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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  October 29, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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firefighters havind ke just a few minutes ago, flames were building. fortunately they had strike teams on it as soon as possible. here. they tell me the problem is the justs sthout thed be ableo, sfts an put their homes in the path of the fire again. i just spoke with the information officer on the scene here. >> reporter: what is the concern going into >> our concern is the fire moving farther southwest. the windsor area, into other residential areas filled with homes. >> reporter: this happened to be the learning center. as the winds are shifting, the concern is toward windsor. this is
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another co say once these reignite, they could be dealing with hotspots once again. they have strike teams all over the area. there are air enforcements coming in as well. we'll continue to follow this, and i'll have more coming up at 6:00. >> wilson walker live in lake county. the shifting winds also a concern there. >> reporter: as you can see behind us, the air attack is well underway out here. as best kifigure, we're up in the hills here. i think we're right on the line between sonoma county that way, lake county behind me a little bit. this is where the battle was fought today. the fire washed up against these hills, heading toward lake county. here's what it looks like.
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the hills that straddle the sonoma/lake county line was the eastern front of this battle today. crews opened fire lines often by hand in hoping of slowing the fire that picked up steam as the afternoon delivered increasing winds of the air attack was relentless with planes and helicopters in the air all day. the changing wind pattern could swrl spin this fire back in the direction it just came from, highway 128 and 101. >> anybody who lives in sonoma county right now should be considering what they would do if a warning or evacuation order camism would encourage everyone to be prepared. to go at a moment's notice. >> reporter: still a ton of crews here hillside. the entire perimeter of the fire.
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you can see crews like this pretty much everywhere. here is the break they made. that is a lot of dirty, hard work. and as you can see, once they got this thing dug out, they absolutely unloaded on it with the water from the helicopters and a couple fire retardant drops from the airplanes as well. this is how they are drawing lines around this fire to try to keep it from moving around. they have definitely accelerated throughout the day. that northern, northeastern wind has been pretty steady. the fire with the wind now moving a little bit back the direction it originally came, toward the south and the southwest. we're live up here on the lake/sonoma county line. >> all right, wilson. thank you. how dangerous is it for crews on the front lines? check out this video of firefighters driving through the can kid
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fire. massive flames burning on either side of the road. here's a look at what they are headed into. chopper 5 live over the fire lines at this hour. how fast this fire is, the smoke and the wind pushing it along right now. this is say view from a camera on cobb mountain. that is looking into the fire zone there. aaron peck tracking how the wind pushes the flames along and where tonight and tomorrow. >> there's your footprint for the fire. northeast sonoma county. you can see durnville there. this is lake county and that's middletown. if you see a red square, that's where the fire has burned within 12 hours. that's why middletown is concerned. flames started to come over the ridge yesterday. that's about to change. this is mt. st. helena, the high peak we
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keep referencing for the high wind. that community of calistoga just downwind of there of the the wind is about to change direction. it already has. and it's gonna start taking the flames and embers and blowing everything back that direction. that's why we say this is good news for middletown now. but it's not good news for all of the communities in this direction. that's where juliet was when we started the newscast. they thought they had that out. because there were still embers lying around, we've seen another spark there. imagine what 40 mile an hour winds can do as we start taking thanm thatay. here's the wind.thforecastthugnh 2:00 am. and while we may not notice winds as strong down here on the front lines in the community, we're still gonna have our 60 mile an hour winds up on the ridgetop. that's what we have to talk about in more detail. see you with that in the forecast in the next few minutes. because of the threat and high winds overnight, our
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morning show will start early tomorrow, 4:00 am. we'll have the latest on the fire, of course, as well as the power outages. for the third and fourth time this week and month, pg&e is cutting power ahead of those critical fire conditions that. includes nearly a quarter million customers in the north bay. many have been aed since the last shutoff. and another 40,000 starting at 10:00 tonight, most on the peninsula and alameda county in all. 265,000 bay area customers are losing power this time around. but there is some good news. pg&e has agreed to get some credit for the time that people have been out. and we're awaiting on details for howonna. once these high winds pass, pg&e is gonna alebehe-c a.pect tllm ar nd in some cases, they're gonna have to make repairs.
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that means some people could be in the dark for days. people in lunar park didn't mince words. >> i lost all my food. i don't have service on my phone. >> for many people here it is their fourth day without power. one man we met needs a cpat machine to sleep, which means he needs a generator. and he spent $1,000 to snag the last one at this store. >> i'm out here gassing up now. just to keep that generator going and try to keep our food cold. >> sonoma state university will be closed throughout the rest of the week due to the shutoffoffs. >> the spour
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back on here at del rey elementary. no one is sure for how long. students and staff got a chance to learn in an old-school way. dell rail elementary principal was ready. she purchased battery-powered lanterns for each classroom because even in daylight, this is what they look like. >> some of the things kids take for granted. >> reporter: they had no lights or phones and the clocks and recess bells weren't working. >> a couple kids came in with head lanterns from home, which was sufrp cute on a four-year-old were >> reporter: it took some adjustment but the students and staff found out it was possible to learn without all the modern conveniences. >> we were able to hunker down with flashlights and read books together and tell stories around the lantern. and go out and do chalk shadows on the playground. and different things like that. that kind of brought us back to
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life without all of that technology. error r >> reporter: if there is an award for perseverance, it may go to this safeway store in vallejo. much of the city has been blacked out since saturday. >> i've been to a sty stores already and everything's closed. >> what does this mean that they would keep it open? >> the people are really nice here, and they're looking out for the community, i think. >> to bring them in and have the school day happen just like every other kay. day. because these outages maybe are the new normal. >> reporter: there is a learning
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curve when it comes to living without power. one kid had to use a dull pencil all day yesterday because all the pencil sharper ins here are electric. >> get one with a crank. tomorrow will be another spare the air day because of the wildfire smoke. that usually means no woodburning. but the air quality management district says these circumstances are exceptional. so if a fireplace is your only source of heat, you can go is your survival, kpix 5 survival guide. a bit of positive news for pg&e. its stock shot up by more than 30% today. with how far it's fallen, that only amounts to $1.23 a share. the stock is down by nearly 80% year to date.
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firefighters quickly stamped out a small fire that closed a concord road. this brush fire burned about 2:42 this afternoon. it scorched less than an acre but crews did stay on-scene just to make sure that fire doesn't reignite. college athletes allowed to cash in. the ncaa does a turnaround. the move to let them profit from their fame. >> those pilots never had a chance. they were in flying coffins. >> boeing's ceo grilled on capitol hill. >> and we just learned the cause of a fire that forced thousands to flee near the getty museum in los angeles.
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♪ ♪ ♪ shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at up until now, co athletes were unpaid amateurs. soon they'll get to have a piece
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of their multibillion dollar industry. >> reporter: the ncaa has voted unanimously to allow student athletes to be paid for their name, image, and likeness. in i statement, the ncaa board of governors wrote "we must embrace change to provide the best possible experience for college athletes. " >> reporter: the ncaa was under pressure to act after california became the first state to pass a law allowing college athletes to sign endorsement deals beginning in 2023. >> there's so much money flying around. and everybody is able to grab it, except for the student athletes who are actually the talent on the field or the court or the pitch, creating the revenue stream. >> reporter: the ncaa asked each of its three divisions to create new rules beginning immediately. no later than 2021. the ncaa believes that it is critical.
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>> that they need everybody operating under the same s rules. >> reporter: last year college sports programs in the u.s. reported $14 billion in rev those numbers are part of the reason why lebron james skipped college. >> me and my mom, we didn't have anything. we wouldn't have been able to benefit at all from it. and the university would have beng rorr: onc student athletes are athroughed make deals, the average college football player could make more than $160,000 a year. some opponents believe it will steer most of the money to male athletes. on capitol hill, a member of the president's national security team testified in the impeachment inquiry.
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family members of those killed in the two crashes involving boeing's 737 max jets held up pictures of their loved ones as the company's ceo was grilled on capitol hill today. dennis muilenburg told them he was aware a test raised questions in 2019 before the second deadly crash. he was pressed about delays in turning over internal messages that reported erratic behavior with the simulator. >> those pilots never had a chance. those loved ones never
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had a chance. they were in flying coffin. >> how did you not in february send out a nine-alarm fire to say we need to figure out exactly what happened? >> senator, as you mentioned, i didn't see the details of this exchange until recently. >> the tense hearing came a year to the day after the first of the two crashes which killed a total of 346 people. >> while all your lives move, on for the last six month, my life has not moved an inch. >> what matters is that we get to the bottom of this. find the people who are involved in certifying. and have them all be accountable. max fleet has been grounded since march, pending software updates and faa approval to resume flying. we're learning the cause of that getty fire is that still raging in los angeles. investigators say it was a
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windblown tree branch that fell into some power lines and sparked the blaze. that comes as crews raced to contain a 650-acre fire with the threat of new santa ana winds. and the theory is that these winds will blow em-bearse and set new fires. the sfiefr threatening more than 7,000 homes today. the fire is responsible for thousands of people remaining under mandatory evacuation order fire is threatening more than 7,000 homes today. the fire is responsible for thousands of people remaining under mandatory evacuation orders. >> we're experiencing red flag warnings, we're experiencing at or near historic wind events. >> the governor praised fema and the trump administration for its quick response to california's request for fire support. meanwhile, that fire is only 15% contained. the fire crews are
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bracing for winds that could top 80 miles per hour. santa anas blowing in later tonight. lakers star, lebron james, showed his appreciation for the l.a. firefighters and first responders by sending them this taco truck. he sent it to their base camp. james and his family were among the thousands of people who had to leave their homes in a hurry because the getty fire. we meant to show you some incredible video now, from chopper 5 taken just a few minutes ago. that's a 747 air tanker flying low, dropping a load of that fire retardant right along the ridgeline, getting out in front of that fire. the concade fire. kincaid fire. crews trying to stay ahead of the flames tonight because we are expecting the winds to pick up. chopper 5 giving us another unique look here. the smoke coming from the top of that
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ridgeline. and telling us earlier, daren will update us. but the wind is shifting as we speak. it will continue to get stronger and stronger throughout the evening as well. but there are more than 3,000 firefighters. i was up on sunday in santa rosa. they are from out of state. oregon, nevada, all over the state of california. getting a handle on this fire that has grown to more than 75,000 acres. and as i was saying, the wind is starting to shift and it's going to get stronger. >> it really is amazing. englike you wet saying. and so many people right now are watching the winds. we know that we have hiwind warnings for tonight starting at 8:00. >> i want to go back to the smoke for a second. this is the view from the helicopter. i'm gonna go a little bit higher than that. we'll gain a little more perspective on this. i want to show what you it looks like on the weather computer at this point. and we're gonna go to the
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view of this fire from the satellite. and from the satellite, you can actually see the last three hours of the smoke coming off of that fire. and there are two important things about what we can see in this view. first of all, there's your plume of smoke. and you see it there. the first important thing about it is the offshore winds have already started. those are northeast winds coming from the northeast and blowing that smoke out to sea. that's different than yesterday. yesterday that smoke was almost making a bee line for the bay area. so the winds have already shifted. the other thing is it's not putting up nearly as much smoke as it was yesterday. so it's slid back a little. it's gonna start to ramp up again tonight as we get into the peak of the winds. air quality is doing okay, for the most part. because of that offshore flow, and most of the smoke is being taken away. let's see how the winds are really gonna start to work with that fire this evening. that gets us ahead to today, the 5:00 hour. we've already picked up 40 mile an
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hour gusts. 2:00 am, the peak of the winds. it's noticeable down here where we all live. at most, we're talking about maybe a 35 mile an hour gust in your part of the north bay. if you're in santa rosa, petaluma, that will be the top speed down there. what matters is gonna be how much stronger the winds are gonna be in the mountains. and we're on track to hit those 60 mile an hour gusts on the ridgelines, in this area, and pushing them back on themselves. the area that's already burned and potentially pushing it further out into the central valleys. right in the middle of sonoma county. let's look at the central bay area. east bay and south bay. the winds will not be as strong here. but they're still strong enough. we can't let our guard down here either. and we wouldn't want to see any new fire starting in the bay area. a 50 mile an hour gust,
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1:00 tonight, it will be a 45 mile an hour gust for the east bay hills. if you are directly downwind of any hills like, this all these communities over here in alameda county on the east side, you're likely gonna feel this a little more. the 45 mile an hour gusts coming across the east bay hills will bring that energy down as they come over the face of the hill. you felt that already with the last view of them. and the headline hasn't changed. red flag warnings, in effect now, stays in effect until we get to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. bundle up tonight in the north bay. tomorrow is gonna be even colder. 29 by thursday morning. these are the daytime highs. these are not the story at all. they're exactly on the mark for average. but you're gonna feel the cold air in the overnight hours.
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and then in the afternoons, the temperatures stay pretty much right in line. there's a little bit of a warmup to the forecast. halloween is on thursday. we will be done with the wind events by thursday. let's hope we've all got our power back on by then. and we have not seen any new ignitions. a toddler dies after a tragic fall from a cruise ship. why her grandfather was charged in her death.
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the grandfather of a toddler who died in the fall from a cruise ship windows charged with negligent homicide. >> he held her up to what he thought was a wall of glass in the children's play area. turned out to be an open window. chloe fell 11 stories from his arms. her parents don't blame her grandfather for the tragedy. >> he was extremely hysterical. he remeetedly told us i believed there was glass. he will cry over and over. at no point, ever, ever has sam ever put our kids in danger. >> chloe's parents say they intend to sue royal caribbean for not securing those windows. a wave of pg&e outages set to hit the bay area tonight. we're minutes away from a live
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update from pg&e on the timeline of those shutoffs. >> more live pictures from chopper 5 showing the kincaid fire. we're seeing a strong aerial attack on these flames this evening. we will take you to more of that action. >> a live look at lombard street. people have been flocking to san francisco to get gas and food and power for their electronics. we're keeping an eye on any traffic issued.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney,


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