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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  August 28, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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ited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: tonight, dorian's now a hurricane and could be a powerful category 3 when it hits the u.s. mainland this holiday weekend. florida declares a state of emergency, but puerto rico will be spared the worst. ending his silence after breaking with the president, former defense secretary jim mattis says the u.s. can't go it alone. only on cbs, the c.e.o. of the top-selling e-cigarette companyr of lung disease cases linked to vaping. federal agents raid the home off investigation of union corruption. ( explosion ) holly williams has an exclusive look inside syria where families dig their own shelters to escape attacks from their own government. >> reporter: when there are
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syrian regime or russian jets or helicopters in the air, the children come down here and take shelter. >> dickerson: the tragic death of a racer known as the fastest woman on four wheels. and semper fi-- the extraordinary way two marines conquered a mountain. this is the cbs evening news with norah o'donnell. >> dickerson: good evening. norah is off tonight. i'm john dickerson. this is our western edition. hurricane dorian shifted course today and is now expected to intensify into a major category 3, targeting florida's atlantic coast over the labor day weekend. the storm is on track to slam ashore late sunday with 115- mile-per-hour winds, heavy rain, and a massive surge of sea water. puerto rico and the virgin islands were lashed today with gusts nearly 100 miles an hour.
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the hurricane will only get stronger as it churns across that warm ocean water. david begnaud begins our coverage in puerto rico. >> reporter: dorian became a hurricane right before it made a direct hit on the u.s. virgin islands this afternoon. winds were gusting at 100 miles per hour. the u.s. virgin islands governor closed schools and government offices and he issued a curfew from tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. here on mainland puerto rico, they dodged a bullet. but the puerto rican islands of vieques and culebra were impacted by strong wind and heavy rain. the storm is now turning north, strengthening as it heads for florida. t ficials are saying people need to prepare for a possible labor day landfall as a category 3 storm. or you get ready and that's it. you can't do anything more. an reporter: today, florida's governor, ron desantis, declareg all floridians to stock up with seven days' worth of supplies. w just everyone, you know, have veur plan, listen, and we'll get
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more, i think, resolution and certainty over the next 24-48 hours. >> reporter: for now, the story tods here in puerto rico. and it is a good-news ending. people here are so relieved. they were so worried that this tropical storm would cause such problems on this vulnerable island but it didn't happen. nohn, i even reached out to the power authority and said, "in any way did you lose power on ed oisland?" they said not at all. in fact, today was a better- than-normal day. >> dickerson: alright, david in puerto rico for us, thank you. lonnie quinn of wcbs-tv in new nnrk is tracking dorian. he's here with the latest, lonny. >> you just heard david talk about puerto rico they are so arlieved. they were on the left-hand side o thhe storm, and the left-hand side of the storm is not nearly t- active as the right-hand side of the storm. so, all of that, good news. and as it progresses now, you even said it john. it will do nothing but get stronger. it has 80-mile-per-hour winds tight now. ro's a category 1 moving to the west- northwest. at 14 miles per hour.
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1 do believe a landfall somewhere along the southeast coast of the u.s. is going to probably be a category 3, maybe a strong category 2, but 115- mile-per-hour winds. if it's 111, we drop down to a category 2. but either which way, it has nothing to stop it from strengthening. it missed all of the mountains in puerto rico. it's now north of that. all of the water from there to the united states is running between 85 and 90 degrees. it's a bathtub out there. we're calling it high-voltage geter to create a hurricane. and with a high prre from this poinrward.teerit what will happen at this point? will it push it into the gulf of mexico or right around the periphery of the high up to say, the northeastern portion of the u.s. we'll have to track that and we'll figure it out. dorian will make a landfall in the u.s. the likelihood it will be a major hurricane, a three, four, anve. the timing now for the u.s. looks to be sunday afternoon dato monday morning, kind of leaning more towards monday trning. miami to savannah, georgia, that's where we could possibly have that landfall. we're going to narrow that down tomorrow and friday as we get
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more information from the national hurricane center. john, let's go over to you. >> dickerson: we'll be talking to you again, lonnie, thank you. there is breaking news in the presidential campaign. new york senator kirsten gillibrand has announced she's paopping out of the race for the democratic nomination. in a statement posted on twitter, gillibrand said it's important to know when it's not your time. her exit leaves 20 democrats in the race. gillibrand, along with a host of other candidates was having trouble qualifying for the next debate. only 10 have so far. tee cutoff is tonight. former defense secretary jim mattis is breaking his silence ennight for the first time since leaving the office in late december. david martin reports mattis has a lot to say about his former boss without calling him out by name. bo reporter: mattis quit as defense secretary right after president trump ignored his advice and ordered u.s. troops out of syria.i could,ttiste in excerpts from his new book "call sign chaos" published in the wall street journal.
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"when my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially keeping faith with our allies, it longer resonated, it was time on resign." just a few months before, he had been a favorite of the president's. >> i think he's a terrific person. he's doing a fantastic job as dcretary of defense. >> reporter: in his resignation letter, mattis referred to his strongly held views on treating allies with respect, an apparent reference to president trump's complaints about the value of bedrock alliances like nato. angered by the blunt letter, the president fired him. >> what's he done for me? how has he done in afghanistan? not too good. not too good. >> reporter: the retired four- star general does not criticize president trump directly, saying re will not speak ill of the commander in chief. e't there's little doubt when he iciees, "a polemicist's role ist president's controversial tweets and statements.
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"what concerns me most," mattis writes, "is not our external adversaries; it is our internal divisiveness." david martin, cbs news, the pentagon. >> dickerson: and you can watch david's exclusive interview with jim mattis this week on "cbs sunday morning." public health officials in milwaukee sounded an alarm today about vaping dangers, urging angeyone to immediately stop using all types of e-cigarettes. this comes after 16 people in milwaukee were treated for plat's known as "chemical pneumonia." cal had recently vaped marijuana-based products. tonight, in an exclusive interview with "cbs this morning's" tony dokoupil, kevin burns, the c.e.o. of juul, said he believes his product is safe. >> reporter: so when people say the long-term effects of vaping are not known, that's true. >> that's true. that's a true statement. >> reporter: then, how do you sit here and sell it every day? aren't you selling first and asking questions later? >> we think we have a product
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that is legal today, is tested for toxicity, and does not lines theou know, a risk based category today to the american public. >> reporter: is it fair to say, if you knew this to be a toxic or dangerous substance, you wouldn't be selling it? >> i can't imagine if we had the data support that we're selling a product that is damaging to ube american public, and we had that data, that we'd continue to sell that product. >> dickerson: tony will have much more of his interview with juul c.e.o. kevin burns tomorrow on "cbs this morning." today, federal agents descended on the homes of some top officials with one of the nation's largest unions. dean reynolds reports this is part of a long-term corruption investigation. >> reporter: f.b.i. raids today ga the homes of gary jones, the urrrent president of the united auto workers; and dennis williams, his immediate predecessor, signaled a dramatic socalation of a four-year probe into illegal payments to union officials.
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the corruption investigation has so far led to the convictions of so f eight people linked to the u.a.w. and to fiat-chrysler, involving bribes and kickbacks designed to influence the nation's sixth largest union bargaining positions at contract talks with automakers. peter henning is a former federal prosecutor and law professor at wayne state university in detroit. >> prosecutors are going to look to see if there were payoffs to the top leadership of the united auto workers, and if there were, that could be a disaster, not only for the u.a.w., but also for the automakers. >> reporter: in all, the f.b.i. b.ided six locations in four atates: michigan, california, missouri, and wisconsin. operations that could undermine fhe confidence of nearly 160,000 u.a.w. members in their negotiating team at the tginning of a new round of contract talks. >> obviously, something's going
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on, and it needs to be cleaned up. it needs to be cleaned up, period. >> reporter: the u.a.w. said today it has always fully cooperated with investigators and that there was no need for forf.b.i. to use search warrants. meanwhile, fiat-chrysler had no comment. john. >> dickerson: dean reynolds in chicago. we have an important update related to a huge air bag recall we have been covering that involves tens of millions of vehicles. turns out, some of the replacement air bags are now failing. today, toyota announced it is recalling 191,000 cars worldwide, including 2003-2008 corolla sedans, and 2005-2008 matrix hatchbacks. for a full list of the recalled vehicles go to now turning overseas, today, british prime minister boris tuhnson made an extraordinary isve to force through his brexit plan.
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he got parliament suspended until mid-october. elizabeth palmer reports on the d.trage that followed. >> reporter: just when it looked as if brexit's exit from the european union couldn't get any bumpier, it did. these protesters are outraged by boris johnson's latest move. a i am answering. i'm telling you-- >> order! order! order! >> reporter: after months of dysfunctional wrangling by parliamentarians over the terms of brexit, the prime minister appears to have had enough. he's decided to shut down parliament in september for more than a month, and, he says, reopen it in october with fresh priorities. >> we're bringing forward a new legislative program on crime, on hospitals, and making sure that we have the education ing that wed. plan the royal rubber stamp. but johnson's critics, including many in parliament, are furious. >> this is a coup.
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cd we've got to stop it. >> reporter: suspending parliament will muzzle debate and foil the bitter opposition to johnson's "brexit at all costs" plans, which many analysts say will bring economic melt down. >> what the prime minister is doing is a sort of smash and grab on our democracy. >> he's acting like some sort of tin pot dictator. it frankly is not acceptable. >> reporter: today's move is going to further divide britain. voters who are opposed to brexit will see boris johnson as a tone-deaf bully. but, john, those who like brexit rell see him simply as a decisive c.e.o. getting on with the job. >> dickerson: liz palmer in london. now to syria and a dramatic escalation in that long-running invil war. warplanes attacked close to a turkish military post in idlib rkovince, a move that could draw turkey further into the conflict. idlib is the last rebel stronghold in syria. is a cbs news exclusive, holly williams takes a look inside one
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of the most dangerous places on the planet. >> reporter: in idlib today, the warplanes rained down death. more than three million people live in this corner of syria, and after eight years of civil war, many have nowhere left to run. oh, wow. sn this dank bunker, we found children hiding from the insanity above. so this family has dug out a cave by hand, an air shelter, omderneath their own home. and when there are syrian regime or russian jets or helicopters hi the air, the children come down here and take shelter. toddlers clutching their teddy bears taking cover from the bombs of their own government. parts of idlib are now eerily quiet, like the town of maarat al numan, abandoned by tens ofor air strikes targeted a busy market last month.
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50 were killed by some reports, a massacre in cold blood. the derwish family, who farm olives and cherries on the outskirts of town, have hung on until today. but now they've packed a few possessions and are heading to a tmp. they told us their children are terrified by the bombing raids. do they understand what this war is about? "they're kids," jeama told us. "they see the jets and the bombs, but they don't understand." one syrian regime and its assian backers are apparently trying to make idlib unlivable, and they're succeeding. holly williams, cbs news, idlib, syria. n> dickerson: next on the cbs evening news, disaster strikes when the world's fastest woman on four wheels goes for a land aeed record. later, dramatic pictures of an erupting volcano.
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aleve pm. there's a better choice. >> dickerson: jessi combs was known as the world's fastest woman on four wheels. in the oregon desert yesterday, combs was killed as she tried to beat her own land speed record in a jet-powered car. >> jamie yuccas spoke with hombs' boyfriend. >> that's it. i'm ready for this. >> reporter: jessi combs lived life on the edge. >> breathe in, breathe out, focus, and go as fast as i can. >> reporter: six years ago, the professional racer set a land speed record. >> the f.i.a. record for women right now is only 308 miles an hour. >> reporter: she shattered that record driving 398 miles per hour, and later hit a top speed of 483. but on tuesday in oregon, while driving with a modified jet engine, combs crashed, attempting to go nearly 500 5les per hour. on instagram this week, combs sosted, "it may seem a little edazy to walk directly into the
6:48 pm
line of fire. those who are willing are those who achieve great things. say i say i'm crazy. i say thank you." >> and this is where it's really going to start getting challenging. >> reporter: her upbeat personality drove her appearances on discovery's "mythbusters" and "break room," as well as "all girls garage." llmbs' influence extended far and wide. combs even created a line of welding gear for women. she almost seemed larger than afe. >> absolutely. she was one of the pioneers and a real inspiration to young women and girls. >> reporter: terry madden, her boyfriend and a member of combs' boyf team, posted an emotional tribute on social media. i just spoke with madden by phone. he says the world lost a very brave woman. he's currently with her family planning how to remember her legacy. he also told me combs was planning to release a documentary on her contributions to racing in coming months. john. >> dickerson: jamie yuccas for on in los angeles. thanks, jamie. aming up, a teenaged climate
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>> dickerson: now some dramatic images of an erupting volcano in italy. the intense blast of smoke and ash sent tourists scrambling today. no one was hurt but a similar explosion killed a hiker there earlier this summer. scientists say the volcano is on the island of stromboli, and it las been active for more than 2,000 years. after a two-week journey across the atlantic, 16-year-old climate activist greta thunberg sailed into new york harbor today aboard a zero-emissions boat. her message to president trump upon arriving to his home town? listen to the science. thunberg will address the u.n. climate action next month. lego instructions for the blind? well, as of today, there's an app for that. matt shifrin of newton, massachusetts, was born blind. a friend once translated lego instructions to braille for him. now he's doing the same for kids everywhere: voice and braille
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instructions for four different lego sets are available now on a new app. it's now being tested. up next, the mountain was no match for two determined marines. match for two determined marines.
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. >> dickerson: 50 years ago, the hollies wrote "he ain't heavy, he's my brother." john blackstone shows us what that means. >> reporter: on first look, the video seems to show a hiker with a backpack on his way up a utah mountain. look more closely, and that's a man on his back, a man with no legs. just a few days ago, john nelson carried his friend jonathon blank, who weighs 135 pounds, more than 14 miles to the summit of mount timpanogos. >> i thought this would be s mething epic for him to experience, to actually get to, you know, the saddle. >> shed a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to get to where we a tere, and it was all worth it. >> reporter: they had already shared a lot as marines serving in afghanistan. they were together on a mission ey 2010, when a hidden bomb exploded beneath blank, ripping
6:58 pm
off both his legs, almost killing him. >> i came to, like i was waking as out of a dream. the pain, like, slowly just washed over me, like in a wave. >> reporter: blank's recovery took 60 surgeries over three years, but he remained determined to live an active life, and he has. >> we're also special operations guys. we're force recon marines. we can do anything. maybe we can instill that mindset in other people. >> reporter: he moved to utah. where the outdoors beckoned him nd adventure. he hunts and sails and skis, but to reach a mountaintop, he needed a friend. >> i've got legs. i couldn't imagine if i... th reporter: another mission accomplished for two marines who could not imagine failing. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> dickerson: that's something epic. that's the cbs evening news. for norah dol, i'mohn dickerson. we'll see you tomorrow night. good night.
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right now at 7:00 p.m. >> a man pleads for his life after a gas station stabbing. why are neighbors pointing fingers tonight? >> not safe to be out. >> a wild police chase. suspects ditch the vehicle. one of them jumping roof to roof. >> no, no, no, no. >> i hope the families are okay. >> a 3:00 a.m. crash following a chase. this suv packed with teenagers. wait until you hear the age of the driver. >> please be morespone. >> the school district shuffling students around different public schools. parents are not happy. >> we have too many schools and not enough students. >> a driver hits and kills a biker. why did


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