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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 18, 2019 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. now at noon. pg&e's top brass expected to answer to state regulators. they want to know how last week's mass power shut-off started and more. >> i'm kenny choi. >> they called for the emergency meeting last night. kpix 5 jackie ward on the tough questions pg&e is about to face. >> reporter: in less than an
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hour the top executives will face some tough questions from the state's public utilities commission. some are happy about it. >> i think the public utilities commission is just as disgusted with pg&e as everyone else is. >> reporter: she said while she is pleased with the puc calling this meeting, she is skeptical. >> the public utilities commission authorized the program that turned into such an user debacle. obviously, the commission needs to hold pg&e more accountable and impose stricker standards on the company. >> reporter: they called the power shut off an unacceptable situation that never should be repeated. it forced businesses and schools to close. >> state senator said pg&e is too used to getting its way. >> the ceo continues to blanket
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defend the scale of this blackout affecting millions of people. they are not self aware of how impactful in a negative way their actions are. >> the ceo bill johnson said he recognizes the hardship people faced but decided to shut the power off to save lives. >> these were intended solely to keep our community safe from wildfires and we achieved that purse. we did not have as many fires. >> reporter: the meeting starts at 1:00 this afternoon. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> the cpu c regulates services and utilities and they had access to safe and reliable. a it is 100% contained. it shows the hills glowing with flames and destroyed more than
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25 acres. wind gusts threatened nearby communities as well. the fair broke out along highway 29 north of hidden valley lake around 8:00 last night. some people were told to evacuate but the orders were lifted late last night. highway 29 by the way is now back open in both directions. police need your help finding these suspected package thieves. three suspects stole amazon packages of porches on center point drive near the great mall. they were captured on security cameras. new at noon, mark hurd ceo of or oracle has died. he took a leave of absence last month for an undisclosed medical reason. the founder ard chairman larry ellison confirmed his death this morning. he is survived by his wife and two daughters.
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mark hurd was 62 years old. >> athe excuse today, they tried to help with damage control. the big question is over quid pro quo with uber. >> it is a corrupt place. e don't want to send them a bunch of money. >> he appeared to link the president's decision to withhold nearly $400 million in military aired to ukraine with a debunked theory that he helped hillary clinton and meddling originated there. >> did he mention in the past, the corruption to the dnc servic yes. >> he clarified his comment during a briefing. >> you described a quid pro quo. >> we do that all the time with foreign policy. >> later he issued a statement
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saying there was absolutely no quid pro quo and the president never told him to withhold any the white house is blames media. >> he did a great job. he mentioned the same message over and over and now the media of course is we put a statement t clarifying some of the things the media got themselves in a tizzy over. >> they are running the impeachment inquiry against trump and called them a confession. >> he can back it up now now that he recognized what he said but he said what the president said, they used $390 million of u.s. taxpayer dollars to leverage the ukrainians to help trump in his upcoming election. >> sondland testified thursday the same day secretary perry announced his resignation from the trump administration. coal killian, cbs news, capitol
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hill. >> perry tells fox news today his departure has nothing to do with ukraine. some explosions and fighting continued along the turkish syrian border today despite the u.s.a. nouncing turkey agreed to pause its offensive for five days. it would move kurdish forces but it is unclear how it will be implemented. president donald trump says it is working out, so far. defense secretary mark es purposes the agreement does not impact the withdrawal of u.s. troops and no u.s. ground forces will participate in the safe zone. they said it gives turkey what it wanted. word leaders are calling on turkey to withdraw something it is under no obligation to do according to the u.s. plan. a shootout in mexico. they traded gunfire with the
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cartel. then they took the son of the kingpin into custody. here is how that set off even more violence. >> reporter: it was a battle zone thursday in the city it will be mexico. the homeland to the violence in a low wa drug cartel. police confirmed they were patrolling a neighborhood when they were fired upon from a house. once they fought back and entered the house, they arrested guzman lopez, a key figure in the cartel after his father joaquin 'el chapo' guzman began a life sentence in the u.s. in july. >> once word gets out that el chapo's son has been detained by the mexican security forces, like all held breaks loose. >> reporter: police appear to be out gunned by drug cartel forces, and civilians ran for safety. cartel members setting vehicles on fire to block roads preventing security forces from
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maneuvering as men with heavy machine guns opened fair. >> i don't think we have seen anything like this on this scale in mexico maybe ever. mexico's own security forces don't have the ability today feet a cartel with all the gun power that the mexican military has, mexican police. >> reporter: to stem the violence, mexican authority officials had to release guzman. >> it is an embarrassment for the mexican government. >> reporter: now mexican authorities are not the only ones trying to apprehend him. he and his elder brother joaquin were indicted on charges of drug trafficking here in the u.s. two years ago. as of right now, they remain free. cbs news, new york. history is being made high above the earth right now. these are live pictures of the
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first ever all-female spacewalk. this is inside the international space station. you can see some of the males astronauts in there. this is seven months after the original one was scheduled. this time with the right sized suits. >> i'm right beneath your feet, so don't move down. copy. >> reporter: they made their way outside the international space station to replace a battery. meir walked land over hand. koch hitched a ride on a robotic arm. two female astronauts are spacewalking together. >> women have walked in space before, 15 in fact, 14 of those nasa astronauts but this is the first time it has been all women and that has generated a lot of excitement. >> reporter: the first was supposed to happen back in march with the koch and an mcclain but only win medium sized torso space suit was
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available so both could not participate. since then nasa designed a more one size fits all space suit making way for the spacewalk. >> do you hear me? >> president donald trump spoke directly to them as they were finishing up their work some 260 miles above the earth. >> we can hear you. >> that is great. >> we are just doing our job and we recognize it is an achievement. >> they hope there are many more to come. lisa mateo, cbs news, new york. astronaut christina koch is seven months into a 11 month space flight, the longest by a woman. >> u.s. millennials making big money. how many are already considered millionaires. >> a live look at sway fest under way right now. is anne in that crowd?
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she is in there somewhere. it is going to be beautiful fall weather today going into tomorrow. taking a look ward the east. a few high clouds but for the most part nice and clear by the afternoon hours.
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welcome back. a live look in downtown oakland right now where a big free block party is under way featuring some top names in bay area music and hip-hop hosted by a local radio deejay who has since made it big on the national stage. >> we're talking about sway calloway or simply sway. that is how everyone knows him. it looks like a lot of fun. >> reporter: oh, you. this is a pretty fun for noon in downtown oakland. g easy is about to go on right now. we have spoken with some other oakland native, sway calloway himself and sheila e. ail of them coming back here outside
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the pandora headquarters to show oakland some love. >> make some noise? >> this is called sway fest under b it should be bay fest. it is something i have wanted to do for a long time. >> sway is based on the east coast hosting a music show on tell light radio which is live from downtown oakland. >> family music played in my household on 23rd avenue. you know what i mean sheila. okay. >> ♪ force >> reporter: today she is dropping a new video with snoop dogg but her world wade fame isn't crowding out her love for oakland. a we support the bay. this is our hometown. i'm not just his friend but part of the first event for him. ♪ >> reporter: local fans are hoping it won't be the last.
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relating to each other is what it is all about. she is so tiny and energetic. >> reporter: brian shaw showed up. >> it brings people from every walk of life together. they get along, they pull for the same cause, listen to great music. ♪ >> reporter: music with a message. >> we have to start creating outlets and platforms for creators to come and yu to come and have safe spaces. >> reporter: back out here live in downtown oakland, right now, we're hearing a little presentation encouraging people to go to college, one of several nonprofits in today's event. it is going to last here until 1:00 p.m. you play ask why is this happening so early? because it is broadcast live and part of sway's radio show which is based out of the east coast, so it started here at 10:00 and a wrap up at 1:00 but still plenty of fun to be had
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between now and then. >> what a great thing he is doing for his own community, the community he grew up in. have more fun when they hit the stage. >> will do. a >> surprising number of millennials in u.s. are millionaires. it shows approximately 618,000 millennials have a net worth of more than a million dollars. 44% of them live right here in california, but the top zip code for young millionaires is traverse city, michigan, a tourist destination where luxury bow rest home buyerers can get more bang for their buck. they are between the age of 23 to 37 this year. new at noon, california's unemployment right just fell to a new record low. 4% in september. name years added 21,000 nonfarm jobs extending the state's record job expansion to more than nine years. let's take a live look at the
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big board right now and you can see the dow is down about 170 points. stocks are being weighed down by losses in tech and communications companies but the market is still on track for its second weekly gain after three straight losing weeks. the government says the san francisco based bank discriminated against female and african-american job applicants for online customer service and phone banker jobs in 2014. wells fargo must offer 66 jobs to the women abc african- american applicants that were rejecterred back then. they dispute the apple guys but have made fundamental changes saying "to better identify successful employ yes and insure add hearings to equal employment opportunity laws." >> anyone can be a a target of
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a scam, but military tends to lose more to con artists. they lost an average of $200, 32% more than the general public. some fall victim to employment scams and others to moving related scams. >> >> a check on the weather. it is friday. we're ready for the weekend emily. a the weather is going to be really nice. a live look out of our treasure island camera towards san francisco. there are a few clouds that will linger but those are supposed to clear out by the afternoon hours. our temperatures today, cooler than we were a little bit yesterday. we're sitting right now in san francisco at 64 degrees. 60 in oakland. 64degrees in santa rosa. you're making it to 70 in concord. not a whole lot warmer than that's as far as your highs are concerned today. it is going to be a lot less windy than it was yesterday. ware not breaking more than say 14 miles an hour in san francisco. 12 1/2 moon bay. the north bay our winds are
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pretty calm up there. that may change in the overnight hours as we'll see some changes. the rain yesterday that moved out well on its way. we might with this low pressure system moving in see a few sprinkles in the overnight, early morning hours tomorrow. then a high pressure system will move in behind it bringing more changes this weekend. another clear, cool fall day and then that second front will move in overnight into the early morning hours bringing the possibility of showers mostly only in the north bay. then we have changes ahead for next week and that includes hotter, drier air and potential for some red flag warning but still early. looking at the futurecast, by about tonight, we're going to remain nice and clear and ball, but in the overnight hours, we see the system move through and the green here with the possibility of showers we may see before that clears by saturday evening and going into sunday it remains clear through the weekend and into monday
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morning when the high pressure system starts to build in. until 9:00 tonight however we have a high surf advisory in affect. rip current risk as well. if you're leaded to the beach, give yourself plenty of room. sunset tonight 6:26. sunrise tomorrow 7:2 1:00 a.m. pumpkin festival is happening this weekend, perfect weather for it. cool temperatures will continue tomorrow, but we have clouds for part of the day before things clear up on sunday and warm up and then they ramp up as far as my temperatures are concerned tuesday, wednesday, thursday where we will be back well into the 80s. we will be right back after this. juul took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. markets e-cigarettes with kid friendly flavors and uses nicotine to addict them. 5 million kids use e-cigarettes. juul is "following big tobacco's playbook." and now, juul is pushing prop c to overturn e-cigarette protections. vote no on juul.
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no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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some impressive hops have a dog from kentucky getting a lot of likes on social media. >> yes. take a look at this. lexi, she spots something in a tree and then gets that running
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start, goes on top of the hyphens in lexington and does this over and over again. doesn't seem to get tired. while another dog was just watching from the ground. >> she is amazing. she is like spider dog. >> that other dog is like i want to be like you. >> birth not jumping too high, the other one. a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, consumer or call 888-5help-you. we will be right back.
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and live pictures from nasa of the first ever all female spacewalk. astronauts christina koch and jessica meir making history by being the first females to go out on a spacewalk without a man. >> the best places to live. now an east bay city is offering a bargain for aspiring homeowners. we'll have that story and more at 5:00. >> that will do it for us here. it is friday, go out there and enjoy the day. >> yay for friday and the weekend. >> yes. >> see ya.
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