. it is going to last longer. it might be a week or week and a half before we cool below average but not crazy hot but warmer than average for a while. pretty significant temperature jump today. 11 degrees warmer in concorde deliver more than this time yesterday. by turning down the onshore flow. 13 degrees warmer in the bottle. 8 degrees warmer san jose. that equals some 90s. low 90s concorde. middle 90s santa rosa. a full day in santa clara valley 83. we are up to 70 in san francisco. 79 in oakland. it will be a warm night tonight with a little bit of an
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increase in humidity. it warmer afternoon. it will be a warmer night. 64 tonight vallejo. 64 san jose. 61 san francisco. how long the 90s will last inland in your updated seven- day forecast in 10 minutes. students headed back to class the south bay's biggest college words of hate were found plastered around the campus. racist and anti-immigrant flyers were found scattered as san jose state university. the president of the university said similar flyers were also posted at various other colleges across the country. san jose state officials say the ones on their campers were immediately removed and even though the content is not considered criminal they don't support the message. we are denouncing the messages of bigotry and exclusion. in these flyers. we strongly denounced that. we also want to reinforce estate and remind everyone of our core values of our
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institution. for diversity. the presidents at the school will be holding discussions on how to address these types of issues. a concorde officer prays for the arrest of a burglary suspect spotted with a samurai sword. the burglary was reported yesterday in a nonprofit in concorde. surveillance video caught a man forcing his entry into the building overnight. today officer wilkins was on his second day as a solo officer nice the man as the suspect from the burglary. when searched they found he was carrying stolen property. the white house is rolling out a new rule to discourage migrant families from coming to the u.s. catherine johnson is live with the latest from the white house. >> reporter: these new rules can change everything for my grandchildren. from housing to medical care. another effort the trump administration leaves will help the her families from trying to cost across the border. deter. trump said wednesday his demonstration is looking at
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ending the right of citizenship for the us-born children of noncitizens. you walk over the border and happy baby. congratulations the baby is a u.s. citizen. it is frankly ridiculous.>> reporter: his comments come hours after acting department of homeland security secretary kevin announce new changes to the way the u.s. handles migrant children. no child should be a pawn in a scheme to multiply the immigration system. about it would end the florida agreement which requires the government to release detained migrant families into the u.s. within 20 days. under the new plan migrant families would stay together. but would be held indefinitely while judges consider their asylum request. this year the federal government said almost 475,000 families have been apprehended or encountered at the southwest border. 90% of home crossed illegally. the trump administration costa agreement outdated. is that the changes are necessary because the current system is fueling the surge of migrants to the border.
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by eliminating the incentive to make the journey of the family the rule would reduce the volume of units that are straining the limits of arc components and put children at risk. about the civil liberties union released a statement calling the new regulations yet another cruel attack on children. the trump initiation has targeted again and again with this anti-immigrant policies. the government should not be jailing kids. lawyers and inspectors have already found overcrowding and what they called inhumane conditions of border facilities housing children. right now there are only three u.s. facilities designed to house families. economists and business leaders worry about a potential downturn in the economy. president trump's that there is nothing to fear. now he is back track on a potential payroll tax cut and slammed his own fed chairman. i'm not looking at a tax cut. we don't need it. we have a strong economy. if he used his head he would
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lower them. j power the federal reserve missed the call. there are definitely indicators you only beat up the federal reserve to lower interest rates. when you are worried about the economy. the bond market signaled future economic trouble last week. that led to uncertainty in the stock market but not today. the market closing howery higher from target lows. the dow jones up more than 240 points. nasdaq and s&p close higher. a new jury deliberated for the third day on the ghost ship warehouse trial. why they are concerned about a rushed verdict. smaller quakes be sending us a warning sign a bigger trouble? in new reasons attract tiny tremors. raging wildfires in the amazon rain forest with troubling numbers this year.
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the ghost ship a jury in oakland will resume deliberations next month. the members of the jury left the courthouse without a verdict. reports from the courthouse on why the jury might be pressured to speed things up. >> reporter: some defense attorneys thought they would have a verdict today. the jurors will be off until september 3. after the labor day holiday. it is a break the judge had previously approved due to scheduling issues. today some jurors requested additional days off in september. if approved the defense attorneys believe that would put more pressure on the jurors to reach a verdict. any pressure there may be it is unavoidable. i hope they are able to overcome that. i think they will be able to overcome that. i don't think they will rush to a judgment one way or the other. they understand this is a high profile case. >> reporter: the judge dismissed three jurors for
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misconduct earlier this week. and replace them with alternates. today marks the third date the new jury elaborated on what will happen to max harris and derek almena. it has been a grind for everyone. it has been stressful for everybody. but we know we are confident and we want them to get it right. we don't want anyone rushed.>> reporter: before they left this afternoon the judge reminded them not to talk about the case outside of the deliberations. they also cannot read any news articles about the case. the scientists might finally know how large earthquakes start with smaller ones. lynn rameriz is at the u.s. geological survey where scientists are poring over new and surprising data.>> reporter: the surprise is that when medium to large earthquakes have hit especially in southern california they have been preceded much more frequently with tiny earthquakes than previously thought.
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scientists from the lost animals national laboratory use new computer techniques to take a more detailed look at existing data taken before and after medium to large earthquakes in southern california. they focus on 2 million tiny quakes that were previously all but ignored. what they found was much to their surprise that instead of less than half of those large events having some precursor resized. almost 3/4 of those large events had some kind of elevated seismicity. >> reporter: most of the earthquakes we can feel come soon after many small ones. the research touches on the big question facing scientists. how do earthquakes get started? they have been trying to develop earthquake early warning systems for decades. but geophysicist brian cautions that it is still too early to know if this could someday leads the better prediction. he said for now the answer is no. we can't look at any particular earthquake or group of earthquakes and be able to
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identify whether it is a four shock leading to a larger earthquake or just an earthquake.>> reporter: this new research is adding to scientists understanding. they are not thinking of earthquakes anymore so much as a singular event. but rather a sequence of events that ends in an earthquake we can feel. raging wildfires in the amazon rain forest hitting record numbers this year. so far brazil space research center detected nearly 73,000 fires. the surge marks an 83% increase over the same period last year. large portions of the country have been blanketed with black smoke. the state of the area declared an emergency over these fires. in the meantime concerns are growing over the brazilian president environmental policy. he bowed to develop much of the amazon region for farming and mining despite conservation is outcry. here's why it matters. nearly 20% of the earth's oxygen is produced by the
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amazon rain forest. knock on wood moment. we really haven't seen the fires this year like we have in the last two years. 4% fires around here. which is insane. we are coming up to the peak of the fire season. there is a lot of stuff that would have burned already. it hasn't burned. it is time to be smarter and more vigilant as we are outside hiking and over the weekend. 98% of all fires are caused by man. let's not start the fires. and not let mother nature spread them. take a look at something interesting. we really look at this. the dewpoint temperatures. as it is higher it deals this year. our threshold for what we call stickier is very low. it dewpoint of 60 or higher. in miami it would be 75. the dewpoint is 60 degrees right now. in fremont hayward and sfo and san francisco. oakland as well also santa rosa. if you're noticing it feels a little bit stickier than normal there is something to it. the humidity is on the increase today. as are the temperatures.
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santa rosa 94. oakland currently hitting 80. the increase in humidity doesn't cool off as quickly at night. redwood city only dropping to 64. san rafael 62. fairfield 66. the first day of the past several we are back above average. 2 degrees above average in san jose. we were in the 70s the past three days. that has gone for a while. castor valley high tomorrow 82. seasonably warm. 80 degrees on friday. likely staying in the 80 degree mark the next five to seven didn't to 10 days. last time we had a spike in some teachers really hard for three days. this time it will be a few degrees above average not really that hot at all. it will stay above average for a week to a week and a half. low-pressure area is moving out and as it oozed out the ridge of high pressure will move in over southern california and allow things to warm up in the atmosphere. and limit or cut off the breeze from the ocean. some clouds tomorrow morning not much. afternoon sunshine absolutely. on friday even less morning
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cloud cover. right along the coastline. that is about it. fog and low clouds only near the water. it is not going to push inland. warmer than average. tomorrow. that warmth will likely last well into next week. your highs tomorrow 90s again. fairfield concorde livermore santa rosa. hotspots they 90 or warmer. a lot of 80s including napa vallejo fremont in san jose. 84 redwood city. 82 in mountain view. 76 open. 71 degrees in san francisco. temperatures running above average again. as we look to friday couple degrees cooler. saturday we gain those degrees back. we might get warmer or hotter as we head toward sunday and monday. widespread mitt 90s inland. 70s near the bay. 60s at the coast. staying warm all week long. still ahead a new lawsuit against tesla. this time from walmart. the issue with tesla's solar panels. we are counting down to kick off.
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the 49ers travel to kansas city for an important preseason test. the quarterback jimmy g expected to see extended playing time. he is coming back from last season's injury. all the action is right here on kpix 5 saturday night at 5 pm.
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the president is caught in a war of words with the european allies because they refused to put greenland on the auction block. after the prime minister of denmark called the idea absurd president trump abruptly canceled his trip there. danish politicians are now united in expressing their shock and contempt. calling it a snub to the royal family and that comparing the u.s. president to a spoiled child. mr. trump's said he will reschedule the trip sometime in the future. walmart filed a lawsuit blaming tesla solar panels for roof fires at multiple locations. the retail giant is asking tesla to pay for the damages and remove the panels. for more than 240 locations. tesla could not be immediately reached for comment. tesla stock fell a little over
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2% today. bay area-based linked and removed more than 20 million fake accounts. the company said it has blocked nearly 22 million accounts in the first six months of the year. the majority of those were removed before the accounts made it past the registration phase. linked and said it was able to target the fakes next to his automated technology. it will continue to monitor uses. the bay area last video rental stores will soon be closing its doors. the family owned silver screen video and petaluma opened 31 years ago. the owners say this was the place to be on friday and saturday. a place packed with people trying to pick up the latest blockbuster for movie night. with the rise of streaming services sales decline. they will close next sunday. the city is taking steps to help officers after their shift drive home safely. that story coming up. the students return to
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school and authorities in the east bay are teaching them how to stay safe. during a mass shooting. got some pretty hot wheels and it is thanks to one organization important mission. this pup got some pretty hot wheels. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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police officers have to commute just like the rest of us. how that hours long journey is hurting cost in san mateo unable to live near the community they serve. police in san mateo are now getting a new place to stay the night. at the moment this closedown fire station sits empty. the city of san mateo believes it contains a lot of hope for
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the city's police officers. the plan is to turn this old fire station into a police barracks and substation. they would sleep here between shifts because many cannot afford to live in san mateo. they drive hours to get home in heavy traffic. this officer fell asleep driving home after a long intense shift. i turned my vehicle over several times.>> reporter: you rolled the vehicle and crashed? i was trapped in the car.>> reporter: is this hard to talk about? >> it is. little bit.>> reporter: he lost his leg. nearly lost his life. soon this old firehouse will be remodeled and repaired. it already has a kitchen showers and sleeping quarters. one of the officers bought a van to sleep in in the parking lot that he was sleeping and between shifts.>> reporter: unable to find affordable housing them officers have homes as far away as sacramento and el dorado.
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they hope to have the old station converted by the end of the year. according to realtors the median sales price of a home in san mateo county is now one $.7 million. here's a look at the top stories at 5:30 pm. crews are on scene at doraville to support airport following a plane crash. a small jet was carrying 10 people. it crashed during an aborted takeoff. everyone managed to escape unharmed. students at san jose state university return to school after racist and anti-immigrant flyers were plastered around campus. the president of the university said similar flyers are posted at various other colleges across the country. scientist at the usgs say they were surprised to discover many times a series of small quakes comes before a medium to large one. unfortunately there is still no way to tell if the cluster of quakes will set up something bigger. a major milestone for the presidio tunnel tops. project. hundreds of trucks dumping soil
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to build the massive park. the 14 acre space is above the eastern tunnels of presidio parkway which replaced the old elise of the golden gate bridge. the soil will be used to create a greenway trail with panoramic views of the downtown skyline. while the dirt is coming in by the truckload today crusade this is just the beginning. we are going to ultimately add a total of 90,000. that is a lot of truckloads. we want to make sure this is a park for the ages. the soil has to be deep enough the plants can grow and be healthy forever. the park is expected to be completed by 2021. you will still be able to park along the great highway thinks an agreement between sf mta and the parkside community. the terra bella improvement project has decreased the amount of parking spaces it will use. from 96 spots down to 16. businesses in the area were concerned construction will
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disrupt the area. they took a community boat shortly after. they announced it would lead more parking for the public. nearly one in three teenagers in santa clara county have tried vaping. the report surveyed thousands of eighth 10th and 12th graders. 18 different schools within santa clara county were surveyed. most of them say they got e- cigarettes from a friend. at the same time new data shows the number of teenagers smoking traditional cigarettes is falling to record lows. mass shootings have created a new normal for students as kids head back to school authorities in the east bay are teaching them how to stay safe during an attack. officers started these active shooter drills in the san ramon valley unified school district. students actually get covered with fake blood and they call out for help. they learned the best escape route. some parents say it is a harsh reality but it is necessary. every time they go to school i drop them off i always think about it. and i worry about it.
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it doesn't go away.


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