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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the verdict in a landmark trial centered around the nation right opioid crisis could have a wide ranging impact. details on the decision. a live look from inside the chase center this morning with the warriors new home for the upcoming season and we will take you around the arena for a sneak preview. good morning. it's tuesday, august 27 and i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. and thanks for waking up with us. 6:00 on the dot with another warm one? a live look from our suture camera and underneath that fog, the golden gate and we start off with low clouds and areas of fog along the coast and temps are in the mid-to upper 50s to low to mid-60s at this hour. changes for today, tropical moisture from what is left of tropical storm ivo and that means there is mugginess >> . mid-to high level clouds with a slight chance of dry
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lightning for the north bay. in the afternoon, san francisco is the high-end oakland, 78. concord, 94 degrees with temps cooler compared to yesterday but still above average, 7 degrees above average and we will talk more about that tropical moisture and i will show you the futurecast with clouds coming up. a look at your main travel times, the good news is we don't have any major delays but we are seeing trouble spots on the roadways affecting your travel times. you are in the yellow in all but the south bay commute. highway 4 westbound, no accidents but 38 minutes to the eastshore freeway. highway 4 to the maze on the eastshore freeway, 24 minutes with no accident but there is one at the toll plaza that i will get to in a minute. there's an accident out of the altamont pass in the eastbound
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direction that won't directly affect this but things are slowing down as a result of people looking. an rafael bridge and slow and go at the toll plaza but you are fine when you make it across. out of focus and slow at the san mateo bridge. then we get to this accident at the bay bridge with the bus lane closed and they are trying to clear it. i'm anne makovec at the live news decks with breaking news from brazil. the country is rejecting money from an international coalition meant to help fight the fires that have been raging in the amazon for several days, now. they are rejecting $20 million that was pledged at the g7 summit with the brazil president saying that money would be better spent reforest in europe. he said it would amount to this becoming a colony or, quote, no man's land. at this point, there are minimal efforts to fight the
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fires that are continuing to rage and are causing concern across the globe when it comes to the environmental effect of losing so much of the amazon. investigators are trying to figure out of two smash-and-grab robberies 70 miles apart are related. investigators are comparing surveillance photos of the smash-and-grab suspects in milpitas two photos of the thieves in modesto. in both cases, the suspect targeted vallenaie jewelry stores located inside malls, both sunday night, hours apart. the first group hit the vintage faire mall in modesto just before 5:00 using a sledgehammer to break display cases and then 2.5 hours later, at the great mall, a similar smash-and-grab. >> the person had the same type of m.o. based on the modesto incident and hours, the possibility could be there. >> in both cases, some shoppers mistook the loud noise of the
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glass breaking as gunshots and milpitas police have already assigned several officers to the mall and now will do extra patrols. a ride-share protest caravan from southern california will roll through the bay area with hundreds of uber and lyft drivers fighting for employee rights. organizers said they will take their demands to uber headquarters in san francisco this afternoon and then the oakland and they will finish in sacramento and look for support of a b letter five which would classify them as employees. president trump is back in washington expressing optimism about new trade talks with china and prospects for a new deal are better now than any time since negotiations began between the countries last year. there was a dramatic shift in tone after a weekend that saw china and the u.s. threatening increased tariffs on the other country's imported goods. johnson & johnson plans to appeal a landmark decision to hold the company financially
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responsible for the opioid crisis in oklahoma. the company offers to pay more than one half billion dollars in damages and the verdict marked the first time a corporation has been found responsible for the painkiller abuse epidemic that began two decades ago with prosecutors describing the trial as taking on the lion. >> we have proven that johnson & johnson used greed on the backs of pain-and-suffering. >> in october, and even bigger case against multiple pharmaceutical companies including johnson & johnson, is slated to go to trial in ohio. the plaintiffs include california and thousands of others. a live look from our exclusive salesforce camera at the brand new chase center, the warriors new home in san francisco. ticket sales go on sale today. we are taking you inside the chase center to get an up
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close look at the new arena and that is where you find jackie ward. good morning. >> reporter: talking about a fun morning so far, we are inside chase center. this is my first time looking at the jumbotron in real life. it's huge as you can tell but to give you perspective, i've been told that the smaller screen where it says welcome to chase center is the size of the jumbotron inside oracle arena. that doesn't even make sense. there are football fields of jumbotron above me? this project was nearly a decade in the making and they've made it clear where their home is in san francisco and they will accommodate thousands of games and concerts with no hockey like oracle had the capability to host. kpix5 took the media tour and wilson walker described chase
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center as a maze of hallways and portals, lots of portals all leading to the seemingly endless number of suites, boxes and courtside lounges. the president and ceo of the warriors is very excited. >> i hope we've accomplished what we've set out to accomplish. the building is 18,000 seats compared to oracle's 19,500 seats, by design. >> reporter: from food to beer, the effort to add local flavor really stands out and so does the amount of art in and around the building and some of it is on loan. clearly no shortage of money and the names on the walls tell the story of who helped fund the construction of the arena and in large part, who it will cater to. the first game will be saturday, october 5 versus the lakers at 5:00 and if you want tickets to that game, if you are a season ticket holder, they go on sale at 9:00 and if
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you are part of the general public like me, you have to wait until 4:00 this afternoon. back jacket, i was just on the website for the resale tickets for this preseason game and to give you a sense of the demand for this game, $170 for the cheapest tickets and four different preseason games, $4. definitely go to the warriors website. >> that's the only ticket i might be able to afford and splurge on a night out. it might be worth it. >> very true. thanks so much. happening today, new smart trash cans come to san francisco with installing four solar powered trash units in japan town. the big belly units will compact trash and they say that ambassadors found nearly 21,000 pounds of trash in japan town between april 2018 and july of
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this year but they will reduce trash over flow, cleanup neighborhoods and a total of 80 will be installed. tropical storm dorian reachers the eastern caribbean and now takes aim at puerto rico. when it could arrive and how the island prepares. bay bridge authorities are seeing a steep drop in drivers skipping out before they pay their toll. tropical moisture moving in with high humidity, clouds in the sky and we will talk about a slight chance of dry lightning. here is a live look at the mount vaca cam. humidity might make for a bad hair day but it's good for traffic. northbound and southbound, relatively clear with main travel times ahead. ♪
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at aetna, we find that inspiring.ot game. but to stay on top of your game takes a plan. that's why aetna takes a total approach to health and wellness. with medicare solutions designed to help you age actively. aetna medicare solutions. good tuesday morning and we love the view of the salesforce
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tower camera looking north with low clouds moving in. through the golden gate gap into san francisco, we talk about what you can expect through the afternoon with more clouds in the sky and more humidity and we will talk about the chance to see dry lightning with tropical moisture coming in. at 6:13, let's look at your traffic with the san mateo bridge. it's really starting to back up. i checked with chp and there are no reports of stalls or issues that will slow you down. for whatever reason, it seems to be really slow as you try to go to the peninsula this morning. in the meantime, looking at oakland on the next slide, taking a look at the nimitz, everything looks good northbound and southbound. in a few moments, police in florida will detail an investigation against a nursing home. there will be charges for
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the deaths of 12 south florida nursing home residents who died following hurricane irma in 2017. the elderly victims passed away after being exposed to extreme heat from lack of power and air conditioning at the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills. they are expected to make the initial court appearances today. tropical storm dorian gains strength in the caribbean with the storm poised to hit barbados today and puerto rico late tomorrow. right now, puerto rico is under a hurricane watch and some puerto ricans are stocking up on supplies. parts of the u.s. territory are reeling from hurricane maria, two years ago. >> we are worried about what will come after. >> the whole island is traumatized. >> the anxiety had motorists lined up bumper-to-bumper to fill up in gas.
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sfo has busy runways and they will soon be closed for repairs with runway 28 left being closed. it's one of the main runways for landings and sfo picked september to avoid the busier summer and holiday seasons and the repairs will cost more than more than $16 million. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza with fewer drivers skipping out on the tolls because the authorities said they were losing about $1 million a month thanks to told cheaters and that fell in may, a reduction of 75% largely credited to a statewide change with new cars now coming with temporary plate numbers. drivers can no longer use unidentifiable dealer plates for months at a time. >> that's good and at least it is working. less cheaters is awesome. >> they've also been doing hov
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lane stings on the bay bridge that i see pop up on the traffic computer. if you are driving across the bay bridge, don't be in the hov lane unless you can. for traffic, comes some troubled spots with a lane backed up as a result of an accident. at the nimitz, northbound and southbound, everything looks good to go with no problems but there is an accident a little bit further south that i will get to in just a second. the overall look is pretty good with a few troubled spots. speaking of that one on the nimitz, the number two lane and three lanes are blocked southbound on the nimitz but there is something popping up in the traffic computer that there is an accident in the same spot northbound. i'm not seeing delays on the speed centers. the only accident is southbound as you approach the san mateo
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bridge and you might want to give yourself extra time. the left hand shoulder is blocked at guadalupe park and we are seeing delays northbound at this hour. 45 miles-an-hour and slower to the approach and when you are past it, just fine and then 85 and 101 are in the clearing stages. the altamont pass is slow and go, 10 miles-an-hour out of the tracy triangle and then the slowdowns out of the dublin interchange have stretched to sunil an 84 westbound looks good to go with 22 minutes on the eastshore freeway and highway 4, and those out of the south bay, still in the green. here is a live look with the salesforce tower camera looking north with the sutro tower and clouds and fog streaming in.
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temperatures in the low to mid- 60s at this hour with weather headlines changing today with tropical moisture moving in and that means you will feel mugginess and it will be cooler and cloudy with mid-level clouds and there is a 15% chance of dry lightning with a possibility with this instability due to the leftover tropical moisture from what was tropical storm ivo. temps will return to normal tomorrow with high humidity in the forecast for your wednesday. the satellite and radar view has a remnant low that was tropical storm ivo and it brings tropical clouds and moisture heading north to our region. hour by hour on futurecast as we go through the afternoon, you can see at 4:00, mid-to high level clouds due to ivo
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and through tomorrow, we are looking at moisture that can be cooler. tropical weather, this is the latest in tropical storm dorian west of st. lucia with maximum wind and 50 miles-per-hour. a tropical storm warning in puerto rico that will likely affect puerto rico by tomorrow and a hurricane watch for the dominican republic by thursday at 2:00 a.m. it's a tropical storm moving over the dominican republic and we are watching that very closely for you. back at home, it's all about the allergies and unfortunately we have medium high levels today that increased wednesday through thursday and by friday. if you suffer from allergies, friday looks like the worst day for the pollen count. sunrise at 6:35 and the sunset at 7:46 with daytime highs cooler by yesterday by a couple of degrees but above average this time of year and with that, it will likely feel warmer compared to yesterday. daytime highs across the south bay, 88 in sunnyvale, 88 in san
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jose and mid-90s in morgan hill. concord and fairfield, mid-90s and pleasant help and for the bay, low 70s. upper 70s in oakland and mid- 70s in san leandro. topping out at in triple digits in ukiah, lakeport and clear lake with that seven-day forecast and temps cooling down through the work week and heating up through the weekend. a man is in a coma after a brawl involving dozens at a northern california water park and why charges may never be filed in the case. you are looking live from the camera atop sutro tower and looking at the city of san francisco with a layer of fog and the salesforce tower is looking beautiful on this tuesday morning.
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new this morning, two children are dead and nine injured after a stolen police cruiser crashed into two parked cars in dayton, ohio. officers were called to a home for a reported stabbing and when they arrived, the suspect fled, crashed his car and ran. he somehow stole an officer's suv and collided with two different vehicles, carrying 11 people including seven children. at this point, the conditions of the injured are not known and the man suspected of stealing the suv is in police custody. 6:24 and we are learning no charges will be filed against those involved in an alcohol fueled fight at a sacramento water park over the weekend. we've learned the fight between two families started over a beach towel. the brawl later grew to 40 participants and they traded blows and insults. police said one man was left in
6:25 am
critical condition and business operations were closed for the rest of the day. >> one person was down on the ground, semi-unconscious anwe provided cpr and first aid on the scene. >> i can't even take my kid to a waterpark with something craisin he happening? it doesn't make me feel safe to go anywhere. >> the man is recovering at the hospital. the off-duty san francisco police officer who shot a man in contra costa county is on administrative leave. it happened sunday at the corner of tierney street in el cerrito. police said 44-year-old thomas attract the officer and he on then shot whalen. he was taken to the hospital for treatment and arrested and the officer was not heard. california is poised to allow students to use medical marijuana at school. why a similar effort failed last year. we are live inside chase
6:26 am
center, the home of the golden state warriors in san francisco and up next, we give you an inside tour of the new arena. taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is stacking up on this tuesday morning. 6:25 and we will be right back. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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have been pledged to help deal with wildfires tearing through the amazon rainforest. moments ago, brazil's president made a new demand before he is willing to accept the money. people living at a homeless encampment in alameda county are told to get out. the reason for the order. good morning. it's tuesday, august 27 and i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. the time is 6:30 and we are kicking it over to mary lee. okay. good tuesday. we are looking at changes today and we will have higher humidity and more clouds in the sky with a slight chance of dry lightning especially for the north bay through the afternoon because of tropical moisture moving into the bay area. here is a live look with a hazy start to the day. low to mid-60s and along the coast for parts of the bay, we have low clouds and areas of fog this morning and going
6:31 am
through the afternoon for the coast, your microclimate forecast, cool, cloudy and breezy and in the 70s with mid- to high level clouds. muggy and then inland locations topping out in the mid-90s with high humidity. we show you futurecast depending on what is coming up. 6:31 with troubled spots to tell you about. the overall big picture for your travel times this morning, starting with the altamont pass, 36 minutes out of the altamont pass and they've cleared the accident eastbound which doesn't affect the westbound direction but there will be nobody slowing down to look at. no accidents, regular rush hour and 26 minutes to the maze with highway 4 not having an issue but it's slowing down, 49 minutes to the eastshore freeway and 58 minutes out of the south bay with an accident on 101 northbound.
6:32 am
taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza to the foot of the maze and on the 880 flyover, the son is hitting the horizon. mary, is the son raised, yet? not yet? the sun is not up at your commute times are. an rafael bridge, delays in the approach of the toll plaza and getting halfway across the bridge, you are and much better shape with no issue on 101. they've cleared it southbound at mill valley and then at the san mateo bridge, real slow. i'm anne makovec at the live desk with new video of a crash that led to this in oakland with a torrent of water heading into the air. the fire department is on the scene and witnesses took this video to say a speeding suv hit several trees and then a fire hydrant but the dispatch is in
6:33 am
giving information. they did cite a potential medical call involved but the person who posted this video said it's at san pablo and mead in west oakland, three blocks from the high school. be aware if you are heading there this morning and we are trying to find out more information. house speaker nancy pelosi and jackie speier will be in the bay area to discuss gun violence prevention efforts as the fbi investigates a host of possible mass shooting threats. >> it's a national epidemic, gun violence. if you combine it with white supremacy and xenophobia, it's an explosive issue and all aspects must be addressed. we are not taking no for an answer. >> house democrats call on the senate to pass a bill to require universal background checks for gun purchases when lawmakers return from summer break. the bill has already passed the house and the town hall forum with representatives pelosi and
6:34 am
spear starts at 8:30 in san francisco. people are calling in tips about possible mass shooting threats since the attacks in el paso and dayton with a 72% increase in calls to the national threat operations center and the fbi said not all tips turn into full-fledged investigations or arrests but increased vigilance is an encouraging development. brazil is turning down $20 million meant to fight wildfires in the amazon rainforest, at least for now. g7 leaders pledge the money yesterday but moments ago the president from brazil said keep it and less macron apologizes for past comments they found offensive. the crisis in the amazon is worsening and right now, smoke from new wildfires is thick enough to nearly block the sun and many of the fires are believed to be sparked by farmers clearing land.
6:35 am
the brazilian president has ordered the military to put out the flames. a supertanker from san francisco is flying airdrop missions over bolivia and it's dubbed the next generation air tanker that can be sent anywhere in the world in under 20 hours. santa clara county is tackling climate change and they are going on a climate emergency declaration calling for immediate action to address consequences and causes of global warning. california students could soon be allowed to use medical marijuana at school. the state assembly has passed a bill to that school boards decide whether parents can administer medical cannabis for kids in kindergarten through 12th grade. right now, it can only be done off campus. a similar bill was vetoed last year by then governor jerry brown. the oakland school district has cuts and plans tumors kaiser academy and you can
6:36 am
remember when they voted to cut more than $20 million in funding. it prompted school closures, job cuts and a teachers strike. the second round of cuts will expect to effect 1300 students. the public is invited to the district board meeting to weigh-in. in alameda county, a homeless community is in limbo, waiting to see if their makeshift homes will be taken down by the city of oakland. earlier this month, there was a string of fires in the community and notices were posted that the camp would be dismantled and belongings discarded if they don't move by tomorrow and the community includes a mother and her newborn. libby schaaf is working with advocates and is willing to give people a two week extension people living there. >> i believe there is resolutions for the most compassionate way possible. >> there is a mother with a 1- month-old baby and we are very
6:37 am
concerned about her. back the community is waiting to see the two week extension in writing. let's take a live look from the exclusive salesforce tower camera and looking at the warrior's new home in san francisco with the brand new chase center. ticket sales go on sale for the first preseason game. >> jackie ward has been there all weekend. don't use the word the when you say chase center? >> reporter: that is right. we are looking at this and if i say chase center, she will smack me. it's just chase center. the ceo is with me this morning and you just moved in yourself and these digs are pretty sweet? >> we had 300 people move in and we have our basketball team moving in and another weekend it feels like home. >> it took years to get to this
6:38 am
point. is there relief at this point? there's a combination of incredible stress to get ready to cut the ribbon next weekend also incredible anticipation for what this will mean for the warriors franchise, going forward. it's a game changer, a generational change in how we present the sport in entertaining ways. >> reporter: to have this arena again, with more than 18,000 seats, why is that so important for the city to have? >> never in our history have we had a world-class arena. it's crazy. there is no city have san francisco size that doesn't have one of these. great artists of our time have never played san francisco. our goal, and others will judge, but there is no artist in the world out there that considers the resume complete until they play chase center in san francisco. >> reporter: obviously, you've incorporated business people but people from the east bay
6:39 am
want to make sure they can get in to watch a game. can you accommodate those fans? >> absolutely. we are thrilled that 70% of season-ticket holders with us at oracle arena last or have purchased season tickets this year. the majority of the crowd will be the people from oracle arena. if you look around, there are spaces for every seat in chase center and it doesn't matter what you pay for your ticket. your experience will be a cut above what you were use to having. >> are there any fun nicknames you are thinking of? >> it's a challenge. those things are better when they happen organically. we will have our ears open and come up with an equivalent of oracle. >> reporter: thank you so much pit we appreciate your time. preseason tickets go on sale and 9:00 this morning for season- ticket holders and at 4:00 for the general public. >> how do you fit the roar, the
6:40 am
sound into chase? we will think of something. >> it will be awesome. >> way to christen chase center next week with the bay area's own metallica and the san francisco symphony. enter chase center, right? the time is 6:40. coming up, a troubling trend on the california coast with a pair of dangerous cliffside crashes at big sur. 49ers fans have a chance to hang out with their heroes today and details on festivities raising money for bay area youth. let's see how the stock market is doing, up 127 points and we will get an update from jason brooks from kcbs radio. from the couldn't be prouders
6:41 am
to the wait did we just win-ners.
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welcome back. 6:43 and a second car has gone over a cliff at big sur in less than a week. it started with the driver having a medical emergency and
6:44 am
the driver collided head-on with a black van on highway 1 near big creek bridge with the family of five inside. a third vehicle was damaged but didn't go over the cliff. they landed at a research facility and officials said there were two researchers nearby when the cars busted through the gate and no one was seriously hurt. we are learning about the woman who died over the weekend after her ride-share was hit by a stolen car in the south bay. we've confirmed through a friend that this is the victim, 28-year-old carol mager of santa clara. she worked at apple and it started late saturday night when sunnyvale police spotted a stolen car in the parking lot and officers placed spike strips under the tires and waited but they said claudio perez of san jose got in and took off and the strips had failed.
6:45 am
peres blew through a red light and broadsided the lyft driver. some are hospitalized and perez was arrested at the scene. a sad day for radio listeners with the radio station, kfog, going off the air. it's been a mainstay for nearly 40 years in cumulus media announced the format will switch from rock and rail to a simulcast of sports radio on september 6 and the media conglomerate acquired the station in 2005. market relief with the trade war. we have financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: the market is monitoring the u.s./china trade talks closely with president donald trump saying he's heard from china a couple of times and had upbeat comments that are to resume and washington next month with tech firms rebounding and tariffs that are upcoming, the next batch of chinese imports will hit a number of companies in silicon
6:46 am
valley heart, including apple and a range of semiconductor firms whose stocks are rising. there are hopes that negotiations will resume and bear fruit. across the country, house prices not growing as fast as they were. home prices rose 3.1% down from 3.3% in may and in the bay area, prices were up .7% from a year earlier. the stock market is rallying higher and at the big board, the dow moving higher by 100 points with the nasdaq gaining 46 points and the s&p up by 15 points. jason brooks, thank you. toward levi's stadium, the 49ers foundation kicks off their season with a fundraiser to help young people in the bay area, the annual players for a
6:47 am
purpose event. >> guess who has the chance to get up close for a good cause? one of the big highlights is the chance to eat dinner on the field at levi's and the event will feature games, auctions and other activities. >> there will be a cocktail reception where you have a chance to take pictures with all five of the trophies and mingle with the alumni in attendance. >> the event raised more than one half million dollars for the 49ers foundation dedicated to educating and empowering people in the bay area. >> we have four state-of-the- art classrooms and we bring in 60,000 students each year. they primarily are taught about stem education and we wrap that
6:48 am
in football. players for a purpose starts at 5:30 at levi's stadium with tickets available at it looks like a very cool event. >> i know what stem is but what is steam? what does the a stand for? art. >> that's the newest iteration and now i know. the newest iteration in your traffic, it's not looking good and things have slowed down and there are troubled spots that i will get down to with the overall big picture looking okay but it is slow and go in some areas. southbound, you can see it's going back to the san mateo bridge southbound to the dumbarton bridge at this hour and before you get there, it's not the two or three-lane anymore, it's one lane and the shoulder blocked at marina and slow all the way out of oakland through san leandro and we are seeing some delaysnorthbound and they are in the process of
6:49 am
clearing that. in the south bay, it says southbound 101 and the computer i think is incorrect because it's northbound 101 because if you look at the delays, it's northbound where we see the backup and the result of that slowing is 10 miles-an-hour or slower and for the south bay, they've cleared an accident but for super commuters, the altamont pass is slow and go westbound, six miles-an-hour and then when you are in a better situation to the dublin interchange. slow and go from the dublin interchange to sunol 84 westbound with some slow conditions and that is a 39 minute drive out of the altamont pass and you are in the red on the eastshore freeway with one half hour to the maze from highway 4 and highway 4, one hour to the eastshore freeway and you are in the yellow northbound with an accident that is there. there is a spider on the camera of the bay bridge moving along slowly, as are you at the toll
6:50 am
plaza and backed up to the foot of the maze approaching the toll plaza and onto the 880 flyover at this hour. an rafael bridge approach is slow and same thing with the toll plaza and then a much better situation with no slow and go conditions northbound on 101 from there or southbound at this hour. the san mateo bridge is another story. there is no accident or stall, just simply slow and go westbound. here comes the sun with a beautiful sunrise looking east and sunshine rising over mount diablo. you can see patchy fog right over the bay with a pretty sight this morning and temps in the mid-to upper 50s to low 60s. your weather headlines, changes with tropical moisture moving in from what was tropical storm ivo. it will be muggy, cloudy with mid-clouds through the day.
6:51 am
there is a 15% chance of dry lightning for the north bay with a slight chance with enough instability with the tropical moisture and it is a 15% chance of that with a possibility through tomorrow and temps returning to normal with high humidity for your wednesday. the satellite and radar view, there is a remnant low pressure system of what was ivo with tropical moisture and clouds going north to our area and with that, higher humidity and mid- to high-level clouds. you can see that on futurecast hour-by-hour. at 4:00 p.m., we have that cloud cover and tomorrow, higher humidity with temps cooling down through the week because of the onshore flow increasing as we go through at least the end of the work week. get ready for the temps back to where they ould be for this time of year. allergy sufferers, not the best
6:52 am
news. in august, mid-to high and medium to high levels for today and increasing wednesday and thursday and especially by friday, and friday will be the worst of it for allergy sufferers, unfortunately. good news with good to moderate air quality conditions and no longer under a spare the air alert. cooler compared to yesterday and above average. 88 in sunnyvale, 88 in san jose and mid-90s for concord and pleasant hill and fairfield, low 70s. tapping out in the triple digits at ukiah and clear lake. it cool down through the work week and looking ahead to the weekend with temperatures rebounding and warming back up. 6:52 and a robbery that set off fears of active shooters at the bay area mall may be connected to a similar crime. the investigation is straight ahead. we are live inside chase
6:53 am
center in san francisco, open to the media and we are excited and will tell you how to get in here, next. taking another look outside from the mall back a cam with a beautiful shot of the sunshine. 6:52 and we will be right back.
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i'm jackie ward live inside the new chase center in san francisco. take a look at this beauty, it holds more than 18,000 people and you are looking at the morning media day and the radio stations are in the middle below this massive jumbotron, one of the biggest in the country, if not the biggest. the project was nearly a decade in the making and the warriors have made it clear their new home is now in san francisco. it's running the width of the court. this arena will accommodate thousands of basketball games and concerts over the years
6:57 am
with no hockey, like oracle. but you will see quite an array of entertaining acts, whether a basketball fan or not with san francisco never having this kind of state-of-the-art arena and they are very excited to host everything. a $1 billion project in the first event is september 6th with a concert from metallica and the san francisco symphony. you can't get any more local than that. the first game is preseason against the lakers on saturday, october 5th and those tickets go on sale at 9:00 for season ticket holders and at 4:00 this afternoon for the general public. jackie ward, kpix5. 6:57 and time for a look at the top stories. tropical storm dorian gains strength in the caribbean and is poised to hit barbados today and puerto rico late tomorrow. puerto rico is under a hurricane watch with parts of the u.s. territory still
6:58 am
reeling from hurricane maria, two years ago. brazil is turning down more than $20 million that g7 leaders pledged to help fight the wildfires in the amazon rainforest, at least for now. the brazilian president said to keep the money unless french president emmanuel macron apologizes for past comments they found offensive. nancy pelosi will take part in a town hall in san francisco based on gun control with representative jackie speier. she wants them to act on measures that have cleared the house. investigators are trying to figure out whether two smash- and-grab robberies 70 miles apart are related. they are comparing photos from milpitas to photos of thieves in modesto. a ride-share protest caravan from southern california will roll through the bay area. first in san francisco and then oakland with hundred's of uber and lyft drivers taking part to
6:59 am
fight for employee rights. an rafael bridge, slow and go on their approach to the toll plaza and then halfway across the bridge, better shape. no delays from 580 and the san mateo bridge, i can't say anything but slow. it was pretty much a dead stop earlier and it's improved, but not by one heck of a lot. slow and go under relatively sunny skies. we are tracking sunshine across parts of the bay but you can see with the sutro cam, that classic view, going through the day, mid-to high level clouds and it will feel muggy with tropical moisture and temperatures cooler but still above average. 94 in concord,8 in oakland and temps will temps will cool down through the work week. warming up into the weekend, plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday. it felt like a sauna
7:00 am
upstairs yesterday. >> high 90s? >> pretty bad and we are waiting for a cool down. >> it's coming. thanks for watching kpix5 news this morning. we take a number live look at chase center, the new home of the golden state warriors. >> waved to jackie. >> hi, jackie! good morning to you our viewers in the west and welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news hurricane watch in puerto rico. tropical storm dorian barrels through the caribbean threatening puerto rico. how the island is still reeling from hurricane maria and preparing for another hit. guns and grief. house speaker nancy pelosi says democrats will not accept the lack of action on gun control after this month's mass shootings. we talk with four people who lost loved ones about the lasting impact of gun violence. leveling the field. actress lori loughlin returns to court today in her admissions fraud case. only on "cbs this morning" what the college board plans to do with s.a.t. scores to reassure applicants everyone


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