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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  August 30, 2019 11:35pm-12:36am PDT

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special assignment? >> yes. >> going to have a baby. >> are you pregnant? >> we'll see captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> one of tonight's democratic candidates dressed as a ghost to scare off their challengers, but which candidate was it? >> the answer is obvious. >> um... is it john delaney? ( laughter ) >> i think that's jay inslee. >> jinkies, are you sure that's not john hickenlooper? >> there's someone named hickenlooper running? >> it could be tim ryan. >> who? >> i think it's michael bennet. >> roo?ali' telyou. >> no, this is what weo. we want to solve the myste >> is that a real person? >> joe sestak, maybe. >> ire, like, too many generic middle-aged white guys, man.
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>> this is humiliating. let me just tell you. >> no, no, no. we will get this before the credits roll. >> is it steve bulloc-- ♪ scooby dooby doo, where are you? ♪ >> it's "the late show live, with stephen colbert." plus, stephen welcomes jeff daniels and katy tur and jacob soboroff featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ( theme song playing ) >> stephen: wooo! live, baby! ( cheers and applause ) wooo! thank you, my friend. hello! hello, all my dear friend.
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good to see you out there. jon, good to see you. how is it going, sparkles? you doing good? thank you for being here. >> audience: stephen! stiffen! stephen. >> stephen: i feel exactly the same way. ( cheers and applause ) soaked in electric gasoline. you can feel it. you can feel it. it's coming up. it's coming up. please, have a seat, everybody. welcome. welcome to "the late show." i'm your host, stephen colbert. we are live, after night one. ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) after night one, of the democratic debates. this is the second round of debates, so we're calling it... "democratic debate night: 2 many candidates 2 remember: forget harder." ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: oh, my. >> stephen: cnn's debate was broadcast from detroit's fox theater. you know their slogan: when you think cnn, think fox. ( laughter )
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the debates were moderated by jake tapper, dana bash, and don lemon, or as they're known by their celebrity thruple name, "lemasherbapper." ( laughter ) that would be nice. they would make a lovely thruple. ( laughter ) "lemasherbapper." >> jon: come on, lemashdebap. >> stephen: it's hard to sum up what happened tonight, but most of tonight was a bunch of guys with no chance to win the democratic nomination yelling republican talking points at the people who can. it was like watching the seven dwarves all offering snow white a poison apple. ( laughter ) the uh-- ( piano riff ) the debate began with our national anthem, and everyone passed the test by holding their hands on their hearts, except tim ryan-- unless he keeps his heart in his scrotum. ( laughter ) i'm not sure. ( cheers ) i think he keeps his brain there. not sure where he keeps the
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brain, either. ( piano riff ) opening statements started with longshots like self-help guru marianne williamson. >> an amoral economic system has turned short-term profits for huge multinational corporations into a false god. >> stephen: ( as williamson ) "as opposed to the real god, shivlani, goddess of light, amethysts and essential oils." ( laughter ) hail shivlani. former colorado governor hickenlooper, laid out the stakes of this election in no uncertain terms. >> i was out of work for two whole years. >> stephen: (as hickenlooper) "please, i need this job. i am, i am, in deep-- i am in ( laughter ) deep with the wrong people. if i don't get $200 by november, spider the juiceman is coming for my thumbs. ( laughter ) he took my thumbs!" then bernie got his chance, and he talked about corporate power:
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>> companies like amazon that made billions in profits did not pay one nickel in federal income tax. >> stephen: ( as bernie ) "and one nickel is a lot. you can take a streetcar to the ziegfeld, and see a talkie, see a talkie. and still have enough left for an egg cream at woolworth's." >> jon: ( laughs ) ( laughter ) >> stephen: after many of the candidates had attacked her and bernie sanders, elizabeth warren made a call for party unity by saying this about donald trump: >> anyone on this stage tonight or tomorrow night would be a far better president. >> stephen: uuum. even the guy who thinks his heart is in his junk? ( laughter ) because i'm not sure that's a good call. when it comes to healthcare, bernie's a fan of our neighbors to the north. >> five minutes away from here, john, is a country. it's called canada. they guarantee health care to every man, woman, and child as a human right. >> stephen: ( as bernie )
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"it's a magical land where health care is free, hugs are mandatory, and the currency has been replaced with maple syrup that gets you high." ( cheers and applause ) "you can ride a moose to a beaver factory." i don't know what that means. steve bullock addressed the health care issue with a personal story. >> never forget when my 12-year- old son had a heart attack within 24 hours of his life. had to be lifeflighted to salt lake city, but because we had good insurance, he's here with me tonight. >> stephen: i am glad governor bullock's son is okay. but apparently steve bullock's healthcare plan is to adopt everyone in america? then, if something happens, we're all good. ( laughter ) bernie pointed out how entrenched the current health care system is. >> and by the way, by the way, the health care industry will be advertising tonight on this program. rnestephen: wow, for some reason advertisers.
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"i bought a catheter and lets just say it was not self- lubricating." ( laughter ) "it was like inserting a pixie stick." >> jon: come on. >> stephen: it's sad but it's true! and when it came to medicare for all, bernie was ready to throw down. >> they will be better because medicare for all is comprehensive. it covers all health care needs for senior citizens. it will finally include dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses. >> but you don't know that. >> second of all-- >> you don't know that, bernie. >> we'll come to you in a second. >> i do know that. i wrote the damn bill. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: oh, whoa! >> stephen: boom! >> jon: oh! get in there, bernie! get in there, bernie! ( mimics whip crack ) >> jon: hey! >> stephen: ( as bernie ) "i wrote the damn bill, and it's a good thing you get dental care, tim, because i just slapped the teeth out of your dirty mouth." ( laughter and applause ) "it's raining chiclets in here!" >> jon: ( laughs )
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( piano riff ) >> stephen: but john delaney didn't buy bernie's healthcare numbers. >> his math is wrong. that's all i'm saying, that his math is wrong.ceroans ) >> jon: oh man, come on. >> stephen: now... oh, really? whole lot of delaney fans here tonight. they're an endangered species! by the end of the first round of questioning, it was clear who was taking the lead in the most important contest in america right now-- hannah b. was going with jed over tyler. even though jed only cares about promoting his music career, hannah! i may have briefly switched over to the bachelorette, mid-debate. ( laughter and applause ) ( piano riff ) and on the subject of healthcare, john delaney tried to speak to his experience-- on the trail. >> i've been going around rural america, and i ask ruralhoital n ques>> stepho you know i am?"an w
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in no way helpful. marianne williamson identified the problem with our health care system, phrasing. >> we need to realize we have a sickness care, rather than a health care system. >> stephen: (as williamson) "we have a department of housing, but not a department of home. ( laughter ) we have a secretary of education, instead of a secretary of educating. we have a defense department instead of a dream catcher i bought in sedona." ( laughter ) catch the missiles coming in, it will catch them. ( piano riff ) ( laughter ) and, mayor pete took issue with the repetition in how we discuss gun control. >> this is the exact same conversation we've been having since-- since i was in high school. >> stephen: "and that was almost three weeks ago. this is ridiculous! this is ridiculous." ( laughter ) >> jon: he's a young cat, man. i feel what he's saying.
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>> stephen: mayor pete showed his faith in the system. >> this is a country that once changed its constitution so you couldn't drink, and changed it back because we changed our minds about that. >> thank you. >> stephen: and to that, let me just say, "god bless the united states of america." ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) mm, that's all for now-- governor john hickenlooper tried to argue his centrist point of view, and he wasn't a fan of bernie's theatrics. >> so, again, i think if we're going to force americans to make these radical changes, they're not going to go along. and you go, throw your hands up. >> all right! >> jon: ( laughs ) ( laughter ) >> stephen: what are you doing? ( cheers and applause ) oh my god, what are you doing?
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what are you doing, hickenlooper?! throwing his hands up in exasperation is bernie's signature move! ( as bernie ) "i throw my hands in the air, because i profoundly care!" ( laughter ) tim ryan-- is that his name, tim ryan? tim ryan had a weird way of connecting with the common man. >> we've got to talk about the working class issues, the people who take a shower after work. ( laughter ) >> stephen: that's a unique way to refer to working class voters. ( as ryan ) "i care about the people who shower after work! who come in and peel off their sweaty clothes in the garage, because they're dirty. they are so, so very dirty. then they soap up and maybe the soap splashes on the sides of the glass in the shower. and it gets all steamy and soapy you can't see what's going on in there. and then maybe some of the water tumbles off them splashes on the glass and rolls down, and then, suddenly-- bam!
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it clears away and you can see all the way to christmas morning-- and you can tell they're into crossfit. and, i'm sorry, what was the question? what was... ( laughter ) john delaney kept talking about how the nominee shouldn't attempt anything too extreme. like, anything. and elizabeth warren had a rebuttal for that. >> i don't understand why any one goes to the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and shouldn't fight for. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: whoa! boom! stay down, delaney! come on. stay down, delaney! you're bleeding out. you're blind in one eye. come on. elizabeth eats lightning and craps thunder! ( laughter ) but, but-- the vibrant millennial, bernie sanders, had a message to the youth. >> we need to bring millions of
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young people into the political process in a way that we have never seen by, by among other things-- >> thank you, senator. >> making public colleges and universities tuition free and canceling student debt. >> thank you, senator. >> stephen: ( as bernie ) "we want a tik tok, snapchat in every cardi b. i'm bernie sanders and i'm running for student council president!" ( laughter ) bernie, bernie-- ( cheers and applause ) "i will come at you like a spider monkey!" ryan knew what to do on the environment. and he had the names to prove it. >> and you can go ask-- you can go ask gabe brown and alan williams, who actually make money off of regenerative agriculture. >> stephen: wait a second. alan williams and gabe brown? why didn't you say so when i've already forgotten their names?
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then, tim ryan took a swipe at one of the heavy weights. >> i didn't say we couldn't get there until 2040, bernie. you don't have to yell. ( laughter ) >> jon: oh. >> stephen: (as bernie) "i'm not yelling! this is what it sounds like when i whisper! ( laughter ) it's how i sang my kids lullabies at night. twinkle, twinkle, little star the billionaire class has gone too far." ( piano riff ) ( cheers and applause ) so sweaty. so sweaty. i don't usually break a sweat. i rarely-- i gotta say, i gotta say-- ( applause ) ( cheers ) i was testing you, testing you. and, the cnn moderators stuck to their rule on candidates' answers: stop them from answering. >> more about-- >> thank you, ms. williamson. >> thank you, mayor. >> to supporting entrepreneurship for black
11:50 pm
entrepreneurs. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, senator. >> we have to lead the world-- >> thank you, senator sanders. >> markets-- >> thank you, senator. >> no, so the question is-- >> senator, thank you, please abide by the rules. >> congressman delaney it's your turn. thank you, senator. >> stephen: you can imagine these guys monitoring the lincoln-douglas debates? ( as abraham lincoln ) a house divided against itself, cannot-- >> thank you, mr. lincoln. thank you. i have to give time to a fence post, by which i mean tim ryan. now mayor pete-- ( applause ) mayor pete took issue with the democrats' climate change talking points. >> we have all put out. >> stephen: look. ( laughter ) i'm going to stop you right there. this is a family debate. we don't need to know which one of you has put out. now, then marianne... went full williamson. >> if you think any of this wonkiness is going to deal with this dark psychic force of the collectivized hatred that this
11:51 pm
phen: yes!i'm afraid tup in this ( laughter ) there she goes, tossing her base some of that red unicorn meat. and the only way to defeat it is to help harry potter locate the final horcrux. ( laughter and applause ) and then! ( piano tones ) and then, then cnn asked the all-white group of candidacy how they deal with racism. >> governor hickenlooper, why are you the best nominee to heal the racial divide in america? please respond. >> stephen: "look, i know the feeling of being put down because of something i can't control. through no fault of my own, my name rhymes with lickenpooper. i know abuse." >> jon: oh, my. >> steph plano negotiate her trade wials.
11:52 pm
table, with small farmers at the table, with environmentalists at the table, with human rights activists at the table. >> stephen: "and we're going to need table manufacturers at theo need them to make much bigger tables, tables big enough for everyone i've invited to the table, table." ( applause ) then mayor pete took a shot at the republican enablers. >> when david duke ran for congress, ran for governor, the republican party 20 years ago ran away from him. today, they are supporting naked racism in the white house. >> stephen: please, mayor pete, it's bad enough. don't make me imagine donald trump tweeting in the nude. ( applause ) then, then... then marianne williamson began her final, final statement. >> our problem is not just that we need to defeat donald trump. >> stephen: ( as williamson ) "we have to defeat the dark lord sauron.
11:53 pm
defeat the lidless eye. ash nazg thrakatuluk agh burzum- ishi krimpatul!" ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: woooo! >> stephen: thank you, you know what i'm talking about. you know what i'm talking about. hickenlooper hicken-closed this way: >> what a night. i've loved it. >> stephen: that makes one of us. and no sooner had the debate ended when cnn put up a countdown clock to tomorrow night's debates. that's either the time until the next debate or how long tim ryan is going to spend fantasizing about your after-work shower. ( laughter ) we've got a great show for you tonight. jeff daniels is here. but when we return "meanwhile." maybe? ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) (sprintern) did you know you can switch
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and keep the public safe. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: everybody, welcome back. jon batiste and stay human, everybody. give it up for the band! ( cheers and applause ) folks-- right over here. folks, jeff daniels will be out here in just a moment. always a great guest to have on the show. ( applause ) >> jon: jeff daniels' in the house. >> stephen: i spent a lot of time over there composing a multilayer symphonic soundscape of news stories in the monologue. but once in a while i like to take a five-gallon bucket, turn it over, whittle a flute out of a discarded pig shin bone, scratch out a tune on grandma's old washboard-- to piece together the backwoods country jug band of topical news that is my segment:
11:59 pm
( cheers and applause ) "meanwhile!" >> jon: come on, now! ( laughter and cheers ) >> stephen: meanwhile, the t.s.a. at b.w.i. airport in maryland detained a man yesterday after "a missile launcher was found in his checked bag." who are these people? "honey, do you think you can pack this rocket launcher? it's over three ounces of launcher." ( laughter ) ( applause ) meanwhile, in doughnut news, "krispy kreme is redesigning its stores and making its menu even more sugary." ( audience reacts ) i guess to answer the question, "can god make a doughnut so sweet, that even he gets diabetes?" ( laughter ) ( applause ) the new krispy kreme menu will feature "concoctions like
12:00 am
doughnut-infused ice cream." and if you think i would stoop so low, to talk about this story just to get krispy kreme to send me a pint of it. then you know me pretty well. ( laughter ) ( applause ) meanwhile, meanwhile, we here at meanwhile global partners get so much insane news out of one particular state, that we had to create our meanwhile subsegment: >> guess which state this happened in? never mind, it's florida." >> give me back my drugs, alligator! ( firecracker explodes ) ( applause ) >> stephen: meanwhile, in new port richey, florida, this man, lonnie maddox, was arrested for breaking into a home, which he did "on horseback." ( laughter ) >> jon: wow. >> stephen: at first, maddox denied any crime, but when police told him there was
12:01 am
security footage of the break- in, "he said he wanted to see the inside of the house because he planned to rent it." that is some quick thinking. "how dare you! i obviously brought my horse, to rent this place that is not for rent. now, if you'll excuse me, i have to look at paint swatches with my falcon." >> jon: i got the horses in the back. >> stephen: meanwhile, an investigation just revealed that "a hacker gained access to 100 million capital one credit card applications and accounts." which explains capital one's new slogan: "what's in your wallet? never mind. got it." ( cheers and applause ) the-- oh, my. oh, my. there you go. the hacker, paige thompson, has been caught, and busting her required a crack squad of top investigators because she "boasted on social media that she had capital one information," and "posted the information on github, using her full first, middle, and last name."
12:02 am
that, was a super stupid crime. but if ms. thompson is in the market for a relationship, i know just the guy. we'll be right back with jeff daniels. right there. ♪ ♪ right there. ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) people 50 and older eening fr at average risk. i took your advice and asked my doctor to order cologuard, that noninvasive colon cancer screening test. the delivery guy just dropped it off. our doctor says it uses advanced science. it's actually stool dna technology that finds 92 percent of colon cancers. no prep, and private. colon cancer screening that's as easy as get, go, gone. ask your doctor if cologuard is right for you. choosing your investments most major insurers.
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back. ladies and gentlemen, my first guest is an emmy award winner you know from "the newsroom," "the looming tower" ancoer." he currently stars in "to ka mockgbird." please welcome back to the late show, our friend, jeff daniels. ♪ ♪ ( applause )
12:07 am
( cheers and applause ) >> you got-- you got bernie down. you got bernie down. that's the new go-to. >> stephen: a little bit. a little bit. >> you're going to see a lot of bernie in the next few months. >> stephen: it's easy pickins. you look like a man of the people in this outfit. you're not some fancy guy in a suit. you've got your jeans on. you've got the sleeves rolled up. you're ready to go to work for america. odlaughter ) >> stephen: why not? >> i don't know enough. >> stephen: that doesn't stop most of the people. ( laughter ) >> no, it doesn't -- >> stephen: who do this.
12:08 am
>> you look at these guys and you have to know about-- you have to know about-- you have to know too much. i know what i want. i know what i don't want, you know. >> stephen: okay. >> but, i don't know enough. i think it should be left to people who know how government runs and who can get things done in the political system in the government we have. it shouldn't be some guy who is popular-- >> stephen: exactly. >> and there he is. >> stephen: i'm all for people shaking things up, but it would be nice if people knew how to get things done so you can actually push it through. i just want to say right off the bat, thank you so much for being here. because, this is a school night for you. >> it is. >> stephen: you just did an entire performance of "to kill a mockingbird" where you brilliantly embody atticus finch, right here. there he is, on broadway. (cheers and applause) at the shubert theatre. and, if i'm not mistaken, sir, you have not one, not one, but two performances tomorrow. >> i do. >> stephen: you're as what my
12:09 am
>> stephen: you get a little-- >> you get spun, you get spinned. you do sorkin and you're spinning until 2:00 in the morning. >> stephen: what does-- what does doing sorkin-- because you have done several sorkins at this point, multiple sorkins. what does it do to your brain to be talking like that, the way he writes, for long periods of time? >> it's just, we're in our ninth month now-- at the end of our ninth month. we did our number 305 tonight. and that's a lot. ( cheers and applause ) it's not, you know, it's not years-- >> stephen: i'll give you-- i'll give it to you. >> yeah, okay. >> stephen: why not? >> but, eight times a week, the same thing, the same thing. you get to-- you know it better so you can let it go sooner. but it still is like the indy 500 up there because he writes in a way that it flows and it moves and moves and it moves. and you get to the end of it, and even if you've done it 300 times, you don't just go home and turn the lights out. you're still spinning. >> stephen: well, having done
12:10 am
it this many times, because the play and the source material, the book, is about different people in the same community reacting to accusations of violence and essentially racial profiling and how racism is dividing the people in this town, given, say, last three weeks, where donald trump's racism has become more overt in his attacks on various politicians and communities around the united states, has that changed the tone of the audience when they come in? do you think that changes what they get from the play or what they're looking for? because there's really, one of the most brilliant moments in the play is when-- which is new to this play, which is you and you calpurnia, atticus and calpurnia, talking about to what degree to you have to understand the side of the oppressor or how much do you just stand up for the oppressed? >> yeah, i think a lot of people-- we felt this early, way
12:11 am
back last november, december, but especially now, because suddenly baltimore is in the news. and they all-- we've got 1,400 people tonight who know that baltimore is in the news. and so there are lines that land, you know, more so than maybe six months ago, maybe. this-- "to kill a mockingbird" the ay, yoel it. and it's a mixed audience, but there's a lot of white people there, a lot of white liberal america. a lot of white america is sitting out there. and this play is like a right hook to their chin. you watch the movie. you read the book. you feel the play. when tom robinson gets sent to jail, he's 100% innocent, and the only reason he's going to jail is because he's black, you see tom robinson chained up and walking across the stage on his way to the electric chair. and it's a long cross. you feel that. and, america needs to feel that
12:12 am
stuff. america needs to do better than look at that picture of that father and that daughter in the river... and you tell-- ( applause ) you tell me that you're going to go to the voting booth and you're going to go, "they shouldn't have crossed the river." now, there are people out there that will believe that. go ahead. vote for it. do it. but i'm, and i can't wait for, this is the second debate out of 20? jesus. ( laughter ) you know-- whittle it down. but we need somebody that can take this guy on, that can punch him in the face. >> stephen: it was in-- ( applause ) there is something very specific to your life that would be helpful here is that the debate was by no accident in michigan tonight. >> yeah. >> stephen: which donald trump only won by around 10,000 votes. as a native michiganneder what
12:13 am
do you, the people of michigan want out of a president? what are they looking for in the next president? >> there were-- the democrats on the stage tonight and the stage tomorrow night have to talk to the white and black americans who lost their manufacturing jobs. all they did was work their ass off and have g.m. or-- pick a corporation-- send it to mexico, send it to china. because there's a new group that matters more, and they're called shareholders. and i can get that car made for 28 cents in mexico. done. and i don't have to feel badly about it because you know what? it's just business. oh, okay. you have to talk to those people, because they got screwed. and trump was the only guy in 2016 who said, "i'm going to bring your manufacturing job back. not a new one. the one you had, i'm going to bring it back." well, he hasn't done it. so, they've been lied to again. they don't know who to believe. you need to talk to them and you need to tell them that you're not going to raise their taxes
12:14 am
and to get what you need done, all these thing-- you need to talk to them, because they're the ones who are going to put an end to this madness. that 20%. not me, not you, not you. not the trump people. that 20% that voted for trump that didn't want to--87,000 votes in michigan had democrats on the undercard and blank on the president. 87,000. she lost by 11,000 votes. didn't talk to them. you've got-- you've got to get to those people. otherwise, it's going to be bad news november 2020. >> stephen: jeff, thanks so much for being here. ( cheers and applause ) >> you're very welcome. >> stephen: good to see you. "to kill a mockingbird" is on je diels, erybe shubert theatre. we'll be right back with msnbc's th( pr.
12:15 am
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody, welcome back to our show live after the democratic debate in detroit! my next guests are two award- winning journalists and childhood friends, who have a new msnbc series called
12:20 am
"american swamp." please welcome katy tur and jacob soboroff! ♪ ♪ ( applause ) >> hello! >> stephen: all right, all right, thank you so much for being here. >> of course. >> thanks for having us. >> stephen: this is the last set of debates before the rules change in september and it gets a little tighter. who do you think made enough of a name for themselves or got enough attention tonight to sort of boost their campaign to the next round? >> i think it's not surprising. i think you have warren. you have sanders. buttigieg is going to make it through, i'm not-- >> stephen: kind of givens, kind of givens. >> givens, i'm not sure about beto, any longer? i think he hasn't really made his mark. but then again this is not for me to judge. it's for the voters to judge and the polling to judge. >> stephen: sure, but you guys watch this a lot.
12:21 am
>> yeah. >> stephen: of all of the white men whose names-- whose names you can't remember, do you remember anyone's name from tonight? >> no, no, i don't think so. >> delaney. >> no, because he got murdered. >> because he only got every other question. ( laughter ) >> stephen: yes, he did. and tim ryan got slapped around a little bit by bernie tonight. >> he did, right. >> yeah. >> stephen: kind of warren went after delaney and bernie went after tim ryan. >> "i wrote the damn bill!" >> stephen: exactly. >> your impression is better than mine. >> stephen: oh, i don't know. thank you. >> i think that's what he does for a living. i think that there's a clear distinction between people who want to blow up the system and people tonight who said they wanted to work in it and i don't feel like they got any juice tonight by taking on these two front-runners, warren and bernie. >> stephen: do you think it is two camps? >> i do think so. i think donald trump won in 2016 by saying, "the system doesn't work for you. it's rigged. i'm going to go and fix it." and i think the democrats have an argument he didn't fix it.d m going to return things back to the way it was before, donald
12:22 am
trump." i'm not sure that's the argument to make to those voters who desperately want change. and i think right now that's the majority of voters who feel like they don't really like what's happening. but this special-- >> stephen: it is rigged. the system is rigged against you. >> exactly, the whole special called "american swamp" about how the system is set up right now to not work for you guys, and to come out there and say, "no, don't worry, we'll be able to fix it within the constraints," i'm not sure that's a winning argument. >> i think bernie actually set the stage and the table very well at the beginning. what's going on across america is what bernie said was happening tonight. he said it very pointedly at the top. we've got 500,000 people homeless in this country tonight. tens of millions of people without health care. and i just don't think the american people who stayed home last time and delivered the election to donald trump-- because that's who really delivered the election to donald trump-- being fired up by somebody saying let's fix things within the system as it exists, today. >> stephen: tomorrow night, there's another debate. cnn put up the countdown clock. >> it's going already.
12:23 am
>> can't wait. >> stephen: i think they've lost their countdown clock privileges. ( laughter )do you guys use td bc?r the "american swamp." >> no, i don't think they gave us a countdown clock, as a matter of fact. >> okay, no. i think we asked for one. >> stephen: katy, you spent 500 days on the road-- 510. >> stephen: 500, but who's counting? 510 days on the road with donald trump. do you see anybody from the debate tonight or anybody you saw in the last two debates who is a counter-puncher like donald trump? who would be able to go toe to toe and, you know, punch back? >> well, i think biden can go toe to toe with him with the name-calling and the one-liners. but i'm not sure about policy. donald trump, again, ran on changing the system. and i think if you're going to peel off those voters who tried trump and maybe don't know if they still like him, you're going to have to come to them with an argument of how you're going to make their life b i also don think it's idea to just go after donaldecac
12:24 am
yodon't need to do for e general for that. >> you need to talk about policy. and i think elizabeth warren has a real shot to reach those voters who are dissatisfied with the system and aren't sure if they still like trump. i think she can appeal to them by talking about her plans. >> stephen: we have to take a quick break. we'll be right back with more katy tur and jacob soboroff and their new show "american swamp." stick around. ♪ ♪ ( applause ) (door bell rings) it's open! hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptomsy. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts.
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: we're back. we're back with katy tur and jacob soboroff from msnbc. and you guys have a new docu-series called "american swamp." >> we sure do. >> stephen: on government corruption. >> it's exciting. >> sounds really fun, right? >> stephen: it is, unfortunately, i'm sure you've got a lot to talk about. ( laughter ) how bad is the swamp? donald trump ran on, you know-- >> draining it. >> stephen: (as trump) "drain the swamp."
12:32 am
it is, how bad is it? what level are we at? are we like at golden age corruption? is this nigeria? what is washington like right now? ( laughter ) >> it is full of alligators and every time you walk down the street, you're getting bitten on the ankles and maybe the arms. >> on the arms? >> well, it's very-- it a lot. they come up and they bite you. >> that's fair. >> stephen: what are the more redolent examples of how-- >> money. money. there's so much money in politics. the most money spent on a 2018-- on a midterm was 2018. >> about $6 billion. go ahead, sorry. >> stephen: so, it's not necessarily people lining their pockets with government contracts. it's literally sort of the political industrial complex making money off the fact that we have elections? >> i'll give you one example. you talked a lot about this, but we went to arizona. arizona is the sunniest state in the union, only 6% of people in arizona have solar power as a direct amount of money, the perverse amount of money flooding into the system. and natural gas, and other forms, nuclear power are, the preferred modes of powering your home in arizona, despite the fact you could do it, you could
12:33 am
make money back on your house because of money coming from the koch brothers and the big utility companies in arizona. >> trying to stomp it. may make money off of regular power. they don't make money off of solar power. >> stephen: so, forgive my ignorance here. how exactly does that work in the corrupt systems? so, i am someone from a petro company, a petroleum company, and i don't want solar power to be built in arizona. what am i doing to stop it? i'm not like bribing-- >> you are funding lobbyists and you're also contributing to campaigns, and you're putting dark money into super pacs, and those super pacs send out ads. they send out fliers, they flood your television with commercials, telling you that, "you don't want this. vote against it." and they lobby elected officials to vote down bills. >> it is legalized bribery and legalized money laundering. and that is the system that elects the politicians today in the united states of america. and that's what we're trying to tear apart. >> their hands are behind their back. i had a really frank conversation with ken puck,
12:34 am
republican member of the house from colorado. and he told me that oftentimes, a lot of the time, people don't actually want to get anything done. lawmakers would rather have the gridlock and sit there and talk about how they want to get something done, but not do anything, because if they do, doing? because if they do something, they run the risk of angering a special interest or big donor and those special interests or donors will spend money on getting them out of office so they sit there and twiddle their thumbs. >> stephen: and the anger that they're expressing, the fighting looks like they're doing something. >> exactly. >> stephen: but in fact, they're embracing the gridlock for cash. >> exactly. >> it's no surprise that nobody shows up to vote in this country, because nothing ever gets done. the system always stays the same. >> stephen: but, they will in 2020. don't listen to him. ( laughs ) ( cheers and applause ) we have to go. i'm so sorry. thank you so much for being here. katy, jacob. "american swamp" airs sundays on msnbc. katy tur and jacob soboroff, everybody! ♪
12:35 am
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