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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 26, 2019 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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breaking news. a flight to sfo diverted after a passenger gets stuck in the bathroom. the strange trip about to end any minute now. tonight, the cool down
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begins. how soon temperatures will drop some 30 degrees. it can be almost impossible to catch students of vaping inside schools, until now. the technology the redwood city school district is turning to. >> the only thing i have left is to leave. if i cannot afford rent we will be on the streets. our original series. project home. from apartment to condo. one bay area landlord making the switch to raise rents. the push to put a end to this legal loophole. we begin with breaking news . a flight to the bay area that was forced to land hundreds of miles away over a mishap in the bathroom. >> we are live at sfo where the plane is scheduled to land any minute now. >> reporter: flight 1554 from washington, d.c. was delayed several hours tonight. it had to be diverted to denver after a woman was trapped inside the
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airplane bathroom. according to two passengers i spoke with on twitter, a woman got locked in the laboratory, the door was jammed and she was stuck inre . when the fligande par id a group of firefighters in a mechanic got on board and freed the woman. she was embarrassed but otherwise unharmed. in the video, that was posted by a passenger, who later tweeted, it was not that big a deal. united was taking care of everyone. people were joking about it, including the woman trapped. we will try to talk to the passengers when they arrive. hundreds of people in sonoma and napa county must be happy to hear their air- conditioners tonight. the power is back on after pg&e
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cut it to avoid sparking a wildfire on a hot day. we have team coverage on the heat and the big cool down. >> record heat today in san jose. 99. record heat today in san francisco. 94. the beginning of the end of the heat, we see temperatures drop in the onshore breeze develops. that happened about two hours ago and it is down to 64. with a stiff breeze coming from the ocean. the heat will not make a comeback tomorrow. it is warm outside. how hot did we get today? the hottest spots, stanford 101. tomorrow, a big change. we are 21 degrees cooler in san francisco. we go down to 73. 86 in concord. 86 in san jose. that is just the beginning of the cool down. it will end with mountain snow
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in california. altogether 1400 people in napa and sononty lost power today. tonight some of them are telling us the way pg&e handled it was overkill. she heard it this morning. >> i did notice a lot of wind. >> reporter: a new the fire danger in calistoga was escalating. >> it was super hot. i thought another fire would happen. >> reporter: the fire never happened but power outages did. leaving convenient stores dark and utterly communities like this one without air- conditioning. some residents say the outages went too far. >> emphasize more on fire prevention than turning people's powers off. >> i don't agree with what they did. >> reporter: pg&e officials said residents were given multiple notices over 48 hours.
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>> we contact them at 24 hours and contact them again to let them know what is happening. monday night we let them know it was not happening. >> reporter: for some people it was confusing. >> it was an unusual situation. there were heightened weather events happening back to back. >> reporter: they say they will review the performance for future power shutdowns. even as pg&e announced tonight the power was back on in napa and sonoma county, they say there are counties in the sierra foothills that remain without power. crews put out a two alarm fire in san francisco bayview hunter point tonight. firefighters had a scare when the roof collapse forcing them to get out. everyone made it out safe including residents. two other homes were damaged. new details about a string of arsons in santa clara county. the suspect from missouri is under arrest.
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investigators say the 68-year- old flew here, rented a car and set more than a dozen small fires. more than 100 acres burned. cal fire investigators arrested freddie graham when he tried to return the car . if convicted, he is facing more than 20 years in prison. new video of a dramatic coast guard rescue in the waters off far northern california. this morning a sailboat became disabled. dozens of miles west of klamath and his journey from washington to san francisco. crews pulled a woman, two men and a chihuahua from the sailboat using helicopters. all three passengers and the dog made it back to shore safe and sound. soon redwood city students will be getting a new warning message from their school district. vaping at our schools, and we will catch you. we have the latest decision tonight to install ths.
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>> reporter: we all know that it can be difficult to catch a student vaping. you can hardly smell it and it can be done quickly. redwood city school leaders have found a way by using technology that will alert them if a student is vaping. >> they were vaping and the janitors closet. >> reporter: he said kids at his school would vape in the middle of class. >> people do it in class. they blow it into the desk. >> reporter: now redwood city school leaders are turning to technology similar to this. >> a student walks in. >> reporter: to help them catch students who vape at their schools. >> the student was vaping. >> reporter: when the electronic cigarette is being used, they will send text messages to administer this. >> reporter: the board of trustees voted tstall vape etectors inside eht which is the district's largest comprehensive middle school. >> i k vaping is a terrible
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idea. there is nothing healthy abthan. anything that can be done to reduce that habit. >> reporter: redwood city school district follows another district in deciding to install vape detectors. this is a proactive step. i listen for kids not just in the classroom, but in life. >> the schools have a lot of students. >> reporter: kennedy middle school will serve as a test site the district has 12 schools. no word on when they will be installed. there has been a shake-up at the largest e-cigarette maker in the country. san francisco-based juul ceo kevin burns is stepping down. his replacement, a veteran of big tobacco. a top official at the cigarette giant. channel 11 suspended advertising and said will not lobby the trump administration on any new vaping laws.
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right now public health officials are investigating at least nine vaping related deaths. and more than 500 cases of vaping related long illness across the country. we expect new numbers from cdc on vaping related cases tomorrow. taking a live look at the capitol hill. lawmakers are set to grill the acting director of national intelligence about the whistleblowers complaint that includes a phone call between president trump and the ukraine's leader. the call is central to the house impeachment inquiry. the summary was released. it suggests the president repeatedly prodded the ukrainian president to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son . hunter body was on the board of a ukrainian will company. >> they are getting hit hard on this witchhunt. when they look at the information, it is a joke. impeachment for that?
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>> tonight bay area lawmakers ig the defendants contacted bywhe house? because they had some how gotten wind of this. own admission of guilt and we >> the latest on this have that in the notes that developing story, join us for the first newscast of the day were released today. at 4:30 am. our original series, project home. one bay area landlord accused of using a legal loophole to raise rent. >> that is a ridiculously pole. we will close that we pull completely. pumped up prices. why you are suddenly paying more for that tank of gas. it is not over yet. for antonio brown. what his agent says tonight about his future in football.
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tonight a condo conversion in oakland is putting two mothers and their children at risk of becoming homeless. they are landlord claims the apartments they have lived in for more than a decade are now condos. >> in tonight's project home, what city leaders are calling a loophole that needs to be closed. >> this is my community. it has been my city. >> reporter: she has lived in east oakland for 23 years. and in the same apartment for 12 years. or at least what she thought was an apartment. her landlord now says this is a condo. which means she can legally evict her and her family. >> i would like someone to explain to me what a condominium is and what an apartment is. why is there a loss of rent control when it becomes a condominium? >> reporter: in oakland, landlords can legally apply to convert apartment buildings in
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do condos as long as there are four or fewer units in the building. once it becomes a condo, tenants living inside lose all of their rights. protections that apply to apartment dwellers like rent control or just cause eviction, disappears. maria's next-door neighbor is facing the same thing. >> my daughter, she worries and gets nervous and she cries sometimes because she does not want to move out. >> reporter: they both are housekeepers and do not make enough money to afford market rate apartments in oakland. maria pays $900 a month for a two bedroom. the landlord wants to raise the rent up to $2300. notices to vacate indicator landlord has been trying to raise the rent since 2017. the landlord wants $19,000 in back pay or maria will be evicted. >> here is where we have our community. our church, our schools. programs. we have everything
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here. i think it is unjust. why should we have to leave? >> reporter: large condo conversions were a big problem in the 80s, 90s and early 2000's. >> people live in constant fear they will come home from work and see a for sale sign on the building. >> reporter: the bay area lost thousands of affordable housing units to large-scale condo conversions during those decades . until the law changed, making it so large buildings can no longer become condos in one fell swoop and evict everyone inside. but oakland's laws did not take four or fewer . >> if we want to protect the rental stock we have and protect the renters who live in the rental units, all rental units should be under the same set of rules. >> reporter: this oakland city councilmember wants to change the law to include the small buildings. >> when you convert to a condo, you are taking rental units off the market and making it harder
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for those renters to stay in oakland. >> reporter: the owners of large buildings in the city of oakland not only have a more difficult time converting their apartment buildings into condominiums, they have to pay what are known as conversion credits. that is a fee they have to pay to the city of oakland to offset the loss of affordable housing that often happens when an apartment becomes a condominium. they pay the fee to the city and the city is supposed to use that money to create more affordable housing. small landlords, do not have to pay the fee. this is where tenants rights advocates think that the landlord is skirting the law. >> in this case it appears the conversion was done as though there were four units being converted. we believe that there were more than four units which would mean it is not done for a quick. >> reporter: land records ty. it is listed as six apartments. which is how many people they say are living there now. energy meters on the back of the building show five hookups.
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the landlord insists, this building consists of four condos. >> unfortunately, we seem to see tenants displaced out of oakland in so many different ways. this is another loophole we are seeing landlords exploding. >> reporter: the landlord and owner of the building would not talk to us for the story. neither what her lawyer. they are hoping the conversion confusion clears up. and the ordinance passes so they may have a chance to stay. >> the only thing i have left is to leave. if i cannot afford rent, we will end up on the streets. >> reporter: city council member has been trying to pass an ordinance that would put in place detections from the tenants in the small buildings that have undergone the condo conversions for several years. it has yet to take place. he is hoping that will change this fall. the mayor talked about this problem in 2016 saying tenants
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in the small buildings deserve protection. the ordinance is expected to be introduced in the next couple of weeks. >> you did a good job of talking about the fact these are four or fewer units. small buildings. i remember a time when this was a good idea. tenants had a chance to buy their apartment. and make it there condo. >> not anymore. >> exactly. that is the problem with a lot of laws at the beginning. there was good intention. that is why they specifically said four or fewer. the idea was if you could not afford a large home in the bay area, maybe you could buy your apartment once it became a condo. it was a chance at homeownership for someone who could not afford a large home. that is no longer the case. they are no longer affordable when they go on to the market. it is a different game. that does play a factor for some people wanting to buy their apartment in the same way.
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the idea used to be, you cannot afford a big house, maybe you could buy a condo. city leaders say the game is different today and it is leading to a lot of evictions. >> we have so much ground to cover on this topic. we are barely scratching the surface. thank you for your efforts. we would like to hear your housing stories. send them to us. project home on you want to talk money? gasoline prices have shot up over $.10 in the past week. the station in san francisco is now charging over four dollars. for a gallon of regular. aaa said the higher prices are because the price of crude oil has soared. thanks in part to turmoil in the middle east. but with lower demandsummer proved to be the hottest on record.
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>> in the bay area the protest to stop climate change are heating up. tonight cleaners washing away the colorful murals that protesters painted in the streets of san francisco. climate protesters shut down the financial district. protesters painted colors and patterns up and down montgomery street. at least nine were led away in handcuffs after chaining themselves to the doors of banks to demand a withdrawal from fossil fuels. it was hot in san francisco today. a record high. 94. look at where you are going by saturday. you will be 21 degrees cooler. a 30 degree temperature swing and less than 72 hours. it is a warm night out side tonight. you will not feel the relief overnight. tomorrow morning it is as warm as it was yesterday. fremont, 65.
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livermore, 67. changes are coming. the big ridge of high pressure which gave us the northwind, even though it his fault, it is being kicked out by this area of low pressure. it will do a lot. it will cause freezing temperatures and eastern washington. it will cause a blizzard in western montana, three feet of snow possible. by monday, this low may make it snow in the sierra. more on that. low cloud cover returning tomorrow. along the coastline pushing inland by tomorrow evening. friday morning everybody is cloudy. we will cool down. monday, there is no fall north of lake tahoe. the snow level may drop as low as 5000 feet. the fire danger is not critical. much cooler weather begins thursday afternoon. we will be below average friday through the weekend into early next week. no one hundreds tomorrow. 86 in san jose.
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85 in fairfield. those are the warm spot. oakland at 80. santa rosa 78. extended forecast, nobody hits 80 on friday. cooler and cloudy over the weekend. barely 70 on monday. we will get sunshine on tuesday and wednesday. still ahead. it is not the and the the juul record.
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they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims.
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now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. contrary to his social media ramblings, the ex-raiders player, antonio brown may not be calling it quits on his nfl career after all. >> his agent has had discussions with a few teams. he says the teams are very interested in his client. this comes after brown tweeted over the weekend he would no longer play in the nfl. last week the patriots released him amid sexual assault allegations against him. wake up. she will not want to miss this.
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brothers screaming. why? you will see.
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if the a's can hold onto the top wildcard spot they would host a playoff game one week from today. they needed a win tonight to hold onto the first position. bottom of the seventh, a double and ellie has the lead. oakland with runners in scoring position. going into the ninth, but then,
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down centerfield. it is gone. with the biggest hit of the season. the biggest is win and they win 3-2. the race hope to add a banner as they chase oakland. against the yankees. former athletic. with a leadoff home run for tampa bay. they held on. new york just one hit tonight. tampa wins 4-0. the a's remain have a game ahead for the top wildcard spot. the indians lose tonight. oakland move the magic number two 23 games. the sharks say goodbye. giants and rock is tied at 1. from one to another. jaelyn davis hitting 1.5 coming into
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the game. the giants win 2-1. there will not be appearing this week. more star-studded than what we saw today at the program. five time major winner phil mickelson teamed up with three time nba champion steph curry on wednesday. and curry who normally oppresses people with his long- range shooting skills, wild fill with his length of the t. >> i swung it square on the face and before i finished the thought i was yelling. >> the drive went over 370 yards . he hit a sandwich into a par five.
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we will be right back.
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