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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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once you're able to get on pg&e's website. mary lee will tell you how to navigate that page to get the information you need. >> how to prepare and the fire danger forecast. let's get you straight to emily at pg&e headquarters. she has the latest information. >> reporter: this is an incredibly far-reaching power shutoff because the time spesonped me that the shutoffs begin just after midnight, but they could potentially be rolling through the night into tomorrow until the entire weather system is over on thursday. and that doesn't even include how long it takes to get the power back on. >> reporter: as the clock ticks toward a power shutdown, things are ramping up in pg&e's emergency center. mologists are monitoring wind, meteorologists
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are measuring wind speeds and directions. >> is not something we take lightly. we understand how important electricity is to our customers and the community broadly speaking. however, the safety of our customers and the communities that we serve is our most important responsibility. >> reporter: the official call came just before 2:00 pm today. 800,000 customers will lose power for public safety due to red flag fire conditions shutdowns will happen in stages, pg&e says, starting as early as just after midnight. the phase-out will begin with the northern counties like napa and sonoma. the southern counties follow, pg&e says, as the severe weather conditions dictate but won't be more specific. >> we're looking at various components to make our decision. and it includes things like wind speed, wind gusts. dry weather. fuel that may be a concern. >> reporter: here's what i've gotten as far as shutdowns are
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concerned. napa and sonoma, just after midnight. marin county, other north bay county, that will happen by 4:00 am. as far as other counties, that's on a rolling basis, determined by weather, which of course will be continuing to monitor here for pg&e. in san francisco, emily turner, back to you. >> daren, all of this is happening because of the severe wind in the forecast. what can we expect and how are things looking? >> it's the wind and the big drop in humidity, veronica, that's gonna play a role. 9:00 am wednesday, by this point in time, the wind warnings have already gone into effect. and the main event is really wednesday night through thursday morning. watch what happens from wednesday night at 7:00 through thursday at 4:00 am.
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this is when we're gonna get the strongest of the winds. those are 40 mile an hour gusts in calistoga, potentially 60 mile an hour gusts in the mountains above the valley. that's the trouble spot right there. and then the wind dies down by late thursday. but it's not only the wind. watch how the round of humidity really goes down. and you actually get to see the dry air squeeze all the way out to sea. you see that strong surge of brown that goes off the coast. by thursday morning, relative humidities, santa rosa, are at 20%. and that's gonna be worse in the mountains. single digit relative humidities. that red flag warning starts at 5:00 am tomorrow. doesn't expire until 5:00 pm on thursday. be back with more on our forecast in a bit. >> thanks. flashlights, batteries, they are flying off store shelves across the shutoff area.
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>> flashlights, just about gone. batter ewe've been filling every 15, 20 minutes. it's like we're giving away. it's crazy. >> ace hardware in lafayette told us it will have a fresh shipment of flashlights in stock tomorrow if the store is open. >> talking about splice is step 1, but there's a lot more that you should be doing before those light goes out. >> reporter: first thing tomorrow morning it will be converted into an emergency operations center, where people can come, charge up their devices, plug in their medical devices, get some water and enjoy the air conditioning. there is a lot of information out there about how to prepare for the shutdown. here are the top-five.
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first off, register with pg&e to get alerts. >> it allows us to personalize the information we need to our residents and businesses in the area. >> reporter: if you have solar panel, they will not power your house. only those with a home battery or special inverter can get power from their panels. stock up to seven days of food, water, and flashlights and batteries. and if you're still using the old incandescent bulbs, this might be a good time to upgrade. led lights last much longer. jim shows us a hack use egghead lamp and jug of water. >> it'll burn for at least ten hours just on the double-batteries that are in here right now. and this can be instant light. >> reporter: your garage door opener will not work. so you'll need to figure out how to open it manually. maybe people will be buying their first gen r
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renerator. generator. run it ide, and away from combustible material. >> you didn't even know that you had to keep those outside. >> no, it's a new learning curve. i never in my life thought i'd have to get a generator! and that's why i'm asking all the questions. how safe is it? >> reporter: so the emergency operation center here opening up at 8:00 am tomorrow. the city of san jose has opened up three community centers as outreach to the citizens. >> will bart be running tomorrow morning? yes, it will. and that's because the transit system has its own power
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substation substations. the airports will be open, andhe toll bridges. no free rides across the bay. gas pumps, line snaked around the parking lot at the concord costco today. in case the pumps are not working tomorrow, people are filling up and stocking up on fuel for their generators. >> keep the fridge going for the food. >> it may be five to seven days. >> then i'll need more gas! >> atm's may also be inoperable during an outage. this depends on whether the business has a backup system. and if you don't have power in your house, of
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course it won't be charging your phone. the answer is yes, though, for cell towers. they're protected by backup generators and their own system of batteries. and you shouldn't expect any disruption in your water service. east bay mud tells us it has topped off its reservoirs and has backup equipment to deal with any power outages. >> this is the first time a planned power outage will affect a major urban area. and oakland officials say they will be ready. the city canceled all days off for sworn officers, asking them to work to ensure public safety. the mayor is calling a possible five-day shutdown, quote, "unacceptable." >> again we expect pg&e to do everything to minimize impact to residents. the idea of five days without electricity is
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devastating. and we fully expect that to be a worse case scenario. >> the oakland unified school district could close 12 schools tomorrow. san leandro unified announced all schools in that district will be closed wednesday because of the shutoff. and the allen rock in the south bay, closing all schools both wednesday and thursday. and we just got word uc berkeley canceling classes tomorrow. but the. the campus itself will remain open. officials are helping residents prepare for the shutoff. starting tomorrow, pg&e will open a resource center in san jose from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for the duration of the shutoff. they will be providing water, charging stations, and air conditioning. >> one of the most important messages is if you see a dark traffic signal, treat as an all-way stop. pay attention to
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what others are doing the that intersection, the first one to arrive at the stop is the first one to go through the intersection. >> prepare for the shutoff, residents are asked to sign up for alerts in the utility, and prepare as they would for a disaster. governor newsom speaking out today saying it shouldn't be happening. but pg&e has created the conditions that have forced this decision. >> it is a massive inconvenience. no one wants to see this happen. but it is a public safety issue. so we avoid the occurrences that we've experienced in the last two years. no one's satisfied. but we are close monitoring. we have an antiquated system at approximating peg that needs to be upgraded. we have been very vocal about that. >> the state has aggressively pushed for a solution to get pg&e out of bankruptcy. kpix 5 has you covered. we are your survival guide as you navigate
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these power shutoffs. tomorrow catch us for an early start to our morning news at 4:00 am. the impeachment battle takes a new turn. the white house says it won't cooperate with the house inquiry. the power shutoff making for an year's anniversary. two years since the devastating wine country wildfires. how life has changed since then. >> and you can count on kpix 5 as a major resource for these power shutoffs. you can find links to pg&e's latest outage maps. the website has been working intermittently. we have a quick guide to help you maneuver the site when it is up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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- (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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a liven look at the white
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house where the trump administration now says it will not participate in the impeachment inquiry led by democrats. nikole killion is live on capitol hill for us with the latest twist. >> reporter: there continue to be many twists here, veronica. officials say they believe democrats are operating this impeachment inquiry in a flawed manner and that it won't engage in a defective process. >> reporter: the white house stating it will not participate in what it views as a part san impeachment inquiry. it wrote "never before in our history has the house of representatives taken the american people down the dangerous path you seem determined to pursue." >> the impeachment inquiry is a scam. >> reporter: the move comes after the administration blocked testimony tuesday from the u.s. ambassador to the european union. democrats issued a swift subpoena. >> the president and secretary
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of state are taking actions that prevent us from getting the facts needed to protect the nation's security. >> reporter: testaments released last week show him insistent to diplomats that there was no quid pro quo in the president's decision to withhold military aid to ukraine and his request of ukraine investigating joe biden and his son, hunter. >> guess what happened! it got released! and you know what didn't have to happen? there was no new investigation that had to get created. this whole thing a fairy tale. >> reporter: republicans argue adam schiff is cherry-picking the facts and should release the full transcript from a former state department official who testified last week. >> why not release the transcript so you can see what the ambassador told us? there is no wrongdoing. he was completely as clear as can be. >> reporter: a new washington post poll shows 58% of americans surveyed believe the democrats were right to begin an
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impeachment inquiry. >> we appreciate it, thank you. despite a warning from president trump, turkey appears poised to launch a military strike against kurds in northern syria. mr. trump tweeted this morning that turk sean important trade partner and nate, turkey is an important trade partner and ally. the white house is getting pushback from members of both parties. the white house announced on twitter be hosting turkey's president at the white house on november 13th. a shutdown at the supreme court earlier today. capitol hill police and the fbi investigate reports of suspicious packages nearby. some protestors arrested during a sit-in. as the justices heard arguments in landmark cases
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regarding workplace protections for the lgbtq community. in one case, gerald bosays he lost his job in georgia after joining a gay softball league. amy stevens was fired from a detroit area funeral home after informing her boss that she wanted to transition. >> and hopefully we can fix that and correct it. >> that will hurt everyone. >> the plaintiffs also received support from actress lavern cox who is transgender. the courts for liberal justices appear likely to vote in favor of the plaintiffs. they would need one more vote to prevail. a key witness in the trial of a former police officer was killed in a drug deal gone bad. dallas police are searching for two men, thaddeus green and
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michael mitchell in connection with the murder of joshua brown. they and another man travelled from louisiana to texas to purchase drugs friday when a fight broke out. brown's emotional testimony just days before his murder ultimately leddy to the conviction of amber guyger, the former dallas loofr who shot and killed her neighbor, botham jean. police and peace activists gathering in san francisco to discuss ways to stop gun viles. gun violence. it's called guns down. recent buy-back events have taken some weapons off the street bus many are coming from elsewhere in the bay area. organizers are hoping for new tools on the street to connect with the victims and the shooters. >> individuals going back into the community and touch each and every one of those young adults that may pick up a gun in the future.
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>> police chief bill scott is among the community leaders to talk about strategy through data and the people's perspective. an oakland firefighter responded to a fire that began at a homeless camp a little after 3:00 this afternoon. oakland police also responded to the area, blocking traffic. bart said train service was not affected. a man convicted of arson at an oakland construction site fire was just sentenced to five years in prison. dustin bellinger who also goes by the name fahim bey was sentenced in federal court in oakland. he pleaded guilty to setting fire to the unfinished hollis oak apartments nearly a year ago. the fire was one of ten at housing complexes under construction in the east bay since 2012.
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he was also ordered to spend three years on supervised probation and pay building owners $97,000 in restitution. we've been talking about red flag fire conditions. and these power outages. >> yeah, and then there's also the wind that the rest of us are going to experience for those two days. and it can be kinda confusing. where is the red flag warning? what's the weather gonna be like at my house? and that's what i want to sort out in this visit. first of all, the headline. the red flag warning. let me show you what that looks like. everywhere in red on this map has got it, 5:00 am tomorrow morning. doesn't expire till 5:00 pm thursday. the red flag warning specifically covers the extreme gusts in the mountains where the fire weather concerns are the greatest. there's a large part of the bay area included. it's all in the hills and the higher elevations for the most part. until you get toward some of those higher valleys. the coast and the bay, you're not under a red flag warning. let me show you the
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wind advisory. that doesn't mean you're not gonna notice anything. what you'll likely notice here, if we've got a wind advisory in place with gusts up to 40, first miles an hour for the areas in blue, most of the locations where we all live will notice gusts up to 25, 30. that is noticeable he breezy. it's not gonna be overall intense. here's the forecast. wednesday evening, santa rosa, you've got a gust.
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the areas in purple up here, above napa valley, the areas in purple are gusting to near 60. those other mountains. and that's where the red flag warning is. so everybody notices a bit of a breeze. and just to show you the entire bay area as a whole, focused on the north bay, look at the entire bay area. it'll be windy in the east bay hills, included in the red flag warning. if you get into the bay area community, you might not notice this much at all. you'll notice the breeze. but the actual direct weather impact shouldn't be too intense. as far as the way the weather is gonna feel temperature-wise, we got a nice cool-down taking place for most of us. these numbers are all about six to seven degrees
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cooler than yesterday. and if we look at the daytime highs for tomorrow. this is average. we've been above average for the pastcouple of days. it's been warm. and this pattern that is gonna bring in the wind, also interestingly enough, you will drop the temperatures for most of us. your temperatures at least come back down to average. that covers wednesday. and most of the seven-day forecast, the temperatures are right there. we're not gonna keep big swings in the temperature. you're gonna notice the wind pick up, particularly inland and near the coast on wednesday and thursday. it'll be ripping to 60 in the mountains. daytime highs, october, as long as we're not dealing with any of these wind events, once we get past thursday, we're gonna get back to that.
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a shutdown between china and the nba. a team owner's tweet sets off a huge debate. the league weighs in on beijing's call for a boycott.
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a business executive and his wife have each been sentenced to one month in prison in the nationwide college admikzs scheme. gregory and marcia abbot paid $125,000 to rig their
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daughter's college entrance exams and boost her chances of getting into duke university. they pleaded guilty to a single count of fraud and conspiracy. and their lawyers were arguing for no prison time at all. prosecutors requested an eight-month sentence. the abbots are the sixth and seventh parents to be sentenced in the scandal. another six will be sentenced in the next month. the standoff between china and the nba is flaring up today. this time the league's commissioner adam silver is backing up the nba executive at the center of the international firestorm. >> i don't think it inconsistent, on one hand, synthetic to them and at the same time stand by our principles. >> commissioner silver is travelling to shanghai thursday to meet with chinese officials over the dispute. china says it will immediately suspend its sports channel broadcast arrangement with the nba. coming up at 5:30, the
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anniversary of a night and a week, really, that a great many people will never, ever forget. what that anniversary means to folks up here and how it comes with some weather and some warnings that really touch back to two years ago. coming up from santa rosa. >> we'll go back live to pg&e for the latest on the planned power shutoff starting at pid night tonight. >> a new law capping rent hikes in california. what it means for tenants.
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