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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  October 13, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. the body of a missing text found in a neighborhood. the latest developments in her disappearance. the power is back on for all customers impacted by the pg&e blackout. the utility is standing firm that cutting the lights out was the right call. bay area birds at risk. we are getting a new look at the impact of climate change on local bird species. it is 6 am on the sunday october 18, good morning. >> almost a week for some, lights are back on for all customers impacted by pg&e's power safety shut off. this is a look at the original counties that had their power shut off it was the largest shutdown ever by the utility.
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pg&e restored power for the final 2500 customers last night. more than 700,000 were impacted by the widespread event. the company has confirmed 50 instances of weather-related damage to its system in areas affected by the shut off and shared these photos yesterday of downed lines and vegetation on power lines. meanwhile, the utility is defending its decision to power. >> one of the main misconceptions is that we did this to save our own skin. i cannot really fathom how that will work for us. the only thing that people of pg&e care about in this event is the safety of others. it is you, and making sure we keep things safe. >> the tri-windy weather that triggered the power shut off included gusts of wind of more than 70 mile per hour in some areas, from wednesday evening into thursday morning. and a police source confirms that the body of a tech ceo --
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>> first let's get down to whether. as far as this is concerned, it will be a nice mild day. we have a cool start compared to yesterday. taking a life the kind of our salesforce tower camera, toward the west, you can see a shallow marine they are on the other side. that is the only issue we see right now with visibility at the moment. thg be the story throughout your current temperatures in san francisco is 52 degrees as well as san jose. santa rosa is our goal is 39 degrees. temperatures get really love. 50 degrees in concord and oakland, 54 degrees, and the 40s elsewhere. we will have a clear start for most of us except along the coast. cold temperatures will hang on into the beginning of the week before we see some changes made week. for those of you just waking up along the coast, partly cloudy with that 47 degrees. it will be a mix of clouds depending on where you are around the bay. 50 degrees and 45 degrees in those inland areas. your highs today will be in the upper 70s.
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79 in concord, 76 in livermore, 79 in santa rosa, and 63 degrees and pesca victor. sunset tonight at 6:35. days are slowly getting urfirms body of a tech ceo who went missing on monday has been found. the 33-year-old was found in almaden valley in a neighborhood between camden avenue and the golf and country club. maria medina is following the investigation. >> reporter: after several frantic days of searching for air, a source tells me it was a family friend who found her body in the san jose neighborhood inside the car she was last seen in. the surge ending with some answers, but also grief and heartache for those who knew the tech ceo. >> i am very shocked and feel so sorry for the family. >> reporter: a week after aaron
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valenti went missing, the surge came to an end in the south san jose neighborhood. a source tells kpix 5, fe her body was inside. >> i saw the car there, but i it never dawned on me some someone was in there. erin valenti, the ceo of tanker ventures was on a business trip in silicon valley. her family last heard from her as she drove through san jose. instead of heading to the airport to head back to utah. with a facebook post, they said she was confusing and disjointed. her husband disappointed her disappearance was extremely out of character. france knew something was wrong when she did not show up for the annual women in tech awards in salt lake, where she was announced the winner. >> entrepreneurship of excellence award to erin valenti, founder and ceo. >> we have lost one of our own, as what feel so strange about this.
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>> the 33-year-old was a standout in the tech community. >> people like her don't come around often. >> reporter: her family and friends did not want to talk. as the search for erin valenti ends, the search around her death continues. >> what a shock. i'm glad they found her. they have been looking for a few days. >> reporter: crime scene investigators arrived on scene late tonight. there is still no word on the cause of death. the diocese of oakland is now mourning the loss of a concord pastor and a archbishop. both killed in a car crash. father matthew's eye was the pastor of saint bonaventure catholic community. he died thursday along with visiting archbishop, dominic chala of india. they died in a violent crash near wilber springs. you can see pictures here. the clergyman's red toyota prius was broadsided when it
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pulled out in front of an oncoming tractor-trailer. father philip call was known for his skills as a magician. he was also an author. the diocese of oakland said in a statement that father will call stories spirit and faith will be deeply missed. his soul rest in the peace of christ. no details on funeral arrangements. the pastor of saint ann parish in walnut creek was entered in that accident. right now he is hospitalized and in stable condition. police are investigating the death of a man who fell from a parking structure. police say the man in his 20s fell from the top level of the structure friday night. his identity has not been released. police say the death appears to be an accident. the investigation is ongoing. fire watch, crews continue to battle wildfires in southern california. authorities lia second death to a sandalwood fire. 76 mobile home structures are destroyed, and another 14 were
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damaged. yesterday, investigators found the body of a second victim. investigators believe the fire was started by a trash truck dumping a load that included burning garbage. a trip to the motion sensor on this woma n from the fl. >> as it went by, about 15 minutes before i could see fire from my front door. that is when i saw i had a video of it. >> evacuation orders remain in effect for more than 500 homes. cal fire says the sandalwood fire has burned more than 8000 acres and is 60% contained. firefighters are battling the muscles that are rich fire and are making progress. the blaze in northern los angeles county scorched nearly 8000 acres containment is at 33%. >> flames continue to rip hillsides north of los angeles today as they have been doing since thursday.
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31 homes have been destroyed, many others remain unlivable. 100,000 people were ordered to evacuate, as embers flew in all directions. this morning, more than 200 residents lined up at this lapd checkpoint, with five-minute escort back into their homes. what are you most in need of? >> right now i just need to get back home to get insurance paperwork. >> leon lee says wind gusts brought fire to her back yard. it is still unknown how this 7500 a fire began. neighbors say an electrical transmission tower, belonging to southern california edison, could be to blame. >> the brush underneath that tower was on fire. and, the wind was blowing so hard, it took off. >> california's governor declared a state of emergency for los angeles county and
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riverside county, 90 miles east. there, 76 mobile homes were lost. authorities confirmed, 89-year- old lois r mixon died, along with at least one other person. the probable cause has been traced to this trash truck. witnesses recorded smoke billowing, and said the truck pulled over and dumped burning trash may dry brush. >> i pulled up to him and said you cannot stay here. with the wind and then the field right there, you will catch everything on fire. >> the trailer park is a crime scene, have us debated by cal fire and the central homicide community. it is a stark reminder of how easily these wildfires can quickly flare up and become deadly. fire officials are employing people to clean up any leaves, dry brush, or needles blown up by seasonal winds, because this is only the beginning of fire season. back in the bay area, more than 1000 people attended a fire prevention event in
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midland park yesterday. a remnant from last year's deadly car fire made its public debut here. this pickup was torched by a so- called fire native, a mix of a firestorm and tornado. the fire chief says the pickup is a symbol of wildfires that are bigger, burned more intensely, and are more devastating and deadly than ever. >> we said, was more powerful than to show that the people who were not there who did not see that, who maybe saw a clip on the news or heard about it, to say this is what could happen. >> in addition to seeing the pickup, attendees got to meet firefighters and witness rescue demonstrations. all proceeds of the event will go to help burn survivors. alameda county firefighters are investigating the cause of a three alarm fire in san leandro overnight. the first firefighters to arrive on the scene spotted the flames shooting through the
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roof of what appears to be an apartment complex. it happened on the 400 block of davis street near casablanca vallarta. fire crews were able to contain the fire to a single unit. smoke damaged a dozen other units, displacing people living there. the national audubon society says the bay area could be in danger of losing local bird species in the ose species included:i did juncos, white brown sparrows, and california's toby's. the audubon society says those species could decline locally if average temperatures rise by 5.4 degrees. the environmental group says the increases predicted by the year 2080, if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. there is not in trouble this morning for president donald trump's attorney, rudy giuliani, over his dealings with ukraine. president donald trump hits the campaign trail again yesterday, ramping up his fight against the expanding inquiry. >> they know they cannot win an election day, so they are pursuing an illegal, invalid, and unconstitutional -- impeachment. >> the presidents personal attorney remains a central
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figure in the investigation into allegations of the president and his allies pressured ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. cbs news has learned federal investigators are looking into giuliani's involvement, and possible business dealings with two of his associates, who were arrested on federal campaign finance charges. a rally in favor of trumps impeachment is planted in san francisco. it is scheduled at noon at harry bridges plaza. other activists have a rally plan today in san francisco, to protest >> decision to remove u.s. service members from syria. that demonstration is scheduled to happen at noon at union square. yesterday, dozens of those demonstrators took over the ticket counter at san francisco airport. you can see video right there. they are now calling on the united nations security council to force turkey to hold its defense against northern syria.
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this comes as turkey pushes deeper into omboth sides, and airstrikes are escalating in the violence. attorney general heavier but serious is leading a multistate charge to prevent the trumpet ministration from building a southern border wall in california, new mexico, and other states. a motion was filed yesterday to block the white house from diverting $3.6 billion earmarked for military construction, to build the border wall. the motion argues that the barrier would cause irreparable harm by damaging the environment. it also says it will eliminate jobs and revenue associated with the plant military projects, that would have to be scrapped. president donald trump's power is not limited, congress which holds the power has repeatedly rejected the president's proposal to fund a border wall. president donald trump continues and treats the rule of law with other content in order to advance thoughtless
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and obnoxious campaign promises. one person is dead and 20 others are hurt after a hotel under construction suddenly collapsed in new orleans. officials say two people are still missing this morning. e 18 hard hotnths wn several caved in yesterday. you can see video of it here happening in ree. a towering crane on the construction site is just swaying back and forth unsupported. nearby buildings have been evacuated as a precaution. the hotel had 350 rooms, and more than 60 condominiums. it was scheduled to open in the spring. san francisco fleet we continues today with more horrifying events. >> we will show you what's in store and how to watch live images of fleet week without leaving your home. plus, workers are back on the picket lines today, why they say the healthcare company is failing its patients.
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carnival. choose fun. events are set to begin along the burke dara at 9 am. yesterday, the u.s. navy flight demonstration squadron thrilled thousands of spectators.
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the focus was not just in the air, there was plenty to do on the ground as well. >> they go straight up and that there into install, and come straight back down. i feel like i am going to pass out on the ground. >> once i got on, i was like well, and i wanted to get on the rest of them. >> today is the last day of this year's fleet week. you can see live images from our exclusive self force tower cameras at let's get a check of our local weather with emily. fog is back. >> it is, you can take a live look out of our tower camera. you can see it in the distance. because we do still have high pressure lingering, it is keeping it nice hello. it is not making it far inland. however, it is keeping things cold, cool or i should say, through the golden gate, which is where you will see it. it was foggy.
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san francisco 52 degrees, 50 degrees in concord. it is nice and clear in santa rosa, 39 degrees. same thing and livermore, 48 degrees. the visibility currently, in those inland areas as overland just fine. we are really only seen visibility offshore. in fact all the way through the golden gate of the so low, it is not being picked up on our map elsewhere everything is fine. it will be there for the vast majority of us as long as we're not on the beach or along the coast. this high-pressure system is what's keeping that marine layer nice hello. this low-pressure system behind it will bring some clouds that we will start to see later today. there is another low-pressure system here that is going to bring changes by about midweek. so things to remember today, it will be slightly cooler today with coastal clouds, the cooling trend is going to continue into tomorrow. you might see little bit, and i say might, with a bigáthere, and a few showers along the coast tonight. likely not, that chance of rain is happening at the end of the week likely towards midweek. however 72 hour future cast, so clouds that will build in by
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tomorrow morning. it will stick around, then we have another clearance for the afternoon, and they moved back and with it evening hours. that will keep those temperatures along the coast nice and cool, pretty mild for this time of the year. just a normal trip kpix it is clear of those inland areas, and and foggy along the coast, our high temperatures today will be cooler than yesterday a couple of degrees, 79 degrees in santa rosa, 63 pacifica, 76 in san jose, 79 in concord. last day of fleet week. it will be beautiful out there, 67 degrees, not quite so warm as yesterday. also the italian heritage from it is happening today in north beach. excellent food, it will be excellent with it as well. 68 degrees, your seven day forecast shows that trend continued into tomorrow, before we have a warm-up of a potential chance of rain by midweek. i did not want to put on there because it is a potential, and we start to cool off by the end of next week going into the
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weekend. >> really nice weather, kind of a nice cool off. >> it is a perfect and fifth fleet week, that we go into monday morning. until health workers planned a round-the-clock vigil tonight in oakland at their oakland headquarters of kaiser permanente. it is set to begin at 1:00 this afternoon. organizers say kaiser permanente has failed to provide timely mental health care for patients. demonstrators will include psychologists, social workers, and therapists. kaiser says it has taken several steps to address a dramatic increase in demand for mental health care. another doctor is raising concerns about the health impacts associated with . this now with flu shots. dr. brandon hooks says of aping impairs the immune response system. he also says it could increase the chances of the flu, turning into pneumonia. women and younger patients, dr. hicks knows the combination of aping and exposure to the flu can create what he calls a perfect storm. >> of aping, when you are inhaling the smoke, is actually
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causing a change of events with your lungs. it is in pairing your immunity, in pairing your lung function to fight infection and bacteria. >> right now, the cdc is evaluating the role of aping may have played in nearly 1000 respiratory illnesses, including more than 20 of aping related deaths. a new law in california will ban smoking and baby in state park beaches. this will apply to 350 miles of the state speeches, and 280 state parks. there is one controversial acceptance to the ban. people will be able to light up in parking lots and paved roadways. >> it is still too easy. >> to ban it in the state, and 98% of places that have a designated smoking area seems like a pretty reasonable compromise. >> the new law goes into effect on january 1. anyone find
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violating the ban could be fined $25. another bill signed into law will guarantee all students get a state-funded meal of their choice. it will ban the so-called practice of meal shaming. that is where students who of the school money for meals are denied food or just given a cheaper alternative meal because of it. in a statement today, the governor thanked a third grader from napa county who brought national attention to the issue by paying for all of the food service bills at his school. coming up in sports, the san jose spartans almost complete, and incredible come back on the road, and two of the most lethal offices in baseball tee off in the american league championship series with the yankees providing an air show. sports is coming up. and save 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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and you get first dibs on that brand... that price? that's yes for less. seriously, get the fall brands and styles you love and save 20 to 60% off department store prices. at ross. yes for less. with both cal and stanford having injury issues with your qb's, it is the perfect time to buy this weekend. san jose state put on an incredible rally in reno. the spartans football coach making notable progress with the program, playing the wolfpack yesterday. for the quarter, the spartans down seven, the jean packer runs in for the 2 yard touchdown. after the extricate, the game is tied at 38. the spartans were down by as many as 21. the wolfpack hit the field goal as time expires, the spartans lose a heartbreaker, 41-30 a. >> labor tories and the yankees
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were in houston for game one of the lcs. 7th inning, the yankees up three taurus, it's a line drive to center with the bases loaded. he is the youngest yankee to have five rbi in the game, the yankees also blast three out of the park, and when you 7-0. washington lectures are dealing this afternoon as the nets look to go to heaven zero in the and lcs. 5th inning gets tommy eckman looking, ensures or took a no- hitter into the six yesterday, gives up one hit. and fans 11, 8 inning, the nationals of the rent, adenine comes up with a big two run double. the nationals went 3-1 in the series 2 games to none. the raiders have a bye week this week, the 49ers will be an action against the rams, that game starts at 105. coming up in the next half hour -- >> tragedy in chicago, for people are dead, another is injured in a mass shooting overnight, the latest developments.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> welcome back this morning, the time is 6:29, i am emily turner. >> good morning, i am devin
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fehely. four people are dead and another wounded after a shooting at a chicago apartment building. >> reporter: chicago police say a 67-year-old man, it can start a retired construction worker, open fire on his neighbor.>> no gang bangor nothi likethat. it is very weird. >> reporter: police say the man left his apartment and walked over to his neighbor's apartment. >> there were four people at the table eating dinner. for reasons we don't yet know, he opened fire on those individuals killing them all. >> reporter: then he walked upstairs to another neighbor's apartment and shot a woman in critical condition. >> he knew everybody in the building. >> reporter: police say he lived in the apartment building for the last 15 years. two of his victims were women, and three and mitt were men. neighbors say there had been problems in the past, problems they never reported to police.
6:31 am
most of had problems with him in the past. certainly nothing of this magnitude. >> reporter: the man surrendered to police in front of his the apartment and has been taken into custody. the chicago mayor posted this online. the mass shooting at a condo building in west irving park is devastating and almost unfathomable except it is happening too frequently, not only here, but across our country. a chaotic scene during a wedding in new hampshire, and two guests were shot. the suspect is in police custody. it happened yesterday morning. police say around 40 guests were in the church when the shooting broke out. the bishop was among those injured. police say wedding guests tackled the suspect. >> for my understanding, they basically ganged up on him. minor injuries occurred to the other guest. >> the bishop is in serious condition at the hospital. the other shooting victim is expected to be okay.
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investigators say the shooting does not appear to be random. the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned next week. in new york, for people are dead and three others injured, following a shooting inside an illegal gambling site. it happened in brooklyn's crime had crown heights neighborhood. 15 people were inside when shots were fired. they found evidence of gambling. no word on motive or interest. governor newsom signed a slate of laws the titans can control issues across california. it includes five bills that will strengthen gun violence restraining orders that will prohibit certain people from possessing a gun if determined to be at a risk of harming themselves or others. he also signed bills regulating in firearms sales, and another aimed at reducing the number of ghost guns on the street. those are firearms constructed from individual parts that have no serial numbers. let's get a check of our
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local weather. >> it will be a little cooler and cloudier depending on where you are. taking a live look outside our camera, you can see a few high clouds. and, just a few low clouds. mostly those clouds are along the coast right now. temperatures in san francisco, 52 degrees, 52 in san jose, santa rosa is 39 degrees, and 50 degrees in concord. still in the 40s and those inland areas. we have a clear start for most of us with high clouds moving out of the way by about midday. along the coast, that will retreat all the way back by midday as well. so, there would be great visibility through the last day of fleet week. that cooling trend will continue into tomorrow before we see changes by midweek. both would temperature and potentially precipitation. our forecast for those of you making him, sunrise will happen at 7:16 am. right around the bay, a few clouds here and there, 50
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degrees, and inland areas, 45 degrees. over the last few days, governor newsom has had a number of bills into law. one of them, senate bill 24, sets california apart from any other state. it will require public universities to provide students access to abortion pills on campus. what do students think about this new law? mary lee went to uc berkeley to find out. >> reporter: as you can imagine, we spoke to students who feel strongly about the abortion pill on their campus. >> if i were to be in this kind of situation, i would want to have something like this on campus. >> reporter: uc berkeley student scarlet lowe and jonathan wong think the abortion pill should be on their campus. in fact, they were surprised to learn it wasn't already available here to students. >> i think it is a right that students should have, especially since this kind of thing would happen unfortunately
6:35 am
. >> reporter: a new law will require university of california and california state university health centers to offer on- campus the abortion pill. governor gavin newsom , who just signed the legislation, said it will reduce barriers for hundreds of california public university students forced to go offs campus to seek medication abortions every month. >> i feel horrible about thinking that my peers would go through this in their dorms without may be anyone to support them. >> the abortion pill is given in two doses, with the last bill taken at home. pro-life clubs like spartans for life at san jose state university, want it off their campus. >> something died as a result of taking the abortion pill. imagine a woman taking the pill in her dorm room. >> the abortion pill will be available on all ec and csu campuses by 2023.
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governor newsom signed ab 1264, which will allow planned parenthood to prescribe abortion pills to patients through an app on a smart phone. she is known as the serial stowaway. 67-year-old marilyn hartman is due in court today after sneaking in at chicago's o'hare airport. she was arrested after she snuck past security and boarded a plane that took off. police will not say where that flight was headed. hartman has been arrested at least half a dozen times in chicago at o'hare and midway airport. in 2014, she was arrested in los angeles after sneaking onto a flight from san jose. she was arrested six other times that year for trying, but failing to board flights in san francisco. she has also faced charges in
6:37 am
phoenix and jacksonville. hartman is facing a criminal trespassing charge. this morning, aviation regulators are criticizing both boeing and the faa over the grounded 737 max. the report condemns billing fot information. it calls out the faa for lacking expertise during the process. >> reporter: the new report identified failures by both boeing and the faa, allowing design flaws on the 737 max, to go unnoticed. while the max is in development, boeing did not fully explain the anti-stall system, known as c fa and did not sufficiently update safety regulators on changes being made to that system. an cast played a central role in both max crashes, pushing the plane's nose down, causing pilots to lose control. the report found faa staff had only limited experience and knowledge about key technical aspects of the plane. also faulted were assumptions made by the faa and boeing about how pilots would respond to in an cast failure. >> it is hard to see these two accidents happening without an
6:38 am
cast. >> i think that is a fair point. >> reporter: faa administrator steve dixon spoke to nbc news last month. >> we are looking at protocols to see where there may be gaps or where those processes could be improved. and also if there were any flaws in execution. >> reporter: the max has been grounded since march. this week, united and american joint southwest and pulling the plane from site flight schedules until january. what are you going to do to convince people they are safe? >> we will have american airlines pilots fly those airplanes. what our customers now, if an american airlines pilots as they are comfortable to find that airplane, it is safe to five. >> reporter: companies tell me they are close to fixing the software changes to fix the max. louisiana's democratic
6:39 am
governor john bell edwards will face republican businessman eddie respond in a 101 general election next month. edwards, on the left side of your screen, fell short of the majority of the votes needed to clinch reelection in yesterday's all party primary. the general election is set for next month. facebook is on the defensive after being trolled in a campaign ad presidential candidate elizabeth warren bought on facebook. the ad intentionally starts with a bold but obvious piece of this information. it says breaking news mark zuckerberg and facebook just endorsed donald trump for reelection. the ad then admits that the claim is false but goes on to say what zuckerberg has done is given donald trump free reign to live on that platform. lawrence later shot at facebook students the debate about how the social media site should handle misinformation spread by politicians. chic claims facebook as we look into take down her ad shows it prioritizes profits over protecting democracy. facebook defended its policy, saying it believes political speech should be protected.
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still to come, a progress report on the subtle rich fire, tearing through homes in parts of los angeles. >> in the aftermath of the pg&e blackout. coming up, a new problem in the sierra foothills.
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a man is under arrest after breaking into a restaurant on the peninsula. police say the suspect broke a window with a rock, the company car and several other items. here is a look at the suspect. investigators say the 19-year- old was cut yesterday after he returned to the scene. he faces vandalism and vehicle th recharges. ch fire de ntaiis 33reassccheday
6:44 am
00san doities ofsylmar hill e wind gus gh as per hours whipped through the area. it is still not known how this fire started. la county fire confirms one person has died, and at least 31 homes were destroyed. some neighbors say an electrical power line could be to blame. >> the brush underneath that tower was on fire. and, the wind was blowing so hard, it took off. >> cruz lifted all evacuation orders yesterday. governor gavin newsom has declared a state of emergency for los angeles county. and also for riverside county, where the sandalwood fire s a at orinalt had their powero
6:45 am
where spoiled food is ter the b rodents and other wildlife can smell food waste from a mile away, because power disruptions also effect the trash companies tossed it. >> i can't fit it all in a garbage can. >> this noble attract bears and other wildlife and rodents. they may not have their regular collection for a couple of days. >> plaster county has established three dedicated disposal sites for for spoiled food. they are asking people to bring trash there rather than tossing it in the bin outside their house. we are also learning that the power shut off nearly scrubbed a nasa mission 3000 miles away. researchers at uc berkeley got word of the shutoffs on tuesday about 30 hours before the teams a nasa icon satellite was set to lunch. they needed power to monitor the satellites takeoff. they scrambled to get electrical cords and other supplies in place.
6:46 am
weather in florida pushed the lunch to thursday. luckily with their supplies and extra time, the team in berkeley was able to use a 19 dead after the strongest typhoon to hit japan in six decades slammed the storm made landfall south of tokyo yesterday inundating roadways and causing rivers to spill over their banks. rescue crews are using helicopters to plug people from the roots of their home. the driver of this car was killed when powerful winds flipped his vehicle onto his roof. 16 people are missing after the storm ripped through many houses. the storm has grounded planes and stopped bullet trains in their tracks, stranding thousands of local travelers and tourists. the knee-high water did not stop at japan's national rugby team from practicing in tokyo yesterday. they are said to take on scotland in a world cup match today. if organizers decided to save. the scottish team scrapped its own training session yesterday.
6:47 am
let's get a check of our local weather with emily in the weather center. some clouds are back, but not too many of them. taking a live look toward the north, you can see marine they are is back. if you're driving over the golden gate bridge, you might want to take extra time. visibility is not great. it is really beautiful. san francisco is staying at 52 degrees, same thing at san jose. santa rosa, you are 39 degrees, 50 in concord, still in the 40s livermore, 48 degrees there. most of the issues are through the golden gate or off the coast. especially in inland areas, you are good to go, no problems to report. this is just that coastal fog, that marine layer. because of the high pressure system we have in place, keeping it nice and low. not penetrating into those inland areas. there are some clouds on the horizon, and an even bigger system that will bring changes by about midweek. so, things to remember, slightly cooler to it did today than yesterday, that cooling trend will continue into tomorrow. we have possible showers.
6:48 am
when i say possible, i mean cha middle or end of next week. now, our future cast shows clear mostly in the inland areas. the marine layer building in, especially in morning hours backing off into the afternoon, and back in the morning. toward tuesday afternoon, we start to see things really cool as that marine layer returns, it will cool things off for the second round toward the middle of the week. our high temperatures for today, cooler than yesterday. 79 degrees in santa rosa. no 80s on this map anywhere, 63 degrees in pacifica, 73 mountain view, 76 and has a, 71 in oakland, and 76 in livermore. it is the last day of fleet week. it will be 76 in san francisco. absolutely beautiful today. those coastal clouds will retreat by midweek, which is
6:49 am
great news for those of you who want to catch the blue angels for the last day. or, the italian heritage parade, 68 degrees in north beach. it will be fun out there, fisherman's wharf in north beach is sunny, especially by the time the parade kicks up your seven day forecast shows that cooling trend continuing into the beginning of next week with those clouds here and there, especially along the coast. then, by about monday or tuesday, tuesday more likely, it will warm up just briefly before we cool off again and there is a brief chance of rain by the middle or end of next week. devin? with all the boats on the san francisco bay because of fleet week, the marine mammal center in sausalito was urging voters boaters to keep an eye out for whales. the easiest way is to look for spouts. boaters who see a will should slow down to 10 knots and give the animal plenty of space. if you want to see the fleet week activities without the hassle of going into san francisco, check out our exclusive tower cameras. they are live on at in pleasanton police officer is battling stage iv
6:50 am
pancreatic cancer. law enforcement and community members are showing him he is not fighting alone. >> i didn't hear you. >> that group of early risers took on a grueling fitness challenge yesterday in the parking lot of the omni flight club in livermore. other local businesses partnered with omni to raise money. it will all go to officer kyle hendrickson and his family of six. his wife and kids were at the fitness challenge cheering on those competitors. he was not able to attend because of this treatment. his family says he is truly touched and blessed by all of the love and support. he says he will never give up the fight. that fitness challenge ranged $7000 for the kyle kicks cancer fundraiser. the goal is to raise 15,000. you can still participate in
6:51 am
the challenge at any gym or any omni club. and kenyon athlete is sending shockwaves through the sports world, becoming the first to run a marathon. in under two hours. >> truly amazing. ilia can choke he was supported by 36 pacemakers throughout the race. this is a second attempt at breaking the two-hour barrier after missing out by 26 seconds back in 2017. fans in nairobi erupted into plazas across the finish line, he is the current world record holder. this rent is not set in the record, that is because the event was specifically set up for the attend. >> i am happy to inspire many people to attend people. >> he competed in the 2016 summer olympics in rio and smacked a gold medal in the marathon. that is amazing. >> he runs 26.1 miles.
6:52 am
his clouds while time in 26.1 miles is faster than i can run in just 1 mile. >> amazing. like amazing. coming up, while kids say trick-or-treat, some couples in the east bay will say i do. look at hollowing ceremonies, that is coming up next. welcome to the carnival 30 minute tour.
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this year's ceremony will not be available until hollowing, we will be right
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it is 6:56. time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> pg&e says electricity is back on for all customers affected by public safety power shut off. or than 700,000 homes and businesses were effected by the widespread event. the utility says there were 50 instances of weather-related damage to its system in areas affected by the shut offs. crews continue to battle wildfires in southern california. hellfire says the settlement fire has scorched nearly 8000 acres in the selmer area and los angeles county, and is 33% contained. in california, governor gavin newsom signed state senate bill 24. it will require public universities in california to provide students access to abortion pills on campus. mental health workers plan to begin a round the clock vigil today at the oakland
6:57 am
headquarters of kaiser permanente. it is set to begin at 1:00 this afternoon. organizers say kaiser permanente has failed to provide mental health care for patients in a timely matter. fleet week festivities come to an end today in san francisco. the blue angels, is set to perform at noon. it will be an absolutely beautiful day out there for that. we have a few clouds and a little bit of fog out there in the golden gate, as temperatures increase today. that will start to retreat offshore. that cooling trend is going to continue into tomorrow. then tuesday we will have a little bit of a warm-up before we cool off again toward the end in the middle of next week. >> some really beautiful weather this weekend. thank you for joining us this morning. >> we will be back here tomorrow, cbs sunday morning with jane polly is next here.
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