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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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delta airlines.... dealing with one big mess this morning...grounding all of its flights!we're live with the latest on this... students across the valley head back to class today..but the scene at one school won't be the same without jesse wilson. all sorts of unique things to see at the olympcs...including something called ?cupping.... michael phelps does it all the
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welcome breaking news... as thousands of people are stranded and angry across the world... as delta has grounded all flights due to a system 12's bryan west is tracking our top story from sky
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breaking news as a masked man storms into a 7-eleven... and kills a clerk.jen wahl is live right now near 16th street and
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as more kids head to school this week... children at one academy will be without a
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nico santos is live near
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olympic athletes...olympic olympic athletes...go to almost any means to bring home a gold medal, and that includes on their look very... emma jade... in your morning juice. have you noticed the weird circular bruises all over some swimmers? take a look --you can see michael phelps' shoulders and back. the technique uses suction in cups to pull the skin away from the body and promote from the body and promote blood flow. it helps loosen muscles and tendons after a long workout. many new jersey drivers aren't thrilled about a new proposal-- targeting their morning routine. state lawmakers
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coffee behind the wheel. and there's bans any activity that causes drivers to be distracted. so no more more primping in the mirror if you're driving. state leaders say they need to cut down on dangerous driving habits. now time for your juicy question of the morning... surveys show that this week.... the average man has blocked out 45 minutes to an hour each day.... so he can think about this? them with think about doing this with their significant other.... others say there is no way they would ever do it with their wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend. use your variety of social media apps and give us your
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it is easlily one of the most hyped movies to open this year...but was suicide squad really all that???jay taylor... in the house to talk about taht in 3 minutes. who is happier?single people... or couples?the answer to that important two minutes.
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a big weekend at the box office - the much anticipated suicide squad hit theaters... and jay taylor did to...jay's here with his review ...jay's here with his review ...of a movie that he didn't have nigh expectations for... // starting a new feature... how many jays! jays!how many jays!think about suicide squad?
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// pete's dragon?
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the olympics - really getting underway.we're getting you up to speed on what to see later ttoday... how about this?an ?a-t-m for pizzas?it's real...and it's
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and it's flat an ?a-t-m for how about ttoday... you un the olympics - the olympics - really getting underway. we're getting how about this?an ?a-t-m for pizzas?it's real...and it's flat out awesome!
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####break#### decision 2016 this morning... and the presidential candidates give dueling speeches on the economy this week -- and one bush says "yes" to donald trump. tracie potts is
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?? ad lib ?? voters in that poll also prefer clinton on having the temperment to be commander in chief. but most still have issues with her honesty. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. q: and the poll gives her a huge lead among huge lead gives her a q: and the poll you. now back to washington, potts in i'm tracie potts in
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q: and the poll gives her a
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taking a look at this morning's health check -...and the reasons teens decide to try e-cigarettes ... may determine whether or not they continue to use the devices. a new yale university reasons for trying e- cigarettes were curiosity, good flavors and because their friends used them. researchers researchers found most youth who tried the devices because of the low cost were still using them six months later. and teens who began using e-cigarettes to quit smoking -- were over 14 times more likely to keep vaping -- than those who had another reason. we live in a couple- focused society ... but new research suggests being single
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scientists at u-c santa barbara found single people tend to have richer social lives, show more psychological growth ... and are more self- sufficient than their married peers. singletons are also more likely to be resilient during hard times. gawker and former wrestler hulk hogan could be closer to a deal. the wall street journal reporting they're in early talks to reach a settlement over a 140- million dollar court judgement in their invasion of privacy case. gawker had published hogan. the ruling led the company to file bankruptcy protection. pizza lovers listen up... this could be the first of many to come. xavier university in cincinnati has university in cincinnati has partnered with french company 'paline' to install the first pizza a-t-m in north america. paline says the machine can hold up to 70 pizzas at once and 70 pizzas at once and customers can select their pizza from a touch screen for $10. once selected, the
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box and is then ejected through a slot. a deadly overnight shooting... two people shot... and one of them has police are trying to catch a yet another major airline... thrown into chaos this morning after a massive computer're watching 12 today....
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year for one community in buckeye...the search for jesse wilson continues as classes begin. a robbery, and a store clerk gunned police are
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adele proving adele proving she's just like everyone else...wait until you hear what happened to her at one department store.... ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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