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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 29, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. now at 4:30, looking live
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from the exclusive sales force tower camera looking east and the beautiful sparkling bay bridge there on this thursday morning. good morning, everyone. it is august 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. 4:31. and let's see how the forecast is shaping up and check in with mary lee. how is it looking out there? . a cloudy start to the day. most of us have the on shore flow and that is why the temperatures are cooler through the afternoon. here's a live look. you can see the clouds in the sky and temperatures mainly in the mid 60s this morning from concord, oakland, livermore, downtown san francisco, san jose. upper 50s santa rosa. the temperatures through the afternoon, we're looking at highs seasonal. so mild temperatures. and actually cooler than pe60s in san francisco. low 70s oakland. low 80s san jose and concord.
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highs one to six degrees cooler than average. what you can expect for the holiday weekend coming up. and it's awesome here at 4:31. and also awesome is the commute. you are looking good out there. the bridges, starting with the san mateo bridge looks good in the westbound direction. it's pretty empty, especially for this time of the morning. good news headed to the peninsula at this hour. the bay bridge this morning, so far, the meters lights not on. no need for them yet. in the cash lane, we are starting to see a little bit of a delay. smooth sailing to san francisco. flashing lights but no lane closures at this hour to slow you down. and hurricane dorian taking aim at florida this morning. this is a live look at the sunshine state where there is
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now a state of emergency as residents prepare from the storm to make a possible labor day land fall. officials pleading with residents right now to get ready and not wait until the last minute. >> laura podesta is on storm watch this morning. . >> reporter: store shelves are emptying across florida. >> a lot of tuna fish, potato chips and peanut butter and jelly. and water. . >> reporter: dorian pounded the u.s. virgin islands as a category one hurricane and is now forecasted to reach florida this weekend. >> have a plan, be ready and listen. >> reporter: the governor told all floridians to stock up on seven days worth of supplies. >> you pretend it's coming. >> if nothing happens, i'll still use this. >> reporter: tourists in it out unless it's crazy. like a three or four, absolutely
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not. >> reporter: business leaders understand if y want to come to a hotel with kids and be trapped with three days. you can stay home and will be to them scream. >> reporter: homeowners preparing filling up sandbags and installing hurricane resistant windows and doors. >> people think that just putting basic materials over the windows and tape and all that is going to work. it's false security. none of it works. >> reporter: dorian may move north to other states like south carolina and georgia. laura podesta, cbs news. the u.s. national hurricane center says dorian could become a powerful category three when it reaches florida this weekend. and new, police have arrested a 13-year-old boy in connection with a shooting in san francisco. the shooting happened on august 20th on market street near sixth street. investigators say three people shot several rounds toward a crowd of people. no one was seriously injured. two other suspects were arrested on monday. meanwhile, in modesto, two
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people behind bars and three others on the run in connection to a jewelry store smash and grab that sparked panic in the vintage fair mall. a false shooting report sparked a lock down and sent shoppers racing for cover. the robbers useded air sledge hammer to break glass a show case and shops thought they heard gun shots. hours later, a smash and grab at a gun store. police investigating if the robberies are connected. and an attack in mountain view. a man is accf trying to touch a woman while she was showering at the gym. damon quincy jones was arrested on wednesday. the victim sedz he walked in the locker room and try opening the door to the shower. the moment he reached in, she screamed and began to hit him. investigators say the suspect engaged at lewd acts at another 24 hour fitness off of
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california street and there may be more victims. and a heart breaking end to the search for a missing santa cruz woman. divers pulled a body from the water yesterday afternoon and they believe it's kristen kendall. her car crashed over a cliff on saturday and her body was not inside. >> the interior of the car was intact. the front end and the back end crushed, the windows smashed in. but the interior was in tact. someone could have survived that. how she wound up in the water is a mystery. >> search and rescue first conducted an extensive ground search theory if area the car was found. once nothing turned up, they ultimately decided to call the dive team to search the water. the coroner has not officially identified the body. and crowds gathered in tracey to remember a man stabbed to death. the 64-year-old was attacked sunday during his daily evening
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walk at a park. the victim's family says he immigrated from india three years ago. the police don't have any suspects so far. but they recovered a video that shows a man running from the park around the same time the stabs happened. and a san jose neighborhood on edge after a rise in violent crime. members met with the police chief and members pleading for help and urging neighbors to take action and not be afraid t. last tuesday, i agunman shot and killed a 29-year-old man in west san jose. this past weekend, someone shot a 17-year-old boy. the police chief says the area is known as a hot spot for crime and they're increasing patrols. >> and we continue to utilize the special operations as we've been doing to try to quell some of the violence. this area can be getting impacted at times. a lot of people are afraid to say something. >> the chief says the area will
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see more patrol cars and foot patrols as well. and we are keeping an eye on the fires burning right now in the amazon. and brazil government just released a new rule that is, well, hopefully, slow some of the fires burning. at least new ones from setting. the ban is on setting fires to clear land for crops and cattle, which is a common practice that many blamed for the fires. the rules apply for the dry season for the next 60 days and does not apply to brazilian nationals. brazil mobilized military to fight them and they are now accepting $12 million from england. this month, more than 6,000 fires have been burning in the amazon, a record for the area. and happening today, a bond hearing in san francisco for a formerment of peru. he was peru's president from
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2001 to 6:00. he is considered a fugitive by the country in connection with a bribery case involving a construction company. he was arrested in the u.s. last month after peru requested his extradition to face charges. he reportedly has homes here and has done teaching at stanford. campaign 2020. the stage is set for next month's democratic debates. ten presidential hopefuls will take the stage. these are the candidates who made the cuts. this is the third primary debate and the first time biden and warren will meet on stage. and kristen gillibrand is the latest to drop out of the race. low polling numbers and fund raising difficulties hurt the campaign and kept her from qualifying for the september debate. and president trump is making arrangements to visit the bay area for the first time since he was elected.
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supporters are asked to rsvp for the september 17th i wouldn't. but the location of the fund raiser is kept a secret unless you buy a ticket. they can cost anywhere from $1,000 per person to $100,000 per couple. and ride hailing companies offering a compromise to the drivers, including a minimum wage of $21. this is after protests by drivers pushing for a bill to make them employees instead of independent contractors. lyft opposes the bill. >> $21 an hour is an insult to drivers. there is no way to just have --. >> according to the business news site tech crunch, uber is also pushing for some of this policy to be enacted. and accorng is pushing for the $21 minimum.
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this morning, b.a.r.t. is also on track to bringing training to silicon valley. the money will fast track the extension plans. the federal transit administration is handing over $125 million for the phase two of the plan for a 6.5 mile b.a.r.t. ex-tenses. four stations would be added through downtown san to the city of santa clara. b.a.r.t. segment one will open by the end of the year and segment two is on track to open by 2026. the extension will create better opportunities for businesses in silicon valley. the total cost of the project is just over $5 and a half billion. and in money watch, a check on wall street. mcdonalds new measures to stop sexual harassment. . >> reporter: wall street
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finished higher on wednesday. the dow added 258 points. the nasdaq gained 29. and the s&p 500 up 18. no news on the u.s. china trade war put investors at ease with retailers taking advantage. tiffany jumped 3% after beating second quarter predictions. and mcdonalds is starting a new training program for 850,000 workers after dozens of sexual harassment charges. it will educate employees about harassment and bullying and how to report it. it's starting with the u.s. restaurants and may expand globally. and a search engine is trying to help the amazon rain forest. it takings most of the profits and contributes them to tree planting efforts around the world. every 45 searchs help plant one tree. they pledged to plant 2 million tree irazil in response to
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the fires. that's the money watch report. for more, head to i'm marc liverman. time is 4:42. fire tears through buildings in contra costa county. an investigation is underway. and a live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge on this thursday morning. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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. multiple families displaced in contra costa county. it spread to a barn and burned out another building and a mobile home. once the five acre fire was out, it left behind a charred mess of vegetation and melted debris. one living space was fully engulfed. the cause of the fire is underestion e fire de an electrical issue. and a suspected mountain lion sighting sent animal control through one sacramento neighborhood last night. >> what's even more unusual is exactly where the big cat wast all off, it was found near an elementary school whose mascot is a cougar. there you go. the sly creature managed to
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evade everyone. >>. >> okay. it was meant to be. >> yeah. >> near the school. >> cougar knows how to read. and let's get a check on the weather. things cooling down a little bit more today. >> are you liking it? >> i'm loving that. >> back the normal. and temperatures a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. so we'll continue on the cooling trend. and in fact, temperatures running several degrees cooler than average. so if you're on the east bay, inland spots, south bay, you're loving the cooler weather after we started off the week with temperatures in the upper 90s. no longer the case for today and tomorrow. for sure. and here's the live look at the sales force tower camera looking east at the bay bridge. gray start and cloudy for most of us this morning. the cloud cover is even for the inland locations. through the day, we are looking at clearing for the inland locations. a little bit for the bay. definitely cloudy along the coast. temperatures running mainly in the mid 60s this morning from
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concord, oakland, livermore, san francisco, and san jose. upper 50s for santa rosa. and let's show you what to expect. the treasure island camera, visibility looking at the clouds and areas of fog long the coast through the bay as well as inland. you can see just how far the clouds extend inland this morning. let's check the winds. so looking at just 8 mile an hour winds in san francisco. 13, though, pleasant ton, san ramon. 2 miles per hour in antioch. and your weather headlines, today and tomorrow, the coolest days of the week. warming up inland for if weekend. and staying warm and sunny as we look ahead to labor day on monday. the satellite and radar, the low pressure system is ushering in the on shore flow. a moderate push from the pacific. hour by hour, we will have the
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clearing inland with some clearing for the bay. the clouds hanging around along the coast. for tomorrow morning, another cloudy start. and then temperatures will be a little bit cooler for your friday. again, warming up for the weekend. an update on hurricane dorian. 150 miles north, northwest of puerto rico with winds of 80 miles per hour. it is a category one hurricane intensifying to a category two and eventually a category three storm. this is the cone of uncertainty from southern georgia and all of the florida coast. so there is kind of uncertainty as to what could happen. but definitely a major hurricane as it nears the georgia and florida coast by possibly labor day. sunrise, 6:47. and temperatures low 80s concord, san jose. upper 60s in get to the seven-dy
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forecast. we're going to go right through there. there we go with the warm-up over the weekend and labor day. and it's a beautiful holiday weekend. in the meantime, let's talk about the roadways. they're looking pretty good at this hour. the big picture shows the map at mostly green. not a lot of orange or red. one trouble spot. just your regular suspect. and that is down to 22 miles per hour through the altamont pass. westbound out of the triangle, not as bad as it could have been this time of the morning. you're in the orange. and good through the dublin interchange and out of it. 84 westbound looks good. still in the green for the overall travel time. that's only a 28-minute ride. easy breezy. and the east shore freeway is 14 minutes. highway 4, 27 minutes. 101 is 34 minutes out of the south bay. taking a look now out to the
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freeway. it's not slowing anything down. there is road work in the area. at this point, no bottlenecks or slow downs. the san mateo bridge is busier. not many brake lights on stalls or crashes or issues to report. and that eastbound direction, you are good to go. no problems there. now the meters lights not on at the bay bridge. you are starting to stack up there at the cash lanes. and you see the flashing lights at the richmond-san rafael bridge. and leaving marin, you are fine. and 4:50. and fresh off of big little lies, meryl streep is back. and nominations for the country music awards are now. >> the eye on entertainment report. . >> reporter: eight cma
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nominations. and the 53rd annual country music association awards hosted by reba, carrie underwood, and dolly parten on november 18th. someone has to lose. >> meryl streep stars in the laundromat, a look at the panama paper scandal where journalists blew a lid off a scheme to keep millionaires rich. >> millions and millions and millions of dollars. >> gary oldham costars. the venice film festival kicked off yesterday and it hits theaters next month. and sasha baren cohen is serious as a agent in the spy. his task was to infiltrate the syrian government in the 1960s.
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it's on netflix september 6th. that's the eye on entertainment. and bad news for the 49ers. the high price running back might not make anticipating day. and a big scare for the a's last night. i'm not talking about the game. we're up next.
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yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. . good morning. we'll continue with the cool down. for the south bay, clearing and nine. 80 in santa clara and san jose. concord, low 80s well as for pleasant hill, vallejo. san francisco, upper 60s. the a's have a chance to go
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to 22 games over 500 last night and pick a game in the wild card. forget that. they're happy the all star third baseman is okay. he took a pitch off the helmet and left the game. no signs of a concussion just yet. and you're hot, you're hot. two-run blast. the fourth home run in the last five games. the bash brothers are back. bottom of the 6th and 4-3, a's. the royals ryan took deep to tie the game. he allowed four runs, the most in five starts with oakland. next inning, kansas city loaded the bases. a single to score the go ahead run. a's lose and stay one game ahead of tampa in the wild card race. u.s. open, second round. serena against a 17-year-old. first set, serena can't handle the serve and the teen takes the
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first set 7-5. upset city? no. williams bounced back. sit.> anrunning back mk kinnen had a set back in his recovery from a torn acl. he had a flare-up in the knee two days ago according to the general manager. not looking good. he won't play today. and neither will receiver pettis, dealing with a mild groin injury. trying to build off the five touchdown performance in 2018. but when i talked with him at camp, we cover much more important matters, like eating utensils. >> if you had to choose what to eat with for the rest of your life, spoon or fork? >> it has to be a fork. all right. people hear that question and they're like, how am i going
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to eat cereal and soup? how often do you eat that? >> i would go the spoon. am i wrong? . >> i think you are. >> i eat soup a lot. that's the problem. 49ers and the chargers tonight on the big five. i'm saying, kenny choi, fork. michelle griego, spoon. >> is that right? >> i think you're right. >> i think he's wrong. >> i go spoon. >> me too. coming up in the next half hour, a bay area home up in flames overnight. this morning, one man admits he lit it. cracker barrel makes every meal one to remember. with favorites like sunday homestyle chicken, now available every day. and our new sweet n' smokey homestyle chicken blt for $8.99. come on home to scratch-made. come on home to cracker barrel
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. now at 5:00, a man admits to setting a bay area home on fire overnight. what he said he was really trying to do. and another mass shooting plot shopped. a man months in the making. and right now, hurricane dorian is gaining strength in the caribbean. we are tracking the storm as it
5:00 am
takes aim at the florida coast. >> thursday, august 29th. thanks for waking up with us. i'm kenny choi. . >> i'm michelle griego. and let's get to mary lee to talk about the forecast and the weekend is coming up. >> i know. all right. yeah, we're getting there. loving that. happy thursday to you. and we are looking at cooler temperatures as we head through the day and we continue with the cool weather with below average temperatures to end the workweek. changes for the weekend. here's a live look with the south bay son jose camera with a cloudy start. many locations across the bay area waking up to clouds. a gray start for sure. san jose, 67. and 66 oakland. livermore, 65. as well as san francisco. upper 50s in santa rosa. and cool and breezy along the coast. clearing for the bay. breezy and mild. and inland locations, check it out, low to mid 80s with thesu


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