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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  October 7, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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pleasant hills plans to transform an empty lot into affordable housing seemed like a win-win. now nearby residents say it is all too big for the neighborhood. good evening.
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john ray mills spoke with those who say the plan packs to many people in. >> reporter: in today's housing market a vacant lot has come to mean so much more than it used to. the question is what is the best way to use it? for decades habitat for humanity has used the sweat equity of teams of volunteers to build affordable homes for those who cannot afford one themselves. those tenants of our mission have not changed. but what we are building certainly has. we build far more multifamily housing high density now. because we have to.>> reporter: that is what they want to do on this lot and pleasant hill. the city agreed to sell the land to habitat for $10. the organization said it would like to build seven townhouses here. even though the property is one quarter acre in size. chad who lives across the street has his doubts. i don't know how far you going to stack them. presumably not more than three stories.
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it is not going to work. not so well for the tenants.>> reporter: habitat said nothing has been decided. they did submit concept drawings to the city when making their pitch. it shows three-story buildings separated by a few inches. megan who lives right next door said it took her 15 years to be able to afford her modest two- bedroom home. she doesn't relish the idea of seven townhomes jammed on the same size lot and towering over her backyard. it feels like it takes the humane of habitat for humanity. seven families living on top of each other. in an area 50 years ago was designed for a single family. she doesn't object to affordable housing and would even volunteer if it was a duplex or four plex. but habitats president said the reality is the only way to be affordable is to go high density. she said the days of building single-family homes for four people are pretty much over.
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just economically it doesn't pencil out that way. we have to utilize our land. every inch of it to the best of our ability.>> reporter: the city got a couple bids from private developers. they wanted to build market rate housing here. because it was purchased with redevelopment funds it could only be used for affordable housing. for those of you eager to move in you will have to wait. habitat for humanity set this project could take up to two years just to get approved. a package of state bills could make it easier and cheaper to build housing in your backyard. the bills awaiting the governor's signature cut permit fees and band colds the make it harder to build such housing accessory dwelling units. it also provides amnesty to existing units that were built under the radar. lawmakers hope the measure will help to ease the housing crunch. opponents fear there will be more traffic and strain on city services. it is a booming business in san
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francisco. corporate rentals are popping up all over the city. in some cases entire buildings are being converted to corporate rentals the sit empty for months. landlords are converting rent- controlled apartments its corporate rentals to go for triple the monthly price. big companies will pick up the tab and precious affordable housing disappears. it is the subject of tonight's project home our original series on the housing affordability crisis. city supervisor said it is time for change.>> money is like water. it finds a new place to flow. regulators and boards of supervisors are always finding ways to regulate new loopholes. there are thousands of corporate rentals in san francisco right now. the supervisor plans to introduce an ordinance to ban them and rent-controlled buildings. susie has a story tonight on project home tonight at 11 pm
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right here. a look at our top stories at pm. a wide region of napa county could be affected by pg&e outages beginning wednesday morning. the areas on this map with the crosshatching to lose power for up to five days. the baseball commissioner said a lawsuit against the a's could sabotage plans for a new stadium and drive the team out of town. oakland is trying to block alameda county from selling its stake in the coliseum site to the a's. for now the commissioner is telling city officials the lawsuit must go away. federal judge has cleared the way for new york prutors get their hands on president trump's tax returns. in a 75 page ruling today the judge rejected president trump's claim the president cannot be investigated while in office. but because of a temporary stay the release does not have to be immediate. detectives in sunnyvale are
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on the lookout for an arson suspect. the person entered the porches of several townhomes and the morris park they put september 8 and set small objects on fire. here is the surveillance image of the suspect. if you recognize this person contact the sunnyvale department of public safety. no structural damage or injuries were reported. the fires pose an immediate danger to the home. seven cisco mayor london breed announced the next steps in a program to support individuals with mental health issues. a new state law gives the city more leeway to get people into treatment. strengthening san francisco's conservatorship program. a five-year pilot program would focus on providing housing and other services for people suffering from serious mental illness and substance abuse. the city is formed a working group to assess the effectiveness of the new conservative ship and advised the state legislature and the board of supervisors on how it is being implemented. in a statement the mayor writes we cannot allow people on our streets who are suffering to
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continue cycling in and out of our hospitals in the criminal justice system without getting the help they need. the city estimates between 50 to 100 people in san francisco to meet the criteria for conservative ship. santa clara county workers hit the picket lines for the day. workers gathered outside the social services agency building. the protest coalition counselors healthcare workers and 911 dispatch is. they say they are protesting the county's reorganization of departments without consulting the workers. we are also fighting for our caseloads to be minimized. so that we can provide our clients with benefits in a timely manner. protesters say they will continue to strike until santa clara county officials agree to move forward with a favorable contract. the county said it is open to continuing negotiations. was that the union has not returned to the bargaining
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table. more than 12,000 workers at apple's headquarters will soon have a new on-demand transit option. cupertino is starting its own public transit system. by contracting with a private operator. starting october 29 passengers can summon black mercedes that vans. sea citizens high school students and college students are likely to be heavy users of the system. service will run we days from 6 am until 8 pm. saturdays from 9 am until 5 pm. women and older drivers earn less than young men when they drive for uber. the stanford study found young male drivers target busier areas. set busier times. women and older drivers avoid traffic bars and nightlife. the study found they drive more slowly and are less familiar with the app. that translates to older drivers making 10% less and women making 7% less the young men. is bay city is taking action against wild pigs.
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lafayette installed a tipperary fence and its counity park. after a band of pigs destroyed the soccer fields. the feral pigs not an unusual sight. neighbors have complained about their front yards. all being torn up. officials say the pigs are digging in search of food. now the city is looking into installing a permanent part fence to make sure those pigs keep out. the problem not just in lafayette. people in dublin have been complaining about pigs destroying their lawns. 15 people without a home and four people including a firefighter were injured after a fire burned through two homes in san francisco's excelsior neighborhood. it started at one house around 11 am on vienna street south of silver avenue. before it spread to an adjacent home. the fire department said the three victims and the firefighter will be okay. the fire killed two cats.
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another cat and dog are missing. this is the picture of the missing dog. if you see it please call animal control. 10 spacewalks over a few months. nasa's latest effort. one of those walks will make history. fleet week kicks off in san francisco. thousands of visitors are expected in the city. emergency teams are working to keep everyone safe. coming up at 6 pm a murky future for alameda county elementary school at risk. findings that quake could move the campus up to fit 20 feet. why the district is keeping it open.
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airline pilots are now suing the boeing company for lost wages. a live look at oakland international airport pilots as southwest airlines are suing boeing for $100 million. in lost wages. this is due to the grounding of the 737 max aircraft the pilots association claims boeing deliberately misled pilots about the aircraft safe. 30,000 southwest flights canceled by the grounding this year. boeing said it will fight the lawsuit. it is working to safely returned the max to service. nasa calling it a space walk an answer. a series of 10 spacewalks began yesterday. they will continue for the next few months. the fourth in the series
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schedule for next week. is expected to make history. nasa astronauts completed the first of 10 spacewalks of the international space station. astronauts christina cook and andrew morgan removed aging batteries and replaced them with the new much more powerful ones. cook and morgan will go back out on friday for more battery work. but all four astronauts will take part in the spacewalks at some point in the series. it is our goal to share that experience and complete these tasks in the most efficient manner while also growing the experience.>> reporter: cook will make history later this month when she and fellow astronaut jessica become the first two women to do a spacewalk together. nasa had originally planned to have the first l women spacewalk in march. but that plan fell through because of an issue with the
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spacesuits. nasa doesn't rule out more problems. lots of different things can happen with not only the emu hardware. but with other things on the station affecting rarities. >> reporter: the agency said nasa is prepared to deal with any issues as they come up. as they power up the space station for years to come. the first of five spacewalks wraps up this month by a russian spacewalk. nasa plans the other five spacewalks november and december. fleet week is underway. all week long there will be events around the city. things caught got off to a serious start today. first responders held a disaster drill with members of the military. they seem related a seven point magnitude quake hitting san francisco. part of the drill focus on how to get rid of the rubber left behind. they have been planning this for six months to set satellites for medication and solar panels to power
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equipment. a lot of people think that is just junk. that is the least of our problems. that is through coordination of all of our partners. every year we want to rotate the themes. we want to be ready and practice. we don't want to exchange business cards during an emergency. >> reporter:>> the city has a booth set up to make sure everything is not ju thrown in a landfill. to find out more about our fleet week events hits our website. i can give you a preview of what the skies will look like for fleet week. we have our camera on top of the sales force tower looking north across the bay. it will be a lot of action in this view by the end of the week. it will be just as sunny and just as clear as it looks they are. looking out to mountain town. richardson bay and across sausalito. what will be different is the way it will feel. it will be just as pretty for fleet week. it will be noticeably cooler. it has a lot more to do with how far above average we have
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been for the last two days than it does. it will be typical and what you would expect for early october. why we do fleet week when we do it. today has been the odd man out. daytime highs for san francisco we hit 83. average will be 70. the biggest difference here has been the closer you are to the water. closer you are on the bay. the more of a warm-up you notice. not to say it wasn't hot it 91 in concorde. that is 5 to 6 degrees above average. san francisco we were 13 degrees above average. we are all going back to average. by the time we get into wednesday. mainly clear tonight. patchy coastal fog is coming back. tomorrow morning. it has been several days since we have had that in the forecast. we have to be up early tomorrow to notice it. if you are along the coast or along the bay a marine layer tomorrow. things are beginning to change. the second line follows up right along with that. cooling trend for all of us
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through midweek. of course the dry gusty winds are returning. the fire weather watch was the top of our newscasts. i want to come back and revisit this. as nice as it is to talk about is cooling down to average by the middle part of the week. the headline in the weather department is this. that gets us to wednesday morning. the brighter the red shows with the strongest wind speeds are. that is napa valley. it is the hills above napa where the winds will be gusting to 40 or 50 miles per hour. that is why have to fire weather watch in place. not only in napa. even though this will be the bull's-eye for the strongest winds. the set up for wednesday and thursday as far as fire weather is different from the last one. it will be stronger and more widespread. as we take a look at the weather watch it is not only the hills above napa. the north and the east bay hills and valleys. it goes as far south as the santa cruz mountains. the last one only included the north bay hills.
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this is more widespread event. the winds will be stronger going into wednesday and thursday. what can you do with that? if you will be in the hills make sure you are careful. anything that does get started. really a red flag warning when the it's issued it is issued for the people on the front lines fighting this fire. they will be on top of anything should anything get started. the rest of the seven day. temperatures in the bay low to middle 70s for thursday friday saturday and sunday. at most on saturday maybe we get a few clouds. we've got a great week coming our way for fleet week. see you guys later. still ahead how challenges during high school are fueling this bay area student to work hard in college. sleep number 360 smart bed. you can adjust your comfort on both sides your sleep number setting. can it help keep us asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable.
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is a young team today students rising above scholar watch a close family member battle addiction. isabella is now using that experience as inspiration to help others.>> reporter: >> i am living a life i never thought i would have.>> reporter: isabella is excited about her future. i want to be a pediatrician. >> reporter: the junior is well on her way to achieving those goals. she enters uc santa cruz studying stem. i tell people i'm a
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chemistry/biology major. people look at me like i'm crazy. it is so much fun. it is.>> reporter: college is a joy for isabella. high school was different. my high school experience was is my father going to come home alive today?>> reporter: she watched as her father battled alcohol addiction. i took doctors trips with my father. he was not conscious enough to get there himself. so i had a lot of late nights. i would be in the er until 2 am knowing i had to be at school at 8 am the next day. >> reporter: with her mom out the picture she took on a job to help pay the bills. the stress began to take a toll. she made the decision to move out. in some ways i felt free. someways i felt selfish for being free.>> reporter: then came devastating news. her father passed away. i felt like in a way i have failed him. and that was hard.
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i wanted him to have his world. in his world was me.>> reporter: to ease her grief she reached out to students rising above. sharing her story a recent sra event provided her with a newfound confidence. i was surrounded by a group of people who knew my life matter too. it was one of the greatest feelings that i could describe. i think it will be nice to study something out of my comfort zone.>> reporter: she is looking forward to school and honoring her father's memory. sharing my story made me realize my life didn't matter. my fathers did too. to learn more about students rising above and is scholars you can go to our website. continuing coverage of the napa county shutoffs. how people are racing and what you can do to prepare. fire season at its height a look at efforts to prevent a
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(announcer) if eligible, you may pay as little as $25 per prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. change can be hard. ask steve kerr. the coach is having a hard time with his new commute. he told usa today he would use the ways app on his phone but have no idea where he is going. in addition to some new commute struggles he also said it has been a challenge learning the layout of the arena. before saturday's preseason opener against the lakers he could not locate his assistant coaches until they got to the bench. he and his wife bought a home and presidio heights. carving a jack-o'-lantern for halloween takes time and skill. now imagine doing it underwater. creative scuba divers took the plunge to compete in the annual underwater pumpkin carving contest in key largo florida.
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nearly 2 dozen artists working in teams of two use their dive knives and carving tools crafting their submerged submissions. they have to also keep the naturally boy and pumpkins from floating away. two divers from detroit took first place winning a free dive trip in key largo. because nothing says scuba diving like detroit. kpix news at 6 pm starts right now. unprecedented shut off warning becoming reality for napa county. pg&e set the power could be off for days. at the height of this fire season the new effort to make sure a southbay highway does not become a death trap. alarming findings spelling out the murky future the alameda county elementary school. why experts say the campus is at risk. kpix 5 news at 6 pm begins right now. we received word this
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evening pg&e is cutting power to a large swath of napa county. you utility is warning the power could be off for more than five days. these areas will plunge into darkness starting wednesday morning. take a look. it will be lights off for most of the city of napa. all of st. helena and calistoga. people there being told the outage could last for five days or more. the concern is a forecast and severe wind event could take down a powerline and sparked a firestorm like the one wildfires that began two years ago tomorrow. napa county is not e. if other counties are on notice for possible power outages. most of northern california is also being warned to be ready. i'm not very happy about it. i think it is over. caution on their part. i need a computer. i need light. it is pretty cold where we are


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