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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  February 16, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. police opened fire at a train station. they say a suspect now wounded was carrying a gun as he ventured onto the tracks. >> hundreds of americans stuck on >> cruise ship in japan because of >> reporter: are going to be quarantined after they arrive later today. >> a break in a rape case. just about 6 a. m. on this saturday, february 16th, 2020. good morning. i'm devin fehely. >> and i am emily turner. let's get to darren. we need the rain. 0 that is us whole point.
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nobody complains when it is sunny and near 70 for along stretch of time which is what we had, but days without rain, the tally is going up everyday and so far we're only at -- less than three weeks, but for this week i don't have rain. to start your sunday, it is a little warmer than it was yesterday. if you were up these numbers like 50 in concord or that 42 in santa rosa, that is 7 degrees closer than yesterday, but it's feels a bit nicer. the daytime highs today though will be just a little bit cooler than saturday was. we're still staying in the low to mid 60s for most places so don't expect a big change there. it will get a bit breezy on monday. the offshore winds will pick up. we'll feel that more in the mountains tomorrow morning. i'll talk to you more about that as well as the forecast but the headline is warm and sunny this week, a lot of low
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70s for inland locations for daytime highs and while there is no significant hope for rain, look what is showing up this morning. it is raining in northern california. i'll track this in the complete forecast and show you how it falls apart before it gets down here. they reopened their train station after an officer involved shooting that left a suspect injured. here is kpix 5's. >> two officers opened fire on a young man after an incident on the train. police say it started with a domestic disturbance on board the train, an argument between a young man and woman the bart police dispatcher putt it out on the radio. the bart police chief officers arrived with gun drawn and confronted the suspect, but high took off. witnesses say it provided onto the tracks where shots were fired. >> as soon as i poked my head
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out, you hear 6, 7 >> ppop, pop, pop about 7, 8 times. you smelled gunfire. they didn't have to that to him. they didn't. >> he jumped on the tracks and kept running and asked to stop and close not to. >> i appreciate ourare always t every story. i don't know what went down prior to that. >> is it possible the young man pulled his weapon and that they were reacting to that? >> no. he was on the train with his girlfriend. they were on the train like everybody else. you can clearly see he wasn't trying to pull out his weapon or anything. as he was running he was holding onto his pants. he didn't want it to come out. when he dumped out on the tracks that is when it must have come out. >> a gun was produced by the
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suspect and officers ultimately shot and recovered the gun. the suspect has been transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. bart police chief says two officers shot the young man after he produced a weapon but the cleeve said he is not ready to elaborate on whether the suspect pointed the gun in a threatening manner. >> we're in the process of recovering video from both our station; our trains and bodycams from both officers. we know a gun was involved at which point, when we watch the video, we'll verify that all that information. >> the young woman who was with the young man who was shot she was yelling out he was only 17 years old. bart is not confirming his age but they are interviewing her as she is a primary witness. kpix 5. the shooting will be investigated by bart police and independent police auditor and the contra costa county district attorney's office.
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now to the latest on the coronavirus outbreak. hundreds of americans quarantined on a cruise ship are going to travis air force way. they will be quarantined for two weeks in an area separate from the previous evacuees. now none of the previously quarantined people at the base have been diagnosed with the russ. they kunduz end their stay as soon as wednesday. some of today's a rising cruise ship passengers will through on to san antonio in texas. as for the cruise ship in japan, it has been there for more than a week and it will be quarantined for a few more days. medical experts are working around the clock to understand the virus hoping to prevent it from spreading further. >> are you worried? >> yes. i am quite worried today. at the moment i am because there are so many of the cases in hong kong and singapore are seriously ill. medical experts are
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concerned about possibility of new outbreaks occurring elsewhere in asia because so many infected people traveled out of china before it was unlockdown. a recent speech by the chinese president published by state media suggests he was leading the response tonight outbreak from early on in the crisis. the release of that speech is an apparent attempt to demonstrate communist party leadership acting decisively from the beginning. china's health commission says the number of cases in mainland chi nais more than 68,000 with the number of confirmed deaths topping 1600. the first bay area case was announced in santa clara county about two weeks ago. that patient is currently in good condition but has not yet been cleared to leave home. fears of the spreading coronavirus are taking a toll on businesses in oakland's chinatown. libby was there to ease the fierce. mayor shaft said now more than
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ever the chinese community needs to be supported. while there are no case in oakland, business leaders say misinformation online is scaring their customers away. >> we recognize that there are many false rumors, many fears, and that this is hurting our businesses. >> it is pretty busy all the time like lunch hour, we always have long lines like half and hour, but now, it is almost empty like only a half. >> other chinatown businesses have seen dwindling number of customers. stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the outbreak. you can always get the latest information on a house in daly city is heavily damaged after being engulfed by a two-alarm fire.
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the north county fire authorities say it began after 9:00 last night. it was on hanover street right near crocker avenue. so far, there is no word of any injuries. we're hearing this morning from a san jose man who was punched multiple times over a parking dispute. the attack happened here. the victim is recovering after home. the victim said he didn't see the punches coming. he turned his head to reference the illegal parking. the victim is embarrassed and doesn't want to show his face. >> the quick right, that is when i went down. the ambulance crew was asking do you know where you're at? do you know what happened? i am like no, i don't. >> he said he was in san jose. he didn't know his name. he didn't know why he was on the ground. other neighbor shot the video
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from her window and called 911 and helped the victim before paramedics got there. a gray toyota suv in the red zone was blocking him. after the victim finally parked his car, the two men exchanged words. you're in a red zone. i'll having car problems. no you're not. i saw you checking your phone. >> it is a red zone. >> i'm on my car phone dude. >> maybe. none of your business though. >> [ no audio. ] i had a broken lip, the inside of my lip and not to mention the back of my head when i landed. i struck the pavement. >> the victim says the attacker is hispanic, 5'10", roughly 180 pounds in his late 30s, early 40s and has a mustache. >> he can't think he can get in
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a petty armment and punch somebody. he could have killed the guy. >> i am lucky. >> call police if you recognize the man. the lesson walk away, don't engage worth it. >> in san jose, kpix 5. investigators in sexual assault cold case has now been solved. van overton jr. has been taken back to santa clara county. this is recent video of him talking about a youth organization he led. he was once recognized by that city as a volunteer of the year. authorities there were testing a backlog of rape kits as they found dna from an attack in albuquerque matched the mounds view case. >> they worked immediately with the police and trying to piece together exactly who the perpetrator might be. mounds view police say the
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2004 victim is very relieved after hearing of the arrest. the victim said her attacker broke into her motel room and she was sleeping. police are investigating unprovoked attacks to two women. the first attack happened shortly before sunrise saturday. the victim was jogging near pier 19 when she was stabbed in the back. about 15 minutes later a second woman affected by pier 39. the victim was taken to the hospital and the back of this ambulance. police arrested a man for a taxes. they haven't released his name or possible motive. it is terribly shocking. i know people who jog here and i walk here frequently. >> not only do i walk this to go to the farmer's market but this is part of my regular walk. >> well victims are expected to recover from their injuries.
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in brentwood, a 23-year-old man is dead after crashing his car into a tree. it happened after 5:00 yesterday evening on fire view avenue. the victim las not been identified. police say the cause is under investigation but they do not suspect alcohol played a role in that crash. and coming up mike bloomberg trying to address allegations of workplace harassment. an annual superblume in california now in jeopardy. why it may turn out to be much less vibrant this time around. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when
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we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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the third contest is less than a week away in the race for the democratic nomination for president. reporter skyler henry says a candidate not even participating in dominating headlines with allegations of sexual harassment in his workplace. >> reporter: mike bloomberg is not participating in the nevada caucuses but the billionaire in on the campaign trail in virginia sander detailing allegations round what he said
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and about his workplace culture of sexual harassment ant degradation. a he said i whirl always be a champion for women in the workplace. the this is the first of four days of voting in nevada where people are asked to rank their top democratic candidate. it happens saturday. one week before the caucuses bernie sanders appearance to be the candidate to beat. >> democracy is not billionaires spending hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get elected. >> after iowa and new hampshire voting, sanders and pete buttigieg fighting it out. senator elizabeth warren is third. amy klobuchar and joe biden are in fourth and fifth. senator klobuchar expanding her campaign team in nevada after a strong showing in new hampshire stumped in henderson. >> i'm asking you to volunteer to call people, to talk to your
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friends because i'm telling you, we shocked every one in new hampshire. >> joe biden was in las vegas where workers on the famous strip are a key component of winning the state. >> we choose hope over fear. for real. >> reporter: if the one time democratic front runner fails to win nevada, biden could be in trouble with both money and delegates. skyler henry, cbs news. [ applause ] supporters of bernie sanders filled his campaign office in san francisco yesterday. among them state assembly member ash cul ra of san jose and representative premyla j ap pal from the state of washington. sanders will appear at a rally in richmond tomorrow. one of sanders' democratic rivals amy klobuchar is headed to the bay area. the senator from minnesota will hold a fundraiser in san
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francisco tonight. the event comes as california gets ready to hold the primary election which takes place on march 3. of course kpix 5 is your guide to campaign 2020. we're covering all of the candidates, the races, the issues that matter to you. check out our super tuesday guide at 2020. it is the end of the sweet line for a bay area candy shop. shaw's has closed after nearly a century in business. a sign recently popped up in the now vacant business. the shop had been a local favorite for generations since it opened in 1931. neighbors we spoke with said they would go there for their gourmet truffles, fudge and cotton candy. it is unmoan what will open in its place. >> we may not have an em pick superbloom of filed fires that we have in the past. tens of thousands of people
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flock in riverside county to see the explosion of poppies and wildflowers. without substantial rain in the next couple of months they don't believe this year's bloom will be similar to what we experienced last year but more especially the year before. those blooms were so vibrant they could be seen from space. let's talk about that lack of rain for a second. it is not just for the superbloom in southern california. we have been on a streak. 18 days since we have gotten rain. while that isn't all that out of the ordinary for us, it is starting to get a bit concerning. i want to put it in perspective. for days in a row in the winter, without rain, if we're at 18 now, what are the longest streaks like? well, we're not even close. we have gone 43 days before and that happened back during the last drought we experienced between 2013 and 2016 right in the middle of that. we had a 43-day stretch where
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it didn't rain so it can be a lot worse. i don't have any significant rain showing up in this forecast. let's get you ready to step out size. for some of us it is notably warmer than it was yesterday. that number in santa rosa at 42. concord 50 pretty nice as well. to show you the comparison it is 7 degrees warmer in santa rosa than yesterday at this final. hayward, same thing. i don't know this is enough where you'll say it feels really warm but it is different so a head's up on that. high def doppler is on. those showers make it about as far south as the mendocino county line if we're and they fa apart and don't make it much farther south than
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that. looking at the accumulated rainfall is only eureka where we pick up about .19 inches of rain. >> mid-60s. still above average. however, these temperatures will be a little below where we were yesterday. 67 in pleasant hill. we'll hit 63 in livermore. san leeanne droze going to 63 and alameda. santa rosa hitting 68. you see those low 60s there. they get up a little farther. one item to talk about for monday. it will get a bit windy particularly for the mountains. this gets us ahead to monday morning. napa you may notice the gusts picking up. most of us don't notice the wind on monday but it will be dry off shore gusty winds in the mountains. thankfully. things are nice and green there for the rain we have lad so
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far. low 70s next week. no rain mid-60s for the bay. i'll see you more on this in the next hour. the bay area amusement park offers a different kind of speed dating. the ups and downs only come from a speeding rollercoaster not the people you meet. we will be right back. >> good morning. we're going to go above the rim today. how are your hops? you limber? this fellow from san jose is. he plays for the orlando magic. he liked to dunk. that is his thing.
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good morning everybody. i got the nhl on my mind to start your sunday off. the sharks were shorthandnd yesterday. three game suspension. no eric carlson, broken thumbing, out for the season. no problem. they rolled on with martin jones between the pipes. then they went after the home team. the minnesota wild. burns broke a scoreless one and the shot went off a teammate. that was enough for jones, 39 shots, 39 saves. his first shutout in 11 months. sharks won it 2-0, back-to-back road wins. derrick jones jr. put on a show last night at the slam dunk
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contest. jones, a windmill number. they gave him a 48. gordon defending champion tried to close the deal if he could leap over him. as good as it looked as sick as it was, the san jose got a 47. jones, your winner. meantime stanford men huddled together and beat arizona at home. second half with the cats up 6. they rolled on. arizona won 69-60. their 20th consecutive win of the cardinal. >> they hosted pacific and picked them apart. thomas. look how he finished it. st. mary's won 71-63 to improve
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to 21-6. looks like the engine is warming. that is enough this sunday. more later. a bay area amusement park is taking datings to new heights literally 150 feet in e air. x flags challenged singles looking for love to try and find their match while riding the signs man ultimate flight rollercoaster. now to me this sounds terrible but participants hoping to flip head over heels had icebreaker questions before they launched 15 stories in the air. some people were intrigued by the atmosphere to meet a potential partner. >> you're auld ready on a roll role and doing something together fun and exciting so it makes it that much more fun. >> at the end of the ride ay at park for a possible second date. well, coming up, uc santa cruz is investigating a reported attack on young
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republicans. the students say the protesters vandalizes their booth last week on campus. >> an update on the plan to send border patrol agents around the country to help out with immigration enforcement and arrest. fighting climate change
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isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to
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communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. live from the bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back to kpix 5 this tun say sunday morning. if6:29. i'm emily turner. >> i've devin fehely. we will get a check of the weather. a few spotty clouds and for some of us five to seven degrees warmer than some of us. >> toasty. >> making up for having no rain. we can eat least make it nice to get outside. that is only going to be noticeable in the morning. if you were out early yesterday, you noticed the
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difference. today will be a little cooler than yesterday. got the numbers on the screen. concord at 50. livermore at 45. san jose at 44. santa rosa the cool sport at 42 but that is one of the places a little warmer than yesterday. had you well down into the 30s yesterday morning. as far as what to expect, a couple of things to point out. besides the slightly cooler sunday, a bit windy on monday especially if you're in the mountains. an offshore wind will pick up. it will be tomorrow morning, but a warm and sunny week is really the rule. to show you how sunday plays out, chiefs clouds we lad overnight will give us a break. we'll have plenty of blue sky today. this is showing where the clouds will be and there are not a whole lot here, however, off to the north, there is rain. you can see just a little there coming into the far northwest coast. it is not for us, but i'll track that and show you how
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this try toss get south to men casino county today. that is as close we'll get to rain for awhile. see you with more in a few minutes. >> officials are investigating harassment claims. a group of students say they were targeted because of their political beliefs. >> oh, you, right. as in is that why you're doing that right now, white supremacy? >> this surfaced on social media showing an argument between protesters and students at the college republicans booth. last week's confrontation escalated when the protestors ripped up signs and tore down the banner. >> they feel with a sense of pride because they are trying to kick us out our push us away. that is when like, that is not right. >> campus police have not confirmed if the vandals are students but they are investigating the incident. >> a new state audit is raising privacy concerns when it comes
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to automatic license plate readers. the report focuses on the sheriff's office and three other agencies as well as whether or not they are complying with existing laws for the use of the di while leah gris the technology is important when it comes to parking enforce the and finding stolen cars, he is calling for more privacy safeguards. >> the results were far worse than i anticipated. it is horrifying. we need to set strong requirements so that law enforcement agencies are not retaining this consumer data indefinitely and so that they are not sharing it unless there is a real law enforcement reason to share the data. the sheriff's office released a state saying the office is a broke yative of the work done by the state auditor's office in relation to
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the audit of the al pr system, we have taken wreck men faces by them into consideration. >> san francisco agreed to pay nearly a quarter million dollars for a racial bias lawsuit filed by seven african- american men that said they were racially targeted during a sting operation intended to arrest drug dealers near schools. the men were arrested as part of sweeps in 2013 and 2014 carried out by the federal government and san francisco's police department. federal prosecutors eventually dropped charges against the people who were arrested. the trump administration is turning up the heat on sanctuary cities. elite tactical agents from the southern border will be deployed around the country to beef up i.c.e. enforcement and assist with arrests. cbs report fer michael george las details on this team and on how cities are responding. >> reporter: the trump
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administration plans to deploy agents to so called sanctuary cities across the country to arrest undocumented immigrants. the acting director of i.c.e. said injures discussions where we are not allowed to, our officers are forced to make arrests to aliens released into communities. president donald trump said it is a haven for violent offenders in his state of the union address and he spoke to a border patrol agent union. >> american citizens are entitled to safe neighborhoods and streets provided given the opportunity. sanctuary cities such as chicago, new york, san francisco and los angeles refuse to help the federal government enforce immigration policies. >> the city is on your side. rest assured here in los angeles we're not coordinating. >> if anyone thinks they can come here to our city and
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terrorize our residents into the shadows, let me say this. may have another thing coming. new york mayor tweeted sending s.w.a.t. teams trained into our densely populated streets is a formula for disaster that won't make our city any safer. the deployments was announced as president donald trump tries to raise pressure on the sanctuary city movement which has grown during his presidency. this comes as president donald trump takes news steps to make good on a campaign promise for a border wall. he plans to divert $4 billion in pentagon funds to build the wall. much of the money will come from the weapons programs like the fighter jet and both considered vital to war fighting. some law enforcements say it is unconstitutional while the defense secretary insists the movies necessary. what has happened here is they didn't get congress' approval. they just moved money around.
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>> border security is national security and national security is or mission. the action we took is legal under the law. >> another part of the plan stopping drug snuggling. some will go to the drug control program. house speaker nancy pelosi is defending her decision to rip up the president's state of the union speech earlier this month. the movements criticized by republicans as being disrespect fum. she describes what led up to that moment. >> i had no intention of doing that, but i knew of their. it got past aniseeds and i thought this is terrible. a couple pages thinking uttering i don't remember what is on this page and then i realized most every page had something in it that was objectionable. the speaker weighed in on the president's acquit tal and impeachment trial. e president will be
6:37 am
forever brand the as im piled by the house and he is not vindicated >> an update out of new york in the fatal stabbing of a freshman. prosecutors say a 14-year-old boy has been arrested for her murder. they believe weaver robbed and stabbed the 18-year-old tessa major in a new york city park in december. the teen will be tried as an day. this may sound unusual but prosecutors say it was because he was charged within tegsnal murder which allows them to treat him as an adults. the d.a. says this break in the case is meticulous search for the truth. the complaint paints a picture of the video evidence, of the ood evidence, the smartphone finamellsoof the last words she was known to have said was help me.
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i'm being robbed. his arrest comes two months after the arrest of his suspected accomplice, a 13-year- old boy. but that suspect's case will be handled in family court. and still to come, a look at the growing impact of climbing change in antarctic where a ice block the size of las vegas melted away. >> find out the selling price for a coin that datings back to the california gold rush. force portion obama: he's been a leader
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throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together
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in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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british oil giant bp has
6:42 am
plans to achieve zero emotions from its operations in the next 30 years. the proposal is part of a plan from bp's new coe. details are l ted at this point but the company aims to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from all outs businesses, as well as from its products by 2050. bp plans to have it by at least half. it is the most ambitious plan from any oil plan to date. they emit 55 million tons of greenhouse gases per year. >> a massive iceberg almost as big as las vegas has broken off the edge of antarctica. the reporter has more on the melting that scientists saatios no signs of stopping. >> reporter: this satellite photo from the european space agency shthmassive iceberg quickly shattering into
6:43 am
pieces. it happened last week as temperatures in areas of fahren >> it is among the fastest warming rejohns of the planet. we hear about the arctic but this particular part of the antarctica peninsula is warming very quickly. >> scientists captured this moment when a glacier collapsed in the same region. the block of ice weighs thousands of tons and more than 130 feet high. >> these icebergs are not just the size of houses, but whole blocks of houses. >> reporter: climate change is causing it to lose the ability to replenish and stay in place. and chilean researchers in antarctica released this voi yo shows part of the continent without snow because of rising temperatures. scientists believe climate change has caused so much colting at the on
6:44 am
90% of se the world's fresh water. scientists say that if it were to all melt, sea levels could rise by as much as 200 feet but that would take many generations. >> back here at home, the focus is the missing rain that we haven't gotten so far for the month of february. let me give you a little perspective. february is a good rainy month and on average we get four inches of rain. we have had 0. it is february 16th today. we're halfway through this month and so far we have had nothing. it doesn't look good for the long range. for the next week, we don't get anymore and for the next woke and a half the next question becomes has that ever happened where we got no rain in the rainier months of the year? it has. we have been keeping records for a long time. in 1964 we didn't get anything in the month of february. there are plenty of months with
6:45 am
very low rain totals. let's hope 2020 doesn't get added to this list. the longer range forecaster for the next week 1/2 gets us ahead to next weekend. everywn the map with a color will get rain between now and next saturday. everywhere where it is white will not. look at california. the sierra likely going to see a few showers, probably light snow over the next week 1/2. as you look at the bay area, we remain white on there, at least according to the one forecast model's long range outlook it will not rain for the next week 1/2. it doesn't mean it has to be that way, but one of the more likely possibilities so an early heads up to that. look how pretty it is right now. that is the top of the sales force tower down tort south. pretty light in the distance. that is what it looks like off to the east. it is mostly clear out there. we did have clouds overnight.
6:46 am
we'll see a few clouds pass throughout the day. it is really going to be a story of a missed opportunity f doppler. ther storm. there is rain there. futurecast shows notice a few high clouds here or there, it is mainly a clear sky and any rain with that system unfortunately is going to stay well to our north barely even showing accumulated rain in men casino county for us. mid-60s for most locations in the south bay. we'll see campbell top out at 64. 63 mill pea tis. pleasant hill, you'll hit 67. concord going to 60. bless santon going to 62. richmond going to 63. so will navado and the far north bay, upper 60s on there. i have more 70s that show up in the seven-day forecast monday and by the time we get to next weekend for inland spots so
6:47 am
we'll stay sunny and relatively warm over the next several days. no chance of rain. just a bit breezy on monday morning. offshore winds for monday morning, but not bad enough for n. t saat without thinki about austin powers. look at this 1855, $50 kellogg coin made in san francisco. 2 1/2 ounces of alt most pure gold. it was sold in san francisco at with ner coin. other mint did not open until 1954 so the cold rush started in 1848. there was a pier yod when know coin najeh was being played. there were well known established bankers and took in the gold dust and nuggets coming in and they would melt it down and turn it into pure coins and strike their own coins. the million dollars coin anotheweek. artang
6:48 am
on a locally made vegan butter. why they say the product is fooling customers and needs a name change. force
6:49 am
6:50 am
federal regulators as opening a new front in their antitrust invest gase of the country abiggest tech company,. facebook, apple, microsofted, ghoul and alphabet have been asked plenty of documents about their act q sixes of the next decade and wonder if they harm company tition and bypass regulatory hurdle es when they got their smaller virals. they are suing california regulators partly over the company's butter. >> kpix 5 john ramos has more or the butter battle. >> reporter: here at the creamery they are producing butter and cheese from plants but according to the department
6:51 am
of food and agriculture that is what not what they are doing. >> she turns cashews and things into things that taste like dairy products. the butter got picked up by costco. >> she got this saying she should stop calling her vegan butter, butter. >> when i saw that letter, i actually burst out laughing. >> reporter: it says a product cannot be called butter unlis it is made from milk or cream. there are a lot of non-dairy products with butter in their names but the letter says her packaging is creating an irr erroneous impression with users. >> i don't think there is a confused consumer out there no more than a consumer is confused when they order almond milk. they know it is not milk
6:52 am
because they don't want milk. >> they must remove this picture of a woman hug ag cow because it implying that is where the product came from. she believes this is simply a government agency trying to protect an industry threatened by change. >> there is a luge amount of consumers transitioning to a new food system. >> i don't see her product as a threat to the industry. i feel her messaging is a threat to the industry. >> jennifer helps operate her family's dairy farm. she believes her goal is to put an end to the dairy business altogether, a fact that she doesn't deny. jennifer says in this battle words matter, even as simple as milk and butter. >> we're not trying to control. we are make the definition fit. the definition of milk is from a mammal. >> what is from a flame? an established industry setting
6:53 am
up a battle overbutter. john ramos, kpix 5. the newest animals at the oakland zoo were to show man's impact on nature. how this changes our behavior. >> reporter: they will be here for the summer but if you look closely, they are not what you think they are. >> they are sculptures, a river otter, a maaco shark and enormous penguin nearly 12 feet tall. she has exhibits across the nation. she says the material is a plague on the planet. >> they are made of garbage. these are all made of garbage and they are all garbages picked up off beaches. >> all many ner of plastic debris, some as far away as japan. this is her life work calling work to global plastic pollution. the oakland zoo is sponsoring the exhibit to kick off their
6:54 am
campaign called imagine the future without plastic. >> we gave up plastic straws, hiss, cups a long time ago, but now we're giving up the water botherings and things that will always stay in the environment. >> the zoo says they are negotiating with their suppliers to eliminate all plastics. for the first time ever, deeson ney water is now in aluminum cans. folks are naturally drawn to the cultures. kids touch the items, even young kids get an understanding of the plastic problem. >> people have been picking it up and including artists and they placed it into these sculptures. >> wow! what do you think of flat? it is very interesting. >> the waste management recycling company is also working with the zoo to support these thought provoking stilltures.
6:55 am
what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people cludg a president willing to shake-up washington. on climate, health care or gun safety.s el new pe, i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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time now is 6:55. time for a look at this morning's top stories. >> a suspect is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after an officer involved shooting. according to the transit agencies, they responded to domestic dispute on a train that a man may have been armed with a gun. officers fired at the suspect after he fled from police. then produced a weapon as he stood on the station's track way. >> a group of americans quarantined on a cruise ship off japan are expected to arrive at travis air force base on a flight today. they will continue to be quarantined at travis a couple more weeks in a precautionary spread of coronavirus. none have been diagnosed with that illness. libby took a walk-through chinatown to ease coronavirus fierce. there are no confirmed cases in oakland but virus concerns are
6:57 am
negatively impacting business. she said now more than ever the chinese community needs to be supported. >> a new mexico man extradited in connection to a 2004 rape case in mountain view. they tested rape kits there and matched dna from a 1997 case to dna on file from the mountain view attack. >> two women were attacked in san francisco. the a fax happened yesterday morning along the embarcadero center. one woman was stabbed and the other attacked with a tool. >> this is the camera on top of the sales force. a beautiful view of the sunrise which is just about to happen at 6:59. we got the sunrise back in this 6:00 hour now. it has gotten earlier. cooler sunday. windy monday morning and then warm and sunny for much of next
6:58 am
week. >> thanks for joining us. jane pauley is next on kpix 5. obama: he's been a leader
6:59 am
throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together to edu fight for gun safety devevati h laws, teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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