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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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the freeway, in the so-called american fire. it has burned about 120 acres in the past are. >> and evacuation orders have been ordered. but people nearby on sagebrush lane, sorrento lane, tarantino place, and sorvino court have been advised, just in case. >> there is a fire preparedness meeting just miles away. >> reporter: accrues on the ground and in the air, still working to get this fire contains. this is right on the border between napa and solano counties. parts of both counties, are under a red flag warning into 5:00 tonight. just another reminder that fire season is far from over. >> that is the bar burned scar from the alice fire. >> reporter: he says that the fire danger is constant. the charred hillside, a steady reminder. >> it is very real.
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there is a false sense of security. >> reporter: a time that vicki remembers well. she was evacuated from her home for almost when we, during the atlas fire. >> it was like an apocalypse. was very strange, very scary. i hope we never have to go through it again. >> reporter: this is why she and almost 100 other residents attended this fire prepared this meeting today, to learn about fire prevention. defensible space, evacuation plans, and fire safe counsel in solano county, which can then apply for grants. >> every little bit helps. >> reporter: he also had to evaluate evacuate during the alice fire, he hopes participating in these meetings will help for the next big blaze. you,ou see coming over the ridge, it gets your attention.
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are coming together to help each other. this is the community here and it is one of the reason that vicki says that she will never leave, despite the constant fire danger. >> it is family here. it is worth it. it is worth it. >> reporter: tuesday actually marks the second anniversary of the wine country wildfires. this fire here, in american canyon today, cal-fire representatives say that both are just reminders that everybody needs to stay alert and be prepared. in american canyon, kpix5. all right, temperatures and high pressure keeping the air quality low, and other spare the air warning has been issued. avoid commuting by car, if you can. and an unusual acquisition by google. sorry, to showing you that
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spare the air day is in effect. cut down on driving and also cut down on using barbecues and things like that. we have all of the details coming up on the forecast in a few minutes from now. to this. that unusual acquisition by google. the tech giant is getting into the trade of farming trade. it just purchased 40 acres in gilroy, for a private nursery. we have on what that suggests about the sheer scope of the company's expansion plan. >> reporter: we have seen them scoop up everything from restaurants, to a tech company. but this? this is new. it is about as quiet, lonesome and unassuming, piece of property that you could get. it is not as who bought it, but what they plan to do it that. google bought it. >> so we are going to have a good neighbor then. >> reporter: a rectangular
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space parcel, 40 acres. there is nothing on it except for a few dilapidated structures. otherwise, it is a completely flat area. county records indicate that was it was purchased were $2.2 million. the company said in an email to kpix5, say that they plan to use as a tree nursery for future and existing campuses. but the sheer size of the plot speaks to the volume of the growth that google is undergoing. in mountain view, they are increasing the footprint of the google plex headquarters, and in downtown san jose, a massive project, it is set to create 20,000 jobs, will also need a new force. >> there going to grow trees. >> trees?
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>> reporter: he lives just a half mile away, he said that he has been driving by and watch it sit vacant for years. >> we have an outside make it. it will definitely help out. >> reporter: what you think this is going to due to your property values? >> i don't know. >> reporter: in gilroy, kpix5. pg&e says that a transformer fire was to blame for a power outage. this affect did neighborhoods, pg&e says that an underwear switch failed, sparky the fire. power was fully restored by noon. it turns out that the raiders have not seen the last of antonio brown. the embattled wide receiver is now after them for millions. an official grievance seeks a total of $40 million from the raiders and patriots. this is supposed to paid and
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unpaid salary, fines and voided guaranties. the patriots let him go when multiple women accused him of sexual assault and harassment. he is unemployed and now taking college classes online. police have made three arrests in a shooting in a high school football game in richman. three teenagers were hurt, including a girl with life- threatening wins. detectives followed leads, right before the shooting. they arrested a 17-year-old boy on thursday. they recovered a handgun and made two more arrest. in the meantime, the shooting has prompted the west contra costa unified school district to change the start times words football games. varsity match ups not begin before dark at 5:00 on fridays. jb games start at the same time on thursdays. is fries electronics about
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to pull the plug? customers have noticed big changes, there is a lot more space on the shelves, for one. they opened their first store in the bay area. it now has 35 locations in the united states. the west palo alto store is closing in january. they said that their lease was not renewed. this may be part of a larger trend. >> people shop online to get groceries nowadays. i mean, people just don't go in grocery stores anymore. or even in malls, they are going under now. everybody wants to be online. >> we did try to contact transmitting, we have not heard back. the company says that they do not have any immediate plans to go out of business. five people have been arrested in connection to a grab and run theft. it happened on september 13, at a store in
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broadway plaza. $7600 worth of merchandise was stolen. a witness was able to give a disruption of the getaway car. this led to four adult suspects . they were arrested on suspicion of grand theft, burglary and conspiracy. an east bay city is selling a tract of land at a bargain- basement price. habitat for humanity will pay just $10 for a quarter acre of land. they plan to build in seven townhouses there, they will be available to low to medium income households. pleasant hill owns the property, they got bigger officers from two prime developers, but the money would go to contra costa county. so the city decided that they would approve the cell to habitat for humanity instead. the county oversight board also get the green light.
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habitat for humanity hopes to make progress, by the end of the year and break ground soon after that. still to come, new concerns about a company that is about to run two new navigation centers. did disturbing details that we uncovered about another kind of facility. i don't know, something exploded. >> plus, people run for their lives after a series of explosions rocked an oktoberfest event in southern california. and a popular preserve will be off-limits until next year, following a string of fire scares. ♪ announcer: time magazine reports: "the new american
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addiction. how juul hooked kids and ignited a public health crisis." other news outlets report- juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to
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overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c. i don't know, something exploded. >> we are learning more about the terror finding seen at an oktoberfest celebration in huntington beach.
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a series of explosions and fireballs shooting into the air, leaving five people hurt. fire crews say that an electrical fault exploded in a dining and shopping complex. two patrons were also injured. this and people into a public, screaming and running for coverage. a blast rocked to the area, when firefighters lifted this. >> it looks like it could be much worse. part of the reason that was not, at a apm, when the explosion happened, this portion of the restaurant and the facility would have, should have been filled with quite a few people right there. but apparently, the staff was busy. they were behind, busting that area. so that area was empty. >> the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. a horse is the latest to die at santa anita. the horse suffered an apparent
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heart attack. the five-year-old geldin g, his 34th horse to die at the southern california racing facility since december. and the 69th overall. this is prompting vallejo city leaders to take action for their preserve. which will be closed until next year. plans to develop more robust fire safety and management plans , to protect wildlife and also to protect against theft and vandalism. in the meantime come the city's testing evidence of the first fire. they say that it started on september 25, after trespassers used a saw to cut into power poles. in the coming days, hotspots started two laces. and all, 40 acres were burned. san francisco fleet week kicks off today. this is a live look at the sales force tower cam. this week's event include the
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parade of ships, concerts, ship tours, and the annual airshow. some events planned for tomorrow, the veterans art exhibit, which features original works from veterans. and the 32nd street last band performs at pier 27, from 10 am to 11 am. speaking of spectacles and the skies. hundreds of blues, build a picture-perfect sky at the 48th annual international balloon fest you fiesta. they are expected tens of thousands of people. of course, many more over the course of the nine day event. nice, the numbers warmed up a little bit today. as the sun sank slowly into the west on this sunday evening. this makes for a pretty nice sunset in about 40 to 50 minutes. the high today. san francisco was up to 83 degrees. it doesn't have to be october,
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when san francisco hits 83 degrees. it sure helps. oakland is at 89 degrees. san jose, 86. santa rosa, 89. those are all the highs. right now it is still in the 80s. 82 degrees in san francisco. 78 in santa rosa. the future cast, shows that the high-pressure is going to be maintaining at the coast. we have a fire weather watch posted. we are expecting the winds to pick up again, this will increase fire concerts. in the meantime, the winds are calming down in the bay area. up in the north bay, the highest elevation, if you cuss around 35 miles per hour. you know, not up to hurricane force winds. in the meantime, tomorrow, it will be near 90 degrees inland. mid-80s at the shore lies.
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a nice beach day. those high clouds will dispense with between now and 4 am. and then it looks like it will be a clear date for the bay area. plenty of blue skies for the bay area and warm temperatures, as well from the coast to the inland areas. close to 90 degrees inland tomorrow. in the cooler weather returns as we go into midweek. so we will be talking about fire weather again. came forecast, we have the tomorrow. at 5:15 pm, it will be 85 degrees. the overnight lows, the 50s for the most part. 48 in santa rosa. 49 in napa. the sunrise tomorrow, the forecast highs, we are going to be looking at the 80s and 90s, again.
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87 for sent as a. 89 for milpitas. danville, 87. up in the north bay, closer to the shoreline, a little bit cooler. 90 minute in santa rosa. 80 degrees in clear lake. in the end extended forecast, then we all cool down into the upper 70s and low 80s inland. definitely cooler by saturday and sunday. temperatures are then into the mid-70s. it looks like a fairly decent and warm week ahead. speaking of sports, a moment ago, here's the expert. here we are. in case you're just walking in the door, want to catch up. we will start with the nfl. we have two bay area football teams, both with three wins.
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we are going to talk about the one that went international. the only sizing that they were interested in, the boys from chicago. they call themselves the bears. ♪
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and we have vern glenn standing by. >> that's right. we've got the raiders on top. guess who up is up 3, in the afc? let's go inside, london town. the raiders have been there all week. the bears have just gotten there a couple of days ago. the first play, second quarter, josh jacobs, what a day for him. a 12 yard touchdown. the raiders are up 17-0. here is where happened. derek carr thought, jacobs.hand off, but this led to a chicago touchdown. look at this. a little pass, catch.
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the bears within 3 points. later in the quarter. he wants to hook up with alan robinson again. the same score 4th quarter. this is where it went the other way. a call on the chicago bears. and then gruden called for time. you think, turn over? upon further review, he was down. the raiders maintain possession. they turn into points. look at that grab. as the raiders go inside of the 5. and then up and over, by josh jacobs. 123 yards. and the raiders took control 24- 21. if only they got a fourth interception. well, it came right here. the raiders win, 24-21.
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they kickoff the second quarter of the season with now a record of 3-2. >> let's all start dancing. [ cheers and applause ] you can be anybody, anywhere, on any time zone! >> i can see last year. man, we are going to be awesome, i know i. nobody else saw it. nobody else believed in it. except for the people in the building, that is all that matters. >> the 49ers in the cleveland browns tomorrow night. soccer. we have a team, known as the san jose earthquakes. today, all they have to do is win one game. i guess it is easier said than done. a tightknit 1-1. the portland timbers, the shot deflected off of the goalie.
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he knocked this, portland won the game 3-1. that is a is eliminated for playoff contention. after they lose their last six matches of the season. in the meantime, we have baseball. the cardinals start, add and adam wainwright. the braves are trailing by 1. come on down, tie the game up. swanson 3 for 4 in the game. he found a home. and came the winning runs. as it ends, as a 3-1, victory. and a 2-1 seriously. he had a chance to score for the warriors last night in the first ever game there.
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steph curry checking out the arena. air ball? you know it, he did have this in mind. it was a plan for him. minus the air ball, of course. >> reporter: stuff, you took that for shot from quite a bit of distance. is this something -- >> it was choreographed since yesterday. >> i was like, i might shoot it, too. i'm joking. and he was completely serious. >> i just wanted to shoot it up. obviously, i did not want a air ball, but that was fitting. to take a while shot like that. >> i wish you could've seen my face in slow motion. i was in shock. is >> you should've seen my face. wow. steph curry, he certainly has earned the rights. he is a two time mvp. >> breaking in the chase center. >> that's right, that's right. the next game is next thursday
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against the minnesota timberwolves. >> i'm sure that you will be there. >> of course. coming up in our next ha hour, in other bombshell reverberating through washington. as a second whistleblower mes for, claiming to have firsthand or on the president. plus, new poll numbers are out. it has not very good news for the california candidate, who was counting on it. ♪ deal talk!
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my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo, comes with... 100% beef and hickory smoked bacon, plus fries and a drink all for just the change in your couch. i found the remote! try my new $4.99 blt cheeseburger combo. you are watching kpix5 . >> china should start an
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investigation into the bidens. >> you have a president that is acting like a political gangster. >> our top story. a new bombshell as the president points fingers at the bidens. >> nicole killian reports. they claim to have firsthand knowledge of the presidents dealings with ukraine. >> reporter: he tweeted that his firm is now representing a second whistleblower, who has firsthand knowledge about president trump's dealings with ukraine. the original complaint, let's that the president asked the ukraine leader to investigate his chief political rival, former vice president, joe biden. this triggered an impeachment inquiry. the president said that he did nothing improper. late last week he took it a step further. >> china should start an investigation into the bidens. >> reporter: the president defended himself over numerous tweets. several republican stood behind him. >> i think the president, when he is decide how american tax
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dollars are going to be sent and with countries they're going to go to, it is just got to make sure that there is no cancer corruption. >> my focus is on the fact that you've got a president that is acting like a global gangster. he is basically going to one leader after another, trying to get dirt on his political opponent. i consider that a violation of our laws. >> reporter: joe biden is also hitting back come over the weekend, he said he is not going anywhere, you will destroy me and you will not destroy my family. nicole killian, cbs news, washington. is >> the presidents personal lawyer says that the second whistleblower does not change his legal strategy. meanwhile house democrats are expected to depose more witnesses this week, as part of their inquiry. he pointed out that we may be headed for an impeachment
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trial, unlike any other. >> with nixon, with glenn, they were at second terms, they were not going to post the voters. we may find that the outcome in congress is similar. you have an impeachment vote along the house along party lines. and an acquittal of some poor, some dismissal, in the senate that cannot get to a two thirds vote. in this case, you have a greateappeals court. in november 2020, this is teed up for the voter to decide. is president trump fit for office or not? >> the impeachment proceedings against bill clinton were initiated 20 one years ago this month, following two months later, by the vote to impeach. house speaker nancy pelosi does not know whether the investigation into's dealings, with ukraine will be complete. at the east bay congressman, tells kpix5, that he expects the boat by the end of this year.
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now campaign 2020. senator kamala harris is in iowa. which holds its first caucus in february. this is a top three finish there, which is better than she is pulling right now. she was just on the cover of the time magazine. this does not appear to be moving her poll numbers. a new poll of the south carolina primary voters, she is behind bernie sanders, who has 10%, and elizabeth warren, at 12% and joe biden at 41%. south carolina is an early primary state. here is did spend a lot of time there in the first month of her campaign. a vigil is underway in kansas city this evening for for people that were shot and killed at a bar. five others were wounded in an early-morning rampage. it may have all started over an argument.
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>> reporter: and night turned out deadly. nine people were shot overnight, a private, members only club in kansas city. police were called to the bar around 1:30 am. they maintained an active like this well after sunrise, we while investigators client investigated scene. all four of the victims are hispanic men, but they do not believe this was racially motivated. >> we believe that this is isolated. we don't feel that the suspects are going to go out and do this again. >> reporter: police blocked off the streets, as detectives questioned witnesses and collected cues. officials say that 40 people were inside at the time of the shooting. witnesses told police that the shooting may have stemmed from a fight that broke out earlier in the night. outside the police tape, the community console one another sunday morning, as officials offered their support.
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>> the businesses and the families that live in these neighborhoods, are growing our community. they deserve to be, to feel safe in their neighborhoods. their businesses deserve to be protted. >> reporter: david daniel, kpix5. >> investigators say that they believe that there could now be two suspects. the legendary drummer ginger baker has died. ♪ the british musician, best known with his time with eric clapton's trio. he ranked up with keith moon of the who, as the embodiment of musical fury. he once attacked an interview off-camera. his family confirmed that he died peacefully in the hospital this morning. they did not give a cause. ginger baker was 80 years old.
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still to come, we expose major concerns over the company that is about to run several bay area navigation centers. the disturbing revelations about another kind of facility that the company operates. >> what are you going to run? and be sure to check out our special series on the bay area housing crisis, "project home". you can watch reports on, you can send your own story tips to ♪ the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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♪ ♪ kpix5 has uncovered information about the company that is going to run two new bay area navigation centers for the homeless. >> the same company has had serious violations, and local drug and alcohol treatment facility. >> reporter: cities over the bay area, are embracing the
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concept of homeless navigation centers. they are designed to provide not just shelter, but also social services. and a pathway to permanent housing. it is a challenging job, this is why some soon-to-be neighbors in fremont, have concerns about the company that is going to run the one in their city. >> reporter: the debates over the navigation center in fremont. dividing the community, this last summer, the council finally voted on a location, and the parking lot behind city hall. but the controversy is not over. the fremont resident, once more details on the companies selected to run the center. called bay area community services. >> right now i don't think they provide enough. >> reporter: he says that they presented numbers for the navigation centers, that they currently operate in berkeley and oakland. to him, they seem to be too good to be true. >> give me details.
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don't just give me a number, everybody wants to see what makes up that 80%. >> reporter: information is hard to find, because homeless navigation centers don't have to be licensed by the state. this means that they don't have to be regularly inspected. and complains do not have to be publicly posted. as suspicions grew, we came across a recent investigation of thunder road. a drug and alcohol treatment facility for youth, in oakland, also run by them. >> when they came up with this place, thunder road, really pushed me back when i could've been going forward. >> reporter: he said that he sunk deeper into his addiction during his stay at the facility. another teen said that she was assaulted there and ended up in the emergency room, with acute alcohol toxicity. we discovered that thunder road is considered so poorly managed, that she took a drastic step. >> we had a few incidences that
6:39 pm
occurred last year that i was very concerned about. and i made a decision to no longer use thunder road as a provider. >> it makes me suspect, what are they going to run the navigation center? are there one of the fastest growing companies, in what is becoming a booming homeless industry. their contributions doubled in just three years, 2/20,000,000 dollars. they currently operate dozens of social service facilities. by next year, it is said to run two more navigation centers. one in hayward, and one right here in fremont. >> the contract is it for about $2.3 million. >> reporter: the human services director, says that the bidding process to run the city's planned new navigation center went by the rules. and the best candidate in this case, was chosen. >> in our personal experience, with working with them in our
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community for several decades now, you know, the relationship has been very strong. we feel like they have been very, very successful. >> reporter: she says that the record and running the now one year old sister center in berkeley, was a big selling point. >> we really like the success rate that they were having. >> the center itself provides 24-hour respite from the street. >> reporter: in a video presentation, the ceo reported an 82% success rate of getting clients into permanent housing. a new report shows that the numbers are not quite as high. 64%, are now in permanent housing, while 22% of those ended up back on the street. >> i think 64%, or 66%, whatever the outcome is, is actually great, considering that people were there for probably six months or less.
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and they are getting people off of the street. >> reporter: they did not want to comment for the street, but after our stories aired, the ceo sent a lettered to hayward and fremont, warning officials in both cities, about what she claimed was kpix5's one-sided, sensationalized new story. she says that she has 1 million% confidence that they have done good to excellent work. it is going to take some convincing. >> i believe that they have parrots to speak. but what about the homeless people? >> as we mentioned in our report, homeless navigation centers independently operate. so there is no state or federal agencies to oversee them. we did find three residential facilities, that are licensed by the state. just like thunder road, they have dozens of citations and complaints.
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and fremont's new to have the navigation center is expected to open mid next year. and still ahead, dark themes. security could not drag moviegoers away. the box office record that is smashed in its opening weekend. and a wild scene at a hair salon, as a deer breaks in and steal something. >> oh, deer . as fire concerns rear their ugly heads. will have the full forecast, when we come back's. kpix5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world. come in today, to celebrate immensity sleep worlds 50th anniversary.
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you don't listen, do you? you just asked the same questions every week. how is your job? are you have any new negative thoughts? all i have are negative thoughts. >> the joker set a box office record in its opening we can. the darkest bit off, raked in an estimated $93.5 million. this is the best ever october debut. and the fourth best r-rated ever. scrutiny over its violent themes, prompted stepped-up police controls around theaters. but audiences were obviously undeterred. big plans to breathe new life into a theater.
6:46 pm
the owners of the moraga theater, want to add two new auditoriums, this would bring the total to six. the 50s theater, has undergone a big restoration and several closures, too. it is a reopening under cinema west management. they will consider the proposal to expand the theater on october 21. meanwhile, disney is giving netflix the boot. disney is banning them from advertising on his entertainment networks. this is because news disney is expected to launch their own streaming service. they're going to pull their content from netflix, as well. as for netflix will no longer see them on their networks.
6:47 pm
a saturday at a hair salon should be a tranquil experience. but, one deer gave some customers at a long island salon a lot more than they bargained for. mid haircut, a buck leaves through the star window, jumping onto a customer's lap and bounding through the salon. rather than hop through the deer -sized hole, the deer had different plans. >> oh, my god! >> the deer even smashed some merchandise. and made away with a hair iron. the customer on the couch, it sustained some injuries. this book to deer was long gone when police arrived. tonight we are getting a bird's eye view of what it is like when your office is 254
6:48 pm
miles above the earth. nasa release this video, during a power system upgrade at the international space station. >> the next major task for them is to unhook the battery. >> astronauts, spent several hours, swapping out old batteries for a new lithium ion replacement. today was the first of 10 planned spacewalks to perform upgrades and maintenance. back here on earth? not too bad. this is promising a nice, mild night. with numbers that will come in the meantime tomorrow, it still looks warm. highs today, managed 83 degrees in san francisco. san jose, 86. livermore, 85. a beautiful sight, as the sunset
6:49 pm
, as the sun sinks slowly in the west. as we look at the golden gate bridge, named the golden gate bike captain john fremont. right now, concord is 82 degrees. as you set out the door tomorrow morning, the sun is up at 708 a.m. the numbers begin in the upper 40s, low 50s. there will be a chill in the air. the daytime highs, it will come down by tuesday, but fire concerns wrapup. the reason for that is that we have dry, offshore winds, to about 30 to 35 miles per hour in the higher elevations of the north bay. there is a fire weather watch posted for tuesday night through thursday morning. the wind speeds have settled down. we did have a red flag warning through this morning. really, the winds did not materialize that much. they were offshore.
6:50 pm
the future cast shows the high clouds heading out of the area, by the time we go to tomorrow morning. a sunny day is on p. this means a clear night tonight. jupiter and saturn are out there. the moon is approaching full moon. but not quite yet. close to 90 degrees inland tomorrow. and then the cooler weather returns midweek. overnight tonight, 40 degrees in santa rosa. 51 in fairfield. 53 in livermore. the setup tomorrow morning. the forecast highs for tomorrow, san francisco about the same as it was today. 77 degrees. concord, 90 degrees. san jose, 87. oakland, 82. down in the soppy, looking good. cupertino, 87. campbell, 90. morgan hill, 93. still plenty warm, redwood city
6:51 pm
, 86. half moon bay, 76. 89 in san ramon. in pleasanton. over in the north bay, it will be 90 degrees. 76 degrees at bodega bay. if you get up by ukiah, near 90 degrees. in the extended forecast, you're going to be looking at plenty of sunshine. next weekend, things distinctly cool down. in general, things do begin to get much milder as we go into thursday and friday. so a nice week ahead, stay tuned, we'll add more later tonight. ♪ there is nobody better than what i do. they turn their head and go what the heck was that? >> the bay area musician had just planned the gig of a
6:52 pm
lifetime, when he got some life- changing news. but, he is still rocking. more when we come back.
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♪ ♪ the paralyzing condition als, also known as lou gehrig's disease, shut cut short the rise of a young guitarist. >> but it did not end his love of music or the inspiration that he gives to others. we have the story. >> reporter: line in the living room in richmond, a you might think that a man cannot lift a
6:55 pm
hand or can even spink speak, is helpless. but you do not know him. >> is on another level. u-turn to him and say, what the heck was that? >> reporter: this was him 30 years ago. he first burst on the scene, he helped create a gould album with david lee groff. before he could tour with the band, als took that dream away. >> attends to just ha you frustrated and dismayed, a way to die. >> reporter: but he had other ideas. his father invented a way for his son to communicate with using just his eyes. couple that with technology to create a way for him to compose music, one painstaking note at a time. ♪ >> reporter: the result is a
6:56 pm
new album called triumphant hearts, which is being considered for a grammy award in five different categories. it has the work from some of the biggest bands in the world. >> that says to anybody out there, if you something that you want to say, something they want to express, if you have the talent and inspiration, it can happen. >> reporter: with his father translating his eye movement. he said that he would be happy if some lives were better. als may have taken the guitar from his hands, but he could remember the music still inside him, with just a sideways glance. and, there is this. when stephen hawkins died last your comment jason became the longest living survivor of a else in the world. >> what he means to the world, maybe bigger than all of the
6:57 pm
little things that go on in life. and maybe that is the reason that this happened to him. are he cannot move, but he has moved others. they say that their lives are richer for it. in richmond, john ramis, kpix5. >> and jason is now 50 years old. he attributes his survival to music and the people around him. >> wow. we appreciate watching. 60 minutes is next. >> in the news throughout the evening, the latest is always on we will see you here at 11:00. ♪ the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> the impeachment inquiry into president trump began last week. >> i've answered everything. it's a whole hoax. and you know who is playing into if hoax? people like you and the fake news media. >> and questions remain about whether the white house will cooperate with the committee leading the investigation. what would you say to someone who says, look, we're 13 months away from the election. let the voters decide? >> when we are seeing the president already taking steps to undermine the 2020 election, i'm not sure we have that luxu. >> first thing i picked up on is


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