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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  February 26, 2020 3:12am-3:42am PST

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speaking out: harvey weinstein under guard at a new york hospital. why he's after being convicted of rape and what his accusers are saying tonight. six-year-old arrested: newly released police video raising questions tonight. why did police tie a little girl's arms behind her back and take her from her school? how young is too young to be under arrest? the search widens. police expand the investigation for those missing children from idaho across five states with their mother behind bars in hawaii. the new clue police say could be the key to finding them. disney's c.e.o. out. bob iger, the longtime head of one of the world's biggest entertainment companies replaced tonight. the new details are just coming in. and pouring it forward-- the unique coffee shop right here in charleston changing lives by hiring those whose skills are often overlooked.
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>> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell reporting tonight from the democratic debate in charleston, south carolina. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you so much for joining us toned as the seven candidates for the democratic presidential nomination will fight it out right here on this stage. this debate may be the most important, coming just four days before the south carolina primary and one week before the 14-state extravaganza known as super tuesday. our latest cbs news poll shows joe biden with a slim lead here in south carolina over the national frontrunner, bernie sanders. billionaire tom steyer is polling third. today, the candidates took turns walking through the debate hall, and the biggest question is whether anyone can slow down bernie sanders, who could be on track to take a significant lead in delegates. the others have already stepped up their attacks. in new ads, joe biden accuses sanders of trying to impede president obama's 2012 re-election. pete buttigeig attacked sanders'
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medicare for all health care plan. and mike bloomberg is take aim at sanders' gun control record. no shortage of plot lines for tonight's debate here, and so ed o'keefe leads off our coverage. >> reporter: just hours from now, candidates will take this stage for the final debate before saturday's south carolina primary and next week's super tuesday, when voters in 14 states cast ballots. at center stage tonight, senator bernie sanders, the frontrunner, whose likely to face fresh attacks from more moderate opponents. for the first time, the sanders campaign is providing what it says is a detailed plan to pay for some of the senator's most-ambitious ideas, like medicare for all, universal childcare, and free public college. >> thank you all very much! >> reporter: his competitors say the math doesn't awpped, and it's those kinds of proposals that worry congressional democrats, like virginia's donald mceachin, a supporter of former vice president joe biden. >> you know, he's a democratic socialist. he's an independent. he's whatever he wants to be, until it's time to run for
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president. now he wants to be a democrat.t virginia. >> reporter: michael bloomberg has also signaled he plans to go after sanders. he spent last few days holed up with his team in florida. aides say he's aware how answers to his last debate about questions about his treatment of women. after that diminish bloomberg released three women who accused him of inappropriate behavior from nondiclosure agreements. his longtime partner, diana taylor, defended the use of nondiclosure agreements. >> he isst was not accused of doing anything or saying something newscast tow women. that's not who he is. >> reporter: a bloomberg campaign spokesperson said it is not the. take a recent cbs news poll that found up to 63% of likely south
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carolina likely democratic primary voters could still change their mind before saturday. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, ed, thank you so much. and as want auditorium begins to fill up here, let's bring in major garrett, who will be joining gayle king and me in terms of moderating this debate. un, major, this is a key debate, because not only is it the last debate before the south carolina primary, but also super tuesday. it's make or break for these candidates tonight. >> reporter: and it's the last opportunity anyone not named bernie sanders has to slow his momentum. bernie sanders' momentum is real. it's not an abstraction. and every other democrat on the stage tonight knows that. and, norah, you and i have covered presidential campaigns. you know opposition research is part and parcel of that. most of that has been kept in the vault against bernie sa he o this fast start. now that he has all the campaigns are signaling to me today that vault is going to be opened and spill out on to the stage. >> o'donnell: it is also a big stage for joe biden. he has called this fate statehis
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firewall. >> reporter: joe biden has underperformed three times. he cannot underperform here. he must win convincingly. why i do say that? even his campaign recognizes a narrow victory here is not enough to say i'm the bernie sanders alternative. joe biden is fighting for the very last time to be that ieflt. if he misses it here, he misses it forever. >> o'donnell: mayor bloomberg adnits he did not have a great debate last time. >> reporter: he blew it the first time. but he is going after bernie sanders saying he's unelectable, that for a conservative or centrist democrats in house and senate races he's toxic and that he's really bad on guns. expect that issue to come up tonight. >> o'donnell: and supered it, the 14 states we're talking about, bloomberg is outspending everybody by over $100 million. >> reporter: he's outspending but what he means on supper suicide is wins or delegates. he has neither right now. he needs show up big time and make the money worth something on super tuesday. >> ninan: can't think of a more pivotal night than tonight. >> reporter: you can feel the
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electricity. >> o'donnell: and a reminder gayle and i will moderate the debate beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cbs, and we welcome you to submit your own questions for the candidates. it is not too late, on twitter by using the hashtag #demdebate. we want to go now to the other big story tonight: a dire warning from the c.d.c. that an outbreak of coronavirus is coming here to the u.s. it could be severe, and americans need to prepare now. there is also word that this country doesn't have enough face masks to contain an outbreak. entnewsth sreling again.t the dow has dropped more than 1900 points in two days. that's a loss of nearly 7%. health officials warn the u.s. could soon see more cases as the virus spreads outtsonig beginning with kris van cleave in washington. and i understand,kris, you have some breaking news. >> reporter: norah, san francisco has just declared a state of emergency, the first major american city to do so because of coronavirus, even
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though san francisco has zero cases so far. but the c.d.c. is saying it's no longer a matter of if but when the virus starts spreading here. the c.d.c. is sounding the alarm tonight, warning americans the coronavirus is coming. >> reporter: of. >> reporter: the c.d.c.'s nancy messioner said she told her own children to prepare for a significant disruption and parents should ask their schools about plans for dismissal if the illness becomes serious in their communities. ( bell ringing ) >> reporter: fears the outbreak could cripple the global economy sent stocks tumbling for the second straight day with united airlines and mastercard warning investors earningslet fake a hit. >> i think it will be under control. >> reporter: president trump and his aides struck a different tone. >> stow far as containment is concerned, we have tightly contained this. >> reporter. >> reporter: but republicans and democrats on capitol hill
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who got an emergency briefing on the virus remember not buying that claim. >> bottom line is it seems to be getting worse, not better. >> reporter: their anger focused on the lack of medical supplies. >> my budget supports-- >> you're the secretary of homeland security. >> yes, sir. >> and you can't tell me if we have enough respirators. >> reporter: health and human services secretary alex azar said the agency only stockpiled 30 million face masks. despite saying americans don't need them right now, the cost of face masks has risen dramatically, and the largest u.s. manufacturer said it's fielding 100 calls a day. kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. >> reporter: this is mark phillips in italy, where the police cordon set up to try it contain the virus in the north of the country is apparently leaking. the of coronavirus case sups 50% in a day to well over 300. at least 11 people have now
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died. the bulk of the virus cases in italy have been from within this cordoned off area, but there have been a fewree exprk that's a worry. police roadblocks can stop people, but can they stop a virus? new casaread from the north across the whole country, and two other countries, austria, croatia, switzerland, france, and spain. another unrelated cluster has emerged in iran, where an unwell-looking deputy health minister, iraj harirchi, who had downplayed the outbreak of the disease there, has now admitted he's got it. the 11 people who have died so far here have been the vulnerable-- the elderly who caught the virus when they were already weakened by another illness. and, norah, right now, flower more than 30 people with the virus who are in inten cre. o'd, thyou. tonight, harveweinsteiis being held a prd a
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new york city hospital, one day after being convicted on charges that include rape. the verdict is being cheered by some of weinstein's accusers, who applauds the courage of the women who testified against the movie producer in court. and tonight, a juror is speak out. here's jericka duncan. >> reporter: harvey weinstein remains in a new york city hospital tonight under observation for heart palpitations and high blood pressure. his attorney, arthur aidala: >> obviously, for any human being, yesterday was a tremendously jarring and shocking event. >> harvey, i messed with the wrong women. >> reporter: but there was no sympathy for weinstein on the steps of the los angeles county courthouse. this group, calling themselves "silence breakers" is comprised of the nearly 100 women who accused the 67-year-olds of sexual misconduct. today, they saferre savored the. >> even a man as powerful and famous as weinstein will be held accountable. >> reporter: miria miriam haleys
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testimony helped convict weinstein. >> i felt just very grateful that they-- that i'd been heard and believed. >> reporter: a member of that jury, who asked not to be identified, spoke out today. >> reporter: describe the moment where you all reach aid decision. >> i felt like my heart was literally going to pop out of my chest. but it was just, like, this is it. like, this is the moment. >> reporter: and that moment has been described by many at the beginning of a new era of justice for sexual abuse cases. as for harvey weinstein, once he's released from this hospital, he'll be sent straight to prison, and then he's expected to face a trial on sexual abuse case, sexual assault, rather, in los angeles. norah. >> o'donnell: all right. a new era, indeed, jericka. thank you. tonight, newly released video is isoupolice conduct in schools. this all started with a six-year-old girl acting out in class, and it ended with her
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restrained with zip ties and being put in the back of a police cruiser. manuel bojorquez on what the video reveals. ( crying ). >> no. >> it's not going to hurt. >> reporter: body cam video captured the moment an officer restrained six-year-old kaia rolle with zip ties before place, her in a police cruiser. she was accused of kicking and punching staff members, though some seemed puzzled by the arrest. the officer acknowledges she's the youngest person he's placed in custody. that officer, dennis turner, was tired days later. kaia's case, and that of a six-year-old student with special needs taken into custody in jacksonville earlier this month, have raised red flags for child advocates. >> police presence does not make a school feel safe.
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what makes a school feel safe and supportive is actual supports and services for students and their families. ( crying ) >> reporter: manuel bojorquez, cbs news, miami. >> o'donnell: tonight, cbs news has learned the investigation into the disappearance of two children from idaho now covers at least five states, including a two million-acre national park. their mother is under arrest in hawaii, and jonathan vigliotti is there. >> reporter: tonight, as lori vallow sits in a kauai jail, new details on the last days her two children were seen alive. court documents reveal 17-year-olds tylee went on a family trip to yellowstone september 8. she's not been seen since. police obtained a photo of tylee inside the park. sources claim investigators plan to several yellowstone for clues once the snow belts inspect and doorbell video captures the last known image of seven-year-olds j.j., playing outside a
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neighbor's home in idaho. he hasn't been seen since september 23. two months later, j.j.'s grandparents in louisiana asked for a welfare check. investigators say lori vallow also spun a web of lies about the children. she told police j.j. was with a friend in arizona. that woman later told police vallow and her new husband, chad daybell, asked her to lie. lori claims tylee was away at college. she never enrolled. lori told daybell's parents she was an empty nester. the two flew to hawaii december 1 alone. >> the implication of a parent who flies to hawaii and won't return to a court order is that something very untoward has happened to these children. >> reporter: and police have searched the couple's condo and car and say there are no signs the two missing children were here in hawaii. vallow is fighting her extradition. there's a court hearing tomorrow to try to reduce her $5 million bail. norah. >> o'donnell: all right, jonathan, thank you. there is still much more news
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ahead right here on tonight's "cbs evening news." millions are in the path of dangerous weather tonight. we'll tell you where and when it's expected to hit. the plot twist at disney. its longtime c.e.o. just stepped down. later, the coffee shop that lets customers see what's possible in customers see what's possible in the faces of its staff. my caree. my cause,... my choir. i'm a work in progress. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. prescription dovato is for adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment and who aren't resistant to either of the medicines dolutegravir or lamivudine. dovato has 2... medicines in... 1 pill to help you reach and then stay undetectable. so your hiv can be controlled with fewer medicines... while taking dovato. you can take dovato anytime of day,... with food... or without. don't take dovato if you're allergic to any of its... ingredients or if you take dofetilide. if you have hepatitis b, it can change during treatment with dovato and become harder to treat.
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the university of oregon's sabrina ionescu captivated the sports world. she becamelet first college player, woman or man, to rack up 2,000 points, 1,000 rebounds, and 1,000 assists in a career. it came just hours after she delivered an emotional tribute to kobe and gigi bryant in los angeles. up next, we discovered something special while here in charleston: the coffee shop with a staff that knows all about overcoming obstacles. i knew about the tremors. but when i started seeing things, i didn't know what was happening... so i kept it in. he started believing things that weren't true. i knew something was wrong... but i didn't say a word. during the course of their disease around 50% of people with parkinson's may experience hallucinations or delusions. but now, doctors are prescribing nuplazid.
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depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. >> o'donnell: here in charleston, we've been greeted with a huge helping of southern hospitality, especially at a coffee shop where you'll find a lot of sweetness, and not just on the menu. it smells like cotton candy. >> oh, yeah. >> o'donnell: at bitty and beau's coffee shop, cotton candy frappes are the house specialty. is this a popular drink? >> yeah, very popular. >> o'donnell: but they're not the only thing that makes this place truly special. >> very good, right? >> o'donnell: wow. it's the people who work here. >> is that it today? >> reporter: like trista
3:36 am
kutcher. as you can see i'm not qualified to work in a coffee shop. i need more training. >> it takes more practice. >> o'donnell: amy writing is the owner. >> as the parent of a child with special needs you start to think about their future and one of the obstacles people with disabilities face is finding meaningful employment. and the coffee shop was borne out of that need. >> reporter: two of amy's children have down syndrome, bitty and beau. >> for a long time, people with disabilities have had opportunities to work but they've been in the back. their faces haven't been seen, so at bitty and beau's coffee, the first face you see when you walk in is someone like sam. >> o'donnell: so, sam, what's it like working here at bitty and beau's? >> i'm here to do some work. and i'm not heir to mess around. i love dance parties, but i'm-- i'm here to get the job done. ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: sometimes dance parties are part of the job, especially since sam hazeltine was recently promoted. everybody that walks through the
3:37 am
dors here leaves with new perspective, knows that these individuals, their lives have value, and they deserve to be accepted and included. >> me, trista, we're not bro 'rot broken. >> o'donnell: there are now five bit' bitty and beau's ce shops. >> we really feel like this is a place of hope and we're just getting started. >> o'donnell: that's their hashtag, not broken. and now i have some friends for life. we'll be right back. we are the thrivers. women with metastatic breast cancer standing in the struggle. hustling through the hurt. asking for science not sorrys. our time for more time - has come. living lonanenn men taali plusa or a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor.
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3:40 am
charleston, south carolina. we'll see you at the deb this is "the cbs overnight news." >> i'm nickki battiste. we have a lot more to tell you about this morning, starting with a looming crisis at the nation's airplanes. starting october 1st, you won't be able to get through the security checkpoints unless you have what is called a real i.d. it's a driver's license with some added security measures. most people don't even know about the deadline. and for those who do, most still haven't upgraded their license. you can, of course, just carry around your pass poport if you e one of those. kris van cleave has the story from dwight d. eisenhower airport in wichita, kansas.
3:41 am
>> reporter: three in ten americans have a real i.d. and congress is getting worried, too. a number of lawmakers sent a letter to dhs, asking what the contingency plan is, so people don't show up at an airport october 1st and learn they can't fly. it's the must-have for 2020, a real i.d.-compliant farm of identification. steven is updating his driver's license. >> if i want to travel, i can. we have a son oversea s we want to visit. >> reporter: the real i.d. passed in the wake of 9/11. a come client i.d. will be required october 1st to board a plane, enter a federal building. many states have been slow to implement. oregon and oklahoma won't issue them until this summer. >> the potential is catastrophic. >> reporter: 57% of americans really don't know about the october 1stdeadli >> we're absolutely not real
3:42 am
i.d.-ready at all. we know 99 million americans don't have a real i.d. it will be thanksgiving 2020, where grandma goes to get on a plane and she can't go see her grandkids. >> reporter: that could cause chaos at airports. >> 80,000 people on the first day could be under the away. about 500,000 in the first week. and $300 million is what that could cost in economic loss. >> reporter: the real i.d. licenses require different identification. you'll need an i.d., passport or birth certificate, plus, two items proving state residency. tsa agents are warning fliers they won't be able to get to their fights in october, unless they update their i.d.s. and states are urging people to do it now. >> we'll be as ready as we can. >> reporter: richard hol cocome
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