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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 25, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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crews in sonoma county racing against time to control this fire. this is the kincaid fire. the tactics fire crews are using to get ahead of any new fires that broke it out. the south bay getting a bit more colorful. first of its kind event this weekend. artists will take over buildings. news is 6 pm starts now with the latest effort to put out a kincaid fire. in sonoma county. our crews in the field reporting the fire and the winds have picked up this evening. within the past hour and we have seen towering flames at the height of this fire. we want to get you the latest numbers right now on the kincaid fire which has grown to 21,900 acres. at last check the crews have this fire barely contained. 5% only. 49 buildings have been destroyed. right now thousands of residents cannot go home. all roads east of highway 101
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the area are close. live over the fire right now. we have been watching these dramatic images the past 20 minutes. this is an active part of the fire. towering columns of smoke hovering above the ridge. the next 24 hours critical as the firefighters scrambled to contain more of this blaze. and beat back that forecasts of severe wind event. much more from the fire lanes. we have been watching this firefight. you want to get you much more of what the bay area has been bracing for. which now looks like an epic power outage this weekend. officials just wrapped up their news conference. julia joins us now with what people need to know for this weekend. we have the survival guide for you. but first pg&e is warning if you cut off power to as many as 850,000 customers beginning tomorrow. it is because of this major wind event with hot and dry conditions that bill on tap for
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this weekend. you can see from this map how extensive the outages could be. encompassing much of the north bay east bay in san mateo county. and all the more than 2 million people across pg&e's service area could be affected. pg&e just called this an extreme weather event. powerful winds we have not seen in years. pg&e will make a final decision on power shutoffs tomorrow at 8 am. the outages in the bay area could begin around seven p.m. tomorrow. we are hearing from agencies that could be at one tomorrow. they could last as long as 48 hours. utility also said the exact times are subject to change. that depends on the weather. they believe the winds could be as strong as 60 miles per hour in hot and dry conditions. this is a serious situation that is in front of us. fuels are very dry after the event we just went through.
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this will be a strong offshore and dry wind event. we absolutely must be prepared for it. we are preparing for what is likely going to be a widespread safety shut off across the service territory. to combat the risk of a catastrophic wildfire. if you were spared a power outage last time around you may not be out of the woods at this time. you can find a map of the shut off areas. go to our website i did that this afternoon. my home will be likely impacted. other areas say no impact. we will also have that on our webpage. we have a survival guide to get you through this power shut down. a lot of information we all need to know. many people frustrated with these planned blackouts. folks there are preparing for the power to go out.
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>> reporter: we are off of the martinez avenue in martinez. alhambra avenue in martinez. a couple hundred homes here this entire neighborhood has gone notification from pg&e. about this possible planned blackout for tomorrow. a lot of folks here say it is a big inconvenience. for some seniors this blackout jeopardize their health. driving to the gas station now to avoid the long lines later. get some black ice for the refrigerator. >> reporter: a weekend without air conditioning might be uncomfortable. he is more worried about neighbors who rely on respirators respirators and other medical devices. we are in this high fire zone. >> reporter: at the convalescent hospital power is not an option for its 27 residence. they plan to plug all the machines to the receptacles
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which are connected to a backup generator. the generaand running. we have emergency food storage. we are prepared for it. >> reporter: they plan to shut off power to 100,000 customers in contra costa and alameda counties. in the oakland hills they notified all of the businesses in the montclair village. farms cheeses and wines is moving hundred of bottles of wine at 500 pounds of cheese to another facility. it is a big pain in the rear. >> reporter: they lost $1000 in business in an earlier shut off. this time they will open on sunday without the cheese. just the wine. it is getting harder and harder for small independently owned brick-and-mortar stores to rvive.>> reporter: staying open is impossible down the block at this printing business. everything here runs on power. the last time they turn the
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power off there wasn't even a breeze here. most insurance companies will not reimburse businesses saying this is a planned event. pg&e saying they will not reimburse these businesses. a lot of people are very frustrated about that. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see brown hayes hovering above the smoke from the kincaid fire. drifting into our area. many people around the bay area reporting smelling smoke this afternoon. you can see it against the blue sky. this moving over the oakland coliseum. little bit earlier. let's go straight to darren peck. we have some dramatic pictures. there is one behind you of a wall of smoke sitting over the east bay. that is a live picture from the top of the salesforce tower. it has gotten progressively darker as we watch this the last few hours.
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i can confirm just looking at the tellite the smoke signature of the kincaid fire. a lot more smoke about three hours ago. the intensity and activity has picked up on that fire. the direction of the winds has going down to the southeast. most of this is just skirting the bay. the further east you go you will be under that stuff. that is from the kincaid fire. i would like to switch over initially with the forecast looks like for wind speeds. this gets us into the main event saturday night into sunday. we see the purple we start to pick up the intense gus. i stopped it at 9 am. on sunday. that will be prime time. it is by no means the only time period we need to be concerned about. the red flag warning goes into effect tomorrow night. it doesn't expire until monday morning. more on all of that coming up in the complete forecast. stay with us for everything you need to know. when the power goes out. it will go out.
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you can find our survival guide as well as our live newscast on our website. kincaid fire burning in sonoma county. the fire burning and nearly 22,000 acres with only 5% containment. wilson walker joins us now and near jimtown. what is the latest?>> reporter: the smoke that is heading down to the bay area. here is the source. the plume that popped up two hours ago it has been big and has looked angry since then. so this is the source of the smoke heading your way. over the last couple weeks and months when we were talking about a fire season that hears had been very quiet. we were trying to figure it out all the different ways the people that fight fires were adjusting to this new reality and getting ready for what was eventually going to happen. in the last 48 hours we have
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learned some things. some new things they are using are working. what we have been talking about that is coming up this weekend. it is going to make things a lot harder. when the kincaid fire erupted wednesday night first responders had a head start. they could see the fire with the cameras we showed you a month ago. we get a report of smoke we can get ice on it and see how bad it is. you saw the benefits of that camera in the kincaid fire in terms of allowing us earlier response times.>> reporter: that was the governor praising the cameras for the early warning. crews had another thing going for them thursday night. pre- positioning.>> reporter: the government is chiming in on what we reported yesterday evening. the fight against the fire was helped significantly by the state's new policy of deploying additional fire crews in high risk areas. they were here and ready to respond to that fire. that is exactly what they will be doing this weekend in sonoma. napa karen and alameda
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counties. for the high rifi. > the strike teams can be immediately deployed to new starts. they are an augmentation of the existing forces on the ground.>> reporter: there will be one tremendous complication this weekend. the ps ps is element that is making it more complex.>> reporter: the lack of power will absolutely make things more difficult and that brings us to something we showed you a couple weeks ago. some of the things we have taken proactive steps on his going back to the older style. we have equipped all patrol cars with the high low siren. we are able to >> reporter: all of it works together. the fire risk drives the power shut off. the power shut off complicate the ability to warn people. about the risk of fire or a
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possible fire. the weekend will be a test of all of these systems. the ability to respond to the power shut off and potentially fire depending on how well they contain this. we were talking about how this has to be contained before the winds pick up tomorrow. so far so good. but time and whether really winding down. chopper 5 live over that kincaid fire. we have been keeping a close eye on the flames. as we know right now and nearly 22,000 acres have been burned. the fire barely contained. 5% containment. we will have another update after a quick break. to the outside world, you look good,
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chopper 5 over the kincaid fire right now. we zoom in you can see tons of smoke coming off this team. as they tried to get line in around this fire. it has grown some more than 21,000 acres. and only according to cal fire about 5% contained. that is problematic. we have high winds coming this weekend that could reignite this thing. explode it in all different directions. as the fire burns questions about whether it was pg&e equipment the spark the fire. betty has that part of the story. >> reporter: pg&e said it cut power on distribution lines in the area. where the fire started.
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because of concern over threatening weather. it kept power flowing on their particular stretch of high- voltage transmission lines because the winds had not met the shutdown threshold. they simply did not do their job. >> reporter: the investigation into the start of the kincaid fire is focusing on a broken jumper wire that was found in a transmission tower. near the geysers geothermal power plant. it is a new day of accountability. a new day of transparency. i cannot look any of you in the eye and honestly say we c snap our fingers and adess a decade of mismanagement. >> reporter: the tower in question had been inspected several times in the past two years. michael and energy and climate policy expert at stanford said shutting off these types of transmission lines isn't easy. the reason not to do it when you turn off the main these larger transmission lines they are going to be collateral effects. all across the system. >> reporter: the outcome of this investigation could have a big impact on future shutoffs. if it turns out that the
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fire was caused by this transmission tower we are likely to see more widespread shutoffs. pg&e will want to deenergize lines of this type in the risky areas. >> reporter: transmission lines generally carry electricity from power plants to substations. and while pg&e has reported problems with that particular transmission line the cause of the fire is still under investigation. another look at chopper 5 about the smoke in the flames. you can see the smoke that is emanating from this thing. as it continues to burn out of control. in northern sonoma county. crews are still struggling at this hour to get some more containment before the winds kicked up. as the fire burns the smoke has been drifting southwest into the bay area. making the skies a little smoke year than normal. and a lot smoke year than usual and other spots.
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if you can see it you can probably smell it as well. from the experts about those masks that everybody wore last year. they don't work that great. they have to fit tightly and have to be completely sealed to be anywhere near effective. meaning no facial hair. they could actually make breathing difficult for people with long for heart conditions. use those sparingly. darren peck is monitoring the situation for us. what are you looking at right now? is like we've gotten ourselves in a situation where we've got enough going on right now. at the same time we look ahead to the next event. that is one of the risks about a scenario like this. you get even after event. the first thing i want to do is show you what we've got now smoke wise. look at the camera. that is going to look dramatic. mount back a is situated in the coast range.
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just on the boundary of the central valley. at the northbay hills. which happens to be exactly where the plume of smoke coming off of the kincaid fire is traveling over. this looks a lot more ominous. let me show you another view of the same smoke. this one is going to be from the heart of san francisco. the top of the sales force tower looking east towards the plume. we've been looking at this all day. it is confined to the east bay. that is a matter of luck. we are really at the mercy of the wind. it depends on which way the wind is going to blow. nothing really expresses that in real life terms more and who has to suffer with the smoke. for right now the smoke is going just east to the major population centers of the bay area. sensei rose your air is unhealthy. oakland unhealthy for sensitive groups category. santa rosa. we are doing okay in most places. if you can smell it you are breathing and more particulate matter than is healthy.
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find a way to get inside. let's look to the next event. rather than looking back. here comes the sunday morning winds. that surge of strong winds come down into the bay area. from sunday midnight much through the first half of the day on sunday. more numbers on that in a second. i have to show you how it will be matched with the dry air. 2 am sunday watch the low levels of humidity and the dry air get pushed off the coast from that strong offshore wind event. the headlines on the red flag warning start saturday night. it doesn't expire until monday morning. 80 miles per hour in that window. there is a particular time when this is going to be at its peak. i stopped it right there. that is sunday morning at 7 am. santa rosa is recording a gust 40 miles per hour in town. a lot stronger than any of these less wind events. we are feeling the winds in town for the northbay and east bay. that is the time we will be reaching the peak gust in the
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mountains. from 60 to 80 on the high side. 80 sounds extreme. we recorded 80 mile-per-hour dust in the north a hills 2017. when that last event happened. it will stay windy the first half of sunday. another surge of wins will come through sunday night before it is done. the seven-day forecast we do get a nice cooldown. the temperatures are not the story at all. it is going to be getting through the sunday wind event. with hopefully no new fire starts. we already have one that is keeping our hands full in the northbay. see you with more later. it may be the toughest test for the 49ers this season. we will give you an update on a key injury. a deflated crowd at the chase center. there was very little to celebrate on the court on opening night. we will be back.
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the chase center has the bells and whistles. the team on the court was lacking the star power it once possessed. after the opening night game the head coach took a quote out of football coach john mckay's book. thinking about john mckay's old line. what did you think of your defensive your teams as fusion? i'm all for it. last night was not the chase center opening the warriors could have imagined. they were blown out by the clippers 141-122. golden state was a far cry from the team that had reached the nba finals for the last five seasons. with nnew players. you would expect growing pains. green wasn't looking for any silver linings after last night. i'm not a moral victory type of guy. i'm not looking for something to build on. we have to get better. i'm not a coach.
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i'm not about to watch a film and say we can build on this. we sucked and we have to get better overall. that is what it is. many people would agree with that. the warriors are without klay thompson who is still rehabbing his torn acl. last night he joined the tnt crew at halftime. he and hall of famer charles barkley have much different opinions about golden state's future. it is open for the next five or six years. number one i hope you get back soon. you are just wrong. i think the window is shut. i don't think they can score enough. i want to make my prediction. i was wrong before the game. i said they were going to they are not going to make the playoffs. they did score 122 points last night. two of the key
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cogs in the secondary have been. they have a friendship that dates all the way back to when they were high school teammates in alabama. richard sherman said sometimes you can tell the duo has been together for a long time. they are like an old married couple. wi be arguing about huddle and something. are you guys in the same game? it is a very unique bond they have. i'm sure they can delve deeper on it. it makes for great safety and a great connection. joe staley is listed as doubtful. there are those who will say that you're:
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san mateo county. more than 2 million people across pg&e's service area could be fectaf. they are calling this an extreme weather event. sustained winds up to 60 miles per hour. hot and dry conditions. one last note on the kincaid fire. still just under 22,000 acres burned. 5% contained. that is 49 structures. that we know of have been consumed. 21 our homes. evacuations holding at 2000 people. we are expecting an update in just a few minutes. we will have more on the news at 7 pm. we hope to bring you the story about san jose minerals. we will have that tomorrow as we continue to focus on the fires.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, raging wildfires prompt a state of emergency in california. families watch helplessly as their homes burn to the ground. tens of thousands are ordered to evacuate. did a power line spark one of the most destructive fires? also tonight, an early release from prison for former "desperate housewives" star felicity huffman. why she served just a fraction of time actress lori laughlin could face. will john bolton testify? what we're learning tonight about a potential bombshell impeachment witness. and why the president's family says it might put one of its marquee trump hotels up for sale. and joe biden answers tough questions about the 2020 campaign.


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