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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 27, 2019 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c. now at noon, a passionate protest for parents and students upset over plans to close two oakland schools. good afternoon. >> thank you for joining us. jackie ward is in oakland with their plea to the school board. >> reporter: parents, teachers, and students are out here protesting the fact that kaiser is closing while the district is calling it a merge.
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>> i'm here because closing schools hurts black and brown students worse and worse. >> reporter: zach is one of dozens appearance outraged over the fact that his children's at school is closing. he said he fears for what this means for the future of the entire district. >> we are here standing for the basic rights of education of all children across oakland and the same keep schools open. >> reporter: at the school board meeting on wednesday the coalition against the school closure stormed the meeting chanting no school closures, oakland is not for sale. oakland unified school district says they recognize the kaiser community is unhappy with the board of education's decision. district recommended this move in the interest of what they believe it is the long-term health and viability of the district and their ability to consolidate resources at fewer schools. and a statement this the
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district said currently oh usd operates to me schools for the number of students we have. therefore, our resources are spread too thinly. oakland unified school district is planning on potentially closing several more schools. those details have yet to be worked out. in oakland with kpix five. spectators at the protest said the district was talking there pay for being at this event. much more on the story coming up on the at 5:00 and onne .com. we have new coming in from silliness of a woman walking into the police department with a meat cleaver. that woman that you see in the headlock there had just been doing some business at the salinas police department front desk. she was trying to leave when the woman in the white with the meat cleaver caught her, put her in a headlock and then was holding her at knife point because you can see here but the woman is now sitting down, but the woman with the cleaver is still very close to her. that woman is now under arrest, but this is what happened.
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you can see some of the officers coming in through the corner. apparently, it was a shift change so there were a lot of officers on duty. one pulling out his taser and taking her down. she is 22 years old. the woman in the white is named marielle. she was arrested and ended up with minor injuries. the charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon. the woman that she was holding hostage was not injured. back to you. a live look now at xfl where the weather and light rain and low ceiling caused a briefs rning. it has been lifted. >> people woke up to light rain and mist in the east bay. this video was on i-80 in oakland. a big difference from the hot temperature and sunny conditions earlier this week. >> it changed just like that. meteorologist mary lee is here with a look at the change. >> breaking heat earlier in the week to a big drop in
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temperature. we have the drizzle and the sprinkles this morning. we are looking at still cloudy skies on the treasure island camera this morning. even this afternoon. you can see a gray afternoon. let's talk about the drizzle. about 707 inch in oakland. four hundredths in pacifica and berkeley pick 107 inch of rain in kensington this morning. 24-hour to temperature change in we are much cooler compared to yesterday. we will continue on that cool down through the weekend. 10 degrees cooler in oakland, hayward. 14 degrees cooler in concorde. 13 degrees cooler in novato. 11 degrees cooler at sfo and fairfield. on future cast when we could possibly see a few showers and some sierra snow coming up. a young of activists taking to the streets again. this time in san ramon at the chevron headquarters. the group is called youth
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versus the apocalypse. want chevron to transition away from fossil fuels by the year 2025. chevron released this statement about the protest thing in part, we support open and honest dialogue with representatives from all viewpoints. chevron is taking action to address climate change by investing in technology and low carbon business opportunities that could reduce greenhouse gas. that's not the only climate change protest. students all over the world are protesting climate change. in washington dc this morning the crowds shut down streets. hundreds of south korean students boycotted their classes and marched in seoul to demand leaders stop climate change. students also gathered in the italian capital of rome and in new zealand. tens of thousands buildup streets across the country. a hayward man dead after an early morning crash on 680. he was driving southbound near treat boulevard and collided with a dump truck. his car rolled over and ended
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up against the center median. it was not clear if alcohol or drugs played a factor in this crash. the officers who killed stephane clark last year will not face federal charges the u.s. attorneys office and fbi say they found insufficient evidence to prove the officers used unreasonable force for two officers shot clark seven times last march as he stood in his grandparents backyard. police say they believed he was holding a gun. the 22-year-old was unarmed and had a cell phone in his hand. shortly after federal authorities clear the officers sacrament of police announced they will return to full active duty. a live look at the white house where president trump is insisting today that he did nothing wrong during a phone call with ukraine's president. democrats are pushing ahead with an impeachment inquiry surrounding this call. natalie brand has details from washington. >> reporter: president trump is taking aim at house democrats investigating his phone call with ukraine's president.
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he tweeted the victims media and democrats working as a team have fraudulently made it look bad. it wasn't bad. it was very legal and very good. continuing witchhunt. >> what these guys are doing, democrats come are doing to this country is a disgrace. >> the whistleblower complaint alleges senior white house officials worked to lockdown all records of the presidents phone call out of fear they had witnessed the present abuse his office for personal gain. when he as the ukrainian president for a favor to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. >> the nature of that call has been borne out in great detail by the call record that has now been released. in a very substantial part this was already found to be credible. >> specular but he says what is he hiding? he released it. implicit in their is 2020, even though it's not talked about they say. you have to stop inventing
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things that aren't there. >> one president trump at a private fundraiser told donors he wants to know who gave the whistleblower information and in a video obtained from the event suggested it was treason. >> you know what we used to do to spies entries and? you we used to handle them a little differently than we do now. >> i'm concerned about some of the presidents comments about the whistleblower. >> nancy pelosi says she wants to make sure whistleblowers do not face retaliation. >> they are a very important part of uncovering wrongdoing in our government. >> reporter: joseph maguire, the acting director of national intelligence testified thursday the whistleblower acted in good faith and llthe w. natalie brand, cbs 2 news, the white house. report in the washington post says agents at cooper's special investigations unit are coached to put the company first ahead of passenger safety. now the uber is responding to the claims. kris van cleave that down with the uber ceo this week. you in the uber ceo says he believes that report
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was based on hearsay. the company told us it used old facts and the company's policies and practices have evolved over the last few years.>> we have done everything that we can. we have a special group no we have been advised by law enforcement. we have been advised by victim advocacy groups to make sure that when something does happen, and it does happen, this is real life, we respond in a way that is victim centric and victim first but predators don't like to operate in the light. we want to make sure that the uber service operates in the light of day. that's going to take a lot of work we are not going to be perfect. i do believe we are better than anyone else out there. >> and optional barricade verification system that will require drivers to get a pin code from their riders before a trip can start. were also introduced an inapt function that will allow writers to text 911 in the case of emergency. over hopes this new technology
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could help prevent the kind of a fatal error police believe samantha josephson made when she mistook a car for her uber in march but she was later found murdered. the ridesharing industry has faced scrutiny over the past few months over passenger safety. this month more than a dozen women allegedly little neck mishandled claims of sexual assault. live mac ads it has launched 14 new safety features this year uber is facing some lawsuits including new questions about the companies handling of sexual assault claims. >> that was kris van cleave reporting for uber executives incidents when there is an allegation of sexual assault against a driver that person is blocked from the system immediately. the ceo is promising to release a transparency report, but hasn'tai still ahead, stem cells lost at a california hospital. a vital safety net for some right. ic patients how doctors t mith willing to paper ar their pets. how companies are cashing in.
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speed more than four doesn't cancer patients at children's hospital los angeles lost their stored some styles neighbors are at the hospital failed. those of stem cells harvested from the children before they underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments were frozen in case there cancer should return. the hospital informed the families by letter, but some of the letters were mistakenly sent to children. chief medical hospital fi says he isery rdnable to high lihood they coulo just
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named the new ceo. charles sharp will take over the job beginning october 21. he is wells fargo third ceo in as many years. after a series of scandals rocked the bank among them the 2016 revelation that employees were opening millions of fake accounts to meet sales goals. let's see how wall street is doing and how stocks are trading this afternoon. the last day of the trading week. the dow down about 150 points. a new study finds more than 90% of millennials are just as concerned about their pets health as their own. it seems they're willing to pay for the care pick hillary lane reports that has some companies working to capitalize. >> reporter: ashley has been a pet parent to dewey for 11 years. and when it comes to her dog
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she spares no expense expect when i got dewey i had just started on my own as a freelance writer but i had no money. i went to credit card debt getting him taking care of. >> reporter: when he began showing signs of joint stiffness she became concerned and turned to fuzzy pet health, is subscription-based pet healthcare company. using their rep they were able to get lisa littman to see dewey at home. >> you don't have to leave the house but the dog is more comfortable. most dogs walk into a vets office and they know what they are therefore in they start having anxiety >> reporter: according to the american pet products association u.s. pet owners are expected to spend a record $75 billion on veterinary care this year alone. largely driven by millennials making pets a priority. separate study found 92% of millennials are as concerned about their pets health as their own. and would rather spend time with their pet then hese, rents combined. >> most millennials have pets now rather than children. these are there baby >> >> reporter: similar startups including insta vette, quick
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that have launched apps to meet the demand of millennial dog and cat owners. right now in home visits from fuzzy are only available in new york and san francisco for about $600 a year. members can book 2 checkups, order prescriptions, and chat with that through the app expect he is my world pick i love him so much. >> reporter: she says it's money well spent pick hillary lane, cbs 2 news, new york. the oakland 80s when closer to clinching a postseason spot. oakland winning against the mariners last night in seattle. the teams victory puts the green and gold on the verge of a wild-card playoff berth in the american league. they need a win tonight or a cleveland indians lost to clinch that spot. while san francisco giants will be playing in the postseason this year they are celebrating something big this weekend. the team will say goodbye to longtime manager bruce fauci. the giants posted a record
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slightly above the 500 975 wins and 969 mosses during his time there. those went including some big ones during the world series runs. into thousand 10, 2012, and 2014. the giants championship ended in 2010 with a first and san francisco history since 1958 in their first overall since the new york giants one it back in 54. here's what fauci had to say going into his final weekend at the giants skipper.>> the emotions are going to be bouncing through me quite a bit here. it's such a great time here for 13 years. in this wonderful city and these fans and everything. i want to enjoy this last week. >> boat she is also the only manager in mlb history to win 900+ games with muchis winning 951 with the san diego padres and 975 and counting with san francisco. tonight but you will prevent
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the william mack award to the player the best exemplifies the inspiration, character, and leadership that made willie mccovey, that he demonstrated. tomorrow the san francisco mayor and former city mayors will resent fauci with a key to the city and a special presentation before the game. on sunday before his last in the giants want to create the loudest foghorn salute san francisco has ever heard but they are enlisting as many fog horns as possible from ferries to yacht clubs to cruise ships and kayaks. expect that is such a cool farewell for somebody so admired in the bay area we are saying a farewell to the work cooler w cpared to th rdt week. just diffence budyftkld airport also breezy as well. you can see the camera shaking in the wind this afternoon. right now it is 67 degrees in
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concorde. oakland. 63. 61 dntown san francisco pick 76 san jose. 67 in santa rosa. let's check the wind. westerly wind at 15 miles an hour. downtown san francisco. 14 at sfo. 14 fremont. 15 miles an hour wind in oakland. 14 berkeley. 17 pleasanton perks and ramon 20 miles an hour wind out of the west southwest in antioch this afternoon. here is satellite and radar. that ridge of high pressure that brought the heat and offshore flow earlier in the week continues to move away and push to the west this low pressure system to the north is helping usher in that onshore flow and the marine influence for us but a quick change to autumn and feeling a lot more like fall. today cooler than yesterday. we will continue on that cool down heading through the weekend and into next week. on future cast taking you hour by hour you can see eventually the sky is clear. tomorrow a little more sun.
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temperature even cooler still and even cooper cooler still for sunday. the weather system we ssibly seeayafternoo pick u we could see some mountain snow . it is a possibility the snow level is dropping down to 4500 or 5500 feet living weekend and into early next week. the sunset at 6:58 and sunrise at 7:02 tomorrow morning. daytime highs below average. 70 oakland. 67 san francisco. the first pitch for the giants at 7:15 looking at 62. here is the safeway open. we are looking at upper 60s for napa valley. here is the 70 forecast for cooling down for the weekend. especially, monday. the coolest day out of the extended forecast work we will be right back. the weather's perfect...
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>> the cast says the season is a special milestone for them and they are excited about what's on tap, including everyone's favorite dinner scenes the 10th season premiere of bluebloods is tonight at 10 a clock right here on kpix 5. a quick reminder before we go to break, if you have a consumer problem or question you can always email us at or call our hotline, 8885 hopes you. we will be right back.
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in san jose people finally getting the representation residents want when it comes to city planning. we will have some more that story at 5:00. >> that will do it for kpix news at five, kpix 5 news at noon. as we say goodbye in san jose people finally getting a beautiful tape. >> have a good afternoon. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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♪ [ birds chirping ] >> thomas: i meant what i said, dad, and i really am sorry-- >> ridge: i appreciate what you said. and i heard you. now i'm gonna take douglas to his playdate. >> thomas: but...look-- >> ridge: thomas... you should leave before someone sees you. >> thomas: okay, but it can't be can't like this forever. i can't be banished from my family, kicked away from my own kid? no. no, i-i-i need a way back, a way fix the family and to get back to working at forrester. >> ridge: well, brooke is not gonna let that happen right now, not now. >> thomas: dad, but this-- this right here, my work-- this is my way back to the son that you were proud of.


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