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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 9, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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michael phelps... taking over internet memes everywhere this morning. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy
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an ongoing battle between the arizona diamondbacks.. and county officials.. over renovations at chase field.. is heating up again. team 12's bryan west is live from chase field.. with our top story.. bryan? feud on the field...crying foul...the city is saying you're out.. according to the arizona republic county officials have rejected the team's request for the 65 million dollars for upgrades to chase field.the money would go towards a new scoreboard,
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responsibility of the dbacks to pay for this. and it continues to get heated. in april, the county supervisor, andy kunasek, sent a letter to the president of the d-backs, derrick hall, saying there has been a false narrative told. kunasek writes in part, "i suggest you focus on your job, which should be the development of a successful product a winning team, which will improve the fan experience and in turn, will increase ticket sales and reignite a desire for people to attend and watch professional basebally in arizona. hall fired back in a assaulted him and tom harris - the executive vice president and cfo - in the dback offices. hall writes kunasek said quote if it were up to me, take it all and go to expletive west virginia or whatever... among other statements. the arizona republic also found out that kunasek will not run for re-election this year and he told them he probably shouldn't have said a choice couple of at chase field, bryan west, 12
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???adlib traffic
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let's get a quick check of hot headlines around the valley this morning: a north phoenix man has died after falling unconscious in a grain silo. 61 year old william tryon was in the silo pumping out storm water when he fell about 20 feet. two other men went to help and also fell unconscious and had to be rescued... both of them are in extremely critical condition. a valley youth pastor is facing felony charges this morning. buckeye police say ye santos was confronted by a teenage girl and her mother after santos was caught recording the girl in a changing room of a beall's outlet store. santos has worked at grace fellowship church for the past three years. a measles outbreak in arizona, is all, 22 cases of measles were linked to the eloy detention center ...about 30 miles south of phoenix.nine of the cases were workers at the facility and 13 were confirmed as is believed a migrant detainee
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for it's a dream come true for some people -- free chicken wings for a year! team 12's nico santos is live in tempe.. with the details.. nico? the newest tilted kilt opens its doors today at 11 a-mut here's why you may see people in line ?way? before that free chicken wings for a year from the first 50 people in line this morning.check out footage from other locations in the valleyparticularly the one downtown which is pretty parties for soccer and such. the new location 16-17 west warner's on the southwest corner of warner and priest.the new location is 11- thousand square-feet with about a dozen 70-to-80 inch flat screen t-v's! you've still got time to head on down.if you miss the free wingsthey're celebrating all week with specials every day.
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martha stewart... snoop dogg... one thing in common...they're part of this morning's juice... emma has that... michael phelps--usually making news for his making news for his victories in the pool...but it's his pre-race gameface that's now an internet meme sensation. phelps is trying to reclaim that 200 meter butterfly gold medal. he races in the final today... well...the south african swimmer who beat phelps four years ago in
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had a pre-swim warmup that phelps obviously had no time for. phelps has downplayed the whole thing. call it a match made in heaven. snoop dogg.... and martha stewart - planning to join forces this fall for a new's titled "martha and snoop's dinner party' - and its set to air on vh-1 ts feature the unlikely pair - making a meal for their celebrity's not the first time the two have been together.snoop made several apperances on martha stewart living back in 2008.they've sat next to each other for justin bieber's comedy roast
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now time for your juicy question of the morning... surveys show that out 30% of people choose to do this at home.... while 70% percent want to do this somewhere else? our producers believe that matt is the type of guy who will do this at home.tram and jimmy would do it somewhere else.and all of you -- might do it this coming weekend.
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you've probably been on the light rail before...but have you ever wondered what it's like to actually drive one of those things?krystle got a crash course - and it's harder than it looks! he once tried to sell president obama's old senate seat.and - he's been on donald trump's old reality rod blagojevich is in front of the camera again today...but
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####break########break#### you guys have ####break#### you guys have ridden the light rail, right?would you... if i were driving??well get thisi did just that!and it's more difficult than you may think. there's no steering wheelno brake pedal.soi got a crash coursepun intendedon the basics of how to drive one of these beaststhen i took it
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each train weighs 100-thousand pounds... and carries hundreds of people at a pressure.i should mentionno one was hurt in the making of this videowhile i was driving.?? ad lib ?? taking a quick look at some of the day's hot headlines... former illinois governor rod blagojevich will be re- sentenced in federal court this morning. blagojevich has already served four years in prison... but five of the
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against him were thrown out on appeal last year. he is currently serving a 14-year prison sentence for corruption convictions.... including an attempt to sell an appointment to president obama's old senate seat. today marks the two year anniversary of the death of michael brown... who was shot and killed by a white police officer. the 18-year-old was unarmed when he was shot by officer darren wilson in ferguson, missouri. a grand jury chose not to indict wilson... and the department of justice cleared wilson of any civil rights violations. brown's death sparked months black lives matter movement. nagasaki, japan, marked the 71st anniversary of the atomic bombing by the u-s with a ceremony at the city's peace park. japan's prime minister shinzo abe placed a wreath in front of the peace statue. a u-s bomber dropped the second atomic weapon used against japan on this day in 1945, which was soon followed by the japanese
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???adlib weather donald trump - trying to get traction in the polls... traction in the polls...while hillary clinton ramps while hillary polls...traction in the trying to get donald trump -
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weather donald trump - donald trump - trying to get traction in the polls...while hillary clinton ramps up her efforts in florida.we're live in washington d-c in two minutes with the latest from the campaign trail. part whopper...part burrito... 100 percent real.but the question is... would you
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decision 2016: and a new round of republicans are rejecting donald trump. for more on that we go live to washington where tracie potts has a look at where the candidates are today. ?? tbd ?? and hillary clinton's facing a new wrongful death lawsuit by the parents of two americans who died in benghazi. they accuse her of defamation, and mishandling classified information that led terrorists to points out nine investigations have cleared her. i'm tracie potts in washington,
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in your morning health check - more evidence this morning that helping others ... also helps yourself. a new british study finds middle aged and older adults who volunteer ... are mentally and emotionally healthier than those who don't. however, researchers found no such link among those under the age of 40. they suggest younger people may view volunteer work as another obligation ... while it provides a sense of purpose and socialization later in life. despite living in an ... today's women are more accepting of their bodies and weight than in the past. a study from the college of wooster in ohio looked at trends in body satisfaction over the past 30 years. and although women have always been more unhappy about their bodies than men ... their dissatisfaction has declined over time. researchers hope these findings suggest a positive change in the pressure women feel about their appearance. a new survey on the cost of care finds parents are recognizing the need to budget
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before. care dot com's third annual cost of care survey finds a majority of families... 54 percent... now spend more than ten percent of their annual household income on child care. the survey also found that 74 percent of families now budget for child care... as they do with housing costs. that's an increase from 62 percent budgeting for child care last year... and 58 percent budgeting in 2014. some a-t-and-t customers could see refunds coming their way. the federal a-t-and-t will pay 7- point- 75 million dollars after a federal investigation found it allowed unauthorized third-party charges on its customers' land-line bills. it's a practice known as "cramming." at&t says affected former and current customers will receive their refunds via check within 90 days. the "whopperrito" spotted at select burger king restaurants in pennsylvania, ohio and texas earlier this
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nationwide. the mash-up is all the elements of a burger king whopper... deconstructed with queso sauce... and wrapped in a soft tortilla shell. burger king plans to roll it out nationwide on august 15th. a sad day for those around chander high school and the university of arizona football team.after one of their own passed away..more on that 5:30. a cult classic... small screen...the latest the ?new rocky horror picture show...
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rocky the latest the screen... small reborn on the classic...
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delta airlines - trying to make good with passengers who were caught up in that massive delay.and now.. word that some of those problems still lingering today.. drake loves rihanna...and he
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your morning juice. ???adlib welcome ???adlib & toss jimmy


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