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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  September 25, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from the cps bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. now at 4:30 looking life from the exclusive salesforce tower camera looking east this morning. the beautiful a bridge. it is wednesday morning, already. >> yeah, halfway there. >> september 25th, good morning. i am michelle griego. >> i am kenny choi. to check the forecast, it is going to be another hot day. >> that is right, one more day of the heat and major changes as we head through the rest of the work week. and especially into the we can pick a cooldown is coming but in the meantime check out the highs. 100 in concorde, 101 in fairfield, one of three in livermore, 95 in san jose, 90 in oakland and upper 80s for san francisco. the heat advisory in effect once again for today for most of the bay area due to the dangerous heat, and we have the red flag warning still in effect until 11:00 a.m. for the northbay mountains east
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bay hills and diablo range due to the gusty winds this morning, we are going to see the winds relax as we head through our day. we will talk more about that and the extreme fire danger coming up in just a few minutes. let's look at the request right now if you're headed out the door if you plan on taking 680 we have reports of a minor snag as you work your way on the southbound side. getting word of vehicles hitting debris in the roadway, a lot of rocks and pebbles in lane. so chp headed to the scene to clear it out of the way. not seeing a lot of delays, that is the good news. everything looks to be in the green which means we are seeing speeds above 45 miles per hour. a little sluggish in the hatchlings but overall a great start to your right at the east bay. no delays across the upper deck in the bay bridge into the city. most of the bay area bridge is problem free, not a lot of cars on the golden gate right now so very quiet as you head into the city. i am in markovic, we have some breaking news, a brush fire has broken out on mayer
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island, here's a look at the map of that area. it broke out just about 3:15 this morning, no evacuations ordered, but it is a significant fire, there on the southern tip of the island, just south of ro university. ev or but firefighters have a big job on their hands, they were going to be there all morning long and the fire department sent us some pictures of this, we will get those in just a few minutes. more breaking news right now, pg nd shutting off power to another number of customers, tens of thousands more losing electricity in the sierra foothills. increasingly dry and windy weather prompted the the utility to announce the move last night. the preemptive lockout is meant to prevent powerlines from sparking disastrous fires and last two years. officials say that the outages will last until noon though under certain conditions, power might not be restored for another 48 hours.
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we have a reporter on the way. a live look now from capitol hill, this morning the democratic controlled house is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry into president trump. the president is accused of seeking help from ukraine for his reelection bid and as mr. trump continues to defend his controversial phone call, laura podesta reports that there are plans to release the transcript of the call today. >> no one is above the law. >> reporter: house democrats moving forward with a formal impeachment inquiry into president trump. >> calling upon a foreign power to intervene in his election. this is a breach of his constitutional responsibilities. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi made the decision after a recent surge in support from moderate democrats. >> will have one thing to say. full speed ahead. >> it came following a whistlebloweco apparent admission from president trump that he pressured ukraine's president to investigate a political rival. jobiden.
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that iththshould be looking at. >> reporter: cbs news learned that the president ordered the state department and pentagon to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid days ahead of the july 25th phone call. the white house denies it had any quid pro quo agreement with ukraine. >> for president who believes he is above the law, pursuing the leader of another nation to investigate a political opponent to help when his election is not the conduct of an american president. >> reporter: republicans are so far sticking with the president. >> they want to continue the witchhunt because they don't agree with the results of the 2016 election. >> the trump administration expected to release a transcript of the phone call today. >> it was a perfect. >> the house and senate intelligent committees both trying to set up interviews with the whistleblowers.
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speaker pelosi has set a thursday deadline for the trump administration to handover the whistleblower complaint to the house intelligence committee. >> california lawmakers speaking at senator and presidential candidate, harris will lead the campaign trail and return to dc on thursday for a private senate intelligence committee meeting with acting director of national intelligence joseph maguire. >> the president who believes he is above the law and no one in our system of democracy and our system of justice is above the law including the president. >> i'm looking at the politics of this in fact doing nothing would only bring worse behavior from the president and doing nothing would reduce the standard of conduct for future presidents. >> senator harris took to twitter saying i have literally been carrying around a list of impeachable offenses, it is long. congress should stand up for the integrity of our democracy in this process and hold donald trump accountable.'s santa clara county going after youth taping, th
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ofiss e-cigarette sales to people under the age of 21. this only applies to unincorporated areas. county health officials say one third of high school students reported using e-cigarettes between 2017 and 2018. the crackdown comes hours after massachusetts became the first state to issue a temporary sales plan. taping also took center stage on capitol hill in a hearing to address the rise of aping related illnesses and deaths. >> if this was roman lettuce, the shelves would be empty. we desperately need our legislators to help us by winning the flavors that have drawn in youth including mint and mental. e-cigarette giant juul is reporting for a staff shakeup, the most regional reporting the san francisco company is bracing for a slowdown in sales. the city of mountain view voted to ban rvs and campers from a number of city streets despite passionate pleas from residents to find another solution. abandons for oversized vehicles
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on most narrow streets in mountain view. the city also passed a ban on oversized vehicles on streets with designated bike lanes. city representatives say the concern is safety as rvs and campers encroach on bike lanes. dozens of protesters gathered before the council meeting to say that the band would leave them homeless. 300 vehicles parked on mountain view streets are used as homes. >> it would make it impossible for them to continue to live in mountain view. she works here, she has a job. i don't know where she would go. >> unless you have been homeless, you never understand what the fear of facing it is really like. >> counsel result discussed expanding the safe parking program which allows rvs to park in certain overnight. the ban won't take effect until july 1st of next year. in san jose, the search is on for a suspect who shot and killed a woman on monterey road near road monday night.
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police have not released any suspect information, this is san jose's 26th homicide since january. this morning more than 1 million u.s. workers could be eligible for overtime pay, diane king hall has more and more in this morning's money watch report. >> reporter: wall street lost ground on tuesday, the dow fell 142 points, the nasdaq dropped 118, and the s&p 500 lost 25. stocks fell early in the day after president trumps slam to china during his speech at the united nations general assembly. he used his third appearance at the global event to defend his america first approach to foreign policy and later in the day, the major indexes continue to decline as democrats edup th labor department is expanding the number of workers eligible for overtime pay by 1.3 million. the ru of the trump
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administration increases the salary threshold from 23,000 to about $35,000. is making less than that will qualify for time and a half pay starting in 2020. some worker rights groups say it does not go far enough, comparing it to an obama era proposal that would have covered about 3 million more people, but was struck down in court. is your cbs money watch report. for more, headed to cbs money at the cbs brought test dissenter, i am diane king hall. a popular netflix show filming in the bay area. coming up, why location is cause of concern for some neighbors in alameda county. >> wi site b to break, taken alive look at the beautiful city of san francisco with those lights twinkling early this mo how do i use better than bouillon?
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come on home to scratch-made. come on home to cracker barrel i am in mackinac, we just got the focus in, i was talking about about the fire that is burning on mayer island this show you without his. is a large brush fire burning on the tape of mayer island right now, it broke out at about 3:15 and here's what it looks like from this point, you can see these are coming pretty closely to that structure their, burning through trees and brush. these photos provided by the vallejo fire department a few minutes ago. thou
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did see that those flames are coming pretty close to some buildings there. we are going to keep an eye on this for you. more breaking news this morning, pg&e shutting off power in multiple counties in the north bay right now, customers are being put in the dark because of high fire danger. the shutdown is affecting hundreds in sonoma county, let's get right to kpix5 jackie ward was live in santa rosa this morning. new >> reporter: good morning, the windy weather continues to add to the risk of high fire danger so that is why pg and he decided to turn the power off. just a couple of minutes ago at 4:30 this morning. this is going to affect about 1400 customers. the parts that we do know are included as part of otter creek road in santa rosa unincorporated sonoma county. that also says included safari west, the owners last were preparing the exotic animal
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park for this morning's shutoff. this is the same area that suffered tremendous damage a couple of years ago. pg and e made the decision to turn off power to some customers around 730 last night. susan goren, a sonoma county supervisor says pg and e needs to do a better job communicating. >> i am beyond frustration, we have had a couple of hundred thousand people and multiple government government agencies schools and businesses preparing for potential shutoff. we are still in the same holding pattern, trying to be prepared, trying to be the good soldiers and not knowing exactly what is going to happen and when. >> reporter: in the county the sheriff -- the shutoff will include about 700 customers. restoration time with the uproar approximately 12 hours. weather conditions are expected to peak today between 6:00 and noon. in santa rosa, jackie ward. 13 reasons why, the popular netflix show has started
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controversial in the past but oakland residents have another reason to complain. crews were at walking miller parks shooting scenes for the netflix drama, but the park is supposed be closed to the public due to high fire danger. oakland fire department says the crews had permission to film their as long as a fire inspector was on site. but, regulars felt the film crews received preferential treatment. it is going to be really hot today, if you want to go out for a run, right now might be the time to do it. >> that might be a good idea. temperatures at least sort of comfortable, it is still warm but not like the heat we are expecting later on today. the heat advisory in effect once again for most of the bay area due to the soaring temperatures. let's get get you out the door. a live look at the salesforce tower camera looking east at the bay bridge. check out our temperatures right now, san jose you are at 70 degrees after a high of 95 yesterday. we did have some record-
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breaking converters yesterday and we will likely do it again today. 68 in concord and for oakland and downtown san francisco right now, 63 in livermore, and one of the cooler spots in santa rosa at 59. your weather headlines, waking up to your skies, warm temperatures, another hot day in the afternoon. now, the mountain winds were lax, we have seen winds gusting in the mountains 40-50 miles an hour. so thankfully, we are going to see the winds quiet down as we had through the day. we'll show you this just a moment on futurecast. much cooler weather arrives tomorrow and into the weekend, with the stronger marine influence for us and temperatures dropping to below average by the end of the week. so, big trumpeter swing in place here. but for today, another spare the air alert for the second day in a row, the air quality unhealthy for sensitive groups for east bay south-central bay and santa clara valley. moderate air quality for north
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bay and central bay once again for today. here's the reason why, the strong racial high pressure in place, we have a low pressure system across the desert southwest. one more day of offshore winds, that is why we are going to heat up and that is why we still have the red flag warning in effect for the northbay mountains, east bay hills and the diablo range. future crest wind gust talking about that extreme fire danger. it is all about the strong and gusty offshore winds. and you can see in the morning, still at 8:00 a.m., you can see very strong winds the northbay mountains. as we go to the north -- much time hour, the winds will start to relax in the red flag warning by 11:00 a.m. will expire and really quite down as we had through the rest of today. futurecast, as we go through the skies, we will see plenty of sunshine for today with above average temperatures. very similar to yesterday, and starting of the day tomorrow with clear skies and plenty of sunshine. again, temperatures will be cooler starting thursday and
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especially by friday into the weekend with the low pressure system ushering in the stronger onshore flow. so to 25 degrees cooler by friday. we have got to look forward to it. in the meantime, looking at's right around 95 in sunnyvale, san jose, 100 degrees for morgan hill. triple digit heat from concord, creek, danville, livermore, antioch and for brentwood, looking at highs in the upper 80s in san francisco. oakley, 94 you in oakland, i am looking's right around 102 in windsor. here is the extended forecast. much cooler starting tomorrow, especially as we had through friday into the weekend, dropping to below average in the weekend and into next week. you look at the records right now if you're headed out the door, traffic is fairly light overall no major accidents or incidents. here's an overview of the bay area, seeing a lot of green on the sensors. good news on most of the
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freeways. 880, 84, no delays on 280 on the peninsula. we are going to zoom in on highway 37 as you work your way across the span very light, no traffic now from vallejo working your way toward nevada. the westbound side is a commit direction, seeing some pretty nice speech. easy right here, only about 10 minutes to work your way across going from the east bay to murray county. we are not seeing any troubles at the toll plaza. when you get to 101 south bound, we did see some delays earlier some of those conditions through sausalito. we get some word of construction there but looks like it is in the clearing stages, traffic will be pretty nicely south 101 as you work your way into san francisco out of marin county. very quite on the golden gate, not a lot of cars making the trek into the city. so easy right if you are working away south bound. we are seeing the backup pretty typical at the bay bridge, fasttrack users are moving with no problems this morning. very easy right as you head out of oakland into san francisco. of course there are brake lights
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, your drivetime is 31 minutes to go from 285 two 680. so a little slow there, we got -- from 205, that may slow you down just a bit, looks like it is to the right shoulder, not blocking any lanes for slow anyway as you come through mountain house, that is a look at your morning drive. tom hanks will receive one of hollywood's greatest honors and the trailer for the new breaking bad v is out. chris martin is has your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: we are getting our first look at el camino, a breaking bad movie. the story picks up with the popular series breaking bad left off in 2013. altar white apprentice jesse beekman is on the run and has to come to terms with his past. aaron paul returns as pink and. el camino hits theaters and netflix october 11th. empire actor karen tower now has his own star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> as long as their hollywood boulevard, terrence howard will still stand and i want to say thank you, thank you, thank you
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for all of this. >> howard's wife and two young sons were on hand for the stars unveiling. the 50-year-old actor is currently starring in the sixth and final season of empire. tom hanks will take home the cecil b. demille award at the next years golden globe award. the hollywood press association gives the award to individuals who make incredible impacts on the world entertainment. he joined the ranks of jeff bridges, oprah winfrey, meryl streep, morgan freeman, and lucille ball. welcome to the island of the idle. >> the emmy award-winning reality series survivor returns tonight with a couple of familiar faces. for its 39th edition named island the idols, former contestants boston robert morey auto and sandra diaz twine return to serve as mentors for tonight, 90 minutes episode errors right here on cbs. that is your eye on entertainment, chris martinez,
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cbs news, los angeles. the 49ers get their first taste of the chase center or should i say -- we will explain and honey, who shrunk the wildcard league, can they hold off? they will host a playoff game, the latest, next. in a live look outside in san jose on this wednesday morning where it is 70 degrees
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no to prop c. good wednesday morning, a warm start to the day with clear skies, we are going to heat up once again in the afternoon with the heat advisory in effect for most of the bay area today. 95 in sunnydale, also for san jose 100 degrees morgan hill, triple digit heat once again for you in concorde, pleasant
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hill, walnut creek, danville san ramon, livermore antioch, also for fairfield looking at upper 80s in san francisco, berkeley 90 in oakland cover up -- upper 80s in san rafael, 12 in windsor. spare the air a look for the second day in the alert and row. >> this means you should consider using mass transit. seven trains running on time for part, no delays or a stray number one, cms transit may be your best day to skip the roadways. other than that if you're planning on taking 580 we have a crash near grant line not causing too many problems, 33 minutes pretty typical, everything is in the green with no delays on the eastern shore, here is dennis with sports. you might want to hold off on buying that home wildcard playoff ticket. 80s trying to keep their lead over tampa bay -- not lost consecutive games since september 1st. chris davis during the 40 homerun season is going to end three. 23 ain't back.
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a's up . homer bailey had not lost but when brandon goodwin texas legal fault, you know it is about night. the taiwan score, the angels got a lot of hits like that. and they beat the a's 3-2, oakland has lost three straight games, tied at one with the yankees in the 12th inning, tampa bay g-man choi, that is a walkoff number. watch the team at home plate, they raised creep closer to oakland with the 2-1 win. here's what it means, the a's delete the race by just a have a game with a top wildcard spot. which would be hosted today at oakland if oakland holds onto cleveland, just a -- the green and gold. the 49ers have a bye week this week so tight and george kittle is enjoying his time off. look over the announcements right shoulder, get chugging a beer and dressing jamika
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ruffalo who is sitting next to him at the wwe event at the chafe chase center last night. is the latest in sports, i am dennis and will see you tonight. coming up in the next half hour, allegiance connection to a string of trespassing incidents, why police say the suspect should not be too hard to spot. press hundreds of people in the north bay waking up without power this morning, pg and e intentionally turned the power off. and a large brushfire burning right now on mayer island, firefighters have their work cut out for it as it from the couldn't be prouders
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to the wait did we just win-ners.
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the scene. is in the north bay, pg and e shutting off power to several counties. how long they will last. and looking live outside of the golden gate rage, it may be cool right now, but get ready for another round of dangerous heat. has democrats take the first step in what could lead to the impeachment of president trump. morning, it is wednesday september 25th. i am michelle griego. >> i and kenny choi. let's check the forecast, another scorching hot day. that is right, one more day of offshore flow and hot and dry air, then we have the cooler air to enjoy. in the meantime, we have a heat advisory once again for most of the bay area and the red flag warning continues this morning. let's talk about our temperatures. so upper 80s in san francisco, low 90s for highs in oakland, mid-90s in san jose and triple digit heat again in concorde. is running anywhere from 16-18 degrees above average for this time of year. that is what


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