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tv   12 News Today  NBC  August 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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a second person dead after a freak accident in phoenix.. what police say went wrong.. ???bryan teases teases u-s olympians don't stop short of gold.. the big wins from yesterday.. and what we can expect today.. that's just ahead.. plus... well.. that's one way to do it.. an olympian couldn't make the opening ceremony.. so he staged his own.. right here in arizona... we've got that and more..
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???adlib welcome we didn't get much rain yesterday afternoon.. but we did get a ton of wind and dust. take a look at this timelapse of downtown phoenix.. the wall of dust coating the area.. it's since cleared up.. but we continue to keep an eye on the skies this morning.. chance of early showers.. jimmy q is tracking the
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???adlib weather weather???adlib weather this this morning.. we are tracking the storm from the studio.. and out on the roads.. jen wahl joins our team coverage on monsoon 20-16..
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three three people shot overnight and right now.. police are trying to figure out what happened. team 12's bryan west is live near 12-th street and thunderbird
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headlines.. investigators are getting closer to catching the serial street shooter. newly released reports say bullet casings from some of the scenes have been recovered and are being analyzed. in all.. the serial shooter has killed seven people and hurt two others. a second man has died after a tragic accident in north phoenix. william try- on and two other men were trying to drain water from an underground grain silo monday. firefighters say there was barely any oxygen inside and the men fell unconscious.
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critical condition. a vigil is planned this friday night. this morning.. deputies are identifying the 16-year-old boy accused of stabbing and killing his 3-year-old brother. shae holloway was allegedly seen running from the family's home.. covered in blood. three other children were also found at the scene. m-c-s-o says a 9-year-old girl was also hurt in the incident. prosecutors intend to charge holloway as an adult. an arizona couple has been indicted for leaving their 2-year-old son alone to go play "pokemon go." prosecutors say brent and brianna daley are both facing one count of child abuse. the couple was arrested after a neighbor found the boy crying outside their home. the united states still dominating in rio. this morning.. we have 26 medals.. 9 of which are gold. china comes in second place with 17 medals.. followed by japan with 14. we can thank u-s-a all- stars in gymnastics and swimming for our current standing... yesterday..
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dubbed themselves.. leaving no doubt that they are the best in the world.. with a simply dominant performance in team gymnastics..gymnastics.. meanwhile.. the most decorated olympian ever -- michael phelps -- added gold medals 20 and 21 to his collection with an emotional win in the 200-fly -- avenging a loss to rival chad le clos 4-years ago. he later joined his teammates.. to take the 4-by- 20re the u-s team will be looking for another medal tonight in the women's four- by-200-meter free relay. superstar -- katie ledecky will be competing in that. and michael phelps.. will try to advance in the men's 200- meter individual medley -- which he has won at the past three olympics. plus.. there will be coverage of early-round beach volleyball.. as the top u-s women's duo -- kerri walsh jennings and april ross.. battle the swiss in the sand. and don't worry -- because if you miss an event..
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exclusive rio content is just a click away. they don't call breakfast the most important meal of the day for just any reason... we've got the morning meal habits of healthy people.. in just two minutes.. look mom.. no pants? the hilarious accidental censorship going on at the rio olympics.. that and more in the morning juice.. you're watching 12 today... ###break###
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###break### ###break### let's get another check of your hot headlines... one woman is dead and two men injured.. after shots rang out at a 60-th birthday party in louisville, kentucky. the shooting last night. police say all three victims were taken to the hospital. one of the men is in critical condition.. while the third victim was shot in the hand and is expected to be okay. police still don't know what sparked the shooting. florida police are investigating a deadly accident that happened on their own turf. last night.. 35 people were participating in a "shoot or don't shoot" role-play scenario. the guns were supposed to be loaded with blank rounds.. but one had live ammunition in it. the officer using that gun.. mistakenly shot and killed woman. that officer has
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the kansas water park where a 10-year-old boy died over the weekend.. is set to reopen this afternoon. authorities say caleb schwab suffered a fatal neck injury on the park's largest water slide. two adult woman also on the ride with the boy.. suffered minor face injuries. park officials say the ride will remain closed indefinitely. passengers aboard a massachusetts ferry helped rescue a dog lost a sea. the passengers were sight- ei dog paddling in the middle of the ocean. they tried to rescue the dog themselves.. but their ferry was too high. thankfully.. a nearby fishing boat pulled up to the dog and helped it out of the water. now time for your 12 today health check... the key to a healthy life.. may start with your first meal of the day... researchers have found the two foods most healthy people eat for
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about 150 healthy adults.. and found more than half eat fruits and than half eat fruits and vegetables for breakfast everyday. only about a third said they ate more traditional breakfast.. like cereal.. granola or eggs. and only 4-percent said they skipped the meal altogether. actress and actress and new mom.. bodies.shame post-baby bodies. the 28-year-old said she's tired of all the attention she gets over her bikini body in the latest movie "the shallows." lively filmed the movie just a few months after giving birth to her first child. while the attention has mostly been positive.. lively says it's unfair that "bouncing back" is so celebrated. she added that women shouldn't feel any pressure to get back to their
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one of our one of our one of our one of our favorite parts of the diving competitions out in rio.. is the accidental out in rio.. is the accidental censorship that goes on.. when the score board on the bottom of the screen.. covers up the divers' -- umm.. we'll just show you... obviously.. the athletes w suits.. but they're so tiny.. it doesn't take much to look like they're not wearing anything. apparently.. people have a apparently.. people have a lot of time.. because there a tons
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one of the best moments for an olympian.. is being able to participate in the opening ceremony.. unfortunately.. one u-s triathlete -- ben kanute -- was unable to travel to rio in time.. so he and some friends staged their own version while at training camp.. in flagstaff, arizona.. take a look... now time for your juicy question of the morning... on average.. a woman does ?this? about 3 to 4 times every single week and each time it takes about 15 to 20
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give us your answers ???adlib
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some people are so upset over the "suicide squad" movie -- they're actually sueing... why one man says he wants
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donald trump once again under fire. why the clinton campaign says he's encouraging violence against her... against her... against her...violence encouraging he's campaign says clinton why the fire. again under trump once donald back...his money says he wants actually movie -- they're "suicide squad" over the are so upset some people weather???adlib weather???toss traffic???adlib ?? traffic ?? ???adlibanswers give us your what is it?minutes. about 15 to 20 time it takes
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about 15 to 20 what is it? give us your answers ???adlib ?? traffic ?? ???adlib traffic ???toss weather weather some people are so upset "suicide squad" movie -- they're actually sueing... why one man says he wants his money back... trump once again under fire. why the clinton campaign says he's encouraging violence against her... ###break###
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today we'll hear hillary clinton's plan to give the economy a boost. at a campaign stop in des moines, iowa.. clinton is scheduled to reveal her plan that she says.. will create an economy that works for everyone -- not just those at the top. if elected.. she has promised during her first 100 days investment in new.. good- paying jobs since world war two. donald trump is in the middle of a new controversy.. after a remark that at best was a joke -- and at worst.. a threat. team 12's hallie
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we checked trump's twitter account this morning.. but he has yet to clarify his remarks. today trump will be in virginia and florida for campaign events.???toss tram
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olympics.. but they won't see a single ad paid for by donald trump's presidential campaign. n-b-c news reports the trump campaign has yet to spend a penny on t-v advertising during the general election. meantime.. hillary clinton's campaign has now spent over $52 million in ads. trump's campaign is even being outspent by libertarian and green party nominees. your favorite n-b-c shows are headed to snapchat.. we've got all the details.. coming up.. don't mess un that got him kicked out of the games.. more 12 today coming your way...
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while you were sleeping - phoenix police were busy investigating a triple
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just when you thought donald trump couldn't say anything worse... after that remark - democrats are pouncing on him - and republicans are scrambling to explain what he ?might have meant. meant.explain what are on him - and remark - worse... donald trump just when you triple busy were sleeping - while you were sleeping - phoenix police were busy investigating a triple investigating a busy police were busy police were phoenix


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