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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 13, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. . >> a live look outside this morning as we start what will be a scorching hot day today. mary will let us know where temperatures could reach triple digits. >> a deadly wrong way crash causes big problems on the morning commute. the effort to reopen the road. >> and a major divide is aparent as democratic contenders for president square off on the debate stage. . >> good morning everyone. it's september 13th. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. we have breaking news a fatal wrong way crash in silicone valley. let's get to kpix5 jacky ward live at the scene. jackie. >> reporter: good morning. i am alongside 85 northbound right now because the freeway is back opened. fortunately after a few hours of being closed. right now i am at the easy street on ramp to 85 northbound so traffic can easily get on here. but yet, there was a wrong way
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double fatal crash. that happened just before 1:00 this morning when a car was traveling the wrong way on highway 85 northbound. it crashed with another car that was driving the correct waycausing the cars to erupt inflames. both died on scene achp officer told us what rain he recommends drivers use if they are driving late at night. >> we remind people when traveling late at night, especially because of a lot of times we have people driving under the influence, to try to avoid on the number one lane, which is the left lane so a lot of times, wrong way drivers will think that's the slow lane and you may be involved in a traffic collision. this collision happened on the number two lane. so we are trying to get people to avoid the left lanes. >> reporter: caltrans was able to get the crash cleaned up before 6 this morning. so it will try to ease the morning commute back up as soon as possible. originally, they were diverting
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traffic off the evelyn avenue exit. but back out here, we are live in mountain vow where the coast is clare 85 northbound. back to you. >> thank you. so what that moneys for your drive this morning since it is friday, friday light hopefully the delays will dissipate and things will get back up to speed. speeds still about 3 miles per hour as everything row covers through there. you will want to hop on alternates until all lanes are completely clear of traffic congestion. all lanes are now opened north 85 at evelyn use 237 as an alternate net to get through. hopefully things are moving better. 101 out of the south bay is light. jumping to northbound 880. i got oop update on this. the accident pretty close to marina at least one lane is now blocked. at one point they had all lanes completely shut down for a box truck and a vehicle towing a trainingel. left lane is closed. that's easing up things a
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little bit. but slugger sluggish. hop on 580 and use washington the surface treats are better. we will look at the freeway up next but how's the forecast. >> just wait until today, the hottest temps of the week this afternoon. temperatures are soaring with the heat advisory in effect from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for most of the bay area due to temperatures well above average for this time of year. and the 80s to low 100s later today. spare the air alert in effect once again. air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups for the east bay and santa clara valley. moderate for the rest of the region. through the day, check out the temperatures. from san francisco heating up to 87. san jose 96. and triple digit heat expected in concord at 100 degrees. daytime highs 15 to 17 degrees above average for this time
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year. we will talk about the weekend forecast and the chance to see some showers in the extend forecast coming up. two people are reportedly dead after an amtrak train struck them in berkeley. it happened after 8 last night near 4th street and bancroft way. there were no reports of injuries among anyone on board the train. train service was disrupted butappears everything should be back on schedule. earthquakes rattled the salinas valley the largest a 3.8 that struck before midnight centered 10 miles southeast of hollister that has seen five other earthquakes ranging between 2.6 and 3.4. no reports of any damage or injuries. . i'm anne makovec and we are going live to illinois where there is major flooding. check this out. this is in chicago.
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this extends to the northeastern suburbs. several counties involved in urn and all stream flooding warning. you can see roadways are just buried in water right now. after heavy rainfall overnight. and some of the smaller streams around there were flooded. the backyards turned into lakefront property there. almost five inches of rain fell overnight. we have some video from some of the earlier hours here. look at that car just drenched right now in water. the worst part is the weather is expected to continue there in the chicago suburbs. some rescue operations underway right now. the heavy rain expected into the start of the weekend. back to you. >> the cable cars in san francisco are out service and won't run for 10 days. crews need to refubish the gear
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boxes and shuttle bus will replace the cars. the democratic candidates for president are battling over health care with a clear divide at their third debate last night. senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are supporting medicare for all plans. and former vice president joe bidee and amy klobuchar wants to keep private insurance. >> people will not go into financial ruin. >> i never met anybody who likes their health insurance company. >> a nonprofit choice that will bring down the cost of insurance. >> i am from barack and think the obama care worked. >> the debate in houston was the first since mass shootings killed more than two dozen people in texas. gun control another topic at the forefront of the debate. . >> yes we will take your ar15 and ak47. we are not going to allow it to be used against a fellow american anymore. >> the next debate is scheduled for october 15th in ohio.
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it will likely be a another two night affair since 11 candidates qualified for the debate. a proposal to ban facial recognition technology on body worn cameras in california is headed to the governor. stay lawmakers passed the legislation. the southor. of san francisco, cites sack riswhy is and privacy concerns. to take effect, it has to be send by the governor. if he does, it will be banned for three years. protests are plapped at bay area company that provides data services for ice. a coalition of jaouish and latin groups are demanding they stop doing business with immigration authorities. company is contributing to the separation of families and children being locked in cages. they agreed to renew a multi million dollar contract to provide services to ice through 202 # 2. taking a live look right
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now at sfo where there is an end in sight to the major delays that we have been seeing. the runway reconstructs project hit the halfway point two days ahead of schedule. officials saying more than 2,000 flights have been delayed or canceled since construction started on saturday, and we checked with the airport, sfo is reporting 35 cancellations and 32 delays so far this morning. happening today, in san francisco, the launch of a job center access point. the facility known as the hub, will give people access to resources to help them connect with employment opportunities. it's opened weekdays from 9 to 5 at 200 broad street. sometime 6 time, 6:0 # 2 a battle erupted over a plan to combine two schools. >> and encouraging signs in the ongoing trade war between the u.s. and china. what might be behind the new development. . >> the heat is on across the bay area. we have a heat advisory. we have a spare the air alert
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for the second day in a row. and here's a live look with the roof cam look at bay bridge with clear skies this morning. we will talk about a weather system i am tracking that will bring some showers to the forecast. coming up. . >> and looks like traffic is thinning out on northbound 85. i will have a update and drive times along 880 where big rig crash is causing delays. this is the nimble chevy trax.
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plus seven hundred and fifty dollars on most 2019 equinox models. find new roads at your local chevy dealer . good friday morning. a lot of events and games going on for today and through the weaning. if you are heading to the giants game tonight, 7:15, clear and warm in the mid-70s as the giants take on the miami marlins. bay area pet festival this weekend. alameda county fairgrounds. 80 degrees and let's check out the raiders gave heading out sunday. taking on kansas city. raiders 1:05 for the kick off. and you can watch the game on kpix5 sunny and milder and in
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the low 70s for that kick off forecast. gianna. 880 traffic alert continues. this is live from tropper 5 right now the northbound 808 at marina we have an accident blocking the left lane. traffic is back to beyond 238. at one point all lanes were shut down. box truck and a vehicle hauling a boat was tangled up there. we will see delays there until they clear this out of lanes and traffic is building as you head through there. use 580 as an alternate. >> thanks. 6:13. president trump with a partial peace offering to china delaying a planned tariff increase. the postponement the increase to 30% was originally set to begin on china's 7th anniversary 7 0th and vrs 7 0th anniversary. it also come on beijing waiving terrace on some items. analysts say this is hitting both countries in the wallet.
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. >> i think both the u.s. and china are quickly realizing this is a painful battle no one is winning. it's matter of who loses less. >> global stocks for the most part have been rising since the u.s. and china offered the olive branches to each other. there morning, hong kong protesters are protesting anthem as demonstrateings mobilize at major events across the region. the pro democracy demonstrators gather in the ifc a major mall in hong conlast night to sing glory to hong kong. it has lyrics which includes chants from marchs such as liberate hong kong and revolution. the protests began in june over an extradition bill that would is v allowed criminal suspects to be sent to china for trial. in alameda county, parents are vowing not to give up the fight after the oakland unified school board voted to close kaiser elementary school. district's vote means kaiser
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will merge with san kofa academy a larger campus with lower test scores. kaiser teachers and students will have to go to the san kofa campus and some kaiser teachers say they won't take part in the design plan to merge schools. and kaiser parents are take considering take legal action. >> we will meet as a community to decide how we are going to move forward. >> we are confident we will create a much bigger and great school at the san kofa campus. >> the vote would close kaiser as the end of the school year and the board voted to shut down the school of language middle school. the district says it has to consolidate campuses because there's not enough students. san francisco based old navy will open hundreds of new stores as it plights splits from the parent company. old navy is opening 800 more stores and expanding to now markets they outsells the gap and will become a stand alone company later this year. . meanwhile is a mantic is
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laying off 177 bay area workers. most at the headquarters in mountainview. cyber security company and maker of norton antivirus software and previously reported plans to downsize and close facilities this year. . an eerie combination on friday the 13th. unlucky day will feature a full moon. last time this happened was in 2000. won't happen again for another 30 years. .>> okay. well, things are not going so well this morning on the roads. traffic alert. lots of problems. it's been a tough morning this morning. you know we have a fatal crash on 85. now we have the pretty serious accident on 880. and yet a new trouble spot on highway 4 that into the traffic center blocking lanes as well. we will start off here with a live look from chopper 5. 880 as you work northbound near marina boulevard, at would point all lanes were shut down but it look like the left lane is closed. a box truck and vehicle hauling a boat got tangled up and that's what's causing the big
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mess. you can see as chopper 5 pansback, look at the backup wellbeyond 238. beyond that as well into san lorenzo. you will want to hop on 580 as an alternate. 880 and 5808 parallel through there so use 238 through castro valley. get on 580 to avoid 808 delays. that will help you out. see the drive times in the sensors are different. 9 miles per hour in some spots along 808 and clocking nice speeds through 580 up to 75 miles per hour there. all right over north of there along 880 nimitz freeway near the coliseum traffic is okay on the northbound side. southbound seeing it bog down a little bit. good news northbound 85 right at evelyn is the scene of an earlier fatal crash. all lanes shut down all lanes are opened so that's the good news and traffic is clear. as you head through there and the trouble spot westbound 4 right at willow pass look out for delays there. mary. okay we will. it looks and feels warm to
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start day and temperatures will climb heading through the afternoon. that is live look from the sales force tower camera and you can see the sky on fire this morning. with the golden colors in the sun just about to rise, over mount diablo, and we are looking at temperatures warm for sure. mid-60s in oakland and san francisco. concord, 60 in liver mured. 63 san jose. and 56 for santa rosa. so the weather headlines inland highs will hit the peak today. we are talking mid-90s to triple digit heat as we head through the afternoon inland. and that ocean breeze starts to return for tomorrow in the afternoon. and we will feel the difference for the coast and parts of the bay. u inland it will be hot tomorrow in the afternoon. much cooler for all of us sunday, showers possible for next monday. so here's the satellite and radar view. with the strong ridge of high pressure closer to us, that light offshore wind. so a. zero ocean breeze for today. and the reason why is we are
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going to heat up heading through the afternoon. to show you on futurecast, clear skies, for today. with that sunshine. and clear skies for tomorrow as well. and again, that beginning to see the onshore flow kick in starting saturday. especially sunday. and into monday. so our next weather system, believe it or not could bring showers to the bay area by next monday. so watching that closely for you. that's been a while since we have had any rain for the bay area. our sunrise at 6:49. and our sunset at 7:20. daytime highs about 15 to 17 degrees above average for this time of year. so let's show you temps for the south bay. 97 in sunnyvale. 98 for campbell. 102 for morgan hill. 96 for santa clara and san jose. 99 for los gatos. triple digit heat especially inland from 100 in fair failed, concord, walnut creek, danville, 102 in antioch.
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102 in policants pleasant ob. san francisco 87. 88 in berkeley. san lee ando. and 91 for oakland ment 98 for novato and looking at highs topping at around 100 for cloverdale. so here's the 7-day forecast. so, temperatures a little cooler for the bay and coast tomorrow. still hot inland for saturday. coomer sunday into monday. next weather system will bring some showers as the long range weather models shows that for next monday and sun the middle part of next week. a man browsing google earth comes across the key to a cold case. how he found the remains of a man who went missing more than two decades ago. >> and a live look from chopper 5 over an accident that's causing big problems on the east bay commute. this is on 880 near mareba
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. welcome back at 6:24a difficult friday commute a traffic alert in effect along 880 live look from chopper 5 over the scene north 880 at marina boulevard. a vehicle towing a boat looks like it got tangled up in an accident with a box truck. they have got the boat on a tow truck there. hopefully, they will get that off the freeway pretty soon. but in the meantime, that left lane is completely shut down with delays beyond paseo grande. 238 back up. you will have delays as well as a long stretch of delays on 880. you can see at that live in the shot from chopper 5. use 580 as an alternate. thank you. new this morning, google earth
6:25 am
and a drone helped some floridians crack a 22-year-old cold case. palm beach county detectives pulled a 1994 saturn sl from aretention pond in august after someone who used to live in the neighborhood spotted the car on google maps. someone who lives there now then used a personal drone to take a closer look. inside, investigators found the skeletal remains of william earl molt who was reported missing in november of 1997. >> that's like wow, a car is in the lake for 22 years. it's like wow. >> i am sure that the family, you know, has been look for. >> i am his girlfriend said they spoke on a phone a couple hours before he left the club. he is believed to have had several drinks before leaving alone. the investigation continues. . and in mississippi an unusual outfit for burglar a man suspended of robbery dressed up as captain america. take look at this guy. police say the man david hobs is accused of trying to break
6:26 am
into a shed. the home owner heard his alarm blaring overnight and grabbed the gun and caught the suspect and held him down until police arrived. it's not in the bobbing photo but police say he ditch the cape and wore fairy wings instead. time 6:26. today felicity huffman will be the first parent sentenced in the college admission scandals. >> and why investigators say the crew of the dive boat ship that caught fire off the southern california coast appeared to have broken the law. . >> and you are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. slow goings there. also we have major issues on 880 northbound. gianna will have another update when we come back. the ross fall fashion event
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. . live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. . >> a live look outside at a warm start to the morning. the bay area is in for a dangerously hot day as we head into the weekend. we will finally get some relief. >> and a traffic alert right now on a bay area freeway. a box truck and a boat tying up the morning commute. >> and another powerful storm is threatening the bahamas. we will have an update on the search for survivors in the wake of hurricane dorian. >> and it's friday, september 13th. and good morning. i am kenny choi. >> i am michelle griego. it's 6:30. and we want to get over to mary lee to talk about the hot weather. yeah, temps will quickly
6:31 am
heat up as we go through the day today. so the hottest day out of the week today. and we are talking about that heat advisory for most of the bay area ebb september for the coast. due to temperatures rying into the 80s to low 100s this afternoon. also a spare the air alert in effect. the air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups in the east bay, moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. let's check out temperatures as we head through the day. well above average for this time of year. even hotter than yesterday. san francisco looking at 87. oakland 91. san jose 96 and triple digit heat expected in concord at 100 degrees. temps 15 to 17 degrees above average for this time of year. we will talk about the weekend forecast and i am tracking the next weather system that could bring showers into forecast for the full forecast coming coming up in a few minimum. let's check in with gianna for traffic alert. slow and go ride. chopper 5 live over the scene.
6:32 am
traffic is starting to move better. we saw the tow crews take a vehicle and boat off the freeway. looks like a box truck involved with a car that was hauling a boat. so traffic is backed up in the area. looks like the flares are still stuck in the left lane so many left lane is closed. hopefully this will wrap up shortly. problem is damage is done. you are backed up off paseogrande. you can hop on 580. 238 out of castro valley you will see delays there as well. a crawl out of san lorenzo working weigh are way north. highway 4 westbound at willow pass road. lanes blocked there for an injury crash. you're balked up into pittsburgh at this point. 6 miles per hour in some spots. that's a slow and go ride as well. once you get past the accident los better heading towards the east shore freeway. you will actually find friday light conditions there. westbound 830 slow in ripmond and brake lights at the bay bridge. thank you. happening today felicity
6:33 am
huffman will be sent ened in college admission scandal she pleaded guilty to two mail fraud related charges. she admitted she paid $15,000 to bump up her daughter s.a.t. scores. 5 universities in california have been caught up in the scandal including berkeley, sanford and ucla. stay lawmakers passed a package of bills designed to level the playing field after the college admission scandal. the scandal brought to light how wealthy fail families can gain the system to get their kids in the door and three bills will require closer view of special exemption given for sat and a.c.t. scores. and will consider doing away with the tests altogether. . >> that's disheartening because it takes spots away from people who deserved it. >> we want to make sure there was adequate data regarding donors, and what kind of preferential treatment donors receive. >> a third bill would prevent parents from writing off bribes
6:34 am
as charitable donations on their taxes. the three bills passed ate semmably and state senate and now they are heading to the governor's desk but it is unknown if he will sign them into law. california uber drivers saying enough is enough. they he filed a lawsuit demanding the ride share giant make them full time employees. governor newsom is expected to sign a bill to force uber to treat drivers as full-time employees with minimum wage and benefits. but, uber insist it may not have to. ride share companies have fought again the bill arguing it would create fewer jobs and increase prices for customers. i am anne makovec at the live news desk and we are keeping our eye an developing news. a investigation continues after a wrong way driver hit and killed another driver. two people dead in a very early morning accident on highway 85 in mountainview early this morning. you can see the mess left behind after the cars burst
6:35 am
into flames. it happened at 1 this morning and at one point they had all northbound lanes of 85 shut down so that was turning to be a real issue for commuters there in the south bay. turns out an suv was going the wrong way in the northbound lanes. hit a honda head on and then both drivers died. so the chp says that they are now going to be doing toxicology reports and both drivers to a figure out exactly how this happened. back to you. >> thank you. another tropical system is expected to hit the bahamas still reeling in the aftermath of hurricane dorian. right now the storm is about 200 miles southeast of abco island officially named potential tropical sighs cyclone 9 and is expected to steam towards florida tomorrow. but will likely strengthen to crop tropical tomorrow strength tonight and be humberto. the threat is as search and rescue crews are in the bahamas with most efforts turning to recovery now. hurricane dorian hit two weeks
6:36 am
ago claiming the lives of at least 50 people. yesterday, officials reported 2500 are considered missing but revised the tally down to 1300 after cross referencing data bases. . >> wor can't scene it. i don't wish it on nobody. >> we can't do it alone. we need help. lots of help. lots of help. it's going to be monetary help and i mean, just you don't know where to start. . >> nearly 1 in 5 bahamians are homeless and the price tag of the damage left behind now stands around $8 billion this morning. . in georgia the port of brunswick is opened for business again. it was a scene of a capsized cargo ship over weekend the ship is there and it could take months to remove. there's concern about a possible leak of 300,000 gallons of fuel on board. . a new detail about the dive boat that caught fire off the southern california coast. federal investigators say the
6:37 am
crew may have broken the law. the conception has been pulled from the water and is now on dry land. ship is headed to a hangar where investigators will carefully examine what's left of the 75 foot scuba diving vestel a a preliminary report found all six crew members were asleep when the flames ignited. and an attorney for the owner of the dive boat disputes the claim. federal law requires the boat to have at least one crew memberer is he of as a roaming night watchman. >> the investigation is ongoing, and we have no indication that there are any criminal charges imminent or i can't give you any information about that. >> the sheriff's department says all 34 victims are been recovered and identified. all of them appeared to have died from smoke inhalation. ntsb is taking a close look at lithium ion bat railroads ris as a poe shall batteries as a potential cause for the fire. they may have overheaded. board of directors approved
6:38 am
227 million dollars to buy and renovate a building in downtown oakland. the transit agency current lease at a bidding eggs pyres in 2021 and the landlord warned the rent will likely go up. bart says the new headquarters will help centralize operation and save money in the long run. . some folks near the train tracks can expect noise tonight. smart train tracks will be tested for safety at various crossings. they are schedule between 11 p.m. tonight and 8 tomorrow morning with the same hours beginning tomorrow night working to continue over the next two woke. week glend health care reform took center stage at third democratic presidential debate. 10 democratic candidates debated for three hours in houston last night. gun violence, trade, and de immigration were bibbing topics of discussion. in san francisco a big crowd
6:39 am
gathered at manny's in the mission to watch the debate. that's the restaurant most candidates have visited during the trips to the bay area. and members of the crowd say they came away with a better idea of who they will support. . >> i thought castro and booker had really exceptional pertomorrow formances. >> i wasn't a big fan of biden but booker did well and castro. >> i -- [ inaudible ] >> the next democratic debate isscheduled for october 15th in ohio. it's 6:39. a new jersey uple is devastated after a horrifying mixup at a fertility clinic. details of the lawsuit. >> and big named celebrities will be on hand at sap center in san jose as it celebrates the 25th anniversary. what you can expect. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minute ago. let's get a look at the big board here. the dow is up about 48 points. coming up, we will get an
6:40 am
update from kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks.
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6:43 am
. good friday morning we have the heat and we also have the spare ther's alert so for second day in a row the air quality for east bay and santa clara valleych moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. and speak of that heat advisory for st of the region except the coast because of the hot temperatures, as we head through the day. we will talk about our weekend forecast and when we will see temperatures much cooler coming up. gianna. i have better news on the traffic alert on 880 near marina. look at this live from chopper 5. all lanes clear. everything out of the lanes off the shoulder as well. you can see traffic is moving much better. starting to dissipate heading through thrflt it will be slow and take sometime to recover. so give yourself a few extra minutes on 808. breaking news we got an announcement from bg and e that the company has agreed to
6:44 am
settle some of the lawsuits it is facing because of the wild fires from 2017 and 18. these are lawsuits filed by insurance companies and pg&e agreed to settle 85% of them for $11 billion. this is insurance companies trying to recoup the pony they paid out to people who lost homes and loved ones in those wild fires. this has nothing to do with all of the lawsuits that have been filed by individuals. who were affected by the wild fires. we are talking dozens even hundreds of individuals who have filed lawsuits. many turning no class action lawsuits. so that continues as pg&e tries to dig out of bankruptcy. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:44. time for lock at what he a coming up late owner cbs this morning and anthony mason joins us from new york. good morning. . >> hey, good morning. ahead on cbs this morning, front-runner friction. new division emerge at third democratic presidential debate.
6:45 am
how the tense moments could shape the future of the campaign. plus, another storm could hit the already devastated bahamaswe are there with former u.s. navy seals in the remote area struggling to recover from dorian. and we will introduce you to the oldest living world war ii veteran at 110. lawrence brooks tells us the key to his long life. amazing guy. wel e you at 7. >> wow. 110. he's looking good. . >> he looks great. >> all right. anthony, we will see you at 7:00. thanks so much. . 6:45 right now. retail sales are up but there are concerns in silicone valley. >> joining us is kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning. and the heat continues to ratchet higher on silicone valley when it comes to antitrust concerns. the house judiciary committee is requesting documents from apple, amazon, facebook and google relating toke he cantive
6:46 am
ehe-mails regarding competition. this is on top of the justice department and federal trade commission looking into the four companies. and in the past week, we have had state ags launch two separate antitrust probes into facebook and google. retail sales were up about ahalf percent in august slightlyweaker than july. americans bought more cars and trucks. that led the overall gain. hement health and beauty care stores did well. online shopping is big. department store chains struggled once again. also electronics and appliance sales were down last month. but overall, the numbers pretty decent. stock market this morning opening up in mixed territory. it's been a pretty good week for the market. dow and s&p not that far from all time highs. dow right now up just over 70 points. and nasdaq feeling some pressure from the antitrust concerns down 4 points. s&p moving higher by 5 points. now back to you.
6:47 am
. >> jason brooks thank you. happening today, sap center is bringing out the biggest names in music for a festival all weekend long to celebrate 25 years since the arena first opened in downtown san jose. the festival includes free live music and games, rides, and food available for purchase. and it's happening outside the arena from 2 to 7 p.m. today through sunday. admission will be charged for concerts inside the arena each night. performers include blake shelton hunter hayes, ice cube. and snoop dogg. i like snoop dogg. >> quite the lineup. >> yes. snoopp in the house. >> thanks. all right. yeah, you like him too. >> i do. >> what's going on on the roads? we have hadish use but things look up. good news and bad news. let's get the bad news out of the way. a trouble spot on highway 4 i wanted to get to but it's been that busy. if you plan to head out and hop on 4. just heads up.
6:48 am
number 2 lane is blocked a crash westbound right at willow pass road. it's been there for sometime. really backed up into pittsburgh almost to antioch. that's slow ride. drive times are reflective of it. we are looking a 40 minute drive time through there. so even more so if you are coming out of antioch this morning. give yourself extra time. take highway 4 over to the east shore freeway, pockets of slowing in some spots the usual slow and go conditions there westbound out of hercules. you will see brake lightsn berk will he. 91 minutes highway 4 from antioch towards the east shore freeway 40 minutes to the backup there where the crash is at. willow pass still slow out ofaltamont. highway 4 to mccarth your maze in the green. out of san jose look good with no snags. bay bridge toll plaza backed up to the maze slow ride up to the maze. if you plane plan to take the nimitz the injury crash out of lanes everything is cleared over to the shoulder he.
6:49 am
and it's off the freeway altogether. but backup continues at least to paseo padres. so 38 minutes to the bay bridge. you can hop on 580. taking the castro valley y from 238, 238 is backed up. san mateo bridge, look out for a snag approaching 101 through foster site. here's mary. i want to show you our sunrise this morning with the mount vaca camera. the sunrising. we will see plenty of sunshine. temps will be heating up and it's a warm start to the day. after a hot day yesterday, check out the temps right now. 63 in concord. good morning to you. oakland 66. 60 livermore and downtown san francisco at 67. 63 san jose and 56 for santa rosa. the weather headlines inland highs hit the peak today. we have been talking about it all week long. we are looking at temperatures inland in the mid-90s to triple digits that ocean breeze starts to return tomorrow in the
6:50 am
afternoon. you will feel the difference for the coast for parts of the bay and unland tomorrow, still hot. much cooler for all of us on sunday. and then showers for next monday. so let's show outsatellite and radar view because of the ridge of high pressure building in for us. and closer to us, and zero ocean breeze and a light offshore wind helping to heat us up today. and as we go hour by hour on futurecast, you can see all of that sunshine across the region even for the coast and then for tomorrow. looking at temperatures, a little cooler. much cooler sunday and especially by monday we are tracking the next weather system that will bring some showers and the weather models are consistent about some shower activity for next monday. so, it could be a wet start to the workweek next week. but for today, we are looking at highs topping out 15 to 17 degrees above average for this time of year. so, as we go through the south bay, looking at 97 sunnyvale.
6:51 am
98 campbell. 102 in morgan hill. 96 for san jose. triple digit heat from fairfield concord, danville. 102 antioch and pleasanton. and even in san francisco, upper will 80ss for. you looking at 96 for san rafael. and 100 for cloverdale. by the way, if you heading out to the big game, raiders take on the kansas city chiefs on sunday. 1:51:1 -- 1:05. you can watch the game here. so as we go through the weekend, temps are cooler sunday. but still, inland hot, cooler for all of us sunday. and there we go with the shower chances for next monday. a little more sunshine by the middle part of next week. all right. thanks. a new jersey fertility clinic face as lawsuit after a white
6:52 am
couple welcomed an asian daughter. they used sperm from the wrong man for the procedure and the donor passed on a genetic disorder. >> you want to have a child and you can't have one and finally you are able to and it's upsetting. very confusing. . >> the parents are seeking monday teary damages and information on their daughter biological father. . 6:52 right now. the familiar ringing on the san francisco famous cable cars will fall silent today. we will, plane why. . i am jackie ward live in mountainview near a scene of a double fatal crash that happened earlier this morning. we will tell you what the status is of that crash next. . >> and looking live outside from our mount vaca cam where it's 55 degrees. and look at that beautiful shot of the sky and the golden sun. it's 6:52. we will be right back.
6:53 am
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. >> reporter: i am jackie ward live in mountainview on easy street by the 85 northbound on ramp. a scene near here just cleared about an hour ago. it was a double fatal crash that blocked all lanes of 85. they have since reopened just in time for the bulk of the morning commute. this crash happened just before 1:00 this morning. chp says an su v was traveling wrong way on highway 85 northbound and crashed with a honda driving the correct way causing the cars to erupt in flames. both drivers died on the scene. chp had closed all lanes of the freeway at one point for about 5 hours this morning. caltrans was able to get the crash cleaned up just before 6. so now toxicology reports will be conducted on both drivers and the exact cause has yet to be determined. all lanes are clear on 85 northbound. live in mountain view, jackie
6:57 am
ward, kpix5. it's 6:56. time for look at the top stories. the relationship went to u.s. and china may be warming up. president trump's tariff delay could ease tension between the two and president trump planned to increase tariffs on 250 billion dollars of chinese goods. but now he is pushing that back and calls it a gesture of good will. u.s. and chinese officials are expected to resume trade talks sometime next month. ten democratic presidential candidates debated for three hours in houston last night. they covered a variety of issues including health care reform, gun violence and trade and immigration. the next democrat he can debate is gilled next month in ohio. the conception dive boat has been pulled from the water near santa cruz island. this comes as federal investigators say the crew of the boat that caught fire may have broken the law. the preliminary report found all 6 crew members were asleep when the flames ignited. today, felicity huffman is set to be sentenced in the college admission scandal.
6:58 am
huffman pleaded guilty to two mail fraud related charges and admitted she paid 15,000 dollars to bump up her daughter a.s.a.t. scores. >> san francisco cable cars won't be running for ten days starting today. the reason crews need time torefurbish the gear box and shuttle buses will tem prearl we place them. jumping to the freeways, good news is the earlier traffic alert has been canceled along 880 northbound at marina boulevard. so lanes are opened there and traffic is stills abouty but it's improving. checking the drive times san lorenzo to bay bridge 38 minutes. so much better as you head through there. looking a little better a long highway 4. a crash right around willow passin the clearing stages 160 to 80. an 83 minute drive time cleared over to the right. it's getting better there as well. taking the east shore freeway westbound taking 23 minutes from myway 4 to the mcarthur maze report of a broken down vehicle on the east shore
6:59 am
freeway westbound right around bayview. that may slow you down. and bay bridge loaded up. heat advisory in effect for most of the bay area from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. so hopefully you can stay safe and cool in this heat. let's talk about the temperatures. triple digit heat, concord, fairfield, livermore. 96 san jose. 87 for san francisco. even along the coast in the mid- 70s this afternoon. spare the air alert in effect for the second day in a row today. for tomorrow, the ocean breeze starts to work slowly in. so for the coast and bay cooler. hot inland. sunday much cooler for all of us and the next weather system could bring showers by next monday. the weather models right now pretty good agreement so we will see if it's a wet start to the workweek next week. >> we like when the weather models agree. >> we do. >> yeah. >> have a good day. >> it'sing it'sing t 's going to be hot one way to slow
7:00 am
down. >> frozen peas, yeah. . >> hey, cool down today. it's going to be a hot one as we look live outside at the sunrise. cbs this morning is cowping next. >> have a great day everyone. welcome to "cbs this morning." i'm gayle king with anthony mason and tony dokoupil. democrats divide. joe biden comes out swinging against his progressive rivals at a fiery debate where health care, gun control, and president trump dominate the discussion. recovery at risk. a new storm threatens the already hurricane-devastated bahamas. we're with the former navy s.e.a.l.s taking supplies to dorian survivors who say their government is missing in action. genetic testing scam. a cbs news investigation uncovers laboratories charging medicare millions for unnecessary cancer tests.


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