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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  August 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm MST

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>> vanessa caribe and coop starts now. from here in arizona all the way to rio. alex naddour feeling the heart ache tonight. >> we tried to do everything we could. >> so is his family here in the valley. >> but he has one more event. >> amanda borden and their shot
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tracking several more big stores. the university of arizona football coach in tears after a football player dies. >> zach hemmila friends are in shock. three people trapped under ground. plus 90s and rain on the way. 12 news at 10:00 starts right now. >> good evening from rio de janeiro. we hope that you truly enjoy the best of olympic coverage right primetime. today was an important day for the u.s. men's gymnastics team. they were looking to make history and they did again but not in a good way. having been the standout team in london and on sartd here in rio where they came in sikd. they faltered -- -- second where they faltered. it was the same result as
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olympic arena today. that's when naddour opened on the exercise and had a scary fall in his final tumbling pass. in the end japan won the gold medal with russia the silver and china taking the bronze. >> for some of us it's the last go around so we tried to do everything we could. it's very difficult to get a team medal. but fifth in the too bad. we tried everything we could. and we have a lot of finals to go. i believe each and every one of these guys has a shot at a medal. >> alex's family including his wife and daughter watched from home in the valley. they did not make the trip to rio. and gaga had a -- mo monique had a chance to talk to them.
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an accomplishment in itself. >> from cheers of excitement to moments of intense anxiety. >> as a parent it's a bit nerve racking. >> sandy naddour riding a roller coaster of emotion motions. >> alex's family and friend cheering him on in his olympic debut at the buffalo wild wings in gilbert. >> that may not seem like an important part but his mom knows otherwise. >> his wife washes his laundry with the baby's laundry. >> alex's wife and newborn baby stayed behind due to zika concerns making that scent important. >> he smells the laundry and i think that's precious. >> monday's competition pushing him and his teammates to their limits.
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mistakes can make a huge difference. >> i know they would have liked to have had a medal. but again it happens. so i'm still very proud. very proud of alex and all of team usa. >> again alex's chances aren't over he still has a chance to medal. >> monique thank you. a tough night for the men's team. coming up i'm going to be speaking to aman do borden -- amanda borden she won back in 1996 in atlanta. what she has to say about the women's competitions. the finals coming up tomorrow. amanda coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys in our studios. >> vanessa thanks. some disappointment for the gymnastics team but the u.s. ended this day in dom nant fashion.
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ryan murphy and lilly king both set records and the u.s. diving team had its best performance ever. mor mor has the store -- brian moore has the story. >> ryan murphy upheld a u.s. tradition in the 100 meter backstroke. >> sixth straight olympics the americans win gold. >> david plummer took third. >> tal -- to follow in the path is really cool. >> in the 100 meter backstroke kathleen took silver. con nor dwyer won his first individual medal. michael phelps and katie ledecky are racing for history and the women's gymnastics team goes for the gold. nbc news rio. michael phelps has set his
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posting the second fastest time in races. he went out strong in the race and then backed off a bit in the final 50 to save his energy for the final. the u.s. men's basketball team continues to make it look easy. hitting double figures in a 44 point win over venezuela. 113-69 many the final. they take on australia on wednesday. on the other side of the court. the u. u.s. women's basketball team likewise dominant. the dynamic duo of brittney griner and the raw see leading the way. taurasi leading the way. the women crushing spain 103- 636789 they take on serbia -- 103-63. they take on serbia wednesday.
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content on our website every day. including slide shoes of some of the best -- slide shows of some of the best photos of the game. >> they've been down here the last couple days. >> the other big story at 10:00 tonight. the university of arizona's head coach choking back tears after zach hemmila dies in his sleep. he was a football star at chandler high school. 12 news a profiled him a few short years ago. coop coop will bring -- steve cooper will bring us that. >> the shock and sorrow his high school coach and friends are feeling. >> hemmila played football here before he was recruited. he built a close bond with his head coach. >> i'm trying to hold it together as much as possible. but that's one of my little babies that we lost so it's been tough for us.
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stannout football star. >> zach was an incredible kid. he was a three-year starter for us. an offense sieve tackle. close -- offensive tackle. he had a quirkiness to him. it's a huge loss for the community. >> a couple of his friend's and high school football teammates are heartbroken. >> he was loved by a lot of people and will be missed. >> wanted to help others with a smile on his face. they can't believe he's gone. >> we were so tight and this is the closest person to me that i've lost. >> he enjoyed life all the time and nothing brought him down. >> all my prayers go to him and his family, his girlfriend, his past and prior teammates. all my prayers to them. >> despite the loss zach's high
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move along and keep him in our memories. our kids need to move on and understand that -- and grieve and pray for their family. >> the cause of zach's death is still unknown. trisha hendricks 12 news at 10:00. >> i felt like home. i've been to a couple of practices. i felt like i had a good vibe there and i felt it was right. >> and the university of arizona was the right place r but tragically coop, his life would end before the start of his senior season. it's such a tragic story. and you covered zach on the all fever team as a high school player. >> yeah i did. and he made the 2011 all fever team on the offensive line. he was very good at the point of attack. very strong had good foot work and for that he made our team. i had a chance to interview him
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signing party at marly sports bar and grill in chandler. >> your family now will be able to stay in state and watch you play football. how important was that to you? >> that was a big part. because my dad, 75% of my dad's family lives down there. and a couple of them have season tickets. and a couple of them already graduated from u of a and stuff so it's going to be a good thing because they have a tailgating pass. it's goi filled with family and fun for zach. he started six games for the wildcats last season and was from jected as a starting sen -- was projected as a starting center. he broke down when addressing the matter with the media. >> i don't know any of the details. i saw him last night after a
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we talked. two nights ago. he came down and sat beside me and talked for about 45 minutes. just about everything. how happy he was. >> i appreciate it. >> no speculation. he's a great young man. >> you know, he was really a big teddy bear if you will. i remember u of a was in the fee yes, sir the bowl -- fiesta. they had their media day here and i ran into a number of the
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zach hemmila. zach always had a smile on his face. he was happy to see us. he remembered friday night fever. he was such a gregarious kid. i really really enjoyed hanging out with the guy. covering him and the chandler team. they were prolific on the field. such a tougher loss. >> all of us are thinking about that family tonigh >> all right thanks. three men trapped underground. clinton versus trump the new poll numbers. this fly on the field. amanda borden one of the magnificent seven giving us insight on the olympic gymnastics team and their shot
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#12gs at 10:00 continues from rio. >> amanda borden one of the magnificent seven giving us insight on the american gymnastics team and their shot at gold. and the new presidential poll numbers. developing now one man is dead and two others are in critical condition after falling into a 20-foot haul. -- hole. one of the men was pump water and then fell in. when the other two went in after him something went horribly wrong.
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but it appears the man who initially fell was overcome by nitrogen die ox side. the grain got wet and robbed the silo of oxygen. the three men were basically entering a gas chamber. behind the yellow tape, past the flashing lights, on the back part of this phoenix ranch home is this underground silo. that's the water they were pump out. >> phoenix fire tells us that one of the men was on the ladder when something went wrong. >> that grain got wet and it was displacing the oxygen. >> most likely overcome the man fell about 20 feet. >> he went unconscious and two others tried to get him. they went unconscious. >> all three ending up
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ten-feet down at the bottom it was possibly zero. >> we know the brain can only last four minutes without oxygen. >> one of the three victims istize. these are his friends. . >> -- victims is william tryon. these are his friends. >> just minutes ago investigators confirming that william tryon has died. already knew. answers that don't make this easier. the other two involved are juan pablo garcia and christian silaghi. ncso investigators are still out here and could be out here most of the evening. shocking new information tonight on a 3-year-old killed in the west valley. the maricopa county sheriff's office says the boy's 16-year-
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youngtown. a 9-year-old was also hurt but will survive. the teenager is being held as a juvenile but the sheriff says he expects that to change. well the post-convention poll numbers are in and they consistently show hillary clintonrenting the next phase of the campaign with the upper hand over donald trump. the cnn poll of polls incorporating the results of six major polls shows her %. welcome back to rio the u.s. women's gymnastics team has a commanding lead right now and we'll find out tomorrow if they're going be able to bring home the gold. we spoke with one of the women who did win the gold in 1996. this is what she told us. >> most people knew this was
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the all around. she didn't disappoint. alley rice man also making the -- alley riceman also making the finals. i can't wait. >> you will see the women's gymnastics finals tomorrow right here on just one station only on 12 news. mark, caribe at the station that is the latest tonight. i will see you guys back here tomorrow. for now back to >> all right sounds good vanessa, get some sleep. >> we'll see you tomorrow. here's a look at the medal count for the u.s. >> a total of 19 medals, five gold, seven silver, september bronze and we're -- seven bronze and we're leading the overall medal count followed by china and japan. let's talk about something else we can cheer for the arizona cardinals.
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night against the oakland raiders. coop, the wait is almost over. that's worth cheering about. >> that's worth cheering about. indeed the wait is almost over. the last time the cardinals squared off was last january in the nfc championship game and while it would be fun to see them play again the starters will play only 10-15 plays. rookie pick brandon williams will be among the starters. spot. he's been so impressive that the coach has declared the job his to lose. >> he's starting right now. and playing very very well. if you work hard enough at it, you know, it's the knew answers of the -- nuances of the position. if you were reading the routes it would take a lot of time. but when you play man to man as
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win, but it's a game in which the backups and rookies will get the majority of the playing time which is normal for the first two preseason games. oh yeah. tempers flowing. the offensive and defensive lineman going at it. a number of players involved. head coach big on discipline but didn't mind intensity level amped up a bit. but don't expect to see too much of this going forward. >> beyonce j. lo and demi have performed in them. >> i'm wondering why i'm talking about this. thigh-high boots are back. >> it was a little bit odd.
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you're talking about it mark. >> the trend has hit in the middle of this -- we don't wear thigh-highs in the summertime. everybody knows that. >> is the trend too steamy you be the judge. >> it is too steam my. here's a picture of demi lovato. >> and rihanna per them for a shoot. who could pull this off besides the fashion icon herself? >> only you. >> caribe you could pull it off. >> like butter. >> if you see anyone in the valley walking around in those ask some questions because something is seriously wrong. >> that's great advice. but i loved your commentary on it. i think you brought a lot to that conversation there. let's talk about the forecast. >> we've got some big changes
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let's take a look now and toodz, you know, it was -- today, you know it was pretty quiet but we're going to get help from a tropical system. that's tropical storm offarea off the tip of the baja peninsula. we're looking at significantly higher rain chances as we head into tomorrow, mainly tomorrow evening into wednesday night. that's the time frame for what we're expecting. we had some flash flood watches in effect. back to the 100s and drier over
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we are back let's check in with coop to see who the mvp of the night is. >> caribe you're so tough on my choicings that i'm apprehensive about revealing tonight's mvp. >> you should be. >> here we go. let's try it out and see. i'm giving the nod to catcher buster posey. check this out. not pretty. head first slide. that has to hurt. face first. the 11th he was hustling from first to third. caribe i've got to reward this kient of all -- kind of all out effort. by the way the giants won. buster posey my mvp of the night. thumbs up? >> two thumbs up. >> lilly king won her showndown tonight grabbing a gold for the
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between the two after russia's doping record. the 19-year-old indiana native called out her rival. king waved her finger at the russian who was allowed to compete after serving a doping suspension and testing positive again this year for the now banned substance. well don't go away our shot of the day when 12 news at
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? ? ? isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine.
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easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. all right shot of the day a 90-year-old gymnast doing a routine on the parallel bars. >> she's my hero. >> wow.
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>> ryan seacrest here in rio de janeiro. if you didn't catch the action today, these are the three stories you need to know. rio, day three. weta which won the first gold of the game. always a big moment. it was magnified when silva who grew up in the city became an olympic champion in one of brazil's favorite sports. judo. >> emotion pouring out for one of rio de janeiro's. >> at the olympic aquatic stadium, the united states had a huge night. >> murphy stretching to the wall! olympic gold, gets it.


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