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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  August 26, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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a special tour inside the warriors new home. we are getting the first look at the new chase center in san francisco. good evening. the new san francisco landmark is taking its claims is the most modern most luxurious sports arena in the country. wilson walker is live where he got to experience the new digs today.>> reporter: i have been thinking about that for a while. i don't quite know what to think. is that massive scoreboard going to in the courrofe foa
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concert? you don't know until you see your favorite band in there. there is a lot of things we don't know. this building says a lot about how sports and entertainment have changed over the last couple decades. this building is very much of the moment. san francisco has a new arena and the golden state warriors have a new home in case that hasn't sunk in yet. it is spelled out on the court for you.>> i hope we accomplish what we set off to accomplish. the building is smaller. 18,000 seats compared to 19,000 at oracle. that is by thoughtful design.>> reporter: this room is billed for basketball and concerts. take a tour oismaze hallys and portals. loss of portals.
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l leading su boxes d yes those courtside lo let duck into the tunnels below some of these lounges might be nicer than others. it gets hard to tell. there is a lot of granite and marble. the rugs get thicker the higher you go in terms of the ticket level.>> reporter: architecture critic took the tour today. they are going for different kind of style and moods you want. you have vegas. you have midcentury. i like that the more general foodcourt is an attempt to give big sale baby locally rooted feel. from food to beer the efforts at local flavor stands out. so does the amount of art in and outside the building. some of it on loan from the san francisco moma. there is clearly no shortage of money here. the names on the walls tell the story. of who helped to fund construction of this arena. and who in large part it will cater to. go see a lot
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of companies ge the crazy box lounges with the wind vault we are in. with the private viewing rooms. because they want to dazzle the people they are bringing into impress.>> reporter: you can see at the end the scoreboard inside the scoreboard if you're close to the ground. you can see your own scoreboard within the mass of one. i wanted to be sure to show that. john king and i were talking you never know how these buildings feel unsafe with the people inside. it wasn't just the four walls of oracle that made the place magic on occasion. it was the people to pack the building and brought it to life. until we get folks in their were not really going to know. clearly just a top-of-the-line type of place. top shelf. very much focus on amenities. if you're going to these events are that you will be very impressed. if you are an old school bare- bones person maybe it is too much for you. you have to make your own judgment. opening night is next friday.
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when this building opens with the san francisco symphony and metallica. an interesting night to kick it off next friday. one thing for sure if you're going you're going to pay for it. fans looking to get hands on preseason tickets. hang on. soon you will be able to. tickets for the preseason games. those go on sale to the public tomorrow at 4 pm. the slate includes the first ever game at chase censor saturday, october 5 against the los angeles lakers. a look at the top stories at 5:30 pm. a rideshare passenger is dead and two others injured after their car was hit in santa clara. the suspect claudia perez was driving a stolen car. he has been charged with murder. off-duty san francisco police officer put on leave after the shooting and el cerrito. it happened last night.
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we are getting word is started when a man attacked the off- duty officer with iraq. the man will survive his injuries. and be charged with assault. cal fire launch ambitious project to reduce the wildfire risk in the santa cruz mountains. for the next four months crews will clear overgrown brush and trees. along nearly 7 mile stretch of highway 17. campaign 2020 democratic presidential candidate kirsten gillibrand is in the bay area today. the new york senator and san francisco for manny's meet the candidate series that begins in less than 30 minutes. it ends at 7:30 pm. tickets cost of the $500. it comes as a new national poll ieth be the three way tie sanders massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. each have 20%. joe biden slipped to 19%. a double-digit decline from june when he led with 32%. women in santa clara county gathered today to celebrate the
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100th anniversary of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote. the official centennial a year away the rally designed to increase voting registration inclusivity and get accurate census numbers. while there is much to honor and celebrate we have to honor the woman who came before us. celebrate all those accomplishment. we have to keep moving forward so we make it easier for communities that come after us. our granddaughters and daughters. they grow up in a world that is more fair. hundreds of women's marched. carrying those picket signs. the crowd took over the intersection of fourth and san fernando street for several minutes. bystanders rushed to the aid of a deputy in los angeles county. a suspect tried to take his gun. dave lopez with more on the struggle and the rescue. opal security video shows a 23- year-old deputy struggling with a homeless man he is trying to subdue. and then when it appears he is in trouble watch as one 2 3
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good samaritans come to his rescue. i heard the officer yelling get your hand off my gun. i went in and ripped his hands of the officers gun.>> reporter: brian whitney in the orange shirt. he does kneel down lean in and after as he described it pulled the hands of the homeless man away from the deputies done. he went back in the circle k where he works and calls 911. one of the other good samaritans took the clip out and slid it away. just in case.>> reporter: of the three whitney is the only one who agreed to talk on camera. the first good samaritan to come to the rescue the man in the white shirt was a customer. who just happened to be walking into the store when he saw what was going on. just as the deputy seem to be losing his balance and struggling with a homeless man. they are like bullies. that helped me to jump in.>> reporter: the second good samaritan came from across the parking lot and whitney inside the store rushed out to help as
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well. as it turns out the homeless man was not armed. but according to the sheriff report he did get his hand on the deputy's gun. he did also grab the magazine. but that is when the good samaritans grab the magazine away from the homeless man and threw it to the side. he was having a hard time with that guy. without the help of the good samaritans i'm concerned.>> reporter: the deputy who was attacked was a trainee in his last days of being a trainee. he was answering a call at the circle k. the homeless man creating a disturbance acting belligerent. please help. we have had very good citizens. it reinforces your belief in altogether. afterwards i was shaking. i wasn't scared. >> reporter: the deputies will take e ssarrested
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and booked and he does have a reputation in the area for causing trouble. today marks 10 years since jc do guard was treat free from captivity. she was just 11 years old when she was kidnapped in 1991. near a school bus stop in south lake tahoe. her abductors philip and nancy garrido held her for 18 years. in a backyard compound in antioch. a parole officer finally cracked the case in 2009. do guard now has two daughters in college. she also has a nonprofit the jc foundation which facilitates family reunification for trauma victims. the burritos are in state prison. this evening we are tracking a storm in the caribbean. tropical storm dorian forecast to be the atlantic season's first hurricane. winds reaching 16 miles per hour. it hit barbados tomorrow. by late wednesday puerto rico. an island still struggling to recover from hurricane maria. video shows long lines is residents are bracing for the
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worst. paul has been in the weather center tracking the storm for us. we are looking at a storm that is approaching the caribbean. it is getting stronger. and will likely be the first storm to impact laces like puerto rico or the lee leeward islands the next 24 to 48 hours. the latest stats we do have a storm sustained winds 60 miles per hour. stronger gus. that is the center of the storm. the center will likely pass over a few islands including barbados. over the next day. those colored things around some the islands are tropical storm warnings. the storm itself is moving west and northwest at 14 miles per hour. this is the forecast cone. not a guarantee he will follow this path. most likely prediction from the national hurricane center is take a category one hurricane closer to the south of puerto rico. by wednesday afternoon. somewhere close to hispaniola which is the island which encompasses haiti and the dr by thursday afternoon. will this become a problem for
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the bahamas of florida? it is too early to tell. if it were to happen it would likely happen friday or saturday . a tropical storm moving to the caribbean right now. we will update our local forecast coming up in two minutes. president trump is eyeing a new report suggests he wanted to drop nuclear weapons into a hurricane to weaken it. the president suggested multiple times the national security's officials they should use nuclear bombs to start stop hurricanes from reaching the u.s. trump responded on twitter calling the story ridiculous and just more fake news. a glimpse at how silicon valley is changing how humans explore space. when it comes to getting satellites into space or bases onto the moon or mars it turns out building it up there has a way smarter way of doing it. target adding some disney magic. how the bay area is experimenting with a new store within a store. the fight around a controversial navigation center
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proposed in fremont. why one homeless man tells us it can make all the difference.
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here in northern california we have been spared the kind of fire season we had last year. let's go to colorado. look at this one ripping loose. it is happening in the pike national forest. this is in the lost creek
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wilderness. in colorado. this is the sean a peek fire. it is burning south of bailey about 37 acre so far. fire officials say it is burning in a remote area. the lost creek wilderness has 120,000 acres in the pike national forest. the forest service is leading the firefight. you can see a crowning and some of those pine trees getting going. a couple helicopters have been dispatch. one hotshot crew and multiple ground engine. no structures are threatened at this time. right now there is no cause of the fire. silicon valley playing a major role in nasa's mission to return to the moon. some of the new technology that is transforming space travel.>> reporter: when it comes to building bases on the moon or even mars you could ship all of that building material up into space. but why would you want to? in my hand is simulated moon
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dirt. understand how this powdered rock combined with lightweight plastics from earth by a bay area company made in space and how it all just might advance the human race we have to go back to 2014. after years of development made in space got a 3-d printer on board the international space station. a short time later the astronaut lost a wrench and engineer let the effort to rent one up there. in a week we iterated on the ground and design phase.>> reporter: in the years since they have three d-printed more than 200 items while in orbit or astronauts just swing by and pick them up. the ceo said five years ago rinsing in space was just a dream. it feels so pedestrian. this is something that nobody else is doing.>> reporter: in three years made in space will launch. it will three d-printed its own
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huge solar panels that are so big it would not have been feasible to launch. nasa has a $73 million contract with made in space. they are set to launch in 2022. nasa administrator toured the facility today. i was impressed. nasa is a partner on the world's first satellite. that will manufacture and assemble itself. in orbit. that is transformation.>> reporter: rock powder in the plastic. if you mix a small amount of plastic with the regular that you find on the moon and it squirted through a heated nozzle you can manufacture this material. this composite material to has the best properties of both stone and plastic.>> reporter: there is broad support from the white house the capitol hill to get back to the moon by 2024. build a base there and get us to mars. everything you have seen
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today do you think will be able to go to mars in your lifetime? absolutely. 100%. today is women's equality day. toymaker mattel is honoring to historic women with their very own barbie doll. here they are. sally ride the first and youngest american woman to fly into space. that is rosa parks. the woman known as the mother of the modern civil rights movement. the new dolls are part of the inspiring women series which also includes amelia earhart catherine johnson and freda kahlo. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg made another public appearance today after receiving treatment for cancer. the 86-year-old judge received an honorary degree from the university of buffalo. she completed three weeks of radiation treatment. for a malignant tumor on her pancreas. it was beyond my wildest imagination that i would one day become the notorious rvg.>>
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say no further treatment is needed. it is the latest in a series of health issues for ginsburg who had cancerous growths from her long last december. target hoping to bring some disney magic into one of his bay area stores this fall. it is opening 25 permanent disney branded shops and is stores starting in october. including one in san jose. customers can buy star wars and busy and disney princess items. merchandise featuring marvel and disney junior characters. can't make it to burning man this year. a new way to keep up with all the action happening in the black rock desert.
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we've got changes coming in the weather. change might be happening right now. it is foggy and when all three. how do we do that? we have a viewing area that stretches all the way from fairfield in vacaville. all the way back to the golden gate where it is 58 degrees and windy. take a look at the highs today. san francisco you did warm up to 72. we have the 60s half moon bay. we had the 80s fremont. 91 san jose. close to 100 and concorde. travis air force base in fairfield. a wide temperature spread that is more than 40 degrees at this hour. we will cool down to the upper 50s and low 60s tonight. which is warmer than average.
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livermore 64. san rafael 59. spare the air day today. thankfully tomorrow we will not. good to moderate air quality. no spare the air day on tuesday. the air quality should be good the remainder of the week. the change tomorrow will be a slight reduction in temperature. a slight increase in humidity. our ridge of high pressure which had as hot inland will move out. this will move in. the remnants of a tropical storm when they turn into nontropical just bunches of clouds. they work their way north over the eastern pacific. you can get some rain in southern california. cloud cover in northern california. we will get cloud cover tomorrow. it will be more humid. as this remnant low passes off to the west. rain we are not going to get. it will be cloudy and more humid tomorrow afternoon. it won't be as hot inland. tomorrow morning clouds near the water. not inland. you might see a thin veil of light gray. it is there.
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tomorrow afternoon should be a beautiful sunset. the service cloud cover moving overhead. when that moves out the onshore flow will get stronger. wednesday and thursday the ridge of high pressure is now over far southern north carolina southern california. temperatures will decrease later on this week is the flow from the ocean increases. fog tonight near the water. it will be more sticky tomorrow. temperatures taking a job. by tuesday but more so by the middle of the week. above average tomorrow. 3 degrees above average in san francisco at 72. still warm for san jose 88. it will feel just as warm as today. we increase the humidity. we are dropping a few degrees. also 88. hayward upper 70s. danville 93. pittsburgh 93. sonoma you will hit 90. alameda 75. mill valley 85. daly city 69. you really want the hot stuff. drive north mendocino county la county low 100s again.
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humidity is gone and clouds are gone by wednesday. back down to average. just by thursday through the weekend and next week. 80s low 90s inland. middle to upper 60s near the water. that is your forecast. major delays at sfo. busy is runway shut down for construction. what that means for travelers. first it was falling tiles. now a toxic substance. the latest concern around a housing project in the south bay. rock 'n roll about to go silent in the bay area. a beloved radio stations days are now numbered. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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visit, to learn more.
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couldn't make it to burning man this year? a live webcam could be the next best thing. some real-time finish footage of the event. through the dusty hayes on the playa there are sculptures from creative minds.
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this use thing happens to be more metamorphosis. 70,000 people are expected. tickets was $1400. this is burning man event running through labor day next monday. that is it for the news at 5 pm. the news at 6 pm begins right now. housing construction project in the south bait now on hold. the new problem that is halting construction. and concerning the neighbors. brace yourselves for a tough take off next month. sfo undergoing major construction. what that means if you have travel plans in september. showers -- that is pretty much what we need. >> reporter: perspective from a homeless man on how a proposed navigation center in fremont will greatly improve his life. a story that is only on 5 pm.
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a major construction project in the south bay now shutdown over elevated levels of asbestos. all the construction has stopped. the neighbors are worried.>> reporter: asbestos is all around us in california. it is in these hills. when large construction company started big projects they have to sign agreements they are going to keep the dust levels down. therefore keep the a best us down in the ground. instead of getting into the air. according to city of san jose the kb homes here let the area get let the asbestos levels get too high. the city moved in and shut them down. the sprawling kb homes development communications hill was brought to a stance till 2 1/2 weeks ago all because of the city of san jose's air quality monitors called unacceptable levels of asbestos.


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