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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 27, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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now at 5:00, two children are dead and nine hurt after a suspect steals a police cruiser and crashes. why he was running. rideshare drivers are going to the bay area with a list of demands for uber and lyft. warriors fans have been waiting for her tickets for preseason games at the new chase center as they go on sale today. good morning. it's tuesday, august 27. i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. let's go to mary lee to talk about our forecast. a little muggy out there? that's right. high humidity due to what is left of tropical storm ivo and that means more clouds, as well with changes for your tuesday. a live look with our camera with low clouds and areas of fog and temps in the mid-to upper 50s to mid-to lower 60s. warm and muggy through the day with temperatures cooler and
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above average for this time of year. with that high humidity, it will likely feel warmer outside. in san francisco, a high of 72 and later on, san jose 88 and conquered 94 with the daytime highs running above average for this time of year. to talk about what you can expect through the week, temps will cool back down to average, coming up. let's look at the bridges this morning. 5:01 and so far so good with an rafael bridge. no lane closures on the approach to the bridge over the bridge, itself with construction wrapped up and you are good to go in marin county this morning. the san mateo bridge is getting busier westbound and for commuters to the peninsula, it will get busier and busier through the morning. you know that. good news that there is nothing like us dollar crash slowing
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you down westbound and eastbound looks clear and good to go. the metering lights are not on but should be in the next 15 or 20 minutes but it still looks good with the toll plaza having a backup in those cash lanes. the main travel time, 36 minutes of the altamont pass slower as the hour continues. the eastshore freeway still looks good. i'm anne makovec at the news desk and going to puerto rico, things looked calm but they are about to be hammered by what is expected to be hurricane dorian. it's now a tropical storm with warnings in effect for the entire island chain, martinique, st. lucia and everybody is preparing right now. it includes the island of barbados and we are told to remain vigilant even though the danger appears to be over but people are stocking up on supplies in puerto rico as of this morning. the storm had wins at 50 miles- an-hour and they are expected to
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strengthen over the next 48 hours and the people that we see in puerto rico are struggling to recover from hurricane maria with the government telling people to remain vigilant and calm. investigators are trying to figure out of two smash-and- grab robberies 70 miles apart are related. these are the new surveillance photos of the milpitas smash- and-grab suspects and officials are comparing these photos to thieves from modesto. they targeted jewelry stores located inside the malls. sunday, they were hours apart. they used a sledge hammer to break display cases and 2.5 hours later at the great mall, a similar smash-and-grab. >> it appears to be the same animal. based on these incidents, the
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possibility could be there. >> in both cases, the shopper mistook the loud noise as gunshots. they've already assigned several officers and they will now do extra patrols. an update on the shooting we told you about yesterday morning in el cerrito involving an off-duty san francisco police officer. the person shot is now behind bars and investigators said this man, 44-year-old thomas weyland attacked the off-duty officer with a rock. the officer shot whalen and was taken for treatment and arrested for assault. the officer is on leave and was not heard in the incident. we are learning about the woman who died over the weekend after her ride-share was hit by a stolen car. we confirm that this is the victim, 28-year-old carol mager of santa clara and she worked at apple. sunnyvale police spotted a stolen car in a parking lot and officers placed spike strips
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under the tires and waited but they said claudia perez of san jose got in and took off and the strips had failed with perez allegedly blowing through a red light and broadsided the lyft driver. she died at the hospital and another passenger and driver are hospitalized. police arrested perez at the scene. lyft said our thoughts are with the families and loved ones affected by this tragedy and we are saddened to hear this news and will work to support those involved, as well as the authorities with the ongoing investigation. new this morning, two children are dead and nine hurt after a stolen police cruiser crashed into two parked cars outside a library in dayton, ohio. officers were called to a home for a reported stabbing but then the suspect fled, crashed his car and ran and somehow stall the officer's suv which went to the library and then he collided with two vehicles,
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carrying 11 people including seven children. >> there were at least two occupied vehicles involved in this incident. there were at least two other vehicles and they went to several hospitals. >> at this point, the conditions of the injured are not known. the man was taken to the hospital and is in police custody. dozens of women are expected to pack a new york court room to dismiss charges against the late jeffrey epstein who killed himself in his jail cell before facing sex trafficking charges. prosecutors are asking a judge to scrap the indictment. 30 women are expected to speak at the hearing, as well as prosecutors and epstein's lawyers. he pleaded not guilty to the charges before his death. in a landmark decision, johnson & johnson was found responsible for fueling the states opioid crisis. they were ordered to pay one
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half billion dollars in damages and the verdict marked the first time a corporation had been found responsible for painkiller abuse epidemic that began some two decades ago. lawyers for johnson & johnson called the decision unfair and said they would appeal. >> johnson & johnson did not cause the opioid abuse crisis here in oklahoma or anywhere in this country. >> the damages awarded to oklahoma are intended to fund an abuse abatement program that would cover the addiction related expenses for the state. a ride-share protest caravan from southern california will roll through the bay area with hundreds of uber and lyft drivers fighting for employee rights. they said they will take their demands to uber headquarters in san francisco this afternoon and then go to oakland for a roundtable and then tomorrow drivers will finish the drive
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in sacramento. they are looking for support of 85, which would classify drivers as employees. the san francisco police chief is apologizing to the lgbtq community for decades ole miss treatment. last night, chief bill scott and most of his staff gathered for a listening tour at glide memorial church. he said he wants to build a bridge between the department and the lgbtq community after major tensions in the past. he began with an apology. >> i and the men and women of this police department are truly sorry. we are sorry for what happened and sorry for our role in it and sorry for the harm that it caused. >> the apology came 53 years after the compton cafeteria riot in the tenderloin in august 1966. the violence was sparked by a series of police actions against transgender patrons of the cafeteria. and alameda, a homeless
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community is under limbo waiting to see if their makeshift homes will be taken down by oakland. the community includes a mother and her newborn. >> i need somewhere to st f a little while and get on my feet. >> there is a mother with a 1- month-old baby that we are very concerned about. >> earlier this month, after a string of fires, notices were posted that the camp would be dismantled and belongings discarded if they don't move by tomorrow. mayor libby schaaf is working with advocates and is willing to give people living there a two week extension. >> i believe the city of oakland is doing homelessness resolutions in the most compassionate way possible. >> the community is waiting to see if the mayor's two week extension would be in writing. in the meantime, a homeless navigation center may be placed in fremont. there was a community meeting last night and they are considering two possible sites for the navigation center.
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it would be a parking lot behind city hall or surplus property off decoto road. the decision could be as early as next month and the city will then contract to implement the center. for the salesforce tower camera, we are looking at the brand new chase center with the new home in san francisco and ticket sales for the preseason game go on sale today. we are going inside to get a look at that new arena and we are finding kpix5 with jackie ward. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are hours from when the preseason tickets go on sale. probably the only tickets i will be able to afford but this place is incredible. it's massive and modern and very impressive. this project was nearly a decade in the making and the warriors have made it very clear where their new home is. the arena can accommodate thousands of basketball games
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and concerts over the years. no hockey like oracle had the capability to host. kpix took the mediatory yesterday and it was described as a maze of hallways and portals. lots of portals leading to the seemingly endless number of suites, boxes and courtside lounges. this is a moment in time that they are very excited about. >> welcome to the chase center. i've been waiting seven years to say that. can i say that again? welcome to chase center. >> reporter: from food to beer, the effort to add local flavor stands out and so does the amount of art in and around the building and some of it is on loan. there is no shortage of money with the names on the walls telling the story of who helped fund the construction of the arena and who, in large part, it will cater to. the first ever game at chase center will be saturday, october 5, versus the lakers at
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5:00 p.m. and that marks the first nba game in the city of san francisco since january 29, 1971. preseason tickets for that game go on sale for season ticket holders at 9:00 and then the general public at 4:00 this afternoon. live from the chase center, jackie ward, kpix5. >> exciting and nice digs. pretty good! the time is 5:12 and straight ahead -- >> the brazilian government refusing to fight the amazon fire's. the situation worsens. changes for your tuesday with tropical moisture and what is left of tropical storm ivo and i will let you know how it will affect our weather through the day. i'm tracking delays on your roadways. the good news and a spoiler alert, there aren't many and i will tell you your travel times, just ahead.
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on fire watch, the crisis in the amazon rainforest is worsening. the smoke from new wildfires is thick enough to nearly block the sun and many of those fires are believed to have been sparked by farmers clearing land. the brazilian government refuses a $20 million aid package from top world leaders.
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the president instead ordered the military to help put out the flames and scientists say what is left of the rainforest is drier than it should be and they believe that is the result of climate change. help is coming from sacramento with the supertanker dubbed the nexgen air tanker that can be sent anywhere in the world in under 20 hours. apple's ceo tim cook will donate to the rainforest biodiversity. 5:16 and an open space on the peninsula is reopened following mountain lion sightings. the cats were leaping out a brush and trotting along a path and that prompted a complete shutdown of the rancho san antonio preserve. a female lion and her club are staying back off the road and it's now open for visitors. at big sur, take a look at this video showing a black bear feeding at a condor sanctuary
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with workers from the wildlife society putting out a carcass for the condor to eat but the bear showed up to munch on it instead. the bear wins. bears are not common in that area and is the first on record spotted feeding in the sanctuary. they have stopped putting out the carcasses for the time being to encourage the bear to move on. it's a place like none other, surrounded by giants in every direction. we are talking about sequoia national park. in a few hours, there is a special series on american wonders and cbs this morning takes us there live. >> i can't wait! >> with labor day weekend coming up, a lot of people will be there. >> i've actually never been to sequoia. i have to put that on my bucket list. before labor day weekend starts, the roadways are relatively clear and it will be the end of a very busy summer commute. we will have more later in the week. you can start looking forward
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and in the meantime, you can look forward to the commute because it won't be bad. there are trouble spots and the accident at 238 is cleared and the car was in the bushes and they've gotten it out of the way . the offramp is still closed and in the final stages of clearing with no problems. altamont pass, a long line of red stretches further west, 10 miles-per-hour out of the tracy triangle and through the altamont pass. when you get through, you are looking good and full speed ahead to the dublin interchange. no delays southbound 680 from the dublin interchange, maybe just a little bit, but not much. 38 minutes westbound and steel
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in the yellow and we hope it will hold strong. eastshore freeway, 104 and 101 looked good. so does the san rafael bridge. no lane closures and likely our busiest bridge of the morning. the san mateo bridge in the westbound direction is getting busy with the peninsula bound commute. going to the bay bridge, we have metering lights not yet on but any minute they will be. we have higher humidity with tropical moisture and we are looking at more clouds in the sky with a slight chance for a dry thunderstorm for the north bay and that is a possibility with a slight chance of that, 20%. here is a live look with the salesforce tower kemba looking east with fog over the bay and temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s to mid-to lower 60s this morning. for your weather headlines,
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clouds along the coast and humidity increasing with a cloudy afternoon with the mid- to high level clouds in the sky and temperatures returned to normal tomorrow. the satellite and radar views have tropical storms heading north because of the remnant low and what is left of tropical storm ivo working up to the bay area and with it, more clouds and mugginess back in our atmosphere. going through futurecast hour by hour, at 4:00 p.m., you can see clouds because of what was tropical storm and i vowel and through the week, temperatures much cooler because of onshore flow is increasing later this week. the good news is, we have a spare the air alert from yesterday looking at good to moderate air quality and there is no longer a spare the air alert. bad news if you are suffering from allergies. increasing by thursday and
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friday, friday looks to be the worst day for allergy sufferers at 89 on a scale up to 12 and we haven't seen it that high and quite some time. daytime high school are compared to yesterday but still above average for this time of year and with the high humidity, it will feel warmer compared to yesterday. 88 in sunnyvale, 85 in morgan hill was daytime highs topping out at 94 in concord and 95 in pleasant hill and 92 in walnut creek. low 70s in san francisco. berkeley, upper 70s and san leandro, upper 80s with santa rosa and cloverdale. the seven-day forecast, temps are cooler wednesday and thursday and by friday and heating up with sunshine into the weekend. the time is 5:21. medical marijuana in schools? coming up, state lawmakers move
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ahead with a bill that would undo laws against it and how it could change treatment for children, statewide. let's head outside again with our traffic camera at the golden gate bridge with cars coming into san francisco on this tuesday morning at 5:21.
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what could be a first for children who use medical marijuana with the state assembly passing a bill yesterday that would allow students access to medical marijuana. it lets school boards decide whether medical cannabis can be adminiered to kids in grades k-12 in current law prevents it. kids whose medical cannabis to treat seizures have to go off campus. it now goes to the states and is for a final vote. in health watch, study suggested moderate exercise may be the answer for patients taking statins and increasing with muscle pain. it may diminish the pain and weakness in people taking statins to cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes. doctors say the out-of-pocket cost for multiple sclerosis patients have skyrocketed over the past decade and researchers in pennsylvania said payments jumped sevenfold for some drugs. a new reason to polish your sunny outlook. optimistic people are more likely to live for age 85 d
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beyond. it's every parent's nightmare to find out your child is addicted to drugs or alcohol. >> even worse, discovering a treatment center that was supposed to help did more harm than good. >> when a parent gives your child to their care, they trust that they will support the child and it's beyond unethical, not right. >> watch recovery chaos on the new kpix5 news at 7:00. we are live inside chase center this morning in san francisco at the brand new home of the warriors. we tell you how to get your hands on some seasoned pre- ticket sales.
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now, at 5:30,a california deputy overpowered and wrestled to the ground. hear from the quick thinking good samaritans who jumped into help. a crackdown at bay area toll plazas works. the dramatic drop in bridge cheaters. we are live at the warriors new home hours before the first preseason tickets go on sale at the chase center and we will take you inside. it's tuesday, august 27th and 9 michelle griego. it's 5:30 and we are getting a cool down but it's a warm day and let's check with mary. temps are cooler compared to yesterday but still average and you will notice high humidity due to what is left of tropical storm ivo bringing tropical moisture to the bay area. the san jose camera, good morning with clear skies. 62 in concord, 62 in oakland and 64 in livermore.
5:31 am
for santa rosa, tracking areas of low clouds and fog along the coast and for parts of the bay and we will have more clouds as we go through the afternoon. for the coast, cool, cloudy and breezy and in the mid-60s for the bay and in the 70s, mainly mid-70s, inland locations with low to mid-90s and definitely a muggy feel. i will talk about when we see temperatures down to normal for this time of year and when we will see that warm up. let's check on the main travel times at 5:31. for those commuting through the altamont pass, you've gotten a couple of minutes back. you don't have to rush out the door, 37 minutes, rather than 39 out of the altamont pass westbound. you are in the green for the eastshore freeway, highway 4 and 101 are the concerns this morning. delays in the cash lanes at the an rafael bridge and busier westbound. no slowdowns to report as you
5:32 am
approach marin county. the san mateo bridge is getting busier with no brake lights in the westbound direction getting toward the peninsula and east bong, a breeze, no problems in the metering lights are on at the bay bridge, meaning we will see the backups stretching closer to the maze. it's just past the 880 flyover and just onto it. i'm anne makovec and we are keeping an eye on puerto rico. we are going there live, about to be hit by what is expected to be hurricane dorian, a tropical storm bearing off the coast of florida including the dominican republic with wind up to 50 miles-an-hour just past barbados and puerto rico is reeling from being hit by hurricane maria. incredible video to show you this morning with quick thinking bystanders rushing in to help a los angeles county deputy struggling with a
5:33 am
suspect that was trying to grab his gun. take a look with a spokesperson saying the suspect went for the deputy's gun, in the holster. at one point, the suspect pressed a release button causing a magazine to eject and three men came to the rescue from different directions. >> the officer was yelling, get your hand off of my gun. i ripped the dude's hands off the gun and then the other good samaritan took the clip out and slid it away, just in case the gun got loose. >> the deputy, a trainee, was treated for minor injuries and authorities described the suspect as a 24-year-old transient that is now behind bars on suspicion of attempting to disarm an officer and resisting arrest. house speaker nancy pelosi will be in san francisco today to speak out about gun control. she wants the republican majority senate to act on measures that have cleared the house. >> it's a national epidemic, gun violence. we are not taking no for an answer. we are going to persist
5:34 am
relentlessly and constantly until we get the senate to say yes. >> pelosi and congresswoman jackie speier will take part in a gun violence prevention town hall tonight at abraham lincoln high school in san francisco. governor gavin newsom highlights education today and will be at cosumnes river college in sacramento to promote a new initiative, two years of free community college. this applies to any first time, full-time california student with an estimated 33,000 students eligible, statewide. a live look at now at the bay bridge toll plaza with bridge authorities reporting a dramatic drop in toll cheating. for the past decade, $1 million in losses were typical each month. the figure fell to $250,000 in may with a reduction of 75% and much of the drop is credited to a statewide change where
5:35 am
motorists get new cards with temporary plate numbers where they no longer can use unidentifiable dealer plates for months at a time. bridgefficials believe stepped up law enforcement may have encouraged long-term violators to replace placards with legal plates. 5:34 and we have the exclusive salesforce tower camera zooming into the warriors new home in san francisco, the brand new chase center. ticket sales for the first preseason games go on sale today. >> we go inside for an up close look at the new arena and that is where kpix5 has jackie ward. not a bad gig this morning? >> reporter: this place is so impressive. i was jealous a day ago when they had this tour. i have the executive director of chase center with us. eric, you have a big job and
5:36 am
you have to book these fun acts to keep people entertained. any new challenges the arena presents compared to others? >> i wouldn't say challenges. first of all, thanks for being here. we are excited for everybody to see the chase center. it's more of an opportunity and there is an arena for the first time of 12,000 seats or more. for us, it was the opportunity to have content for programming to have in san francisco. for us, the opportunity exists to have this venue and the opportunity to bring shows to san francisco. >> reporter: san francisco is all abuzz. is this the same excitement in the entertainment industry to get the acts in here? >> the excitement is off the charts pit we started programming chase center well over a year ago. the metallica and symphony show was in the planning stage one year ago with a lot of conversations about tours and the interest by the artists, and they want to play san
5:37 am
francisco. when you see the ramp-up of what we have coming in, september, it was a byproduct of planning long-term for the opening of chase center. >> reporter: obviously, it's a state-of-the-art place and not hard to draw big-name acts? >> metallica and the san francisco orchestra, two shows with elton john, mumford and sons, janet jackson and wwe with two shows and eric church. a variety and something for everyone. we are excited for the variety and the fact that the bay area can see the chase center come alive. >> reporter: we are excited and will be here all morning and we will tell you how to get your hands on preseason tickets in the next half-hour. back to you. 5:37 and exciting news for 49ers fans. the 49ers foundation kicks off the 2019 football season with the annual fundraiser, players for a purpose.
5:38 am
the fundraiser will be a once- in-a-lifetime experience to offer fans the opportunity to mingle with 49ers legends and coaches and enjoyed dinner, followed by entertainment featuring players. former player jerry rice will host a cocktail reception. i spoke with the executive director on some highlights about the event. >> the whole team will be there and there are clips from last year and we have a spin on the family feud with putting our offense and defense up. defense brought it home last year so the offense is hungry for revenge this year. it's our chance to introduce this year's team to our fans, have a beautiful dinner right on the field and you can sit next to some of your favorite players and hear from them on stage, as well print >> last year they raised over one half million dollars in the event is at levi's stadium at 5:30. the bay area's longtime rock-and-roll station, k fog is
5:39 am
going off the air. they have been a mainstay for nearly 40 years and cumulus media announced they will switch from rock-and-roll to a simulcast of sports radio and the media conglomerate acquired the station in 2005 and they have struggled with ratings for years. and in another radio shakeup, two popular personalities have been let go from q 102.1. julie gomez and victor zaragoza have disappeared from the airways after budget cuts at the station. gomez worked there as the morning drive host for 20 years. the u.s. and china may be going back to the negotiating table. for the money watch report, we have diane king hall. >> reporter: stocks rallied monday with trade talk progress. the dow soared 200 points and the s&p 500 gained 31. president donald trump is back
5:40 am
in washington and expressing optimism about new trade talks with china and before leaving the g7 summit, the president defended his approach to a trade deal. he's been criticized for sending mixed messages on china and the president said prospects are better now than at any time since negotiations began last year. u.s. and french officials have reached a compromise over the 3% digital tax and according to reports, they said it would reimburse tech companies the difference between the new tax and tax imposed by the organization for economic cooperation and development and president donald trump has spoken out saying it targets big american companies like google, facebook and amazon. a fan favorite is back at starbucks? >> reporter: a big day for pumpkin spice latte fans. it's back on the menu at starbucks and is the best- selling seasonal beverage of all time with more than 424
5:41 am
million serves as of 2003. they are releasing a new slightly less expensive pumpkin cream cold brews drink. >> it's that time of year. thank you. >> i got a little taste of that from my favorite barista a few weeks ago, delicious and very fall like. next month, expect major delays at sfo. coming up, the busiest run we will be shutdown for construction and what travelers can do to avoid a travel nightmare. i'm tracking tropical moisture moving into the bay area and we are talking about the high humidity and a slight chance for dry lightning. details coming up. you've got time for the pumpkin spice latte because travel times aren't bad. the bay bridge is normal with metering lights on everywhere else. green and good to go and the rest will be up just ahead. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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good tuesday morning, 5:44 with a live look at our camera showing clouds and fog moving in over the bay. we will talk about what you can expect with higher humidity and a chance in some places, a better chance, to see dry lightning due to tropical moisture with details coming up. cal fire has launched an ambitious project in the santa cruz mountain area to trim trees along a 6.5-mile stretch
5:45 am
of highway 17. cal fire said the highway is an important evacuation route and is blocked by untamed brush on both sides. they hope to complete the work by the end of december. a live look at at sfo with major runway changes and that could mean trouble for travelers next month. starting on the seventh, one of the busiest runways will be closed for repairs. 28 left, one of the principal runways for international landings will be closed. when sfo has a problem, it affects the entire region and oakland will pick up some of the diverted flights but airlines at sfo are getting prepared. >> the schedule was reduced for that period of the runway closure and there will be less pressure during that period. >> sfo said it had picked september for the closure to avoid the busy summer holiday season and the repairs will cost more than $16 million.
5:46 am
a company in silicon valley helps with nasa's mission to return to the moon. made in space got a 3d printer aboard the space station in 2014 and since then has printed more than 200 items and the astronauts were swinging by to pick them up. made in space now has plans to print solar panels on an orbiting spacecraft in 2022. >> the view is pedestrian. we have to say no one else is doing this. >> they have plans for 3d printed panels on the spacecraft with $73 million in a contract with nasa. a teenager has a unique idea for helping his little brother beat the back-to-school blues. >> he greets them at the bus stop in a different costume every day. they live in baton rouge, louisiana and it was the last
5:47 am
year of high school and he wanted to embarrass him before he goes off to college. rain or shine, he's out front in a different get up. his brothers bus comes down the street. >> i was surprised and kind of embarrassed. now, i'm used to it. >> the first outfit was silly and then i had more ideas and my mom started getting people to donate costumes. i started using theirs. >> from santa claus to the chewbacca costume, that is cool -- always surprising when the bus pulls up. there is now a facebook page dedicated to this with hundreds of followers and probably will have more by the end of the day. it shows brotherly love and that is awesome. >> he gets a big hug. >> at that age, it's not hard to embarrass them. >> i love watching my friends
5:48 am
instagram stories because he is a dad and posts ridiculous ways to embarrass his daughter that is going into sixth grade and i get the biggest kick out of it. >> that's what dads do. this morning if you are dropping your kid off, we are in the third week of back-to- school but no delays on the roadways this morning at 5:48. you will get there in time to sing at them or put on a costume or whatever it is you want to do to totally embarrass your child. your real time traffic looks good with a few trouble spots in the south bay with a double whammy blocking lanes on 85 northbound at u.s. 101. for those coming into the south bay from the south bay, morgan hill commuters, you may need extra time but no delays or slowdowns at this hour. the altamont pass delay is
5:49 am
stretching with 12 miles out of the tracy triangle and a slowdown through the altamont pass. once you are through that, good to go and almost regular running speed to the dublin interchange. some slowdowns on 680 and westbound on 84. you are holding strong at 36 minutes out of the altamont pass and in the yellow off highway 4 and they've cleared the road construction just in time for your rush hour to pick up. looking good on the eastshore freeway and highway 1 out of the south bay before the accident on 85. an rafael bridge is busy with no lane closures and the san mateo bridge is easing up a little bit with no brake lights westbound and that's not the story at the bay bridge. slow and go backed up to the 880 flyover and the nimitz is looking good with smooth sailing.
5:50 am
we are starting off the day with low clouds and fog along the coast and parts of the bay. a spectacular site with sun rising over mount diablo and i was show you temps in the mid- to upper 50s and 62 in concord, 64 in livermore, 64 in san francisco and san jose and mid- 50s for santa rosa. high humidity coming back and it will be back today and tomorrow because of tropical moisture moving in and it will be muggy, cooler and cloudier with mid-to high level clouds through the afternoon and there is a slight chance, 15% chance, of dry lightning for the north bay and that is a possibility with enough instability with the leftover tropical moisture
5:51 am
from what was tropical storm ivo with temperatures returning to normal tomorrow with high humidity wednesday and the satellite and radar view has a remnant low with what is left of ivo bringing tropical cloud cover and moisture with a muggy afternoon as that moisture plume goes north to the bay area. hour-by-hour on futurecast, you can see clouds. this is 4:00 p.m. and for tomorrow, high humidity and a cool down through the work week with the onshore flow increasing through the next several days. allergy sufferers, unfortunately, not the best news. medium today and increasing wednesday and thursday and skyhigh friday with the big corporate being the allergy season with all of the rain we saw last winter and spring. the sunrise is 6:35 in the
5:52 am
sunset is 7:46 with daytime highs cooler compared to yesterday but above average this time of year with high humidity and likely feeling even warmer outside. 89 in santa clara an 88 in san jose in mid-90s for morgan hill. 95 in pleasant hill and low 70s for san francisco and berkeley. mid-70s in san leandro an 89 in santa rosa. 100 in ukiah. it cool down through the work week with temps heing up in plenty of sunshine into the weekend. it's 5:52. every animal deserves love and attention, including chickens. coming up, the bay animal sanctuary with a special mission. a live look at outside at an rafael bridge. it's 5:52 on this tuesday morning and we will be right back.
5:53 am
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there is a very special animal sanctuary in vacaville. >> provides a loving home to chickens with special needs. this is the funky chicken rescue. it's a sanctuary and rescue and every chicken has a story to tell. and he can't walk so the founders created a wheelchair for him. linda is a survivor of the camp fire and tyson was a oster once used for fighting. >> it's the same reason people help dogs or cats. they are actually one of the most abused animals.
5:56 am
>> they started rescuing horses from slaughter houses and cats and dogs in need. >> that is very nice. i love it that the chicken closed his eyes when she was hugging him, liking that comfort. he needed some love. 5:56 and starting today, you will see new smart trash cans popping up in one bay area city and we explain how they are supposed to work. we are live outside chase center, the home of the warriors in san francisco and up next, we introduce you to the culinary director and you will be seeing the good food you can get here. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour.
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a robbery that sparked fears of an active shooter at a bay area mall may be connected to a similar crime. the investigation straight
6:00 am
ahead. the verdict in a landmark trial centered around the nation right opioid crisis could have a wide ranging impact. details on the decision. a live look from inside the chase center this morning with the warriors new home for the upcoming season and we will take you around the arena for a sneak preview. good morning. it's tuesday, august 27 and i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. and thanks for waking up with us. 6:00 on the dot with another warm one? a live look from our suture camera and underneath that fog, the golden gate and we start off with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and temps are in the mid-to upper 50s to low to mid-60s at this hour. changes for today, tropical moisture from what is left of tropical storm ivo and that means there is mugginess >> . mid-to high level clouds with a slight


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