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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  August 25, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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news. just ahead, a police pursuit leads to uninspected consequences in san francisco. and some interparty squabbling as democratic presidential hopefuls gather in the bay area. and a shocking development at a major pro golf , the electrical storm that injured several spectators. it is 6 am on august 25. devon is off today. let's get started with a quick check on the weather. >> i am totally distracted by the live view behind you. i've got another one similar. although this students rising above scholar once another camera on top of the struggled in school, she's become an inspiration to others who are striving for education. >> sears force tower looking at [ music ]
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the classroom is her fun the top of the marine layer, isn't it interesting how the marine layer can just be beautiful when you get above it? that is the scene from the top space. >> definitely. and each kid has their own of the salesforce tower, this is what it looks like in the necessities, but i feel like that's what's great about a tri-valley where we don't have any low clouds. the marine layer was pushed classroom. >> she is spending her summer down by high-pressure meaning it is not able to get into the as a teaching intern at 826 far inland valleys. sunny skies, that is dublin in the distance with shimmering lights. that's the view under the marine layer, low gray and it valencia in san francisco. will stay that way in and an educational nonprofit that around the void proper., the serves under resourced bay proper. it is 59 in sacramento and not students. it is a job she loves. that big of a spread. >> academic were really looking at today, 73 for san francisco and that is slightly above average and it is also a little bit warmer than we were yesterday for the city just a important for me. going to school was the most couple of degrees warmer. important thing in my life. and if we look across the bay >> her mom moved out and her area as a whole, that doesn't parents split up and suddenly her dad was a single parent. >> he really wanted us to have say 94 for inland locations. the best that we possibly could. that is also a little bit warmer. in fact, the first line in headlines say most spots will be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. we will stay above-average for much of the seven-day forecast, and we add to that, we start to
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bring back some humidity by the there was a lot of tough love middle of the week. in the household. you will no doubt remember what >> reporter: as a teenager, she was always a good student but she rebelled and her grades slipped. that felt like, not the most >> i kind of fell off and i would never getting my first d wil you what to minute world see for not caring about it. >> she found comfort in sports, taking up wrestling. and she found support in students rising above. police say a man is in >> they helped me see who i was critical condition after a and who i wanted to be. police car struck him and the >> sra inspired her to improve grades and apply for college. the rising junior is impressing 826 heoom skills. police officer chasing him in san francisco. this happened yesterday on >> her table understand what the expectations are and she's really great about offering geary boulevard and webster street. plainclothes officers were positive reinforcement when they do a great job. chasing two auto burglary suspects on foot and that is when an unmarked police car's >> it is a big part of her success, something she wants to share with others. >> anyway i can give back is responded and ran into a bus what i love to do and i love stop, hitting one of the officers and suspects. helping people. it is unclear how this >> for the students rising happened, but neighbors say that auto burglaries are an above, i'm kristin ayres. epidemic in the area. to learn more about >> these people are breaking students rising above and into cars like mad. scholars, go to our website, this morning, my car got broken . into. right here, it is known for breaking into cars, and we keep
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asking the cops, can you guys please just hide out, catch them . because it's sickening. >> both men who were hit were taken to hospital, police say the suspect has life- threatening injuries and the incident is under investigation. google told its employees to layoff political discussions in the workplace after internal communications about politics among google employees have been leaked, fueling manipulating results. they are to avoid chatting about controversial issues. they updated a community guideline that states disrupting the work to have a raging debate about politics or the latest news stories is not a productive use of time. the company is also asked employees to avoid making any false or misleading statements through google products. this comes as tech giants face greater scrutiny over influence over public life. summer session of the democratic national convention is wrapped up in san francisco and many presidential hopefuls had a chance to explain why
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they are the best hope to unseat president trump in the 2020 election. it is 6:56, time for a look at the top stories. police say a man is hospitalized in critical condition this morning after a police car struck him and the officer chasing him in san we will look at some of the francisco. this happened yesterday on candidates. >> good morning and good geary boulevard and webster street. afternoon. i'm looking forward to speed officials say the plainclothes officers were chasing two auto dating with you today. >> 13 candidates for president spoke at the summer meeting of the national democratic party including colorado senator michael bennet. >> thank you for letting me burglary suspect on foot when an unmarked police car speak first, it's the first responded and ran into a bus time in this race that i've stop, hitting one of the been the front runner. officers and one of the >> bennett is not qualified and he took aim at the party process for deciding who does suspects. get to participate. >> we are rewarding celebrity candidates with millions of twitter followers and billionaires who buy their way onto the debate stage and candidates who have been investigators in contra costa running for president for county are looking for the person who fired a gun and shut years. it forces campaigns to force down part of highway 4. this over millions of dollars to happened yesterday at deer valley road in antioch. investigators say the shooter began to act erratically on the facebook, the same platform that let the russians interfere road, chasing the victim and threatening his life for no apparent reason. the mountain fire has been burning east of redding and shasta county and cal fire says in 2016. it is burned at least 600 acres of land. it left 14 structures destroyed >> the and two people with minor injuries. as of last night, the fire was cossmakelsey gabbard. nde in the debate is 70% contained. >> back you're closer to home,
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the seven-day forecast shows us kamala harris. >> we are not going back. >> reporter: she spoke right a bit of a warm up over the after her fellow senator cory next few days and will be 98 booker. his campaign manager told us tomorrow and 95 today inland and for many spots, 30 3 to 4 degrees warmer inland, but that harris and booker are everybody sees a warm-up today of about 5 to 10 degrees above still friends. >> they were backstage together where we were yesterday. speaking back to back in front expect today that the warmer than yesterday and just plan on staying there for much of the next few days. a little more humidity as well by tuesday and wednesday of this week. >> unbelievably, next sunday will be september 1. i don't know what happened. >> thank you for joining us. of the meeting and joking and cbs sunday morning with jane laughing. pauley is next. shopping for backpacks... they are good friends, corey says, and i agree, this is a sibling rivalry in a lot of ways in the democratic primary, but we know especially after 2016, we have to come together ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? as a party, and that is the that's yes for less. most important thing, coming together and beating donald ross has the brands you want for back to school. trump. >> beating donald trump topiin and it feels even better when you find them for less. meeting. >> it is an election to defeat the most dangerous president in at ross. yes for less. american history. >> i would just a politician, donald trump is a phenomenon. >> in light of this recent meeting, i asked former mayor
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willie brown about the state of the democratic party. >> good morning, if you are a democratic candidate for resident, welcome to san francisco, because we have a gaggle of them in town this weekend. mayor brown, where are they? are we at a crossroads? which one of these can beat them? >> i don't know what you mean crossroads, but it is a good and great place for democrats to be. the weather's good and people are responding positively and the democrats put on one heck of a show. >> we had a couple departures from the race and now the folks that are in, no one wants to be the next soldier to fall as they say. >> unless there is an opportunity to run for senate and run for governor, you got a lead before they will close this. >> i think a lot of democrats wish people like governor bullock would run for senate. >> there's still the possibility. >> the reason it's a crossroads, we have an activist core in the democratic party
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that once single issues to be explored and expanded upon. they want a national debate on climate change. they want a national debate on guns and various issues, do you think that helps sell the democrats? >> you have to be very careful, really careful. you've got to remember you are focused on winning the presidency, and you really ought to be about trying to persuade a voter, one at a and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! time. >> is a politics or a con job? feel like a boss? that's yes for less. >> that's not a con job. >> that is literally the way in 20 to 60 percent off specialty store pricesy roomnd . at ross. yes for less. which you win elections. and that is what we need to do. if we get stuck on this green new deal, if we get stuck on captioning made possible this climate change, people by johnson & johnson, committed to improving health for everyone, everywhere. don't know what you're talking about. >> i think when it comes to polling, when it comes to figure out what people care about, there are two things to look at, not only what people
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are saying they are for or against, but how much they care about the issues. and so far, a lot of folks, it seems like the look of the pole and it says it looks like democrats are in favor of these 10 things, but not equally. they care about somethings more >> smith: good morning p jane than others and focusing on the paully on vacation. this is others can alienate more people than you get. tracy smitmd es "sunday >> and trump still has the stage. he is constantly going back to the things that led him to victory. the last time out in 2016, we just can't have that happen again, and we won't have it happen again. >> and another turn in an eviction battle that's been growing in alameda. demonstrators rallied in support of a holocaust survivor who says he is being asked to pay up or leave the home he is lived in for nearly 20 years. >> reporter: time is running out for him in his apartment. he says his landlord first increased his rent by $700. when he rejected, the landlord gave him an eviction notice any speak limited english. his daughter translates.
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>> this is simply killing me. >> i have been living here for 17 years with my wife and with my son, they are both gone now. and this place keeps their memories. i cannot even imagine leaving this place. it is like leaving them. >> the 87-year-old is on a fixed income and has a section 8 voucher. housing advocates say the alameda rent ordinance does not detect section 8 tenants from no-cost eviction. they're working with the city to change that. advocates rallied in front of the apartment complex this afternoon to show their support. >> to be forced out in this housing market on their income, it is a death sentence. it is homelessness. >> he and his father fled ukraine in 1941 when he was 9 years old. the were bombing the hometown.
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the landlord's attorney says he sympathizes with the holocaust survivor, but he says the high cost of housing is a on giv catn the encomplex, rightby up to ma rate. >> if you want to be outraged and make the problem of the landlord, i think that is unfair. think this is a burden that should be spread across society and not placed on the landlord. >> the city is set to host a community meeting on thursday to talk about proposed changes to the rent ordinance. >> and there is much more to come this sunday morning as the broadcast continues. up next, we have a high profile case of a violence in san francisco. phil speaks with the prominent bay area prosecutor about the balance between public safety and health for the mentally ill. and a bit later, and investigation into yet another shooting on a bay area highway. you know when you're at ross
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and realize you can get youeverything you need...oss oh, yeah. yep. yes! feel like a boss? that's yes for less. 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. joining us is steve wagstaff and i want to show him and you a video that has gone
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all around the country. his name is austin james vincent, and he stands accused of this attack. he may have been mentally and a lapse at a time and maybe on drugs, but he is pulling a woman down and trying to keep her out of the lobby of her apartment complex because he allegedly felt that robots were taking over the world and he needed to save her. he said he was not guilty of anything and a judge released him pending trial. it set off a furor. the question is should the judge have released him in the beginning? >> definitely not. that was an offensive conduct in my view. >> she says she didn't see the video and that was the reason why she released him. she later brought her back and had them put on an ankle bracelet, but again, was released, was that proper? >> this person for public safety should not have been released. this is horrifying conduct to that woman. >> finally, the police found other a legend reports of
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possible conduct by the gentleman and he was put into custody, finally. what does that tell you about the system in san francisco? >> they need all the knowledge possible up front before anyone is released, you better learn everything you can. >> the judge says she wasn't sure this video by the prosecutor, should he have shown it? >> the court moves fast and here's what's happened, we have a video but, if you want to see it, we will presented to you. >> he pleads not guilty. so he is not convicted of any crime, but it shows, i think, that for a lot of people, that it is just not working, how we are dealing with mentally ill or possibly people on drugs or even a judicial system that doesn't seem to even be watching itself as it goes through these cases. >> i think there's a lot of truth to that, we have 70 steps to take forward, the big concern is realizing that the criminal justice system was never designed for dealing with
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the mentally ill. that is where we have to change and evolve to where we have to learn how to deal with the mentally ill. >> the challenge or issues that we are facing, one of the questions here is that jails weren't designed to handle the mentally ill, but the mentally ill wind up in them in disproportionate numbers, correct? >> that is absolutely right. >> sometimes they on drugs. meth is a common drug among people who are having mental issues. >> that's right. >> so if you don't want to jail them, but they're going to jail anyway, why not make the jails more mental health facilities? >> i agree, since the state of california for over four decades is chosen not to follow- up on the promise to create and provide money for local facilities we do want to change jails. in san mateo county, the new facility that just opened two and half years ago, we are doing that. we've opened up two mental health pods. >> we also have an issue of the civil rights of the defendant who says he's not guilty., and he hasn't been proven guilty.
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and the society's rights. >> yes. >> now the civil rights of the person is not guilty is that you go in, and if you look okay to the judge, you're not being mental or anything, your granted bail. >> sometimes. >> what you do in san mateo county? if the person is in a psychotic state or on drugs when the going front of the judge, the judge basically has, doesn't really have much of an issue except to release them. >> with a set bail, and most of the homeless people in these conditions don't have the money to make as much as 10,000 or $15,000 bail, and then we keep them in so we quickly try to connect them with social services. >> when you try to keep someone in that is poor and homeless, some would say that is prejudicial, you are picking on somebody. how do you know that they have a mental problem? how do you know that you are just keeping them in their arbitrarily? >> first of all, the bail will be set the same for everybody. we don't set a special bail for
6:17 am
people who have mental health issues. everyone will get that, when the conduct justifies it. our focus is on public safety. when we see a case like here when this woman was terrorized, we will say that that person should be released from custody, public safety says that they are not exposed until we can get the person the treatment they need. that, to me, is a public safety number one. >> we only have a short time here, do we have something that accounts for bad conduct while mentally ill? is it one of the other, criminal or health? is there anything in between, legally? >> there isn't, but >> that's one of the problems. >> what criminal law can do is keep them in custody until we can get them the mental health. it doesn't exist otherwise, the gap is there. >> would you be a push to get people out of custody, that will be completely different than what you are talking about. >> i agree, but what that does
6:18 am
is forget the protection of the public. >> and you stick around, because there's another part of the public protection i would like to talk about, that's this epidemic of car break-ins and thefts and petty crimes that i think possibly we helped bring upon ourselves. right now we will take a look at something brighter, hopefully, and that would be the weather. we will get to the brighter, but first i have to show you what it looks like underneath the gray. wait until you see the brighter. you will love it. that's the view of the golden gate bridge. you have to take my word on it, you just see cars driving into gray, but that's the view at the toll, the old tollbooths looking back up to where the towers would be. let's get the something a little bit brighter, now for something completely different, that is the view from the top tower, and we are looking across the top of this marine layer in the sales force towers here at 170,000 feet, the marine layer has been pushed out by an area of high pressure which is responsible for warming us all up. you can see the impact it has. it's quashes the marine layer down so low that it cannot get over the hills. so this is why we wake up to low gray skies here in the
6:19 am
brave, in the bay proper, but over the hill, it's clear and sunny, because we have a marine layer that's really been squashed by the area of high pressure. here's the view from the salesforce tower down to the east, you can see of you above the tower here and in san jose, we see some clouds. there's plenty of breaks of clear sky at your, we see some rain layer because you are still in the area that doesn't have anything in the way. you get clouds, and the number right now is 63 in san jose. san francisco's 59 and 64 in concorde. the influence of not getting those clouds inland really shows up on a map like this. look at the daytime high for concord and livermore, 95 and 93 over here. no influence from the marine layer today, and it will be 73 closer thbay. wa, even but it is going to
6:20 am
over the next few days and i will show you that in the seven- day forecast and in addition to warming up the temperatures more, we will bring back some humidity. remember what we have around here, the middle of last week, we will do it again thanks to a tropical storm which is falling apart down here. it's not the tropical storm itself, it's the leftover water vapor in the atmosphere that is going to have to go somewhere, and as we watch the forecast on this, watch the plume of added humidity, it gets drawn right towards northern california and looking ahead at wednesday, you see the bright chance of green, this is a map showing you the relative humidity. if you just look at the relative humidity, you probably have no way of gauging that. if i say 60 for concorde, what's the big deal. let me compare that to what normal would be because yesterday was normal, and here are the relative humidity yesterday. that felt fine, 60% will feel sticky and that's coming on wednesday and we also have to add into that the fact that the numbers, by the time we get to wednesday, we will have warmed back up into the mid-90s, so it will be kind of little humid for the middle of the week. but look, that's and 89 degree dip by thursday, not all 90s,
6:21 am
but there's a lot of ithere. >> you've got a point, but it is all relative. relative humidity is relative. so when it does spike for us, i think a lot of people do really notice the change. >> that is true. >> coming up a bit later, frighting moments at a major pro golf tournament as an electrical storm injures some spectators. >> good morning, we got a little sports ruling on here right about now. we got a local nfl football team to tell you about. carnal in gold, and we have that and it is always a revelry show, the san francisco giants pay a visit to the oakland coliseum. highlights from last night. >> before we go, let's take a quick check at the getaway gas, here's where you can find the cheapest prices, today we check san jose cambrian park area. ♪
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we will try to squeeze this in between your sips of coffee or your favorite beverage this morning, what could be possibly better than sports on a sunday morning? how absports with 49ers winning highlights? how about that? the quarterback jimmy garafolo last night had time at kansas city, he just erased the, he
6:25 am
raced the monday game at denver from his memory bank. the doctor richie james junior, 33 yard gain and that set up this from the 20, garafolo to matt greider, a touchdown. 4-4 on the drive, he was 14-20, 188 yards in one half of football. the quarterback lets him scoring drives as jeff wilson junior, the second of two touchdowns, they won the game 27 to 17. now, 53,000+ last night saw the bay bridge baseball series pick back up in oakland. the seventh inning edit to a three to label. the battle back scoring eight runs in e thngthe ll got away and alex dickerson scored, that tied it up at 4. i always coughed three times before i voice over a
6:26 am
kevin villard to run double over the right-field wall, two more runs scored, giants come from behind, it was 10-5, victory. and shocking news from last night, did you hear about this? the colts quarterback andrew luck announced retirement from the nfl. the 29-year-old said he is worn down from dealing with injuries the last 4 years including this year in training camp. he was the first overall pick in 2012 out of stanford. 7 years, just about enough. the last for dealing with the shoulder and his ankle and it would just not go away. so we called it quits and announced that last night. that is a tough go as he walks away from $30 million, maybe 60 on the table, a potential salary earnings. >> that will do it, some of you, i will see you at the ballpark later today for the closing of the bay bridge series. >> and onto some major league soccer in san jose, the
6:27 am
earthquakes hosting the vancouver whitecaps thanks to superstar danville native chris one velocity. the earthquakes were able to get ahead and eventually took the game 3-1. the quakes are slated to play the orlando city soccer club next saturday. coming up, terrifying moments on the bay area highway, the investigation into a shooting. also had, discouraging news about a large wildfire burning this morning in upstate california. [ music ] ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a drifte
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. welcome back to kpix this morning, the time is 6:30. let's start with a check on the weather. >> it certainly looks dramatic from the clouds in the air behind you and behind me, but that is at the coast. so while the beach has low grade clouds, as much of the area around the bay itself, but inland, it is clear skies and that's a sign of warm-up. let me show you what it looks like. we put numbers in front of the soggy lookin not big difference in the numbers now, but there will be by the time we get ic we o 73and that's about
6:31 am
six degrees warmer than we were yesterday. that's already, little bit of a sign that we are getting a warm- up today and when we look across the bay area as a whole, that's mid-90s for inland locations and for many spots today, that will be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer today than we were yesterday. and as you get used to this, we stay above average for pretty much the entire seven-day forecast and even beyond that if you look past it towards this end, the 10 to 14 day forecast, but the other thing i right now, there's more humidity coming back. i know that was not wasn't this last week, wednesday and thursday when we had to feel a little bit more humidity than we are used to, we will probably do that again and i will explain what that is all about and how long it lasts just a few for now. back over to you. >> the police in contra costa county are looking for the person who fired a gun and shut down part of highway 4. this happened yesterday on your valley road in antioch. investigators say the shooter began acting erca
6:32 am
threeninhis life apparent rson. >> basically got out of his car and let me know, i will smoke you. so i was just like, i don't know what your problem is. and continue to go on. the first thing i see is he's driving one-handed with a gun. i can see the gun aimed at me. >> police say the man shot at the victim leaving a bullet hole. you can see it in the side of his car, traffic backed up on highway 4 as officers searched for evidence. almost 12,000 santa clara employees could be on the verge of a strike. numbers of the service employees international union local 521 have voted to authorize a strike if negotiations with county officials to work out. an unknown deadline was set. the unrepresented ploys throughout the county government including social workers and maintenance workers and clerical staff and janitors. ty amount fire has been burning
6:33 am
cal fire says it is burned at least 600 acres of land and left 14 structures destroyed and two people with minor injuries. as of last night, the fire was 70ilwant drivers to be careful in the area. >> dealing with the mentally ill and drug addicted people on san francisco city streets has reemerged as a top priority. so we asked the former san francisco mayor, willie brown, what changed since he was in office and what can change. >> mayor brown, once again, the entire issue of homelessness, street behavior, safety is reemerging in san francisco as one of the top concerns. this was a concern when you were the mayor, what has changed, and what can chan? >> it was not as bad when i was the mayor. the reaction at that time, we were still speaking like we are humanistic, not as aggressive
6:34 am
as we need to be now. because we didn't have the same kinds of volume and we didn't have the intensity and we didn't have the drug dealing, obviously mayor breed and people running city hall have got to come up with a new model on how to address the issue. >> also back when you were mayor, there were large parts of like south of market that weren't fully developed and where folks could be if they were into that sort of thing and they weren't as visible. now literally it seems like every inch of the city has been developed, everyone is sort of out of the shadows and in front. >> it's not just that they are out of the shadows and in front, the behavior has gotten worse. you see people just out and out crazy on the streets right now. we didn't see that many out and out crazies, it's total tents, it's open drugs. >> also you understand there's a greater level of tolerance now. in my time period, the business of whether or not you committed a crime in front of me, i dealt with it accordingly, there is t
6:35 am
someone who would assault someone else and say >> what changed? how did that happen? >> it's evolution. >> evolution means going forward and getting better. >> [ laughter ] >> we look at the crime statistics and the police say oh, the crime is going down, but those are based on reported crimes, and i think for some people, they see crimes happening and why bother reporting them, then if you like anything will happen, so maybe the statistics look better, but maybe that's just because people aren't reporting as much. >> and the number of people engaged in petty crimes, that's sometimes not even addressed. you say my windows were broken and the police department says fill out the form and bring it down here when you get a chance. in the old days, that would not haeen the case. there would've been some cop showing up and consequently, you wouldn't have. >> final question, how much longer do you think san francisco residents or bay area
6:36 am
residents are going to allow this to continue ? >> dents well as the bay area residents have grown beyond the level of tolerance for this nonsense that is occurring on the streets every day. president the annual g7 summit in france. tax talks dominated and just hours after he had second thoughts about raising tariffs on china, the white house issued a statement saying the president only regret that american trade policies aren't more aggressive. >> and the french prime minister brought up the possibility of taxing american tech companies and president trump appeared excited to collaborate with the british prime minister boris johnson. u.s. customs and border protection has released time lapsed video from arizona showing the progress on a 30 foot replacement wall being installed on the us-mexico border. the cpb says more than 10 miles of wall replacement have been
6:37 am
completed so far and about 30 more miles of the wall are slated for construction. 44,000 members of the brazilian military are mobilized to fight the raging fires in the amazon rain forest. so far, therha an 76,000 wildfires across brazil. the flames and smoke have been choking the region. that is usually known as the lungs of the world for the amount of oxygen it produces. the wildfires have become a global issue prompting antigovernment protests in brazil as well as international outcry. >> we lost species, we need to escalate this agenda. >> while some fires have been happening naturally during the dry season, environmental groups say many of these have been caused by farmers clearing land. and sad news for bay area rocker eddie money. he has been diagnosed with stage iv cancer. is a long-term smoker and he says he was diagnosed last fall while taping his reality show,
6:38 am
real money. he is from new york but he got his career started in berkeley city music clubs. he made the top 40 several hits after signing on with columbia records. and he said that while this diagnosis hit him hard, he doesn't want to hide it. still to come, more interview with the san mateo district attorney. they discussed the rise in car break-ins and other crimes that some may consider petty. ahea the storm that terrorized the crowd at a major pro golf tournament.
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6:41 am
we will be talking about a topic that isn't very pleasant but is becoming increasingly reveling in the bay area. joining us at the san mateo district attorney. i don't know of the community in the bay area, urban, suburban, rural where car break- ins aren't just off the charts. >> there isn't one. >> you just go wherever, this is a common scene in parking
6:42 am
lots along the side streets, up and down the peninsula, in marin, in the east bay, in san francisco. a lot of people are saying that it is the product of our own judicial system and our own vote, that we basically voted to make crimes or like car boosting or breaking a window and stealing, he much misdemeanors. citation offenses, is that true? >> absolutely, that's correct, that's been true since publishing 47 past 4 years ago. >> it was intended, to lessen criminal charges, in order to move towards reform. is it working? >> i don't think so, i think it was well-intentioned. i think the goal was that let's not label people with felonies for these types of offenses, but what it is done is because misdemeanors simply don't get treated seriously in the criminal justice system, what occurs is there's no
6:43 am
consequence, and without a consequence, of course what's going to happen? >> i've had district attorneys argue that actually there are consequences, auto boosting is still a punishable offense. but the question is, the individual acts are not. and if you steal under $950, that's different. if you are in possession of $950 worth of stolen goods, that's a misdemeanor. if you break into a car, that is a misdemeanor, if you break in and steal, that is a felony. >> right. >> so it gets parsed out, but the reality is that very little happens as a result of that, is that c? of california, that's correct. >> there is a trickle-down, police start to say well, nothings going to happen, go fill out a form online. >> yes. >> and it changes the entire culture of things. >> absolutely. what we are trying to do in our
6:44 am
county and my law enforcement is great about it, they don't isbroken attitude. glass and we see ladonna, we do dna on a car burglary. our crime lab has the resources that we can do, i just thought earlier this year, we had a car burglary. >> it doesn't seem to be the priority. and there's another one, there is theft from stores that's going on all around the bay area where people are walking in and wholesale grabbing things. and again, if it is under $950, that is a ticketed offense. and merchants are just cringing left and right about the idea of losing. >> and they are right to feel that. that is a failure of the system where victims, merchants are being victimized and a defense, it affects the businesses. i think our county and many others, not just hours, they are really working hard to say no, we will treat the seriously and urge the police to make the
6:45 am
waing in and grabbing things. statistically, if you don't charge these things, your felony charges are down and crime goes down, and people, so you can actually say that things are getting better n whe question about the people involved don't report them anymore. >> that's the false narrative. crime is down seven things working. and we are tracking, crime is up on the type of crimes you pointed to, and absolutely, if anybody treats it lightly, guess what will happen, it will go up. >> okay, but meantime in sacramento, state lawmakers, whenever given the opportunity to toughen up or even change things to say that you don't have to prove that a car was locked, necessarily, before you can charge somebody with breaking in, and even the progressives go up and say can we change that, the answer is nobody wants to hear about it. >> think about what the perfect example is, porch piracy, stealing, taking packages off
6:46 am
the port, they couldn't get through to take that out of this lower echelon. they couldn't get it through. >> what's going on? >> it's the same concept of what the legislators are doing, if anyone says i would to be tough on anything, they will be viewed as not involved in terminal justice reform and castigated. >> you see that changing at all? or is this the new reality? >> i think it will change gradually, not overnight, but there is a ballot measure for next year in 2020 that will try to change at least to some degree what is happening with merchants and theft and we will see how the voters feel about that because i talk to someone people who say i didn't know that's what i was voting for, i thought i was voting for safe streets. >> i'm shocked, voter voted for something they didn't know they were voting for, that's democracy for you. thank you for joining us this morning, steve wagstaff, the district attorney of san mateo county, a little something brighter, the weather. >> i love it when i can deliver on a request. look at the camera over my shoulder, sunrise happening just 12 minutes ago. and most of us can't see it, because we are underneath the
6:47 am
low deck of clouds, but our camera on top of salesforce power never misses it. some days it does the marine layer is really high, but the marine layer is low today. it gets pushed down by an area of high pressure above the bay area forcing the clouds lower meeting it won't get over the mountains on the east side of the bay meeting it won't be getting cloudy for places like concorde and livermore. but it is just like that for everywhere else. if you are on the east bay hillside, look what it looks like at the golden gate bridge. you have to take my word on it, but there is a bridge over there and it's 700 feet tall and it's international orange. the top of sutro tower looking back at the salesforce tower, so that's another one up at sutro, you are above this. just a great perspective and its 59 in san francisco right now, 64 in concorde and in other words, it's not a big spread in the numbers yet. there will be by the afternoon. let's do the comparison because you probably remember what yesterday felt like. the first thing i want to do, i'll show you the daytime highs, just to show you how
6:48 am
different today will feel from your part of the bay area. northbay, six degrees warmer, santa rosa is the example, look at san jose, 11 degrees warmer going to 90. you came in at 79 yesterday. we will certainly experience a warm-up today, some more than others, even for san francisco, we go up six degrees, concorde and livermore already warm yesterday, but you will be a little bit warmer today. let me show you what the actual numbers will look like after i get a couple other comparisons on here. fremont, you will be six degrees warmer today, oakland will be seven degrees warmer and as will mountain view, that's hayward coming in at 6. that meanou're ac going to 85, mountain view 84 and we will hit 95 in concorde today, 93 livermore and 92 up top for santa rosa. i mentioned how we will start pulling in more humidity by the middle of next week from what will by then be the remnants of this tropical storm it is about to fall apart, but watch over the next few days, tropical storms usually do a good job of moving and traveling across the pacific. this one is just going to peter
6:49 am
out absolutely in the next day and it's kind of interesting to see that happen, and you get much more of the story when you look at more of the picture here. i will put the sea surface temperatures on here, that's the track of ibo and you can see the red showing you where the sea service temperatures are warm into the 70s and 80s and you start to get to the blues like off the coast of california, that's in the 50s. that is cold, and that is the story of our life in california, the california current means we keep cold water off the coast. in hurricanes and tropical storms cannot live in that. they need the warm water. that's why does little to far north and it start to get a little too close to the california current and it dies. this is why hurricanes are not a risk for us. so that covers that story. plans for the weekend, go down to san jose, silicon valley pride festival, warm at 90, but this will be huge event and you shouldn't let the 90 degrees keep you from going, just find
6:50 am
the shade and drink plenty of water, or oakland chinatown street festival, 77 degrees, it will be a fantastic day for all outdoor events. as far as the seven-day forecast is concerned, remember i talk about the increase in humidity for tuesday and wednesday, mid-90s inland and it feels a bit warm and sticky and then we bring the temperatures back down going into next weekend. back over to you. >> and dangerous weather stopped a pro golf tournament yesterday. we have some video, let's take a look at some of that lightning striking at the fedex cup in atlanta. look at that. at least five spectators were injured when one of the trees came down in pieces around them. tournament officials say that the injured people were alert and conscious when the ambulances took them to local hospitals and round 3 of the tour championship is in progress this morning. >> and still to come, a woman who is an inspiration to those who are striving for an education. was ahead of its time.
6:51 am
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