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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the good news most evacuees now allowed to return home. many of those people are back in their neighborhoods for the first time in six days. julia spoke with evacuees who were not sure what they were coming home to. >> reporter: you heard the saying what a difference a day makes. that is so true right now. there is really the sense of calm and relief it was quite a different story 24 hours ago. the kincaid fire a grueling windstorm last night. the perfect example of how fast the wind is blowing. turn peaceful today. and the worry lifted. he has lived in healdsburg for 61 years. he has never seen it like this.
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this is a ghost town. all i see is military vehicles and patrol cars.>> reporter: is welcome home greeting and windsor says it all. everyone given the all clear to come home. welcome home. thank you.>> reporter: he didn't know what to expect. his childhood home and others in this windsor neighborhood valiantly saved. but not without a fight. i thought for sure my house was gone. i knew we have great firefighters out here. was something like that happens a real natural disaster there is not a lot people can do. they somehow pulled off a miracle.>> reporter: this hotel is ready to welcome anyone who needs a place to stay. the power is on. no power until last night. cold showers. but better than the alternative.>> reporter: ready to get back to normal? >> absolutely. sonoma strong.>> reporter: back out here live at the santa rosa evacuation center. people have been given the all
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clear to go home. behind me are firefighters who are getting a break right now. eating some dinner and hopefully in the next couple days when they returned back to the neighborhood to clear hotspots and making sure things are okay. they will see the signs posted in front yards that say thank you cal fire. thank you first responders. met every homecoming will be so happy. take a look at this. flying over the damage in the fire zone. the last count from cal fire had 189 structures destroyed by the kincaid fire. 86 of them were homes. smoke could still be seen from space. the international space station tweeted these images today. you see where the wind was shifting the white smoke. a lot has changed in terms of firefighting strategy from a couple years ago. smaller screen the destructive disruptive tubs fire. the bigger screen behind me the kincaid fire. both big fires.
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both burning through the same counties. as wilson walker shows us quite a different outcome this time around.>> reporter: i think where i am standing really tells the story of the kincaid fire. right on highway 128. this fire sunday morning with all of the wins came racing down the ridge. it jumped the highway. burned the trees. absolutely reach this property. look at what is behind me. what really matters is still here. as you can see there is evidence laying around of why that is. there were folks here to protect his house. the people who live in this house were safely out of harm's way. this is how this is all supposed to work. it didn't work this way by accident. there is fires everywhere. i then send in three different directions. i overheard some guys but they have houses and families over there. one direction sustained winds. no let up at all.
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>> reporter: october 8, 2017 flames erupted across napa and sonoma counties. most of those who ran for their lives that night had little to no warning. >> there is a big difference between october 17 and today. the biggest difference is that we had a warning. we had really good predictions from cal fire and the weather folks to tell us where it was going to be going. on top of that we now have the alert warning systems in place that we didn't have in 2017. we were able to warn these people over hours in advance.>> reporter: the sheriff said two years of effort paid off over the last week. in the early hours it was better information earlier warnings and practice evacuation plans. once people were safely out of the way the calvary could deploy in full. it was like going to war. you couldn't go more than 100 feet without having a fire truck and water tender.
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those men and women were ready for battle. >> reporter: the now pre- position crews everywhere when embers shot past fire lines. there was someone there with a hose with the homes caught on fire. there was probably someone there to rip the wood away. while homes were lost entire neighborhoods were saved. this is a skill that has come with much practice the past two years. cal fire has been chasing claims all across the state. for residents of the northbay learning how to better response a wildfire is a lesson that has come with a tremendous price. we are learning. unfortunately we are learning the hard way too hard times.>> reporter: as you can see firefighters cut their way in here. something to think about. make sure there is room for one of those large trucks to get in here. those trucks being on this property absolutely save this house. what comes next? evacuation is something they will keep working on.
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they are going to make everyone familiar with these zones. that they have been talking about all week. those are going to become permanent attachments to where you live. you will know which evacuation thne you live in. ey might geographic specific. this is something they will keep working on. there will be another fire. we are live at pg&e media update right now. they are about to wrap this up. the agency gave the all clear today for all counties affected by power outages. the only county without power right now is part of kern county. restoration has already begun there. pg&e said it expects to restore 75% of impacted customers by the end of the day today. remaining 25% by the end of the day tomorrow. utilities set the power shutoffs were critical and that the wins this past week were even stronger than they were during the wine country
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wildfire two years ago. understand the prolonged outage presents a hardship. we have a bias toward safe. apologize for the hardship. many of our employees and our friends and families are experiencing the same. we are not immune from that. we are going through this together. earlier today the government spoke about holding pg&e's feet to the fire. and ensuring this is not our new normal. we will hold pg&e accountable. we will make sure that there are brighter days in the future. i assure you are not allowing any of this to date to be the new normal. this will not take 10 years to fix. i can promise you that. pg&e is keeping 49 community resource centers open until 8 pm this evening. for those who need to charge their batteries or get ice or other resources. to get details on the current restoration numbers you can visit our website.
6:08 pm telephone university dealing with the fallout from the landmark decision to allow college athletes to make endorsement deals. california universities. how the change could impact high school sports. the ncaa is following california's lead on this issue. they will now be allowing student athletes to cash in on their own names. college football has long been a big-money sport. many student athletes get scholarships to attend great universities. it has been the colleges and ncaa have profited from the cash there plays generate. that is about to change with the ncaa new ruling allowing college athletes to profit from their names images and likenesses. they should be rewarded for the money they bring in.>> reporter: students at san jose state say it is about time. we don't know what to eat. >> reporter: aptly struggled financially and cannot have
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part-time jobs like other students. being a student athlete is another 40 hour shift.>> reporter: the ncaa said it would change the rules to let student athletes earn money consistent with the collegiate model. athletes could be allowed to slim shoe deals and make money off of jerseys or appearances on video games. is a good thing for the athletes.>> reporter: the athletic recruiting director said that the ruling could make it harder for some smaller colleges to compete for athletes. athletes will be drawn to the big programs. where the big dollar is. the media market is. >> reporter: with more exposure at the could money becomes the high school athletes in some sports? it is being discussed. people know these high school athletes anyway they did know them ink some of the chall that the ncaa faces will trickle down to us. we will have to make decisions on how we respond. joe montana famous for one
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of the most private people in the bay area opens up in a big way today. invites us into the operating room to see a brand-new procedure done to relieve pain. bay area tech companies reporting strong earnings. why apple revenue rises even as iphone sales decline. no smoke break for e- cigarette company juul. a former executive coming forward with an accusation that is drawing serious concerns. chopper 5 still keeping a close eye on them the kincaid fire. this not far from mount st. helena. you can still see a decent amount of smoke coming off in places. back with the rest of the forecast coming up. we will change the story. i have a freeze warning to tell you about next.
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shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate. disclosures at
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annoepidemic fueled by juul use with their kid-friendly flavors. san francisco voters stopped the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. but then juul, backed by big tobacco, wrote prop c to weaken e-cigarette protections. the san francisco chronicle reports prop c is an audacious overreach, threatening to overturn the ban on flavored products approved by voters. prop c means more kids vaping. that's a dangerous idea. vote no on juul. no on big tobacco. no on prop c.
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probably the most famous football player in san francisco history. montana to clark. simply called the catch. joe montana helped to create the birth of a niners dynasty. 4 super bowl rings and a legacy of winning came at a price for the former quarterback. chronic pain that has lasted for decades. he invited our into the operating room to watch him undergo a brand-new procedure.>> reporter:>> i am standing outside the operating room where joe montana is getting a minor procedure done today. he has been living for years with chronic pain. he is hoping to do something about it today. with a state of the art procedure. for once joe montana is actually excited to be back in an operating room. over the years he has
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undergone more than 25 surgeries on his neck shoulder and knee. the left knee has really been bothering him. today he is having three small wires no larger than a strand of angel hair pasta inserted under the skin by the nerves. if this was another major surgical process i would've said no. i think this is going to be the answer to my. i'm looking forward to an hour or two from now.>> reporter: stem away. he recently signed on as a company spokesperson. each wire carries a computer chip a fraction of the size of a grain of rice. a pad has been placed over the area. and attached to a controller. control the whole thing with your phone.>> what this is doing is sending an electrical pulse to your nerve. to tell your brain to shut off the signal. that is giving you pain. i grew up as a bronco fan.>> reporter: he is on the team of
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doctors putting in the implant. he said should help keep patients off of painkillers. this is not something just for joe montana. it is covered by medicare and most commercial insurances. if we can get patients off their meds and prevent surgeries over all everyone is saving money and winning.>> reporter: after 2 1/2 hours it is over. after the swelling goes down the doctors say he should feel better than winning another super bowl. everyone should do their own research. i wouldn't be doing this and moving forward with it if i did not believe it was something that could help people. two bay area tech giants beat wall street expectations. apple sales and revenue exceeded analyst estimates. the final minute of trading today apple shares hit $243. that is up 54% since the start of the year. apple reported fourth-quarter earnings of $13.59 billion.
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a profit of $3.03 per share. and revenue of $64 billion largely thanks the accelerating shares of software services and accessories. this comes despite cooling demand for the iphone. facebook stock was up 2% in after-hours trading. after the company reported solid resorts for a third quarter. revenue grew from 29% to seven point 72 points of the $5 billion. san francisco-based juul ship and sold at least 1 million tainted vaping pause the customers and retailers. the former juul senior vice president siddharth breja claims he was fired in march for raising concerns about the pots. juul spokesperson calls the claims baseless. saying they investigated the issue and determined the
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product met all applicable specifications. are fire watch. a side-by-side comparison of the kincaid fire between yesterday and today. today chopper 5 has not picked up on any orange flames as of yet. compared to yesterday when you could see the flames burning strong treating more aggressive smoke. let's get you over to darren peck for the latest. even though we see that smoke in our camera from the top of the sales force tower looking north. it looks hazy out there. we are not breathing and unhealthy levels of smoke at the ground. at least not according to the most current right now readings. we have sent play close attention to the air-quality district. for right now it is okay. if you look at the daytime highs today we made it to 74 in santa rosa. 67 san francisco. we are changing the narrative. we are not talking about windsor fire weather going forward. we are doing something that was seem like the opposite. there is a freeze warning in place for tomorrow morning. for the north bay. it seems like the north bay
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gets picked on. there is a reason. even though this is different from a red flag warning. the same ingredients responsible for this freeze warning are part of the red flag. i'm going to explain that in a second. temperatures getting down to the 20s. let's put specific numbers on the north bay valleys. there is a blue bull's-eye down here. when you get down to the lowest elevations that is where the coldest air is going to settle. it is going to be warmer in the hills. then it will be at the bottoms of the valley where we live. we put the morning low on their for santa rosa. that is 28. that will be the coldest number. hillsboro 31. 33 cloverdale. further north we see temperatures in the middle 30s. 28 in santa rosa. 40 in san jose. why would there be a big difference? the dry air. there is a relation between a red flag warning and why we have a freeze warning. dry air cannot hold the
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temperatures as high. the drier the air the lower the morning lows are going to go. the relative humidity will be higher in san jose. much drier in the north bay. we are pulling and a lot of dry air. it is an isolated location in the valleys of sonoma county. you are not able to access any relief from the humidity. tomorrow's daytime highs. 74 74 santa rosa. 74 hand san jose. you do see quite is bread. bundle up of the north bay. seven a forecast. slight warm-up it's early next week. no rain. happy halloween tomorrow. great trick-or-treating weather. what are the odds two brothers get the same award on the same day? one of them is a 49er. a warrior will make his golden state debut tonight. why does he think there is a target on his back? tip-off next. in our series project, we look at two housing
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propositions up for a bold in less than a week in san francisco. they could free up millions to fight the housing crisis. but will they really make a difference? susie will have a full breakdown tonight at 11 pm. keep sending us your story ideas. project ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪
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despite getting off to a horrible start golden state has a chance to even the record against phoenix. there is help on the way. will make his warrior debut after missing almost all of the training camp with a foot injury. seven foot big man spent four seasons in sacramento before signing a two-year deal with the warriors. despite their slow start he can tell it won't last forever. it is a different vibe
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culturally. they have winning experience. you can feel it when you walk in the building. you can feel it when you talk to the fans. that comes a big target on your back. to the undefeated the 49ers will play the cardinals tomorrow on halloween. nick could have been drafted by arizona not san francisco. just confirming it was kyler murray. i was thinking it could be a possibility. as fate would have it arizona took heisman quarterback kyler murray. nick fell into the 49ers lap at number two. tomorrow the top two picks will face each other in what many hope will be the beginning of a long rivalry. nick knows the secret to stopping the speedy murray. may be set him up.
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i'm not giving away the secrets. he is a good player. for sure. have to keep my head on a swivel thursday. for his three sacks one interception performance against the panthers. he picked up the nfc defensive player of the week award. it was a family affair. his brother joey got the same award in the afc for the chargers. the brothers had a combined five sacks on sunday. things have not gone the way many had hoped for the cleveland browns. they are 2-5. frustration is boiling over. they were beaten by the patriot sunday. it reported today as the quarterback baker mayfield about his lack of urgency during a drive at the end of the half. mayfield gave it back to the reporter. when the penalty happen and we were behind the chains. i just told you the clock was running and we had a penalty.
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you don't play. you don't know. that is plain and simple. was i happy with the drive? that is the dumbest question you could ask. mayfield probably wanted to go after that reporter like carl anthony went after joel embiid. the sixers and seawolves in philadelphia. no punches thrown. towns got dropped on the floor. both players ejected. the last time a hothead quarterback actually succeeded in the nfl? dan marino. i don't know. bradshaw. i can't remember. cbs evening news is up next. tonight on the cbs evening news the nation's highest military honor is awarded to a hero green beret. who saved more of his fellow soldiers on the battlefield. we have that and more on the cbs evening news.
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there is a growing number of lost pets around sonoma county right now. separations from owners a result of sudden evacuation orders and sweeping wildfires. a volunteer group called the kincaid buyer pet rescue reunification group is working to identify dozens of displaced pets with the goal of helping them find their families again. you can check out their page on facebook. to see if any of these furry guys look familiar.
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a live look at the cal fire press conference about to get underway. we are going to stream the entire press conference on our website. the cbs evening news is up next. shouldn't they go to prison for as long as the law allows? chesa boudin said he wouldn't seek maximum sentences as district attorney, even for murder. we are a progressive city, but letting violent criminals off early endangers everyone. ad paid for by san francisco police officers association. not authorized by a candidate or committee controlled by a candidate.
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disclosures at
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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: breaking tonight, california inferno. an air assault to save the reagan library as flames race toward the landmark. horses and humans scramble when a new windswept fire breaks out. >> just imagine what it's like for firefighters to approach flames like that. >> o'donnell: also tonight, new scenes from a terror takedown. the pentagon releases video and photos of the daring raid by american special forces that ended with the death of isis leader al-baghdadi. it's the eve of an historic vote in the impeachment inquiry and evidence mounts. was there a secret campaign to remove the u.s. ambassador to ukraine? a troubled california racetrack where dozens of horses have died this year is about to host a major race this weekend. is the track safe? po


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