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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 31, 2019 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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breaking news now at 11. steph curry breaks his hand. what the warriors said moments ago about this devastating injury. the ncd is ting to
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of success. firefighters battling the kincaid fire turned a corner. tonight we are they are as thousands of evacuees start going home. get ready for a very cold start to your morning. parts of the bay area under a freeze warning. our original series project home money for housing on the november ballot. are the ideas more politics than progress? good evening. let's get you to the breaking news. the warriors just losing another one of their stars. dennis o'donnell live on the court at chase center with what the team is saying about steph curry and his broken hand. what else dennis?>> reporter: exactly. everybody knew this season would be difficult without klayn w next toimpossible without the heart and soul of this franchise is stephanie curry. he went down in the third quarter while driving for a
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layup. colliding with. landing on his left hand. the crowd went silent. curry visibly in pain. later diagnosed with a broken left hand. obviously it has been a tough start for us. on many levels. we're just trying to find our footing. obviously this puts us in a tough spot. we will assess it and go from there. >> reporter: it is a devastating blow to a golden data team that had lost kevin durant to free agency in klay thompson to a torn acl. now the two time mvp curry is lost with a broken left hand. as the warriors walked off the court tonight. curry had already left for the hospital. we are going to run back into the locker room. the warriors lost to the phoenix suns tonight. more coming in sports. let's
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get you to the fire watch. what a difference 24 hours makes. last night we were watching the kincaid fire explore. explode. roadsigns are welcoming thousands of evacuees home. there is a lot of optimism we have turned the corner. for the better on this fire. i think that is indicative of the fact a lot of evacuation orders and warnings were lit. one week since the fire first broke out. the latest word from cal fire almost 77,000 acres have burned. here is good news. containment is now at 45%. tonight andrea shows us what evacuees are returning home to> reporterdecomicktown. it is still pretty much a ghost town in the city of healdsburg. the electricity is back on. there is no natural gas which
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means it could be a very chilly night for those that have returned. regardless they say it is good to be home. tonight a sign greeting healdsburg residence as they worked their way home. earlier today. a very warm welcome as residents trickled back into town. you will be on your own home. that will be really nice.>> reporter: the residents have been evacuated since saturday. winds whipped up the kincaid fire threatening communities such as windsor and healdsburg. that was scary when my friend sandy called and said evacuation. those other words you don't ever want to hear. >> reporter: patty has lived in this home for 40 years. and was thrilled when the evacuation order was lifted. we are so happy to be home.>> reporter: down the street another neighbor was starting to unpack. lots and lots of artwork.
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it is good to have these flat boxes. >> reporter: highway 101 was jammed with traffic. many may be delaying their return until everything is in working order. the mayor is orting people not to wait. time to come home. people are coming in now. it is pretty cool.>> reporter: firefighters police officers everyone who worked on the front lines and their families had a chance to unwind. and say thanks for a job well done. everybody is taking their part they are here to help the community. to be safe. keep us safe.>> reporter: although residents have been able to come back home. they are being asked to remain on high alert as firefighters get full containment of the kincaid fire. the weather story now all over the place. from wind to a freeze warning.
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darren peck is watching that. were we in the 90s a couple days ago? this is a lot about how late our fire season goals. we go from a red flag warning one night. to a freeze warning the next. that is entirely possible. because the air is so dry. it is a limited area. i'm sorry about this sonoma county it is you getting picked on again. this only applies to sonoma county. starts eight 2 am and goes until 9 am. this is where the driest areas. temperatures are able to drop the lowest. as we look at the high resolution imagery. look at this blue pool right there. that is the lowest elevations. it will be warmer in the mountains and down at the bottom of the valleys. cold air sinks. santa rosa will be coldest. 28 degrees morning low. i will be back with more on this. i will show you everybody's low. most of us are not going that low. coming up in a few minutes.
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new video of a pg&e transformer throwing up sparks before a brush fire broke out in contra costa county. the glow often the distance is the moment the transformer blew. fire investigators with the ease contra costa fire protection district said that is the cause of sunday's fire on bethel island. moments later another brush fire broke out in oakley. investigators say pg&e equipment had again malfunctioned. tonight they say the it is too soon to say if it is to blame for the virus. it is cooperating. mac pg&e reported problems with this right before the kincaid fire broke out fires inlafatte and a fire in milpitas this weekend. we got an update from pg&e about the most recent emergency blackouts. power has been restored to 95% of customers since pg&e gave the all clear this morning. meanwhile east bay congressman is urging california to seize
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public ownership of utility giant. amid the widespread wildfires in blackouts. earlier today governor newsom spoke about holding the utility company accountable. we will hold pg&e the corporation accountable. we will make sure there are brighter days in the future. i assure you are not allowing any of this to be the new normal. this will not take 10 years to fix. i can promise you that. tonight pg&e said it received 83 reports of damage from the extreme winds. in marin and other counties large tree branches took out power lines and other equipment. the wake of our state devastating wildfires cal fire is clearing brush along a critical evacuation route. it will be used by thousands in the south bay if disaster strikes. maria is in the santa cruz mountains with cal fire's progress. >> reporter: you hear all the
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time that residents are told to create a defensible space around their homes. cal fire is practicing what they preach. creating a defensible space on 6 1/2 now stretch on mi on the of highway 17 there are sawed off tree limbs and brush. it is the resu thatben two nths. clearing heavy brush from l s the summit. the corridor that major wildfire. anything they can do to make it less of a tinderbox.>> reporter: lived in the santa cruz mountains for 10 years. she said everyone who lives here thinks about the worst- case scenario. that is the kind of scary part. if the roads. there was a grand exodus. that would be challenging. that would be scary. just to make it safer.
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there is a nice clear space between the highway and where the heavy forest starts. >> reporter: they hope to slow down if not stop a wildfire heading for the road. it wants to prevent highway 17 from being a death trap. with funding for the project expected to run out at the end of the year. they are working to complete s there working quickly in light of what is happening around the state. everybody north and south re in a vulnerable spot.>> reporter: crews hawindy conditions. they started back up again today. still the work should be complete by the beginning of november. campaign 2020 and a twitter bombshell today. that could shake up the presidential race. ceo jack dorsey announcing the social media platform will no longer run any political ads. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg had this response.
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the reality is that we believe deeply that political speech is important and should be able to be heard. that is what is driving us the social network has been under fire for refusing to fact check tonighesidential hopeful kamala harris is rebooting cu forrton iowa. a new memo said she is running low on cash. there are the polls. the latest from usa today suffolk university shows harris with less than 3% support among likely democratic voters. katie nelson explains what this could mean for the campaign long-term.>> reporter: is definitely not a good sign for the campaign. that is because harris comes from right here in california which typically is a democratic high dollar donors state. but some political analysts say don't count her out just yet. i'm surrounded by great
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people.>> reporter: kamala harris is tightening the belt and going all in on iowa. critical state for any hopefuls to win. the changes during a campaign stop just a few hours ago. we have made a decision. a difficult decision. of what we need to do to win. that is clearing a path through iowa. putting our resources into iowa as we have indicated from the beginning. >> reporter: paul henderson who has known her for years said we should read too much into the changes. just the fact she is restructuring could mean a lot of things. i don't necessarily think it means she is closing down her campaign.>> reporter: the focus on iowa which holds the first caucus of the election cycle will be a make or break effort for harris who is already falling behind in popularity and fundraising efforts. it really is a marathon and not a sprint.>> reporter:
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pulling numbers donations and campaign stops are factors. but only one question really matters. is the nominee they ultimately select going to be a candidate that can stand up and ultimately defeat donald trump?>> reporter: if history is any indicator harris is not out yet. both john kerry in 2004 and john mccain in 2008 had to restructure their campaigns due to financial issues. they both then went on to get their parties respective nominations. our original series project home. we look at two housing propositions coming up revolts. they could free up millions to fight the housing crisis. will they really make a difference? when you think you have seen it all someone captures this. on the bray bridge. the bay br
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r oral series project home. election day is less than a week pos have bn saying a and e will have a substantial impact on affordable housing in san francisco. tonight's project home susie tells us why one plan may be more politics than progress.>> reporter:>> there is a crisis of course in housing. and a crisis and educators being able to perform the profession they love.>> reporter: eileen young is an educator in san francisco spends more than half of her extremely low income on rent. she is hoping people will support to affordable housing propositions on san francisco's
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upcoming ballot. if you're wondering what it is like to worry about a 40 rent keeping your job and staying in san francisco sit with eileen. the hardest part is knowing that everything is unstable.>> reporter: you will see how painful this balance can be. i love what i do. i have a great community of people.>> reporter: if you haven't seen the commercial and the signs around san francisco propositions a and e are packaged together. proposition a would allow san francisco to issue a $600 million bond for affordable housing. the majority of the funding will go to extremely low income families and individuals. it would pay to repair public housing constructing senior housing and some would go to preventing the loss of existing affordable housing. a small portion would go to fund educator housing.
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it has overwhelming support from tenants rights groups and elected officials. supporters say it won't raise taxes. the comptroller's office estimates the highest s lyper ye fohome valuedat $600,000. prop a is a critical measure. >> reporter: randy shaw said he expects both proposition a and proposition e will pass. they have little opposition. he is urging voters not to get complacent. he said proposition a is all high. it is a clever game where they are trying to avoid. they are all for proposition e. we are going to expand affordable housing. it will have minimal impact. >> reporter: it would amend the planning code to allow 100% affordable housing and educator housing publicly zoned land except for parks. $20 million from proposition a would fund educator housing. he said that is not nearly
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enough. he points to this map that shows public land some of which could be freed up by proposition e. a similar map has been used in political ads. the green areas are the only neighborhoods were building new apartment complexes is legal. proposition e does little to change that. he said he would rather see the city rezone the westside were single-family homeowners live. for free san francisco can create tens of thousands of units that will increase affordability and that is what the board won't do. because of their alliances with the homeowners.>> reporter: supporters of a and e together recognize the limitations.>> it is not a silver bullet. it is going to allow for more affordable housing. in every neighborhood in san francisco.>> reporter: they say it is a step. when educators hope san franciscans will vote for.
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what more can i give? if you don't have a home to live in i think that takes a lot of opportunities away from you.>> reporter: to be clear randy shaw said he's billed the support proposition e. he said he sees this as a missed opportunity and is encouraging voters in san francisco to continue to push for more progress. people keep moving into town. they have to move somewhere. that is true. don't forget to keep sending your ideas to us project you can also watch all of susie's reports on our website. a new video tonight shows an odd sight backing up traffic on the bay bridge. the guy on electric scooter in the bay bridge. chp said he is a terrorist.
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a driver spotted what is really a danger. and followed the man with their hazards on. chp met up with him on treasure island where he was told that you cannot ride a scooter on the bridge. continuing scooter watch. i'm going to show you the camera that looks across to the bay bridge. you can see part of the lights in the ferry building it up in front of it. to put some numbers in front of that. we have to cover important details. santa rosa 44 degrees. look at the difference. it is still virtually 60 in san francisco. we are 15 degrees cooler. in the north bay. that is where we will see the coldest temperatures. to do a comparison i've pointed this out at the top of the newscast. santa rosa will be the cold the spot. 28 degrees by 7 am. san jose normally only talk about and compare microclimates across the bay area.
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then rosa santa rosa and san jose are very similar. tomorrow they are the same number. look at the difference from morning lows. you have to ask what is going on. part of the reason why santa rosa is getting so much colder. they are further north. they are also feeling more of the dry air influence. take a look at the relative humidity map. if you look at the south there is more humidity. a little less influence from the north wind coming down. more humidity down there. look at santa rosa. pulling in more dry air. dry air cannot hold the temperatures as high. it has less insulation. the temperatures bottom out. the north bay is feeling this more. look at the daytime highs tomorrow. 74 santa rosa. 74 san jose. 74 fairfield. not a lot of difference here. averagnumbers pretty ll art to climb a bit. not a lot. just enough so that by the time we get to tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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daytime highs in the low 80s. halloween looks great. will still be chilly in the north bay. then it will get better. there is no rain in that whole seven-day forecast. not bad for halloween. it looks really good. coming up the canine bringing smiles
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now that the power is back on snowmaking can resume in the
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sierra. sugar ey are yito open by november 29. much-needed stress relief today for firefighters who have been on the front lines in kincaid fire. in sonoma county. meet blossom the therapy dog. part of the peer support team at the base camp in santa rosa. blossom helps provide emotional support to first responders. dennis o'donnell who is that chase enter with more bad news. coming from the warriors.>> reporter: this is a shellshocked organization. more reaction on the injury to steph curry. game seven of the
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the chase center not off to a good start for the golden state warriors. loaned out but the clippers on opening night. tonight they lose their a star player to a broken hand. calling his final warrior game on tv probably not the way he wanted to go out. 4th quarter. steph curry with a turnover leading to a fast break. finish the quarter on a 30-1 run. hard to believe that it got a lot worse after that. early third-quarter curry drives. landing awkwardly breaking his hand. ct scan tomorrow to determine if surgery is needed. on top of that the sons won the
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game 121-110. the third youngest team is going to have to rely on their youth for the foreseeable future. it is a great opportunity for these young guys to play. it is also a little bit too much. you want to bring along rookies as best you can. we are putting so much on their plate. but we have no choice with all the injuries. world series game seven astros and winner take all. houston up 1-0. bottom of the fifth carlos correa down the third base line. giving the astros a 2-0 lead. zach was cruising for houston into the seventh. anthony gets washington on the board. solo home run. zach was 7 1/3. he was replaced by will harrison. the second pitch to run blast.
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nationals took a 3-2 lead. and had the pedal to the metal. bottom of the ninth it is a four lead for washington. michael brantley. the nationals winning the first world series title. 6-2 victory. road teams won every game in the series. first championship since the coolidge administration. good news for the nationals. terrible news for the golden state warriors. raymond the pr guy came by and said in the last six games hitting back to last season we have lost clay kevin durant and steph curry. if you think about that last championship team. only dream on green remains. not good news. really tough. will be right back.
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