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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 29, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. >> i'm kenny choi. 6:00 right now. a bit of a cool down yesterday, today, even more. mary has the numbers. and if you like the cooler weather, you have it today and tomorrow. below average temperatures. all because of the strong ocean breeze that we know and love so well in the bay area. this is a live look with the ocean breeze at cliff house camera. you can see the clouds in the sky. and i want to show you quickly a pretty view of the sun before the sunrise there. and now the temperatures. mid 60s for many of us. 67 in concord as well as san jose. 66 oakland. 64 livermore. 65 san francisco. mid 50s santa rosa. the weather headlines and what you can expect, we are looking at seasonal temperatures if not cooler than average. but mild aspe60s s franciscoment oakland, low 70s and low 80s for san jose. and running about one to six
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degrees below t holiday weekend coming and east shore freeway commuters get ready to walk out the door early. let's take a look at the main travel times. the accident in play and it is too early to be in the red. and yet that is the situation. 43 minutes to the highway to the maze thanks to a accident. and it is really slowing you down. there's now according to chp a anew accident at willow and another one on cutting. that is driving the drive times in the red. and you're in the red on highway 4 to get to the east shore freeway. through the altamont pass, 39 minutes. and still looking good coming out of the south bay. and san mateo bridge, a few diren.lights innd a hurcaneorian i a it cuts a path through the caribbean and
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island. here is a live look now from lauder dale by the sea in south florida this morning. all over the south eastern u.s., people getting ready for dorian to make land fall late this weekend. thankfully, the storm changed course and puerto rico was spared from a direct hit. the island is struggling to recover from back to back hurricanes in 2017 that killed about 3,000 people in all. . we did much better this time because of the weather pattern that changed. but no, we're not over recovering from what happens in maria. and we still need the assistance. we need help. >> by the time dorian hits florida late on sunday or monday, it could be a major hurricane. a state of emergency has been declared and florida's governor is telling all residents to stock up on seven days worth of supplies. dorian could bring flooding and damaging winds to south carolina
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and georgia. i'm anne makovec. and we are live this morning to danville. there has been a water main break. we just lost the picture. an intersection is complete covered in water on franciscan drive a mile east of 680. the break happened about 3:30. still waiter if information on how much homes may have had the water service affected. and this morning, raid hailing companies uber and lyft offering a compromise to driver, including a minimum wage of $21. this is after protests of driving pushing for a bill in the state to make them employees instead of independent contracts. lyft says it would force the company to let go of thousands of dlooifrs. >> $21 an hour is an insult to drivers. there is no way to have ends
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meet. i can't afford a health care insurance for me and my son. >> according to the business news site tech crunch, uber is pushing the $21 an hour minimum wage. that company is urging the drivers to withdraw support for the bill. happening today, a key vote that could turn an empty parking lot in san francisco into an overnight rest stop for the homeless. the city's planning commission will weigh the parking program this afternoon. it would allow long term parking and overnight camping in vehicles at an empty parking lot. it will be temporary, though. crews will begin construction on affordable housing on that site next year. and police looking for the person who stabbed a 17-year-old at the hayward b.a.r.t. stationment it started with an argument. the teen was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and a former 49ers punter settled a lawsuit accusing him of raping a woman in san jose.
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he alleged assaulted the woman in 2015 when the rug by star was in the midst of a stint with the 49ers. there was not enough evidence to purr saw criminal charges professor and california charter schools could have a new set of rules to follow. details on the plan that will head to state lawmakers. and b.a.r.t.'s effort to expand service to the heart of silicon valley gets a boost. when the first training could start running. and tracking the latest on hurricane dorian in the atlantic. there we go. the latest stats for you. category one storm. we'll talk about our weather here at home with the cool down and the sea breeze kicking in. and there are several trouble spots. slow and go conditions. i'll tell you when those are and if you need to hit the road early in a moment.
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. good morning to you. it is a cloudy morning across the bay area. there's a strong on shore flow. here's a live look at the south bay. san jose. 67 degrees. and we'll talk about what to expect through the afternoon and how cool those temperatures will be later today coming up. and it's not cool on the roadways. take a look at the east bay travel times. for those of you hitting the east shore freeway, you're in the red since 5:00 this morning. 26 minutes to get from highway 4 to the maze thanks to a series of accidents. and they are really slowing you down from even before you get to highway 4. give yourself extra time. good to go on 580 and westbound on 24. new, the family of an unarmed plan shot and killed by the police in southern california is taking legal action. officers in chino were raiding a marijuana grow house.
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body camera video shows police telling a man hiding behind the door to put his hands up and a gunshot was heard. the family filed a claim against the city and police claiming he wasn't given a chance to comply with the officer's instructions. >> he was simply standing there. and he wasn't doing anything, saying anything, or exhibiting any mannerisms that would lead anyone to believe he had the will to hurt someone. . >> the police say once the investigation is complete, they will submit findings to prosecutors for review. and new details. authorities looking for if fugitive who sparked a stand off in fairfield involving the secret service and marshals. they thought they located the suspect yesterday and used tear gas to try to force him out and the neighborhood was put on lock down. six people in the home taken
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into custody. police didn't find the man they were looking for. the secret service did not reveal why they're involved. and parents and students demanding the oakland school district reconsider a proposal to merge schools. >> please don't close my school. >> they packed a board meeting last night. the sdriktd wants to shut down kieser elementary school in the oakland hills and move the students and teachers to the struggling academy in the flat lands which can accommodate more students. it would mean job cuts. the problem is oakland has too many schools. >> we're trying to get to a point that's manageable and efficiently operated. >> every child should have a quality neighborhood school. we think our neighborhood deserves that consideration as well. >> the school board is set to take a vote on the proposal on september 11th. and supporters and critics
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of charter schools in california reached an agreement on a new plan for new restrictions. the bill would give the public school districts more authority to reject petitions for new charter campuses. and there would be tougher requirements for charter school teachers. california charter schools are independently operated and publicly funded. it is not clear when state lawmakers will vote on the bill. and this morning, a major boost for plans to extend b.a.r.t. further into silicon valley. the federal transit administration gave them $125 million for phase two of a project spearheaded by the vta. it is a six half mile extension through downtown san jose. four stretch will run primarily underground. it was made possible from
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promise from vta and a public, private partnership. >> it will totally transform downtown san josetaon act seg perspective and introduce economic growth through housing, development, business, and commerce. . >> and this is $125 million is a down payment on the future. >> b.a.r.t. segment one will open to passenger service by the end of this year. segment two is on track to open by 2026. 6:13. and a check of mass transit and see where the slow downs are. >> this may be the day to take mass transit. the east shore parkway is slow. there has been a series of accidents in the westbound direction of the east shore freeway. take a look at that. in the top part of the screen, i'll zoom in, all orange and even some red. several accidents. now the one that is past altamont, that is cleared and off on the computer.
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however, it is remaining on the man because it's causing slowing. a new one willow avenue blocking a lane. down to 12 miles per hour trying approach the bridge. you're in bad shape there. and slow and go continuing past highway 4. slow, slow, slow. and there's an accident at cutting with one lane blocked. you need extra time if you take the east shore freeway. it's a mess. at this point, i don't think you can really recover because that's really when the commute is starting to heat up. sorry to be the bearer of bad news. you are warning to get out the door. and the number two lane is blocked southbound 680 at scott creek road. no delays at this point. and issues as you cross the bridge in the westbound direction. only a brief slowing over the water and you should be good good to go. and super slow from the tracey
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triangle. after the altamont pass, you're fine. is east shore freeway is in the red. 24 minutes to the maze. highway 4 is also delayed. it's slow. and 43 minutes in the westbound direction. amazingly, the south bay commute northbound looks good to go. really quick, the san mateo bridge, busy westbound. the bay bridge, the metering lights are on. if you like cooler weather, you have it today and tomorrow because of the strong on shore flow and the ocean breeze kicking in for us. the temperatures will be about one to six degrees below average for this time of year. here's the sales force tower camera looking north. gray skies and cloudy across the area due to the sea breeze kicking in for us. temperatures in the afternoon cooler compared to yesterday. right now, in the mid 60s for
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many of us. concord, livermore, 60s. and mid 50s santa rosa. and tod tomorrow the coolest days of the week. we'll warm up over the weekend. we are looking at low pressure system that is ushering in the on shore flow and the moderate push from the pacific and a ridge of high pressure over the weekend heating us up. not as hot as this week, but below average temperatures to look ahead to the holiday weekend. hour by hour on futurecast, 4:00 p.m., the sunshine and clearing for inland locations. some clearing for the bay. cool, cloudy, and breezy along the coast. for tomorrow morning, it's another gray start and again, temperatures will be below average for this time of year for your friday. very quickly, an update on hurricane dorian. it is a category one storm. maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour. and likely strengthening to a major hurricane by tomorrow or saturday.
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and the reason why is because we have very weak wind shear in the atlantic and warm waters. that combination will mean that the storm is going to strengthen to a major storm and likely will rapid quickly. as a category three storm, this is the cone of uncertainty from the georgia coast and all of the florida coast. watching that closely through late sunday and labor day. pack at home, the sunrise, 63 #. daytime highs comfortable. mild temperatures. low 80s in concord this afternoon. 80 san jose. 73 oakland. upper 60s san francisco. and there's the seven-day forecast and what you can expect. temperatures for tomorrow comfortable. below average for this time of year. we heat up with plenty of sunshine and high pressure building in saturday, sunday, and for labor day. right now, arizona authorities on the lookout for two murder suspects who escaped
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in a prison van. in the tucson area.rder charges they were extradited by a private transport company in new york. in utah, the husband and wife team overpowered the driver and got away. a brother of a victim they allegely killed says justice needs to be served. >> what they did is, i mean, they took away part of our life. we want the police to do what they have to do to get these people. >> they were last seen driving a red gmc pickup truck with the license plate 127xty. there's a $10,000 reward for information that leads them to thes. and an alarming spike in deadly crashes involving drivers who run a red light. what experts say is behind the trend. and a quick check of the get
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. footwear companies urging president trump to scrap the tariffs on chinese imports, including shoes. more than 20 companies sent him a letter that says the tariffs will amount to a hidden tax on americans and not only lead to
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higher prices for consumers but will affect jobs in the companies. 6:22. the lineup is set for the next democratic debate. there's ten hopefuls scheduled to take the stage next month. these are the candidates that made the cut. the event in houston is the third primary debate this year and the first time biden and warren will meet on the stage. and the san francisco candidate fell short of qualifying. he spent more than $300,000 a day on advertising and failed to reach the committee's requirement to take part in the upcoming debate. and new york senator gillibrand is pulling her name in the race. she failed to = identify for the primary. and a band from oregon touring in the bay area desperately wants its equipment back. the band named on drugs staying overnight in the piedmont pines area. members woke up to find their van and all their gear was
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stolen. the stolen goods worth more than $17,000. and new research suggests the number of deaths from drivers running rments is at a high. one in three drivers admitted to running a red light in the previous month. they analyzed the crashes from 2017. the most recent data found 939 people killed nationwide, that's a 28% increase from five years earlier. >> drivers are distracted, impatient, and reckless and making the decision to run a red light iad o law. that people have to die because people want to run a red light. >> in san francisco, there's a push for speed cameras that photograph and send a ticket to drivers who run red lights. and a man is in custody in
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connection with an overnight fire in napa county. and florida residents stocking up with dorian threatening to make land fall as a major hurricane. and a live look outside before the break. this is of the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the traffic on this thursday morning. 6:25. we'll be right back.
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. a live look from south florida this morning. hurricane dorian is expected to cause major problems when it makes land fall. mary will let us know when the worst could arrive. and a pair of arrests in a smash and grab robbery. and good morning, thursday, august 29th. i'm kenny choi. . >> i'm michelle griego. time is 6:29. and let's say hello to mary lee. i am excited about the cool down. . >> it's nice. the refreshing ocean degrees is kicking in. the temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler yesterday and we continue with the cool down today. one to six degrees below average for this time of year. and here's the ocean beach camera. the clouds in the sky and it is a gray start for all of us across the bay area due to that on shore flow. a cloudy start for sure and temperatures in the mid 60s for
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many of us, concord, livermore, san jose. mid 50s son at that rosa. taking you through the day for the coast, cool, cloudy and breezy. the bay is breezy with winds 10,20 miles per hour. and upper 60s and low 70s. inland, low to mid 80s. pleasant with the sunshine. and we will talk about the holiday weekend forecast and the latest from hurricane dorian coming up. and here at 6:30, a look at the main travel times. and especially that one, one of the two in the red. through the altamont pass at 39 minutes. it's pretty typical for this time of the morning. on the east shore freeway, 30 minutes. they have cleared the three accidents we've had this morning in the westbound direction. i don't think the commute will recover and a compounding mess through the the morning. give yourself extra time as you are approaching the maze. highway 4, 46 minutes.
6:31 am
looking good out of the south bay. the bay bridge this morning, you are backed up to the maze. and again, it's a slow ride getting there on the east shore freeway. give yourself about ten minutes of extra time. for the san mateo bridge, no problems in the westbound direction. the nimitz off of 92, there's a accident there. and the good news is neither of those in the commute route. the richmond-san rafael bridge, we're starting to see delays approaching the toll plaza. slow and go there. and over the water, no problems to report. looking good. and last but not least, the nimitz freeway northbound direction, a little more traffic approaching the maze and southbound on the nimitz, looking good. you have plenty of company. 6:31. and multiple families in contra costa families with no place to stay after a grass fire
6:32 am
on a ranch. it spread to a barn and burned another building and a mobile home. there's a charred mess of vegetation and melted debris. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the fire department says it looks like an electrical issue. and crews in napa county investigating a late night house fire the aa vacant home. a suspect is under arrest for starting it. it happened just after 11:00 in american canyon. a family member of the homeowner says he was drunk and atementded to warn an american flag in the driveway and the flames spread to the garage. the suspect was taken in custody. no one was hurt. and islands in the caribbean resting easier for now after puerto rico and the virgin islands avoided direct hits from hurricane dorian last night. forecasters fear florida won't be as lucky. this is a live look at jacksonville in the sunshine
6:33 am
state. there is a state of emergency. dorian could hit this weekend and residents wasted no time stock piling the supplies. this was costco's gas station in north miami. forecasters say dorian is swirling over the warm open water and may move north to south carolina and georgia. >> and just incredibly difficult to forecast where the storm will go and how severe the effects may be. you need to start preparing now in the coastal communities. >> the u.s. national hurricane center says dorian could be a cat three hurricane when it reaches florida this weekend. and the storm changed course yesterday and puerto rico did not get the worst of the wind and the rain. mary, it's heading to florida. >> yeah. the storm exploded in intensity from yesterday at this time. now a category one storment and likely, a major hurricane by tomorrow. this is the enhanced satellite imagery of dorian there. one of the at is
6:34 am
wind sheer and sea surface temperatures. right now in the atlantic, warm waters and weak wind sheer. that means intensification and rapid intensification into a major storm. now let's show you the latest stats on hurricane dorian here. category one storm with maximum sustained winds 85 miles peran lenheni to a major hurricane by tomorrow or saturday. and there is that cone of uncertainty from southern georgia coast, the entire eastern coast of florida under that cone of uncertainty there. but maximum sustained winds as it makes land fall, 125 miles per hour. and that is very close to a category four storm. we'll be watching that closely for you and talk about our weather back at homecoming up. and i'm anne makovec. and we are going live to washington, d. c. there's a live he behind the gentleman
6:35 am
speaking right now. he issued an advisory against the use of marijuana among adolescents and pregnant women. he said this isn't your mother's marijuana. it's more potent than strains in decades past and it damaging a developing brain. and he says that this is coming up now after a study increase in people using pot while pregnant over the last two decades. that's as pot becomes more prevalent and main stream, more socially acceptable as more states, including california, legalize it. he said this is a public health message. and the man accused of assaulting a woman in front of her apartment building could be released from custody. he's accused of attacking a woman outside of the condo. after the arrest, he was charged in another attack in february. the attorney says that he was in southern california at the time and the charges could be thrown out at a hearing this morning.
6:36 am
the judge could decide to release him while he awaits trial in the original case. and in month december to, three people behind bars and two others on the run after a smash and grab. a false shooting report sparked a lock down on sunday and sent shoppers racing for cover. police say robbers used a sledge hammer to break the glass in a show case. the shoppers thought they heard gunshots. a smash and grab at the same store in another mall. 6:36. and the popularity of e-cigarettes continues to grow and companies accused of targeting the products to children. we'll have the response from the ceo of a san francisco-paced company at the forefront of the industry. and a improvement construct on highway 1 is complete. we'll take a look at the
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. good morning to you. a cloudy start to the day. here's a live look with the treasure island camera looking at downtown san francisco at the bay bridge with the clouds. we have strong on shore flow kicking in. how breezy it will get through the afternoon coming up. and good morning. i'm keeping an eye on the east bay travel times. we're seeing several slow downs. the big problem maker is the east shore freeway in if westbound direction. down the 29 minutes making your way from highway 4 to the maze. you need extra time. and we're seeing slow downs on highway 4. that's not on the map. i will have those travel times
6:41 am
ahead. and this morning, an independent engineering firm says several buildings at uc berkeley pose risk of death in the event of a major earthquake. these are the buildings involved. wellman hall was build in 1912. and the libraryeyse ament saying the campus is assessing the situation and considering all available realistic options. and google is making a $1 and a half million donation to a nonprofit fighting homelessness. some will be used for building affordable housing. the remaining will be used in
6:42 am
san franciscoment. and the ceo of juul labs, the country's top selling e-cigarette company is responding to the growing number of breathing illness casings in people who vaip. tony spoke with the ceo kevin burns at the headquarters in san francisco. and tony has a preview of his exclusive view. tony, this is something we've been talking about a lot in the bay area. good morning. . >> good morning. you guys taking a stand on banning flavors in stores. this is a local story and a national story. 200 possible cases of lungarly disease tied to the use of e-cigarettes. these are cases in at least states. one of the big worries, kids. kevin burns is telling us the company never intended for his products to be used by children. >> reporter: there are families suing you saying you went after
6:43 am
the kids as customers and they're addicted to nicotine. how do you plan to respond to that? >> i don't think the come campaign was directed at kids. i'm not asserting they're not using the product. but it was not our intent and not part of the business model. we don't need to target youth. >> i can imagine aviewers saying wait a minute, we have seen the ads, bright colors, cool people, fun names. burns tells me none of the people involved in the early markets still work at the company. and they've changed their tune. the ads today are boring, using only adult smokers who have switched. they're saying we don't know the long term affects of vaping. they're saying we've turned the page. look at our actions and re-evaluate. >> maybe that's what people will be doing. tony, we will be tuning in to
6:44 am
the interview. thanks so much. >> thank you. and you can see more of tony's exclusive interview on cbs this morning starts in just about 15 minutes. and 6:44. good and bad news. the economy is slowing down. but the growing optimism for the u.s. and china trade talks. >> and our financial reporter jason brooks is joining us. >> reporter: second quarter gdp in the u.s. slowed to 2% from over 3% growth in the first quarter. that was a lower revision than what congress thought. if not for consumers, it would have been even worse. consumer spending rose 4.7%, stronger than thought. and it was the biggest gain in consumer spending since the end of 2014. that offset the weaker business investment and exports. exports affected by the ongoing trade war with china. and there is growing optimism on
6:45 am
the trade talks set to take place next month after china said it would not retaliate immediately to the tariffs scheduled for september 1st after threatening to do so last week. that led to heavy stock market selling. traders hoping that the talks next month will bear fruit and end the long running trade war between the u.s. and china. the stock market reflecting the optimism. the dow is up 280. and the s&p is up 32 points. >> jason brooks. thank you. i'm anne makovec. and we got an update on the water main break if danville. this is video in a couple of hours ago. a water mainre happened at about 3:30 morning. and the town of danville said the homes affected are along franciscan. and east bay has been able to
6:46 am
restore service to some of those people. at this point, there are still 25 homes without water service because of that water main break. we know how challenging that can be in the morning. . >> for sure. thank you. and 6:46. highway 1 recently got a bit of a facelift. the roadway that offers beautiful views of the california coast will be easier to drive. we completed resurfacing project that covers a ten mile stretch from highway 280 to gray whale cove. cal tran says it is smoother than a normal road and they refined the surface with microgrinding. after the new asphalt, there's diamond tipped grinding wheels. there's another cool thing too. >> little red reflectors. on the the back side. if you happen to be driving on the wrong side --. >> do people do that?
6:47 am
>> people have done that several times. >> cal tran says they worked with the city on the new bridge. >> all right. cool new road. a diamond tipped grinding process. >> there you go. >> expensive vamp up for a row we hope doesn't slip off in the ocean during the rainy season. >> don't say that. >> i know. no rain now or trouble on highway 1. good news there. and however, we have several trouble spots here at 6:47. the overall big map looks okay except for the real hot routes, the east shore freeway and parts of the nimitz, the altamont pass, and highway 4. an accident in the center divide not blocking any lanes. that is causing the slow and go conditions. leaving antioch, down to 12 miles per hour, sometimes slower than that. and then as you get closer to
6:48 am
242, better shape. and slow down on the approach to 680. and good to go to the east sheer shore freeway. and the oregon expressway, not blocking lanes. this south bay commute is starting to heat up. and all of the accidents, for some reason, they're on the map. ignore it. they've cleared. what hasn't been cleared is the backup. slow and go before you get to highway 4. all the way south until you get to 580 and you're slow and go. less slow and go. and then slow approaching the maze. that's a really slow drive time. one of the ones in the red. 32 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. 580, 40 minutes. highway 4 thanks to the accident, 58 minutes. and 101 at the oregon expressway, 53 minutes. and meters lights are on and you
6:49 am
are backed up at the bay bridge. with wonderful breeze is cooling us down through the day once again. tinu with temperatures running about one to six degrees below average for this time of year. a cloudy start to the day for many of us. the cloud cover is extensive this morning. >> here's a live look looking east at the bay bridge. the temperatures generally in the mid 60s from 67 at concord and san jose. 66 in oakland. livermore, 64. 65 in san francisco. and mid 50s right now in santa rosa. the weather headlines today and tomorrow. the coolest days of the week because of the stronger sea breeze for us. we will warm up especially inland by the weekend and staying warm and sunny as we look ahead to labor day. here is the satellite and radar view. the low pressure system ushering in the on shore flow and the push from the pacific and the
6:50 am
ridge of high pressure for the weekend. that's why thesaturd and sundayr day. in the meantime. hour by hour, the skies clearing. plenty of sunshine inland and some clearing for the bay. cloudy along the coast. and it will be a breezy day along the coast and parts of the bay. westerly winds 10 to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. tomorrow morning, another dwra start. and then temperatures below average for your friday. daytime highs today, below average temperatures. and 81 in sunnyvale. 80 in santa clara and san jose. concord, just at 81 degrees. very pleasant and comfortable weather. 81 pleasant hill for a daytime high. looking at up every 60s san francisco as well as berkeley.
6:51 am
low 70s oakland. 77 in nevado. and 80 degrees for windsor. more comfortable and pleasant and mild temperatures through the day. the big game today, the 49ers taking on the chargers. that's at 7:00 p.m. for kickoff. watch the game right here. mostly clear skies for kickoff in the low 70s. here's the seven-day forecast and what you can expect. again, temperatures very similar for tomorrow. but we heat up as high pressure builds in for the weekend and into labor day. parts of japan are still dealing with severe flooding. three people have died and thousands more evacuated as flood waters hit the southern island. heavy rain caused some rivers to burst the banks. more rain is expected through the week. and the search for a missing santa cruz woman is over. divers pulled a body from the water yesterday afternoon and they believe it is kristen kendall. her car crashed over a cliff on saturday. but the body was not inside. search and rescue teams
6:52 am
conducted an extensive ground search near the area where the car was found. when nothing turned up, they decided to call the dive team in to search the water. members of the dive team say the body was spotted by a nearby neighbor. >> the interior of the car was in tact. the front end and the back end was crushed. the windows lightly smashed in. but the interior was in tact. someone could have survived that. how she wound up in the water is the mystery. >> coroner has not officially identified the body. and a los angeles county deputy who made up a story about being shot by a sniper is no longer on the job. he was a then probation employee and fired yesterday. he said he came under fire outside of the sheriff's station last week. the false report sparked a full on manhunt for a shooter that didn't exist. the sheriff's department plans to submit the results of the criminal investigation into the
6:53 am
l.a. county d.a.'s office. and authorities in north carolina say a tip from a student led to the arrest of a college freshman. he's from boston attending high point university. he was arrested tuesday. he had guns and ammunition in his dorm room and had studied mass shootings. he was making plans to kill his roommate and himself if he didn't get a fraternity. >> he was very pro gun. spent a lot of time looking at weapons. a lot of kids were scared of him. when he first joined the school, he was bullied. >> he's held on $2 million bond. and time is 6:53. b.a.r.t.'s effort to expand service et spaghettis a boost. and live from the mountain vaca camera. the sun is up and 54 degrees.
6:54 am
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. welcome back. hurricane dorian taking aim at florida. there is a state of emergency as residents prepare for the storm this weekend possibly as a powerful category three. dorian may move north to south carolina and georgia. and multiple families displaced after a grass fire near marsh creek road fld the cause of the fire is under investigation. two people behind bars and three on the run in connection to a jewelry store smash and grab that sparked panic. police are investigating if the suspects connected to a similar crime. and uber and lyft offering $21 minimum wage. in exchange, they would like the drivers to drop support of the a
6:58 am
bill to make them employees. a boost to expand b.a.r.t. to silicon valley. the federal transit administration gave b.a.r.t. $125 million for phase two of the plan for a 6.5 mile ex-tense. and let's take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. slow and go from the maze and the 880fulliover. it's slow getting to the maze on the east shore freeway thanks to accidents that cleared. the delays have not. and the san mateo bridge westbound, good to go. busy and slow. in the eastbound direction, if you are making your way to the east bay, once you get there at the nimitz, an accident that might slow you down. the approach to the toll plaza is slow. once you are through the toll plaza and over the water, you are in much better shape. how is it going with the
6:59 am
weather? cloudy start for sure with the on shore flow and temperatures cooler. below average for this time of year and pleasant. 81 concord. 83 livermore. 80 san jose. 73 oakland. upper 60s san francisco. below average temperatures friday and mild and pleasant. we warm up for the weekend and into labor day with plenty of sunshine. and really quickly, we have 49ers taking on the chargers at 7:00 p.m. tonight. watch that right here on kpix. mostly clear skies and temperatures in the low 70s. >> and we have a special newscast lineup ahead of the game. we'll feature live reports from the stadium. and then at 7:00, watch the 49ers and the chargers. and stay tuned to the 5th quarter after the game. 49ers 5-0 in the preseason. >> i love football season. >> yeah. >> football. who's ready? you ready?
7:00 am
. i am ready. i am ready. >> go nineers. . good morning to you, breaking news. hurricane dorian to a category m asls t flowe'ron the atlantic ch how people are preparing and praying. >> vaping warning. major city w cigarette users to stop after an outbreak of sickness. we talk exclusively with the juul ceo about the risks for teenagers. when you think of under age vaping today would you call it an epidemic? >> i am not going to use the same words others have used but it is big and concerning. >> the search continues for a kentucky mom who may find missing people her cause. what her family thinks happen. >> ringing the alarm. a popular door


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