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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 10, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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because we are going to see big changes going to the week with highs definitely g in the 90s to triple digits ady fo an ocean breeze keeping us on the cool side. from the 50s to low 60s this morning as we go through the day, it will be another breezy day. westerly winds about 10 to 20 and gusty especially along the coast and up in the hills. gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. for the coast, low to mid 60s and cool for the bay and upper 60s to low to mid 70s with breezy conditions in the inland conditions topping out in the upper 70s to low 80s with sunshine. we will talk about the big warm- up going to the week. details coming up. if your commute takes you through byron on vasco road, you want to avoid the area for some time. we have a serious accident reported right at camino diablo. both directions north and southbound have been completely shut down for this major injury
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accident involving a motorcycle and a vehicle. it looks like the stretch of road is between camino diablo and walnut. you have delays in and around the area. they are diverting traffic on the other surface streets through there, but it is causing a pretty big backup in all directions. try to avoid the area if you can. byron highway at brentwood all of our, that accident in the clearing stages with some activity as well. let's look at conditions along 880, the nimitz freeway southbound at seventh street, some activity over to the right shoulder. a couple cars tangled up. so far the nimitz freeway thing pretty good with both directions, not been clear as well as southbound. taking 880 to get on san mateo, you start to see traffic bogged down a little bit across the span coming away from the toll plaza, some brake lights and it gets better once you connect on the 101 in foster city. no delays on 101. traffic is clear in both directions and eastshore freeway, seeing some brake lights in hercules.
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we are at the live news desk with an update from sfo this morning. you can take a live look and see the flashing lights, that's the construction happening on one of the runways that hasn't completely closed. as a result, there are major delays. 71 flights are canceled. 28 flights are delayed, and as far as arrivals are concerned, they are on average about three hours and 35 minutes delayed because of that construction. we will be sure to keep you up to date on that story. back to you. happening today in fremont, the city is expected to decide whether to move forward with plans for a homeless navigation center that has drawn fierce opposition from neighbors. the city is considering two location, one on dakota road and the other at a parking lot just behind city hall. the center would help 45 people at a time find permanent housing. in san francisco, opponents of a new homeless navigation center are going to make a last-ditch effort to block construction. workers have already started building on the waterfront. yesterday, a judge declined a request to stop that
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construction, but they decided to hear the case later this month. some people that live along the embarcadero have been very vocal in their opposition to the plan. >> it doesn't seem like they are giving a lot of thought to the pe othose people or the ople do there or the pehere. so why are they getting so much? why don't they do this down the street? there is land down there. i will go find them land. >> the group says the city failed to get the necessary approval to start work. a hearing is scheduled for september 23. san francisco supervisors will decide whether to throw their support behind a plan to purchase pg&e's electrical operations within the city. on friday, the mayor and city attorney sent a letter detailing the two and half billion dollar offer. they say that the city can provide power that is less expensive and more reliable. the later, the letter states that pg&e could use some money to pay victims of wildfires
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sparked by power lines. pg&e so far is not been receptive to the offer but it could be ultimately up to a judge. meanwhile, the utility has submitted its proposal for emerging from bankruptcy. the reorganization plan plans to payments from victims and insurers at $16.9 billion, but some estimates say that pg&e liabilities are actually around $30 billion. the plan filed in federal court envisions an exit from bankruptcy by june of next year. happening in a few hours, apple will make some big product announcements. jackie ward is live in palo alto on what we can expect and what we can expect to shell out if we want this stuff. >> it is a lot. that is for sure. this is apple's annual fall event where they tell us about all of their new shiny product and we are expecting to hear all about the new iphone 11 this morning as well as may be
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an upgrade to the apple watch. this is still all to be determined. nothing officially publicized yet. we believe that apple will be announcing three new iphones including two that will be designated pro. they will include a triple lens camera system that captures better lowlight images, wide- angle photos and near professional videos. a more affordable option could also be revealed. there are several reports regarding a new a 13 processor and an upgrade to face id. and apple will be announcing a new wireless charging feature this morning, one that would allow your air pods to charge on the back of your phone. the apple event invitation is an array of pastel colors, so some tech reporters believe that this could be a hint about the new colors of the product. 9-to-5 mac is reporting that the apple watch could soon have a built-in sleep tracking feature making people wonder about the battery life.
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according to 9-to-5 mac, apple developed the feature that will alert users to charge their watch before they go to sleep, because you have to charge your watch pretty much every day in order for it to work properly. the event is in cupertino starting at 10:00 this morning. dozens of u.s. attorneys general have launched a multistate investigation into google. the antitrust investigation will focus on the company dominance in digital advertising. they say that the ary have gone out its rivals. if google is found to have broken u.s. antitrust rules, the company could be forced to divest itself of some parts of the business. california and alabama are the only states not taking part in the probe but it is unclear why. google says that it plans to work constructively with regulators. on capitol hill, bay area representative mike thompson will lead a form on gun violence prevention as democrats continue to pressure senate republicans to take action. senator chuck schumer is among those calling for hr 8 to be
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brought to the senate floor for the boat. it is the bipartisan background checks act of 2019. the bill, passed by the house, establishes new background check requirements for gun sales between private parties. >> too many americans are losing their lives to gun violence. too many families are just weeping because they have lost loved ones. >> we are trying to take anyone's gun away was your person with mental illness and a convicted felon. >> hr 8 does not affect some weapons transfers like gifts between family members. in the meantime, mitch mcconnell says he will not bring a gun bill to the floor unless it has president trump's complete support. the time is 6:07. a wild scene in british parliament. shoving and shouting matches are breaking out in the ongoing battle over brexit. we will have the latest
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developments from the uk. >> the radars, the raiders are preparing to leave oakland, but will not be without it. how marshawn lynch is helping bring a new team to his hometown. >> after love beast mode. >> a cool and breezy day once again with onshore flow. i will show you futurecast taking you through the day. but a beautiful live look at the salesforce tower camera. >> and a motorcycle crash has lanes shut down on vasco road in byron. details and travel times coming up. my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon,
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, deal talk! comes with fries and a drink. all for just the change in your couch. what... mr. wigglesworth? i thought we lost you. kevin?! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. good tuesday morning to. we keep a close eye on the wind for you because it is a breezy start today and that continues through the afternoon. check out san francisco, west and northwesterly winds at 22 miles per hour, 13 in pleasanton and 12 for san ramon. 30 mile-per-hour wind in antioch as well as fairfield. we will show you futurecast wind gust going to the day. details coming up. traffic trouble spots, one
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in byron and we see delays on 580 and highway 4, west on 580 loaded up. rick lights coming out of tracy, 33 minute drive times in seven it's from 160 to 80. if you plan on taking vasco road, both directions are completely shut down between amino diablo and walnut for an injury accident. with brexit less than two months away, politicians in the united kingdom appear anything but united. british lawmakers started pushing and shoving as parliament was officially shut down yesterday. just before that, they passed a law to block a no brexit deal. that comes in direct opposition to prime minister boris johnson who bowed to pull the uk out of the european union next month with or without a deal. lawmakers rejected his call for a snap election to break the deadlock. in the west, federal regulars are pushing california to fix up its highway safety barriers in response to a pair of deadly crashes. a new report from the ntsb says
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that the state failed to fix a barrier involved in a crash last year. and mountain view. the barrier had been damaged 11 days before the crash. regulators also say that a crash in san jose in 2016 involved the barrier that had been damaged for 44 days. the state department of transportation says it is reviewing the report. counsel numbers from san jose are going to discuss putting the brakes on the city safe parking program. the parking lots are located at three community centers across the city, and they are meant to help the homeless who live in their cars, but some city leaders say this is not working. they say it is underutilized, and it has attracted rvs into the area that aren't part of the safe parking program. while it has helped many families get back on their feet, some who still live in the areas say they are not exactly safe. >> it's nerve-racking. it is my home, but it is time to leave. >> patrons complained about gang shootings and fights. the housing department is
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recommending families living there be transitioned onto a motel voucher program or use a different lot. >> 6:party, as we take a live look at the oakland arena, right next to where the raiders played their last opening game of the season before they moved to las vegas next year. >> football will still be staying in oakland. a new indoor football league team founded in part by former rater marshawn lynch is going to play at the war years old home. >> lynch and gaming entrepreneur roy choi are launching the brand-new oakland panthers team starting in the spring of next year. >> the name comes with a special meeting referring to the indigenous cougar, the oakland history of activism and the black panther movement and the recent blockbuster film like panther. >> the meantime, oakland raiders are now 1-0 after beating the broncos last night, but there was some added drama and last night game. >> fans we heard from say it is all because of antonio brown. tailgating fans burned and stomped on the former wide
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receiver's jersey. once the game began, some held the sign reading toclow. lded t s reed from the raiders just three days ago and then picked up by the patriots after feuding with management. fans say they stay true to who was on their team regardless of where their team plays. >> they could go to egypt. i will be a raider fan. i'm a diehard raider fan. >> if you are a true fan, no matter where your team goes, that's it. >> meanwhile, antonio brown's agent telling cnn that brown wanted out because he lost trust in the organization. and he felt like his contract had been voided in many respects. >> a quarter after 6:00 and we have a traffic alert this tuesday morning. >> this problem has been out there for quite some time and it is affecting both directions of vasco road near camino diablo and walnut. it is a motorcycle accident.
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they had a medical helicopter landing. that is why this is taking some time for the area to clear. use service streets and alternates in and around the area, chp is diverting traffic to their, but we are getting word of significant delays because of the accident. not too far from there on byron highway, there is a crash also involving a motorcyclist causing some delays as well. let's go over to the eastshore freeway westbound 80. we got a couple cars tangled up, not blocking lanes, it is over to the right shoulder. traffic is doing okay this morning on 80. we aren't seeing a lot of trouble spots. 18 it's from highway 4 as you work your way to the maze. of course, once you get into the macarthur maze, that's where you see the bulk of delays for folks going to the bay bridge. i will show you that in just a second. san mateo bridge meanwhile look like it's starting to stack up, lots of company as folks make the track away from 880 over towards a 101. once you get onto 101 in foster city, north bouncing a couple break lights.
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a live look at the bay bridge, traffic is backed up, metering lights were turned on at about five and 24 this one, you are back into the maze at this point. approaches starting to see some delays which means the eastshore freeway commute, you will see some brake lights coming out of emeryville this morning, not the case for the golden gate bridge. a beautiful shot. traffic is very light and looking pretty good out of karen. no major snacks. we had an earlier stall not far from 580 on the southbound side of 101, but that has since been cleared and speaking of one-to- one, let's go south of there and take a look at the conditions out of the south bay. only a 35 minute drive time to go from san jose over towards sfo. it looks like traffic is a little bit slow as you work your way towards tully on the northbound side of one-to-one and again but it two 8680 connector traffic seemed to bog down a bit south of there as well as working your way through morgan hill. if you like the more mild temperatures that we had yesterday, you will likely like today. similar conditions come a we are looking at onshore flow kicking back in once again, big changes as we go through the week. here is a live look at the salesforce tower, with patchy
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fog. temperatures olympic cooler compared to yesterday. running in the 50s to about 60 degrees. so 60 in concorde, upper 50s in oakland and livermore, san francisco and san jose and a cool and chilly start to the day in santa rosa at 50 degrees. the weather headlines, one more breezy and cool day today. across the bay area thanks to the strong seabreeze. the warm-up begins tomorrow. as the ocean breeze relaxes and high pressure builds in for tomorrow. the hottest day of the week, likely on friday to and out the work week. here is the satellite and radar view. the reason why we are expecting cooler than normal temperatures once again today, that's because of the strong low pressure system ringing the rain and thunderstorms to the pacific northwest. that means for us a breezy day in the bay area with the stronger marine influence. we are showing you the futurecast going hour by hour. wind gusts westerly wind about 10 to 20 miles per hour for most of us and for the coast and the hills, gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per hour. a gusty day for you. hour by hour, showing you the
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skies on futurecast, we have that clearing tomorrow, more sunshine and temperatures are warmer. >> strong ridge of high pressure, that means a warm ending to the week with temperatures soaring by friday into friday and triple digits inland. sunrise at six equity seven and sunset at 7:25. daytime highs, looking at 82 in concorde and fairfield, 79 for livermore, 77 in san jose and fremont, 72 in oakland and 67 for san francisco. mild comfortable conditions today. there we go with the start of a warming trend for us beginning tomorrow, and then temperatures will be increasing through the rest of the work week. check out thursday and friday. we are talking that upper 90s to 100 degrees inland on friday. definitely the warmest day. that's out of the week. and over the next several days. above average temperatures for the weekend. we will slowly cool back down
6:20 am
saturday and especially by sunday and much cooler by monday of next week. 6:19, a new warning about the breathing mask that became an all-too-familiar site in the bay area during the wildfire season. why they could do more harm than good. taking a live look outside, looking south from our camera on top of sutro tower. it is a lovely morning around the bay area. we will be right back. from the couldn't be prouders
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save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. on the fire watch, the largest wildfire in california is still raging in the plumas national forest. at last check, the walker fire has spread to nearly 45 thousand acres. that's about the size of san francisco and alameda combined. mandatory evacuations are in place in several rural areas as
6:24 am
more than 800 firefighters are working to put out the flames. >> what is hard about this fire is the wind. >> the wind and the terrain as well. when the canyons line up with the way the wind is going, that can create a faster moving fire. >> the most effective techniques have been hand crews and bulldozing. but as of this morning the walker fire is only 10% contained. over in santa barbara county, a 200 acre fire in the town of buellton leaving more than 10,000 people without power, it prompted evacuations and road closures including a lane on 101. and the so-called mcmurray fire broke out yesterday afternoon. you can see that smoke rising into the air on the hillside, no word yet on what started this one. at last check, it is 20% contained. this wildfire season, bay area health departments are urging us all to prepare for the possibility of unhealthy air. you probably remember the m 95
6:25 am
masks that people were scrambling to find during last year's wildfire season. now health officials say it doesn't appear that those respirators provide any protection unless it is form fitted to your face. and the mask can actually make it more difficult to breathe. >> people who have respiratory problems from the smoke may not realize whether it is the mask or the air that is bothering them. >> the better option they say is to just stay indoors and try to use the air filtration system if you can. >> fewer students in california will receive exemption from their vaccination. governor newsom signed the new law yesterday after an emotional day of protests in california's capital. >> protesters crowded the state capital and the chp says that seven people were arrested. the new law tightens up rules around medical exemptions for school kids, in part by creating a state oversight board to sign off on them. the bill comes as a nation
6:26 am
fights off the largest measles outbreak in decades tied to communities with low vaccination rates. >> sick that 25, san francisco based e-cigarette maker is facing serious new allegations. the fda. >> and criminal probe open in connection with the tragic dive boat fire in southern california, where the investigators are focused. >> and taking a live look outside at the bay bridge. traffic is really starting to stack up. we will have a check on the traffic coming up. aetna takes a total approach to your health and wellness
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. a new lawsuit challenging san francisco decision to designate the nra as a terrorist organization, why the gun rights group says the city overstepped its authority. why california could be heading for a big showdown with the ncaa after this week. it is tuesday, september 10. >> michelle is off this morning. it is 6:30 and we have a beautiful start our tuesday. we have a bit of a cool down. >> we are looking at temperatures a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. below average for this time of year, but check out the gorgeous start to the day in san jose. good morning to you with mainly clear skies. temperatures in san jose at 57
6:31 am
degrees and also downtown san francisco, 60 in concorde and upper 50s in oakland and livermore and 50 in santa rosa. your temperatures heading to the day, we are looking at highs right around 67 in downtown san francisco and 72 oakland and 77 in san jose and 82 for concorde for the daytime highs. running about 3 to 4 degrees below average as we go through the rest of the week, we will be soaring with temperatures well above average. i will talk about that warm-up coming up. >> it looks like the drive along 880 is heating up. we have delays out of san lorenzo. brake lights to hayward as well. a couple of accidents reported, southbound 880 south of 92 and another one reported near tennyson and winton. 26 minute drive time from his fury in the 237. it will be slow as you get onto the san mateo bridge connector as well. delays on the bridge, itself, right on the toll plaza and finally some better news to report for folks traveling
6:32 am
along vasco, both directions, in byron, all lanes have been reopened. the accident now clear. traffic is recovering in and around the area near camino diablo and waon v. west on 580, condions, ofmy past commuters sing a lot of brake lights coming out of tracy, stay slow as you go all the way towards the top of the ultimate. >> and i met emily turner at the live news desk where we have breaking news in from iraq. the town of carbolic, at this point, we know that a walkway collapsed during a religious procession. and at this point, 17 people were killed, 75 people were injured, and as we get updates, those numbers continue to increase. this happened in the shiite city of carbolic causing panic and a stampede. likely, those numbers will continue to increase. we will keep an eye on it from the live news desk. the dive boat disaster off the santa barbara coast has turned into a criminal probe. and authorities say that they have recovered a trove of information to build their case. officials say that they have seized electronics an employee and training records and
6:33 am
business documents to help with their case. they're looking into some safety issues to see what caused the fire to spark on that dive boat. 34 people were killed on labor day. the majority from the bay area. 6:32, the national rifle association is suing san francisco because of how the city is branding the gun rights lobbying group. the suit comes less than one we supervisors declared the nra a domestic terrorist organization. the nra is firing back, calling the move unlawful. it filed a federal complaint yesterday. it is seeking court orders barring city from taking any action to enforce that resolution like discouraging the city's of vendors and contractors from doing business with the nra. >> we believe that the nra is a hugely destructive force in this country, there are thousands and thousands of gun deaths every year. there are assault rifles and weapons of war on our streets, and the nra, every step of the way, has its own division and sought to keep these weapons on
6:34 am
the streets. and in our perspective, that is a threat to public safety. >> that is supervisor matt haney who went on to say this is a frivolous lawsuit and called it a political move by the nra. he is presuming it will get thrown out of court ready quickly. the nra attorney says this action is an assault on all advocacy organizations across the country. there can be no place in our society for this manner of behavior by government officials. fortunately, the nra, like all u.s. citizens is protected by the first amendment. we have posted that full complaint on our website, the san francisco resolution follows a number of corporate moves to cut ties with the nra and its membership. walmart, cvs and albertson's chains have all asked customers not to open the carry firearms into their stores. >> a new bill sent to expand the california red flag law is now on governor newsom's desk.
6:35 am
the state legislature passed a major expansion of the law yesterday, allowing school staff to ask the court to take guns away from people that they see as a danger to themselves or the public. the governor has not yet made any comment on the new bill, but he said that he was interested in tighter gun control following this year's massive, mass shootings. >> the state senate just passed a bill to let college athletes hire agents and be paid for the use of their name, image or likeness. telephone universities opposed the bill. meanwhile, the ncaa has warned that passing it could make california colleges ineligible for national championships. a final vote on the measure will be underway on friday. >> more scrutiny on san francisco based juul this morning, they claim that they are safer than cigarettes. the fda sent a letter warning the company about illegal marketing claims. meanwhile, one influential democratic congressman wants the fda to ban vaping entirely.
6:36 am
>> previously healthy young people are getting seriously ill because our fda in washington has failed to protect them from the dangers of e cigarettes. >> they say they have seen the fda letter and will cooperate. and it is being called a public health epidemic. they encourage the public to avoid using the product until the cause of the recent illnesses is found. happening today, santa clara board of supervisors is expected to approve $600,000 in funding for rape crisis centers. they currently go to santa clara medical center for forensic exams and have provided advocates by the ywca and community solutions. the time is 6:36. four crew members from a capsized cargo ship are back on dry land this morning after spending more than one full day inside the wrecked vessel. how rescuers managed to get them out. and why new rules on
6:37 am
electric bikes of spark some concerns about bay area parks. >> and the stock market opened just about seven minutes ago, taking a quick check on the big board, the dow is down this morning. just about 40 points. coming up, we will get an update from financial reporter jason brooks. the ross fall fashion event has all the looks for way less... check this out! that's yes for less. get the brands you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at the ross fall fashion event. on now.
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6:40 am that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. a good tuesday morning. it is a breezy start today thanks to the strong seabreeze. 22 mile-per-hour wind in san francisco, 17 at sfo. looking at 13 in pleasanton, 12 for san ramon, 30 mile-per-hour winds in antioch as well as fairfield. we will show you futurecast take you through the day and the wind gusts coming up. the morning commute in full swing with a new trouble spot along the eastshore freeway as you work your way westbound. we are getting rid of a crash blocking the left lane. it makes it a very busy right as you commute out of hercules. pockets of slowing as you
6:41 am
approach the accident. stay slow into richmond and brake lights to berkeley. you will see a lot of brake lights as you work your way towards the bay bridge with metering lights on. 6:40. fire crews in australia are battling more than 100 wildfires in the country's east side. authorities are warning that the severe blazes are an omen of a brutal fire season to come. local police are investigating the cause ofres in eensland new say that nvol children playing. in the meantime, massive factory fire is burning in sydney. officials say the inferno was putting residents dangerously close to toxic black plumes. this video shows the factory fully engulfed with thick black smoke. officials say that the bomb like explosions have been rocking the food factory. hundreds are being evacuated from the area and no injuries were reported. rescue and recovery efforts underway in the bahamas. search teams are coming through the rubble after hurricane dorian devastated the islands.
6:42 am
the official number of people killed right now is 50. that is expected to grow. teams have been working through a flattened landscape on the islands. some people who live there are trying to flee to the u.s. and not being allowed to. president trump is cracking down on hurricane refugees, only letting true bahamians and and refugees with a u.s. visa. efforts are underway to minimize the damage after a massive cargo ship overturned o embers remained trapped for more than 30 hours before rescuers managed to pull them to safety. investigators are still trying to figure out why the ship capsized shortly after leaving port yesterday. the coast guard rescue 20 crew members before smoke and fire suspended the mission. the remaining four minutes started tapping on the steel to let rescue teams know where they were. >> there was a system of tapping where they would do 3 to 4 taps or more and eventually they got backs. it was more important that they know where to go so they could
6:43 am
touch the steel on the outside of the ship to make the taps. >> rescuers had to cut a hole in the vessel to the engine room where the men were trapped. officials are investigating to see if the weather played a role in the accident. in the bay area, crews saved and injured man stuck on a cliff near china camp. the seven 8:00 lesson. crews climbed up the cliff and lowered him onto the beach. he was taken to the hospital but he is expected to be okay. 6:43. the trump administration new plan to allow e bikes on trails that national parks is receiving mixed reaction. in the bay area, the policy classifies them as regular bicycles regular, rather than motor driven vehicles. that means you could use them anywhere bikes are currently allowed. that would include the marin headlands and the point raise national seashore. supporters of the change say it could allow people with physical limitations to enjoy new areas of the national park system. >> we have an aging population.
6:44 am
this is a way for people to continue the sport that they are passionate about into their older years. >> opponents are afraid it could pose a safety hazard and threatened to destruct the pristine trails. today, apple is making some big product announcements. >> jason brooks joins us now. >> good morning. it is the annual iphone unveiling by apple taking place in the steve jobs auditorium at the headquarters in cupertino. beginning at 10 am pacific, three new iphone models coming up, this will be the 11 series and analysts are expecting a 5.8 inch pro model, a 6.5 inch promax and the cheaper 11 are. the iphones are expected to have stronger batteries and faster charging a better camera. what they won't have is 5g connectivity. this will be the last batch of 4g iphones, 5g iphones aren't coming until next year. as a result, wall street does
6:45 am
not have high expectations for this batch of iphones. in fact there is probably even more interest from the street on apple new streaming service, apple tv plus which will launch in a couple of months and we are expected to get more details on what that will be, including apple stock this morning moving lower by little over a half percent. but that is up 35% since the start of the year. overall, the market is pulling back this morning after a pretty flat mixed session. the dow dropped 80 points and the nasdaq down 71 and the s&p 500 is living lower by 17 points. heads up bay area boaters, the marine mammal center has a warning this morning. if you see a well, give it plenty of space. >> you have to see this video clip. this comes after a potentially dangerous encounter over the weekend.
6:46 am
can you imagine? take a look, the cell but coming dangerously close to a humpback whale in the san francisco bay. two sailboats cruising in very quickly and they got very close to the humpback before diverting away at the last second. marine biologists say federal law calls for boats to give a 300 foot buffer to whales. >> my first reaction is yikes, that was awfully close. whether the seller could have or should have avoided it, it's hard to tell from the video, but federal law calls for boaters and individuals to keep their distance from marine mammals. >> some experts say this serves as a reminder to slow down as some return to the bay after a two-month hiatus. >> they have to keep those rules. we've seen how whales have been injured by the ships in the past and died as a result. >> but i wonder if they know that they are close until all of a sudden a whale breaches. it would maybe be difficult to follow the rule. >> that is scary. incredible video. thank god everyone is okay. looking at the roadways, and your way out and about, new reports of a crash along the
6:47 am
eastshore freeway at l4 tell causing delays. and that morning commute heating up. making it extra busy working your way along the eastshore freeway ride. it looks like you are sluggish out of hercules and brake lights again into richmond and again, slow into berkeley and emeryville as everyone goes towards the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is backed up into the maze. 580, the eastshore freeway ride off of 880, traffic is sluggish. south 880 speaking up, we have had a couple of accidents. one was pretty close to 92 on the right shoulder. another one just south of that. it's causing some slow and go conditions as you work your way through hayward. it will slow down getting onto the san mateo bridge. we see some brake lights westbound as everyone makes the track out of hayward into foster city. a sluggish ride working away across the span. 20 minutes ago from 880 towards 101. slow and go as well along
6:48 am
highway 4. the top of the brake lights out of antioch, some delays in the pittsburgh. we had an earlier trouble spot, but it looks like that is in the clearing status. slow speeds dipping down about 87 miles per hour in some aklights a you proach the eastshore freeway. business as usual auor month pa medicine but worse, the traffic hazard popping up near grant line. that's a broken down vehicle blocking at least one lane. slow and go and it gets better at the top of the pass and it really bogs down working away towards the dublin interchange. 33 minutes to a 5 to 680 and it could be a little bit more because of the stall just reported an slow and go going westbound. that's 160 to 80. southbay, typical stuff, you will see brake lights as you work your way northbound, it really bogs down northbound around tully and you will see things slow and go to hundred 8680 connector. how is the forecast? >> the pacific ocean breeze we know and love so well keeping us on the more mild side.
6:49 am
another beautiful day across the bay area. this is a live look the salesforce tower looking north. patchy fog rolling in with the beautiful golden gate bridge. temperatures are running a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. mainly in the 50s. concorde at 60 degrees, upper 50s in oakland and livermore in san francisco and san jose and 50 for santa rosa. the weather headlines, breezy and cool across the bay area. thanks to the onshore flow. changes beginning tomorrow. a warm-up starts tomorrow as the ocean breeze relaxes and high pressure builds in and the hottest day of the week likely on friday. the satellite and radar view, a low pressure system and a strong low over the pacific northwest bring rain and thunderstorms, that means for us in the bay area, the strong marine influence. another breezy day across the bay area, wins westerly at 10 to 20 miles per althe coast and up in the hills, gusts up to 30 to 35 miles per
6:50 am
hour. going to the day, showing you the skies on futurecast, the skies will clear as we go through the afternoon. tomorrow, more sunshine and temperatures warming up beginning tomorrow and again through the week. taking you and fast-forward through the week, we will warm- up with temperatures soaring by friday inland into the upper 90s to triple digits. for today, enjoy these temperatures low average running about 3 to 4 degrees below average, pleasant conditions with the sunshine and the south bay, 76 in santa clara, 77 in san jose, low 80s in morgan hill. low 80s for concord and fairfield, pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood, 79 in livermore, 67 for a high in 67, san francisco. will 70s berkeley alameda and for san leandro, 80% fell, and looking at highs topping out around 81 for windsor. that's the seven-day forecast. temperatures a little bit
6:51 am
warmer wednesday and much warmer on thursday. check out friday, inland, 100 degrees for some of the hottest spots inland on friday. even for the bay, we are talking that upper 70s to low 80s on friday and low 70s even along the coast with the sunshine and above average temperatures for the weekend, but cooling down as we go through especially sunday and monday. a mosquito borne virus known as triple e has killed at least three people in three states. massachusetts reported the first death in late august. on friday, michigan reported its first and now rhode island reporting the death of a person in their 50s. there is usually only about 5 to 10 human cases reported in the country every year, but this year, public health officials are seeing a spike in cases. >> this is a disease that can strike people of all ages, and our hearts go out to the family and friends of everyone impacted. >> the resulting infection causes swelling of the brain and many who survive suffer from neurological problems. there is no vaccine or specific
6:52 am
treatment. the best way to prevent infection is through insect repellents. and wearing long sleeves. it is just about eight minutes before 7:00. a live look at the warmer home of the war years. fans will soon have a new team to cheer for. we have details on the new announcement. >> and we are just a few hours away from apple's annual product event. what we think we will be learning about three new iphones. good morning, head, protecting kids from flavored e cigarettes. first on cbs this morning my michael bloomberg and the president of the campaign for tobacco free kids joins us with $160 million effort. and the 16-year-old climate activist gratitude berg who sailed across the atlantic walks into studio 57. she has a message for world leaders. and looking live from the mount back a camera at the beautiful sun shining brightly. 45 degrees in the top stories
6:53 am
when we come back. by the strolle♪s
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i'm jackie ward live in palo alto down in cupertino, apple is just a few hours away from announcing their new iphones and we expect them to be giving us details on a possible upgrade for the apple watch. at 10:00 this morning, apple is expected to announce the three new iphone models. bloomberg reports that two of them will be designated pro and will include a new triple lens camera system that captures better lowlight images, wide- angle photos and near professional videos. a more affordable option to replace the iphone letter asked r is available. a new a 13 processor 2 as well as face id. and a new wireless charging feature that would allow your air pod to charge on the back of your phone. 9 to 5 mac is reporting the apple watch me soon have a built-in sleep tracking feature
6:57 am
making people wonder about the battery life. according to 9 to 5 mac, apple developed a feature that will alert users to charge their watch before they go to sleep. so the apple event starts at 10:00 this morning in cupertino. 6:of d7, time for look at the top stories. >> and today, they will decide any new homes navigation center. fremont things about two locations, one on dakota road and another in a park lot behind city hall. it would help 45 people at a time find permanent housing. the plan has long drawn fierce opposition from critics. >> the diver disaster off the santa barbara coast has turned into a criminal probe. investigators are looking into safety issues including whether a night watchman was on duty when the fire broke out on board, killing 34 people on labor day. san francisco supervisors will decide what to do pro
6:58 am
support behind pg&e electrical operations in the city. this comes after the mayor and city attorney sent a letter detailing the 2 1/2 billion dollar offer. the california governor has signed a controversial vaccine exemption bill into law after an emotional day of protests and arrest in sacramento. the new law tightens up rules around medical exemptions for school kids. taking a live look at the oakland arena right next to where the raiders played their last opening game before moving to las vegas. football stays open and the new indoor league team called the oakland panthers will play at the war years' old home. looking at the roadways, a snag southbound 680 at randolph avenue. a couple cars tangled up. also on 680 but another portion near the fairfield area right at gold hill, a motorcycle crash. a couple trouble spots along 680. westbound 80 continues to be a slow ride due to the crash
6:59 am
clearing. it looks like it's trying to get out of the left lane into the right shoulder and bogging things down as you work your way through the eastshore freeway commit to the bay bridge wherehe tering lights are on and you are backed up into the maze, it all approaches see slow and go conditions. san mateo bridge sluggish across the span especially coming way from the toll plaza and richmond san rafael bridge. you have delays over there as well. this a look at the sutro camera looking east. patchy fog rolling in and really clear skies above that. we will see sunshine as we go through the day. mild temperatures and cooler than average. 82 in concorde and fairfield, 79 in livermore and 77 in san jose and 72 in oakland and 67 for san francisco. a breezy day today. check out wednesday, we start one and we continue with a warm- up to the work week and friday, the hottest day of the week and still above average looking ahead to the weekend. so if you want a hotter weather, you got it. >> numbers don't lie. >> it is looking lovely and plenty of sunshine all around.
7:00 am
>> enjoy that. thank you for starting your tuesday morning here with us. >> the next local update is at 7:26 as we take another live look outside. cbs this morning is coming up next. have a wonderful day. welcome to cbs this morning. i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. a capsized freighter crew is now safe. this comes after a day of dramatic rescues. here from a captain on the scene. >> a vaping band, why michael bloomberg is trying to keep e-cigarettes away from teenagers. and billy bush's the reckoning. his relationship with president trump since the controversy. and the teen climate change activist tha sailed across the
7:01 am
atlanta to talk to the u.n. will be


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